2/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Amanda’s and it’s dinner time I guess..
We hear Amanda cry out:  I’m home!
then we see a couple of bags of Marvellous Marvin’s burgers come into view..
Umm Marvin’s burger looks to be wearing err eye glasses?! and looks like a frog to me! (are those stripey legs similar to McD’s?! Ronald’s or Hamburgler’s?)
Gee.. what are the odds that at that very moment Amanda was buying Marvin’s burgers – it’s almost like this whole thing is scripted.. but no that can’t be it.. Lee and Amanda are real! Umm Amanda psychically sensed Lee was focusing on Marvin’s and so she went out to buy some – trouble with that is Amanda.. Lee can be focusing on it because it’s Killing Thousands of People!!! don’t eat it!!! Winking smile
Okay..okay.. Lee and Amanda are not real!
Phillip mumbles:
I’m gonna beat you!
Dotty: Did you get the Marvellous Marvin’s?
[Hey! You cunning viewers you!! did you catch that??!!! It’s umm Marvellous Marvin’s!!!!!!!!! Aie!]
Amanda: Yes, I did.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_162611. 69
Phillip: Yee-hoo!
Amanda: Are you just starving?
[You’d have to be to eat that! How Marvellous!]
Phillip: All right!
(Amanda looks at the bags and picks one up.)
Amanda: Okay, Phillip, for you the double Whamo with double cheese, pickles and mustard, jumbo onion rings…
and you have the Choco Blocko shake.
[eh? we didn’t see her carrying shakes! Is it in a bag? that’s just wrong.. and lol why does there suddenly seem to be so many more bags all of a sudden?!]
Phillip: All right!
(Dotty sighs and shakes her head)
[Yep.. Hotdogs last week.. hamburgers and shakes this week.. ]
Amanda: Jamie, you’ve got the Torpedo Burger with extra sauce, jumbo Fabulous Friesand the Mega Mug a’ cola… no ice.
Amanda’s in hyperdrive! someone slow her down!: Mother … a fish burger for you.  No tartar sauce. And for me a fish burger, with tartar sauce…
FFFT1.avi_20150419_162626. 80
to Dotty: I’ll get you a glass of milk.
[Umm Amanda, Dotty is a big girl now, she can get her own glass of milk..]
While Amanda is facing the fridge getting out the milk.. We see Lee come into view out the window.. Oh my.. the look he gives her as he looks at her – but she hasn’t yet seen  him?! hoooo haaaaaaa!!!
You can juuuust make him out Smile
In fact now I think of it, he is quite brazen here.. Is Lee unconsciously hoping Dotty or the boys will see him? Surely the boys can’t have forgotten what he looks like from last week yet?! lol.. then again, Lee doesn’t understand the intensity of these boy’s love of rubbish food! They’re focused on their double whamo and torpedo!
Amanda sees Lee at the window and she fumbles with the glass..
I know.. it’s so hard to take your eyes of him isn’t it Amanda?!
Lee gives her a calm smile..(flashes his dimples) I’m here when you can! please?!
He tosses his head to the back door.. signalling for her to come out.
Amanda nods.. and turns back to the fridge,
(yes she’s blurry.. and her eyes look evil.. lol but look at how Lee is watching her!!! -evil eyes and all 😉 )
we just see Lee giving Amanda a smile as he moves away from the window while watching her in action.
Amanda: Ahhh… a glass of milk for Mother. [Amanda remembered what she was doing after seeing Lee at the window? this woman is made of strong stuff!!!]
Amanda gets the glass of milk.. then heads outside.. how did she explain that to the family? or were they so starving they didn’t notice?!
Amanda: Hi.
Lee: Hi.

Lee: I just heard you with the kids.
Lee: You know your burgers.

(Amanda smiles)
Amanda: Well, I’m a mother. I have to.

