20/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on to Lee’s apartment.. (Hmm seems Lee’s apartment is now on the ground floor?! Winking smile )
We find Lee, the zebras and Shamba struggling through is front door.
Lee: Here we go. Alright, would you get the door please?
Got the door, I’ve got the door. But I have something I’ve got to tell you. You leave me there all alone, you know, and after you go all I could do was keep just ordering drinks over and over and over and over until it was—
Lee: How much was the bar bill?
$843 greens.

TWWH.avi_001974674Lee (Whistles):
Well, don’t worry, I’ll get it back for you out of petty cash. I am sorry that everything went to pot for you. Um, why don’t you sit down and relax.
Okay- is it just me or is the presence of bright yellow flowers in Lee’s bachelor pad a new thing?? and rather significant ! Who do we know who pretty much always has bright yellow flowers in her home??!!
Smile I like to think Lee put them there because they remind him of Amanda Smile
Lee motions to Shamba to have a seat on the couch and Lee heads into the kitchen and opens the fridge door.
– Hmm in Over the Limit there wasn’t such a good view of the kitchen. And Leslie came out from the other side.. and in A lovely little affair Lee carried that frozen cake out from the other side too..Hmm..Lee has done some remodelling?! lol maybe he really did move to the ground floor ha! 😉
It’s great to get a good look at Lee’s place here!
Shamba: Well it hardly matter, you know, today was not my day to be of value.
Lee: Well tomorrow will be a better day, right?

Shamba: Haa! Probably not. My periods of useless can go on for weeks.
[what a ridiculous thing for a visiting policeman to say.. not buying it Shamba! but.. your goofy funny!]
Lee pours two glasses of milk.
Lee: Hmm. It’s just jet lag…
Lee is seen getting a pill out of his jacket pocket. He drops it into one of the glasses of milk. Lol I do believe Lee is enjoying this Smile
… Yeah, Whooo! Here…
…Let’s call it a night huh? Drink up,..
Shamba scrutinises the milk, then looks at Lee..
Lee is too funny here!
…that’ll make you feel better.
We see Lee give Shamba a big smile and lift his glass as a toast.
oh man..
A glass of milk has never looked so good..TWWH.avi_002006206
Is that enough pics of Lee here?
Nope, didn’t think so!
Shamba finally takes a drink.

Love how it cuts back to Lee drinking his milk
Well, I just love it when it cuts back to Lee Winking smile
Hilarious!! Love the expressions as Lee drinks up..
man.. that’s good stuff! (it’s made his hand vibrate! whoa!)
Sucker!!! Shamba drinks up..

He likes this American drugged milk!
The scene ends there and cuts straight to Joe looking at his files in his frat room..
Lol at the random Van Gogh sunflowers! [hmm more yellow flowers. only this time a fake of a painting representing yellow flowers.. gosh.. could we make something out of that?!]
and LOL and the nondescript funky music! whoo hoo!!!
Amanda Sounds just the same doesn’t it?

Joe: Yeah.
Joe looks back at Amanda and smiles.. Oh man oh man.. if it wasn’t enough for these two to see each other again – we have them hanging out in his old room – they must be well and truly feeling like time has been turned back here.. Just what will Amanda make of it?! hooray??? or.. nooway???
Amanda (off camera): Yeah.

Joe: Brings back memories.
Memories of what you left behind Joe?? Of what you gave up?? What will Joe make of these memories?
Amanda (off camera): Yeah?

Joe: Oh boy, I sure took the wrong way home this time.
Ahh the title of the episode.. how interesting – What do you all think of this?
Does Joe even have a home anymore? Do you think Amanda should open her home to Joe? As if it is his home?
Amanda: Well, we’ll fix it.
Joe: Yeah?
Amanda: Yeah, don’t worry.
Joe: You saved our lives in the library.
Amanda: James Bond movies.
TWWH.avi_002038638[whooo hoooo! I love it!!! Amanda is quick with this response here.. it’s like she had already thought of an excuse should Joe notice her unexpected competence. Another reference to Amanda’s watching James Bond movies!!!!  Reminds me of how Amanda had those fantasies about secret agents!!!!]
Joe: Oh.
[they share a laugh.. these two seem to truly have no bitterness between them.. I… don’t… know… what to make of it!]

I’m going to stop here. right here! Sooooo everyone a huge fan of milk now?? Mmmm I’m finding it dreamy.. even without the pill it would send me into a swoon!!!!!!
So what are you making of Joe and Amanda so far???!!! Stay tuuuunnnneeeddd!!!!

25 responses to “20/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hmmm…there’s the “we” again when Amanda says “we’ll fix it”. I think it does refer to Lee, that she says it as second nature, and she really knows she is tied to Lee. IMHO, she seems not in romance mode whatsoever here with Joe, and in his old bedroom, no less.

    And I think Joe’s totally fishing when he talks about how she did in the library! He says this right after “we’ll fix it”.

    Iwsod, love all the flower observations and Morley’s research into yellow !!!!

