1/3 Season One, Episode 9: Sudden Death

Well I am just going to tackle this episode head on.. yup.. pun intended..

Soooo the fashion challenged baddies raid Bela’s room.. come on Bela, couldn’t you hear them leaving their calling card from down the hallway? Or anyone for that matter?

1 image
Mr Price doesn’t want Bela to kick a field goal this Sunday.(oh please let this make sense by the end of this episode!!). This was his lovely gentlemanly way of reminding Bela..

Baddie: That’s good to know, Bela. We just wanted to know you know. We got our eye on you all the time, Bela. So don’t let no one know you know us. You know?
Bela: Sure, anything.
Baddie: Glad I made myself clear.

Ok got it, I don’t get it, but I got it. I just wanted to be sure you know, you know? and since you know don’t let anyone else know you know, you know? wow.. a perfectly clear baddie!

On to the agency.. whoo Amanda’s lucky day.. she found a parking spot right out front of IFF, you know? but since you and I know it isn’t IFF yet.. well you know!

imageOk, seems they are investigating the owner of the Washington pioneer team, John Crandle- he may have a fortune stashed away in Leichtenstein… and he has been having meetings with Ernst Laslo.. a guy with links to several political assassinations.. this they know thanks to Bela Pravik, a kicker on the pioneer’s.. who is from Leichtenstein too… Since he told the agency about seeing Laslo his life is in danger….

Amanda discovers the agency has placed Lee on the inside of the training camp..to keep an eye on things.. Francine has to, of course, demonstrate her superior knowledge of Lee, revealing Lee use to play college football – Amanda is just genuinely interested.. where?

2Francine: oh at many of the universities he was thrown out of.


3Billy looks a tad embarrassed by this revelation.. why do you think that is? Curious to hear what you think this is about!! Is it Francine’s competitiveness?

Love how they give her all the info, but she still hasn’t even been told what she is to do….. Ok, she is to pose as a sports reporter…

Billy: hang around the camp, let Lee slip you any of the information he has and report back to us

Amanda: like an undercover operative!!

Francine: like a messenger..


imageAmanda was getting excited and Francine just had to burst her bubble.. Francine- MOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Love the look Billy gives Francine 6in response to this .. and Amanda just says excuse me.. and moves on. good for her!



Amanda: sir do you think Lee will be ok those guys play pretty rough!

Billy: Oh Amanda Lee’s an ex jock this is like a fantasy come true for him. Lee’s having a ball! (nice pun Billy!)image
Hey there is that idea of the Fantasy again!! In this case, Lee’s fantasy isn’t so fantastic!

Oh dear.. and the next thing we see is Lee getting flattened..image I think Lee is having a terrible time.. but he will never admit it.. yeah Lee your not as young as you use to be..
Soooo Lee won’t ‘stick em with his face’… errr ok.. well I have no idea what that means but if it is about Lee not hurting his face.. I say good on Lee…

whoo whooo… any guesses where you have seen Mr Crandle???!!!! He was the famous Deep throat character in the early season of X files!!! !7

The look on Amanda’s face when she peeks around the entrance to the change rooms is so funny! HaHaHa emoticon
imageTalk about jumping in at the deep end with this messenger err I mean undercover operative stuff! you go girl!

Bela is one smooth operator.. hehehe.. not! He sounds to me like he is from Eastern Europe not Leichtenstein.. but what do I know.. any European accent experts out there reading??

Bela: do you like the bowling?… America what 9a country! woman of elegance writing newspaper articles about football! In Leichtenstein women 10make pastries and babies and trouble. ha hahhaaaa… I must be going now, perhaps we will meet again. I have vintage Rod Stewart records.

This guy’s way of turning a phrase is funny! love 12the look on Amanda’s face when he tells her about the gals back home.. then he sees the goons and suddenly turns into a Quasimodo impersonator.. (If the camp is so tight-how is it these goons can just wander where they like?!)

Amanda seems to have some trouble breathing around these half naked men.. Love it when one 13of the guys (slimy creeps!) gives her a friendly shove into the lockers (we later find out his name is Phil).. and invites her to join them for a shower.. Oh my! 14Smk is a family show!! heehee.. Oh I see the trouble breathing was to do with being armpit height to these guys..

So she finally finds Lee struggling to get a knee brace off.. It takes him a moment or two to get 15over the shock, he can’t believe it is her!

 Then.. the attitude kicks in.. imageOh Lee .. Bad Lee!! do we have to go through this every episode??

 17Lee: What are you doing here? …..When I asked Billy to send me a messenger I assumed that he was going to send..

18Amanda: anyone but me.


Poor Amanda. You can see for a moment that this is upsetting to her. She doesn’t dwell on it for long though.. She’s my hero!  Boy Lee is one grumpy guy when he is in pain.. All I can say is suffer Leeimage.. While you’re being mean to Amanda, you will get no sympathy  from meimage.