FFFT1.avi_20150426_123119.679[I think this Marvin’s case highlights how Amanda’s knowledge of the everyday normal person will be useful with this case.. Lee is only just beginning to learn about hamburgers – he missed out on learning about them in Remembrance of things past because he was no longer deadSmile
ROTP.avi_20150426_130724.816Lee: I.. I guess we won’t be able to have those hamburgers and wine at your place… you know.. like real people.
Amanda: No, I guess you’ll be able to go back to your fancy restaurants and nightclubs.
Lee: Mmmhmmm
Amanda: you’re not disappointed are you?
Lee: Me? Nah….. are you? Amanda: Me? No.
Lee: hm..
ROTP.avi_20150426_130755. 55

I wish I had more time to look back on earlier episodes as we walk.. more often. Guys please feel free to mention earlier references and provide a link for us [– I can convert it to a hyperlink for you when I see it.. ]
Okay! Focus Iwsod.. We’re in season 3 now!! Smile
Amanda has lattice work in her backyard! Winking smile 

Amanda: What are you doin’ here?
FFFT1.avi_20150419_162644.601[okay guys.. when else has Amanda asked this question like this?? Smile ]
Lee: Oh, I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I’d skulk by and say hi.
Amanda: Very funny.
Lee: Hah….
…Actually, I’m looking for a business partner…
(we cut to Amanda)
…You interested?
[Lee wants to run a burger franchise?!]
Ooh, yeah, I guess so. What kind of business?
Lee: Does it matter?
Amanda (deadpan and quickly): No.
[anyone not love this?? I think KJ is inspired by the old fast paced comedies in her delivery here…
Amanda doesn’t even know what the business is.. and she’s up for it.. she trusts Lee.. I think Lee loves this about her – she doesn’t immediately jump to the negatives.. she’s ready to give anything a good go! She’s open!]
Amanda then smiles..
Love love love the smile Lee gives her at her response.. Red heart
Lee: It’s right up your alley…
Double Whamos, Torpedoes, Choco Blocko shakes…
Amanda: Mega Mug a’ cola, no ice.
[Mega mouthful! but hey.. let’s not mention the quickie chickie chicken shack.. or the quickie chicken snack shack Winking smile  I guess Service Above and Beyond was taking off KFC.. and now it’s Mc D’s turn! Aie! sorry I keep digressing into season 1 again! So far this ep seems loaded with season 1 references.. or is it just me? ]
Lee (whispers):
In response, Amanda gives Lee a big smile..
Amanda looks so pretty here..Red heart and just really happy Smile
She’s thrilled to be going on her next adventure involving fast food.. and Lee Smile  the scene ends here..

Well for the first scene after the ending of The Wrong Way Home things are looking very good here!!  Lee is seeking out Amanda.. he’s watching her furtively and smiling..  he greets her with a compliment..enjoys Amanda’s references to being a mother.. and then their commitment to each other is enjoyed together freely when Amanda admits she doesn’t care what the business partnership is about – she’s up for it! Smile
There are zero indications that Lee is thinking Amanda and Joe are back on.. and Amanda is giving plenty of indications to Lee that she’s 100% on board –  bye bye Joe!!Thumbs upThumbs up

You know last week, when Amanda was randomly re-potting those yellow flowers and Joe turned up with the boys? I had the random thought that – nooooo the backyard is Lee and Amanda’s space!! I don’t want Joe in it Smile So it’s lovely to see Lee and Amanda hanging out in her backyard yet again! Things are back to normal Smile 

Thoughts guys?? I can’t wait to hear anything you’d like to share.. or any questions you want to throw out there??

36 responses to “2/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m struck in this scene of Lee asking A to work with him on the assignment. It is so different from S1&2, where she was full of questions, wondered how to explain it to her family, had to rearrange schedules, and sometimes said, “That’s asking too much.” But in this ep, he still has a bit of hesitation as he asks her, but she, like Iwsod said, is up for it, she trusts him. Part of falling in love is the trust factor, so IMHO, I see this scene as a big part of them feeling safe to fall more deeply in love.

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  3. What exactly IS a chocko blocko shake….apart from some poor script writers attempt at alliteration……
    I confess whilst watching this scene I wondered if any of the junk food they were consuming would actually decay….not sure if any of you have seen the pictures of the McDonalds burgers from over a decade ago that someone saved. It has yet to start decomposing

    I love this little scene between Lee and Amanda. He seems confident she will agree and she is totally flirting back.
    Skulking. That word reminds me of a line in a different film and now I can’t remember what film….gonna bug me now.

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    • I’ve also spent time wondering about the chocko-blocko shake. Is it a chocolate milk or milkshake with added:
      – iceblocks
      – milk blocks
      – chocolate blocks (yum 🙂 )
      – a block-shaped (rectangular) cup (guaranteed spills with kids and Learjet)

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    • Ahhhhhh! I googled “10 year old McDonald’s hamburger”, now I wished I hadnt … LOL.

