3/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000518118On to the baddie hotel: Hotel Bixby! Where have I seen it before??…Oh I know!! the baddies from Double Agent stayed there too! lol!
Same room?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000524124
Well.. the curtains and window look the same! I couldn’t see much of the room-maybe we’ll see it again later..
Gelati baddie (Learjet has identified the character’s name is Necci, but I’ll call him Gelati!) speaks to the drugged kidnapped girl in Italian..
[I think he is asking how to call her brother – ‘Come chiamare tuo fratello?’ Not sure.. My Italian is pretty basic! Anyone write/speak Italian? help? Smile ]
Sophia (sounding groggy and distressed):
Gelati gets up and dials a phone number: Chamberlain. You know who this is? Good, no names!…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000537737
[that’s cool! I want to call you Gelati anyway!]
…Now listen, we have your sister. Here in Washington. I don’t need to tell you if you ever want to see her alive again, you will act as though her life depended on it…
(Gelati listens to Chamberlain speaks but we can’t hear him) …No you may not talk to her now!!…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000556556[whooo Gelati has a good baddie voice! grrrr!!!]  (He listens to Chamberlain again) …Now we will be in the Capitol rose garden at precisely three o’ clock this afternoon. You will be contacted there. That’s all… (Gelati slams the phone down and walks over to the girl)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000570170
… Sophia!! [Ah so she has a name!]
Praaaay, praaay, praaaaay!!!… [oh the irony! she’s probably praying you have a heart attack and die Gelati!]
that your brother knows how to follow instructions, huh!!!

Yeah okay get your hands off her.. you’ve drugged her.. no need to terrorise her too. Moron. Sorry.. I am tired of watching women be terrorised.. honestly!

Soooo I guess Alan knew his sister had been taken but this is the first time he learns she is in DC. At this stage we don’t know if Fungus is for real. It’s all a little convoluted at the moment.. but then it’s early!
[sorry I may ask dumb questions..  I don’t know what’s ahead- I haven’t seen these episodes for years! Maybe this is too annoying? maybe I should watch the episode once through to before I start? so I’m not asking dumb questions? Ohhhhh what should I do everyone??]
ell, I guess all this tells us Chamberlain is not a baddie.. He’s under duress..

Moving on.. we see the chin in a suit (Chamberlain) looking casual and walking into the Rose garden.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000585385
Lee (off camera): That’s Chamberlain.
Amanda: Mm hmm. (gee Lee she has studied his photo errr closely.. I think she knows what he looks like Winking smile)
The camera pans over to reveal Lee and Amanda..
Lee: Tail him and take photos of everyone he talks to. Okay?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000599799Amanda: Right, right.
Lee: But keep your distance.

[the whole time Amanda has her eyes fixed on the chin.. Lee is watching Amanda look at Alan Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh, I will.
Lee: Drop off your photos tonight.
Amanda: Uh-huh.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000601401For a moment they are both watching Alan. Then again Lee looks back at Amanda.. he’s taking notes of his own here Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0006022023.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0006026023.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000604204Lee: Amanda???
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000605005
[Lee can tell Amanda’s not paying attention to him! don’t like that Lee? squeeee!! Winking smile ]
Amanda: I was just wondering if that is his own hair.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000606206[Now this is interesting.. Amanda is thinking back to her conversation with Dotty yesterday – out of the woodwork he will come!! Amanda doesn’t think it’s Lee coming out of the woodwork.. I think right now she’s focused on Alan!]
(the comment of Amanda’s about Alan’s hair makes Lee frown! Winking smile )
Lee: Just don’t get close enough to find out.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000608208Amanda finally turns to look at Lee as she responds.. but very briefly!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000609409Amanda: Oh, I won’t.
Lee chuckles nervously and watches Amanda quickly turn her head to look back at Alan – and lick her lips!!!! Lee’s watching Amanda!!! hoo haa! Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000610210
Love that nervous little smile of Lee’s.. this isn’t super confident scarecrow huh..
Amanda walks off and leaves Lee.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000610627
– she doesn’t even say goodbye! I think Amanda is wanting to get started on her assignment.. I think she believes keeping an eye on Alan is going to be the most pleasant assignment so far Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000611035As Amanda leaves, Lee gives her a little glare and watches her walk off.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000611811
This is a sweet little moment as he watches Amanda walk away- in spy terms- the mentor watches his pupil step out on their own into the big world..worried about how she’ll go- the pupil leaves with no looking back! I think in the final frame (two below) Lee  even finishes with a ting of pride in his gaze!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000612536In personal terms – Lee has noted Amanda’s interest in Alan. She thinks Alan is attractive. Jealous? hmm. not sure.. concerned? yeah… but at this stage he is probably thinking she’ll just follow the guy, take his photos a few times and that’s it. No threat.. Back to life as usual! Lee should know better- this is Amanda! Nothing ever pans out the way it’s suppose to! haaaaa!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000613413Moving on.. Lee has gone.. and we cut to another street, seems Amanda has followed Alan out of the garden to a book stall of some kind.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000615079Salesgirl: Can I help you
Chamberlain: I don’t suppose you have a book of poetry by Emily Dickinson.

