23/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Next up.. We see the exterior of Lee’s apartment.. seems Lee has moved from the ground floor up to the top floor.
Up in Lee’s apartment..whooo figures!!
and…Ta da!!!! welcome to Lee Stetson’s bedroom!!!!!
But.. this isn’t how I had imagined it.. Umm Joe isn’t suppose to be there.. and.. Umm that dude face down on Lee’s bed isn’t suppose to be there either! Winking smile whahahaha
I digress!
Joe wordlessly approaches Shamba.. only.. Lee taps him on the shoulder,
and motions to take his gun. and use it to intimidate Shamba..
Joe takes the gun looking at Amanda.. Amanda motions silently for Joe to approach Shamba with the gun.
LOL Joe must think he is in an alternate universe! Not only is he holding a gun and about to do an action man thing, Amanda is cheering him on?! lol.. well she’s subdued about it.. but.. well she does encourage him!!
Actually now I think about it, it’s huge that Lee actually gives Joe his gun!! He must be 100% confident Joe is a good guy on the up and up..
Okay Shamba –…
(Lee and Amanda share a quiet look at Joe’s attempt to play tough guy)
… come on! You’ve got 30 seconds to tell me what I want to know… (Joe gives Shamba a good shake)
…Come on!
[Sooooo why is Joe doing the nightmare routine and not Lee? any ideas? I’ll share my ideas in comments.. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! ]
Joe turns to Lee and gives a ‘what now?’ kinda gesture..
Lee: Ah, he’s drugged to the gills. You’re going to have to knock him around a little.
Joe doesn’t knock people around,…
…Mr Stetson.
[well there you go.. if you thought it was possible Joe had been knocking around Amanda.. it has been cleared up here!]
Uh huh. (what’s this a nervous chuckle?)
Seems Amanda just put Lee in his place.. but in what way?? what’s she thinking?? anyone?? everyone?? Again.. I’ll share my ideas in comments.. eventually..Smile
Amanda: Sweetheart,..
[I gotta say, I love that Lee gives her that sideways look of his when she calls Joe ‘sweetheart’ do you think it’s related to Amanda’s comment to Lee? or the use of ‘sweetheart’? Is Lee wondering if in Amanda’s heart Joe is still her sweetheart?]
…why don’t you just shake him real hard.
ROFL Joe doesn’t knock people around.. but shaking real hard? He can do that 😉
Aie! well this is just getting worse and worse for Joe.. having
TWWH.avi_002216716_thumbhis ex wife tell him how to scare the bad guy and be a tough guy?! whwhahaaha..I suspect that could be hard on Joe’s ego – if he is a traditional the man runs the home kinda guy!
Joe: Alright Shamba – come on! Come on!
(Joe gives him a harder shake.. and Shamba turns over to look at him.. Joe reacts with surprise.. –at those drums that we suddenly hear playing?? whahahahaaa. Joe also seems to react with… reverence?! Joe gets down on his knees..)
…Mr Prime Minister.
Shamba: Hello Joe.
We see Lee and Amanda react.
Amanda looks at Lee, Lee’s mind is busy recalculating the situation now he has received this new information.. Does it compute Lee?! He is on the case.. and this is a game changer!
Or heck.. maybe he’s just thinking – oopsie.. I drugged the PM?!
Finally Lee turns to Amanda.. but she’s turned away.
Joe: I can’t believe it…
…I thought you were dead.
(laughs) :The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
[A well educated PM it seems.. his periods of usefulness may go on for days! Shamboga! ]
Oh hooray! The PM lives!!!
Lee’s concentrating hard trying to get his brain around this one. (He ain’t called Scarecrow for nothing 😉  )
Lee looks at Amanda.. who seems to be doing a yippee because now Joe has some hope of clearing his name.. well.. at least everyone will now know he didn’t kill the Prime Minister!
Finally, Lee and Amanda look at each other at the same time.. Amanda’s thrilled at this turn of events.. and Lee is a little bamboozled.. zebra luggage? a PM?
Only.. Umm why didn’t the all knowing Agency know what the Prime Minister of Estoccia he looks like? Hmmm.. Oh I know why.. it’s because Estoccia isn’t a real country, right?! Winking smile 

I said I’d share my ideas on a few things in this post in comments.. but.. I’ll just say that overall I’m struck by how this little shakin Shamba scene (IMHO) shows that there is a part of Amanda’s life (the part involving Mr Stetson Winking smile ) that Joe knows nothing about. Also, we see there is a part of Joe’s life (the part involving African drums.. and the PM!) which Amanda knows nothing about..
I’m comforted by this vibe that I’m getting here – that their lives have well and truly moved apart from each other..
Hoo flippin ray!!!!
(so quit calling him sweetheart already! It bugs me!!)

