1/3 Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bus

I’m looking forward to seeing this in lovely clear colour.. all the other times I have watched it, the quality was pretty fuzzy!! What goodies will I find that were too blurry to see before??!! Ohh Warners.. Thank you for releasing SMK on DVD!!!

Ok, starting off with the baddies this week… Hmmm let’s hold up the water truck.. “hand over all the water or your a dead man!” eh???? The delivery man’s ‘huh?’ expression to camera says it all for us (the bell when he pulls that face is pretty funny..).. hijacking water? eh??

Haaaa.. How many baddies does it take to change a lightbulb errr I mean hijack a water truck driven by ONE man???? SEVEN!!!! LOL!!!!!! too funny…

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0001 image image

Next thing we see Billy, Francine and Lee going for a little buggy ride with 2 men.. Ahh they are there to view a new military weapon… Hey! Lee get your arm away from Francine.. you shouldn’t be sitting with your arm around her on that weird buggy.. Grrrr…. I won’t take a pic of it.. I don’t want to look at that!!

Twice Billy directs a comment or question to the congressman, only to have his aid answer for him.. shut up and let the boss speak Holt! Live up to your name! Halt Holt!!!!  He is annoying – first sign he is a baddie..

Holt: The congressman never feels satisfied. His job is awesome. But his spirit is tireless.

Who talks like that?! The congressman is sitting right next to you. the congressman can speak for himself..  Billy Brags about Lee’s proven driving skills- proven in Le Mans and Monaco..

Congressman Fremont: Gentlemen, Lady.. I give you the vigilant!

Err cancel that.. the congressman just called Francine a Lady- the man clearly has a screw loose.. Don’t let him talk! Winking smile

Dig the music for the RV reveal..and the lights – ta da!!! (almost beats the harp for the golden circle reveal- almost!!) Yep.. the next generation of weapon… an RV! hehehehee.. it is pretty funny!

Lee and Francine are stunned by what they see.. haaaa..

Fremont: What Teflon did for pots, the Vigilant will do for battle.
Lee: Ooh. Oh, just what I like. A war you can throw at a minute’s notice with no messy cleanup.
This Lee seems to be keen to impress… but he still cracks a joke with Billy..

The introduction movie is too funny! What a person to choose to introduce the TWU (total SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0004weaponry unit)… That lady looks like her previous job was Connie Beth Girl! “Is that a bazooka ahead??!!!” the woman, the music (flute??) and the happy tone of voice she is using is too funny- it is all so wrong!

“This thick-skinned beauty is a fortress on tires… She can fire over a thousand rounds per minute and launch multi-targeted missiles.” – oh isn’t it just wonderful??

“So, for combat you can count on, look to this plain-looking little van that you move unobtrusively from one hot spot to the next.”
Do RV’s look unobtrusive at a hot spot?? really??? haaaa…
I love how she finishes off looking lovingly at the vigilant all around her.. I love it- fantastic delivery!!

“Yes, the vigilant, gives brand new meaning to the word: assault.” ROFL!!!! -you just shouldn’t be that nice and friendly when talking about crowd control!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0005Ok, being an Aussie.. I had to google John Paul Jones! Discovered he is the father of the American Navy… well that little fact is going to leave my head in ohhhh less than 2 seconds I’ll bet……

.. err.. where was I? oh yes.. whooooooo pretty little statue.. who is that? John Paul Jones? who is that? Never heard of him! Or was he in the partridge family?

Ok, so the fake TWU is going by air and the real one,  is to be driven by Lee across the country to Arizona, while he pretends to go on holiday.Where it will then be revealed to the ‘top brass and the press’ . The press? They are going to tell the press about the vigilant? Won’t it be hard to be unobtrusive when the press has told everyone what it is? I don’t get it.. Or.. were they just going to try and pass it off as a replica of Ben10’s RV- the rustbucket??

Where were they planning on Lee sleeping in that thing? and making meals? and going to the toilet? bummer of a job Lee.. and.. what does the TWU run on? Plutonium?

From the looks of Lee’s face when Billy tells him how clever the deception is- I don’t think he gets it either.. I’m with you Lee.. So the mock up will SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0006 (2)leave from there, and the real one will be at Amanda’s? Were they just looking at the mock up? eh???? They couldn’t have been-  so how do they get the real one to Amanda’s from there without it being seen or followed? .. weird. kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?  image  Besides all the baddies know Lee ( haa) it would be obvious he would be driving the real one.. I wish they had given Lee the dummy one to drive that would have been funny.. (and why exactly does Francine need to be there??!!!! ) oh well I’ll go with it..