[Really? does he really want Emily Dickinson?? or is he just trying to pick up? kill a few minutes here??  ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000625025Salesgirl: sorry
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000629029Chamberlain: That’s a pity.
(we see Amanda 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000630230here line up her camera taking his photo with the sales girl)

… There’s a lovely poem, (‘lovely?!) begins:

“If certain when this life was out,
That yours and mine, should be
I’d toss it yonder, like a Rind
And taste Eternity”
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000639039Salesgirl smiles and melts into a puddle!
[Oh gag!!!! This guy is too polished by far…ugh!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000644244From the looks of Amanda – she’s not happy about Alan melting a salesgirl! tee heee. oi! stop that flirting Mr Chin in a suit!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000645445
What do you make of this? it’s funny and all – but Amanda doesn’t know this guy at all and she’s interfering with him flirting?? what is she thinking?!!
This is going to be interesting!!!
Shades of James Delano here??
Just how attracted is she??
Again- just keep in mind, I am exploring ideas at the moment.. As I’m not sure how this is all going to pan out for Amanda.

To break up their flirting – Amanda rings the bell to get the sales girl’s attention.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000647847
and quickly hides behind her map so Alan doesn’t see her. She took a risk there.. and shouldn’t have drawn attention to herself. Oh boy!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000649449
I suspect Alan was about to ask this salesgirl out.. so it’s quite fortuitous that Amanda interrupts..

Anyway! Back to IFF, and Francine finds Lee in the corridor..
Francine: I was just about to leave without you.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000655055Lee: Where?
Francine: The airport. We just received a report from MI-6. Red February may have slipped out of England yesterday. Heading towards Dulles.
[so they flew via England huh.. managed to get past two country’s security -with a  drugged young woman?!]
Lee: Dulles? Can we get those surveillance tapes from Dulles?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000661861Francine: Murray’s pulling them.
(Francine starts walking off)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000664264Lee: Ohhh nooo not Murray.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000666266
[LOL short haired blonde lady has been promoted to the front desk! see her behind Lee in the bullpen?!]
Francine: Yeah, Murray.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000669869
Love how Francine says this as she walks off not even bothering to look at Lee..
Hmm three mentions of the name ‘Murray’ in 3 lines of dialogue?! I think we are suppose to remember the name Murray – I wonder if Murray was a possible recurring character (named Murray 😉 )- LOL!
IMDB has Murray’s character listed as ‘Murray D Murray’ weird-  I checked the script’s front page and it’s spelled Murray D. Murrey.
Murray only appears in this SMK ep. I suspect Murray went the way of Ragmop! So did you all catch that- Muurrraaayyy!!! I bet you all can’t wait to meet Murray!!! coming right up!!! 😉 tee hee..

Okay well best I finish here for the moment.. can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode so far!!!
byeeee, iwsod! Smile

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  1. ScarecrowsAngel

    I just re-watched this episode and I think I recognized that bit of Italian. He says the same thing in the German dub and it even is more recognizable there.

    “Ti amo tuo fratello, ah.”, “You love your brother, don’t you.”