Love how he is grunting and groaning and refusing to admit he is in physical pain.. but he can freely admit the pain he feels at Amanda turning up???!!!!! (Lee is denying reality totally! It doesn’t hurt!!! ..I feel fine, perfectly fine! I don’t want you here!!!Liar!! Winking smile) She offers to help and he rejects the help..

Fine! have it your way Amanda seems to decide and she gets down to businessimage.. it is great how Amanda moves on from his pain and just interrupts his groaning with a business question…
20She surprises him I think. Well what did you think she was there for Lee? to mother you? you let her know if there is any information ok??!!  haaa…  image He says someone trashed Bela’s room last night and he will go snooping around after bed check tonight 21.. (is it just me or is Lee looking at Amanda’s mouth here???!!!)- probably planning his cover story for tonight. LOL! Winking smile

Uh oh.. the prime minister of Leichtenstein 22(been there!) is due to arrive in 3 days.. and he is planning to change the tax laws- Crandle has lots to lose… Sounds like a motive to me!

Lee and Amanda get busted whispering to each other about assassinations.. and bing! Lee immediately puts on the charm.. ahhh… what a smile! Love how he holds her arm as he introduces Amanda to the coach.. (I think Lee is setting up the whole ‘I am flirting with the reporter’ thing for later!!Winking smile)
Coach: Newcombe, can you still walk?
Lee: Walk? oh coach you just watch this.. see ! good as new!
Coach: good now hit the showers!

25 26

Lee pretends to be fine until the coach walks away.. and then.. the pretending is promptly over.. he struggles to sit back down again.. and then he laughs at his situation. I love the laugh he does at the end… kind of like he is saying to Amanda.. can you believe this???!!! and acknowledging that she is with him… you know? When he laughs at the end like that.. I almost forgive him for being so insensitive over Amanda being chosen as his messenger.. almost. Winking smile


Crandle has a billion dollars invested in Leichtenstein’s tax laws remaining unchanged..and the prime minister of Leichtenstein is the target.. Laslo wants Bela killed as he can identify him..  Crandle goes along with it.. so long as it looks like an accident..

Off Lee goes snooping.. not a grimace or stiff joint miraculously on show- Mmmm Jeans.. me like…

Wait. Coach is doing bed check.. I thought Lee was going to wait till after bed check???!!!

At the same time Crandle is calling in favours with the footballer Phil.. a total meat head who is so easily manipulated he is going to smash Bela to pieces for Crandle..LOL- it seems ‘coach Lazlo’ is going to give Phil lessons in a new technique: instantaneous death! haa
Phil basically agrees to
28kill Bela by pinching his carotid artery just because Crandle asked him to and promises him a future after he finishes playing. Big dumb bloke.. The man has had too many knocks to the head.. and this guy is the captain? I would have thought he is too dumb for captain.. Crandle is too much… laying on the charm.. did 29he really just say if Life hands you lemons make lemonade? Thought of the day huh.. I’ve gotta thought for the day- excuse me while I gag…….
I kinda prefer Laslo’s approach: if you cross us, I will have to slit your throat. – hey, how do you make lemonade outta that???!!!!image

So the lemonade making meeting is adjourned and Lee proceeds to snoop on into Crandle’s office! (Lee in jeans.. Lee in jeans.. ) The coach knocks on Sandy Newcombe’s bedroom door for the bed check… Smart Lee.. Hmm… [Unless this was some kind of subconscious way of him forcing circumstances to make something pretty interesting happen!!!Winking smile ] Lee comes across Crandle’s play of Death! duh duh duuuuuhhhhhhhh.. and takes some pics..

Haaa … look at the difference between the wideshot and the close up! Folder..No folder!

The two fashion challenged goons are roaming the halls.. as is the coach, on a mission to teach Sandy the hot shot some discipline!

The place to meet Amanda is at a hallway window? how out in the open is that? weird.. aha! but.. it works to Lee’s advantage perfectly… Tee heee…


Love how Amanda pounces on him when he opens the window and scares him! suffer Lee.. she is learning her habits from you!! Lee passes on the film of the play of death and says there is something weird about it and the agency is to check it out.. If only it had actually been labelled ‘Play of Death’- it all would have been so much easier..

34Amanda: OK! after all what do I know I’m just an assistant agent.

35Lee: Apprentice Agent

36Amanda: purist! image

Lee chuckles at this..



37Amanda: is there anything else I can do for you?


Voice off camera yells: Newcombe! (it’s the coach!!argh!!!)

39Lee: Yeah this!!! and he quickly grabs her and kisses her!!!
Woot!! Woot!!!!!!


Yeeeee haaaaa!!!!! hehehehee..
gee how would you describe that noise of hers as they are kissing? a kind of exclamation for when your mouth is busy doing other things??!!
Lee gives a little guttural groan there too just for good measure! hehehee.. Funny when I watch it on my tv all I can hear is the coach yelling Newcombe! but on my laptop it is a rather noisy kiss!!! Why I have no idea.. but.. um.. I kinda prefer the laptop version.. as it sounds like Lee was getting into it ! hehehee..

