28/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Post 28 and we are on to the tag? phew!! this is a JWWM record!! Back at the King home and Amanda and Dotty are planting flowers..
The boys and Joe arrive..
Amanda: Well, well, well, how was the game?
Philip: It was fantastic. The Orioles won and it was close.
Dad said it was a moral victory. [Hmm interesting choice of words.. what do you think of this?]
It was rad!
(Joe puts the Orioles hat he was wearing onto Jamie’s head)
Thanks for letting me use your hat.
Dotty: Okay, we’re going to keep up the theme, we’re having hotdogs for dinner.
TWWH.avi_002691791[Ahh like they hadn’t eaten enough crap already!]
Dotty herds the boys into the house..
[what’s she up to here.. she intentionally giving Joe and Amanda alone time?? uh oh..]
Boys: Yeah!
Thank you mother.
(the boys head inside, and we see Dotty pause to look back at Joe and Amanda.)
Oh dear.. Dotty gives them a ‘knowing’ look.. goes to show how little Dotty knows IMHO! Winking smile
do you think she is hoping they’ll get back together here? Or.. it could also just be that she is glad to have Joe visit and for the boys to spend time with him.. What do you think?
I’m leaning toward the show suggesting here that Dotty was mentally making all kinds of plans for when Joe moved back in Smile I think it adds to the question that’s been floating around on and off during this entire episode –and which I don’t see as being answered in the episode yet (though there are hints 🙂 )

Will Joe and Amanda get back together? Is that a possibility? IMHO Dotty seems to think so.. [that blue eye shadow is scaring me!]

Left alone.. Amanda lets out a sigh..
Amanda: Well, you had a good time.
Joe: Yeah, sure did.
How about you and me going for a pizza.
I would love it.
Amanda stops her gardening, rubs her hands together and heads into the house to prepare for going for pizza.. Oh boy.. Hear that sad theme again? Gah! Makes me want to cry, only.. I’m not sad Joe and Amanda split up!! 😉 whahahaaha..
Joe smiles after Amanda..
TWWH.avi_002717017And we quickly cut to Dooley’s… hooray why linger?!
Hey, I’m sure we saw that lady with that handbag earlier.. I remember thinking it looked like a Louis Vuitton.. and then I thought if Dooley’s is mostly full of college kids it might be a knock off.. yes random pointless thoughts.. but it means I remember her!

So we find Joe and Amanda sitting at a table.. phew.. so glad they are not sitting at a booth!
Looks like they’ve been there a while and polished off a jug of beer and a pizza..
We find Joe watching Amanda intently. I wonder what they had talked about during their meal.. (I’m guessing it wasn’t all about the boys)
The sad themed music continues as Joe seems to make a decision here.
He puts his fork down and pushes away his plate..
Joe: Well, I guess I’m just gonna have to face it.
hmm.. What?

Joe: You’re not the woman I married…
(Amanda turns her head.. not quite sure of what’s coming next maybe?? thoughts?)
Joe chuckles: …You’re not even the woman I divorced…
(We switch to a close up of Joe)
… You’ve changed Amanda King.
[Anyone find it fascinating that he chooses in this moment to call her ‘Amanda King’? Rather than just ‘Amanda’? I think it’s very interesting.. I guess he’s thinking of her as his former wife and mother of his children.. but he is beginning to see that there is much more to Amanda than that]
Amanda quietly smiles..
Amanda: Well I’ve just developed some outside interests.

