7/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Well! I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get on the flippin boat!  BTW- Transcription from now on is by HappyCamper- thank you!!
Lee and Amanda arrive at the agency boat.. Theeeee Mati Hari II???
[okay KC I have no idea if I would have noticed that before you said it boo hoo!]
Anyway.. I’ll call it the Mata Hari II…that’s what Billy called it! Whooo Lee in jeans Lee in jeans.. who cares how good a sailor he is..
Lee: Well, what do you think?
[Lee introduces Amanda to the boat! Lee enjoys introducing Amanda to things.. wouldn’t you say?]
FTF.avi_001120954Amanda: Pretty.
[I love how Amanda just throws herself up onto the ship.. no heels..no skirt..she’s perfectly capable of getting on board with no help whatsoever!]
Lee: Yeah.
[Okay, listen to that exchange and ignore the boat.. Lee is asking Amanda what she thinks about his jeans right??]
Amanda: Well, you know, there’s only one way to handle this – can I have my life jacket?
FTF.avi_001122555Lee: Yeah. And what way is that?
Amanda: I’ll have to be the captain and you’ll have to be the crew.
FTF.avi_001125225Haaa Amanda has sensed her superior knowledge and wastes no time in taking the helm- this is rare for Amanda.. what’s going on here?
Love how Amanda immediately starts walking away not waiting for a response from stunned Lee here!
Amanda heads over to the wheel (okay is that the…. helm??!)
Lee, still on the dock, release’s the boat’s ropes, freeing it from the mooring. (any sailing errors from me? probably quite likely!)
Lee: Okay, Captain! Let’s shove off…
FTF.avi_001132699Well.. Lee I am impressed.. you’ve seen the smart play here!!

I love how Amanda immediately puts on a life jacket- so Amanda!!
I think what’s going on here is a result of the previous scene at IFF and Lee’s assumption that Amanda was unqualified to sail the Mata Hari II..
Do share your own thoughts.. but I see Amanda here as teasing Lee about it, and getting a little sweet revenge..it’s all in fun.. but this time it’s Amanda teaching Lee a lesson – don’t underestimate me Lee Stetson!! and don’t you forget it! Smile 

And I think Lee knows it! IMHO Lee knows she’s having a playful dig because of what he said in Billy’s office – and he knows that he kinda has to grin and bear it.. because he deserves a playful dig.. and he owes it to Amanda to let her have a bit of fun with him Winking smile Lee knows his ego is safe with Amanda.. Amanda stands up for herself, but she doesn’t do it at the expense of Lee’s pride.. she just teases him when they don’t have an audience. She’s a smart woman!
…There’s a slip open right next to the Sea Chance. We’ll just sail right over and tie up.
Lee gets on the boat and joins Amanda at the helm. LOL he fiddles with a rope for a moment and then seems to think.. nah can’t be bothered.. haaa…
Lee can be heard to let out a big sigh – like he is relaxed and happy to be sailing – with Amanda! Smile
Lee enjoys the view a moment..
And.. so do I! Winking smile  jeaaans…
He then walks behind Amanda to her right,
FTF.avi_001160994his arm lingering on her back..
yep.. these two can’t help but touch each other – lingering just a little longer than they need to!
Amanda: Want to take her?
Thank you.
Aren’t they so upbeat and polite with each other here??
[Her point made, Amanda is generous with Lee here, maybe repaying a little his accepting her taking the lead Smile ]
FTF.avi_001167934Off Mata Hari II sails, it leaves the dock and off it goes..
well.. did you all see it?? (I think Amanda did!) See what?
FTF.avi_001170603Amanda should have steered the boat until they were away from the dock – Lee hits the left back (port aft?) of the boat because he turns the boat too sharply!!!! lol..