Notice Amanda seems to be holding onto the window sill for dear life as Lee kisses her???!!!! imageimageimage Eventually she lets go and grabs Lee’s arm
44 Lee Stetson and Amanda King Kiss
So the coach busts them.. Lee seems to spend extra long kissing Amanda if you ask meimage.. even a moment or two longer than they needed for the coach to see them..
Is it just me or does Lee seem a bit dazed by the kiss????!!!
I think Lee was extra involved in that kiss.. he closed his eyes.. and he didn’t have to.
The thing I find interesting is that to me he is more involved in the kiss than she is.. her reaction is one of shock.. his reaction causes him to hesitate a second or two before he can move on with the whole Sandy Newcombe act for the coach.. Not that I think Amanda wasn’t affected.. but to me Lee seemed more so…

Notice Amanda moves her hand when Lee asks if she got everything she needed.. almost like she realised she was holding onto the window sill so tightly.

Ohhh can I just say while I am watching this and doing screen grabs of this scene, I am absolutely laughing my head off (err not while their kissing.. immediately after I mean! ).. the expressions on Lee’s face here are just priceless! He is sooooo cocky here it is too funny!!!

: I hope you err got all you came for Mrs King..
wink) interview wise that is! image
: enjoy your job do you?

53Amanda: yes! very much!! ( I want THAT job…)


Lee’s smug expression on hearing this is sooooo funny!!!!

56Amanda then says : thank you so much, I have a deadline to meet

Lee: hmm..

Coach: what’s that all about Newcombe?

(sounds like coach needs some coaching in the birds and the bees if he doesn’t know what that was about! ;))

57Lee: just a good rapport with the press. I promised her an (wink) indepth interview earlier!

Oh Lee.. no wonder the Coach calls you a hot shot. you are too cocky by far… 2 winks in one scene!! LOL! Hope you don’t mind so many pics guys, it is after all their first kiss and Lee’s performance here is so funny! I think the camera angles and the light is all wrong.. when it cuts back to Amanda after the kiss it is like Lee isn’t even infront of her.. as she is in full light and the light is behind Lee.. I guess we do need to be able to see her..and well…. this only enters my head for a second.. I am having far too much fun here to mind!

Hey, since when are ‘messengers’ expected to be kissed as a ‘cover’?? Hmm I think Amanda’s job title here definitely deserves an upgrade!! Smile

I have a theory..was it purely a spur of the moment thing to kiss Amanda? Lee knew he was meeting Amanda late.. he is an experienced agent who knows there is always a risk of being caught when snooping.. so I think he had this kiss as a back up plan in mind for if they were sprung.. I know I can’t prove it.. but I can’t help but wonder.. Lee doesn’t wait until after the bed call to go searching, ( he said he would when speaking to Amanda in the change room)…. so he knows the coach could discover he is out of his bed and search for him.. and he prearranges for Amanda to meet him at this hall window, which anyone who should happen to walk down the hallway would see and Lee would have nowhere to hide.. ensuring the necessity of the whole ‘we met up to make out’ scenario and a bunch of lip action between Lee and Amanda!! Amanda looks totally shocked by it (rather than affected by the kiss).. Lee doesn’t look surprised at all (ok he is an experienced spy and would have done this lots huh.. I don’t want to think about that! )  but I think he was taken aback a bit at how it wasn’t bad to kiss Amanda at all!!! imageimage

This is just my thoughts though so feel free to think differently..  I just share what I think and hope others will share theirs too!

That’s it for this installment.. hope you enjoyed it as much as Lee and Amanda did Winking smile Will be back with more soon!

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  1. Really late discovering this site and looking forward to the next walkthrough. Just have to say I loved the flirtiness between Lee and Amanda in season one and KJ’s comedic timing was off the charts in this episode with her interactions with the players and of course when she got caught kissing not one but two players. LOL! I just wish Lee’s surprised look after he kissed her was more well lit but hey we will take what we can get with this couple in season one. Also good to see Damn Those Dimples Stetson get taken down a peg with his exaggerated athleticism. His ego was a bit over the top when they started working together. It was beautiful to see how they both grew as characters over the years.


  2. Is it just me or does Lee seem a bit dazed by the kiss????!!! I think Lee was extra involved in that kiss.. he closed his eyes.. and he didn’t have to.
    Lee: I hope you err got all you came for Mrs King…. (wink) interview wise that is!

    When Lee realized he had to kiss Amanda to preserve his cover, our football jock had no great expectations. Just get the job done, but once their lips locked and his “Don’t move” settled her; Lee became invested in that kiss (eyes closed; taking her in) and was impressed (he winked at her)! I took that wink as Lee’s “Job well done” and believe that’s what prompted Amanda’s cheerful response to the coach’s question about her job.

