3/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Still discussing international fugitive (ha!) Joe King with the agent over the radio..
Billy: Well, give us reports for as long as you can, but get out when the roof starts falling in.
Agent’s Voice:
Yes Sir.
The agent finishes his report.

Just a little aside here – I read on IMDB that Lee Maddux- sometimes writer/ story editor on this show is credited for this episode as ‘actor’!..his one and only acting gig Smile I wondered what character he could possibly be.. I did find one picture of him here:
Lee Maddux_thumb[3]
(no theft intended here so just acknowledging source)
..Lee Maddux apparently died in 2014 Sad smile
He would have been about 40 yrs old when this episode was filmed.. so try and keep your eye out for him –  I was wondering if maybe it is Lee Maddux who is the agent’s voice?? hmm.. if we don’t find Lee Maddux (let’s play: “Where’s Lee Maddux?!!”) then I guess this might be the answer!
Anyway.. oops.. back to the ep!
Billy (to Francine): If they think an American killed their Prime Minister, they’re going to want his head on a platter…
(Lee approaches Billy and Francine looking very concerned.. stunned.. upset… and no I don’t think it’s a result of seeing Francine’s earrings Winking smile though that was my reaction! Haaaa!)
…What is it Scarecrow?

Lee: I….I thought the name sounded familiar, right? I checked with the GSA Central Registry…..
…Joe King is Amanda’s ex-husband.
Both Francine and Billy are stunned.
[Hey! they should know by now- Amanda is always involved!! Smile ]
Billy: I’ll be damned.
I want this case, Billy.
[Hooooo haaaa.. Lee’s voice is gravelly with emotion – swoon!]
Lee looks so upset here saying he wants this case – I half expected Billy would refuse him. I mean.. it’s not good to be so emotionally involved!!! Seems evident to me that Lee is extremely emotionally involved..
Billy: You got it.
I’m surprised there was no hesitation or question here of Lee taking the case!
Lee’s reaction to Billy giving him the case seems just as emotionally charged.
Lee seems almost beside himself here..
Maybe it’s a sign of how highly Billy regards Lee as a professional agent. Or.. maybe it’s a sign of how Billy doesn’t fully appreciate just how close Lee and Amanda are now?? (after all he is not all knowing!) and how emotionally involved Lee is here??
What do you think?
Hmm maybe it’s both?!
Francine: Well this is just too bizarre to be made up…
Lee’s grinding his teeth here as Francine remarks (yes BJo ‘cheeky Lee’)
…Amanda’s ex is an international killer.
TWWH.avi_000345478_thumb[1][too funny.. -this is made up! the smk writers dared to make this up! Winking smile maybe this statement of Francine’s is a little wink to the audience – come on this far out ride.. it’s worth it Smile ]
Oh and haaa!!! There you go – actually I can now see why Billy gave Lee the case – can you imagine if Francine was the lead investigator??!!!! gah!!!
 Winking smile
International suspect, Francine.
[well corrected there Billy!]
At least Francine looks chastened here..
(to Lee): No playing favourites on this one Scarecrow….
…If you have to…. use Amanda… to find him……use her.

Oh my.. What a thing to say!!! At least Billy sounds regretful as he says this. Very sad music here.. here is the agency putting business ahead of personal. Or at least.. assuming it..
Looking forward to hearing what you all think of this – but Lee seems to respond to Billy’s suggestion of ‘using Amanda’ here  with a rather blank expression – there’s no outrage IMHO
(like he is shocked Billy would suggest it). Which tells me that at the agency this sort of thing is standard operating procedure..
Would Lee use Amanda to get to Joe?
Why did Lee want the case? everyone?

Lee doesn’t even look at Francine once Billy has left.. he’s absorbed in his own private world here.. and I’m thinking he doesn’t want anyone at the agency to know about it.