Love Billy’s delivery when he lovingly describes where the real bus will be! Like sprouting poetry..

Ta Da!!! we see Amanda’s little slice of paradise.. Amanda is scrubbing at the kitchen sink- Ohh SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0009 (2)they’re jeans.. Amanda wants to ‘thank’ Dean for.. letting the boys play football in their good jeans? Well! sounds like a fight was about to happen! dump him Amanda!!!

Phillip: Is this Dean?

Phillip tells Amanda the guy answered: Not in a thousand years. !!!

Hmmmm Lee.. that is not a neutral kinda thing to say.. He is affected- wouldn’t you say? not jealous, but not professional and business like!! .. it is an interesting response.. why not just say no? cos he is stirred up by the question… ha! image Love how Amanda immediately knows who it is!

Isn’t Lee Mr Cool.. feet up on the desk…. talking to Amanda’s kids on the phone.. what a pain he is!

Amanda: Hellooooo is this who I think it is?

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0010 (2)Lee: well who do you think it is? ( oh yeah that is professional! haaa!! my my.. he is in a playful mood calling Amanda.. tee heee..)  I love that she tells him SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0011 (2)not to call.. and that normal people wouldn’t understand him! (hmmm carrying on from their conversation in there goes the neighbourhood?) Grrr he SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0012 (2)doesn’t even ask her if it is ok..or give her a chance to speak.. haa very cheeky Lee! Hey at least he said thanks right?! So at this point does she work for the agency or not? I am confused.. so is she gonna get paid for however long the thing is in her driveway??!!! I was always a bit confused in the beginning about how she works for them, since it is not fulltime or anything.. hmm..  Loved Dotty walking in and telling Amanda Herb is there with the RV she is thinking of buying – like Amanda buys RVs everyday! LOL!

So Amanda gets off the phone from Lee and rushes out the front to see – we see her randomly pulling up her hair as she turns to leave the kitchen.. why? weeeell looks like they already filmed the outside scene – with Amanda’s hair up! Haaa guess it is good they (for once) made an attempt to fix continuity Winking smile  ) but duh duh duuuuuhhhhhh now her hair is up the hairband is more obvious…

BTW- it looks like Amanda has gone for the 80s perm to go with her 80s ‘let’s get physical’ headband! LOL!!!

Ahhh we see the baddie who robbed the water guy again.. only we find he has an office at a golf course – and has really lousy taste in decor! It seems someone is leaking info to him, and updating him on where the Vigilante is now..

We hear a male voice but are not suppose to know yet who it is.. err unless you watch the show with the subtitles on dvd.. then they very helpfully tell you that the guy leaking the information on the telephone is Holt! Rofl!!! Makes it farcical later when he has his big reveal! tee heee..

Why is Amanda making a picnic lunch for a spy??? as she put it??? which spy? Lee? “he’ll never appreciate it. “ – awh.. one day he will Amanda.. it just a long time coming!!! (why does she? my guess is.. she feels an irresistible urge to nurture Lee..)

Diaper service? what kind of a lame cover is that?!image They don’t hang around for long with all those smelly diapers in the back if they’re for real! hehehe…  That paper boy is one top shot throwing that newspaper with the gas right next to the surveillance team’s air supply…

Ok, how does Amanda see the weasel faced man take off with the RV from all the way over there? .. must suspend disbelief.. this is smk.. !

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0015 (2)You can see the weasel face man in this pic?you’re better than I am!!

So the weasel faced man just gets in and drives off? for all it’s capabilities – it didn’t have you know.. like umm what do you call it? a err ummm car alarm?! A kill switch? A siren that goes off and requires an iris scan or it will eject you from here to eternity?? nope.. nothin…

What Amanda’s super eyesight saw.. Winking smile

On to IFF.. or is it not IFF yet? oh well.. there is no sign yet..

They have received a ransom tape..Billy, Francine and Lee listen to the tape with the congressman and his mouthpiece..  they have 72 hrs to return Gary and Gertrude (oh the names!!!!).

Ok, so the survivors think America is not ready for disaster, and they are teaching people to be self sufficient, fit and healthy, Gary took the stewed tomatoes hostage! but was busted… these survivors believes America shouldn’t be giving stewed tomatoes to foreigners but storing them for disaster.. Gary’s a gum man? gee thanks for that little tidbit Billy.. errr.. this is kinda weird!