Scccrrrraaaatttch!!! Ouchie! see it below?
Lee! It’s not a corvette!!! It doesn’t corner like it’s on rails!!! 😉 tee hee.. Nothing is made of it, and it’s probably a BB mistake, but it’s pretty funny given the context of Amanda being a better sailor! haaaa
Amanda: OK, I’m going to head into the wind. When the jib starts to luff, just drop it and then drop the mainsail.
FTF.avi_001181281Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I – I know that, Amanda.
No no no Lee you don’t know! Payback isn’t over Winking smile tee hee.. Amanda is in a teasing mood haaaa.. she has Lee shifting the sails as she steers -and she yells out a bunch of orders or instructions to him.. he is all – yeah I know Amanda! haa haaa -ugh!.. but still light-hearted.. haaaa.. this is much better coping from Lee than in utopia now.. he must have learned a thing or two!
Amanda: Don’t get your feet caught in the jib sheet.
(Amanda’s smirking IMHO because she’s having fun Smile she knows it is grating to Lee!)
Lee: Aye!! Aye!!
(to himself):  – Captain King.
Here we go!…
[whoooo so exciting! Amanda is.. turning the boat! whahahaaa]
…Drop her! There you go!…
…We ought to do this more often.
(Slightly sarcastic) Oh, yeah.

You know Amanda is so confident here, I can’t help but think that her comment in Billy’s office about ‘helping’ to sail a 55  ft ketch was an understatement.. she was probably the captain! Winking smile tee hee..
What did you make of Amanda telling Lee she’s in charge?? and Lee’s attitude? do tell!!!
anything interesting in the script for these scenes? I’m too busy to check..
So if anyone is in the mood- please share what you find in the script! thanks everyone and bye for now!


37 responses to “7/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. I had no idea Mata Hari was the name of a spy! It’s also the Indonesian word for sun and literally means the eye of the day. Mati hari, on the other hand are the two words “dead” and “day.” I’m really hoping that was just a mistake by the boat painter!

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  3. It’s kind of cute how Amanda takes over here. Amanda is famous for not following orders but we hardly see her take charge. I think the only other time this happens is at the end of ***********. She does deserve a few digs here and Lee is man enough to take it. I agree with IWSOD. I have always loved how Amanda could stand up for herself without doing it at Lee’s expense. Often on today’s tv it seems the way women assert themselves is by trampling all over their man. It’s like a theme today. I personally don’t find it flattering.

    iwsod edited it out sorry creature cuddler – lets talk about it when we get there.. now I’m going to wipe all knowledge from my mind [staring at Lee in a tux ought to do it!! 🙂 ]


  4. Finally catching up after the holidays! I guess I also didn’t dislike J. Egar’s Ghost as much as everyone else, so I didn’t really comment. I agree with what has been said. Amanda “teased” Lee at times in season 1 (your legs are not bad). But I think she did it at that time because Lee was so full of himself and she wanted to act like she wasn’t impressed by him, even though she was attracted to him. Going into season 2, she really got to know Lee (as opposed to Scarecrow), so she didn’t tease him so much. Now they were friends, but she did not see their relationship going any further. They developed a strong friendship and trust. She even got to meet his uncle. Now the “teasing” in season 3 is flirting. Their relationship has now moved to a new stage. I agree that I like this side of Amanda. We have “not exactly”, her “blackmailing” Lee at the end of the last episode, and now this teasing about the boat. She is most definitely “in the game.”
    Lee has had to be in these situations of being on Amanda’s turf like being the suburban husband in TGTN, but he never seems to handle being out of his comfort zone as well as Amanda handles being out of her comfort zone.


    • Really like this analysis!


    • Yeah! I like this okay I can get on board with this.. I’ll try not to view it as whimpy.. rather its a result of their changing phases in their relationship.

      LAAL sorry if it seemed we or I didn’t like J.Edgar’s Ghost.. and this mean’t you didn’t comment – I’d have loved to hear what you loved about it.. and how you saw some of the scenes people or (just myself) had issues with.. we don’t always have to see eye to eye – and I do like to hear different takes on things.

      I’m not sure if I said it but I found J.Edgar’s ghost okay not a favourite, but not really bad either. A very hot and cold ep to walk through.. but probably a quite alright ep to sit down and not think too much about.. plus I really found this time around I connected with Agnes’ story which helped my enjoyment of the ep.. if you change your mind and share with us your take on JEG – head on over to that ep and like it as much as you want 🙂

      Great to hear from ya!