We finish this scene with a very intense close up on Lee.
What’s that expression? what’s going on for him?
Lee looks scared IMHO.. but of what?
Well my instinct here as I watch this is that Lee immediately was afraid for Amanda – is she going to be okay? – the agency can chew people up and spit them out. This is really serious and I think Lee wants to protect Amanda here – what better way to do that than being in control of the investigation.
Plus, I think Lee is also concerned for Amanda and her family – and wants to help them. Joe is in trouble – so Amanda needs his help. Lee’s  going to help Amanda no matter what.

Billy’s suggestion here to use Amanda if needed? I think it’s not even an option for Lee, but he can’t admit that to anyone at the agency – this is why Lee doesn’t respond to it. Yep using people is agency behaviour – but this is Amanda.. and Lee would toss out agency rules and priorities before he’d let Amanda down or betray her.
I think Billy cares about Amanda – but this just shows that Lee and Amanda are close in a way that is unique. I think Lee puts Amanda ahead of the agency.. he did when he committed treason to rescue kidnapped Amanda in Saved by the Bells..
Also, in Burn Out – Lee didn’t confide in Amanda what he was up to with his burn out.. and he felt the full force of risking this relationship because of the job/the agency requiring him to hurt those he cares about – in a way, that is using them.. using them to sell a cover..
My own view is that after Burn Out – Lee would never ever use or hurt Amanda like that again for the sake of the job… The agency can go jump!! am I making sense?!

Maybe Lee is also a little scared because things have been so comfortable and great between them lately – something really wonderful and real has been developing between them..  He doesn’t know anything really about Joe does he? maybe Lee too – like me- is wondering where Amanda’s head and heart is where her ex-husband is concerned.. her ex needing her help will certainly bring things to a head.. and cause Lee and Amanda confront some scary subjects- like Amanda’s divorce.. like Amanda’s feelings for Joe.. Just when Lee was beginning to gain confidence in this real relationship that was developing – this is scary stuff for Lee in every possible way.. Has Lee lost his chance with Amanda?? and.. he might be fearful now – but just how is Lee going to deal with all this?? We might be about to learn a lot about Amanda’s first marriage – but I suspect we are also about to learn a lot about Lee too  Smile
So far, I sense Lee is more afraid of how Amanda (and her family) is going to be hurt by all this, than Lee being afraid of losing Amanda. We saw Lee was afraid of this in Murder Between Friends.. (while happy for her and her promotion) -but here? I think his concern for Amanda is overriding his fears about himself being hurt..to me, the questions and little fears are niggling away at him in the background – but they are not at the forefront of his thinking or his priorities right now.
You may not agree.. but that’s okay Smile What do you all think? I hope you guys don’t struggle too much with not jumping ahead for this one – for me.. ignorance is bliss!!! and makes it much easier for me to just stay with where I’m at in the ep!
Oh hey, interesting that Lee did not learn about this from Amanda too huh.. She got a call from Joe that he was in trouble.. and she hasn’t spoken to Lee yet.. Hmm.. interesting.. where is Amanda?! well.. we’ll see!!
whoooo I’m lovin this ep so far!!!
Hope my ignorant (of how this pans out) ramblings are not too irritating.. maybe they will stimulate some discussion?! byee for now!!!

34 responses to “3/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I almost wonder if Lee kept his expression bland on purpose. Like he wanted Billy to think he’d go along with using Amanda and in reality had no intention of it.


  2. So, here I am in 2020….

    This post was about Lee finding out that Joe King is A’s ex. I have LOVED all of your brilliant comments—so insightful. I reeeallllyyyy want to add two thoughts. On top of everything else going on in Lee’s head and heart at this moment, he might also be thinking:

    That he blew it timewise. As love crept into his heart, he could supress it because A wasn’t going anywhere. Taking her for granted without even thinking about it—cause guys do that. “Dang…stupid, stupid, stupid.”

    Guys are competitive and I think inately he would have wondered if he was going to fight for her. With all the ‘what kind of guy is Joe’ and ‘what is Joe and Amanda’s relationship like’, would Lee, could Lee fight for her love or would he bow out like a true gentleman.