    Lastly…”home” seems particularly an interesting choice of word for Joe to use at this point, in light of Amanda telling Lee in Dooley’s that she wanted to have a “home” earlier. I think Amanda has found hers, but bless Joe, he’s home-less.


  2. Hi Everyone!! Just letting you know that my run of bad luck with computers continues!!!!! My computer is back with the computer doctor.. which means.. I can’t construct anymore posts 😦 I have written the next one, and will be publishing it tomorrow.

    Learjet has uploaded a Francine post which I will publish after post 21.. Thanks so much Learjet!!!

    I also have an Amanda bites (Magic Bus) post that I can publish.. remember those? I loved those!!
    Bjo I miss your writing posts! (but don’t worry I get that now is not the time for you to be writing them)..

    Sooooo sorry everyone that there will be a delay here with the walk through TWWH. But we will at least have fun content to explore while I get my act together 😉 lol..
    I’ll try and keep things going as best I can.. thanks for your understanding!


  3. Okay, so maybe Joe doesn’t know that Lee and Amanda work together. She explains her saving their lives by mentioning James Bond movies. I guess the cover story is that Lee initiated contact with Amanda to try and find Joe. I guess it’s the same cover they’re using with Shamba.

    Well, since this is obviously a new apartment for Lee, the flowers must be a housewarming present from Amanda. That or he hired a professional decorator to spruce the place up.

    My periods of uselessness can go on for weeks.

    ROFL! I can so relate!!! I think this is my favorite Shamba line after the Shamgoba – hahaha!

    Lee has milk in his fridge? Since when? Is he switching from Scotch to making White Russians? No, no, ooo, he’s still having some insomnia? Maybe Amanda is coming over for hot chocolate a lot now 😉 Or maybe Lee knew Shamba would be staying at his place so he bought milk just in case he needed it to disguise a special additive.

    I love how they work the title of the ep in here. I always took the home to be where Joe is from – as in Virginia. I never thought of it as a literal home.

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  4. I’m in a wistful mood so I’d like to think that both the yellow flowers and the milk are because Amanda has been spending more time in Lee’s apartment. Maybe Lee got them for her so she’d feel at home??

    Shamba has such great lines in this episode! My periods of uselessness can go on for weeks! is brilliant.

    Agree with you, Cindy. Amanda get off the bed NOW! At least she still has one foot on the floor. 😉

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  5. Just a comment about the milk..I helped my oldest nephew years ago with a science project about lactose intolerance. During his research he found that there are several areas around the world that don’t drink as much milk once they have been weaned. Part of this was the inability to digest the lactose. Some of the countries in which this was true included many African countries. So now whenever I see this scene I find it odd that they are drinking milk. I’m assuming that the pill Lee used may have left water cloudy in some way and since Shamba may have already consumed mass quantities of beer that an alcoholic beverage would have been out of the question. However, there is a milk ad here that says, “Milk…it does a body good.” I would have to agree with that ad as far as Lee Stetson is concerned.

    I’m wondering if Joe’s statement about taking the wrong way home means that he has been back at some point. He refers to “this time”. I wonder how often, if ever, he visited. Interesting statements that he and Amanda are making. He does refer to it as home, Amanda says “we”, and Joe says, “our lives”. Who is the “we” to whom Amanda is referring? Is she thinking of Lee at this moment? They are very comfortable with one another here and somewhat relaxed. I think this all lends itself a bit more as to there being no animosity between these two and they have accepted what has happened and moved on as far as their marriage ending. Joe seems appreciative and complimentary of Amanda having saved them. Considering my brief time in law school and what I know of some lawyers I’m tending to think that the wording of Amanda’s being stubborn in their divorce papers was truly what she mentioned it as being…legal talk. Lawyers use jargon and legalese to sway opinions.

    Considering it’s a dorm room I don’t think Amanda has too many other options as far as sitting. I’ve been in a dorm room at Georgetown, this looks to be pretty roomy and spacious. The one I was in was very small and pretty confined for two people.

    It’s funny, Joe’s characterization of Shamba with his warning to Lee is so not the Shamba we’ve been seeing. I love the uselessness line!!

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    • I agree Valerie, Amanda and Joe seem very comfortable, not awkward here which lends it self to the feeling that they are okay with the past. Doesn’t mea that there aren’t lingering effects and emotions, both negative and positive, but that they each have in some ways come to terms with it all.

      Yep, remember living in the dorms. Mine at UCSD was like a whitewashed brick prison cell but with a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the ocean. Had a lot of fun at the time 🙂


    • Yes, I think if they do drink any kind of milk it wouldn’t be cows milk, which is notoriously difficult for humans (or any other animal aside from calves) to digest because of the lactose and the milk protein (casein).
      I think the theory about the colour of the milk hiding the fact that Lee had added something to it is probably more correct.
      Maybe it was soy milk! 😉 … or almond milk, or rice milk… 😀


      • Not sure “lactose intolerance” had even been invented yet in the ’80s. Same for peanut allergies, air bags, probiotic yogurt and antibacterial hand sanitizer. How did we all survive??