Okay I better stop here.. a last superficial comment before I go.. It’s official: I loathe this cardigan.. and want it burned!!!  Or did Kiwimsh suggest that already? Umm.. I’m with you Kiwismh! I’m tired of looking at it.. (focus on Lee! focus on Lee! Smile ) ahhhhh… better! Smile 

Sooooo what do you all make of Lee and Amanda here?? do tell!!!! All ideas and opinions very welcome! byeeee!

22 responses to “23/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. LOL I was havin some fun when I walked through this ep – Shamboga! I’d forgotten all about that.. and I love it! 🙂

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  2. “It’s official: I loathe this cardigan.. and want it burned!!! ” What would you call that pattern – lattice?

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  4. Lee’s concentrating hard trying to get his brain around this one. (He ain’t called Scarecrow for nothing 😉 )

    Bwahahahahaha!!! You’re a riot, iwsod!!!

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  5. Yep, playing catch up again :-/ Morley, I really appreciated your 3 possibilities behind the “roughing up” scene and my choice is “all of the above”. I do think that Lee was giving Joe a bit of a test as to whether he is rougher than Amanda portrays. I think Amanda’s response is defending both Joe and the image of Joe that she has been trying to convey to the Agency. However, I also see a good cop/bad cop routine going on here similar to Mongoose, with Lee’s look after Amanda’s comment being akin to “ok, we’re in your territory here with personality sensitivities, so I’ll defer to your expertise in this area, especially since you know Joe better than I do!”

    Oddly, I never felt too wounded for Lee in this scene. I think it is because of Amanda’s use of “Mr. Stetson”, the big clue (to an outsider watching such as Joe is) that Amanda is speaking not as his partner but as someone who has been caught up in a freakish government scheme involving her ex. If Joe has had any time to think about the library scene, this might either further confuse him or else reassure him, but regardless I think Amanda was deliberately playing the part of the ex-wife who still cares about her husband rather than the part of a partner, and her use of “Mr. Stetson” signals that to Lee.

    I appreciated the point earlier about no photo on record. Could it be that the exchange between Leatherneck and Shamba/PM was more than just a gag, but actually some proactive plot hole filler?

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    • Could it be that the exchange between Leatherneck and Shamba/PM was more than just a gag, but actually some proactive plot hole filler?

      Hey Raffie. Hey Everyone!
      Raffie this comment of yours snuck by me – glad I got back here!
      I love this idea of yours! Yes!!!! it makes sense of the weird humour in that scene with Leatherneck!!!!

      This is similar to Jestress’ idea about Francine maybe recognising Shamba/PM – when you find out he is notShamba some of these things start to make sense!

      If I didn’t know better I’d actually say the writers were giving the audience some credit here with these little touches..that we would figure it out.
      LOL.. but then, I guess if we didn’t connect the dots on these things we just found it funny. So win/win 😉
      And well, if the writers were counting on me to figure out the connection I would have let them down – I needed the walk to help me 🙂 haaaaa! 🙂


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I know I’m a little late, but I always felt like Amanda kind of halted before saying Mr. Stetson. Maybe she was catching herself from calling him Lee and decided to play the cover by calling Mr. Stetson.

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  7. Iwsod, I died on your Lee being called Scarecrow comment. It was hilarious.

    Morley, I like what you say about the awkwardness of the names because of the reality of the relationships and also about how they walk into Lee’s bedroom and where they end up. For most of this episode Lee and Amanda have been sort of separated. Most of this separation is due to the circumstances of this case. But here they are next to each other and still not quite on the same page as yet.