    Keeping in mind that guys are really big chickens and most don’t fight for a woman (thus we have old country music), let’s look at how he dealt with the other men in A’s life. No competition with nice, but wimpy Dean, so he just reasons with her. She points out that he is jealous with a few others who might outclass him, when he is acting like a jerk. With Chamberlain, he gets A to assure him that Alan is dull as a stick. These are all with guys that she is not too serious about.

    But…now…will he protect A from or with Joe? Will he protect A from himself?

    Yes, it’s all so heavy to bear that he has to lean on the copy machine. 🙂

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  3. I think this is Lee’s best episode of the series in so many ways. His growth and development lead to a gentleness with Amanda and his demeanor towards Joe is just so…selfless, IMHO. He has matured into such a lovely man who sees this woman who means the world to him and she is concerned for the father of her children and he treats them both with respect and patience and tenderness throughout the whole process of uncovering the truth. Goodness. The looks in his eyes, all throughout this episode, make my heart do giant flip-flops…it’s like he decides here at he beginning to do whatever he can to help with great care, no matter the ramifications or costs to himself. Kudos to BB. ❤

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    • Love what you wrote here!


    • … he treats them both with respect and patience and tenderness throughout the whole process of uncovering the truth. Goodness. The looks in his eyes, all throughout this episode, make my heart do giant flip-flops…it’s like he decides here at he beginning to do whatever he can to help with great care, no matter the ramifications or costs to himself. Kudos to BB. ❤

      Well said! This episode is reminiscent of S2’s “A Relative Situation.” That time, Amanda stood by Lee when his USAF uncle was in trouble. In both cases, Amanda and Lee stepped up to help each other restore a family member, who was being wrongly framed. These episodes where we get to watch their relationship grow deeper and stronger are enormously satisfying!

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  4. Yeah, I’ve wondered if Lee really would be given this case. May be Billy doesn’t know just how much Amanda means to Lee at this point, but he knows when it comes to Amanda, Lee gets emotional. I thought it was weird way back in spiderweb when Lee was the one who was assigned to spy on Amanda and search her house. If I was really afraid Amanda was a double agent that is not who I’d send to prove it. The man once committed treason for her, for god sake. If she had been guilty as sin whose to say Lee wound’t have covered it up. Not saying that he would, but Billy’s boss at the time, forget his name, wouldn’t know that. Not if one was just looking at the basic stuff that has happened between Lee and Amanda and not all the specific details.

    In Spiderweb Lee tips Amanda off that he’s spying on her because she is a suspect. Pretty sure he wasn’t suppose to do that and Billy knows he did that. I find it hard to believe Billy doesn’t even question the judgement of giving Lee another case where he could be emotionally involved because of Amanda. I tell myself it is because of what Billy tells Lee about using Amanda to bring Joe in that Billy gives Lee the case, but I don’t care if Lee nods his head at that, he wasn’t going to do that.


    • I think Billy knows that Lee and Amanda are close, and getting closer, of course he knows the risks of something like this happening, but he also sees the positive changes it’s made in Lee, both as an agent, and as a person up until now. He is emotionally involved? sure, but he is also a better man because of Amanda and his relationship with her.

      I also think that Billy knows that he couldnt keep Lee away from this case if he wanted to LOL, so what better way of keeping Lee complacent than putting him in charge? 😉

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      • Loving your comments Norma! Guessing you meant to say what better way of keeping Lee complacent than putting him in charge? – great point! [edited to add: lol I got it wrong too! thinking you meant to say what better way to keep Lee from being complacent! aie! ]

        I just wrote a big long reply.. and lost it. the screen refreshed for some reason and puff! gone 😦 booooo!!!!