    Now my Japanese is WAY better than my Italian, but I’m sure that’s what he says. Especially in light of the fact that he calls Alan immediately after that and obviously knows how to reach him. That’s my take on the scene, but I could be wrong.


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  3. OK what’s the deal with a random book stall in the middle of a park……is that common in the US? Can I just say Alan chatting up the salesgirl while his sister is in peril just seems really sleazy and it’s put me off him 😦 C’mon man your sister is being held hostage but your cool enough to chat up women……seems like a player to me.
    Love how Amanda is so not listening to Lee, she’s keen to get started especially if he has his own hair 😉
    Is Lee jealous? In a way I think yes. I will try and explain how I see it. Lee wouldn’t admit he has feelings for her yet but I think he’s gotten used to her being available. Now if she starts dating she might not be around so much and he’s kinda got used to that. It feels more a case of “well I don’t want her but I don’t want anyone else having her either” IYSWIM.


    • Hey Jenbo! Great to see you stop by!

      I agree about Alan (and women) – I have a few ideas about him but I’m waiting just a bit longer into the episode before I share them – they aren’t fully formed.. and because I am not watching ahead at all and don’t remember details of what’s ahead I feel I need to wait to watch things unfold.

      This not knowing what’s ahead is also influencing whether at this point I see Lee as jealous or not. I’m not seeing it at this point– but that’s because right now Lee doesn’t think there will ever be a case of Amanda dating this guy.
      I think we are all very much in agreement really – we are just seeing these events unfold at slightly different points in the episode..
      I’m gonna see if I can finish post 5 now.. if I can – I’ll publish post 4 straight away.. but if not.. I’ll publish post 4 tomorrow (my time)



      • I’ve cut post5 off so it’s not so long.. lol I need to keep the posts shorter when I’m busy in RL- I prefer to keep publishing regularly..
        Soooo just finished writing post 5.. so will get post 4 published within the hour 🙂 enjoy!


    • Hi bitsybeans! Actually, I think it is common to have pop up magazine/newspaper stands in the US, especially in big cities on the sidewalk or near parks where people may go to sit and read. I’m not sure that I’ve seen many that look like his though, with hardcover books. They usually also sell some sort of snacks or candy. They may not be commen here any longer, but the last time I was in New York City and DC, which was over 15 years ago, I do remember seeing them.


  4. Maybe it’s the whole Mercury Retrograde thing again…Lee’s attire is chaotic, Amanda’s thinking is chaotic, Chamberlain’s behavior is chaotic.

    I do like and agree with most of the comments thus far. I think that while Amanda is flashing back to her mother’s ‘own hair’ comments that Lee is flashing back to Amanda’s initial reaction to Chamberlain’s picture. While Lee has played the jealous card before it has mostly been due to some other man expressing interest in Amanda. It throws him a bit off course when Amanda seems to be interested in someone such as Byron, or Bryce Topping. In some instances Lee has sort of come in in the middle of a situation and now he is watching her initial responses and reactions and trying to figure out what is going on. I think this reaction is similar to the one he had when Byron introduced himself to Amanda and she seemed a bit flustered. He is so used to having her undivided attention and I think it’s got him a little off balance. I think that part of that last look Lee gives is to check out Chamberlain and wonder if he really is all that.

    In the previous post we learn that Chamberlain restores artworks and manuscripts. Maybe these are used books and he’s looking for some type of Dickinson manuscript. The book he’s holding says something about A Letter To…but I can’t read the rest of it. I would assume he is just killing time until he has to meet the good Father Gelati.

    And I do like that throwaway line from Francine.


  5. Hiya – this is a quick fly by…I have company, but wanted to comment quickly while I have a minute.

    I always thought Amanda thought Alan was good-looking from the second she saw his picture. Her behavior in person, confirms to me that she is very curious and interested in this man. I always thought her behavior at the news stand was odd. Yeah she hides behind the map, but why would she ding the bell? She’s never met Alan, is not supposed to meet Alan, so why does she care if he’s trying to pick up the sales girl? I don’t get that.