    I do agree that Amanda’s comment about Joe not knocking people around is telling. Although I never thought that there was any type of abuse going on in the first place. Even if he had been abusive in some way I can’t see that with all this time that has passed and the strength and courage that Amanda has gained that she would be so in Joe’s corner as she has been throughout this. And even as she sees that the PM is actually alive she is genuinely happy because this vindicates Joe and reiterates why she has supported him all along. According to Lee earlier, Amanda even described Joe as mild-mannered and happy go lucky.

    This is another one of those moments in this episode that I really feel for Lee. And it is so much to his credit that he has not regressed into some of his old bad habits. I think that he is inwardly and a bit outwardly cringing when Amanda calls Joe “sweetheart”, when she speaks up for him and when she calls him Mr. Stetson. But I think that Lee is also realizing that he hasn’t truly said anything or expressed to Amanda what he is feeling or even wanting from her. So he can’t really play a jealous card here. He has to just deal with it all, especially until this case is ended.

    I also think this is hard for Lee, because for so long he has been the main recipient and beneficiary of Amanda’s undying support and defense. He knows just how intense that caring from Amanda can be. Maybe to a certain extent he doesn’t feel as special or unique anymore in regards to that support and questions just what is truly behind that support and defense when it comes to him. In many ways you can still see the connection between Lee and Amanda, but things are a bit off-balance and out of sync at the moment. This has to be wreaking a bit of havoc with Lee’s equilibrium and status quo regarding Amanda and throwing him off kilter.

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    • Great to hear from you Valerie!
      Not many comments for this scene? I had to go back to revisit where we had walked so far to get back into this.. so sorry for the delays.. I really would have rather not done that.. but.. hey life happens and we do the best we can huh!

      oh rofl! you made my day Valerie.. glad confused befuddled scarecrow tickled your funny bone.. he looked too cute with that puzzled look on his face and his mouth hanging open haa I think there is some fun to be had with Memes there!! (anyone want to use any of my images for that? go for it!! the more memes the merrier!!! Go to the Neds meme thread to share them with us.) sometimes when I need a laugh I’ll stop by there and check out random memes.. they get funnier when I’ve forgotten about them!

      Anyway I digress – sorry!

      Yes I agree with you Valerie, I had never thought about Joe being abusive – but the comment of Amanda’s cleared it up if that had been an interesting thought someone was playing with (IMHO).
      Ohhh I see you felt for Lee in that moment too.. wow.. interesting ideas Valerie! I think you are spot on when you say:

      Lee is also realizing that he hasn’t truly said anything or expressed to Amanda what he is feeling or even wanting from her. So he can’t really play a jealous card here. He has to just deal with it all, especially until this case is ended.

      I think this is true of the episode.. though I hadn’t seen that happening in this moment.
      As I said in my comment to Morley, this comment of Amanda’s about how Joe doesn’t knock people around mr Stetson, seemed harsh to me, and till this walk through it never sat right.. I was confused at why Amanda would say something like that to Lee – it seemed like a smack down to me.. Joe is not like you Mr Stetson!!! He’s a good gentle guy!! – I took it to be a judgement on Lee for his comfort with violence, and an idealistic glowing view of Joe on a pedestal who can do no wrong.

      But I’ve changed my mind completely now!!! haaa!!! I don’t see it that way at all!!
      Doing this walk, I’m coming to my own deeper understanding of what is happening throughout (because really up till this walk I hadn’t thought so deeply about it, I just swooned over Lee.. wished Joe gone and moved on to the next episode! eek!).

      I use to see Amanda’s pointed comment as a criticism saying to Lee: Joe is not like youuu!!!! -smackdown!!!
      I now see the comment as Amanda saying to Lee – Joe is not like us – he is a normal person!!!!

      To me this now reminds me of magic bus and Amanda’s comments about normal people living there..that’s how she was once.. but she’s not normal now, she’s familiar with knocking people around 😉 and the sound a gun makes when it is cocked and pointing at you!! and I think the comment now actually says to Lee he and Amanda are together a part of a world that Joe doesn’t have a clue about -so instead of excluding Lee, the comment actually excludes Joe! (squeee 😉 )

      In my new humble opinion (lol! IMNHO!) the ‘Mr Stetson’ use here is to underline how little Joe knows.. because both Lee and Amanda know the reality and that Lee is most definitely not ‘Mr Stetson’ to Amanda.. and hasn’t been since the first time! Am I making sense?

