29/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Joe heads to the dukebox to find a song about his favourite TWWH.avi_002756456_thumb[1]subject.. Yep.. the song titled ‘happiness is a thing called Joe’ – (dig dig.. poor Joe Smile well he is a good guy.. he just umm seems to me to be too selfish.. but.. YMMV.. still I think we’d all agree Lee is the better man!) I didn’t know the song’s title included Joe’s name- I’m not familiar with it..  but I like this genre..
We immediately cut to the bar.. Lee is there!!!! Looks like Lee was talking to Dooley, and he doesn’t have a drink in his hand.. so he isn’t there to have a drink.. why is he there?
Well.. he is there.. and uh oh.. he might see Joe and Amanda and get the wrong idea! and then there will be a season that follows where Lee and Amanda are kept apart thanks to this misunderstanding! Lee will go find a blonde and rub it in Amanda’s heart broken face.. rah rah.. Oh yeah.. no- that’s some other show.. the usual show.. Not this show!!! Smile 

Surrounded by all these happy people, Lee cuts a bit of a lonely figure here.. he’s longing to be with someone me thinks Winking smile
We see Lee walk through the crowd away from the bar.
Then, we cut to Joe and Amanda..starting to dance.
gah!! they are going to dance.. I flippin want to see Lee and Amanda dance!! boooo.. but well if this is a goodbye dance? I can’t complain too much I guess! Smile
What do you make of things here everyone??
Amanda closes her eyes.. and puts her arm on Joe’s shoulder.. even though this is IMHO a goodbye, it’s clear that there is still a kind of love and connection between these two. I guess it’s goodbye to the romance part.. and hello to co-parenting.. whahahaha.. no no hello to being old friends and that’s it! What do you all think?
Well.. we cut back to Lee moving through the crowd.
Lee sees Joe and Amanda dancing.. and stops..for a looong moment..
We are left in suspense a little at what Lee is going to make of this scene.. we can’t see his reaction!! gah!!!! Will he be sad? will he be angry or jealous? will he shut down emotionally? or.. could he be fine with it? ..he stands there watching for a moment and we have noooo idea..
Finally, Joe and Amanda turn enough so that Amanda can aaaaallllmost see Lee over Joe’s shoulder.
Amanda looks thoughtful.. IMHO wishing she was now dancing with Lee Winking smile [Like I wish she was!] Amanda pulls away to look at Joe..
(right when the singers starts singing that ‘Happiness is a thing called Joe!’ how ironic.. )
I think Amanda is finished with the dancing.. and revisiting the past..  how about you?
And Amanda suddenly notices Lee over Joe’s shoulder..
It’s like she can’t believe it.. ( she wished him into existence and there he was!)
She looks directly at Lee and acknowledges him there.
Joe watching Amanda intently, and Amanda having forgotten all about Joe IMHO!
What do you all make of this? well.. of everything?!!

Joe’s face transitions into Lee’s face.. Lee looking at Amanda from across the room..
How about these picture above and below.. interesting frames huh!.. Amanda’s done with her past.. and she’s looking forward – toward Lee!
I think Amanda isn’t sure what Lee will make of how things look.. how about you?
But I like that Joe well and truly fades from view Smile literally and figuratively!
Lee reacts to Amanda’s look with a smile.. Is that a smile of Oh I’m so happy Amanda has her family and a home again? Or, Oh I’m sooo happy that Amanda is saying good bye to Joe.. cos man, that looked like some goodbye dancing going on there!
Amanda smiles back..
And that’s the extent of Lee and Amanda’s interaction in this tag! The frame freezes here.. and this epic episode comes to a close.
Sooo much subtext going on here!! sooo much is left to our own interpretation!!

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I think it’s possible viewers could be left with the impression that Lee is happy because he thinks Amanda and Joe are together again.. and he’ll cry alone later kinda thing.. hey.. it’s possible.. though I’m pretty sure no one is thinking that right now since we all know how this pans out 😉
But then again.. there also doesn’t seem to be any sadness on Lee’s part here.. other than feeling a bit lonely before he saw Amanda there..
I’ve always found this ending to be very ambiguous!!!
How about you?? anyone remember seeing this for the first time??
My first reaction was a very loud: WHAT?????!!!! That’s where it’s ending???!!!! but.. what’s going on?!!!
Tee hee.. I’ve err come to terms with it.. it took years of intensive therapy, but I got there! Winking smile tee hee..

I do think Amanda is showing plenty of signs though for the audience that she has said goodbye to Joe and any fleeting hope or thought of maybe putting the family back together is no more.. I like that she pulled away from Joe’s arms before she saw Lee.. it wasn’t in reaction to seeing Lee…she chose to.

Maybe Lee noticed this too.. I think I’ll go with the interpretation that Lee sees Amanda and Joe sharing a sweet moment, and dealing with their past.. Plus Lee knows he and Amanda have a connection that Joe can’t even begin to understand – thanks to their work together and all…
Lee would know better than anyone how good and healthy dealing with the past is when it comes to past significant others! (
Lost and Found)
Lee: Hmm..how do you know when an affair is really over anyhow?