    I do think Lee is not happy with Amanda’s obvious interest in Alan. I don’t think he’s worried about it, but he notices it and it bothers him. Jealousy? Yeah, I think a little bit – I don’t think he can help it. He’s also thinking about it from a safety angle. This is a solo assignment for her and he’s not going to be there the whole time – he can’t help but be concerned for her despite all the recent growth she’s made.

    I do love that Amanda is showing interest in another man in front of Lee. It says to me that she is not consciously thinking of Lee as a possibility for a romance. And I don’t think she is trying to make Lee jealous – she does not strike me as a game player like that.

    Love Francine’s “yeah Murray” line. I think that one line really just shows how committed Francine is to her job. I love how she is willing to do whatever it takes to do her job. She is ready to go and starts walking and Lee is stuck in his shoes thinking.


    • Wonderful to hear from you BJo! I gotta head off and get some more post writing done..but just wanted to say I loved your comments and agree with it all.

      Amanda showing interest in another man infront of Lee when they have been on a date? Doesn’t really work for me.. but I don’t see them as having dated yet at this point.. so it’s workin for me! 🙂

      Absolutely agree – Amanda’s not consciously thinking of Lee as a possibility and is not a game player who would attempt to make Lee jealous!!!

      yeah!! Francine will even put up with Murray to get the job done! great to see Francine not complaining – I guess it’s Lee’s turn! lol..


  6. I do think Lee is jealous here. It is kind of like his jealousy in the earlier seasons, but it is more mature and informed and I think it hits him at a deeper level. It is funny that we haven’t had a jealousy moment since early season 2 (the Baron?). Since then Lee and Amanda have been developing their personal and professional relationship. Lee has spent a good chunk of season 3 focused on his own personal relationship history,; how he has handled relationships in the past, what he wants now, even revisiting whatever it was he had with Dorothy. And during all that time Amanda was static, she was Good Old Amanda. He has grown to appreciate her, value her, confide in her and I do believe he is aware that he might even, possibly want more with her. But here Amanda is showing a very decided interest in another man. I think that hits him in a way he has never been affected before. It kind of wakes him up, kind of makes the picture of his life that he has been evaluating turn into a real life thing. She isn’t going to sit around while he figures this thing out, he may have to get off the bench. Does he want to get off the bench? I can see him in a quandary about this and about the way it makes him feel. I love the way BB holds his mouth in those pictures. It is so tight and it narrows his nose. It is a very different look. I do also see the pride there as well as he watches her leave.

    As for Amanda… She has no clue what Lee is going through. She is moving on. Not that she is shaking the dust on her feel off at Lee, but I really don’t think at this moment that she is expecting anything from him. I do think she may believe Leslie is still in the picture. I think she is pleased with their friendship. But I do think she is opening herself up to whatever may come out of the wood work. Maybe she is doing it because she is trying to have an equal and opposite reaction to her own responses to the changes she is picking up in Lee, they are there, but I don’t think she thinks they are for her (at this point).

    I kind of also think she is enthused about this being her assignment. Maybe it is part of the intrigue, maybe she is letting her imagination (Victoria Greenwich) come out and play with the spy business again?

    Is Alana a Playboy? Does he have a girl in every city? I don’t know, but I do wonder why he used that poem like that. I wonder if Amanda is interested in him, now he has his own hair and quotes poetry to women who are strangers.

    I looked up that Dickinson poem. I was thinking of it when we started the words conversation. Along with the scrabble game and the Declaration of Independence, there is this poem. I think the tags at the end are interesting, I wonder if they put this poem in there to give us hints to where the characters are. Alan is waiting and frustrated about someone he loves, is Amanda, and maybe even Lee?

    “If you were coming in the fall,
    I ’d brush the summer by
    With half a smile and half a spurn,
    As housewives do a fly.

    If I could see you in a year,
    I ’d wind the months in balls,
    And put them each in separate drawers,
    Until their time befalls.

    If only centuries delayed,
    I ’d count them on my hand,
    Subtracting till my fingers dropped
    Into Van Diemen’s land.

