5/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to a mariner.. the same one Bart is at? I don’t know.. We’ll see!  but it’s the same one that Elizabeth Sullivan is moored at! We saw this footage in Over the Limit! See the guy on the public phone in Flight to Freedom?
He’s been on the phone since Over the Limit! See:
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001198865
Whahaahahaa.. bet he’s a spy.. very suspicious!

Lee, Amanda and a Salty old dog watch a boat called ‘Sea Chance’
– Lee takes photos of it.. lol umm it is kind of obvious he is taking photos of them no?
Oh hey!!! wait a minute!!
Here’s what Lee and Amanda were wearing in the last scene-

[Yes, an excuse to see a pic of them holding hands again! Winking smile ] It seems Lee and Amanda have suddenly decided to put on yesterday’s outfits before heading to the Marina! Seems Amanda’s lightning cardy strikes twice! whahahaahaa..
Lee: You’re a who’s who of all the boats on the river. You have any ideas?
FTF.avi_000837470Salty: Only one. There’s your La Gaviotta. The Sea Chance.
FTF.avi_000844944Lee: What?
[Umm Lee you were just taking photos of it! why the surprise?! Winking smile ]
Salty:  My Spanish is a bit rusty but I know enough to know that a gaviotta is a seagull
FTF.avi_000850283Amanda: Right.?
FTF.avi_000852419Lee: Drop anchor here, huh? You’re drifting a little.

[ohhh kerplunk!!! Buried treasure, that dialogue ain’t!! Lee that is seriously lame dialogue there matey!.. not even BB can save it. come on BB! Put your foot down! (or your peg leg! whatever! arrrrgh!!) why does Lee seem to get all the lame lines! Time for a Mutiny!! Forget Mothers for a safe environment.. we need Fans for a lame free environment!]
Salty: Oh no I’m not. There’s an outfit down in Florida designs a 76 foot catch called a Seagull…
…That’s a seagull. Only one in DC.
My my.. looks like the Salty old dog is worth listening to after all.. Lee and Amanda have ‘we are on to something here’ reactions!

We cut to see Lanz is in the car park, watching Lee and Amanda with binoculars. he looks suitably up to no good.. Winking smile
We cut back to Lee, Amanda and old Salty..
Salty has his back to Lee and is paying all his attention to Amanda… lol.. he’s charmed!
FTF.avi_000878578Lee interrupts Salty’s attention to thank him and offer his hand to shake. Lee adds: Alright, thanks.
Salty: Oh, thanks.
FTF.avi_000880180Lee: See you again.
Salty: Thank you.
Amanda: Thank you so much.
Salty to Lee:  Take good care of that girl.

Lee and Amanda laugh good naturedly at Salty’s comment as they begin to walk off..
Salty’s comment bugs the daylights out of me! Why would he say that?! It seems a bit random and like a contrivance to me.. I think when I first saw this ep I found it charming, now I just find it irritating. Amanda is a grown woman she doesn’t need looking after.. I guess Salty is assuming they are a couple – but.. Salty doesn’t know anything about her or them..! I find this kind of plot device super clunky.. 

Oh wait..I know what it is! It’s because Salty knows that Amanda likes to get on trains in her nightgown with no ticket!!!!
Recognise him?
He was the train conductor in The First Time!!!! whahahaahaaa.. Here he is:
Amanda: Do you know what I have under this coat? A nightgown!!!….
…Do you think I expected to be on this train?
Conductor (quietly): where did you expect to be????!!!
Salty the train conductor (LOL) clearly thinks Amanda is not of sound mind, and needs looking after Winking smile Yep.. that must be it!

Lee: Let’s call Francine and have her run  that boat through the Coast Guard.
FTF.avi_000885518Lanz sees them heading in his direction, so he turns away trying not to look obvious.. but Amanda has spotted him..
Amanda: Lee,…
…that car was at the convalescent home.
Lee: I know,…
…followed us here.
Lee turns pauses a moment and turns back to Amanda.. they share a look.. a whoo  haaaa look!
FTF.avi_000899666Lee continues: Gives some weight to Colleen’s theory…
…don’t you think?
FTF.avi_000901534Amanda: Wow.
FTF.avi_000902068[I think the ‘wow’ is referring to hooray evidence Colleen is correct.. but I am tempted to think it’s really about Amanda standing oh so close to Lee and them both looking at each other like that- twice!]

