3/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on and it’s daytime again..
We see the corvette pull up at the Foxrun Motel..
Lee and Amanda get out – why is Amanda wearing the same clothes she was wearing last night?
Lee seems to be wearing the same clothes also.. this is weird! Just what did Lee and Amanda do all night? Winking smile teehee..
With the corvette’s magical glass boot open Amanda and Lee start getting out their luggage.
Amanda: You know, now… there are a few things that we probably oughtta talk about before we get checked in, you know…
Lee (over Amanda): Yeah.
Time for an Amanda ramble!
Amanda: … I mean, we don’t have any problems now…
Lee: We’ll just-
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143642. 47
doesn’t let Lee get a word in!: … but we’re out here in the parking lot in the middle of the day and we wouldn’t want to have any problems later, so…
[Ahhh back to the old idea of rooms and beds and Lee not telling Amanda up front how this is going to work! I can’t blame Amanda for asserting herself here and wanting to get it straight before they check in!]
… if we could just get a few things straight…
Lee (tries to get a word in): Amanda-
Amanda (continues): … now, about the room…
Lee (over Amanda):
-This really isn’t necessary.
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143648. 54[Given your history in this dept Lee, I can’t blame Amanda for thinking it is necessary.. and Lee had given her no indication of what he had planned evidently- what do you guys think? I do like though that Lee is a little exasperated with Amanda here, but he doesn’t sound cross.. he sounds patient Smile ]
Amanda: I know it isn’t, but… just indulge me, okay?
Oh, all right.
[Yeah Lee, you are gonna want to hear this! Smile ]
Amanda: Well, all right, in the first place…
(pauses) … I like to take my shower first thing in the morning…
Lee (over Amanda): Uh huh.
Amanda (continues): Now, I know that there’s some men…
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143658. 64
…that like to go into the bathroom and they lock the door, and they go in with the newspaper and they shave, and they read the paper…
Lee (nodding, over Amanda): Yes, yes, yes, yes. [Lee seems to silently add- get on with it! but he is patient Smile ]
Amanda (continues): And I don’t know what they do in there, but they take over an hour…
…and I just hope that you’re not one of those kind of guys, you know…(
I’m guessing Lee would be stylin his hair for an hour!)
(over Amanda): Well, I-
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143708. 73
Amanda (cuts Lee off again!): But, anyway, even if you are,..
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143710. 76
…maybe we can figure out some kind of a compromise that’s comfortable for both of us…
…Now, the other thing is,..
[Lee seems to chuckle to himself here.. there’s more??!!! oh Lee you are gonna want to hear this!!]
…when I sleep at night… I like to leave the window cracked just about this much.
Lee (nods): Um-hmm. [boy.. Lee is indulging Amanda!]
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143720. 86
Amanda (continues): Just enough for a little fresh air…
(Lee nods)
[This is super indulgent of Lee! Actually I think Lee would know that already thanks to his late night visit in A Lovely Little Affair.. hooo haaaa!]
…Now, I hope that’ll be all right with you—if it won’t I’ll crack it just about that much.
Lee: Amanda.
Lee: We’re registered as brother and sister.

Amanda: You and me?
[yes I agree Amanda – that’s weird! Winking smile  Love how Amanda’s still holding up her fingers!]
FFFT1.avi_20150426_143730. 96
Lee: Yes. We’ve got our own room. Bathroom, bedroom, the whole works.
Amanda: Well, that’ll make things…
(lol finally she puts her fingers down and smiles.. she seems to take this in her stride pretty well.. a bit stunned though happy)
… much easier.
Lee chuckles as he agrees: Yeah.
Amanda  responds
(deadpan and quickly): We don’t look a thing alike.
Amanda doesn’t wait to see or hear Lee’s reaction to that.. she just bends straight down to pick up her bags.
Lee’s turn to be stunned!
Lee opens and closes his mouth,
looks to the side,
gives Amanda a bit of a glare.. he follows her as she walks off.
The scene ends here..
So what’s going on here everyone??!!!
Do tell!

Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s comment that they don’t look alike is interesting.. is it Lee thinking… true we don’t.. maybe I shouldn’t have gone with that!
or… True, but who cares! You’re the one who always makes a fuss when we have to share a room.. I thought you’d be happy about it!
or.. is it – Drat! She was okay with us sharing a room?! I missed an opportunity here!!
or.. is it.. we could have shared a room? I don’t think we can do that right now with things so unresolved between us.. it’s a bit scary and this is for the best – don’t push me Amanda!!
Or – all the above?? tee hee.. Or any other ideas? Smile 

I remember the first time I saw this scene, which is the only scene I remember from this ep really – the window crack scene! I thought this scene was right up there with the embarrassing ‘we could just go out to dinner’ moment in Vigilante Mothers!!!! but now strangely, I’m fine with it!
Maybe it’s because I just see it as Amanda trusting Lee completely now, and being professional.. and given Lee’s history in this department she can’t be blamed really IMHO for assuming they were sharing a room.. and that their cover was married couple.
Can you imagine if they had played that cover in this ep? I think the Lee and Amanda lust bottle is corked tightly right now.. and it could be a wise thing they aren’t tempted to push beyond where they are comfortable in the heat of the moment Winking smile hooo haaaa..

Yet again, we are going to have an ep where Lee and Amanda are hiding the true nature of their relationship from those around them. In Wrong way home, they didn’t know each other. In this one? Brother and Sister?!!! Hmm going to be interesting to see how they cope with this!!!
It’s fascinating that Lee didn’t go with the obvious married couple cover – why did he do that??
Because he wanted to ensure they could get separate rooms? was that for Amanda’s sake? or his??

Whooooooo can’t wait to hear what you all make of this! Okay bye for now!

39 responses to “3/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think Amanda’s brush off and comment “we don’t look a thing alike” is her expressing disappointment that they’re not going undercover as a married couple. They’ve been flirting and holding hands, but that’s been in secret. If they posed as a married couple, they could flirt and touch openly – a way to experiment a bit. She said in WWH, that she was wanting to move forward….

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  2. Yes I agree that her little ramble is probably nerves (given what we can draw on her character from previous episodes, she rambles when she gets nervous, or scared), I also have to say, kudos to KJ and her ability to rattle off those Amanda rambles at such an insane rate! It kind of reminds me of the dialogue in Gilmore Girls.

    Also, did anyone see the sweet sweet endearing expression Lee was giving amanda during her ramble, he was like “Oh, Amanda!” but in a “I think you are so damn adorable when you do that” kind of way … and I never noticed it before finding this site … SWOON!

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  3. I love how Lee essentially lets Amanda hang herself with her little ramble. He doesn’t try THAT hard to interject and clearly knows exactly where this is going, It’s so nice to see that while Amanda still seems a bit nervous about it she’s trying to show Lee that this time their overnight stay will be different. She can be a professional and that she trusts him to be professional in return. Then crushing disappointment that she doesn’t get to put this new found professionalism to the test. And maybe a bit of disappointment that Lee has tried to do the right thing and she’s realised maybe she doesn’t really want that. Which leaves only one option….a dig at the cover story LOL To his credit Lee takes it well but I can imagine he’s thinking “jeez lady you’re impossible to please”.

    I have to take issue with the fact that Amanda reckons she doesn’t know what some men do in the bathroom for an hour, Cmon Amanda you were a married women….pretty sure you’ve got plenty of ideas what goes on LOL

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  4. I think Amanda’s primarily trying to convey professionalism and trust in this little ramble. She’s maybe looking back with a little embarrassment on her previous reactions to sharing a room in the line of duty. I think her first concern is to show her progress as a professional. That fits in well with where Amanda has been during the last several episodes. She’s been growing by leaps and bounds, and she’s been very focused on demonstrating that she’s ready to handle all the agent stuff. Secondarily, she wants to convey to Lee that she isn’t nervous around him anymore, she isn’t afraid he’s going to take any liberties. He isn’t just an acquaintance or a co-worker anymore, he’s a friend, and she wants him to know that’s how she sees him. There are a lot of people of very stern morality that wouldn’t make any fuss over sharing a room with a friend of the opposite sex if the occasion seemed to require it. And, they’ve already spent two nights together, anyway — a very uncomfortable one in Utopia Now, and a semi-uncomfortable one in FTF. Those things have a tendency to bring some walls down, and Amanda wants to let Lee know this.