    If certain, when this life was out,
    That yours and mine should be,
    I ’d toss it yonder like a rind,
    And taste eternity.

    But now, all ignorant of the length
    Of time’s uncertain wing,
    It goads me, like the goblin bee,
    That will not state its sting.”
    ― Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems
    Tags, frustration, love, waiting


    • Hi Morley! Great to hear from you!!

      You think Lee is jealous here?
      When reading your comment here – I found myself thinking – this may not be where Lee is right at this point in the episode.. but.. maybe this is a realisation for him that is coming up- I’m thinking it’s too early for him to be jealous – he may not be thrilled at Amanda finding another man attractive but there’s no threat – she’s going to take the guy’s photo.. never meet him! never go on a date with him 😉 you know? This is what Lee is thinking at this point in my view of the episode so far..

      As for the rest of what you’ve written about Lee – I’m going to come back to all this later on in the episode – I don’t remember details but I suspect this may be about to be addressed in future posts.. so for now I’ll just stick with the story I’m up to so far.

      I guess I can say at this point, Amanda’s interest in Alan reminds Lee that Amanda is available.. and has her own desires.. but again – I’m not sure that’s enough to give him a push on it’s own..

      Soooo I’ll try to return to this whole idea of yours Morley soon! 🙂

      Regarding your comments about Amanda – I agree Amanda is not wondering where Lee is at really.. it’s too soon for her to have seen big changes – I agree she doesn’t expect anything from Lee at this point in the episode.. (not sure if she does at the end of the ep either – I’ll have to wait and see on that one!)

      I agree – Amanda is opening herself up to what could come out of the woodwork- well put!
      I think Amanda is wise to keep her options open… as a preventative for becoming too fixated on a certain Mr Stetson.. ahem..

      Is Alan a playboy? gosh.. I’m waiting to see when it comes to Alan – but from what I’ve seen so far – I’d say he knows how to charm the ladies. Isn’t shy about approaching them (ie. he’s had a lot of practice 😉 ) which may hint that he is a bit of a playboy.. Does this mean he doesn’t want a permanent relationship? at this stage I don’t know enough about him to say.. soooo we’ll see?

      Yeah I’ve thought of Victoria Greenwich a few times.. ‘come out and play’ Morley? lol!! love it!!! There does seem to be a vibe of fantasy in the air so far.. or was that fairytales? 😉

      I don’t know if I’ve been studying too much science.. but I don’t seem to be able to get into poetry like I did in high school 😉 maybe I just need a dreamy guy to look into my eyes and recite Emily Dickinson before I can get into it whahahaahaa..


      • It is interesting that many of you don’t think Lee is jealous. To me it is obvious that he is. Not that he is worried that she will go out with Alan, because she isn’t even supposed to make contact. But I do think the fact that she is showing admiration for another man so openly I do think is setting him off his center. I wonder if our difference of opinion is either because some of us think they have gone on some “dates” so far, or because we are viewing OTL as right before this one. I think Lee is a bit further along in his realizations about Amanda than he was after OTL. Because I see this as coming right on the heels of Wizard, I think he has more clarity. I find Wizard a very clarifying episode for Lee. Not that he knows exactly what he wants and how he is going to go about it, but I do think he is aware of Amanda and that awareness is causing him to have an insecure response to her reactions to Allan here.
        No problems that we see it differently. It will be interesting to see how the different vies play out as we walk through this episode.

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        • I agree with you Morley. I do think Lee is a little jealous here but not quite sure what to do with that feeling. With OTL and Wizard he has mentally made the transition to realising that Amanda is more to him than a friend but he’s got no real plan at the moment beyond continuing to get to know her on a more personal level and seeing where that leads. Now that he realises she is noticing other men that might make him think a bit more seriously about where their relationship is headed and whether he might need to give her a few more clues that he is interested? Who knows? Let’s wait and see what happens. I’m trying to forget everything that comes ahead at the moment and just concentrate on what we have seen so far.

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          • Just popped in to see what’s going on 😉 Been under the weather and haven’t caught up with y’all yet, but Kiwish and Morley, I like what you say here. I do see Lee as a bit jealous, confused about the feeling and uncertain. And definitely agree with what you said earlier Kiwish: Silly Lee, of course Amanda is going to get involved somehow! It’s Amanda for heavens sake, geeez Lee, pay attention!