I think it’s cute how Amanda looks at Lee here  with such admiration at how clever he is! Maybe it’s also admiration because Lee wasn’t half as closed off to Bart being alive as he first appeared to be – he kept an open mind and saw what was there to see. what do you all make of this moment?
Lee: If Stoler did make it out, Harcourt would have to be watching Colleen… [Stoler who? Lee you can’t stand that close to Amanda and expect her to you know.. like umm think!! ]
…Let’s see what this guy has in mind.
Lee decides to poke the baddie with a stick.. tee heee.. this ep is a bit slow…
Linz follows Lee and Amanda.
LOL at Jule’s transcribing of this moment! Jule wrote:  “(who are holding hands again-squeeeee! Just saying 🙂 )” –double squeee Jule!! [Things are getting ‘fast’ in this ep now! Smile ]
Yep! they are holding hands before they enter the restaurant..
and then still holding hands outside the restaurant..

FTF.avi_000944210FTF.avi_000954387Up the stairs on the boat house restaurant balcony,.. Lanz follows Lee and Amanda- okay everyone.. what’s with the kooky maracas that are tapping away or whatever it is as Lanz walks toward the balcony??!!! Hilarious!!! [Or is that the sticks Lee wants to poke Lanz with?!]
Lee and Amanda hide around the corner and wait for Lanz to follow them. Lanz comes around the corner and Lee taps him on the arm super casually.. Lee’s having fun..
FTF.avi_000983750Lee: Ok pal, what’s the problem?
FTF.avi_000985885Lanz: No problem.
FTF.avi_000989089Lee stands there…
and lets himself be hit. Whahahaa.. Is that a scarecrow next to him?! whose arms goes flapping into our Scarecrow? Winking smile
Lee is so polite! lol.. but.. Lee is no longer having fun! [lol we need not have worried.. Lanz is equally polite.. and just waves his hand in front of Lee’s face Winking smile ]
Lee gets a punch right in the nose!!!
FTF.avi_000992625He goes scrambling backwards into Amanda – who pushes Lee back at the bad guy again. lol!!!!
Anyone else think a top spy should have been prepared for that?!
I loved Jule’s description in the transcript she gave me, she wrote: “Fight fight yawn fight, more fighting” – Yep! I’ll agree with that..

FTF.avi_001004704Lanz and Lee fight.. Lee grabs Lanz by the necktie and growls at him: Hit me in the nose,  huh Charlie?!
[whoooo it seems Lee’s nose is really out of joint Winking smile get it?!
Lee takes being punched in the nose very personally – I’m with Lee.. Lanz deserves to suffer some pain for putting that gorgeous face at risk of any kind.. why it is a sacred site!]

Lee throws Lanz off the side of the balcony-
where Lanz falls onto the conveniently located maritime equivalent to random furniture! Smile
FTF.avi_001009376They look down at the scrambling bad guy..

Amanda: You all right? [Hey that’s usually Lee’s line Smile ]
FTF.avi_001015315Lee: No,
I’m not all right….
(Lee grabs his nose) … Oww.

Amanda looks after Lanz.. but Lee seems more concerned with his nose Winking smile and the scene ends here..
FTF.avi_001019319Haa haaa.. I think Lee is more bruised ego here than bruised nose- Lanz got the jump on Lee, when he shouldn’t have.. though I’m sure Lee’s nose hurts- he’s probably cross with himself for being too cocky in that moment.. showing off a bit for Amanda? Hmm maybe like in J. Edgar’s ghost – in a moment where Lee should have been on his guard – Lee was far too relaxed.. and got this time got punched in the nose because of it!
I do like that Lee doesn’t pretend with Amanda that it didn’t hurt.. but then Lee has never really kept that from Amanda – 20_thumb2remember him in Sudden Death?? Where he said he was fine – but then kept on with the moaning and was a bit put out by Amanda getting back to business and not caring?!  And he pretended for the coach, but when he gingerly walked back to Amanda he didn’t hide his pain.. lol.. but he did snap a bit at her wanting to mother him. Interesting! here? I don’t think he minds it so much.. and I think Amanda has learned to show concern, and not baby him! Smile
What do you all think? What did you all make of Lee and Lanz? and BTW- what was the point of it all? they didn’t find out anything! (still I enjoyed seeing Amanda give Lee a shove Winking smile )
And Lee tossed Lanz off the balcony! Bit hard to question him after that!?
Okay byeee for now! Can’t wait to hear from ya!!

