9/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Still in the bar.. we left Marvin walking off to get Lee and Amanda a nightcap, and Francine hovering at the bar..
Lee and Amanda watch Marvin walking away..
Lee leans in to say something to Amanda, looking over at Francine as he does –
Amanda looks up to see what he is looking at and sees Francine – she seems surprised to see Francine. I guess she wasn’t told about Francine’s involvement! Booo.. should have told her Lee! She’s your partner!!! Or.. was Lee maybe hoping to not have to include Francine maybe? thoughts?
Lee: Look, uh… you handle Marvellous Marv’. I’m gonna talk to Francine.
[sorry Lee.. Love ya.. but the hair is lookin too flat and umm immovable! eek! (Learjet your reference to ‘crispy’ was spot on! ) I think if one of the teeth on his comb was crooked we’d know!!!!  Winking smile yes.. I am thinking of ‘If thoughts could kill’ Smile  My hem is uneven?!  (edited to add: Hey Karin! I saw you noted this earlier!!! Love it!!!!) ]
Amanda: Right.
[Kudos to Amanda.. she recovers fast and takes this little surprise in her stride]
She gets up and walks over to Marvin for that nightcap he offered. Hmm there goes Marvin getting extra close to another woman.. Meh.. you may have guessed – I’m not a Marvin fan!! I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to be too!! LOL!!!! don’t mind me Winking smile
Lee leaves soon followed by Francine.
Marvin (seeing Amanda): Ah! Come.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163942.304[yes Ahhh! Marvin has Amanda all alone.. no brother.. Umm is He coming on to Amanda? err.. umm I don’t think so!]
Amanda: Well.
Amanda and Marvin find a stool at the bar.. Everyone else sitting there is looking pretty surly!
Bendix is there still drinking, and Barry and Carla are watching Marvin and Amanda closely. So are Barry and Carla brother and sister? Winking smile tee hee..
Actually I don’t know what they are.. and at this point these two are so uninteresting and uninspiring… I don’t really care what they are! But interesting to note the little Moustache wearing reunion party going on in the background in that pic above.
Marvin: Yes, we eat well…. [guess he doesn’t eat his burgers then! Winking smile ]
.. You know, I don’t think there’s a prettier sight anywhere…
…than a full moon over the Marvin’s plant.
Amanda seems surprised..
[gag..  This line of his seems to start by sounding like he is going to say Amanda is pretty.. but that’s not where he takes it. I think from Amanda’s reaction she was surprised at the end of the sentence too.
Yeah I think the message is: he’s just a harmless cheesey hamburger kinda guy.. ugh.. ]
Amanda: Ohh. (she laughs) [Yeah silly Amanda.. she thought he was coming on to her! Winking smile ]
Is this guy a much loved comedian or something? because he seems to be charming Amanda a lot more than he probably should be?! (IMHO!)
Marvin: The silhouette just takes your breath away.
Amanda (chuckling): Umm… well, I bet it does.
Ahhh yes.. I think we are suppose to be thinking – there goes Amanda and her great people skills! When really, all she has done is laugh at a couple of lame lines.. Meh! Sorry Marvin makes me a little grouchy!
We cut to Carla and Barry..
Carla: I don’t like her talking to your father, Barry.
[So Barry is his son? Ohhhh dear… so that’s why Marvin liked the family spirit.. This dim sap is Marvin’s son?! But they don’t even look alike!!! Smile whahahaahahaaa…
‘your father’ hmm okay so Carla and Barry are possibly only step siblings with the same mother?! tee hee..]
Carla: She’s fishing.
[Hmm Carla strokes Barry’s arm.. and he reaches for her hand.. me thinks they are not even step siblings! But they look alike!!! Winking smile  lookin like lovers..]
Barry: Everything’s cool, Carla. It was a false alarm in the office, and I checked them out… they’re clean. Look … Eddie is the only one who knew anything, and he’s … he’s not talking.
Carla: Eddie used to be an agent, Barry. All he had to do was make one call.
[How does Carla know that?! I mean didn’t all agents have a cover ID of some kind? surely he didn’t use Billy Melrose section chief as his reference? whoooo or Mrs Marsden?! Maybe Carla got really close to Eddie – and he was thinking of proposing.. (ala Lost and Found) ]
Carla: Huh, and now that little worm, Bendix, has developed a conscience to go with his drinking habit. [From what he was saying to Francine, he didn’t seem to have a conscience.. me confused.]
Barry: Shh-hhh shh-shh-hhh! Bendix is fine. We’re gonna ship that sauce right on schedule.
Carla: And then we lose him.