        I don’t have time now to re-write it.. but I was wondering.. I started chatting about the overall journey of Lee and Amanda as characters, not really as a couple.. and I was wondering – would you guys like for me to create a blog post – which is a post for exploring the characters’s journey up to where we are in the walk (mid DMLNT)?
        It won’t be anything flash as I don’t have much time.. but I can whack something together and then we’ll have a place dedicated to discussing overall character development in one place – and maybe you guys might like to share your take on the overall picture in one place?
        Let me know if I should create it. If you guys don’t want it I won’t do it.
        but as the walk is on hold, maybe now is a good time to reflect back on the overall journey so far?? thoughts??

        Bye everyone! Hope you are all well!!!

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        • YES! that would be AWESOME to create a ‘Lee and Amanda relationship journey so far’ blog!!! I would be all over that!

          And yes, I am sorry, I was in a hurry when I wrote that LOL … I meant that I think that Billy knew that he couldnt keep Lee off the case even if he wanted to, I also think that he does value Lee’s professionalism as an agent, but I also think Billy put Lee in charge of the Joe King case so he could still have the control without LOOKING like he had control, does that make sense? Sorry if it doesnt, I dont know how to better explain it LOL.

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  5. Hiya iwsod! Back from vacation and taking a mini-break from school…I think this is one of my favorite SMK scenes of all times because we can clearly see that Lee is very troubled at this development of Amanda’s ex being involved in international intrigue. Up until this point, we’ve never been privy to Amanda’s past with her husband, and as far as we know, neither has Lee. I don’t think Lee has been particularly interested in that part of Amanda’s life until recently, but even then not that much because Joe is not in the picture. Lee didn’t even know that Joe was in Estoccia, I would have thought that if he did know that, then he would have been a bit quicker to make the name connection and less affected then he is showing us.

    This new relationship of Lee and Amanda’s is now potentially threatened. Not because of the entry of Joe, I don’t think, but because Lee’s case is going to hit so close to home for Amanda – literally. Home is her sacrosanct place – it always has been. I think Lee is very worried for his friend that he cares deeply for and needs in his life. I think he is worried about how he’s going to handle this case and how it will affect Amanda, her boys, and her mother. I also think Lee is worried about how this will affect his future relationship with Amanda – will her secret life come out? I don’t think Lee normally would run all these types of questions through his head and worry about a case, but this involves Amanda and he is so emotionally invested with her.

    As far as Billy telling Lee to use Amanda, I think he has to say that – he is the boss, and if Lee is going to handle the case, he needs to act like an agent not a friend. I don’t think Billy is aware of the depth of Lee and Amanda’s attachment at this point. I think if he were, he would have been a little hesitant before agreeing to let Lee handle the case.

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  6. This conversation about Lee’s reaction to the news about Joe King is fascinating and I agree that BB does a fantastic job of conveying Lee’s jumble of emotions in his face, eyes, voice and body language in this scene.

    Here’s some more food for thought. As we’ve seen Lee and Amanda becoming closer and spending more time alone together, I wonder if Lee’s also been doing a little fantasizing about his relationship with her. Intellectually, he knows that she has a life and relationships other than with him, but since she has had to “compartmentalize” him in her life, I wonder he’s not dealt with that fact emotionally yet. Maybe it has been easy for him to just think of Amanda as not having any life other than as it relates to him and the Agency, and his thoughts of them together are thoughts of them together alone. Having been an emotional loner himself all his life, he has no experience with a life full of emotional attachments.

    Perhaps with Joe surfacing, Lee’s suddenly been reminded that Amanda does not live in a vacuum. She has a full life and an emotional past, beyond what any Agency security checks have shown. And, oh yeah, those two children that she has…well they had to have a father—right?–and everything else that implies. I think part of Lee’s reaction is that he suddenly realizes that he knows very little about what Amanda felt, thought and experienced prior to meeting him. It’s also starting to dawn on him that if he and Amanda are going to build a relationship together, he’s going to have to learn to share her emotionally with other people. I don’t think he’s had to learn how to do that yet and it scares him.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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  7. Getting the superficial out the way: I love Francine’s hair from the back. It really suits her. Pity about the front of the hair, and the ear-rings. The ear-rings got the thumbs down from Minijet no 2 (“so ugly!!! Yuck!”).
    Also the makeup artist appears to have abandoned the season two guyliner and instead become overly fond of using rather too much bronzer on BB…

