6/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hollis and Rogan reveal themselves gun drawn.. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000917182
uh oh.. Lee and Amanda are soooo busted!!!!!
Hollis:  So much as breathe and you’re history.3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000923766

Hollis’ line here cracks me up.. and delivered with such intensity..
Don’t breath or you’re history?? errrr umm give me a minute of that and I will be history! what kind of a bad guy scary thing to say is that?? (lol maybe it’s ideal for someone code named Leprechaun!)
Lee throws down the rocket cap- cranky with himself for having been busted..
Looks like we had a commercial break here as Lee and Amanda raise their hands.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000927000

LOL the I’m a bad guy glare here from Rogan is so over the top it’s funny!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000933225
Lee: Hey, aren’t you overdoing it a little with the— with the gun? [He’s overdoing it alright! ] …We didn’t do anything wrong.3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000937365
Rogan: Search him!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000939821Hollis starts frisking Lee as Lee continues to play innocent..
Lee: Well, I mean, come on…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000941262
– we were just hiking, you know?…

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000943976…It’s a— it’s a – my – it’s a great day to be in the country!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000950705Hollis growls back: Shut up!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000951313
Hollis looks Lee in the eye..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000951851
and with Lee’s back to Rogan,
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000952390
Hollis checks Lee for weapons.. finds his gun and without letting Rogan see Lee had been armed, Hollis takes it.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000954543
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000955831At least Hollis is keeping secret that Lee was armed.. I guess that’s a good sign!
Hollis takes the gun from Lee saying: He’s clean!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000957138Lee recognises Hollis is up to something.. but what exactly?!
I remember last time I watched this and discussed, I was wondering how Hollis knows Lee and Amanda are agency at this point? but I remember now that Lee just said a recognition code right?! Hmm.. it wasn’t the warthogs want more caviar.. hmm well it’s gotta be the bit about it being a great day to be in country right?!
Hollis looks at Amanda.. should he search her?!
Amanda: I’m clean.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000957306LOL! Love how he doesn’t search Amanda she just enthusiastically assures them she’s clean! [such polite baddies!]
Love how Lee looks back at Rogan and gives him a nonchalant kinda chuckle.. hey man! You’ve got the wrong guy!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000961153
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000963007Rogan: Move it.
Lee: Yeah, ah, we better move it. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000963513

From the wideshot of New Utopia we can see it’s starting to get late in the day..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000970389
Lee and Amanda are led back to the camp at gunpoint..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000971506
Oh my.. they are holding hands again!!! what’s that 5 times now?? haaaa..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000973076

Sooo they are led into a shack
Amanda: Oh, could I have my stuff..
(Amanda reaches for her blue backpack but is stopped)
Rogan: No!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000999732Lee is all about doing what they say here..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001001578
and he seems to encourage Amanda to go with him into the wired off area with his arms on her shoulders as they back in there. [sweet to see how much Lee is keeping an eye out for how he can help Amanda]
*EDITING TO ADD: Morley in the comments has pointed out Lee says to Amanda: Come here Darling.
As he motions for her to back into the cell with him.
I went back and had a listen and yep I hear it too!!! Great catch Morley! and thanks Kiwismh for also going to check it! * Soooo – what’s this all about???!!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001002789
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001009071Rogan finds the pocket knife and twine in the backpack, and takes them out of the bag and puts them on the table, 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001013053
Amanda: I— (Amanda motions like she wasn’t really trying anything honest!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001010076Rogan (with a toothpick!) throws the bag back 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001014431to Amanda..  [why even give them the bag back at all? ] and they lock the door on them.

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001015811Rogan motions to the other baddies to move out.. and off camera we hear Rogan add: Forget trying to escape. The mesh is wired to an alarm.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001021770
[LOL I guess that was added post production! the wire is alarmed? what about all those old rickety planks of wood behind them that Lee could kick through?!]
We hear the door close.. and Lee immediately sets to work on the door’s padlock.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001029800
Amanda: Okay, I know that was Hollis. He looks exactly like his picture, but Lee—
Lee: Hmmm?
Amanda: Are we in big trouble or are we just in average trouble? [Such a great question! Amanda’s getting the hang of this  spy biz.. ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001036890Lee: I wish I knew. He took my gun, he didn’t respond to the greeting code.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001042309Amanda:
You think he’s gone over?
We hear the door opening again..
Lee: We may just find out.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001047134It’s Hollis.. alone..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001048563
Hollis doesn’t say anything. He walks toward Lee and Amanda and starts fiddling with the lock.
Lee starts all upbeat:
It’s a great day to be in the—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001055104
[aha! yep.. that was the recognition code! cool! I kinda like that spy stuff Winking smile even if it is a bit cliché! Umm what if they hadn’t been in the country? do these recognition codes change for every assignment?]
Hollis: Cut the code crap!…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001055605
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001058991…Now, I wanna know who you are and what you’re doin’ here?