    • Like your analysis, LAAL. I just finished re-watching a few episodes back from season 1, and one thing that struck me was how different the dynamic is between the two of them. Of course, by the time we get to season three they are best friends, and maybe-but-not-quite-dating, but season 1 Amanda’s teasing of Lee really does have the flavor of wanting to take him down a notch. And maybe, she was a little frustrated because she was entertaining a bit of hero worship for him, while he often displays a criminal unawareness of her as a person. In season 2, we’ve noted many times that there’s less teasing. But they went through a lot of very thoughtful, and some gut-wrenching, experiences. Maybe teasing just seemed out of place. They were focused on deepening their relationship, no longer feeling quite the need to do battle, and teasing just took a back burner. Now, they’re comfortable with each other, and their banter grows out of that comfort. I think it’s a very realistic progression to the relationship. I wonder if it reflects KJ and BB growing more comfortable together over the course of working with each other?

      A couple of other random observations about progression from season 1: I really got the feeling from the season 1 shows that the story could only show one of them at a time; either Amanda doing or thinking something, or Lee doing or thinking something. This isn’t based on any actual observations, more like an overall feeling. The other thing was, that for all his cockiness and dismissiveness, Lee was actually much LESS self-assured back then. He doesn’t have the same quiet confidence he does now. He doesn’t have a healthy enough self-esteem to be the second-best at something, or to show any vulnerability. It actually takes a lot more confidence to be who you are, instead of trying to manage your image all the time.

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      • Well LAAL and HappyCamper have reminded me that in the great big scheme of things – it all fits.. and it fits beautifully! thanks guys.. loving this idea.. and loved your thoughts here Happy Camper!

        Indeed.. Lee is definitely more self assured these days.. such growth! it’s fabulous!!!

        So looking back to earlier eps.. any insights on Amanda come to mind?(I mean other than the teasing thing)


  5. Lee in jeans, indeed! Heavy sigh!! Love the lingering touches. I really like the screen cap of Lee and Amanda when she first gets on and he is standing there with his hands on his hips and just looking up at her. For some reason I thought of Romeo and Juliet when I looked at it and thought that Amanda is definitely the light to Lee’s darkness. I must be in a mood today.

    Lee’s “Aye, aye, captain King” also made me think of Mutiny on the Bounty when Mr. Christian no longer wanted to refer to him as Captain Bligh, but William. Maybe Lee was starting to feel a bit mutinous. There has been some teasing on both sides in this episode. Lee teased Amanda on the way to see Colleen and now she’s teasing him. Like the light-hearted aspect of their relationship and that they see and understand it for what it is.


    • A very poetic and thoughtful mood Valerie! 🙂

      My thought at seeing that image was – Amanda’s top dog now!! 🙂

      Yes good call with the teasing continuing Valerie!
      I think the IFF scene and this scene are a continuation of the teasing that they’ve been carrying on 😉
      Reminds me of ACM Kid.. yes Amanda – danger, excitement.. Innnnnntrigue!! ha haaaaaaaa..
      Lee teases Amanda and it’s too cute..
      And at the end of the ep? Amanda leaves Lee hanging and refuses to say he’s a top agent.. just to get him back – all in good fun of course 🙂 Amanda is not vicious or vengeful.. she’s cheeky! 🙂 I love that about her character.. and I missed that aspect of her a little in season 2 – she seemed to wimp out a bit.. but maybe it’s just me! soooo I’m enjoying seeing feisty cheeky Amanda here (life vest or not! 🙂 )


  6. Like your comment Morley. I think Lee is learning to accept and appreciate there are some things Amanda is just as good at his him. His male ego is much better now at dealing with this and with her good natured teasing.


  7. I wonder if there was some reason SMK couldn’t use the actual name “Mata Hari”? Or is it just the Agency thinking it is being clever by changing one letter no one will suspect they are “spies”. Mata Hari was accused of being a German spy in WWI but it seems that evidence was in short supply. They shot her anyway.

    In the script Lee is reluctant to get the Mata Hari because he apparently gets sea sick. There is no hint of him thinking Amanda is not up to the challenge. I wonder why they made the change to make him look like he under-estimated the range of Amanda’s skills? PS. Amanda then offers him sea sick pills just before they get on the boat. Lee tells her to stop mothering him, he doesn’t need the pills. She responds : “A lot of people get seasick. Even big macho-types can be uncomfortable. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
    Lee : “Who’s ashamed?” end of scene