: I don’t know, I guess you just… know.
Amanda just knows its over with Joe 🙂
It’s over!!!!!

You know what else comes to mind.. another moment in Lost and found.. Remember the moment when Lee told Amanda he almost married Eva?
(I’ll just pretend Lee is not wearing a Cardigan!!!!!)

 Amanda: She turned you down?
Lee: We never really
got that far. I wanted to talk to her about it, she came running into the café all excited, and she told me she was marrying Angelo.  She’d
32been his research 31


assistant. That’s how I met her. And anyway, I told her I was happy for her and —
33Amanda: And you never told her how you really felt?

: She’d already made her decision.



(Poor Lee!)
How fascinating.. I think had Amanda run to Lee and told him that she was going to marry Joe? Lee may have done the same thing again at this point.. told her he was happy for her.. because.. they hadn’t gotten that far..
Then again.. maybe Lee’s feelings for Amanda are now strong enough that he might have fought for her?
What do you think?
Hmm.. I think the idea of getting in the way of bringing a family back together would have trumped the strength of Lee’s feelings for Amanda.. but this is all just fun speculation..
What do you think?

The other reason this Lost and Found scene is so fascinating to think back to at this point in season 3 – is that Lee has had a close call with Amanda by the end of this episode.. and he knows deep down  – he needs to tell her how he feels!!!! He’ll need to do something.. soooo maybe now he will begin to prepare himself for that.. or begin to take further little steps forward? Hmm.. we’ll see!!!
Hope you don’t mind my little  revisiting of Lost and Found..

Anyway, I think Lee senses here at the end of TWWH  that Amanda knows it’s over with Joe too.. no wonder he is quietly smiling.. but it is ambiguous enough I couldn’t be sure if I hadn’t seen beyond this episode and didn’t know what was coming…I think they give the audience hope.. but it’s vague enough to keep us in suspense..  What do you all think??

What’s next? Fast food for thought?! I sooooo don’t remember that episode!!! Can’t wait to get into it!

Looking forward to hearing what you all think of this slightly left of centre tag, and this episode over all..

I’ll finish up with Kiwismh’s script notes she’s shared with us.. an interesting description of this final moment!
Thanks so much Kiwismh for all your work transcribing this episode, and the script notes have been a fun addition – I really appreciate it!! what a tumultuous episode this has been to blog.. if not for you Kiwismh – I’d still be up to meeting Shamba!!! Smile

Kiwismh’s Script notes- Joe and Amanda at Dooleys
Joe – I’ve got to face it… you’re not the woman I married. You’re not even the woman I divorced. You’ve changed Amanda King.
Amanda – I’ve developed outside interests.
Joe – Whatever they are, they suit you. (half question) You don’t want to turn back?
Amanda – I want to go on from here. I have a great future to get ready for… who knows what it will be.
Joe – How about some music?
Angle – to rear of Dooleys
A patron turns – Lee watching from the anonymity of a crowd of college students. Amanda waits at the table. Joe plunks a coin in the juke box and it begins to play “Happiness is a thing called Joe”. Joe offers his hand to Amanda, and she takes it. They walk slowly to the dance floor and begin a slow dance, natural and comfortable in each other’s arms. Lee tosses some bills down and strides off, pretty unhappy. The couple turns so that Amanda meets his eye for one moment. She smiles. Is it for Lee?
Split screen.
Amanda in one corner, Lee in the other as they have their private moment.

Soooo what do you all think?! What about this made you want to share the script with us here Kiwismh? would love to hear your thoughts!! byee everyone!

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  1. Iwsod said: “Anyone remember seeing this for the first time?? My first reaction was a very loud: WHAT?????!!!! That’s where it’s ending???!!!! but.. what’s going on?!!! Tee hee.. I’ve err come to terms with it.. it took years of intensive therapy, but I got there!”

    That would be me to a tee [hee] also. I never quite understood what in the world was happening. But thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts on this episode, because I do feel less like a formless blob changing shapes throughout trying to figure out what is happening now.

    That made no sense. 😂

    I still do not know what Lee was doing there. But, I actually have figured out what happens next, immediately following the fade to Lee. Amanda looks at him and throws her hands up in the air while yelling, “It’s ooooooooovvvveeeerrrrrrr!”

    (Way to ruin the moment, Amandarambler.) 😂

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  2. “Lee is there!!!! Looks like Lee was talking to Dooley, and he doesn’t have a drink in his hand.. so he isn’t there to have a drink.. why is he there?”

    In the screen shot underneath this quote, Lee has turned away from the bar and is facing us. Take a good look at the woman just behind and to the left of Lee … sure looks like Bruce Boxleitner’s youngest sister, Nancy. The mystery of why Lee was at Dooley’s is solved!