    That aside, I just love BB’s facial expressions here and I adore this scene and all the angst. I don’t care what Billy or Francine say or do – I just watch his face. His expression reminds me of those two true moments we’ve seen before: when Amanda says that he’s not a burn out and forgives him for slapping him, and he just looks how he feels, and when he tells Amanda about Dorothy in the cafe scene in Wizard. But somehow this is even more special because his feelings are so powerful that he projects them through his facial expressions, even though Amanda isn’t in front of him. He feels so much that he can’t mask them from Billy and Francine.

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    • me too Learjet! I thought that Francine’s hair was really lovely!!

      Awh.. I can see why you’d be mesmerised by Lee’s face here in this scene.. lol I guess that’s one good thing about taking pics of a scene – you can work around being mesmerised by Lee and actually notice what others are doing and oh yeah.. umm.. the plot!

      Oh yeah.. Lee has had a couple of really big emotional reveals – more than Amanda!!!


    • Agree, Learjet – I think my favorite scenes in SMK are Lee’s emotional reveals – the real and honest raw feeling. BB does a great job conveying them every time!

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  8. I get the feeling that besides being professionally and personally concerned about this whole scenario and how it is going to impact on Amanda and her family, Lee has been thrown somewhat off centre by the fact that Amanda’s ex-husband is a real presence now, rather than just a “distant” (literally and metaphorically) memory.
    He knows that Amanda’s relationship with her ex-husband is now going to be front and *centre because of this situation, it can’t be ignored, and part of him must be wondering how it will impact on his special friendship with Amanda.
    I think in this scene for Le there is the beginnings of a murmur – “Will I lose someone else I care about?” It’s too early for Lee to know how this will play out, whether Amanda will even be directly involved (as they have no knowledge that Joe has or will have any contact with her), but I think the “murmur” is there. He knows he’s let himself go down the road of caring more deeply and becoming more certain with each passing day about where he and Amanda are headed together, now that certainty has been thrown off kilter.

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    • I loved this comment of yours kiwismh – lol sorry for the delay in my telling you 🙂

      You’ve summed up well Lee’s concerns here! ‘murmur’ is a great way of describing it!!


  9. I see Lee as a multi-layered man. There is a lot down there in him that is really wonderful stuff, but it has been under lock and key and frozen for a very long time ( I think we have all mentioned that before). Of the past few episodes, maybe even beginning in BO and slowly moving forward through Wizard and on until the “not exactly” he was allowing layers to defrost. I think after the “not exactly” he had decided to begin unlocking things little by little. I bet he doesn’t even know everything that is down there deep inside of him. I think he knows that he cares for Amanda more than he has ever cared for anyone. I think he even knows that he may be falling in love with her. I don’t think he had let himself (up to this point) consider the ramifications of all of that. I don’t think Lee had Amanda’s family factored into this personal relationship equation yet except to know that they were an unknown factor and that was causing him to be very slow and cautious about how he proceeded with his feelings and the relationship.

    I do think his primary reaction is to be very concerned with how this case is going to affect Amanda and by taking the case he can control circumstances better. But I think he also knows that this whole scenario is going to rattle some things for him. The fact that he doesn’t close up and run emotionally is huge, I think, and shows how much Amanda has already captured his heart and his life.The emotional quality of his voice and his face (amazingly done BB) makes me think he couldn’t pull back if he wanted to.

    I kind of think Billy recognizes some of what is going on with Lee. He has wanted him to become more awakened emotionally I think and yet here he is seeing it, seeing it challenging his best agent. It almost feels like Billy knows this is going to test these new qualities in Lee. The use of “Scarecrow” makes me thing that Lee is calling to the professional side of Lee while he is watching Lee react to a personal side. How will Lee/Scarecrow operate in this new integrated world he finds himself in? I wonder if Billy is as concerned about Lee as he is about Amanda and the overall international situation?