      I guess I am in the minority when I say I like this episode, maybe because it’s quite shippy? Yeah, that might be it, and the cast really DOES do a good job with the material they are given.

      Okay … random thought here, but it seems like the whole core cast seems to REALLY get along, like as in like one another in real life (I dont know if this is true, I havent read up on it), I am going to go with my intuition and say they do.


  4. Hiya!!
    I just noticed something and had to share it with you guys..

    Notice what Dotty is carrying.. looks like she had been playing backgammon!!!! rofl.. what does it mean?! 🙂

    hope you are all well!


    • ROFL! I still think the producers and the set people have a plan for subliminal messages to our sub-consciousnesses. Is that what Amanda is prepared for. Some backgammon, or is that what she is thinking would come next with Lee, and maybe she is nervous about that… kind of leads into the sharing a room talk and how both Lee and Amanda approached the topic. Hmmm?
      Love it!


      • Teee heeee! Glad you enjoyed this find Morley.. I agree – I think they love to throw these little things in there.. am I kidding myself? maybe.. and do I care? not really 🙂

        Interesting.. I seem to be wondering a lot in this episode about whether someone or another is suggesting a little backgammon.. seeing Dotty with this board, makes me wonder if there is a little theme going on here with this episode.. hmmmmm..
        Will keep an eye out for this if I can – sorry I’m not able to stop by and join the conversation more at the moment guys – Major deadlines looming 😦 but hoping from June things will be much more manageable!


    • ROFL
      Hmmm – it means you CAN actually play backgammon with a board?

      Oohh poor Dotty if she would know what backgammon stands for… 😉


  5. I love this scene with Amanda and her family and with Lee. So cute! They are so flirty with one another!


  6. I sure wish I had eaten better when I was in high school and university. I don’t even want to know how many big macs I have eaten in my lifetime (last one was in May, 2007). — now the thought of one makes my stomach turn.


  7. I love the way he looks at her. He is beaming from beginning to end. If you just watched and turned down the dialogue you would never guess that they were talking about fast food. And I love that Lee’s response to Amanda’s “what are you doing here” wasn’t to immediately blame it on a case. He actually said that he was just dropping in to say hi, then he brought up the case. That is different for him.
    If Lee feels that he has to compete with Joe in any way after WWH, I am thinking he is feeling pretty confident that she is happy to have him around right about now. He has got to be feeling good about that. I wonder if Amanda was thinking that she needed to be pretty clear that she was happy to see him as well so that he doesn’t think there is anything different now that Joe is on this side of the Atlantic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • whoooo hoooooo!!!!! this is fabulous isn’t it?!!!
      He is so very relaxed now.. Yes Lee seems very confident now..
      looking forward to getting to a point where we can look back on this and compare and discuss the ep order!

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  8. I am so loving the Lee and Amanda interactions in this. Lee is so relaxed he seems to have propped his leg up on the picnic table. He seems to be fidgeting with his fingers, but in a cute way. And they seem to just ease their way into a case discussion by shooting the breeze first. Lee compliments Amanda, but in this instance it’s not to get her to accept the case.

    I wonder if Lee was fishing a little when he asked Amanda if it matters what business. It was just such a cute little exchange with the joking and the bantering. It’s as if once Amanda made that decision about moving forward, she’s open to so much more than just moving ahead in the Agency.

    When I was a kid my parents didn’t believe in fast food other that Kentucky Fried Chicken, because in their minds it was real food. The other stuff wasn’t and if we asked for McDonald’s or Burger King my mother would say that we had ground beef at home. I didn’t even know how to order pizza until I got to college. Of course all that changed when they had grandkids. Although now, the fast food is not that appealing to me. And it doesn’t sit well in my system.


  9. L&A are loving each other’s company now and not afraid to show it. You can see it in their eyes and smiles for each other. The “Does it matter?” and “No” is out and out flirting. 😉
    The events of Wrong Way Home really were the catalyst both of them needed (especially Amanda) to really confront their feelings^ and break through the barrier of uncertainty that was stifling the completely relaxed openness we see between them here.
    ^By feelings I mean not only their feelings about each other but also in Amanda’s case her feelings for Joe, and for both L&A their individual feelings about the future they want.

