13/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning..very early.. and we see that the Cummings are Goings!!! – just like they said they would – soooo suspicious! haaaa..

Amanda is dutifully watching out the port hole.. and notices.. Amanda: Lee!…
FTF.avi_001539372she heads over to Lee to wake him. [Where did that pink sweater come from?! she didn’t carry it with her on the boat?!]
FTF.avi_001541675Rofl looks like Lee is sleeping with the blanket over his face?! [but it’s dark under there Lee! Winking smile ]
FTF.avi_001542475Amanda: …Lee. Come on, wake up, they’re leaving…
Amanda gives Lee a shake and Lee grunts out a ‘huh?’ kinda sound.
FTF.avi_001542876..Lee! Wake up!
Finally Lee wakes up! love how he makes a noise at having to get up- gettin old Lee! Smile
by the way.. take a good look at this image:
Notice anything interesting? Well, firstly we can confirm that Lee did bring a cheese plate to share with Amanda Smile
Secondly, it looks like Amanda never blew the candle out! It’s still lit and all the way to the bottom!!! whahahaahaaa..
That or.. Lee lit it once she went to sleep Winking smile that works both ways haaaa!
I’ve never noticed this before.. too busy watching how Lee sleeps wrapped up like a mummy! Smile

Lee: (grunts) Why didn’t you wake me up?
FTF.avi_001546179[such an ‘I just woke up’ thing to say – as it’s totally illogical! she did wake you up lol!! too cute.. I think it would have been hilarious if Lee had stirred and thought Amanda was a rat- a really really biiiig rat.. but well.. they didn’t ask me..]

Hoooo haaaaaaa good grab there Amanda
.. Amanda grabs Lee by the hips to ‘help him’ get up to look out the window (uh huh!! Winking smile ) …yes I am sure that was very helpful.. Not!
FTF.avi_001548014FTF.avi_001548314whahahahaa! She just doesn’t seem to wanna let go!

Lee makes it to the port hole to see the Cummings really are Goings.. Winking smile [Yes that gag never gets old for me! 😉 ]
FTF.avi_001550183Soo Lee and Amanda hot foot it over to the Sea Chance – hmm this time Lee helps Amanda down from the boat – being a gentleman Smile
FTF.avi_001561928whooo they are holding hands.. I guess this is to maintain their cover for anyone in the marina watching them? lol..
FTF.avi_001569402Oh my.. look what Lee is wearing.. guess they didn’t rush over as fast as I imagined.. Lee took a moment to change his shirt?!! boooo I liked the rugby shirt! And no fair Lee.. Amanda didn’t have a change of clothes!! [Can’t say I’m a fan of this striped shirt.. not sure why.. makes him look a bit chunky? anyone?]

Having made it onto the boat, Lee says: Alright… See what you can find on deck.  Keep an eye out.
FTF.avi_001581681[Keep an eye out? Hilarious! Umm Amanda is too busy snooping to keep an eye out! this is like Lee saying he’s first watch, and then proceeding to go to sleep – they say one thing and then do the opposite! Man the script editor needed a slap!]

Anyway, it’s interestingly how Amanda seems pretty comfortable with lying and sneaking and working for the government now! haaaa.

She gets into searching straight away.. they both search different areas.. Lee checks out below while Amanda looks on Deck- whooo Amanda finds Bart’s vest!
FTF.avi_001616383Lee:  Nobody below.  If Bart was ever here, they’ve moved him.  Amanda!
Amanda:  Yeah?
Lee comes back on deck with a note and a bottle of wine..
Lee:  It’s a gold mine down there.  They’ve got cots, medical supplies, weapons, dried foods, everything….
[sooo suspicious! lol.. none of that sounds suspicious to me! okay weapons yes.. but supplies! dried foods!! whoooo soooo suspicious! 😉 ]
Anyone else think this when they saw Lee kneeling down like that with the wine?
Marry me
…  And look at this. (Lee motions to the note)
Amanda:  Yeah?
[We see a close up on a note Lee is holding.. whoooo what does the handwriting say?
I’m thinking it’s ‘Smooth Sailings’ and then signed.]
Lee:  Senator Rattragn.  He’s holding the hearings on Santarilla.
Amanda:  And a safe harbor pennant,…
and look at this — Bart Stoller was definitely on board.
How did Amanda know it was a safe harbour pennant? When Colleen first showed it to her she didn’t say what it was (but in the script she says its a safe harbour flag).. me thinks this is a case of the script being altered in one place but not in another) – and it’s not Amanda’s sailing knowledge- because the flag doesn’t mean that anyway!- as KC noted in comments when we first saw the flag..