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  4. Had an smk moment this afternoon and had to share!
    Watching a couple of recorded episodes of Murder she wrote (season 1 – which aired in 1985)… the smk moments were coming thick and fast.
    The first episode I watched was called.. wait for it:
    Sudden Death!!
    and… it was about….. a football club!!!
    And who was in the episode?
    the actor who played Bracken (burn out),
    the actor who played Dr Goldberg (The eyes have it)
    and the actor who played Valentine (All the world’s a stage)
    – all smk baddies!!!!
    [Bracken turned out to be the episode’s killer! Valentine turned out the be the murder victim whahahahaa!]

    In the next episode – who is a main Character?
    The actor who played Not Shamba! (Wrong Way Home)



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  6. The Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections Stories have been published for this episode. In our revised Season 1 order Sudden Death is 6th. If the episode order is confusing check out this series of posts.

    Here are the links to the stories:
    Lee’s thoughts are here.

    Amanda’s thoughts are here.

    And the link to the thread at Ned’s for comments or if you want to discuss any aspect of the stories is here.


  7. Hi, new here! I see a few comments from this year, so I assume (hope) this blog is still active. Anyway, just a couple of comments. First, football camps must indeed be as “tight” as depicted here; one of the Minnesota Vikings’ rookies just got thrown out of camp for bringing a woman into his room. Secondly, Bela is played by Yakov Smirnoff, a Ukranian stand up comic who had a little flurry of popularity in the 1980s. Shortly after this episode, he was in the Robin Williams movie “Moscow on the Hudson.” No idea how they thought he could pass as Lichtensteinian. I’m loving this blog- had no idea the show was so rife with continuity errors until I came here! And the 80s fashions … Don’t get me started (because then I’d have to admit I dressed just like that back in the day!)


    • Welcome Kgmohror! Great to hear from you!!! yes this blog is still active.. and all posts are always open for comments.. LOL yes I don’t think anyone was convinced about Bela being from Lichtenstein!

      rofl! Yep we get lots of fun from the 80s fashions! Heck – we all did 😉 don’t worry! that’s part of the fun! 🙂 we laugh with them right?! 🙂

      Hope you feel free to join us in our walk through the episodes.. it’s fun to discover the show all over again together!!
      Welcome Kgmohror!!!

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    • I think it is safe to say the blog is still a wee bit active 😉 Welcome! (from the gal who owned leg warmers *hangs head in shame*)

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    • Yes, welcome, Kgmohror! We are definitely an “active blog”. Too active sometimes to keep up with all the comments that go flying! The only 80’s trend I remember really liking and wanting to wear were the denim overalls like Dotty wears in TEHIt in S3. (Of course that means I’ve just blocked out any of the others.) We’ve not walked through that episode yet and I don’t remember if she wears them in other episodes or not. I happened to watch TEHIt last night so I was struck by it. Anyway, welcome!


  8. Amanda really seems like the type to send thank you cards/notes. Do you think she might’ve briefly considered sending one to the coach for forcing Lee into cover mode at the window? 😀 ROFL!

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  11. My oh my I get around to watching this episode again whilst ironing (and writing down any thoughts, yes I AM that sad ;)) and I come to read the blog and *swoon* I have pics of BB and David Duchovny *fans herself furiously* Now that’s an on screen combo I’d pay to see 😉

    Anyway back to the episode. Someone is going to have to explain the plaid jacket. I mean did the designer have mud in their eye the day they pictured these?! It’s like looking at a walking couch!
    If Crandall is stashing money through legal channels under the tax laws of Leichenstein whilst morally reprehensible it’s not illegal. Billy doesn’t really clarify for me how exactly he’s breaking the law. I love his reply to Amanda about why Bela doesn’t just leave “and break training?!” Oh course, silly Amanda, training is far more important than ya know……staying alive 😉
    I have no knowledge of American Football…..what exactly are the players supposed to be doing by stick them with the face? Is that a head first tackle? Poor Lee I guess he doesn’t want to get his pretty face mashed in!
    I love the character Bela, he’s funny. Vintage Rod Stewart records…….when does something actually become vintage?! A few years after is been made? Bela reminds me of a puppy dog around Amanda with his adoring expressions.
    Crandall is a great bad guy with some good lines – the one about lemonade and telling Phil “your zest for violence and abuse brings out the best in you” LOL I guess that’s looking for the positive in everything.
    Their first kiss *swoon* I don’t believe Lee engineered this happening. Assume this has been debated to death but he does say out of the side of his mouth “don’t move”. Shhhh Amanda keep the noise down you’re spoiling the moment 😉 I love the look he gives Amanda immediately after they separate…..seems to be a cross between pleasant surprise and OMG what did I just do?! Amanda bless her composes herself pretty quick, her delivery and expressions of her response to whether she enjoys her job has me in stitches. Heck I’d enjoy that job too 😉 Cocky Lee is really funny (and cute, damn you) too. At the end he seems to have got a kick out of discomfiting Amanda, naughty Lee.