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  10. No way those kids are going to get to sleep tonight with all that junk food and sugar! Mega muga cola? Ugghhh, it all sounds perfectly horrid and vomit inducing. Never mind my rant. I’ll never understand why anyone would want to consume junk food.
    And… Philip’s already hyper without that super-charging him with junk food.
    Oh, and if you can drag your eyes away from Mr Dreamy Features outside the window, is that a Marvellous Marvin’s plastic toy on the window ledge?
    I do like Amanda’s jacket. It wouldn’t look out of place in 2015.
    The Exorcist Eyes and head swivel I could do without 😮 ROFL Iwsod!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol!! can do without evil eyes eh.. I didn’t want to do without that dreamy way Lee was looking at Amanda 🙂 Just focus on him 🙂 tee hee..

      yeah.. the junk food thing is a real American stereotype.. agree! Phillip’s wired enough already! lol.. actually so is Amanda! she must have sunk a mega mug a’cola in the car on the way back! 🙂


      • Ronald McDonald does have red-and-white striped socks and sleeves. But, the whole hamburger/human combo is more like Mayor McCheese, possibly the most horrifying McDonald’s character ever created.

        Actually, quite a lot of McDonaldland characters look pretty horrifying to me. At age 6, I just sort of accepted them, but when you really look at them, they’re pretty weird: an escaped convict who steals hamburgers because he just can’t help himself, the weird purple thing called “Grimace” which was supposed to be “the embodiment of a milkshake” (whatever that’s supposed to mean, since when are milkshakes purple?), and, of course . . . the clown. Unlike my brother, I never really hated clowns (as he once put it, “you can’t trust a man who has to paint his smile on”), but I was never that wild about them, even when I was 6 (although I was always secretly horrified by clowns with painted on frowns, to me that’s way scarier than the painted smiles, they’re always sad no matter what). If you wish to explore the terrifying landscape that is McDonaldland (Milkshakes aren’t supposed to be fuzzy and purple, I’m just saying.):

        McDonaldland Wiki

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        • “Grimace” is the face you make when you drink the “milk”shake. :/


        • I think that all of those McD’s characters have pretty much faded out. I think that even an appearance by Ronald is rare. When I hear Ronald McDonald now I actually think of the Ronald McDonald House and it’s other charities.


    • Lee: You know your burgers
      Amanda: Well I’m a mother. I have to.

      As much as this is a cute scene (Amanda’s verbal acrobatics, Lee’s look through the window, the interaction between them), I just can’t get past it. I’m not a fan of junk food either and, like Valerie, it doesn’t sit well in my stomach as I get older, mainly because I know what goes into it (and I suspect the infamous ‘filler’ is just the tip of the iceberg!)
      But what really bugs me is that Amanda feels that, as a mother, she should know her fast food burgers. IMHO, this is just appalling. Maybe it was the 80s and I’m being judgmental, but I’d like to think that as a mother she should rather know her freshly prepared, home-cooked food! She works part-time and her mum is there to help too. No excuses, Amanda (except if you’re in an episode about fast food 😀 )

      {Like the Duracell bunny, Learjet’s rant has caused her to has r-u-n d-ow-n,,,}


      • While I’m not a fan of the fast food I still try to be aware of what’s out there mostly because of my students and being aware of more than just their food consumption. However, I did have my nephew living with me for a couple of years. And occasionally my schedule was so jam-packed that I didn’t have time to cook, so on very rare occasions I would stop at a fast food place. The funniest thing was that my nephew would be horrified. He preferred my cooking to the fast food. We know that Amanda is a good mother and we’ve seen her cooking and baking things from scratch. This just might have been one of those moments where she ran out of time or didn’t feel like cooking.

        I would think that Amanda is also trying to stay abreast of what is out there. If my child came home talking about a chocko-blocko something or a mega-muga something or a whamo something (or even a wizard whooper) I would want to know what that is. In the first episode weren’t they at some fish place?


      • The big draw to places like McDonald’s when I was a kid was the little toy that came in the Happy Meal. That’s really what we wanted, more than the food itself. Amanda’s boys, as 80’s kids probably aren’t much different, so they probably ask for this stuff so they can get the whole set of the latest whatever-they’re-offering. They tend to come in themes (like cartoon or movie character toys or Barbie or Hot Wheels, etc.) and there are probably about half a dozen of them within each theme, with new ones being released about every week so you have to eat there at least once a week for about a month or so to get them all, and if they run out of whichever one you simply must have to complete your collection (the one with your absolute most favorite character ever) before you can get it, your fragile childhood hopes are absolutely shattered. Actually, by the time kids get to be about the age of Amanda’s boys, the novelty of the little toys has pretty well worn off (unless you’re like some of my friends who still sometimes get Happy Meals at the age of 30-something because there’s a particularly cool toy based on an awesome reboot of a show they watched as a kid . . . and Happy Meals are also significantly cheaper than adult meals), but Amanda would probably have to be aware of them.