The Cummings live up to their name – they’ve come back! they surprise Lee and Amanda guns drawn..
FTF.avi_001640106…David:  What the hell do you think you’re doing here?
FTF.avi_001641174Lee:  We’re looking for Bart Stoller.
FTF.avi_001659325David:  There better be a search warrant.
[Seems David assumes they are law enforcement, why wouldn’t he assume they are baddies looking for Bart?]
Lee:  Look, pal, we’re US government agents.
FTF.avi_001662529[Pal? whooo ouch! Oh wait.. Lee just said ‘we’!!!!!! Squeeee!!! is this the first time Lee has called Amanda a government agent?! sort of??!!! ]
David:  I already talked to you guys! [that’s funny! no apparently you didn’t!]

Aaanyway.. they deny knowing Bart.. even when Amanda presents them with his jacket..
Lee:  Look, we’re trying to help you.  We’re trying to help Bart… [what a shame Lee couldn’t show them that chummy pic of him and Bart in Angola that the baddies have!]
…Now, he needs protection, professional protection.

FTF.avi_001675875David:  Oh, right.  The government’s going to take care of Bart?  Look, Harcourt’s so dirty he stinks.
FTF.avi_001683350[Did Lee wear this jumper in Magic Bus?! I’m sure Lee wore it better!!! 😉 ]
 Lee: I know you mean well, but you’re way out of your league here.  Harcourt is going to hire some heavy hitters to stop Bart from testifying.
FTF.avi_001688688I don’t think the whole ‘you mean well but you are too incompetent to do this so tell me what you know’ interrogation technique works.. hmm! So surprising! not! Winking smile 

Lee and Amanda leave Sea Chance as ordered to by the Cummings..So what’s Lee and Amanda going to do now to help Bart?

Well for the moment I best finish up here.. hey who knew that Lee likes to sleep wrapped up like a mummy?!! His lady friends must have found that (and sleeping with the light on) a tad strange for an Astronaut/Military Man/Private Investigator!!! whahahahaa.. Can’t wait to hear from ya! If you are reading – do say hi it’s wonderful to hear from ya! byeee for now!!

42 responses to “13/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Have to say the ‘waking up-scene’ makes the previous one look just dumb…so Lee can’t sleep when it’s dark, but apparently pulled the blanket over his entire head??? Why, was the candle too bright? LOL.

    The pics you chose of Amanda helping Lee get up though have me in stitches, bwahaha. The second one looks like Lee has lower back pain and can’t raise himself up…brilliant.

    If I haven’t mentioned this before, this blog and your humor is awesome. It’s a SMK gold mine 🙂


  2. Two things – I like Lee’s S1 hair sooo much better than the way it is in this episode – too much product in it. Thanks for the pic, iwsod, even if it was just to show the buttercup yellow jumper.

    Second, I can’t figure it out, but I wonder if Senator D. RATTRAGN is meant to be something else. Like how people make license plates to say something but you have to figure it out? Like this one – 4GR8KDZ – means 4 great kids. Anyone have any ideas?


  3. What exactly does “Rattragn” spell? From how they say it, I kind of thought they were going for “Rattagan”. Maybe the props people got that pad of memo paper from the Oops Bin at the local stationery store?


  4. Re Amanda’s helping hands … I think Mr. Boxleitner has remarked that KJ took every opportunity to grab his a**.


    • Not sure I can blame her…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well knock me down with a feather!!! the fabulous Kgmohror has stopped by! 🙂

      Welcome Kgmohror!!! so great to hear from you – I hope you are well.. and hoo haaaa.. what an insight!!

      Is there a context to this? I just hope BB was okay with it.. If I’m not okay with a man doing it to a woman, I can’t be okay with a woman doing it to a man!
      I’m guessing this was a running gag between them and BB was fine with it? I hope so!!!