    I think that’s really all she’s aiming for here, even though her reaction seems a little disappointed. My explanation for the disappointment is that she feels that she has some ground to make up professionally, because she made such a fuss about this before, and kind of was looking forward to a do-over. And their friendship is such that she would probably enjoy his company better than spending all her time in her own room (now, don’t read anything into that!) I think she might be looking for a moment or two of sharing, of getting personal, getting closer together such as happened on the other two overnights, that’s all.

    I love Lee’s patient reaction, with a twinkle in his eye. BB’s subtle facial expressions are really great here! I think the twinkle is because he’s watching her dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole; he’s tried to stop her, but she’s forging ahead, so he’s just going to let her dig, then reveal that she didn’t need to say any of it, and enjoy her reaction. Her initial reaction (a little crestfallen) is all he could wish for, but her comeback is evidently unexpected. I think that he’s done the separate room thing both for Amanda’s sake and for his own. There was a time when he would have had no problem mixing business with pleasure, and I think that has changed for him. I’m sure he wants to distance himself as far as possible from his playboy ways, and maybe now even the thought of inserting Amanda into a context that reminds him of those ways is revolting.

    All that being said, he still doesn’t get an A+ for his thoughtfulness, because he hasn’t got it through his head that he needs to tell her the arrangements ahead of time!

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    • I like your explanation of Amanda’s approach and reaction here Happycamper! I’m going to go with this too!!!
      I guess in some ways the scene shows both Lee and Amanda are in parallel situations:
      -Amanda is trying to show she has grown and learned to be more professional and comfortable with this situation which the job calls for… and she is a little disappointed this doesn’t play out the way she had probably thought it would or get acknowledged.
      -Lee is trying to show he has grown and learned to be more considerate and respectful of Amanda and her high value for sleeping arrangements but he is a little frustrated that this doesn’t play out the way he had probably thought it would or get acknowledged.
      Hmm I like this! 🙂

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    • Love this, happycamper!! Perfectly put! And when is he ever gonna learn to tell her the plan in advance???

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  5. Oh, Poor Lee! He is so proud of himself for booking Amanda and himself separate rooms because he knows that was has bothered her in the past. But he doesn’t realize that the real issue was not discussing the situation with Amanda before hand and getting her input like real partners are supposed to. He should get a “Hey, You Tried!” sticker for this one (can you tell, I’ve had to deal with many well meaning, but clueless males romantically and otherwise) .
    I’ve always had this episode right after WWH, so I interpreted part/most of Lee’s booking them as brother/sister is he is unsure where Amanda is with Joe back in the picture and doesn’t want to pressure her, and Amanda is assuming they’re playing their couple cover and is ready to move forward (well, not that forward, but you get my meaning) with Lee and a little frustrated with this new twist if she feels Lee is pulling back. And deluded spy boy is really not self-aware if he think he and Amanda can pull off brother and sister without a bystanders going EWWWWWW!

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    • LOL! So true Cindy, a good try for Lee, but he’s missing the big picture here. Lee, so good at so many things but often dense as a stone. But isn’t that part of the charm with men who are trainable, training them.? ;).

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    • Loved your comments Cindy – so true!
      though I think the lesson from ship of spies was that Amanda wasn’t happy at not being told..
      He had booked separate cabins for the cruise (err but then there was that little getting married thing he didn’t tell her about whahahah).
      yes double eewwwww.. I’ve said the same thing in the next post! 🙂

      Hey maybe by playing brother and sister – it is yet another mirror being held up to them both – it’s screaming at them: You are sooooooo not Brother and Sister!!!! You know what you both are!!! 🙂

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    • I’m with you, Cindy. I think Lee was just trying to respect Amanda’s sensibilities when he booked them as brother and sister. How thoughtful — she will not have to fret about “accommodations”, The subtext I hear in this delightful exchange is:


      Amanda: I’m okay with sharing a room. Actually, I’m sorta looking forward to it. But I’m nervous too so I’ll ramble on about some inane things and avoid the main issue at hand.

      Lee: (to himself) Respect Lee, be patient. She may get on your nerves at times (although oddly not as much as before), but she’s cute and pretty and …. well, just keep being patient and thoughtful. (to Amanda, cluelessly) No worries, we’re booked as brother and sister. See how thoughtful I”ve been to you?? (hoping for a smile of appreciation for his thoughtfulness)

      Amanda: (to herself) Gosh, I feel like an idiot. How do I respond? (to Lee) What a stupid idea, you’re an idiot.

