12/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee seems to close his eyes here like he is trying to sleep (I though he was first watch?!) He lets out a big breath and mutters to himself: Rats.
FTF.avi_001508541Amanda peeks at Lee
– his eyes now closed..
she reaches out and snuffs out the candle with her wet fingers.
FTF.avi_001511745[how cool is this image! It’s like she holds a flame in her hand!] FTF.avi_001512812Lee realises the candle is out..
FTF.avi_001513346FTF.avi_001514414Lee: Oh, Amanda.
FTF.avi_001515849[Love how he says this.. part exasperation.. part affection!] Amanda is laying down again.. trying to get some sleep..
Amanda: I can’t sleep when the light’s on…
FTF.avi_001518151(Lee quickly lights the candle again – he’s determined! He needs the candle on more than Amanda needs it off?)
FTF.avi_001520653Amanda hears the snap of the lighter and shoots upright and simply states: . …I’m not gonna get any sleep all night.
FTF.avi_001521988[Guess she was hoping, with that information Lee would blow it out.. but nope! seems his fear is that strong! So much for mr considerate now! lol!!]
FTF.avi_001525091Lee leans back and fixes his blankie.. the candle still lit..
Satisfied with himself.. Amanda responds: I’ll blow it out as soon as you go to sleep.
FTF.avi_001527227As much as I don’t buy this fear of the dark, I do enjoy this little battle of wills going on – just because they like each other doesn’t make everything perfect.. and they will have their differences – but they still manage to treat each other like they do like each other.. I guess this is another continuation of the bantering that has been going on between these two most of the episode – this time it’s not for fun though, but in the end- they still care about each other and are okay I guess..
Hmm Lee if you ever want to sleep with Amanda all night you are going to need to get over this – Amanda can’t sleep with the light on!! Winking smile 

Amanda doesn’t baby Lee and his fear of rats – she wants darkness!!! Some may find this unfeeling? but I love it!! It’s late and she needs to sleep and I don’t really buy into this sudden fear of the dark anyway!! Winking smile

The scene ends with Lee’s little look of triumph falling flat once he realises Amanda is right – FTF.avi_001529896she’ll blow it out once he’s asleep..  he still has a wry little smile here as he fixes his blankie – he’s been bested! 🙂
And Amanda’s been so nice about it Smile
Tee hee.. don’t worry Lee.. Amanda will protect you from the rats..
I don’t know why Lee seems to be trying to sleep anyway.. he’s suppose to be watching Sea Chance first?! lol!

Sweet (rat free) dreams Lee and Amanda! I just hope someone is watching Sea Chance! (Maybe the rats are!!  well I guess we know two rats are – Lanz and Heck!) Soooo what do you all think? Anyone love Lee’s fear of rats? byee for now!

13 responses to “12/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I have to say, I’m not a fan of this scene, either. I see Amanda being selfish here, which is generally not her way – even when feisty. While she did “go rogue” in Over The Limit and watch the baddies anyway, it wasn’t done in a selfish way – more to prove a point. So, I can’t define this scene as a cute moment. I tend to file it away as forgettable, cause I don’t think it really fits with what we know of Lee or Amanda’s characters here. I agree this must have been a last minute “couply” thing, but I wish they’d come up with something else. Glad some of you have other thoughts about it, though, so that it can be redeemed. 🙂


  2. As long as we’re thinking about this, I’d also like to point out:

    The room is awfully bright for being lit with a single candle.
    Look at the direction of Lee’s shadow when he’s looking at the candle. The shadow isn’t facing the right direction for the candle to be causing it.

    Nitpickers of the world unite!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I think this scene is cute, but how can they really watch the Sea Chance down inside the boat anyways? And besides it’s not safe to have a lit candle when both are sleeping, so I’m with Amanda blow it out! I would think the boat should have a flashlight on board and he could use that in a way that would make both of them happy.