    There are good screen shots of her in S3’s Dead Men Leave No Trails in jwwm’s blog post 5 of 19.

    PS: Thank you Trebuchette, so glad you needed a break and posted here. I might never have clued in otherwise.

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    • Take a good look at the woman just behind and to the left of Lee … sure looks like Bruce Boxleitner’s youngest sister, Nancy. The mystery of why Lee was at Dooley’s is solved!

      Interesting!!! I’m not confident it is Nancy.. I don’t think I can see her well enough to decide one way or the other. I don’t think it’s her, but nor can I say it’s not her!

      rofl Lee was at Dooleys to see BB’s sister huh! Lol now there is a headspinner! 😉


      • Although in the TWWH picture, she ‘might’ be checking to see what shoes the bartender is wearing and whether or not they look like her dad’s shoes. 😉

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      • “rofl Lee was at Dooleys to see BB’s sister huh! Lol now there is a headspinner!”

        You’re a riot! The real headspinner is Joe morphing into Lee! Anyway, her distinctive peaches and cream complexion and hair style in both screen shots caught my eye. Since both episodes are S3 AND Sara did notice that unique shoe fetish at the bar, it’s possible but no way we’ll ever know for certain.

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  3. Needed a break from a S2 watch (was getting ugly) and this is a go-to (one of few I’ve kept a half-decent copy of for years).

    It’s so funny reading the comments because while I think Joe and Amanda are adorable, it’s only as friends, and Amanda checked out of Jomanda long ago. (At least 2 years, I think. Maybe 3.) And clearly Joe is a pond scum, calling her stubborn after she slaved to put him through law school, and then he —hold up! Does he even pay child support? Alimony?! NOPE! He probably got away with it because he was “feeding the poor” instead of honoring his vows.

    Anyway, Amanda had as much interest in Joe as Francine had in Rollo (S1 “bad guy”), only Joe’s her baby daddy and she has to play it cool. Now Joe, on the other hand, whew lad! That dude was hoping to SCORE! (Yeah, I said it!). Amanda saw it coming and gave him the swerve; she told Joe to stay in his lane.

    Onto Lee, though, first OH ugh that poor guy having to act like an orangutan in the gym when a simple punch would have done the job. That gymnast-Lee scene is so awkward, but I find it hilarious. Pure gold (in a cringeworthy way.) Watching with a friend, we were like, “Is he trying to impress her?” That trampoline bit set Lamanda back at least half-a-season; I’m sure every time he got near her, she thought of him playing Tarzan on that rope. We’re talking, that was Amanda S2 Bush Hair-level cringe! (And are there future scenes of the boys remembering the gymnast?)

    Anyway, I think Lee followed Amanda to Dooley’s, but not in a creepy stalker way. I think he went to go have his tag scene with A at her house and she wasn’t there, and he was like, “nah, girl done lost her MIND!” and pretty much decided to remind her that he’d thrown his hat in the ring. He’d already said A deserved better than “okay”, and knows Joe is NOT better than “okay”.

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    • Oh My Heck! Hilarious analysis (though Joe “Pond Scum” King did pay child support, but not alimony -I think it was mentioned in “The Mole”). So how do you really feel about Joe? 😉

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    • Rofl Trebuchette what a hilarious rant!!!! 🙂 I love it!

      Gosh I bet its a different experience to come to this blog and read a walk through an episode when you were not involved in the intial walk through! LOL I’m trying to remember what we all got up to! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts as you decided to enjoy this ep!

      rofl it took me a second to work out who was Jomanda! lol..

      And clearly Joe is a pond scum, calling her stubborn after she slaved to put him through law school,

      Yep- he’s got a nerve!! And rofl at Pond scum Joe!

      That dude was hoping to SCORE! (Yeah, I said it!).

      rofl!! you crack me up! I think with old couples there’s a bit of that old feeling still lingering, and he hadn’t yet let it go – even if he had let go of the marriage… I haven’t actually stopped by the posts for this ep on reading your comments, but I think Amanda had well and truly let go of her first marriage – there was never really a moment where I felt she had some lingering romantic feelings for him (soooooo glad about that too!!!). Regret that it hadn’t turned out as she had hoped, but… she was not emotionally still back in that relationship with Joe. She had let it go..
      I like to think Amanda’s growth as an individual through her agency work (and not just through her friendship with Lee) had been the ointment that helped her to fully heal that wound, and see the possibilities she has ahead of her.

      I cannot wait to go back to this ep and walk through it again.. one day!

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  4. Okay I posted this question in post 28 by mistake … oops! Sorry! I didnt realize it wasnt the ending tag post, iwsod I am so sorry! please feel free to delete my post in 28 if it’s too fortelling.

    Anyhoo … onto what I was trying to say there (that I meant to say here hahahaha). Why do you all think Lee was there? did he follow them (sorry I love Lee … you know I do, but that scenario has a bit of a creep factor to it for me). Do you think he was jealous? do you think he would fight for Amanda? esp after what happened with Eva? Or do you think he would ‘be the bigger man’ and walk away, leaving Amanda to her happiness if she had chosen Joe?