[Call me crazy but.. Hollis at times sounds 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001061200just like Lee  lol!]
Lee: Scarecrow – 7 Alpha – Security Clearance 11.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001063097[whoo take note of that people!! whooo!!]
Hollis: Leprechaun – Delta 5 – SC9…
[how did he say that with a straight face?! whoo this guy is good! Winking smile I notice Lee has higher clearance than him.. does
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001070604that mean he can boss him around?]
(to Amanda) …Who are you?
Amanda: I don’t have a codename. Amanda King. We’re here to help you.
I am so majorly bummed we didn’t get a
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001071430codename for Amanda..
Hollis: Help me? You two wanna help me? Well as soon as you get a chance, you get the hell outta here. I’m on the biggest case in my career and you two are about to blow it!
Lee: What’s going on here? What are all those weapon for?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001080595Hollis: Uh-uh. No way buddy… [Noooo Buddy was the kid with the bow and arrows!] …I ain’t sharing the glory with anybody on this one.

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001087008Hollis isn’t impressed they have shown up to ‘help’ him.. and he refuses to share any info with Lee
– What an idiot is all I can say.. thinking of glory at a time like this.. cocky as!! purlease.. this guy’s codename should be: Jackass.
Wait a minute.. this guy likes to work alone.. hmm sounds like someone else we know.. or knew – Does Lee still prefer to work alone?? Is this adjustment part of what’s going on with Lee in this episode???

Lee can certainly see that being reckless and not part of a team here is putting national security at risk (how we don’t know yet). I was thinking Lee learned a lesson about working alone in Burn Out – remember that??!!! [If not, you might want to revisit that fabulous, significant episode HERE is the first post]  Maybe you saw it differently, but Lee was very vulnerable in that operation because he was working alone – and it was a blessing that Amanda involved herself in his apparent troubles, and was then involved by the baddies – she saves Lee’s life (with Travis’ help) – I don’t know if it is a lesson Lee learned permanently.. he may have moments where he reverts to his old ways.. but  I do think that Lee has come a long way.. and while he bristles that he is on this chicken feed assignment with Amanda (for whatever reason that is!) I think we see a contrast between Lee and Hollis here that tells us something about Lee – and how far he has come Smile 

He no longer works alone.. and no longer wants to.. Hmm.. I wonder.. is this realisation part of what’s troubling him in this episode?? [my thoughts are still not fully formed on all this. heck, I hope they are eventually! tee hee!]

Sacker and Rogan arrive..and Hollis scrambles to look like he is not talking with Lee and Amanda..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001089954
Sacker: All right, what are you two doing here?
Lee: Ha, Ahh, it’s like I told them. We— we were just hiking.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001095122Sacker: Spare me. We found your camera 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001100231equipment in your truck.
(oh no! I hope he left Amanda’s picnic basket alone! 😉 )
Lee: Okay, you’re onto us….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001102301
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0011053523.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001106844… We’re film makers.
 (Man did you see Amanda’s face when Lee says ok your on to us.. ?? I think she thought he was going to tell the truth! come on Amanda.. he’s lying and working for the government!)
Amanda: That’s right and, well, what we would really like is an interview with you.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001111996

Lee: Yah, yah. We’d like to do a documentary on you and your community.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001116099Sacker: Why would you want to do a documentary on me?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001121748[Love Lee’s little chuckle here.. like come on! who wouldn’t want to!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0011225923.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001122989
Lee: Are you kidding? Peter Sacker…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001124310– the most innovative, radical tax reconstructionist of the 20th Century? Come on!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001129315[Haa don’t lay it on too thick there Lee! Amanda gives plenty of smiles to back up Lee!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001129671Sacker: Oh boy, where were you four years ago when I was running for office?…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001136107
… If I’d a had three more like you in my camp I’d probably be running this whole country by now, instead of running around like a fool trying to convert people to causes they don’t even understand…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001147112[He ran for office? thank goodness he never got in! I bet he would have hired Rita! Winking smile ]
…We have one course of action left….
(Sacker’s voice and thoughts trail off a moment..)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001149499…All right, we’ll check you out. If you’re legit you can have your interview. In the meantime, try to enjoy your accommodations.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001151854
Lee gives them smiles as the baddies leave..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001152727
LOL.. you get the sense though Lee is thinking – uh oh.. we are in a heap of trouble!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001153362
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0011559423.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001157267
Left alone..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001165269
Amanda comments to Lee..
Amanda: You get the feeling his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001166756Lee doesn’t verbally respond.. but seems to look like he thinks that’s an accurate statement! and.. it means things are looking like they are in even bigger trouble no?
The script has a tiny bit of extra dialogue at the end here..
Lee does respond verbally to Amanda in the script:
“LEE: Which one? Sacker.. or Hollis?
AMANDA: Both!” 