There have been a series of robberies involving SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0018trucks carrying food, bottled water and portable toilets.. hmm that explains the water from the beginning.. gee SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0019how many trucks carry portable toilets??!! if they are so self sufficient and want to ‘suck cactus’ – why do they need portable toilets? wouldn’t they be getting back to nature in that department too??!!!

It seems we are back to slouchy colombo style Billy here.. he was looking dapper last week.. and in the last scene.. weird…  I guess we are suppose to think they have been called in ( Lee is a bit more casually dressed than usual too).. Lee makes a crack about how the survivors sound like a healthy bunch and Holt smiles and says if disaster comes they may be the healthiest of us all.. Hmm then Amanda pops up in the background haaa! which totally distracts us – and Lee- from the fact that Holt just made a comment which was positive about the survivors ( a clue for us: he could be the leak!)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0026It is too funny when Amanda shows up and starts signalling through the blinds, and then the man looks at her and she looks away pretending not to be looking….
Holt: what is with that woman?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0027Francine: the million dollar question. ( ahh Francine.. I love to hate ya!) Billy has a quiet little smile…

Then while he is still holding up the blind, she SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0029signals Lee to hurry she has to go again and he mouths “alright!” amazing he can mouth it and you just know it was a cranky tone of voice! man Lee looks mad at her..

Billy explains Amanda reported the vigilant missing and he suggests Amanda might have something important to add- so he goes to let SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0030her in and she starts off on one of her rants about Jamie and the fish waiting in the car that are going to die and so she really needs to get home ( the fish, not Jamie- I hope!).. Lee’s reaction is too funny.. you SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0031can practically see the steam coming out of his ears – hmm interesting, he has a VERY strong reaction to her!!! She SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0032seems to have that affect on him right from the start where others don’t… you see him turn away from her to look at the wall and start furiously shaking his head ???!!!!

Back to Amanda’s kitchen, and Dotty asks SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0033Amanda if she is having an affair.. !!!(Love how Dotty can’t look at her when she is asking..) Amanda bangs her head on the cupboard in reaction to this..

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0034Dotty continues: other than the one you’re having with Dean.
Amanda: mooooootttther.
Dotty tells how much Dean loves Amanda, and the boys, lists all his positives as a future spouse and Amanda says: I know.. (notice, not I love him too!) …. Dean is the only man in my life. ( too right.. at this point Lee is a little boy Winking smile ) ok? I promise!
As soon as she says that- Lee pops up in the kitchen window behind Dotty! ahh I love it!!! The subtext? Amanda has a new man in her SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0037life!!! the look on Amanda’s face is really cute when she notices Lee in the window.. oh dear.. I hope Lee can’t hear what they are talking about!!! I actually think she looks mad at Lee for that- pretty furious with him for being so blasé with her family around.. She leaves Dotty as soon as she turns her back on Amanda.. LOL.. Dotty and the vacuum salesman with the longest eyelashes in Tokepa eh?!!

Amanda: When I told you not to call, I didn’t mean you could come sit in my bushes!

‘we’ve got a job’ – ‘we’ huh??.. Love that Amanda doesn’t just immediately jump at it.. it has to be Billy’s idea for her to do it.. they both seem to hide behind that to start with.. Oh well if it is Billy’s idea ‘we’ can do this.. they are both in denial! Lee seems remarkably calm hiding in her bushes.. yep, now he needs her he is nice to her.. grrrrr…

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0038Lee pulls out the ‘ this is a simple case’ line.. yeah you said that about the suburbs Lee.. look how that went down!

Lee and Amanda are under the open window talking in the bushes, why can’t Dotty hear them? They are far too close for her not to.. wouldn’t it be funny if in season 5 it was revealed that Dotty knew the whole time what Amanda was up to?? 😉 and that she went along with it because she knew Amanda couldn’t tell about it or something?

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0039Amanda: The weasel-faced man! Are we gonna smoke him out?
Lee: Actually, we’re playing golf.

Dotty hands Amanda the watering can and asks her to water her geraniums.. Whoa… look how high waisted those jeans Amanda is wearing are!! They look so high compared to the fashions nowdays!

I love how Amanda is driving Lee nuts in this dialogue in the bushes. He starts out all calm,  fully intending to be a professional… the way she keeps bringing up the weasel faced man is a riot!!!
Amanda excitedly explodes: The weasel-faced man!!!! (I love how she says that!! It’s almost like she was trying not to laugh in RL!)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__0042Lee growls: I’ll get to him!!!!!