    Also, a quick thought about that little exchange Lee and Joe had at the boarding house when Joe was talking about the files he would need to prove his innocence, the way they were standing, do you guys think that was a bit of a … for lack of e better term … a ‘pissing match’ of sorts btw Lee and Joe? Their tones and their words are pleasant, but their body lengo said (at least to me) said otherwise.


    • Oooh I will have to the recheck the alpha dogs peeing stance (Not a hard ship, I love this episode). Why was Lee at Dooley’s? I don’t think he followed them. He was either checking to make sure the tab was cleared after the Prime Minister so generously bought a round for everyone, or maybe he thought he could recruit the bartender to be part of his ‘family’. Or maybe (and this is my favourite) he wanted to have a quiet beer and think about Amanda and what she told him about the divorce and his growing feelings are for her and WHEN HE WILL GET OFF HIS BUTT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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  5. ScarecrowsAngel

    That script bit would also have made for an interesting tag.

    I had to enlist the help of an old acquaintance (sp?) to tape episodes for me in 1988. He liked to watch SMK as well, so he had no problem doing so. I remember him telling me the episode had an odd ending. I had to watch it two or three times before finally making up my mind. Leave the past behind and move on. That’s how I see it. Amanda did say she looks forward to the future. Joe is not Amanda’s future, Lee is.


  6. One last comment. I know I put this song in the SMK songs thread at Ned’s but it belongs here. This song makes me think of this last look of Lee’s.

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    • Great song choice, Morley! I love the original fast version of this song, especially the Scottish accent, but this version is perfect for Lee and Amanda.


  7. Such great ideas and comments. I used to be confused by this ending too, in a way I still am.
    I think that before this episode Lee was realizing that he was falling in love with Amanda, but not sure what to do or if he should. I think he wasn’t sure if she would love him back, he wasn’t sure if it would ruin there friendship and he wasn’t sure if he could do the family man thing which he knows would be a part of it. I think before this episode Amanda knew that something romantic was brewing between them, she liked it, but it also scared her. Part of that fear would be not being 100% sure if Lee was changed into the man that she could let herself fall in love with and part of it was due to her own past hurts with Joe and the fears that past carried with it. I think she also may have become aware of left over bits of needing closure or reconciliation with Joe due to her deeply held respect for marriage and family.
    I think this episode went a long way to answering many of those questions for both of them. Lee was the man he wanted to be, he was patient and he saw his love for Amanda really direct him through. I think he was able to let Amanda know how much he cared during their conversation at Dooley’s, and most of all I think he saw that family standing there in the gym and fell in love with all of them (well, maybe not Joe). Maybe he was a bit concerned that Amanda would want to keep the family as it was, but another part of me thinks Lee knew that Joe didn’t fit into that picture anymore and realized that he really wanted to be the man in that family foursome. Maybe you don’t realize what you want until you are afraid you are going to lose it, but I just don’t see fear motivating him here, and for a man that I believe has let his emotions be dictated by protecting himself from his fears of loss, that is huge.
    I think Amanda got tons of closure and at the same time heard Lee say thinks like oK is not good enough for you. She saw those smile of his…I think her scales may be tipping in the direction of believing that something amazing could actually happen with Lee. I think she loves him and has for a while, she just didn’t know if she could trust her heart to him. I think the events in this episode may have encouraged her to let her heart go if he asks for it.
    I do think that lee would have fought for her. Maybe he wouldn’t have gone all out, but I think he would have let her know a bit about how important she is to him. He wouldn’t repeat the Eva bit. I think he would let Amanda make a choice and not make it impossible for her, but he would let her know that she had a choice.
    I don’t know what lee was doing there, but I don’t think he was following her there.
    And those smiles. I am not sure exactly what they were, except that they were genuine, it was both of them responding to seeing each other and catching each other’s eyes. They can’t help it. They make the other one smile and so much is conveyed between them there. And Joe’s presence just melted away. I think they both could sense that.
    I wonder what happened afterwards? I tend to think Lee left and Amanda and Joe brought the evening to an end, mutually. I think Joe saw Lee and he knows what is happening between them.

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    • I especially love this –

      I think she loves him and has for a while, she just didn’t know if she could trust her heart to him. I think the events in this episode may have encouraged her to let her heart go if he asks for it.


  8. Okay, I hoping this will be my last little ramble about this episode, but for some reason stuff keeps coming to me when I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ve also been thinking about these two men and their reactions and responses to Amanda and the changes she has gone through.

    Joe only knows the Amanda that used to be, the one in the past. He is comparing what he’s seeing now to what he knew then. While he seems to appreciate and is impressed by what he sees, he still asks about going back. It’s as if he might have some difficulty accepting this change and maybe prefers the Amanda that used to be, the one in the past. And while they may have kept in touch and seem to be friends, they are not close enough anymore that Amanda is sharing her life in the Agency with him. She refers to it as outside interests. That is not the way to begin a future with someone and you certainly would want to be with someone that you could completely share with them, who you are.