[Lose Bendix? or Lose Marvin?! and.. do I care? nope! Winking smile ]
We cut back to Marvin and Amanda..
Marvin: How about breakfast—tomorrow?
Aie.. isn’t that an old come on line?! Is Marvin trying to pick up Amanda?? Hmm err no I don’t think he is.. he just constantly has me wondering and then thinking not! He’s just really wrong to me.. maybe it’s that the script is rather random!
Amanda smiles and nods. (well there you go! Amanda’s charm and people skills have randomly made a connection with Marvin. what luck)
Marvin: About eight?
Amanda: It’s a date.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164031.354[GAHHHHH!!!!! No!!!! No it isn’t!!!! Is Amanda coming on to Marvin?! tee heee.. err no I am absolutely positively certain she isn’t.. I just reeeeally wish it didn’t sound like it! haaaa!! Hilarious!]
Marvin: Good. I’ll send my driver. See you then.
Amanda: All right… Nice to meet you.
Marvin: Yes… My pleasure.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164038.358[My pleasure?! Nooooooo.. okay okay.. I know I am being hyper vigilante here! and Marvin is a harmless fuddy duddy.. And from what Carla and Barry just said – we have confirmation that hapless Marvin is not in on the Colossus murdering thousands.. Hmm.. ]
Marvin stands up and leaves.. and we cut to Lee and Francine out in a foyer – pretending to both be on phone calls.. how coincidental – they are talking to other people.. but they take turns talking!! Winking smile tee hee..
Lee: Any luck?
Francine: Yeah, a little… Ahhh… Billy gave me a list of the Marvin’s honchos, and so far I’ve run into the… uh… controller, the senior VP of marketing, and our friend at the piano bar—the head chemist. He looks promising.
Lee: He looks innocuous.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164051.874[Innocuous? Oh Lee.. Is it just me or is this a ridiculous thing for an agent to say at this point?! How did BB deliver that line. He should have said no!]
Francine: Maybe. Maybe not.
Anyway, his name is Cecil Bendix, and he’s been with the company since the start… Uh, he’s got a big axe to grind. He’s already singing “My Day Will Come”.
[better than let’s go to Marvin’s!]
Hmm. Very interesting. Keep him talking, huh?
Francine: Are you kidding? I can’t shut him up.
[I think Lee has gotten use to working with Amanda – he should know better than to tell Francine to keep him talking! I kinda like that Francine doesn’t take that from him. Hey. She’s not a newbie here.. she’s a fully fledged agent. And Lee shouldn’t forget it! As awesome as I think Amanda is – she is not a fully trained agent.. so that does change things a bit]
Lee: Goodbye, darling. [Swooooon!!]
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164110.392(Lee hangs up his phone, glances at Francine and walks away.)
Francine: Okay, fine, then uh, we’ll talk to you later on that. Bye-bye.
[rofl. Love how Lee’s goodbye cover is saying goodbye to his honey. Whereas Francine’s sounds like a business call!]
(Francine hangs up her phone and walks away.)

Okay guys- time to finish up this post. Apologies to anyone who enjoys Marvin and is finding my meh reaction to Marvin (bordering on dislike!) to be annoying!! Feel free to share your love of the Marvin character (and the burger if you like Winking smile ) and explain yourself! whahaahah Winking smile kidding! Seriously though all opinions are welcome..  Bye for now! can’t wait to hear from ya!