39 responses to “5/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I wonder if some of the cheesier lines are the writers’ attempts to make the dialogue fit that particular episode. It usually comes across as clunky or a little off. Too bad BB is the one stuck with the cheesier lines.

    I also wonder if the powers that be were not paying attention to the costuming when working on filming order. It seems odd that Lee and Amanda would leave Colleen and go put on the exact same clothes as the previous day. I think there’s a scene where you see the ‘Vette going down the street and you hear Lee saying to Amanda that now that Colleen is safe that they should check out the marina. It’s like it was added in later. Whenever I see this scene I get distracted by the sudden change in clothes.

    I think the scarecrow-looking thing is an old diving suit. And for some reason I think that Lanz actually hit the hand of the diving suit, which in turn hit Lee in the nose. Maybe I’m wrong, I need to look at it again though.

    What I like about Salty’s comment to Lee about taking care of Amanda is their reaction to it or lack thereof. They don’t deflect or get upset or deny anything. They smile at him and at each other and just move on. I think that the handholding is just as much a part of how they have always been with one another in regards to the touching, but there is much more of an ease with it now. Sometimes I don’t even think they are even conscious of it.


    • I like the idea that they aren’t conscious of it, Valerie. I also like how you point out that they don’t deflect Salty’s comment.


    • I think you’re right Valerie.. the diving suit arm goes flying, it’s all very dramatic and makes it look like Lanz hit Lee.. but it wasn’t a real punch.. and I don’t think the actor really hit BB 🙂 [Phew!!! we cry!!!! 😉 Leave that nose alone!!]

      I figured they smiled politely but between themselves they fobbed it off and it didn’t affect them – Morley’s idea that they might have been being boyfriend/girlfriend for Salty could fit here..

      Yeah true, they have held hands while running regularly (every time we see the opening credits! whwhahahhaah).
      I think they aren’t conscious of how much they touch each other in general – but am not sure yet whether to make any more of the hand holding just yet.
      Sorry I have watched this episode in full now, but only briefly and to have an overall idea of the plot so my blog posts aren’t annoying 😉 and I honestly cannot remember what the next episode is!!! or what happens in it!!! lol maybe I should look it up but there’s an unique experience to the ep when I don’t think of what the next ep is 🙂 Uniquely bizarre maybe 😉

      I’ll come back to the wardrobe kerfuffle in the next post!
      Okay gotta run byeeeee


      • No! Iwsod, don’t look up the next episode! I want to know you reaction un prepared!!!


        • Oh my gosh!! I haven’t looked at what ep is next. lol… okay.. I’ll try and put together my thoughts and then at the end of the ep I’ll look it up 🙂

          Yes just keep in mind my reactions are without the benefit of hindsight (well I remember the BIIIIGG milestones.. but don’t remember the detail)- I may come off at times sounding a bit silly.. but hey.. what else is new?!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I don’t think you sound silly at all, Iwsod. I agree with Morley, about wanting to know your unprepared reactions. So many times your reactions help me to remember how I first reacted when I first watch SMK so many years ago. I like it that there is such a diversity as to when and how often everyone has seen these episodes. We get to see and discuss so many differing perspectives. And it helps that we have that international flavor going because we also get to see how things are perceived in a variety of places, hope that made sense.


  2. Iwsod, I want to ask you what you think of the hand holding here? Lee doesn’t appear to be doing it for comfort, is it a part of a cover?

    In my mind, Lee has known the old salt for a while. Maybe the old salt has seen Lee with other women and he can see the difference between those women and the way Lee has been with them versus Amanda. Maybe Lee has had sea faring conversations with this guy before. I also think people of the old salt’s generation would say “take care of her” and it would be a kind and respectful thing to say as opposed to some one saying it now.

    I take this hand holding and the physical closeness as an indicator of the turn in their relationship. I kind of think Lee is initiating it. I also think that if this continues like that, Amanda may need to pull him up and have a bit of a “where do we stand” conversation eventually. I think she likes it, but I wonder if she wonders where all this is leading.

    I love the way she shoves him back into the fight. I think that is rather new for her. She doesn’t fuss over him until it is over, and even then she doesn’t fuss as much as she has in the past. I wonder if Lee would like her to fuss more. At least he is honest. I do love his response here. No bravado necessary.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Whoooooo I can get on board with it being a cover that they are a couple when they approach Salty!!
      I would figure that it’s conveyed to the audience pretty poorly, and thus we are left scratching our heads a little.. or just assuming it’s them being lovey dovey.. but for the obsessives like me – who aren’t seeing them as being that far along.. it’s either a new thing or it’s a cover!