    • Not sad, Jenbo — I prefer to look at it as organized and infinitely practical. 😀


    • Hi Jenbo! I’ve loved reading all your thoughts this morning.. what a lovely way to start the day!! 🙂

      There wasn’t really any debate about the ‘don’t move’ – everyone but me heard it! 🙂 haaaa! So I have no idea why I can’t hear it- I’ve tried and tried.. watched that scene over and over.. and listened very very carefully – such a sacrifice watching Lee and Amanda Kiss- or should I say Lee kiss Amanda?! tee heee.. seriously though, there was no debate, I can’t hear it but if everyone else can hear it then that’s good enough for me (lol and so it should be!) I just hear lots of groaning (and a growl, which is I think when he says don’t move?!) haaaaa! 😉

      Agreed! Cocky Lee is hilarous!!! but I do love that Amanda manages to keep herself together – she’s my hero!! 🙂

      When is vintage vintage? good question! I guess when this came out Rod Stewart was not vintage? and that was part of the joke?? but now.. well his old albumns could be vintage now?? maybe??

      Loved your insight into the name ‘Janus’ -Thanks for sharing that- very cool!!
      LOL at learning it from James Bond – well how else are we suppose to learn about ancient Greek mythology these days Jenbo?! tee hee! 😉

      Lovely to hear from you all!!


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  14. I have a thought. Could Lee have been so cranky about seeing Amanda in the Locker Room, partly because he was in so much pain and he didn’t really want her to see him like that? I mean, what guy wants a woman to see him not excel at something like sports? He was embarrassed and in pain and it all came out as Cranky.

    (PS: I heard hold still too and I don’t think the kiss was planned but I believe it’s a handy go to in that situation or appears to be from all of the shows and Movies I’ve seen that have used that technique.)


    • Not a bad theory Elissa! 😉 We can come up with theories to explain away any bad behaviour I think!

      I prefer not to always explain it away though myself.. sometimes it is just bad behaviour.. but feel free to think what you like – I bet there are others reading who have thought the same thing!

      I think I discounted the ’embarrassed to be seen in pain’ theory [I’m a student psychologist.. it’s all about testing theories! :lol:] – because he puts on a good tough guy show for the coach, and as soon as the coach leaves, Lee begins moaning and groaning in pain again: all infront of Amanda.. if anything, I found (If I remember correctly!) Lee was looking for a little sympathy groaning away over his back – and Amanda cuts him off by asking what message does he have for Billy – ie. enough of the groaning, I’m not hear to mother you : what do you want me to pass on to Billy? For me, this all discounts Lee’s embarrassment explaining his gruffness..

      You hear ‘Hold still’ ? LOL! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! man.. I reckon everyone is right.. and I just can’t hear it: Oh well 😆 My excuse? well I am somewhat distracted by Lee kissing Amanda 😉 wlhgaolgya;ahba’hqiahyaeubhs¬!


  15. Cover kiss: I watch on Amazon Prime via the internet and definitely hear Amanda moaning like she is trying to object to the kiss. And Lee says “Don’t move.”


    • 🙂 You would not believe the disagreements on another site about this. “Well, you are WRONG because it is not in the subtitles.” Sheesh. One of the many reasons why I love this site.


      • I can’t count the number of times our family has noticed that conversations get shortened by subtitles and that some things just don’t get translated on a subtitle. Then again, maybe I just don’t have enough faith in them. 😉


  16. Melissa Robertson

    I love your picture of a cow for Francine 🙂 LOL Amanda is just so classy to just continue without comment! Glad to see that she startled Lee a little when she popped up at the window. I think Lee kinda of enjoyed the kiss while Amanda was a little shocked with the situations that this man gets her into 🙂 Not say that she didn’t like it that may come a little later after she can relax some!


  17. Hello!

    How cool, it’s “Sudden kiss”… errr… I mean “Sudden death”! 😀

    Let’s see if I understand the plot when I go through this episode bit by bit. Frankly I never cared too much about the baddies intentions. Or maybe I gave up too early because the American football background put me off. I think I will never understand this game until my last day. Sorry guys. You can ask me anything about European football if you want to, but the American version totally eludes me.

    Let’s get started in Belas room… and a call for the fashion police. OMG these guys look like clowns! Or like a real awkward persiflage of Italian Mafiosi! The shoes! Look at the black and white shoes! I don’t believe this. LOL You know, all the baddie-talk about knowing what they know and Bela should know does not actually help to clarify the situation. Teee heee, this reminds me of a joke a German comedian made about people (especially politicians) who express themselves in a very awkward way. He impersonated them by saying: “I have no idea what I mean, but I understand what I would like to say!” 😉

    On to the agency. Billy asks Amanda if she followed Liechtensteinian politics. I start smiling right away when Amanda asks back “Should I?” Bwahaaaa, this country is so small I could almost bet most Americans wouldn’t even know it exists! Francine instructs Amanda in her usual condescending way. But may I just say… I believe her information is incomplete! Liechtenstein might be one of the biggest tax havens in Europe, but I am not convinced that Luxemburg and Monaco aren’t even more important. So much for Ms know-all. Haaaaaaaaaaa!