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    • Like this.


    • Beautiful!! Can I just say this is beautiful??!!!

      Loved your comments here Morley.. I’m seeing all this!!!

      The part of your comment about Billy? I’ll hold off saying more- because I’ve mentioned this whole thing again based on later events.. soooo for now.. I’ll take this on board – and I’ll revisit this for sure! 🙂


    • Morley – like what you say here about Lee now having to acknowledge that Amanda does have a family and that a real future relationship with her will have to include them – he won’t be able to just think about Amanda without also considering all that it entails.

      With regard to Billy, I’m not sure that I see him thinking those things about Lee and emotional testing in this scene. I do see him having an internal discussion with himself after he walks away and starts to think about the case. My first reaction was that Billy would not emotionally test Lee where Amanda is concerned – they are partners and Billy wouldn’t want to mess with that, but then I thought, Amanda is probably the only place Billy could test Lee emotionally, so if Billy feels he needs to do that, then this is the one place he could. It will be interesting to watch Billy in the rest of this episode to see if we can see any clues about his thoughts on Scarecrow/Lee. I haven’t watched it in a long time, so I don’t remember those bits. I’m glad that you brought this up though – I love to explore the side characters – it is like new, uncharted territory!


  10. We are on a brief Winter break right now, so I have some time to truly enjoy all the posts and comments. Iwsod, I love your comments and so agree with what you say. Amanda is definitely Lee’s top priority. I also like that this post is very Lee-centric and we get to focus on some of the magnitude of what this all means for him and how he will handle all of this. BB does such an awesome job of conveying all this inner turmoil that Lee must be going through.

    I remember when first seeing this I didn’t realize just how close Lee was paying attention Billy and Francine. Before the advent of VCRs and DVDs it was difficult to truly appreciate those reactions and responses to hearing Joe’s name. But when you watch Lee from start to finish you see all of that angst and confusion building. He is definitely being pulled out of this comfort zone that they have been in for a while.

    Joe has sort of been a non-issue for Lee and Amanda, almost out of sight, out of mind. They have not had to deal with his actual presence. In FTF we talked about a jolt or catalyst being needed. We see the beginnings of that catalyst at work in this scene. I’m sure that discussion is going to come up again as we go through this episode.

    When I got out the DVD for this episode to review this scene I noticed that this episode is exactly half way through this season. It’s sort of a before Joe and after Joe kind of situation.

    So much for that whole innocent until proven guilty as far as Francine is concerned. So glad that Billy corrected her. One of the other things I noticed is how Billy calls Lee, Scarecrow. Considering all the growth and change that we’ve seen in him and Amanda both it’s weird to hear him referred to as such. But Billy has yet to see all of that change and he also has to keep Lee focused on the task at hand. Even as he says use Amanda Billy doesn’t look happy about it and keeps that look even as he walks away. Billy has to be the voice of reason and make sure the job gets done, whether he likes it or not and whether he agrees with it or not.

    Regarding Lee Maddux, he and David G.B. Brown both passed away on the same day back in September. BB posted something on Facebook about them and their connections to SMK. He credited them with contributing to the success of SMK and said that they were part of giving Lee and Amanda their stories and voices. His bio states that he was born in France and I was checking the earlier scenes to see if he was possibly in one of those. No sighting so far.

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  11. I do agree with you, Iwsod. I think Lee is primarily afraid for Amanda. I also agree that he would not “use her” in the negative sense that the expression implies. I also think he is afraid of the unknown and personal nature of the case itself, a feeling of grave personal responsibiity along with the professional responsibility. Sorta like a brain surgeon who works on people all the time, no problem, but then is faced with having to work on a loved one. Does he do it because he knows he is the best, or does he turn it over to someone else because of the personal connection? For what it’s worth, I think Billy wanted the best surgeon on this one because he cares very much about Amanda too. The warning to Lee was a caution to stay professional…. Although to say to “use her” is a bit unnerving to me and maybe a bit over the top. “No playing favorites” – fine. “Use her” – not so fine!