      Lee is initiating a new closeness? you may be right Morley, but at this stage of the episode I can’t say yet.. I think this might be one of those things were I’ll need to wait till the end of the episode to form a view, or even a few more episodes down the line.. Can we come back to this?
      I guess I can say up to this point with all the eps that have come before that I agree they are moving forward, and well.. dating without calling it dating.. and so far I’ve seen them as touching a lot more – but always pretty much calling it something else.. Interesting ideas Morley.. what does everyone else think from what we’ve seen of Lee and Amanda to date? (pun not intended 😉 )

      The idea that this first visit to the Marina may be as a cover couple fits – because they later return as a couple to the same Marina.. (lol or iwsod is making it fit 😉 ) and if they are portraying themselves as a couple I don’t mind Salty’s remark anymore! 🙂 grumpiness gone! 🙂
      They just failed to portray it properly maybe.. something seems off with the whole scene as Lee is taking pics of the boat before he knows it’s them and then there’s the whole ridiculous switch of clothes ( I see it as an error.. I am thinking they’ve shifted the time frame of the episode to make it all happen more quickly.. but it’s just an idea).

      Maybe Amanda fussed just a little once the scene ended 😉 lol.. like they are real haaaaaa..


      • *Maybe Amanda fussed just a little once the scene ended 😉 lol.. like they are real *

        Like maybe she asked him if she could kissee and makee better? I know I would have. 😉


      • I don’t know if it is a cover. But then, maybe Lee and Amanda don’t know if it is a cover or real either. That is a fun idea…

        Liked by 1 person

      • I did see the “take care of her” as meaning Salty saw them as a couple. Maybe as an intentional cover, maybe not; maybe it’s just starting to show through. LOL, all the talk about where they are in their relationship and what they think about it at a given point reminds me of a slightly obsessive investigation I did into Star Wars at one time: when did Han start loving Leia? When did Leia know that he loved her? When did Han know that Leia knew that he loved her? 🙂


        • So what do we think? Does Lee know that he loves Amanda? Does Amanda know that Lee loves her? Does Amanda love Lee? Does Lee know that Amanda loves her?
          I will hazard a guess. I think Lee is thinking that he might be loving Amanda, but not sure if he can really go the distance or that Amanda will receive him. But I do think that he can’t completely help himself and so he is being drawn into her. I am think almost all of his defenses are down. Not sure about Amanda, although, I do think she knows that it is a thin line that is keeping her from catapulting over the precipice and fall in love with him. But that thin line is a high and long line…

          What does everybody else think?

          Liked by 1 person

          • I agree that Amanda is still holding back. I think a couple of things still need to be resolved in her life before she can let herself fall completely. As for Lee, I think he loves Amanda but is only aware of a portion of what he feels.
            This is one of those questions which is very hard to think about without referring just a little bit ahead, so I’ll stop right now 😉

            Liked by 1 person

          • Agree with what you have said Morley. I think Lee does realise the relationship he has with Amanda is a loving one – that he loves her – but I don’t think the true depth of the love he feels for her really hits him until a later episode.


            • mmm!! this all sounds great to me.. you know.. I feel like I need to go back and read what I was thinking around the time of Burn out.. I am not sure if I thought it then.. but I think Burn out really got Lee starting to open his eyes to the depth of his feelings for Amanda.. oh but wait.. then there was ship of spies too huh.. I figure in SOS Lee noticed these feelings but quickly shoved them down.. whereas maybe Burn out was the start of him slowly bringing them to the surface.. Odds on a dead pigeon and that hug at the end – oh my.. I suspect it’s the hair on two ‘Amanda’s’ that might lead me to over look at the episode when I look back on things.. lol Now I’m rambling.

              But yeah I agree I think Lee is further along than Amanda.. I’m seeing Amanda as still being in wait and see mode.. she loves him.. but is not quite at the point of completely surrendering herself to it..
              hmm I know it seems a little quiet here at the moment.. but would you guys be interested in me creating a where are they now post – where we could all share our thinking on this?? or .. do we just do this in the episode posts anyway?
              I’d do it if you want me to! I know I did one about the time of SOS but I won’t have time to put anything terribly comprehensive together like lol I had much more time back then!