[I love this answer.. hmm I’m guessing we may all hear something different in these words here..
I’ll share my thoughts but don’t feel you need to agree!
I love this answer of Amanda’s because to me, it’s about her whole new life, not about THE man!!! Yes Lee is a part of things.. but he is not THE reason.. so many times in shows they put these changes down to a new man.. the right man.. and Lee is the right man! But.. the changes in Amanda IMHO are because she made choices in her life, took some risks and was brave. She pursued her work at the agency, adjusted to all that involved and has grown as a person in many ways.. she is still Amanda, but she is now a much more well rounded, confident and at peace person. Amanda’s outside interests are partly Lee, but they are really also about her work at the agency, and building a life for herself that is separate to that of wife or mother.. she is now her own person. I love this part of Amanda’s journey!! ]
Joe: Yeah? Whatever they are, they suit you…
(Joe pauses a moment..)
[Interesting.. so Joe is saying here she is a better woman?? the new Amanda suits her.. well admire away pal! Winking smile ]
…You mean you don’t want to go back?
[Whoa.. what a curious question! Vague… it could be about Amanda and Joe.. or about Amanda and her previous life as just a wife and mother.. or both! though I tend to view it as Joe asking – is there any chance of us ever getting back together? ]  what do you think?
Amanda’s gaze is direct and confident here when we cut back to her..
She’s very confident of what she is about to say..
Amanda: No, I want to go forward…
…It’s going to be a great future.
[Going back is not going to happen.. time for a new phase in Joe and Amanda’s relationship.. I think there is no guarantees for Amanda here that things with Lee will work out, but I think having settled things with Joe, Amanda is excited about her career and that part of her life. I also think that Amanda would now like to give it a go with Lee and see what happens, she’s open to it and now seeing it as possible Winking smile
Lee has shown himself to be a thoughtful, dependable, quality guy throughout this episode, he wants what is best for Amanda. His qualities have shone in this episode.. and his growing feelings for Amanda have been on display too no? Amanda IMHO has noticed!! what do you think? ]
We cut to Joe smiling.. and looking unsurprised by her response. [I think he asked knowing what the answer would be.. because there has been such a change in her, but he had to ask the question to know for sure..]
Though okay, maybe a tiny bit regretful..
[Yep, you gotta accept what she’s willing to give here Joe.. and move forward without her]
Joe: How ‘bout some music?
Whoa! We cut to the wide shot, and once again.. like back in his old frat room, they are holding hands again!
Amanda: Great.
Joe gets up to put on some music.. the way Amanda opens her hand and just lets him remove his has a very final vibe to it..
Ironically, her open hand is saying  ahhh closure!! Smile – you’re free.. and I’m free.. we are done with the past.. moving forward separately!!!! Winking smile
Given this little meal is at their old hang out, it is all part of that closure they both need no?

Well.. I’m going to need to pause here for the moment. I don’t want these posts to become too mammoth, and I want to just savour slowly the remaining moments in this episode..

Plenty to talk about in this scene up to this point as it is anyway! The dialogue is very open to interpretation I think.. lots of subtext.. I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think is being said here between them. All views very welcome!
tay tuned.. back to finish up this epic episode soon!!

29 responses to “28/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oooh, Iwsod, yes, I love how you sum up Amanda’s meaning behind “I’ve developed some outside interests.”

    I so wonder what Joe and Amanda’s conversation was before the point we see them at Dooley’s. I get the impression they had been there for awhile, but it seems they do not talk about Lee about the agency, given that Joe says, “Whatever they are,” (implying he doesn’t know what they are still), “they suit you.”

    I also looooove how Amanda says “I want to go forward”. She is at such a wonderfully beautiful and secure place in her life. To me, she expresses no hesitation here to pursue the agency or what a relationship with Lee could look like. And even though I think Joe may seem a little sad the closure, they both seem peaceful about this moment.


  2. Okay … I dont know if this has been touched on, but what do you all think Lee was doing there? Of course it was NO coincidence, do you think he followed them? What do you think was going through his mind when he saw them together (since we really couldnt see the expression on his face … BOO!).


  3. Dotty’s sweater looks like cheap Christmas wrapping paper.

    And that blue eye shadow? Purlease! I think this haircut on Dotty is the least flattering of the series. I might even like it less than the big poofy do in DOA.

    My initial reaction to her “look” back to Amanda and Joe was that she was thinking she’d give them some alone time to catch up and maybe rekindle that old flame. But I don’t want it to mean that, so I’m coming up with my own interpretation.

    I think I said this in a much earlier TWWH comment, but I think that Amanda didn’t come out of her divorce totally blaming Joe and his choice to leave. I think she shouldered part of the blame and has kept things amicable between her and Joe. I think Dotty probably knows all about it and also treats Joe amicably; she is taking Amanda’s lead. So in my mind, I see her look as one of fond remembrance. Remembrance of Amanda as a young woman first dating Joe and first falling in love with him. I think Dotty is remembering the happy times for them and only a little bit of a happy reunion now.

    At least that’s how I’m rolling with it.