    I get the feeling BB is not a “boat” enthusiast. He seems at a bit of a loss on the Mata Hari – he can’t even really “act” like he knows what he’s doing. He ain’t no Humphrey Bogart – who did have a boat (the Santana) and sailed it often. When you watch Bogart in films like To Have and Have Not, you can tell he knows his way around a boat. BB just seems out of his depth – pun intended. 😉
    This works in with the script which has Lee not really knowing “the ropes” and Amanda having to give him instructions re what to do. However, the filmed version seems to suggest that Lee is a competent sailor (it’s just that BB can’t act like he is. Oh dear, I hope BB doesn’t read this blog since I have just dissed his acting skills. 😳 ahem, ah, just in case he does read this, you’re good most of the time Big Fella, just not on boats. 😉 )
    In the script the scene is L&A arriving at the berth near the Sea Chance, with Lee looking a bit green around the gills and asking Amanda if he might have one of those sea sick pills. She says it’s a bit late for that (now that the sailing part is nearly over). He jumps onto dock at the earliest opportunity and takes some deep breaths to stave off the urge to throw up.

    Lovin’ the jeans and the 1980’s style rugby shirt. (Did Americans just discover rugby fashion in the 80’s?) That is sufficient to take my mind off the fact that BB seems out of sorts on the boat.

    But, as always, I have a gripe – just when Amanda is looking lovely and relaxed in nice shirt, jeans and sneakers, they put her in that big bulky life jacket. Whose freakin’ idea was that?!!! Boo Hisssss!!! 😡 Whoever it was made that decision needs to be quietly taken outside and given and given a severe beating.
    For me (and, to be fair, I am pretty shallow about SMK wardrobe choices) the life jacket spoils Amanda’s naturally stylish look, and even worse it means that Lee’s “touching” becomes a totally non-sensory thing for Amanda – unless of course she can just sense when he is touching her
    Someone else out there in JWWM-land will have to make this right for me. I know Amanda is a very sensible, careful, safety conscious person, and it is the right thing to do to put on a life jacket any time you’re on a relatively small craft but c’mon… BB’s not wearing one!

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    • I also really like the rugby jersey look. These days, they look like they’re spray-painted on. I prefer this looser style, and the colours look great on Lee.
      The jeans\blouse look suits Amanda more than the endless frumpy jumpers and white heels. Even the windswept hair looks better than the usual overstyled look.
      To add to kiwismh’s life jacket gripe, it was BB and Lee that needed the life jacket more than Amanda did!! I like that natural grace and athleticism that Amanda shows. Wasn’t KJ into tennis? Was she an athlete? Maybe her autobiography will tell us…
      I love seeing these moments where Amanda is more competent at a work-related activity than Lee – and here he copes with it very well for a naturally competitive (and – dare I say – arrogant) person.

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    • I don’t think we can really throw stones at the wardrobe people here: Wearing a lifejacket is a totally Amanda thing to do… if she hadn’t worn one it would have been completely out of character. I actually think that wardrobe did a good job of getting her a half-way decent looking lifejacket–I remember the ones we had back in the 80s… awful looking things… chunky and not much different to the cruise ship styles now. Ugh. (But, yes, safety takes a front seat over fashion.)

      However… had she been wearing one of those styles of lifejacket, she would havephysically felt Lee’s hand as he scooched behind her–the unconscious caress–since the backs of those chunky jobbies were open. (Styled more like a horse’s plow harness than a jacket or vest! :p ) BUT those two have such a strong unconscious connection that i think she would have sensed his touch anyway, despite the jacket… just not physically felt it (though probably felt her own reaction to the knowledge of it).

      Just my two pre-coffee cents worth…

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      • i agree with you KC re the life jacket.. I thought it was a great touch – very in character.. and I’ve noted in the next post that Lee doesn’t have one on – again a great touch!

        Looks like Amanda brought her own life jacket with her to go sailing.

        Whooo yes surely she must have at least had an awareness of how close Lee was – life vest or no!

        Did anyone read my comment in post 6 about how maybe Lee isn’t that great a sailor? With what Kiwismh just shared of the script, this kind of explains this vibe a little..

        It’s really not portrayed in the episode – which Leaves the reasons for Lee’s unease a little unexplained.. but then.. we are great at filling in the gaps on unexplained things ourselves aren’t we 🙂


        • mmh, while his muttering and “yeah, yeah.. I know” could and probably will mostly be interpreted as him being still a little grumpy about Billy’s set up and Amanda proving that she really is an ace sailor, imo, the tone of his voice does implicate that he doesn’t really understand what she is saying. And definitely couldn’t give orders on a boat with the correct technical terms. While he might know the ropes of how to get a boat from A to B, he is far from being a pro like Amanda.