              Maybe I don’t need to do a comprehensive post? maybe it’s more fun this time to throw it open.. and just let fans share their own thinking however they like in comments to the post asking where they see Lee and Amanda now.. and how they see their journey so far.. then people can give as simple or comprehensive a reply as they like in this thread.. thoughts anyone?


          • I agree with what some have said about Lee being farther along than Amanda. I think that Amanda has had those feelings of love for Lee for a long time, but she has pushed them aside as she sort of in wait and see mode. I think that Lee probably has had some sort of feelings for Amanda for a while, but he has refused to face them. He had a couple of situations where he was faced with the possibility of losing Amanda in one way or another and I think that brought those feelings more to the surface. I think he is just starting to realize what exactly is going on, but not yet ready to vocalize anything. He has made some changes in his life in fully accepting Amanda’s friendship and her partnership and we know he changed his dating habits. I think Lee surprised us all when he knew exactly how long he had known Amanda in Wizard. Certain other situations like SOS and UN and Amanda’s comment about being patient in love have had an impact on him. While there is no full on outward showing of what they are feeling I think that the changes in their touches, such as the hand-holding, their eye-speak, and their flirtatious and bantering behavior have been their way of subtly communicating to the other as to where they are.

            Liked by 1 person

            • So wonderfully said — I agree 100%


            • I agree with this, Valerie. But it makes me ask the question, why do they move so slowly? I think it is because their friendship and working relationship is so important to each ne of them that they don’t want to jeopardize it in any way. And that suggests to me that they both have some deep seeded fears that need resolution before they are free to go forward. I love watching them slowly and gently work through those things.

              Liked by 1 person

              • As frustrating as it could be at times it is the fact that everything moved so slowly that made it all so worthwhile and so lasting. Establishing and developing a wonderful friendship made the rest all the more satisfying. These two were on an amazing journey together and it just wasn’t something that could be rushed. They both needed to be ready for the other and they both needed to either let go of something or move past something. I, too loved how they went through this slowly and gently. Would that some other shows would understand and follow this approach. They certainly would have lasted longer.


                • Hear hear! well put!!

                  I have been so busy lately.. I thought I had published a post 2 days ago.. I was away the last two days. and came home to realise – oh dear.. I didn’t publish it!!

                  Anyway.. sorry to leave you hanging.. new post coming now!!


              • I saw this today. I thought it was wonderful, true and profound. And, like so many things, it made me think of why we love Lee and Amanda so much, and a bit of this part of our discussion.

                “If we commit ourselves to one person for life this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession, but participation. It takes a lifetime to learn another person. When love is not possession, but participation, then it is part of that co-creation which is our human calling, and which implies such risk that it is often rejected.”
                ― Madeleine L’Engle, The Irrational Season

                Liked by 2 people

            • Like your comment, Valerie. I totally agree! I think they are both scared of what the reality of their feelings may mean. I think it is that fear that is keeping them from progressing in any meaningful way and so they are flirtatious and playing games, but trying not to go too far into the scary unknown. Neither is ready yet.

              Liked by 1 person

        • Love the Han and Leia reference, happy camper!


          • LOL I completely forgot – I agree with Valerie.. Happy camper I was loving that Han and Leia reference too!!!

            They were the very first couple I every shipped for!!! I think we need a star wars thread over at Nedlindger’s!!! I’d love to hear more of the theories you came up with!!


  3. If they were going to change clothes, why not change into something more casual. Lee all suited up at the Marina looks ridiculous. Way to look inconspicuous, Big Fella… not!

    “Drop anchor here, huh? You’re drifting a little.” Hmmm, perhaps it’s not such a clunky line after-all – seems to aptly describe how this episode is progressing. 😀

    I like the old fella (the old salt) and I like that he teases Lee to “Take good care of that girl.” Maybe the writers were trying to clue us in to the fact that one or two wise old souls – like the old salt, Billy, Emily – might be able to discern there’s something brewing between these two. Older folk are often quite perceptive about these things. Maybe they were holding hands when they went to see him. 😉

    I don’t think it demeans Amanda and I don’t think that is how the old salt meant it. He’s being a perfect gentleman in fact and acknowledging to Lee or perhaps giving Lee an extra nudge to realise how special Amanda is. I think that even though the old salt has only recently met Amanda, he would have sized her up as a good and decent person.

    KJ is looking very lovely in these scenes, despite the unholy resurrection of the lightening bolt cardy.