        • My visitors are keeping me super busy.. I will delay an extra day before publishing post 4 (sorry!).. I figure everyone in the USA is busy with Independence day weekend anyway!!

          I’m pretty tired.. so I hope I make some sense here – Me thinking at this point Lee is not jealous has nothing to do with OTL/Wizard or Date/no Date (at least I don’t think it does!).. – I don’t see them as dating at this point but I do see Lee as starting to explore the idea and his feelings for Amanda..

          Yes, I don’t see Lee as jealous so far in the episode..[what will I think in 2 posts time? we’ll see I don’t know! I actually have only watched to the end of post 4 eek..]
          Why don’t I see Lee as jealous so far??
          -For me to label it jealousy- I think Lee needs to feel a threat- Alan at this point (IMHO) is no threat.. Amanda’s never going to meet the guy (so Lee thinks!)..so that she finds him attractive doesn’t have to be a threat. (at least not to me it doesn’t!)
          Soooooo far Lee thinks he has nothing to worry about 😉 No threat= no jealousy..
          I’m not going to go check but I’m pretty sure I said I thought Lee was concerned about her interest – but I hesitate to label it jealousy at this point..
          Anyway.. this is just me and where I’m at!


          [edited so I make a tiny bit of sense- I hope!]


          • I don’t want to come across as being argumentative, I love all the different ideas and the discussions. But I am interested in this idea of threat. Maybe the terminology (jealous or not) isn’t important, But I really think what we are seeing coming out on Lee’s face is something new and that intrigues me.
            I am thinking that the feelings that are starting to develop in Lee for Amanda up to this point are pretty profound, especially for Lee. I do think that Amanda’s vocal interest in another man is threatening to Lee. He is only just acknowledging to himself that Amanda’s close friendship is very important to him. He is only beginning to recognize that what he has been feeling towards Amanda is something that transcends friendship, that it could possibly be one of the most basic and foundational levels of relationship and that he may actually even need her. (I know this sounds too deep for Lee, but I do think that is the very element of their relationship that he is just slightly becoming aware of and for Lee I think it is probably in existence in him long before he recognizes it). He may not be aware of what is going on inside of him enough to be able to label it, but I do think he is aware of the way it is making him feel.

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            • I’m don’t think that Lee would label his own feelings as jealousy because if he did he would be forced to admit that he has feelings for Amanda. Even in The Mole where he had a problem with Amanda seeing Benson he knew that if he said something it would be labeled as jealousy. However, his actions regarding Amanda’s dating and relationships have always had that hint of jealousy.

              He would never say Dean’s name correctly and he told Amanda that he didn’t see them together as a couple. He had issues with James Delano and an initial realization of how he would feel if he lost Amanda. He had issues with Artful Dodger and the concubine ring. He most certainly had an issue with Bryce Topping. He had the loss realization again with Bryon, but a different kind of loss. And he again had an obvious reaction to Volkenaur in OMIT. HIs attitude has mostly been sort of “I don’t want you, but I don’t want anyone else to have you either”. And in some ways he has possessively had Amanda’s undivided attention, even if it’s only been friendship.

              Lee has been used to Amanda sort of having a blasé blah, whatever kind of attitude regarding relationships. She hasn’t ever been fully invested in those situations and she hasn’t been the one to initiate anything. And whatever the situation it didn’t last long. At this point he just notices that she is distracted. Someone else seems to have attracted her attention and not in a way that he feels comfortable with. I think in some ways he is sort of filing it away and letting it gel.


              • Exactly! Amanda looked at a photo and found the guy attractive.. and gets to follow him for an afternoon and take photos – but make nooooo contact.. so as far as Lee’s concerned yep he’s filing it away ( love that Valerie!) – I think there’s an element of – his pupil heading off on her own assignment stuff going on as he watches Amanda walk away.. but I also think Lee is processing that.. but thinking of Red February stuff.. and that awful upcoming audit that he loathes – at this point.