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001170319
Hey anyone else reminded of the stewed tomato two?! Another Magic Bus moment.. Sacker MB.avi_001122746heading into the country to make a political point (and wake America- the sleeping giant!)and force MB.avi_001365564his country to head in the direction he wants to?? sounds just like the baddie- Gordon in Magic Bus!!
MB.avi_001607118Oh rofl!!! I just remembered!!
Kiwismh mentioned (in comments of post 3) that Sacker was like the Weasel faced man-his father maybe?!
– rofl! Kiwismh – is there a connection here we don’t know about?! tee hee..!! So many Magic Bus reminders.. is it deliberate? at first I saw Burn Out references but now I’m seeing is Magic Bus too.. how about you?!

*Editing to add: Here are the banners Lovesmk has created which correspond with this part of the episode – enjoy!!!
thanks Lovesmk!
Okay best leave it here for the moment.. can’t wait to hear from you!!! Byeeee!!

38 responses to “6/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch

    When Amanda told Hollis they’re here to help, he went off on a verbal rampage! Hollis must have taken to heart Ronald Reagan’s quip during his 1980 presidential campaign.

    The 9 most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”


  2. ROFL!! I much prefer your codename for Hollis, iwsod, than the Agency’s!!!

    Oh! Another Travis mention! I love me some Travis!

    Yep, Lee sure has come a long way…no more belly dancers for him!

    Rita?? LOL! I don’t think Rita would have worked for him though…he’s too dumb-looking. Am I allowed to say that?


  3. I think “come-on, darling” was a BB ad-lib…yup just checked the script (revised final shooting) and it’s not in there (nor is the funny exchange where Amanda volunteers to stay in the car at Cobb’s Corner), but the script does record Lee telling the guard about them making a documentary film. Sadly, the guard’s comeback isn’t as good as kiwismh’s…

    I’m wondering if this is BB and KJ nudging things along…


    • I find the darling/couple cover a bit of a dog’s breakfast.. badly incorporated.. and I”m not sure I like it.. it muddies the waters of what’s going on between them with all that handholding as they were led away. I preferred without!
      the running and hand holding? I think we’ve seen that lots of times.. from the very beginning episode – but never so much in a single episode!
      For me the darling doesn’t add anything… that doesn’t also come a bit later (but.. we’ll get to that!)

      Yes indeed maybe they were nudging things along 🙂


  4. I do enjoy Lee playing his part as the slightly silly hiker/film-maker. It’s also fun to see him and Amanda starting to intuitively play their covers together. And both looking so good. Heck, never mind hand holding and sw….(won’t go their), this episode is great just for the visual delights.

    I think I might watch Magic Bus tomorrow and try to look at the parallels you’ve suggested, iwsod.


  5. When Hollis grabs Lee to frisk him, Lee’s vest moves and Rogan could absolutely see his gun . . . except that he’s a regular SMK dumb baddie, I guess. Why isn’t Lee wearing his shoulder holster? I like that shoulder holster for some reason. Maybe because we only see it when he’s relaxed enough to take his coat off, so it’s a strange combination of at-home-ness with spy biz. I just had the thought that the necessity of concealing his gun probably has a lot to do with Lee wearing coats, jackets, and vests so much. I wonder if it’s possible to tell from his clothing choices whether Lee is on duty or not?


    There is a darling in this scene. I can hear it when I watch the episode on my computer, but last night I watched on my TV and I couldn’t hear it. But it is there, distinctly on my laptop. When Amanda is trying to get her bag back and Lee pulls her along in compliance with the baddies he says “come on, Darling”. Now I know it could be a part of the cover, just a couple going for a walk in the woods. But I ask myself, why did he instinctively pick that cover, why did he use those words sort of like a reflex? I will bet his mother’s term of endearment for his father was “darling.”It sounds 1940’s British to me.

