8/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Anyway, we do have baddies we have to watch.. remember them?
We find baddies Lanz and Heck down by the marina at a table..
Lanz: We just got a wire from Angola. Pretty Boy’s name is Stetson. He was down there on a temporary visa, attached to the embassy as an – agricultural advisor.
Whoa.. they’ve cracked it! They know who he is – an agricultural advisor! Winking smile
(Whoo Lee is into gardening? !)
They say they have confirmation they are not just dealing with amateurs..
(Yep, Lee’s a professional gardener! He travels the world gardening Winking smile )
The Ambassador arrives and stands behind them. LOL It’s like he is doing just like Lee would tell Amanda – stand behind and don’t look.. whahaaha

The Ambassador doesn’t want to be seen with these men… blah blah blah..  what no random props to make this scene more interesting?? come on.. yawn…
...Lanz:  This is where we lost the trail. (at the marina)
  If they’re gonna surface, it’s gonna be somewhere around here.
[Is it just me or is Lanz quite bizarre with is intonation and mannerisms?!]
FTF.avi_001234668_thumbHeck:  Yeah, and we think there’s a government agent involved. [ah! I guess they know agriculture is a common cover  – well according to Burn Notice FTF.avi_001244277_thumbit is!]
…Lanz: We’ll get Stoller.
[Is it just me or does it sound like Lanz calls him Stroller?? anyone?]
whoa.. this is an ambassador who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty! he wants to get Bart alone and torture the guy! eek!!!

Right on cue, we see the Mata Hari II pulling into dock – right in front of the baddies!! lol! FTF.avi_001272038_thumb1

The baddies are sure it’s their lucky day…
Heck:  Lightening strikes twice, huh?  They’re back.  [Whahahaahah!!!! Just like Amanda’s cardigan!!!]
Lanz:  There’s Pretty Boy now…  [I agree with Lanz, he is a pretty boy indeed!] …And the same lady he was with.
I love that as Lanz says this we see Lee really is being a pretty boy… totally posing!!!

Whooo hooooo just take a moment to soak in all that goodness.. check out Lee posing at the bow … hands on jean clad hips like that? WHOO HAAA!  he looks like a conqueror.. mighty sexy ship hand… A professional gardener?  tee heee.

The Ambassador (Ambassawho?!!) tells the baddies to find Stoller, and be quiet about it..

Back to Lee and Amanda bringing the Mata Hari II into port..

By the way, I notice Lee still doesn’t have a life jacket on.. So Lee!!! SMK does these little touches so well – I put this down to KJ and BB knowing their characters.. and the powers that be being smart enough to listen to them! That said.. wish they hadn’t given Lee all the cheesy lines! Winking smile FTF.avi_001290724
the couple on the Sea Chance notice their arrival.
FTF.avi_001298198I also notice that it is Amanda who is doing the steering here when it’s super important to get it right Winking smile no more bumps Lee! FTF.avi_001300333Winking smile Instead, it’s Lee’s job to throw the ropes to the guy on dock to help secure the boat – what a team!!! Smile

We cut back to Lanz and Heck enjoying a super casual latte while they check out pretty boy Winking smile
Now in dock, Amanda approaches Lee and removes her life jacket.
Amanda:  Hey, Lee?
Lee (off camera):  Hmm?
(we see the couple on Sea Chance are paying super close attention to Lee and Amanda now)
[kinda obvious but then I guess they are amateurs]
Amanda doesn’t respond she sits herself down and lets Lee come to her..
Lee: ..What?
Amanda:  Check out the Sea Chance.
FTF.avi_001314748Amanda responds looking down at her life vest and not at Sea Chance Smile she’s gettin good at this! Smile
Lee:  Yeah, I know…
(Lee sits down next to her)
FTF.avi_001317150hoooo haaaa.. his jeaned thigh touching her knee.. Oh my..
…What do you say we go trolling and see what we can catch?
[Whooo another fishing pun? ahhh Lee after Over the Limit we are well.. Over the Limit!
ah I heard ‘trolling’ this time! when he said this in JEG I wasn’t sure.. thought it was patrolling! lol..]
Amanda:  Sure, what are we gonna use for bait?
FTF.avi_001321454Lee:  You and me…
FTF.avi_001322455[whooo he looks good.. nice close up!]
… Just a couple of fun-loving old salts sailing up the Potomac.
Amanda:  Sounds a little flimsy.
Sounds lame! Winking smile  Interesting that Lee doesn’t go with the usual we’re a couple kind of thing.. no rings.. it all kind of goes unsaid that they’ll be a couple for this cover Smile It’s just so natural now Winking smile Oh and how Amazing does Amanda’s hair look after sailing in the high wind?? she’s caught Lee’s habit of secretly fixing his hair before close ups!
She’s gone from this to this:
Magic Hair..
  We’ll build on it.
[Whooo hooo!! You bet they will build on it!  Smile err oh right sorry.. Lee’s talking about the cover.. right.. of course! Winking smile ]
Lee gives Amanda a look here.. A grin! FTF.avi_001329195
We cut to the wide shot…and they’re both grinning Smile
Amanda gets up…and Lee follows her, giving her a pat on the back.
FTF.avi_001331498[A photo of every time they touch?
Well…. Yeahhhh!!! of course!!! Smile ]
FTF.avi_001331798What a team!
I think this is Lee having fun and challenging Amanda a little – as he sometimes likes to do on the job (come on Amanda it’s happy sailing hour, get sailing happy!) And he is also telling her – I have confidence in you. We can do this Smile I like this about Lee! in moments like this, Lee’s confidence is contagious, he gives Amanda confidence Smile
What do you all think?