      Lee: Women! There’s just no pleasing her!

      I love it when Amanda keeps Lee off balance!!

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  6. You know, I just thought of something. As Amanda is going on and on about the room situation and how she likes to sleep with the window open, she never brings up the fact that she wouldn’t be able to get any sleep if Lee has to leave a light on. That was a big issue on FTF that they sort of went back and forth on.


    • Perhaps having thought about it Amanda has realised that if she was sharing a room with Lee and the lights are on, the benefits to be enjoyed in that situation would far outweigh the negatives. 😉

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    • Ahhh see for me that didn’t register because I see that as a random plot device used in flight to freedom, I still don’t see Lee as being afraid to sleep without a light on!


      • I don’t see Lee being afraid either and don’t like that it was even used, but it was such a big deal. I am glad that they just let it go though.


        • I haven’t seen that one yet but I have read some in law enforcement have some odd extra cautious stuff. Like ina restaurant they’ll insist ona table by the wall where they can see everything and sit with their backs to the door. And it gets amusing when three or more are out because nobody wants to sit with their back to the room.


  7. “why is Amanda wearing the same clothes she was wearing last night?”
    “Lee seems to be wearing the same clothes also.. this is weird!”
    Yup — that drove me bonkers… obviously whoever was in charge of continuity for the ep needs/ed a slap upside the head! (A Gibbs slap, like on NCIS! DiNozzo!!!) But it was OK — I distracted myself looking at the Maine license plate on the Corvette…

    Amanda’s zinger about them not looking anything alike makes me think of Dotty. I could totally see Dotty pulling off a zinger like that, too. Like mother, like daughter… 🙂 Go, Amanda!

    Yup — Lee is very patient here with Amanda… I love it… squee … but I also love that Amanda zings him after he didn’t fill her in beforehand AGAIN! 😀

    (And yep — I think it would have been tough for both of them if they had shared a room…!!!…)

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    • To me, the comment about them not looking a bit alike is a touch of flirting on Amanda’s part. And I see Lee’s reaction (looking a bit stunned) as partly due to that. The flirting would certainly be something that Dotty would do!

      I do love this scene – the side views of Lee while Amanda rambles, her hands on and waving near his chest as she talks and the fact that Lee treats Amanda differently to how he would treat other female agents regarding accommodation: yet another sign that he sees her as very special. Swoon!

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      • yeah! I can see it as a bit of a flirt – like she’s saying – we are sooooooo not brother and sister!!! 😉 hooo haaaaa!

        Loved your comments here about how special Amanda is to Lee – terribly swoony Learjet! (hiya btw – hope you are well!! Me? I’m too busy as usual!)


      • I love this scene too, learjet! I think Lee looks very handsome as he’s standing there indulging her….he has such a nice profile 🙂


    • Yes, I noticed the different licence plate but figured it was deliberately a fake plate as they are under-cover.
      😀 I just realised – Lee’s an under-cover brother 😀


      • you know.. I’m thinking I should watch this ep all the way through – make notes on my initial thoughts.. and keep on staying with the story as I blog the ep.. I’m torn! but I think a good overview of the ep and where it heads could be helpful.. maybe? help?

        Yes let’s get back to maine – this will be coming up very soon! (I’ve written that blog post! 🙂 )

        hey something I didn’t mention about this scene – I found it telling that they were discussing the room.. they weren’t discussing the cover.
        You know.. all that stuff about knowing your cover story when Amanda was being Victoria Grenich?! seems to have been completely forgotten ever since.. making it up as you go along seems to be an indicator of their trust in one another – when I think it is actually just not a very professional thing to do!!!!
        But.. I do enjoy that they are so caught up in the living arrangements..


        • Jestress has almost no restraint when it comes to looking ahead on things, so she might not be the best person to ask. 😉

          But, yeah, it bothers me, too, that they don’t get their cover story straight like professional spies should. If their brother and sister, which of them is the older one? Since they’re adults, it’s not likely that anyone going to actually ask them, but it would be really weird for them not to know. Believe me, it makes a difference in how siblings interact, no matter how old they get. Anyone willing to buy Lee and Amanda as fraternal twins? 😛


    • Oh phew glad it’s not just me scratching their head over the outfits.. given it was night time before there didn’t seem to be a way to make it work otherwise! It’s just a big mistake!