  4. Yep, my other favorite part, although there’s still one more thing I’m waiting for.

    The argument over the candle is silly, and I think Amanda could be a little more understanding, considering that Lee seems to be very uneasy about being in the dark because of some bad incident in his past. In Amanda’s defense, when I’m really tired, I have no patience with anything, and my hostility toward anyone or anything that prevents me from going to bed increases steadily from midnight on, so I can kind of relate. If it were me, I’d either be trying to find something to block out the light, like putting the blanket over my head, or moving to another room.

    But, this scene is kind of cute because it shows some of Lee and Amanda’s little idiosyncrasies: Lee is actually afraid of the dark (something you wouldn’t really expect from a brave, suave spy) and Amanda is fussy about her sleeping habits. When two people spend as much time together as these two do, things like this are bound to surface. Right now, they’re turning it into kind of a childish game of trying to get their way, but you just know the issue isn’t quite over yet.

    As it stands, Amanda is determined to blow out the candle as soon as Lee’s asleep (provided that she doesn’t fall asleep first herself, considering that Lee is supposed to be on watch anyway), and Lee will relight it as soon as he sees it’s out (unless he does fall sound asleep eventually and sleeps until morning). I was curious how this little battle ended up, and I think the next scene is telling. 😉


  5. This part of the scene rubs me the wrong way a bit. Amanda comes across as a bit whiny here when she tells Lee that she’s not going to get any sleep. Lights on, Amanda gets no sleep. Lights off, Lee gets no sleep because he’s “scared”. So one of them gets no sleep – at least that’s my interpretation. I just want to say, “C’mon, Amanda! Put your big girl panties on!” After all the growth she’s made, this comment of hers seems out of place. I don’t see feisty S1 Amanda saying this to Lee.


    • lol! That is a good point about one of them not being able to sleep, considering that one of them really isn’t supposed to be sleeping right now anyway. Remember the mission? Staying on watch? Maybe they need Billy to call them again. 😀


    • Agree BJo. If you’re really tired, you’ll sleep regardless of a little inconvenience. I like the dark but I wouldn’t let a little candlelight get between me and some shut eye if I was really tired.
      I also agree with others who have said that they don’t really believe Lee is afraid of the dark. It’s not really plausible given his job and all that has gone before in the series. Unfortunate last minute rewrite I think might have left us with a bit of a flub in characterisation.
      However, I think they were looking for something to have L&A banter about in a couple-like manner, much like the “I like to sleep on my left side. I like to sleep on my right side.” swamp banter in UN.


      • hiya!! not much time at the moment.. but just quickly wanted to add that kiwismh – I loved this comment!! spot on!!!

        I think it’s totally random.. and doesn’t fit with Lee’s character.. but I love Lee showing his vulnerability to Amanda so I don’t see it as him making up a story to get his own way either..
        So I hold these two contradictory thoughts in my mind.. and leave it there 🙂 it is what it is.. I’ll just enjoy the essence of the scene and I’ll not pay much mind to the actual scene! Am I making sense?!
        That’s probably why I find Amanda funny in this scene..because I’m looking at it this way – lol!


      • I’m with you, kiwismh. If I’m tired, a little light isn’t going to keep me up. I definitely think they were trying for a little couple-like interaction between these two. There are too many plot craters for it to make logical sense otherwise!


  6. Ha ha ha! Too bad Amanda didn’t bring a sleeping mask. 🙂


  7. I do think is great that they have this battle of the wills. How often in the beginning of a relationship do we bend over backwards to try placate another. We do it all the time. Then later on reality sets in and we think we don’t even know that person. Not Lee and Amanda.
    If any other woman did this to Lee I bet he would cross her name right off in those black books, but not Amanda.
    And Amanda won’t quit, but she won’t get cranky either.
    I don’t really like to think of Amanda as a mother figure when it comes to Lee, but here she is in her kindness and firmness. Not that she is mothering him, but she is using that womanly maternal quality that Lee has not had much exposure too. And I do think he likes it, hence the wry smile. The suave character doesn’t work with her, neither does the little boy shenanigans.


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