    Lee has been with Amanda as she has gone through some of these changes. He has supported her and helped to be a part of that change. He has seen her struggle financially (MBF) and watched her as she has taken care of the needs of her sons and her mother. However, Lee didn’t just stand by or withdraw from helping and supporting, In MBF while he may not have been able to help her financially, he told her he would get her out of the situation she was in. He helped to secure Pretzel the Clown, replaced the Captain Galaxy, loaned her the money to get groceries when she was presumed dead and had no money. He even took care of this situation with Joe. And he has certainly shown how well he knows Amanda. In Spider Web he shows his faith in her and in OOADP he knows what the house is supposed to look like, what Amanda is truly like, and how irreplaceable she is.

    While Joe disengaged and supposedly did what he had to do, the cost of that was his wife and family. Lee took on some responsibilities that he didn’t have to. Lee knew that he was responsible for getting Amanda involved in the Agency, and he accepted that and has made sure that he has always been there for her, especially in protecting her. Joe may have written and visited on occasion, but he has not been a true factor or presence in Amanda’s or his sons’ lives. Lee has been more present and more of a factor in taking care of them. He has been a part of Amanda’s past and present and shown that he is willing to be a part of her future. And I think that Amanda is finally starting to see all of that.

    Since the ending of this case I’m sure that Amanda has not only been rearranging that tupperware, but probably completely emptying some of the containers.

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  9. This was sticking in my head last night. I keep thinking back to how Amanda told Lee that life had turned out okay for her and his response was that okay wasn’t good enough. She has a different attitude about her life now. Perhaps in Amanda’s statement she too was still viewing herself in much the same way that Joe did when he first returned. Over the course of this episode he has noticed and come to appreciate all of the changes in Amanda since their marriage and subsequent divorce.

    Maybe having Joe see it and acknowledge it has helped Amanda to finally see it and acknowledge it as well. For some reason she has some validation now. For the first couple of years at the Agency, Amanda had struggled with being accepted as a valued team member and being seen as more than a housewife. There was even some of that earlier in this season. In OTL she even says to herself that she is out of her element when she goes to TransOceanic.

    But she has persevered and become an integral part of the “A” team, a valued and trusted partner to Lee, and a close friend to him as well. As Amanda has closed the door to the past she is now accepting that life has become way more than okay and she’s realized that she deserves that and is ready to embrace all that life entails with confidence.

    Joe made a statement earlier as well about taking the wrong way home and I think it’s a play on words about taking the long way home as in a song by Supertramp. There are some interesting lines in the lyrics about a man who seems to have not spent a lot of time at home, he’s not really a part of anything at home anymore, a bit out of place, and it’s because he took the long (wrong) way to get there. The writer of the song says he thinks of home as being internal and external. And that it could mean being at peace with oneself. I think that Joe and Amanda’s trek together to home was the wrong one and that at least Amanda is on the path to the right way home. Does any of that make any sense? Probably not…distracted at the moment.

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    • I like this Valerie. What you say about Amanda made me think. Maybe this is where she stars to change in her thoughts about her life and Lee. Her comment at Dooley’s about things being OK and her comment in this scene about it being a great future seem different, don’t they. Earlier it sounded like she was settling, here she isn’t she wants “great”. Maybe she has been able to really and truly start to make the switch, she is free from the past, free to look to the future. I guess that is what that last image is. There is an expectancy in both Lee and Amanda’s looks there at the end.

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    • love this insight Valerie! Amanda started off being content with ‘okay’
      at the end of this ep? She is aiming for ‘great’ – fabulous!

      Loved all your thoughts here!!! yes I agree Amanda has grown and is seeing bigger possibilities..

      I wonder if this is linked to Amanda’s working through of her past romance and dreams of having a home – that she had thought she would have with Joe and the boys..
      Maybe she needed to work through her past, to free herself from any old dreams she had not fulfilled to be able to say to herself okay wasn’t enough. Because by saying okay is not enough, she was also saying Joe was not enough. I can see that the two might be intermingled.
      Now she is free of Joe – she is free to want and aim for great.
      Happy thoughts!


  10. To me, Lee’s smile is about “you’re back, you’re connecting with me again and I love that“. IMHO, this links with what the discarded script is saying, which is that Lee would be unhappy with Amanda dancing with Joe and not thinking about him (Lee) – but in a more positive way.