      Which for me explains Lee’s reaction better.. he’s bemused.. but unshaken..

      Anyway, this interpretation made the scene fit better for me, and where the episode is at overall.. hope I’ve made some sense..

      but I also agree with all your comments Valerie about Lee’s equilibrium etc. I think the whole episode does this to Lee.. well.. up to this point.. what happens to Lee beyond this point? I’m going to hold off on 🙂
      Okay I better get stuck into my day here.. bye for now everyone.. I’ll get the next post published and then get on with my day!

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      • I get what you’re saying Iwsod about how Amanda thinks of herself and Lee as an “us” and how far she has come in what she knows and what she is capable of being as part of the Agency. And that she has moved from being normal way more than that. Maybe she is taking Lee’s words to heart or accepting that okay is not good enough for her. I’m still not too sure about Lee’s expression though. I will have to give the scene another look see and see if I can get what you got. Boy, was that sentence convoluted.

        I’m not sure if I ever thought she was sort of reprimanding or putting Lee in his place, but I knew that I wasn’t happy with it or the “Sweetheart” comment. And it’s possible that I projected that onto Lee because of how I must have felt about it.

        I was made to feel more comfortable, however, in the next scene, which you’ve posted so I’ll save my comment about that when I get there. What I do like is what Morley pointed out in regards to how and where they are all standing in this scene. Amanda and Lee are close together for only the second time (I think) in this episode and I guess you could say this is very much a pivotal point here. What Amanda thought about Joe is confirmed in the PM’s non-death and where Lee and Amanda stand is together and where Joe belongs in back in Estoccia. Now they just need to straighten everything else out.


        • Now that I think about it more, I find the tone of voice that Amanda has been she addresses Joe (and even the words) are more those of a mother supporting a comforting a child than a woman encouraging a man. Which would support the theory of Joe not being part of “us” (us being Lee and Amanda, the adults, the agents, the ones in the know). Also makes the “sweetheart” usage more palatable.

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        • soooo how did you go? lol..


  8. So the secret is out! “Shamba” is really the supposedly dead PM! :O

    I think that’s the real reason why he was acting funny (or maybe less funny would be a more accurate term) around Francine. When she started speaking his language, I think he was afraid that she might know enough about his country to recognize him for who he really was. Actually, I’m a little surprised that no one did. I guess that they didn’t really have pictures of him.

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  9. I think this is the scene that clears it all up. Yes, Shamba is the PM, it clears Joe. But, I agree, it shows the reality of where everyone is. The look on Lee’s face when he hands Joe the gun looks like a challenge, almost like it is a man to man challenge. IS there a part of Lee that is thinking, “Lets see how this guy can handle a gun?” If there is an element of that, is Lee ding it as part of the case, checking to see if Joe could actually handle a gun to kill, or is there an element of, Amanda likes the way I use a gun, lets see if you can.I always feel bad for Lee when Amanda corrects Lee about what Joe is capable of and the way she addresses each man. It is awkward when Amanda calls Lee “Mr Stetson” and it stings when she calls Joe “Sweetheart” but part of that awkwardness is because the names are all wrong based on the reality of the relationships. I think Lee and Amanda can sense it. I am not sure what Joe senses. I think he is more connected to what is going on in his recognition with the prime minister.

    I like the way the beginning and the end of this scene is staged. The beginning has the three of them entering Lee’s bedroom. Lee is in the middle between Amanda and Joe but hanging back behind them. At the end Joe is with the PM and Lee and Amanda are standing together in the door way.

    I think the alignment of the true nature of relationships, connections and priorities for each character is coming to light here.

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    • the names are all wrong based on the reality of the relationships.

      Gold!! Love this Morley!! Also love your idea about the beginning and end of the scene – maybe that’s another part of where that vibe that Amanda and Joe are not on the same wavelength anymore comes from too..

      Until this walk through: I’ve always been confused by this scene.. and left with an uneasy feeling about it. I felt bad for Lee when Amanda made that remark about how Joe doesn’t knock people around.. I see Valerie has commented about it too.. hmm I’ll read what Valerie has to say and then I’ll share my own thoughts 🙂


    • I think the only thing Joe senses is that he’s not in Kansas anymore…he’s in Oz with the Scarecrow. Wait, wrong episode…. Seriously, he seems so out of his element here.

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