      Maine? Hmm we’ll come back to that one 🙂

      Love an Amanda Zinger!!! whooooo a flirty one too (IMHO)
      Yeah! Lee deserves it!


  8. I keep wondering why this episode is called “Fast Food for Thought”? I get the fast food part, its the food for thought part that I am playing with and I am thinking some of the food for thought stuff starts here.

    I can completely understand Amanda’s thoughts here. Yes, she wants to be professional and I bet she hates thinking about her reaction at the Cumberland. I think she knows that there is something brewing between Lee and herself , but her main concern is to be professional and also show that she can do this room sharing stuff. So she wants to broach the subject. But I think it is funny that she picks bathroom timing and windows to talk about. She broaches the subject and side steps it at the same time.

    Lee, on the other hand, I think is nervous. Not necessarily here in this conversation, but I think he is a little unnerved about the situation. I think he knows that he is falling in love with Amanda and that he wants to conduct himself in a way that is different than he ever has because what he wants with Amanda is so important that he doesn’t dare mess it up. Amanda is like no other woman that he has ever pursued and he knows how she feels about room sharing. So I think he was pretty happy with the way he arranged things. And yet, this little ramble of Amanda’s must be a bit intriguing to him (food for thought). I love how he stands so close t her. Maybe he is feigning annoyance, bit I am thinking he is also enjoying this little foray into Amanda’s cohabitation habits 😉

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  9. I do like how patient Lee is with Amanda’s ramble. Maybe he lets her go on and on because he knows he should have said something before they got there. Most of what I would have said, has been said so I’m just going to go swoon over those gorgeous screen pics of Lee.


  10. I always thought Amanda was taken off guard when Lee told her he got separate rooms, and a little disappointed too 😉

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  11. Oh, and I think at the end of this scene there’s probably a little disappointment on both their parts that they aren’t sharing a room. Relief mixed with disappointment – an odd mix of emotion for them both to deal with.

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  12. Lee does need to get better at being more candid with Amanda in respect of accommodation when they travel together.
    I think Lee’s reaction is probably closest to your last explanation Iwsod. I think he deliberately booked them in a brother and sister to avoid any temptation involved in sharing a room with Amanda. I suspect as a professional agent and “man about town” sleeping accommodations have never been an issue with any other female agent in the past. This shows how differently he views his relationship with Amanda, and I think he definitely doesn’t want to mess up their developing relationship by putting them in a situation where temptation might get the better of one or both of them. So he’s deliberately gone with a scenario that makes less sense than them going in as a couple. Brother and sister is not as good a cover.
    Amanda on the other hand was all prepared in her mind to share a room with Lee but I think she too was nervous about what could happen between them. I get the feeling from Amanda that she is both nervous and excited at the prospect of sharing a room with Lee. Part of that excitement is also to do with, here is an opportunity to show how I can be a professional agent, how I can handle situations I couldn’t handle a year or two ago. Part of the excitement is also about how being in such a situation could move their relationship forward, and nervousness about how to keep things from moving to rapidly. How to keep the professional and the personal in balance. Amanda has clearly put a lot of thought into how to “manage” their close living quarters and physical proximity. She wants to be professional, but she doesn’t want to freeze Lee out like she did in Weekend in S1.
    Tricky, tricky all round. Just as well Lee thought ahead too. I think he knew at this delicate point in their relationship, sharing a room together was just going to be too tricky, tricky. It takes a mature, disciplined man to make the decision he did make. He was obviously uncertain about how Amanda would react – maybe this was part of the reason he didn’t share his plans for their accommodations with her. He probably thought she would prefer separate accommodations and was being respectful of her.

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  13. As far as Lee’s come with Amanda, he still needs to learn to discuss the plan and cover story with her ahead of time. You’d think by this time he would have realized that it just makes things awkward when he doesn’t. He did it in Weekend when he didn’t tell Amanda right away that they were supposed to be a married couple and again in Ship of Spies, when he didn’t tell her until the last minute that they were supposed to be engaged. I’ve also lost track of the number of times they’ve been asked by people how long they’ve been together, and they haven’t yet settled that between the two of them. I can’t blame Amanda for getting in that little zinger about them not even looking alike. 😉

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