  11. Not liking the shawl cardigan or guy-liner on Lee in Lost and Found.
    I guess he’s already been prosecuted by the Fashion Police for those felonies. 😎 He seems to have learned his lesson as we don’t see the cardies or guy-liner anymore.
    I am hoping that Aunt Lillian has retired her knitting needles for Amanda and Dotty’s sakes. Lee’s cardy was probably store-bought – no doubt some up-market emporium specialising in the casual money look.
    Time is too short these days Iswod for me to write a Fashion Police report. I am convinced that time speeds up as you age.
    We could perhaps vote on Ned’s for the 10 worst fashion felonies in the series so far,or for each season, or for each character, and for guest characters. Or maybe all of these categories. Hairstyles should probably be a separate category too. 😀


    • gah! I was mentally blocking out the guyliner!

      Oh no worries about fashion reports kiwismh.. just know if you ever feel like it you’d be very welcome!
      Yes a vote on Ned’s? hmm what do we all think? anyone?

      JWWM and SMK has to fit around the real world! (sadly 😉 haaa!)


  12. I think Lee was there to clear the Shamba’s tab. He looks like he is putting his wallet back in his pocket.
    I’m glad they didn’t go with that theme of Lee being unhappy or angry when he saw Amanda and Joe dancing together. That may have been what the writer originally intended but maybe KJ & BB had some influence on the version that was filmed. Lee isn’t going to get angry or miffed at Amanda for dancing with Joe, or even getting back together with Joe. He would feel loss and sadness for himself (which he would keep to himself) but he wouldn’t show anger or resentment. He is now so emotionally matured he would Amanda’s happiness and that of her boys before his own wants and needs.
    I included the script version where it differed significantly or in some interesting way from what was filmed.
    I used to wonder if Joe whispered something in Amanda’s ear that made her pull back, or whether she just pulled back because she was thinking of someone else. Maybe she thought dancing with Joe would give him the wrong idea, even though she had more or less indicated to him in their conversation that she wasn’t interested in going back. Perhaps Joe interpreted that as Amanda possibility wanting a fresh start with him.
    I definitely think Amanda pulled back before she saw Lee. I always saw a kind of understanding between them when they hold each others gaze at the end but I suppose it could also be interpreted as Lee saying “Whatever you decide you want for your future is fine with me.” and Amanda smiling in appreciation of his understanding.

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    • I like what you say, Kiwismh, about Lee being more emotionally mature now and I totally agree that he would put Amanda’s needs and wants before his own. We have such a different Lee now, don’t we?

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    • Hey Kiwismh, interesting theory about why Lee was at Dooley’s.. hey Valerie you thought that too yes?

      for me it doesn’t add up though.. this was back in post 20..
      notshamba says: …You leave me there all alone, you know, and after you go all I could do was keep just ordering drinks over and over and over and over until it was—
      Lee: How much was the bar bill?
      notShamba: $843 greens.
      Lee : Well, don’t worry, I’ll get it back for you out of petty cash.

      Sounded to me like notshamba had paid the tab – and we know the Leatherneck gave notshamba a thousand bucks (back in post 7) – so notShamba had the cash.. and it sounded like Lee was saying he would pay notshamba back.

      I think Lee went to Dooley’s and had a drink because he was thinking about Amanda, himself and Joe- processing the big events of the last two days.. and he paid his bill and then turns to see Amanda and Joe. but.. I think if Lee had been there to pay notshamba’s tab that would have been more logical – if only the earlier dialogue hadn’t confused that one..
      Am I making sense? quite possible I am not 🙂 haaa

      interesting idea kiwismh – would would Joe have whispered to Amanda to make her pull back? do tell!

      Yes I agree Lee’s simple could be a whatever you decide kinda smile.. I think I would have been tortured by this ending back in the original airing if I had been watching week to week!


      • Good point Iwsod. I guess they wouldn’t have let Shamba leave the bar if he owed that much. Maybe the bartender is one of Lee’s “family” and knows Lee will settle the tab later. I’m clutching at straws now… 😀


  13. I am glad we got the version we did rather than the filmed version. This episode (other than the lame-o fight scene) really worked hard not to be cliche. When I first saw it (with fuzzy VHS tapes), my girlfriends and I figured Amanda was wishing she was dancing with Lee instead — it took us a awhile to figure out that it was a split screen and they were looking at each other across the room. It is interesting Lee and Joe have similarly coloured jackets — made the fade out fadein more smooth.

    Would Lee have fought for Amanda. No, I think he would have stepped back for the sake of Amanda’s and the boys’ happiness (but more on that next episode 🙂 ). I am glad Lee and Amanda had that moment at the end, though it sure confused the heck out of us at the time.


  14. This was a tricky ending for me. When I first saw it I was a bit unhappy with it as things seemed a bit vague as to Lee and Amanda. It was hard to gauge what he was thinking or feeling. I mean, I liked the fading out of Joe and the fading in of Lee, but Lee’s smile is a bit enigmatic. At the time it was hard to tell just what he was smiling about.

    Of course, after having made it through the rest of the series I view it all a bit differently now. I do think that considering Lee’s feelings about Amanda and her family and his reactions in Lost and Found he would have stepped aside. However, in Lost and Found he was given the impression by Eva that she really wanted him instead and for a moment he was about to succumb to her wiles. I think in this instance he might have a harder time stepping aside, but he would ultimately do what would make Amanda the happiest. But I still think that night in Lee’s apartment made him feel better as to where he was in Amanda’s life.