    I think Lanz was only meant to hit Lee a glancing blow – otherwise Lee’s nose would be broken, or at the very least bleeding profusely. Not good skills for a highly trained operative to be surprised so easily. You’ve really got to concentrate on the good stuff in this episode because the clunky stuff really is particularly bad and out of whack Ha, ha! “Whack.” No pun intended 😀

    I agree with Jo, the scripted version of these scenes was much better, including the “old salt” rolling up his sleeve to show Amanda what we assume, from her reaction, to be a rather racy tattoo. Wish we could have seen Amanda’s reaction to that! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • wow I didn’t look at the script.. ran out of time.. that sounds like such fun!! I’ll have to try and have a read of it – does Lee get punched in the nose in the script?

      I’m with you Jo and Kiwismh! I would have rather seen that.. and then maybe we could have actually seen Lee ‘taking care’ of Amanda.. rather than this old salty telling him to.

      I know I’m being grumpy about that line kiwismh.. and I previously didn’t have an issue with it…

      I think I’ve gotten tired of the whole plot device of random people giving hints that they are really perceived to be a couple (I think it’s called the Everybody can see it trope – lol!) I could have been less grumpy about it had Salty actually spent more time with them.. but as it is – they hardly spent 5 minutes together, on something to do with their work, and he is seeing them as a couple? sorry but to me that’s plain clunky.. He could have perceived her to be a good person.. but I think referring to romance between Lee and Amanda after a 5 minute chat is a bit presumptuous.. Just no longer a fan of it.. I”m weird I know..
      If he’d spent the whole episode with them I’d be much less grumpy about it.. but now I know about the naughty tattoo that we missed out on? I’m really grumpy! 😉 tee hee..

      Nahh not really – it’s just a tv show 🙂

      KJ is looking very lovely in these scenes, despite the unholy resurrection of the lightening bolt cardy.

      Kiwismh this cracked me up!!!

      Oh hey- so what did you all think – was Lee showing off a bit in front of Amanda? too casual??? and that’s why he gets punched?? or.. was it just plain dumb?! whahaha


  4. The marina scene. Never noticed that they used the same footage from Over the Limit, that Amanda changed back into her “lightning bolt” outfit and the “salty old dog” was the train conductor from the first episode. Guess I need to be more observant. I have to admit I like the script version, better than what was filmed. I always found it odd that Lee was taking pictures of the Sea Change before the “salty old dog” tells him that was the boat they are looking for. Didn’t anyone on the set notice that they may have filmed that in reverse.

    Amanda is observant when she notices the car is the same one from the convalescent home. To me, that was a regular 80’s vehicle. I found there was nothing unusual that stood out about the vehicle, the color, not major dents. I guess she must have memorized the license plate or it had a vanity plate.

    And finally, the balcony scene. Lee did set himself up to get punched. I agree with Jule’s fight yawn… And then Lee throws Lanz off the balcony. So much for finding out why he is following them. But I guess if Lee did not throw Lanz off the balcony, the episode might have only been about 20 minutes. I did love when Amanda pushes Lee back into Lanz. It is lucky for the bad guys that the Washington DC area has well placed random furniture.


  5. I’m with you, Iwsod. If Lee were standing that close to me and looking at me like that, “Wow” would be pretty much all I could say, too! 😀


  6. Awesome catch with train conductor/old salty! Your attention to other details when Lee is in the scene is amazing indeed.

    I agree with all of you – Lame-o fight scene, I did LOL when Amanda shoved Lee back into the fray. I am not that was the wisest course of action but maybe she was hoping big guy/pretty boy would fall on Lanz rather than having him just scurry away.


  7. That “Drop anchor…” line by Lee has to be one of the corniest line ever uttered by Lee!! BB, you should have fought against it. I think there’s a reason Amanda didn’t get lines like that: KJ made sure she didn’t. Go, KJ!

    Having your nose punched is extremely painful. I got mine punched in a karate class once. Ow…. 😦 and we wouldn’t want Lee’s beautiful nose to be disfigured.

    Great catch on the ticket collector in TFT, iswod! He looked better in uniform though 😀

    And I’m with Jule on the fighting.


    • I’m with you learjet – go KJ!!! 🙂

      Oh my gosh.. you got punched in the nose? owwwwww!!!!

      Thanks learjet 🙂

      lol Jule – I think everyone is with you on the fighting!!! 🙂


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