Lee and Amanda jump off the boat and walk over to the Sea Chance..
For the moment.. I’ll finish here!
Life’s crazy busy..as I’m sure it is for a lot of you.. I’d like to keep the story moving forward more regularly Smile so I’m going to try doing smaller posts more often..
We’ll see how we all find it.. haaa I might end up doing a little smk a day.. to keep the doctor away! Winking smile Getting back to this part of the episode – Anyone feel like sharing with us what these scenes are like in the script? How did this play out if Lee had sea sickness?! lol.. Can’t wait to hear from ya! byeeee!

16 responses to “8/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oooohh, the scene with the baddies always cracks me up. The Ambassador is so not inconspicuous. Honestly, if I were sitting at a nearby table and watch them, I’d be wondering what kind of nefarious things these people were up to, ROFL.

    Love the Burn Notice reference, iwsod, another one of my fave shows 🙂


  2. I’m so glad I have the chance to play catch up now. I’ve been trying to be a good girl as I had to finish up report cards this past week. I was sort of punishing myself so I could stay focused on finishing grades and then we had computer issues at school. It’s amazing how we can love and hate technology at the same time. In any case, I’ve been missing this blog.

    It’s interesting how far they’ve come in short while regarding these covers. In Sour Grapes they had a well-established cover to get into the Escoffier (sp?), yet Amanda still seemed a bit nervous about as they were going in and was even going over it again as they approached the door. Here she is ready to just go with it and seems more relaxed about it. It could be because it’s a more relaxed setting.

    Lee’s pose on the boat reminds me of those Captain Morgan rum commercials. They even have contests going to see what people can come up with as far as creative poses.

    Not sure if I mentioned this before, I think I did, but I’m reminded of it again because of all the “touching” discussions. I had an educational psychology class way back in college and I remember the professor talking about something he called ’emotional gassing up’. He illustrated the story of a child sucking their thumb while latching onto their parent’s leg and how they would do this for a few minutes and then the child would go back to what they were doing. The professor stated that sometimes we sort of run out of gas emotionally and need to refill our tanks. I wonder sometimes if this is true of Lee. His emotional gas tank had to have been on empty for a long time and Amanda filled that tank for him. And maybe those touches here and there and the handholding are all a part of him refilling his tank.


  3. I do think Lee is challenging Amanda a little here. He does like to do that. But he has confidence in her to come through and confidence in himself to teach her. I think that the way they are here on the boat really makes me feel like Lee is finally starting to think of her like a real partner for the first time. And I mean that in the professional sense, but I think it has huge meaning for Lee’s personal journey.

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  4. I’m thinking the “We’ll build on it” isn’t just about the cover. I think that is where Lee is in his thinking about Amanda and himself. Personally and professionally. “you and Me, we’ll build on it.” And I think he is ready for it. Amanda’s response… “sounds flimsy”. Does she think that whole idea of them building something may be flimsy? As much as a part of her may want it, she still isn’t sure its plausible. I think Lee knows this about Amanda too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • funny Morley (as you can see from my little aside in the post) the thought struck me too – though I joked about it – I could see Lee considering the wider meaning of his words.. (love what you’ve said here about Lee 🙂 ) but for me, when Amanda says it sounds a little flimsy – she’s only thinking of the case (whooo this is like when she said in JEG when you’re talking about love you have to be patient! lol though that’s because I think Amanda was thinking of the case, until Lee gave her that look – and she realised he was thinking of something else and then she was thinking of something else.. and then I was thinking of nothing 🙂 swoony!]

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  5. Trolling and using themselves as bait. Sounds like the same scenario as M street. And yes, they’ve come a long way from coming up with a full scenario for Victoria Grenwich to this. Now they just wing it. And I agree they seem much more comfortable and look much more natural as a couple!

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  6. Lee’s now so confident and comfortable with of his and Amanda’s connection that he feels they can do the “couple” cover without any prep work or pre-rehearsed story. This speaks volumes about how in-tune they are with each other now. The relationship has become so intuitive, so much a part of Lee especially at this point. Amanda I think is still taking careful, well thought out steps towards completely opening herself up to Lee. She’s still a little guarded, but more than willing to explore this new territory.
    For Lee, whether he realises it or not yet, Amanda has become like an extension of his natural self.
    And we finally get to see a back caress sans bulky life jacket! Yay!!! 😀

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  7. Interesting how Lanz and Heck keep calling Lee “pretty boy” but Amanda, who is undeniably a very attractive woman, they just call “that lady”. I should think a couple of red blooded American males could come up with an – ahem – complimentary moniker for an attractive woman.
    I going to go with Lanz and Heck are just wannabes who are jealous of Lee’s looks and the fact that he’s with a classy lady, rather than the other obvious reason, i.e. that they’re gay. Anyway, they would probably be more polite if they were gay, and they’d probably be doing more interesting things with their lives instead of being a couple of putz’s working for a crooked government official. 😀


    • this had me lol’g kiwismh.. the thought came to my mind too.. and then I squashed it 😉 yes, I’ll go with them being jealous.. why does Lee have everything he wants?! he’s a gardener!!! 🙂


    • I take it that Putz and Yutz are just jealous of Pretty Boy. In contrast, I find it amusing that SMK baddies are generally quite polite to Amanda, even as they’re tying her up, drugging her, selling her into slavery or otherwise trying to kill her. These two call her a “lady” even though there are other less courteous, yet still PG terms they could have used.

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    • LOL kiwismh, I keep on reading “prep work” as “pre-nup work” coming right after “couple” — even after I’ve already caught myself!


  8. Phew! Amanda didn’t bump the ship so posing Lee won’t go over board. So much trust 🙂
    If he had to balance because Amanda bumps the ship I can hear him calling Amaaaaaaaanda 🙂

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