    I must have watched this several times in the past before I realized the “Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe” song. It was actually played the first time they were at Dooley’s when Amanda was telling Lee about her divorce. The song comes from the musical “Cabin in the Sky”. The main character is named Joe. In the musical he’s a gambler and neglectful husband who dies and is given the chance to go back and redeem his soul. He starts off okay, but then leaves his wife and goes back to his bad ways. Because of someone else he does get to heaven. But in the end you discover he had hit his head, gotten a concussion and the whole thing was a dream. But the dream causes him to change his ways, he reforms and lives happily ever after with his wife. It’s the wife who sings the song in the musical. Some of this sounds like the Wizard of Oz and of course the neglect and leaving the wife sounds like SMK Joe.

    I thought the song was odd considering that Amanda’s happiness was not going to be determined by Joe, at least not anymore. Her happiness was dependent on herself and her decisions. And she has chosen to move forward and not back. To me, in some ways that fade out of Joe and fade in of Lee during that song indicates another good-bye and that Amanda has moved on.

    I’ve often wondered just why Lee was there. Was he possibly clearing up the bar tab that notShamba had racked up? Was he just in a sentimental mood and reliving and reviewing what happened on the case? I don’t think he was following Amanda. I think he showed up there on his own. Something drew him there.

    I do think this was a key episode for Amanda and Lee. I think Joe’s return allowed Amanda to finally let go of some things in regards to where they were with one another. It allowed her to be able to see all the growth she’s achieved in recent years. And she was able to let Joe know that she has moved on and likes who she has become. I think it also helped her to focus more on Lee and what she may be feeling for him. For Lee, it was an eye-opener and sort of a kick in the pants to move forward from the status quo and comfort zone he has let set in. I think Amanda’s relationship with Joe made things a bit more real for him than those jealous reactions he’s had in the past to attention that Amanda has gotten from men. Amanda’s family life is more than just normal it’s real and Lee has a lot to consider and ponder.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Fascinating background about the song. — thanks for sharing!


    • hey Valerie, Ah so not just me who found it vague and who at first was a little frustrated by this ending (though I’ve since learned to embrace it 🙂 )

      Joe the gambler and neglectful husband eh.. lol.. well I think the neglectful part was on the money 😉 but.. the characters have put it behind them now.. Thanks for the info on the song- very interesting!!
      Anyone who knew that song may have taken some meaning from it- that Joe and Amanda were reconciling.. but so glad I didn’t see that meaning! 😉

      Loved your thoughts on Amanda and Lee- indeed this episode was a real milestone in the growth of both these characters individually and also as a team!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Great thoughts, valeriejw!

      I also think the ending could have been done better, but unlike many here I did like the fight scene in the gym LOL.

      Interesting facts about the song! I didnt know it was from a real musical and it fit in so well with the episode! I wonder if TPTB planned that, or if they just used the song because of the words?

      You mentioned Lee being Jealous of any attention Amanda has gotten in the past, but I didnt really see Lee being jealous. The closest he got I think was with Auggie, and I think that was more Lee reacting to Auggie being a disgusting human being than jealous, but it might be just me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think there were several times that Lee showed some jealousy regarding Amanda, although he wouldn’t call it that. In Service Above and Beyond, he had that reaction to seeing Amanda dancing with the Quickie Chickie Snack guy. Even BB felt that it was that moment that Lee fell for Amanda. There was also that reaction in Our Man in Tegernsee when the police officer tried to ask Amanda to dinner. Lee was not happy at all about that one. And in The Mole they had a that discussion in the museum when Amanda got asked out by Lee’s friend and he said he didn’t want to sound jealous, but he did anyway. I’m sure there are a few more, but those are the ones I thought of right away.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Love to hear a different point of view.
        I’m not a huge fan of the ‘using jealousy to reveal a character’s true feelings’ plot device.. and prefer it to be used sparingly.
        I don’t see Lee as being jealous in WWH. err if I remember correctly. I think I was happy they didn’t take it down that route when the ex showed up. the show did so much better than that!!!!
        I didn’t see Lee as jealous with Auggie. To be jealous, I think the competition has to be seen as a threat. Auggie was zero threat. Just yes, a disgusting male!

        I differ from you in that I do think there were other moments when Lee was jealous. Valerie has picked some good ones!

        I think Lee was jealous at Amanda going out on a date with Bryce Topping 😉 tee hee.. happy thoughts!