She is all happy and excited.. and he just growls at her!!! hehehee.. but it doesn’t put her off.. she knows by now he is all bark and no bite when it comes to her! (and she knows he is scared of needles Winking smile )

Amanda: While you pose as a reporter and I look for the weasel-faced man. . . . What am I supposed to be, your secretary or something?
Lee: No way, I wouldn’t think of it.
Amanda: What, then?
Lee: My caddie………
After a pause, Lee continues: I’m joking!!

He needs her.. as angry with her as he sounded 2 seconds ago he is joking with her about her being his caddy.. He can’t help himself, he can’t seem to stay mad at her!!! Or stay completely professional! heheheeee.. !!!!

I wonder if during this little exchange the whole idea of Amanda playing his girlfriend ‘or something’ is on her mind.. and if he is maybe teasing her a little with whether or not that sort of cover would be needed.. After what happened in There goes the neighbourhood.. I wouldn’t be surprised.. her concern over what her role will be.. his intentional pauses making her squirm a little.. hmmm.. it could be.. at least- I like to think so! Anyone??

Thanks for reading!! I will be back with the next part soon! Please share your thoughts I’d love to hear them!!! byee

18 responses to “1/3 Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bus

  1. I would dearly love to know how Amanda explained the disappearance of that motorhome to her mother!


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  3. The Scotch Thoughts and Window reflections stories have been published for this episode. If you would like to read them here are the links:
    Scotch Thoughts
    Window Reflections

    Enjoy! and if you want to make a comment or discuss the stories fell free to hop on over to Ned’s. Here is a link to the discussion thread for the stories.


  4. Julie (MACHMabel)

    Anyone notice how uncluttered Amanda’s kitchen looks in this episode versus “The First Time”? Most of the knick-knacks are gone and there’s very little on the fridge versus the pilot episode too. It’s not just the outside of the house that’s changed.

    I love early SMK— it doesn’t take itself too seriously. So funny and clever.

    I’m from Kansas and that’s two Kansas references so far in S1! The first was a “we’re not in Kansas anymore” picture on the refrigerator in “The First Time.” Then in the kitchen Dotty talks about Topeka, the state capitol!


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  7. Just joined this blog a few days ago-loving it! Gotta say, Lee is somewhat infuriating here…as well as Dotty-I know she cares for Amanda, but stop trying to grill her on every little thing- She calls it concern-but Dotty would call it an invasion of privacy if Amanda did it to her! And let’s not forget Mr. Charmer here… thinking he can walk all over this lady without any thought to her feelings-comes over without calling-jumps on anything she says because he feels he’s always right-egotistical, smug-but in the end, he’s oh-so-cute looking,which is why he gets away with selfish behavior! OK-rant over, I enjoy the banter between them-Amanda under the cabinet-funny too! Forgot why she was under there,but it made for great comedy!


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  9. I think Lee really enjoys teasing and “playing” with Amanda because he can. She is such an easy target! Even in these early episodes he knows he can very easily get her to pretty much do anything he wants her to do. She may protest at times, but she always ends up going along with his plan….until he wants her to stay out of it….then she doesn’t listen and stays involved. But thank goodness – someone needs to save our Scarecrow week after week!


  10. Oh, wow, it’s almost exactly a year ago that you posted this thread, Iwsod. And now I finally get to it. Although I should be writing at the moment, I’d rather read a little more of your recaps. They are so great fun and help me clear my head a little.
    The scene in the bushes is one of my favourites besides the one in the elevator. But wait, that is yet to come. 😉


    • Hi Petra!! yes.. there is no time limit on reading the posts and responding 🙂 and I am so glad you did!!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Yes.. at the moment I am in the middle of blogging ‘A Class Act’ I am missing the old fiesty Amanda!!


  11. Melissa Robertson

    How Amanda ever put up with their imposition of her and her house in the first two seasons I will never know. I really can’t believe that they sent the RV over with out asking in the first place. Love how she tells him not to call because normal people live there and would not understand him 🙂 ROFL!!!

    My favorite scene is where shows up in her flower bed….their conversation is too funny!!!! And love how Lee is all teasing with her, yeah he just can’t help it 😉 I too wonder how Dotty can’t hear them, but I also thought she seemed to be in her own little world.


  12. It would have been so great, if Amada would have (purely accidential of course) watered Lee a bit, or maybe more than a little. I keep thinking, this is your chance, poor some water over him.


  13. Hi everybody,
    ahhhhh, Magic Bus! Why did I once have a dislike for this episode? I remember the military stuff was a turn-off for me. I found the TWU atrocious and the baddies somewhat over the top.