    It looks over-eager how Amanda pulls out her notepad and tries to take down keywords. I must admit I grin about her problems to write – and pronounce – the name of the princedom Liechtenstein…. Steen? No, Stein! LOL Isn’t it remarkable she immediately knows that the agency’s man investigating inside the football team is Lee? She is very quick at that, isn’t she? 😉 Francine demonstrates her superior knowledge about Lee and tells Amanda he played football “at many of the unversities he was thrown out of.” Why does Billy seem to be embarrassed by her remark? Well, it is not exactly what you’d call a glorious chapter in Lee’s curriculum. Young Lee was probably rather wild and undisciplined… And I guess these are character traits that would not seem appropriate for the agencies top-men. But of course, these are only my ideas.

    Ohhh, look how Amanda’s eyes start shining. I think she gets pretty excited about the idea of posing as a reporter and slipping information to the agency… She thinks she would work like an undercover operative. Only she is instantly corrected by Francine who says she will be nothing more than a messenger. Iwsod, I hope you don’t mind if I quote you. Mooooo, Francine! What a condescending cow. ☹

    Amanda asks Billy if he’s sure Lee will be alright. She is concerned because those football guys play pretty rough. Billy assures her Lee was having the time of his life… And bam! We see Lee just the minute he gets tackled and hits the ground! Bwahaaaa! That’s one of those fun SMK cuts I love.

    Oh my, this is the first time I am really grateful for the subtitles. I never really understood those football players before. Gosh, Lee is surrounded by brutes. At least I learned the word “hopscotch” from that brawny idiot called Phil. I had never heard the word before.

    Ewwwww, does poor Amanda really have to enter the change room in order to speak to Lee? I can hardly believe a woman would get access, no matter how important the newspaper she works for. Uh oh, Bela spots her first. He wants to make a date right away! But Amanda turns him down right away. What a crazy fellow this Bela is. Iwsod, his accents sounds more East-European to me as well. My guess would be Bulgaria or the Czech Republic or something. But the official language is Liechtenstein is German, although spoken in various dialects. Oh boy, I cannot believe what Bela says about women in his country. “They make pastries, babies and trouble…” Give me a break. What kind of humour is that?

    Bela hurries of when the two goons who raided his room in the opening scene show up. Phewwww. But poor Amanda falls from the frying pan into the fire. Ewwwww ewwwww, here are Phil and Bobby, nearly naked and all sweaty! Phil talks big and offers Amanda to join them under the shower…. To “soak up some real authentic atmosphere”. Excuse me, but it this goes on much longer I might puke on my MacBook. You can tell Amanda has had enough of that by simply inhaling… Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! With that little sound KJ makes when the man pass her by, I can almost smell the acrid stench myself. Leeeeeeee, help! Where are you?

    How glad I am Amanda finally finds him… But… What kind of a welcome is that? Could he be any more rude? Or any more grumpy? I really have a hard time to see him misbehave like that. You can see it upsets Amanda as well. She is so disappointed when she completes Lee’s sentence with the words “… anybody but me?” She really looks frustrated after she said that. How does she manage to put that aside so quickly? And get back to business? Maybe she is more professional in this scene than he is? Lee groans because he is in pain, and I do not begrudge it to him. Yep Iwsod, I am definitely with you. Suffer, Lee! Love how the coach asks him if he could still walk and Lee feels asked for a little demonstration. What a big fake! So funny how he grabs hold of the lockers after the coach left. LOL

    Baddie talk, blah blah… I am not interested. But I understand Lazlo talks Crandall into killing Bela. And they want the murder to look like an accident. Alright.

    But here comes Lee, sneaking about… and looking super-gorgeous in his jeans. Blackagwadaaaa… Ahem… I love this scene. Errrr, excuse me: Are training camps really that rigid? I mean do coaches really go as far as to check if their players are in bed? Are they in a war or something?? Wait a sec… Oh yes, they are! I just realized the sign on the wall saying “A war won is courage triumphant”. Oh my gosh.

    Why does Phil crack nuts all the time? Maybe because he is a numbnut himself? Phil is introduced to Lazlo and to the plan 34 Red B. He says Bela would get creamed… Haaaaa, later in this episode Amanda repeats that expression in a very funny way (“Don’t you remember how it happened in the Super Bowl? They creamed him…!”) Phil slowly gets the idea of what is expected of him. Man, he is such a birdbrain. Well, he does not seem too enthusiastic about the whole business, but he probably thinks he has no other choice. And maybe he really doesn’t, with a man like Lazlo threatening to slit his throat.