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  15. My take on the final frames? I never thought that it was ambiguous — like you said –> Amanda was “looking forward – toward Lee” and “Joe well and truly fades from view”

    I think the choice of frame/shot composition was deliberate and shows this: Instead of cutting from Amanda to Lee (and maybe back again…) in separate frames, they chose to replace Joe’s image with Lee’s in the left portion of the same frame. I always took this to mean that Joe was well and truly in the past and Lee was Amanda’s choice for the future — like she said previously: *”… I want to go forward… It’s going to be a great future.” (I also like that they faded Joe out and faded Lee in –> it was a metamorphosis, like Amanda’s [and Lee’s] feelings.)

    Just my two cents…


    • I’m with you KC, this always appeared to me as Amanda clearly moving forward towards Lee. I remember when I saw this eons ago, I first thought Amanda was daydreaming about Lee, then on replaying the tape I realized she had seen him. Totally a warm swoonworthy shared look which to me meant “you are part of my future.” Jule dashes off to find her helmet


    • I was always very muddled by this ending. What you say makes a lot of sense, KC, but I wonder if the superimposing of the image of Lee demonstrates that Amanda is going forward towards a future with Lee the man or the life that Lee represents: the agency, a career, a broader range of interests than previously, genuine romantic possibilities – beyond the half-hearted relationship with Dean.
      To me, this episode is about Amanda leaving Joe and her failed marriage (and old life) behind: drawing a line in the sand and being prepared to move forward. I’m not so sure that she’s thinking about what is in the future yet.


      • Maybe so… but I think that having Amanda/Joe and then Amanda/Lee in the same frame was a deliberate attempt to imply more. Usually SMK would have done the tennis match thing with the frames… Amanda then Joe then Amanda then Lee then Amanda (if not even more back and forth) — instead we got Amanda/Joe metamorphosing into Amanda/Lee. A very different form of cinematography (or whatever) than usual SMK.


        • Actually, I think the way they film this/edit this does imply the ‘Amanda moving towards a romance with Lee in the future’ option. I guess I’d argue that the rest of the episode doesn’t really lead to this meaning ie I think the episode about Amanda letting go of the past as opposed to thinking about the specifics of the future. Maybe I feel that the last couple of frames don’t quite ‘fit’ the feel of the rest of the episode.

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          • We talked about something momentous going on with Lee in the gymnasium scene. Could this now be Amanda’s turn to experience something momentous? Yes, Learjet, I agree that so much of the episode is about Amanda coming to terms with her past as she faces a very real and much more multi-dimensional future. And as she takes this little journey, who does she insert at the very end of it? Eureka moment? Or just a display of a hope and a dream?


            • Hi guys!! Super busy at the moment.. just stopped by to say hi and that I am loving reading your comments – I sneak reading them on the bus 😉
              I’ll try and get back to comment when I can. Hope you are all well!

              Love this idea of Amanda having a eureka moment of her own Raffie – very interesting!!! What does everyone else think?


      • Intersesting point Learjet.. I think it could be interpreted as looking forward to the world that knowing or meeting Lee has opened up for Amanda – aside from a romantic future with Lee..
        Learjet wrote:

        To me, this episode is about Amanda leaving Joe and her failed marriage (and old life) behind: drawing a line in the sand and being prepared to move forward. I’m not so sure that she’s thinking about what is in the future yet.

        Can I just way I loved this Learjet?!!! 🙂
        maybe now.. Amanda is free from her past, she is free to think about her future.. and maybe Lee being a part of that 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • This all sounds good to me KC, only it was not immediately obvious to me.. yes lots of deliberate choices here.. and I think what you’ve described is very logical – looking back on this moment.. but for me, not considering what’s ahead, I found the tag to be a little mysterious.. and open ended.. full of suggestions about the future – but nothing firm.. which is where I”m seeing Lee and Amanda’s relationship right now.. so this works for me!
      I don’t mind now seeing ambiguity – it leaves room for discussion with others.. different interpretations – and maybe a new way of seeing things. Which I enjoy 🙂


    • Hi KC! I think I thought the same as you when I first saw this episode. My teenage mind interpreted Amanda’s actions as Joe being history and Lee being Amanda’s choice for the future. We still didn’t now if it would work out, but she was putting a stake in the ground and saying she was aiming for the stars with Lee instead of settling for old Joe.

      I don’t like how they ended this episode with the split screen. It just seemed like such a weird thing for Amanda to do – back off from Joe, see Lee, then back off some more and just stand there looking at Lee.

      I’m guessing Joe eventually turned to see Lee, noticed the look on Amanda’s face and possibly made some connection? Or maybe he just thought Amanda was being grateful to Lee because he saved their family? I’m guessing Lee joined them at the table and they maybe had some more beer.

      Or in an alternate universe, Joe goes to the little boys room, leaves Amanda to dance with Lee, and comes out to see the dancing really closely and takes the hint and leaves! 🙂


      • I agree with BJo on this final scene. I would have rather seen Joe step away, leaving Amanda alone on the dance floor and Lee steps up to dance with her. Or else, have Lee walk up and ask to cut in. Joe smiles and allows him to do so. Joe changing into Lee (while the meaning behind it is good) has never worked for me. I assume they ran out of time.


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