      • LOL yes I too ‘Grimace’ at the line ‘Well I’m a mother, I have to’ ! 😉

        I figure this is smk playing up the American stereotype of fast food.. which is front and centre in this episode anyway. So it’s a plot device too..
        Plus I think fast food was more widely accepted in the 80s. I was eating it when growing up. (wish I hadn’t.. but I was..)

        with the hotdogs of last week it does seem a bit over the top.. and yes.. Moby’s Dock was a fast food place too.. I sense a junk food/cooking post from Learjet coming on?? 😉

        So funny that there is soo much talk of fast food here in everyone’s comments!! – I thought we’d be discussing more how Lee and Amanda are interacting.. lol.. I can never completely predict where a discussion will go! and.. that’s half the fun 🙂

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        • Does anyone think that Amanda’s line about being a mother might be a bit of a test for Lee?? Someone mentioned that Lee might have been fishing when he asked Amanda if it mattered what kind of business he was offering her a partnership in. I was wondering if this reminder that she was a mother was along the same line. After the scene in the gym could he be asking if she wants to follow him into anything and she could be asking him if he wants to be with a mother and her two sons? I don’t think it is that clear and on the surface, but I could see those being two huge questions that they have for each other as they move forward.

          As for fast food. I cook pretty healthy food at our house and my kids understand the importance of good nutrition, but for some bizarre reason if there is ever a time when we break form and get some kind of fast food they act as though it is the biggest treat they have ever had.

          Liked by 2 people

          • But, it’s not just kids who do that. Left to his own devices, my dad would prefer to just get pizza or burgers. In fact, it’s not even just a human thing. I was visiting the botanical gardens here, and we stopped to eat at the cafe. You’re not supposed to feed the animals, but birds and ground squirrels still come to the cafe because they know people drop food and sometimes they can look cute and get people to feed them. One of the waiters was commenting about this and said to me, “If you let me have one of your smaller fries, I’ll show you something.” I gave him a fry, and he stooped down and held it out. One of the ground squirrels came right up to him and grabbed it out of his hand. The waiter said, “I’ve tried offering them celery and carrots, but they just won’t take them. They only do this with french fries.” The junk food phenomenon is inter-species. My friend Neko couldn’t resist pointing out, “Well, these are American squirrels.” 😉

            But, I’m still a little disappointed that they haven’t mentioned the toys in SMK because that’s really the hook that gets a lot of kids. The Marvin’s meal should have come with little flying discs for the kids to fling at each other or mini Slinkies or those little toys that you push down so they pop up real high and almost land in someone’s food or something like that. Amanda’s kids may be a little old for it, but if Dotty had to confiscate an annoying toy from them, it would give Amanda more of an opportunity to slip out and talk to Lee. Actually, now that I think about it, few boys I know ever get too old to goof off with an annoying toy.


            • Maybe the little spaceman (or was it space alien?) in Car Wars that started the whole mess was from Marvin’s


              • My kids are like Morley – eat healthily, complain if something is too sweet and then on the rare occasion they encountered party pies {shudder} at a birthday party, they are like birds of prey descending on unsuspecting animals.
                And yes, it is the toy. Fortunately, mine have forgotten about the toys….And they are exactly the kind of thing that gets stuck down the car door, under your foot, left on the counter for weeks etc etc


              • I thought Marvin looked evil!!


              • lol! Marvin the Martian! 😀

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          • Morley, I was the one who mentioned about Lee fishing. I could see Amanda doing the same thing. They are each taking steps towards one another and they are wanting to be sure that the other is still wanting to take those steps.

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          • For me, I can see Lee’s question about does it matter as testing the waters here.. but Amanda’s comment that she’s a mother doesn’t seem to be a test. she’s regularly thrown out information like that in previous episodes ( she’s the only one who knows where the marshmallows are!! More flippin junk food! gah!!).

            So it’s not clear to me that it’s a test.. but hey – it could be! 🙂


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