25 responses to “9/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Awww, I like Marvin. He seems like a sweet older gentleman whose first and only love is a really good hamburger. He seems quite harmless. I will admit to having a soft spot for “old” people – although Marvin isn’t that old – more like parental age. It’s so much easier to enjoy talking to an older person when there is no man/woman stuff to consider. That is how I see this between Amanda and Marvin, almost like her and Harry V. Actually, he reminds me of my father a little bit.

    I don’t think Marvin is coming on to Amanda nor she trying to charm him or flirt with him. I think she is establishing a relationship with him to get an “in” for the case. She’s done quite a good job – he’s invited her for breakfast! So soon! (lol – couldn’t resist). It reminds me of ALLA though. There it was accidental that she made contact, here she is doing it on purpose – and quite successfully. Lee should be proud. He left her to do her thing and it worked. I don’t think Lee would have gotten a breakfast invitation….

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  2. I do think Marvin is trying to pick Amanda up, but not in a creepy way. A drink and a breakfast date with a pretty woman, and see if there’s any further interest, that’s all.


  3. I see Marvin as someone who is pretty one-dimensional. His life is all about burgers, and inside that bubble he is content. I am not sure that he is at all comfortable when he has to step outside and play social host for a convention. He seems to be working the crowd, (possibly preferring to seek out the ladies?) but his small talk repetoire is decidedly nerdy in a fast-food sort of way.


    • I like your take on Marvin here, Raffie. I agree, he has to play host, but all he knows is the burger business. I think he is relieved to find someone who just smiles and acts as if she enjoys burger talk. He will zone in on Amanda and feel as if he has met the crowd personally.


  4. Marvin doesn’t give me the creeps – he’s just terribly cheesy. I’m thinking circus (not in a good way) – kind of a cross between the ringmaster (jovial and the red jacket) and a clown. I just don’t see this guy as the brains behind a fast food empire. Actually, I don’t see signs of much of a brain….


  5. Oh my Heck! the fake phone call ploy works as well as Amanda and Lee’s cover of brother and sister. Nothing suspicious here at all. I would think if that Lee or Francine would ramble on another minute or so after the other left, it would look more natural. But, what do I know? I am not a hot shot super spy (though my hair used to be as big as Francine’s)

    Liked by 1 person

    • rofl! soooo true!!! it looked very fake.. but ahem.. yes what do we know?! 🙂

      though my hair used to be as big as Francine’s

      the words ‘use to’ in that sentence mean you have plenty of credibility 🙂
      actually.. now I think about it – if your hair were bigger than Francine’s now Cindy – I’d still love to hear what you have to share with us 🙂

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  6. Love that Lee’s headspace for the fake phone call is personal and emotional, compared with Francine’s clinical, business-like fake conversation. I think this was deliberate to show that Lee’s thoughts are now considerably more nuanced and emotion based than they were 2 or 3 years ago.

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  7. I think Amanda is seeing an opportunity to be of use by finding out more about Marvin and any issues he might have with his people or organisation. I get the feeling Lee just wanted her to keep Marvin occupied but Amanda sees the opportunity to help the investigation. Lee obviously doesn’t see Marvin as dangerous for Amanda to be around.
    Oh, and I’m quite sure there are much prettier sights than the moon over Marvin’s. What a dopey line! I think Marvin’s been eating too much of his crappy food and it’s dulled his thought processes.
    Agree Iwsod, not loving Lee’s hairstyle. If only he had kept the S2 European style.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good call.. Yes Amanda is good at getting to know the people involved..
      maybe Lee was happy to use that talent of Amanda’s also..agree Marvin seems ‘innocuous’ 😉 whahahaaa..