    I agree too, iwsod. Her outside interests that she’s developed are not about Lee. He’s enabled them and she is good friends with him, but I think these outside interests have all to do with her personal and professional growth. I think you put it perfectly when you said that it is about her building a life for herself separate from her roles as a mother or a wife. That is perhaps the one way in which I relate to Amanda the most.

    Joe’s line about going back makes me wonder about their divorce/parting. I wonder if they every thought or said to each other that maybe they could try again when Joe returned to the states, whenever that was. And this question is an allusion to that. It sounds pretty Hollywood-ish, but this it TV we’re talking about here. And I love Amanda’s confident, no-hesitation answer. That means no regrets in the future to me. I do think Joe is attracted to this new Amanda King though – in a way in which he would never have been attracted to Amanda West.


  4. The potted flowers look like marigolds or chrysanthemums. Not sure if there is any significance in that. Is it meant to signify Spring? Renewal? New Growth? Blossoming?
    Someone else can analyse that if they want – I’ve started down a track that’s too deep for me. I’m sure Morley can make something of it. 😉

    😎 Iwsod, have the Fashion Police arrest Dotty for multiple misdemeanours – hair, make-up and that tartan nightmare cardigan. And get the haven’t you noticed anything in the last 2 years patrol to get her for that look. :-/

    I think that now that Joe has the time and space to concentrate on it, he wants to get to know Amanda again. He knows she’s changed since he last saw her. Maybe he finds Amanda more interesting now and wants to start again with her, but I think by the time they get up to dance he’s left behind any hope of sliding back into the role of full-time husband and father.
    The “You don’t want to go back?” is an indirect direct way of essentially saying, can we be together again? Amanda’s indirect direct reply “no, I want to go forward” leaves him in no doubt that they can be good friends but not husband and wife again.

    Amanda commenting on her “outside interests” suggests she didn’t have much if anything in the way of “outside interests” when she was with Joe. I guess she was a full-time housewife and mother when they were together – no time for anything else. This might account for why she has few (if any) actual friends. She probably lost touch with those she did have when she was full-time looking after Philip and Jamie. She knows and has good ongoing acquaintances with numerous people, mainly around Philip and Jamie’s schooling and the causes she has been involved with, but no real friends… aside from you know who. 😉 I guess Joe counts as a friend now too.


    • This is for Kiwismh and Morley regarding the yellow flowers. Yes, I had a look see about the colors, etc. Yellow flowers in general symbolize friendship. A bouquet of yellow blooms sends a message of new beginnings and happiness. Yellow marigolds symbolize cruelty, grief, and jealousy. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize a variety of things including sorrow and neglected love. They also symbolize friendship, and are not related to romantic love and is also a way to gently decline amorous advances.

      I guess the re-potting of the flowers is its own little story and hint as to what is going on with Amanda regarding Joe. I don’t think Joe got the hint so he had to be told directly.


      • Thanks for doing that research. During the Victorian age people really understood and used the language of flowers. They could send a pretty specific message to one another with a small nosegay of flowers.
        These look like mums to me (chrysanthemums). And I think they fit in this scene. Maybe the yellow mums at Lees were given to him by Amanda. I could see her building up their friendship a lot before this episode because I think she is still not sure of Lee’s intentions and the strength of his feelings fr her up until that little talk at Dooley’s. I wonder what plants we might see at Lee’s after this episode. It looks like SMK understands the language of flowers as well. I will have to pay attention to that a bit more.


    • Hi Everyone! I’ve been under the weather the last few days.. sorry I haven’t stopped by to comment. Been lovin reading everyone’s thoughts though!

      Kiwismh, you are soooo right… fashion police has gotten a bit slack on the job.. they need to up their game and nab the fashion bad guys 😉
      You are so good at fashion police! I should email you the codes to put in a comment if you want to show your badge 😉 whahahaha.. shall I?
      Anyone else like to join the fashion police and arrest people???!!! The force needs you!! Feel free to email me and I’ll send you the codes to copy and paste into a comment to show your badge! haaaa (my email’s in the sidebar).

      You could even go to town and create one with your handle on it.. send me an email if you are interested..