  5. Yep, the fact that the candle is still lit is one of my favorite parts from this episode. 🙂

    I specifically watched for that because I wanted to see which of them finally won the Great Candle Debate. My theory is that Amanda fell asleep in spite of her assertion that it was impossible for her to sleep with the candle lit, and when she woke up and it was time for Lee to sleep (assuming that they continued with their original plans to take turns and keep watch), she couldn’t bring herself to blow it out.

    I did a fic on it where Lee helped Amanda to fall asleep first with some relaxing techniques, which were completely successful even though Amanda didn’t expect them to be. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shades of “Playing Possum”??
      Seriously, it’s a great story. I’ve read it several times and a couple more time in “preparation” for this scene. Post the link at Neds, Jestress.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Relaxing techniques, huh? Tell me, Jestress, are we talking about a PG-rated fic here? 😉


      • Actually, yes. It’s safe for the general public. Lee kind of tries to hypnotize Amanda.

        I actually wrote the story from Lee’s pov, too, where I decided that his old partner taught him relaxation/visualization techniques to get them through their time in the catacombs that he talks about, but I decided that the story sounded much better from Amanda’s pov and never posted it.


        • did you post the link. I remember reading it. I liked it a lot!
          On Petra’s sight she had started a place where fan fics were organized by the episode the went with. That would be such a great tool to use. How deep, nuanced and complete the episodes would be with all of the fruit our collective brains together. Scary maybe?


        • Thanks for clarifying, Jestress. I wasn’t sure if “relaxing techniques” was a euphemism. I hope I didn’t offend you with my cheekiness.


    • Didn’t Lee have a candle burning in his cabin when Amanda snuck in there in “A Class Act”? If so, this is consistent with previous behavior.


  6. Amanda seems much more comfortable touching Lee than she was in UN… and I like the hand holding and the “we are US government agents.”
    Everything is meshing, being comfortable together, on a job together, seeing each other as two halves of one whole team. It is just nice to watch.

    The Cummings seem like your typical do gooders that are suspicious of all types of authority. Kind of like Lee except that he works for the government.


  7. I’m glad there is no “She” on the sweater, so it must be Amandas magical sweater 🙂


  8. And Amanda’s eighties hair often irritates me, but it’s more flattering than Diane’s severe ponytail


  9. Doesn’t surprise me he had a quick change of clothes before leaving the boat – who want to go out dressed in yesterday’s clothes and, worse, the clothes they slept in? Also, a pit stop would have been a necessity before leaving the boat, especially after last night’s wine and cheese. 😉


    • I just hoped they brushed their teeth: cheese + red wine + a night on a boat = need brushed teeth. Maybe that’s why Lee covered his face up?

      Rare very open neck shirt moment for Lee – although I don’t like those stripes. Clearly Lee, unlike most JWWM fans who visit Neds, does iron his clothes 😉


    • I’m not sure where the clothes they’re wearing were supposed to have come from, but I kind of like the idea that Lee might have brought a change of clothes with a pink sweater for Amanda to wear. Picking out clothes for someone is such an intimate thing to do, it would be really sweet if Lee had bought an extra set for Amanda, just so that she would have something to wear if they had to stay longer on the boat. Besides, doesn’t he totally owe her a new pink sweater after Burn Out?

      Liked by 3 people

      • Good call Jestress! yes Lee does owe Amanda a sweater! I’d rather it was this lovely pink one that one of the ugly ones!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Or maybe Lee let her borrow his pink sweater. (Now there’s a new wrinkle.) Actually, it occurs to me that it might be standard Agency practice for agents (and apprentice agents) to keep a change of clothes in a bag in their car trunks, for just such situations.


  10. So, Lee has to have the light on, but covers his face with his blankie? Whatevs…

    Hmmm… good thing Amanda could figure out which end of Lee was which, under his blankie, or reaching to remove said blankie could’ve been… fun… 😉

    Oh, and yeah — way to steady Lee, Amanda! Just hang on tight…


    • I had similar thoughts, KC. Seems like Amanda’s first grab at blanket-covered Lee was a little cavalier. Instead of safely going for one end or the other, which would have been either his head or his feet, she went straight for the middle. Looks like she got either his hip or thigh? Had she misjudged by a few inches, Lee might have had a very different kind of wake-up experience. 😉


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