          I could imagine they changed their minds on ‘sea-sick Lee’, because it wouldn’t make much sense for Billy to order Lee to use the boat when his agent can barely stand to be on one and gets so sick that he would be pretty much useless. In the office, Lee didn’t seem to mind having to take the boat – or was his behavior there different too script-wise? And doesn’t the tag have Lee tell Amanda he needs to bring the boat back? If he were seasick or a complete failure at sailing, how was he supposed to do that once the job was done, so this factors into the change of script too, I think.


      • Like your comparison of the chunky life jackets as a plow harness! I was reading through and trying to come up with my own description for them, until I came to yours — and thought — she nailed it! I wore those too, and hated them. They felt like a straitjacket. When I grew up and wanted to buy a life jacket for canoeing, I very definitely went with the vest type so I could move. The plow harness ones do have a distinct advantage, though: they will hold your face out of the water. If you are knocked unconscious in the vest type, you might drown. So maybe this was a concession to looks above safety on Amanda’s part. I agree, though, that it was very much in their characters for her to put on the life jacket (right away) and Lee not to wear one.


    • I didn’t even notice before that it was “Mati Hari” written on the boat instead of “Mata Hari.” Lol! I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be allowed to use the proper name. After all, it’s the name of a historical figure.

      Still not a very subtle name for a spy boat. Maybe they should have named it “Shirley” or something. It doesn’t sound as cool as Mata Hari (or “Mati Hari”), but I don’t think I’d expect spies to have a boat named Shirley.


    • Sea sick? whoa!!! maybe they decided not to have too many Lee being unheroic moments in this ep.. what I mean by that will have to wait 😉

      Thanks so much for sharing these tidbits Kiwismh! It’s funny how they can change the script and leave out bits but you can still almost feel the undercurrents of it in what we got – though it’s not made reference to..
      I’m liking my idea that is not to super confident in his own sailing skills (which fits with him being sea sick in the script) and underestimating Amanda’s.

      Whoo see my comments to KC kiwismh- I think the lifejacket or lack of – is perfectly in character, so I can accept it 🙂

      Oh yeah! me like the rugby shirt too!!! Do americans call them that?? anyone?


      • I thought Lee’s shirt looked like what we call a polo shirt here, but admittedly I’m not the best judge of fashion. I’m not sure what the difference would be between that and a rugby shirt. Polo shirts are men’s shirts made of a knit fabric with a few buttons at the top and a kind of turned-over collar (I’m not even sure what to call that type of collar, but that’s the best description I can think of).


        • Could be a polo shirt, although they are usually short sleeved but can be long-sleeve. Basically they are fashioned after the shirts worn by horseback polo players. The style and colouring of the jersey reminded me of the rugby jerseys worn by players in the 1980’s. Anybody out there know a rugby jersey from a polo shirt?


          • Yes, Lee is wearing a rugby jersey… In my experience, rugby jerseys are long sleeved, striped or solid, with a white collar; polos are short sleeved (usually), solid colour–no stripes, with a collar that matches the shirt. I think the rugby jerseys are often a heavier (thicker) knit/jersey fabric, too…
            Just my two cents…


    • Melissa Robertson

      The life jacket maybe a KJ thing just like putting on seat belts was her thing. I remember as a kid KJ getting recognition for doing safety things in the show as a role model to the youth, so as the life jacket is in character for Amanda, I always assumed it had more to do with what KJ wanted.


  8. I love it! And it speaks volumes! I love that he knows that there is only one way to handle it, as he hands her the life jacket. I love that he lets her captain. I love the way his hand lingers (and his whole body brushes against her). I love that she hands him the helm, notices his faux pas and makes no comment. I love that she keeps the competition up, good naturedly, and he just goes with it. I love the “aye, aye, Captain King”. I wonder if they did go sailing more often.
    Competition is such a real part of a courtship, isn’t it? But it brings such joy and intrigue. You just want more and more of it because it is about being with that other person and getting to know them better and them knowing you.
    So often we have seen Amanda adjust to places and things that Lee is comfortable in (like M street) but here it appears to be reversed. I see Lee being a bit chuffed, but in no way deterred.

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