      S2 European style? I don’t think I could have coped.. far too swoony and would have needed to watch season 3 in very small doses. with all the swoony changes and that hair cut?! Too powerful!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I sure would have been game to try watching swoony season 3 and 4 Lee with the European haircut! We might have knocked our heads a few times with the massive swoon-factor, but what a way to go!! 🤣🤣


        • Me, too, mommynificent! Race you to the front of the line for two more seasons of Lee’s stylish European hair … and don’t forget some of those dreamy custom-made suits!

          The cases of smelling salts I carry, to prevent being overcome by his awesome self, will slow me down a bit. Just can’t bear the thought of missing out if I were to pass out!


    • Yes, kiwismh – Lee has left Amanda to talk to Marvin because he has to go make an important “phone call” to Francine. He obviously doesn’t think talking to Marvin is important enough for him to do, so he leaves it to Amanda. Even though Amanda has grown by leaps and bounds, Lee is still not treating her the same as a trained agent. I guess he shouldn’t because she isn’t, but I think she deserves something. Not sharing the cover beforehand or telling her that Francine would be there is very irritating to me. Amanda seems to be used to it and doesn’t dwell on it.


  8. I wondered about Francine’s presence, too. Did Billy send her or did she kind of worm her way into the investigation? I suppose that she must be there with Billy’s permission, but it’s strange that no one mentioned it ahead of time. Although, I’ve got a theory about that. I think I’ll save it for the next post.

    When you were talking about Lee’s hair, all I could think of was “Ken doll hair.” Nicely combed, but basically flat and molded in place.


  9. I finally had to look up the actor who plays Marvin because it wasn’t gelling as to where I had seen him before. He played Jerry Seinfeld’s father on Seinfeld. It also just struck me in this post that there is a boxer named Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He was the Middleweight champion in the 80s. I guess at one point he got upset because announcers would use the “marvelous” moniker during matches so he had his name legally changed to Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Sounds a bit eccentric to me. I think that it’s possibly another pop culture tweek from SMK. Marvin Metz seems a bit on the eccentric side to me. Maybe that’s what they were shooting for, but it does come off as a bit creepy as well. He seems very much immersed into all things related to Marvelous Marvin’s.

    I think it’s funny that Lee thinks Cecil is innocuous and that’s what he and Amanda are supposed to be. They’ve been less successful than Cecil. So weird to see pay phones at all. How quickly technology has changed. Barry looks like a putz and Carla just seems plain mean and overbearing.

    The difference in the way Lee and Francine end their conversations may say something about where they are at this moment. Remember earlier when Lee chose Amanda to be his undercover partner over Francine. Being around Amanda has changed Lee and his emotional side is coming more to the fore whereas Francine is still all about the job and her emotions are in check. I was doing a bit of research for a possible fan fic and was re-reading Fearless Dotty. There’s a part where Amanda comments about people getting lost at the Agency and it all seems as if it’s a game. Lee has become a lot less lost due to Amanda’s influence. It’s interesting that the scenario that he put into his head regarding the phone call is about someone he cares for whereas Francine chooses to stick with what she knows which is that the job comes first.


    • I just re-read my own comment….it should say that the announcers wouldn’t use the “marvelous” moniker. And I’m thinking tweek should be tweak. Too much going on right now. Leaving for camp tomorrow with my students. Things are a bit hectic right now.


      • I know what you mean about the public phones! You just don’t see those much since cell phones became popular.

        Hope you have a good trip! 🙂


      • Hey Valerie- hope you have a great trip!
        Thanks for the Marvelous information 🙂
        That does make a little more sense of the whole weird Marvellous Marvin thing..

        Yeah I was going to post a you tube vid of Jerry’s dad.. but didn’t have time.. there’s one there in which Jerry’s dad’s wallet goes missing at the doctors or something. Jerry’s dad didn’t seem creepy. At the moment, I’m blaming the writing of this ep!


    • Thanks for that Valerie – I knew I’d seen Marvin somewhere else. 🙂


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