      Anyway.. I’m thinking Dotty’s were not fashion misdemeanours, they were felonies!!!! 🙂

      Kiwismh I suspect if you ever wanted to write a fashion post you would do a hilarious job on it.. and put your own fabulous spin on things 🙂

      This outside interests idea is fascinating.. and your comments here on this kiwismh got me thinking.. what was Amanda like way back when Joe married her and then divorced her?
      Amanda is such an involved, committed and enthusiastic person.. I find it hard to imagine she would have had zero outside interests.. she would have been volunteering somewhere and doing something.. she was a cub scout leader when we met her.. and she ‘does a lot of things’ – remember what she told Francine?! but..they were ‘normal’ things I guess..
      I think those outside interests didn’t bring Amanda into her full blossom.. does that make sense? Her work at the agency has been so serious and important that she has lost some of her naïve ways, and has developed her assertiveness and determination.. maybe channelled it is a better description??

      Man this could be an Amanda bites post.. Amanda has gone through so much up to this point.. and I love to focus on her for a little bit and enjoy it – first time watching this ep? I was just superficially watching.. not really thinking much other than – oh yeah! Lee and Amanda are made for each other!!! squeeeee!!!! this is a great way to watch!! and if this is you now – go for it and share your squeeees with us!!!
      But walking through now I’m discovering that I’m now enjoying (in addition to the squeeeeees) exploring the characters more and I’m finding Amanda a much more fascinating character and Journey.. I credit KJ with this 🙂

      I will hold off another day before posting the final post – and not torture Morley too much.. haaaaa but if anyone is out there – hey what do you think Amanda’s work at the agency and this whole new secret life has done for Amanda??
      Care to share? byeeeee!!


      • Thank you, Iwsod, for thinking of me and the timing of your posts! That was so kind. Hope you are feeling better.


        • Hey Morley!

          Great to see you back! You’re welcome 🙂
          I haven’t had time to catch up on everyone’s comments properly yet, hoping to get to them over the weekend.. but I’m thinking I can at least publish the first post of the next episode – Fast Food For Thought today, and I’ll get back to Wrong Way Home comments to savour, enjoy and respond properly over the weekend..
          byee! Will respond when I can!


      • I agree that Amanda’s comment about “outside interests” means her work at the Agency. I never saw it as referring to Lee, really, at all. This episode has really highlighted her growing skills and developing instincts, separate from Lee. It’s been more about “Amanda” and “Lee” than about “Amanda and Lee”, if that makes any sense. Although Amanda had outside interests before (and still does have non-agency interests) her job just fits her, like nothing else does. I think she’s found a niche she struggled to find before the day a stranger thrust a package into her hand . . .

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    • Finally back from an amazing time in NYC and have some head space for SMK, yay!
      I like you comments, kiwismh. The use of outside interests is interesting. Yes, I do think Amanda was very focused on her family while she was married. Having a husband in law school and little boys would be enough to keep her very focused on things inside the family. I think you are right, Joe never took the time to get to know Amanda and what made her tick. I think we learn lot about our spouses as we grow older and the family matures, and Joe missed that. He took his grand adventure and he took it alone.

      I agree, I think Joe wanted to try to get to know Amanda again, hence the invite. I am not sure if he really thought there was a chance, but he has seen a difference in her over the course of the past few days. I like watching him noticing her and paying attention to her, even though I think he knows that it is too late, at least he knows it by the end of this conversation. I also like it that there is a mutual respect. They are both going to live by the “if you love something you set it free” creed.

      Ok, so the re potting of the yellow flowers. I looked up the meaning of yellow in an earlier post. It meant something about new beginnings, embracing new things right? But you re pot a plant because it has gotten to big for the old pot and it needs more space. I just like it that Lee had the living potted plant in his apartment, Joe was standing in front of the impressionistic still life of yellow flowers as he made his comment about taking the wrong way home and Amanda is re potting her living yellow flowers. She and Lee have the live ones, hers are being relocated into a new, bigger space. And Joe’s are two dimensional and not realistic even, they are just an impression of the real thing. The real living, three dimension new thing is shared between Lee and Amanda and everyone knows it, well maybe not Dotty.

      Dotty has got to notice something. Maybe she is the kind of person hat pushes her wishes and hopes into a situation. I think she just wants Amanda happy and a man around the house and she will go with whatever situation looks like it might do the trick. I think she figures it out rather quickly though, it’s just not going to be Joe, Dotty.

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  5. I, too am bothered by Dotty’s look to Amanda and Joe. This is the guy that broke your daughter’s heart and you want to see them get back together? Even though she hides so much of her life from her mother, Amanda has to appear happy and more confident to her as well.