    I wish I had more time to spend with thoughts right now, but I don’t. I hope soon I will have spare brain cells for SMK. But I had to point out the “darling!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whoa! I totally didn’t hear that when doing the transcription – and I had my ear plugs in so I could hear every nuance. This requires some serious re-investigation of this scene. It’s a tough job but I feel it would be remiss of me not to get right onto it this evening. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Really???!!! whooooo that would be lovely! Lee did seem to be acting extra attentive toward Amanda – maybe they were hinting at a cover – like in Playing possum.. hmm I’m really short on time at the moment but soooo glad to see kiwismh is on the case!

      Thanks for sharing this Morley! Hope you are well!


    • Yes, you are absolutely right Agent Morley!
      16m50s into the episode “Darling Alert” confirmed. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Whooaaa! I gotta add that to the post. thanks for checking that Kiwismh! 🙂


      • Thanks detectives, I mean agents. I listened and on my dvd I hear : “Come here, darling” too at 16:32/3 (I have region 2 dvds so the timing may be slightly different). I just have to add – he didn’t have to say that to maintain his cover. I think he was being a bit protective of Amanda.


        • Learjet, I agree. It wasn’t necessary for him to say that and it doesn’t even seem like he is saying it for the others to hear, it sounds like it is just coming out of him, kind of like those other little things that Lee utters that we have to turn the volume way up to hear.
          Kiwismh, you should be given a presidential citation for you work in the field!


        • You are right, it is “come here, Darling”


          • I think it is about Lee wanting to reinforce their cover to the bad guys – hey, not only are we just film-makers, we’re a couple too.
            He says it naturally and casually so the bad guys will be lulled into thinking they are more likely to be a couple than to be police or Feds. Having said that, I think it comes very naturally to him now to play that cover with Amanda. It’s almost like not acting at all, is it Lee?


          • I updated the post to read ‘come here darling’:)
            thanks again!


            • I’ll try and get back later today.. I may have to slow down posts just a little.. I’ve added a new job to my life!! eek!!
              I’ll do my best.. love to be here and discuss smk with you guys! byeee


            • I always watch an episode through with the captions on at least once because those sometimes pick up all the subtle little things what might otherwise get lost. I’m usually behind on the posts because of the time differences and my work schedule. I like this season the most because of all the sweet little nuances that KJ and BB add to bring their relationship slowly closer.

              Liked by 1 person

      • Guess who is rewatching the episode today? (Isn’t replicability an important aspect of proving a hypothesis?)


        • “Consistency” is one of Hill’s Criteria for Causation – so, Cindy, it’s your scientific duty to rewatch this scene (and may as well watch the whole episode to add context…)


    • When I got Amazon Prime I watched SMK on my computer and Kindle. I also used my headphones. I could hear things so much better and I could also see some things that I don’t see when watching on my DVD/Blu-Ray player. I could hear the “Don’t move” in Sudden Death and see the thumb caress in LODG. And the added bonus is the swoon factor in hearing that smooth deep baritone voice of Lee’s….I believe that like Cindy I will be rewatching this ep today…


      • whooo I gotta get back to Sudden death!

        I can see a thumb pat in LODG but I wouldn’t call it a thumb caress.. but I’m happy to admit I can’t see it when everyone else can! I’m not stubborn.. I just won’t say I see it if I don’t.. eek! Glad I can say that, we can see or hear different things and it’s all cool 🙂 you guys are such a great relaxed and accepting bunch – who are happy to disagree – you guys rock!

        lol let us know how you go Valerie!

        Now this whole ‘darling’ from Lee here has me a little puzzled. It never seemed to me there was any attempt to create a cover of them being a romantic couple – if that were the case.. why no darlings when they first got held at gunpoint? There was nothing in that scene to indicate they were a couple. Just a couple of film makers 😉

        But then we did get the hand holding on the way to their cell. I always put that down to Lee wanting to keep Amanda next to him, and wanting to provide comfort.. I guess the cover doesn’t take that away – but.. it gives an added reason for why they are holding hands which is in addition to their true feelings – which bugs me a little!! If I’m honest, I preferred all this before I knew about the ‘darling’ ! [am I weird or what?!] it gave it all more significance.. now at this point of the episode.. we can still have Lee putting this behaviour down to it being a cover.. more excuses for him to hide behind while underneath it all he is really holding her hand and using this cover because it’s so ‘natural’ hmmm.. I have to wait a little longer to be sure Lee’s true self is being revealed overtly! [there are hints of it here but this cover changes how I view it] I guess I’ll get use to it 😉

        We are starting to see that this episode is quite similar not just to Magic Bus, but to Ship of Spies!