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    • I don’t have a problem with Billy telling Lee to “use her”. They are under the gun to find Joe or the killer of the prime minister before all hell breaks lose and potentially hundreds of thousands of lives are it risk if rioting and civil war breaks out.

      I have always loved Francine’s “well this is just too bizarre to be made up.” Yes, indeed. I remember looking forward to the rest of the episode with anticipation and dread — the episodes with an ex suddenly showing up usually don’t bode well for the fledgling couple. 🙂

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      • I agree with you about Billy, Cindy, and it’s possible that he doesn’t mean it in as cruel a sense as it sounds, kind of like when he was talking about the possibility of “terminating” her back in Remembrance of Things Past. He might just be reminding Lee that this is a serious situation and that they’ve got to get to Joe as quickly as possible, so as much as Lee might like to spare Amanda’s feelings on this, they need whatever Amanda knows and whatever influence she might have with her ex-husband to figure out where he is and what he’s doing, however difficult it might be for Amanda to help them. Billy could just be reminding Lee that Amanda is a resource of information, the best they really have right now because she knows him so personally. Also, Billy might be guessing that Joe might try to meet with Amanda at some point and that Amanda might try to meet with him alone if she can so she can figure things out for herself, but Joe might be a dangerous killer (for all Billy and the others know), so Lee should keep an eye on her just in case. He might have to spy on her like he did in Spiderweb, but it would still be for her own good. If Joe really is dangerous, they need to bring him in fast, and it would be as much for Amanda’s protection as anyone else’s.


        • rofl.. yes good call Jestress with that ‘terminating’ Amanda comment haaa!

          I think how you take billy’s comment here depends how you understand his ‘use her’ remark.

          I don’t see Billy as evil or betraying Amanda here. It just struck me that by saying use her -billy was saying put the agency first.. or the case first.. and Amanda will understand, this is all part of working at the agency, and it’s the normal way they operate – but for me, I now think that Lee and Amanda’s relationship is beyond that – Lee would not put the case or agency before Amanda- he would put her first. Agency second..
          and for me, Burn out is where I think Lee realised how awful it was what he had done to Amanda and how he never wanted to ‘use’ her or mistreat her ever again – not even for a flippin case.
          for me ‘use her’ means look after Amanda but put the case first.
          Lee puts Amanda first. and is completely unsurprised to hear Billy suggest he needs to use Amanda – this is normal thinking at the agency and highlights how different Lee is from typical agency thinking now – especially when it comes to Amanda.

          Am I making sense? Maybe upcoming scenes with Billy in it may tell us more here.. Hmm we’ll see but anyway – it’s fascinating to hear your take on things Jestress..
          Yes Joe may be dangerous – who knows.. and this case is serious – there is no denying this – the look on Lee’s face told us this also huh!
          A very interesting question this – would Lee spy on Amanda now like he did in Spiderweb? Even if it had been back then for her own good?

          My view is he would not – he would go straight to Amanda now and just talk to her 🙂

          what does everyone else think?? If ordered to by Billy – would Lee now sneak into Amanda’s home and search it without telling her now???

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          • Remember Lee’s reaction to Amanda spying on him in Weasel? “You were spying on me, Amanda. On me!” I think you guys are right. There is a different code now between Amanda and Lee.


    • I think for Billy it makes sense to have Lee assigned to this case. The closest person to Joe King in DC is Amanda. Lee knows Amanda better than anyone in the Agency. I guess Billy is thinking Lee is much better equipped than any other agent to “use” his personal and professional closeness to Amanda to get to Joe King. (Provided of course that Amanda even knows that Joe is back and a wanted man, which of course the Agency doesn’t know yet that Joe has contacted Amanda.)


    • I think that is why Lee wanted the case. Not only to learn more about Amanda’s and Joe’s relationship, but he wanted to be the one to “use” Amanda, and not someone else. He would be much more delicate with her, where maybe someone else might not.

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