    I realized on this walk that Amanda and Joe are kind of crossing paths at this time. Amanda is going from the “boring housewife” to the exciting life of a secret agent. Joe had that exciting traveling and trying to save the world life, but now he seems content to be back home and want the more “boring life.”

    I think Amanda looks as pretty as she has all season here and it may have been done on purpose to make her look confident and “out of reach” for Joe. And Amanda has every right to be confident. This was a case that involved her ex-husband and her children being in danger and she kept calm the whole time. I’m just glad that they killed any notion of the two of them getting back together right then.

    This is also the point in time that this episode needed to happen. Season 1 or early season 2 Amanda may have considered getting back together with Joe. She almost left the agency twice (trying to resign in BAI, and going to work for Jordan securities in MBF). I think after that she is fully committed and season 3 finds Amanda getting some training. It also needed to happen now so that Amanda could get the closure she needed so that her relationship with Lee could move forward without all of the ghosts of their past. Most of Lee’s have been dealt with.

    OH-and it is said that a lawyer should never ask a question he doesn’t already know the answer to. This usually applies to a trial, but maybe Joe did know the answer to the question about going back.

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    • I like this. 🙂

      I had the feeling like Dotty is considering a reconciliation between Joe and Amanda with a Happy-Ever-After like you see in the movies, but life is different, and there is a large part of Amanda’s life that Dotty doesn’t know about. Amanda’s going for a different kind of Happy-Ever-After and has a new leading man in her life. It can be a dangerous, complicated kind of life, but it’s the one Amanda wants and it makes her happy.


    • can I just say exactly! exactly! exactly here LAAL?! you’ve nailed it!! On Dotty (grrr) and the timing of Joe’s return!! 🙂

      rofl.. great point about the lawyer questioning.. spot on again imho!


  6. A few (scattered) thoughts
    – Like Iwsod, I’m bothered by the hotdogs which continue the theme of the day (Haven’t they consumed enough junk at the game? And they seem always be having takeaways at that house!)
    – Dotty’s not-so-subtle leaving Joe and Amanda together irritates me. I suppose she means well, but, if I were Amanda, I’d be annoyed
    – Amanda looks really happy about going for pizza with Joe. Which bugs me. I’m going to persuade myself that she’s just happy that all the dramas of the murder charge have gone away.
    – Amanda looks really beautiful in this scene with Joe. She is glowing.
    – I think Joe was hoping that they had a chance to get back together. The fact that he finds the “new Amanda” attractive and appealing (from his manner, words and facial expressions), shows me that he too has grown because he appreciates the more assertive, competent, independent woman that she has become.
    – To me, the “it’s going to be a great future” which Amanda refers to is primarily relating to her career. I don’t see her thinking about Lee in this scene at all. This is about getting closure in her relationship with Joe and her life before the agency, not about moving forward with Lee
    – That leftover pizza looks like it’s been lying on that table for a good few hours. Many takes to get the scene right??


    • “I’m going to persuade myself that she’s just happy that all the dramas of the murder charge have gone away.”

      Oh, I just thought of something — or maybe someone else already thought of it and I just remembered it. Amanda knows what a murder charge is like, so that may have been a driving factor in the protectiveness and confidence she displays for Joe in this episode. That’s what Lee did for her when she was accused of murder, and she maybe wants to make sure Joe has someone in his corner the same way.


  7. I never disliked Joe either and IMHO the fanfics that paint him as a whiny coward does a disservice to SMK and this episode.


    • I don’t agree with some of Joe’s choices, but I don’t dislike him – I just find him a bit dull (compared to Lee 😉 )


  8. Argh! This is torture!

    I am caching a train at the crack of dawn to chaperone a group of young dancers as they travel to NYC to perform at Times Square this weekend. (My second-eldest is performing Sunday night at Alvin Ailey, if that means anything to anyone… Mother’s bragging rights being employed right there…) I have packing to do and I still need t prepare my younger children’s belongings for a weekend with Grandma. And what would I really rather do? Write a novel about this scene… but it will have to wait until Monday! I don’t know if that is even possible.
    But I have to make this one comment… Did you notice how Amanda was re-potting yellow flowers??? Remember the live yellow flowers in Lee’s apartment and Joe’s comment about taking the wrong way home as he stood in front of the two dimensional impressionist still life of yellow flowers? Now here Amanda is re potting another yellow flowering plant. I love it! And that about sums up my thoughts on this lovely, understated and yet very well filmed and communicated, loving, honoring and freeing scene. On ward and upward, I say!