              • Hi All – its been awhile since I commented. This is my busy season at work so the most I can do these days is read your comments at 12 midnight while ROFL and keeping my husband up all night! 🙂

                LOVE your comments Valerie! I agree with you and thank you for reminding us of all the past moments where Lee’s “jealousy” has reared its ugly lil’ head.

                I do believe that Lee and Amanda have been on a couple of dates at this point but I also agree that Lee is still processing his feelings towards Amanda and as such, wouldn’t really categorize his reaction as “jealousy” (as Valerie stated), which is why I think he was able to so easily dismissed the situation (and feelings) and moves on to the case. But he is bothered when Amanda shows interest in someone else, as Valerie recapped.

                At this point, maybe what we see is his surprise to her initial reaction to Alan’s photo followed by his confusion and annoyance by her continued attraction in the Park. I see his look towards Alan after Amanda left as him trying to figure out what she sees in him [‘Is he really all that good looking?’ or ‘I know I’m much better looking than him!’]

                In any case, if his behavior continues, it might warrant a deeper review!

                BTW, I have an interesting theory that just occurred to me as to why Amanda is so attracted to Alan. Can’t wait to share and get people’s thoughts once we get further along into S3. 🙂 [Hope this revelation isn’t breaking the rules!]


            • I think Lee’s also dealing with some deep-seated fear as well around his relationship with Amanda and that is holding him back from any direct show of romantic interest at this point. Fear of the unknown, fear of things happening too quickly, fear of ruining their friendship if it doesn’t work out, fear of whether he can be the man she needs (i.e. whether he can make the transition to “normal”).
              So in a situation where Amanda might be showing interest in another man, he is left a bit bewildered I think – not knowing what to do for fear of doing the wrong thing which would impact negatively on his relationship with Amanda, or getting himself into deeper waters that he’s not totally sure of yet. Right now he’s not ready to get into “deep water” – he’s in the water but still wants to feel the ground under his feet with each step he takes, so to speak. So far it looks like events in this episode are going to be a challenge for him and maybe force him to think more directly about how he feels. We shall see.

              Liked by 1 person

            • It’s okay Morley you aren’t sounding argumentative 🙂

              I was thinking later last night that ah! you probably see Amanda’s finding another man attractive as being a threat to Lee – whether that’s all it is or not! 🙂

              I don’t know that I’d disagree with anything your saying, but I just don’t think Lee’s thinking or reaction has gone that far at this point in the episode.. I think a seed has been planted.. It may be by the end of the episode we won’t really be seeing things differently. So I’ll leave it at that for now..


              • Yes, Iwsod, that is the threat. I wonder if he can identify “I feel threatened” or if he just feels off? But I do think he is reacting to this situation personally. I am sure that by the end, we will all be seeing very similarly. 🙂


    • Totally agree with what you wrote. Get off that Gosh-Darned bench, Lee! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Iwsod, my vote is that you don’t watch ahead so at least one person on the blog is commenting from a virtually untainted perspective. All the rest of us I’m sure have watched these episodes more recently or so many times they are burned into our brains 😉 so we don’t have the same perspective and can miss or misinterpret critical moments. It’s good to have each scene interpreted from an unbiased perspective.
    I think Lee has very much noticed that Amanda has noticed Chamberlain. It niggles at him but I don’t think he is overly concerned as he knows that Amanda is not actually going to interact with the guy. Oh Lee, silly boy, of course you need to be concerned. Surely you have learned by now that Amanda always ends up “interacting”.
    Can’t figure out why Chamberlain stopped to flirt, unless he thought he was being tailed (by Red February?) and was keeping an eye out. Stopping to flirt with the random blonde might be a good tactic.
    Agree Iwsod, Amanda seems to be deliberately challenging the parameters of her assignment by creating a situation where Chamberlain’s attention would be drawn to her. She seems intent upon this guy for some reason and for now it seems to be interfering with her professionalism and common-sense. Is her instinct to deny her growing feelings for Lee pressing her to find someone else to transfer those feelings to (ala Lee transferring his feelings for Amanda onto Leslie)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • iwsod, I agree with kiwismh – I don’t think you need to watch ahead. However, if you are feeling frustrated with the process and want to watch ahead, I think that is okay too. SMK is meant to be fun!