        They are a long way from help, isolated together.. the assignment started off looking chicken feed, like just a lovely cruise in the Caribbean.. using the cover of a romantic couple.. but it has turned into a dangerous trap – and they are in a very tight spot with no way out except one of their own making. This situation with the ‘darling’ cover now adds to the similarities with Ship of Spies – where the cover seems to give them permission to connect and comfort.. and maybe more.. I can’t wait to see where all this leads but already – the similarities between Utopia Now and Ship of Spies are becoming apparent – at least they are to me!



        • I know that I used the word caress, but maybe that was too strong of a word. That’s another episode I need to review Maybe some of these discrepancies in what is seen and heard are possibly due to differences in the DVD regions. I know there was a similar discussion about this with last year’s Christmas trivia and some of the music.

          I did rewatch the episode last night and I did notice a little bit with the hand-holding as they are led into the compound. Lee is very expressive with his hands. And for me, I think he shows a lot of emotion with his hands (yes, I’m one of the hand fans). He does things with them when his emotions seem a bit heightened. As they are walking in he is not just holding her hand he is squeezing it. Not sure if it is out of nervousness at the situation or his way of calming Amanda because he knows how she would be feeling right about now. Maybe it’s both.

          When Lee says the “Come here, darling.” it has not yet been established that they are filmmakers. He only mentions that it was a nice day for a hike in the country so at this point the couple cover could still be a possiblity. It’s only when Sacker shows up and says they found the camera equipment that they move to the filmmaker cover. Amanda doesn’t seem to think anything of the comment just as Lee didn’t respond to the butt check.

          Throughout the beginnings of this season we have had so many hark backs and flashbacks to seasons 1 and 2. I wonder if it was done purposefully in some way to show the progression that has been made between these two and to show what had been there all along and that these two are at a point where there is going to be realization, understanding, and acceptance. In the beginning there was a lot of awkwardness, hesitancy, and tension. Now there is comfort, friendship, and understanding of each other. I think where so many shows of this nature (i.e. Moonlighting) went wrong is that they didn’t take the time to establish some sort of connection between the two characters other than a physical/chemical one. SMK is like a slow burn, not a flash in the pan. And it ends up with a much more satisfying and lasting connection.


          • I’ve got to rush off and get on with my day here.. but just quickly wanted to reply to this
            Valerie wrote:

            >it has not yet been established that they are filmmakers.

            oh yeah! they were a couple of hikers! 😉 Thanks Valerie!

            Gotta run! byeeee!


            • If you all knew the amount of patience I have applied to the wait I have endured in posting this comment you would be amazed ;). I had even typed it out on my phone and then was unable to post it so I hand wrote it and have waited all day to open up JWWM. I am impressed with myself.

              I am not thinking that the “darling” or the hand holding are because of a cover. A cover could be used as a n excuse if either of them felt the need to offer a reason for them. But remember that they were holding hands as they snuck into the compound before they ever even got caught. I think this is more of the kind of reaction that Lee exhibited in Amanda’s bedroom in ALLA.. And part of the reason for his crankiness at the beginning of the episode, regardless of what the script says about being commando trained. What is a commando doing holding a girl’s hand on a mission anyway? Nope, I think the “darling” just slipped out and if Amanda asks about it he might say it was for the sake of a cover. And Amanda might say, “Not ex…” oops, I’ve been bad. No running on the SMK playground 😉

              Liked by 1 person

              • Awh!!! thanks for hanging in there Morley!!! I appreciate you not jumping ahead.. I hear ya it’s sooo tempting!

                I’m not really feeling the darling.. I don’t perceive Lee to be loosing control in that moment. He’s being a good hostage like he’s been trained.. this is action stations Lee, not emotional Lee. but..there’s also nothing to say Lee didn’t let it slip out accidentally I guess – I just tend to prefer it was a cover attempt.. and an issue with the writing!! don’t mind me!


            • Um, didn’t they tell guard guy they met at the gate earlier that they were film makers wanting to interview Sacker? Guard guy would have reported this back to Sacker or Rogan, e.g. “a couple of film people drove up here wanting to see you but I told them to take a hike.”


        • iwsod gave me an excuse to watch Magic Bus (so funny, those were the days…) and SOS (wouldn’t we all want to live that fantasy…) and caught the “darling” around 30 minutes into SOS. But this “darling” was better than that one)


  7. OMH — you’ve outdone yourself in the swoony Lee shots! I get distracted every time I try and read the text (which I am sure is brilliant, as always!). I’ll try again later when I have some quiet time and wine and chocolate!


  8. I’m sure that Sacker and the Weasel Faced Man are related in SMK-land. They do have similar features and both have that demented OTS (Off The Spectrum) look in their eyes. 😈 Muahahaha


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