    Ah, it is so good to see Lee back in his element. I love how cautious he is. Even the way he moves and opens doors with his lock pick. Ahhh, he discovers plan 34 Red B in one of the drawers and takes photos… While the coach is really indignant he did not find Sandy Newcombe in bed, LOL. Lee sneaks out of the room again and opens a window with a creak, whispering “Are you out here?” And Amanda jumps up like a Jack out of the box! Whoa! Now Lee, do you understand what it is like when people startle you like that? Haaaaaaaaa! Love how he closes his eyes for a second. No matter how often I already watched this scene, it never fails to make me smile. Especially the part about the “assistant agent” and the “apprentice agent”. And how Amanda calls Lee a “purist”. These two are so great!

    Amanda asks if there was anything else she could do for him. Whoaaaaaaaaa, and here comes the coach! Lee seems to freeze in the middle of a move… Then says in his gorgeous deep voice: “Yeah, this.” And he quickly grabs her and kisses her! Yeeeeeeehawwwww! Oh man oh man, can I really believe my eyes? Help, help! Nobody was prepared for that! Not Lee, not Amanda, nor the SMK fans! Whoaaaaaa!

    Iwsod your words and pictures capture the scene wonderfully. How many times have you gone through it to reach that perfection? Out with it! 😉 I think you are dead on: Amanda tries to exclaim something, but she can’t, for obvious reasons…. Teeee heeeeee! Like Cindy Davis, debilyn and RedGold I clearly hear him groan and muttering “Don’t move!” as well. I almost swooned over that when I first watched this episode an my brand new Season One DVDs. Iwsod you are right that Amanda clings on to the window sill as if she was going to drown if she didn’t… But did you ever pay attention to her left hand? That wanders to Lee’s right forearm and grabs it! Oh. My. Gosh. Lee really takes a little extra time for that kiss… Was he getting into it? From the almost shocked expression on his face when he finally lets go I’d say yes! 😀 😀 😀 Woot! If you ask me, he seems to think “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this!” He even needs a split second to jump back into the role of Sandy Newcombe. Amanda looks a little shocked as well, but she seems to recover more quickly. Sooooo funny when she finally lets go off the windowsill as if it had burned her fingers! KJ is amazing!

    The rest is just plain fun. Lee’s smugness, Amanda who admits to enjoy her work “very much” (who wouldn’t???????) and Lee telling the coach he promised her an “in depth interview”… ROFL! I am not sure I exactly understand the expression “She got me rear-ended by a truck.” I guess it means she nailed him down to that interview? Is that it?

    Iwsod I am not sure whether I can really support your theory that Lee might have prearranged the whole scene. I think I need to mull over that a while before I can come up with my own view. But I would like to conclude by saying I nearly rolled on the floor laughing when I read one of your comments to this episode. It was on a thread where SMK fans discussed whether this was Lee’s and Amanda’s first kiss or not… Meaning if this was a real kiss or only a cover kiss. I remember your response perfectly well: “Guys, if this was no real kiss, Lee can give me no kiss any time!!!” I almost collapsed after I had read this. Hilarious!!!!

    Bye for now, Karen.


  18. I’ve always heard Lee say, “Don’t move” in the middle of that kiss. It doesn’t appear in the English or German subtitles, but that’s not very significant to me, since the subtitles aren’t known for their accuracy, especially the German ones!

    I love your pictures of Lee’s puzzled expressions after that kiss, IWSOD!


    • Hi Redgold, thanks for checking those subtitles! I agree.. the subtitles aren’t always accurate. I was thinking though if one of the languages subtitled the line then it is more likely to be there – ie it is easier to leave out a line of dialogue than to make a line up.. It’s because I’m frutrated that I can’t hear it! oh well.. for me they are making lots of noise kissing.. nevermind- there is an upside to my not hearing it 🙂 haaaaa..


      • I think it’s so strange that some people can hear this and others can’t–could there possibly be a difference in the audio tracks of DVDs? The first time I watched this scene, I actually laughed out loud at his line because Amanda is the only person he’d have to say, “Don’t move” to in these circumstances!


    • Melissa Robertson

      Yeah I heard him say, “Don’t move too.” But, I was watching it on my laptop with ear plugs in 🙂


  19. Now I will have to rewatch it for her trying to ask “what are you doing?” It makes sense for where they were in their relationship (darn — I was hoping for the moaning 🙂 ). Poor Lee, I bet that is the the hardest he’s ever had to work for a kiss.


    • Hey.. Could anyone with the german subtitles double check if that kiss dialogue is listed in the german subtitles?

      I find it frustrating..(while highly enjoyable replaying the scene to do ‘research’ 😉 )but I can’t make out that either of them are saying anything.. other than mumbling from Amanda and moaning from Lee..