      • Thanks for letting me know BJo! I am not feeling frustrated at all – I just worry that others may be.. lol! 🙂
        I’ll keep doing what I’m doing but will probably just remind readers regularly the episodes are very new to me!
        Oh yeah!!! smk is definitely fun!!! 🙂
        Hope you are well.. and enjoying your visitors!!


    • Thanks so much for that feedback kiwismh – really helpful! I am happy but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being annoying – I think it could seem at times like – huh? why would iwsod be asking that?! Hopefully people will go with the flow 🙂 and not think me too dumb 😉

      Oh and – I would not claim to be unbiased – alas.. I wish!! but there probably are biases which creep in without me being aware of it – after all I have actually seen the episodes even if it has been a very long time 😉 but.. I’ll try my best to approach them with fresh eyes..

      whoooo your idea of Amanda doing her own transfer?? I have an idea similar to that which is currently on my mental table lol.. for what could be going on here.
      Right now, I’m leaning toward the idea that Amanda has a need she is trying to meet – and fleetingly, even just if it’s a dreamy afternoon following and drooling over Alan- she will maybe try and meet that need just a little.
      I think I need to watch more of this ep to figure out how far along she is in her feelings for Lee for me to say more than that.. for now!
      Whereas with Lee (for me) I see his feelings as deeper – and it was very much about wanting to replace Amanda.. with Amanda? I think she is feeling the longing of wanting a special relationship -Hmm..but I don’t know that I’d say she’s trying to replace Lee. Not sure if that makes sense or why I see it differently.. but then I guess the characters are different.. Lee suddenly decided to go for brunette who is normal and put her in Amanda’s dress.. lol.. that screams replacement a bit more than Amanda daydreaming over a swoony famous art restorer with his own hair 😉
      Very interesting ideas here kiwismh!! 🙂


  8. I really don’t like Lee’s “ensemble” here – grey striped shirt, beigy/sandy jacket and many striped mixed coloured tie?? Not good. Messes with the clean lines that make Lee so attractive. And he should wear blue jackets; blue shirts, blue, blue, blue (And those white collared shirts with other coloured sleeves, like Alan’s shirt, are a pet hate of mine).

    I think Lee is showing a hint of jealousy. Also concern that Amanda isn’t focused enough on the job, but he doesn’t like her interest in Alan on a personal level too.

    Don’t like the poetry line either. Why would you look for a book of poetry at a mobile stall in the open air? Just doesn’t gel. Agree that, in this context, it may be be a pick-up line, and a particularly cheesy one (and one that any woman over 20 shouldn’t fall for, Amanda!). Maybe Alan is feeling very lonely. Unfortunately, I know this episode a bit too well, which colours my thoughts…


    • Agree LearJet. It’s hard to believe that Lee left the apartment this morning in that ensemble – must’ve been in a hurry and didn’t check himself out in the mirror first… although the hair’s perfect. 😉


    • I don’t like the poetry bit, either. Alan’s sister has been kidnapped and is in grave danger, and he still has time to flirt with/pick up random women? Like you say, it just doesn’t gel.

      Besides, weren’t a lot of Emily Dickinson poems about death? It’s been a long time since I had to read her work, but I remember it as really depressing. The only time I was really happy hearing one of her poems recited was when someone pointed out to me that most of her poems can be sung to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas. Because I Could Not Stop for Death takes on an entirely new character like that. 😉


    • Rofl Learjet.. I have to agree – what were they thinking?? Lee?? wear that??!!

      So funny you call it an ‘ensemble’ (which technically translates to ‘together’) – when the problem with the outfit is that none of it goes together!!! Maybe we should call this a non-ensemble! 🙂

      I have visitors staying at the moment.. Yeah I think he was totally about to try for a date that night..

      LOL kiwismh – maybe Lee got dressed in the dark.. or. maybe they are trying to underline how things haven’t quite come together for Lee yet? lol..


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