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      • Ironically, at the reunion BB shared with me that in his mid-forties he became lactose intolerant. (No, no deep conversation … he was just doing a sort of play by play monologue as we went through the buffet line and I was the only one in listening distance! He does love olives 🙂 Sadly, I have not noticed too many olive commercials on TiV or in magazines.) And yes, 2Goldens, I think your comment below is spot on. I don’t think we labeled it back in the 80’s.


  6. The milk drinking seems weird and childish to me – not something Lee would normally drink when he gets home of an evening. But the it occurred to me that alcohol probably isn’t a acceptable in Shamba’s culture, so maybe the milk drink was an appropriate choice for this particular guest.
    Perhaps Amanda is responsible for the yellow flower arrangement in Lee’s apartment. She is probably spending more time there these days. 😉 And may be the picture of flowers in Joe’s room signifies that his and Amanda’s relationship is in the past – not a living, dynamic thing anymore.
    (But then neither is a bunch of fresh dead flowers :-/ … I’m not a fan of dead plants being used as a decorative feature but I seem to remember flower arrangements were very popular in the 80’s and I guess still are.


    • Actually, the milk thing seemed odd to me because I remember a teacher telling me that people in Africa don’t usually drink milk like Americans do. He was a history teacher who had been a high school football coach in his younger days, and he said that he had once coached a couple of exchange students from Africa. At one point, he told them that they needed more calcium in their diet and recommended drinking milk, and they said that they never did that at home. I’m not sure what part of Africa they were from, so I’m not sure if that’s true all over Africa, but that’s what I was thinking of at this scene. Maybe they were playing it up for that sort of “fish-out-of-water” comedy, that something so familiar to Americans would be odd to other people? Shamba does give the milk a funny look when Lee gives it to him.

      Lee’s choice of drink might also have to do with whatever he slipped into Shamba’s drink. It might react badly with alcohol, and Lee doesn’t really want to hurt him. I suppose he could have tried coffee instead, but maybe milk works better for disguising the drug? Or Amanda’s milk habit could be rubbing off on Lee. Reminds me a bit of Archie Goodwin from the Nero Wolfe series. He’s a hard-boiled kind of private detective with an odd sense of humor and a slight milk addiction.


      • I am thinking the milk drinking is supposed to show us a change in Lee because of Amanda. But I also think it was an opaque drink to hide the drug in. Milk is often referred to as a calming drink before sleeping and may have been necessary to help the drug work as well.


  7. OOh! I would love to make something of the yellow flowers!
    So I looked up the psychology of the color yellow, here is what a website said.

    “The Color Yellow
    The color yellow is the color of

    the mind and the intellect

    This color relates to acquired knowledge. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

    Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

    In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.

    Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer.

    Yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

    The color yellow loves a challenge, particularly a mental challenge.

    Within the meaning of colors, yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk. Yellow is the color of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

    Yellow helps with decision making as it relates to clarity of thought and ideas, although it can often be impulsive.”

    So yellow is all about learning new ways of doing things, enthusiasm, clarity of thought…? Hmm. Lee has yellow, living, potted plants in his apartment, and in the boarding house room that Joe has resorted to staying in, and where he comments that he has taken the wrong way home, there is only an impressionistic, 2 dimensional painting of some yellow flowers. Van Goh was a bit of a tortures wandering soul, was he not?

    I get the feeling that while Joe is realizing what his life decision have wrought, Lee may be finding the right way home.
    What is Amanda realizing?

    I love it that Lee is drinking milk. And I love it that Joe noticed that it was Amanda that saved them in the library. Love Amanda’s response. James Bond movies. Makes me think of her comment to Brand about realizing that there really isn’t anyone like that in real life. And here she is attributing her survival skills to those movies, alluding to the reality of that stuff in her life? Maybe it really is there? You never know what happens when you stop trying so hard…


  8. Did BB get a call from the Dairy Board after this episode was shown 😀 ? So wholesome. So different from Season one Lee, even if he’s being sneaky 🙂

    The boarding house room is so much better than any of the university accommodation that I was (un)fortunate enough to stay in – mine tended to be dark, dingy and invaded by Parktown Prawns. And there was certainly no double bed – it was single, thin and other living things may have inhabited its interior.

    The “token” Georgetown flag and caps in the little section of wall are hilarious in the midst of the tasteful middle class 80s bedroom.

    Regarding Amanda and Joe: I’m uncomfortable about the level of comfort between the two of them. She’s sitting on his bed. Noooooo!


    • Some random ramblings:
      Yep, I could go for some nice milk right now. Mmmmmmmmm!
      Nice catch about the yellow flowers. Really brightens up the old bachelor pad. 😉
      Amanda – get off the bed. Ewwwwwww! Not cool.
      And another great Shamba line that I think I will start using immediately. 🙂

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