      I lent my Australian release of season 1 to a friend ( which has french subtitles ) so I can’t check it 😦 anyone else have the official season 1 dvds with french subtitles?? or heck.. even french dubbing? ( Ne Bouge pas! 🙂 ) haaaaaaaa…

      Hey, remember this scene in the ACM Kid?? Lee’s line kinda sounds familiar 😉
      Lee: Yeah. Hold tight while I work on the knot.
      Amanda: Don’t bite me. Don’t bite me.
      Lee: Just hold still.
      Amanda: All right.

      I just wish I could hear it but it just plain eludes me! I mean I can hear Amanda is trying to say something but I thought Lee was suppressing it 🙂


  20. Ah yes the cheerleader scene — but it paves the way for one of the funniest Amanda lines in the series. (Gets me howling every time!)


  21. I hear him say “Don’t move” as well. I’ve always had the impression that she was trying to ask “what are you doing?” He definitely looks shell-shocked by the impact of the kiss. I’ve always felt he gave indications from early-on that he was finding himself more interested in her than he wanted to be.


  22. Hmm, never noticed the groaning or any words to not move — will definitely have to rewind that scene a few times!!

    Yeah Cindy, I love the over-the-top baddies in S1! They change in S2 and on, and I really miss it.

    This episode has a few of those great SMK lines … you mentioned Billy’s one, Iwsod, about Lee “having a ball”. Somewhere he also throws in a comment about “and break training?!” Wish I could remember the context, had to do with Amanda wondering why Bela or Lee couldn’t leave camp, but it does poke a little fun at America’s obsession with football. (And yes, here we are leading up to Superbowl Sunday on Feb 5th. Sunday night church youth group is canceled, we will be selling ‘Superbowl Subs’ after service, everyone’s planning their Superbowl parties, and a couple of my work colleagues have signed up for Monday off in anticipation of over-celebrating. eyeroll! Guess it must be just as crazy though if not more so for non-US football-soccer.)

    Another good line when coach is protesting having to harm Bela. He can’t do it. “He’s my only placekicker!”

    And yet another good SMK line when the football player sees Amanda and says “a new tight end”. Well, ‘tight end’ is a football position, but I doubt it’s coincidence that he said ‘tight end’ rather than ‘line backer’ or, heaven forbid, ‘wide receiver’! My daughter who was born in the 80’s rather than watching SMK and dating in the 80’s thinks this line (and the whole scene) is downright Neanderthal! And don’t get her started about the cheerleader scene 🙂

    OK, speaking of SMK lines, does anyone know why Lee tells coach that Amanda the reporter got “rear-ended by a truck”? I posed this over the weekend in a chatroom but no one saw any significance to the line except as an explanation as to why Amanda’s interview was so late. But the line is so random, I can’t help but feel it must have some other significance. I almost wonder if it was an inside joke??

    Loved all the screencaps of the kiss scene, Iwsod! You caught some priceless expressions. I agree that Lee was more affected than Amanda. Amanda’s reaction is mostly surprise at the kiss. Lee of course wasn’t surprised that the kiss happened, since he initiated it, but he was certainly surprised by what happened during the kiss!



  23. Ah yes, the Badly Dressed Bad Guys (here, it has now become one word — badlydressedbadguys) . The concept of BDBG has been helpful in other series from the 80’s (like Remington Steele, but I digress — Hey — Coach Crandle’s fedora reminds me of the fedoras Laura Holt used to wear on RS –OK focus. Sorry -I seem to have an attention span of a gna —OOOOH shiny!). I wonder if BDBG is why Francine is often violating the common sense rules of fashion.
    I know Liechtenstein is pretty small (and my knowledge of geography is pretty abismal), but I also thought it was more like Germany/Austria than one of the former Soviet states.

    The Cover Kiss. Maybe Lee was subconsciously trying to get caught by snooping around before bed check which would necessitate the cover kiss (good thing the messenger wasn’t male– that would be ackward).
    I love the screen shots and analysis you do on the scene. I would like to add that while they are liplocked, I definitely hear him groaning and then telling Amanda “Don’t move” . (As if any straight red blooded female could). No one else has commented on that — I was wondering if you heard it too?


    • LOL! the BGBD sounds like a fashion label! I love it!! SMK likes to go for the opposite too I think – the super refined baddie.. no in between boring baddies for smk!

      Hey.. you think Lee says ‘ Don’t move’? .. hmmm I think this calls for a thorough investigation 😉

      I rewatched the scene a few more times ( a hardship – Not!) and sorry I can’t hear it sorry Cindy.. I just hear lots of groaning! tee heee..

      I checked with the subtitles and that line isn’t listed in the subtitles (not that they are 100% accurate anyway!).. His growling/groaning or whatever does get louder for a second and I wondered if that is when you thought you heard him mumble the impossible request to not move! teee heee.. geee I may need to watch it just a few more times to make sure..

      Anyone else hear Lee saying something in the middle of the kiss?

      thanks for commenting Cindy, great to hear people are still reading after me dropping off for a week- work travels got in the way-ugh! but they are coming to an end now.. yippeeee!! 🙂


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