    Today I find „Magic Bus“ absolutley hilarious. Such fun to watch! It is all so very ironic: Starting with the pompous introduction of a very advanced weapon that turns out to look like a run-off-the-mill RV. The whole customer service thing around the TUW just cracks me up. The climax might as well have been: „WW III has been postponed. Thank you. Have a nice day.“ Priceless, bwahaahaaaaaaa!

    The congressman can speak for himself? Haaaaaaa Iwsod, I think you are wrong. The congressman is far too important to speak for himself. He needs a speaker or a press officer to give weight to his statements. Probably a poor frustrated backbencher. I take it no person outside the political system ever knew his name.

    The woman who introduces the TWU must have been a Connie Beth Girl? Wow Iwsod, you’re dead on. The happy tone of her voice… Oh, the wonderful future that awaits us, thanks to the resourcefulness of man. Gosh.

    Ah Iwsod, thanks fort he John Paul Jones research. I think I will forget this as fast as you did… but thanks anyway… really. ;-P

    Love the exchange the looks between Lee and Francine while the Vigilant is being presented to them.

    „Is this Dean?“
    – “Not in a thousand years.”
    Well, since TgtN we know that Lee finds Dean a total deadhead. But why doesn’t he keep this opinion for himself? I think it is very telling he cannot keep silent whenever Dean is concerned. Lee, what does it matter to you who the housewife spends her time with?

    Lee really is Mr Cool when he calls Amanda on the phone. Feet up on the desk. Totally smug. How can it be that this makes me smile? Somehow I like him when he is so much ahead of things… So much in control of a situation that he enjoys himself. People who are very self-assured sometimes fascinate me. Although on the long run I’d always prefer those who are more doubtful… about everything. Including themselves.

    What’s with the hairband? Poor writers! I bet they never dreamed of having viewers who realize the tinyest little inconcistencies…

    LOL Iwsod! How come you watch the DVDs with subtitles? Do they provide any extras to you?

    I never asked myself this question, but weasel-face really seems to have an easy job stealing one of the most advanced weapons of that time… Well, I guess I thought the baddies were experts in stealing and breaking in. And switching of the alarm in the process. But the more I think of it… hmmmm…

    I cringe a little every time I see Amanda waving through the window from outside Billy’s office. Makes her look like a numb nut.

    How I love the dialogue between Dotty and Amanda in the kitchen! Of course Dottyis on the right track: That’s why Amanda bumps her head when she tries to come out from under the sink. Then Lee pops up just one second after she states Dean was the only man in her life. Haaaaa! That’s a lie, Amanda!

    I also love the whole scene that follows, with Lee sitting in the bushes and Dotty talking on and on, totally clueless of what’s going on right next to her.

    Amanda: “When I told you not to call, I didn’t mean you could come sit in my bushes!” Isn’t it just great how KJ delivers that line? She cracks me up!

    Lee is all bark and no bite when it comes to Amanda? Well put, Iwsod. As much as she drives him up the wall he’s never seriously mad at her, is he?

    Lee is certainly teasing her a little. He lets her squirm about the role she might have to play. I noticed Amanda’s concern too: She seems to be expecting a surprise of a kind she wouldn’t approve of. But what she might have in mind there eludes me. But I like your imagination there… It gives that moment even more suspense. Aaaaand since Amanda had to be his wife in TgtN… Who knows what she was thinking? 😉

    Well, that’s all for today. Byeeeee!

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I think thus is one if my favourite scenes – talking about the Weasel Faced Man in the Bushes. Amanda is so niave and excited’, hoping she has the right answers, and IcLIVE BB’s delivery “I’ll get to him!” through gritted teeth and yes, growling.

    Ah, inconsistent plot holes and continuity errors. God, I love this show. I’m glad it wasn’t perfect – that is the charm of it all.

    As usual, Iwsod, great job! Success comes one step at a…oh wait. You’re not brainwashed or anything from the last episode, right?


    • Me Brainwashed??? more like entranced by Lee’s smile.. inspite of his ornery mood in these beginning episodes!

      Lee’s growl at Amanda is hilarious- and I think makes the reveal of the weasel faced man even funnier ( that post is scheduled to be published today ) – you can just see he is thinking – the weasel faced man really does look like a weasel! 🙂 so funny!!

      I absolutely agree with you regarding the inconsistencies and continuity errors – they are half the fun and I love smk for it too!!! 🙂

      Thanks for reading Stacy!


  15. Oh, one thing I noticed? When the old man tosses the gas cannister on top of the Agency ‘undercover’ vehicle, it looks like the film is reversed somehow, or the vehicle has a pretty powerful vacuum on top….why?


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