    Oh, and that hand hold is more like a hand clasp. Not very intimate, just fingers touching..friendly, kind of like making a deal, shake on it kind of thing… to me at least.

    Oh boy. I have to go… don’t let me comment anything else until I have those three bags packed…

    Liked by 1 person

    • The performance at Times Square sounds awesome and I know that you are referring to the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Safe travels to you and good luck to your daughter!!


      • Thanks Valerie… I am going with my sons. Someday maybe my daughter will do this, but for now it is my boys. 2/5 are still dancing. There were years that I was on that stage with three of them…. OK, Enough of that.


    • The repotting of flowers mini-scene has bothered me – it appeared so ‘random’ (as my 10 year old would say!) Thanks, Morley, for giving it further meaning.


    • sorry for the torturous timing Morley! I’ll hold off one more day publishing the final post 🙂
      Then hopefully when you get home you can go to town.. share what you think..

      Yes I think the Yellow flowers seem to be a motif of some kind.. I wondered if it was just simply the Amanda motif.. like the love heart necklace.. we see yellow flowers we think Amanda. well.. at least.. I do!

      Hope you have (are having!) a fab trip!

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  9. Something about that “moral victory” comment struck something in my memory so I looked it up. The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series in 1983 and then went into a steady decline for the next 5 years. They ended the 1986 season in last place so maybe getting a victory of any kind was a moral one.

    This episode surely did keep you guessing as to where everyone, especially Amanda, was in all of this with the sudden reappearance of Joe. Dotty’s quick hustling of the boys away from Joe and Amanda and that look back makes you think that she wants them back together. At first I wasn’t a fan of that reaction when she looks back and seems happy to see the two of them together. But as I’ve thought about it I think that it’s another sign that Dotty doesn’t really know how much Amanda has changed and grown. Amanda keeps so much of that hidden from Dotty because she has to. Therefore Dotty sees Amanda probably in much the same way that Joe did when he first came back. Dotty was pushing Dean, pushing Amanda to get married, and looking to see a man around the house. She feels that that is what will make Amanda happy.

    Iwsod, I agree with you that Amanda saying she has developed some outside interests doesn’t mean that she is just referring to Lee. Yes, he is a part of it, but not the only part. He was instrumental in waking her up from sleepwalking through her life, but she is the one who has made the choice to keep doing what she does and she continues to grow, change, and make progress. I think she would now say that life was more than okay. I think it’s necessary that she sort things out with Joe as far as him understanding where she is and how she is feeling about her life and how he does or doesn’t fit into it.

    I never disliked Joe and don’t agree with some of the fanfics I’ve read that paint him as this bad guy. In this scene he seems very accepting of what Amanda is saying to him. I actually like how he says “Amanda King”. It’s as if he’s saying that the name no longer has the same meaning it did before. She’s an independent woman and not just a mother or even just an ex-wife. And he seems to be genuinely happy for her, as opposed to being upset that he doesn’t really have a chance with her. I think he knew that ship had sailed when they separated and divorced. He has also had some time to process all that he has been seeing in Amanda throughout this case.

    I love the way Amanda leaves her hand open when Joe lets go. She sort of looks at it as if to reaffirm that those feelings are truly well and gone. When she and Lee let go of their hands it’s as if there is something still lingering there because of the way they react to that loss of touch. Not so with Joe, there’s nothing lingering there. And I think she is confident in saying that she wants to move forward. I think she has seen various changes in Lee and his reactions to her and she is ready to see where all of this may lead.

    There’s another part I want to add, but I think I need to wait for the final post. It sort of starts here, but ends there so I’ll wait.

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    • Thanks for clearing up that moral victory Valerie!
      Indeed.. Dotty is at times not very perceptive when it comes to her daughter..
      I’ll put this down to Dotty seeing her everyday – unlike Joe who went off to Africa for a few years and was then struck by the full force of all the changes in Amanda.. Dotty is a frog in a beaker haaaa and can’t see as clearly the small changes that have happened in Amanda over time.. maybe?

      Love your description of how Amanda reacts to Joe removing his hand 🙂 Yes can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the next final part!


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