8/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Brace yourselves! It’s back to the multipurpose room! Oh phew.. they’re not singing!!!

Marvin is trying to deliver an inspiration speech.. (Next stop the White House?!)
… and we’re gonna keep on growing, until Marvin’s burgers take their rightful place next to Mother, and Old Glory…

… as the three things that represent the best of everything about this great country of ours.FFFT1.avi_20150419_163732.672
It sounds like there are some in the audience on board with him – but that front table is not looking very enthusiastic!

Someone is going to need to help me with the ‘mother and Old glory’ references.. ?? I’m guessing he is putting Marvin’s right up there as a national treasure – and completely over reaching?! Yeah!! Marvin’s is what makes America great!!! (wha?!) and then  to prove how ridiculous this is… uh oh.. The piano starts.. oh noooo!!! Everyone run!!!!!
LOL I think Marvin is trying to be the conductor!
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163736.676Carla is seen to turn and look at the attendees with a big smile – sooo fake!
Uh oh.. she notices Lee and Amanda finding their way back to the room.. see now if they’d been a couple…
– they could have pretended they skipped out for a little nookie because the Marvin’s song was making them frisky! Yeah nahh who would buy that?!  But as brother and sister- that is definitely out! I guess they could have stepped outside for a family argument..
Lee and Amanda find their way back to their seats..
Carla gets Barry’s attention.. and even he notices they are acting suspiciously!
Carla is frowning and seems to be saying something to Barry we can’t hear.. because her lips aren’t matching the singing.. What we don’t know.. but it can’t be good! [I think they are in trouble because they only have on a lousy Marvin’s badge.. no hat.. no t-shirt.. they are not truly committed to Marvin’s!]

Moving on to the hotel bar.. guessing that is not at Marvin’s headquarters! (Though I don’t doubt it could use a good bar!)
We find Francine all dolled up and playing the honey trap – she seems to have caught the attention of the unknown man (KC says he is Cecil Bendix- thanks KC!]  who had been sitting at that first table not looking enthralled by Marvin. But now.. he’s pretty enthralled with Barbie err Francine.

Francine: The head chemist?  Ohhh!  That sounds so important.
Cecil: The most important job, to be totally and immodestly honest.
Francine: Mmm! What is it, exactly, that you do, Cecil?
I invented the secret sauce…
[love Francine’s ‘wow!!!’ expression! when we know she probably loathes the stuff]
…The goo that makes Marvin Metz a quadzillionaire.
Cecil: I’m the… man behind the man. The unsung hero, living in the shadow.

[Yeah those big corporations never think of the little guy..
I think Lee was thinking of guys like this when he was playing burned out agent!]
Francine: Oh, poor Cecil. That doesn’t sound fair at all…
[Francine’s Barbie impression here is fabulous. Kudos to Francine! Anyone ever wished we got to see Amanda do this??!!! Oh heck.. maybe we do and I’ve forgotten! don’t tell me whahaaha]
Cecil: It’s not. It’s not fair at all. But little Cecil B. might just turn the tables on Marvellous Marvin…
… Real soon.
Having told Francine he’s a loser with a grudge, Cecil gets up and leaves. LOL either this is just really rubbish writing or Cecil is an idiot.. it’s so convenient it feels like a set up..
and what’s with the reeeeeal sooooon!!!! why would he add that?! and he didn’t even try to pick up! lol.. maybe he’ll come back..
I guess it’s all down to Francine’s magical honey trap powers..

And yes.. I think that necklace is a weapon Winking smile and yes.. IMHO that dress is awful.. though I can see that maybe it was a fashionable fabric at the time.. but for me, it doesn’t look very flattering.. even with Francine’s assets.

In walks Lee and Amanda.. Lee seems to enter, looking at Francine – like he knew he would see her up at the bar..I guess she wasn’t foisted on Lee without his knowledge..
Amanda though hasn’t noticed Francine – has she been told Francine will be there?!
Amanda: What is going on?
They walk further into the bar..
Lee: You got me…. (Lee looks at Francine at the bar..)
[Look at these two.. soo not brother and burger flippin sister!]
…It’s the first time I’ve been on the trail of a double cheeseburger.
Marvin approaches them: Did I hear someone mention double cheeseburger?
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163858.258[Aie.. yep.. I’m surprised Lee wasn’t yelling at the top of his lungs about the Killer Colossus Burger!!!]
Lee: Hah-ahhh.
Marvin: Two of the tastiest words in the English language. Name’s Marvin Metz. Friends call me Marvellous, and who am I to say they’re liars?
Amanda dutifully laughs… though hey.. it’s possible she finds this super double cheesey cheeseburger humour funny!
Marvin: I see you’re wearing the company emblem.
[Yeah the evil burger!]
Amanda: Yes, we are. / Lee: Ha. Yes.
Marvin: Were you folks at the seminar tonight?
Lee: Yes, we were.
[thus why they are in a bar.. and probably seeking a drink!]
Amanda: Oh, yes we were.
Marvin: Err, Mr. and Mrs.?

[whahahaahahahahahahah!!!!!! Who doesn’t love this??!!!
It’s a little – ‘we sooooooo don’t look alike’!! and.. at the same time – it’s a ‘they sooooooo don’t look and act like siblings!]
Amanda looks at Lee here..  whahaahaha
Lee: Ah, Lee Stemson and my sister Amanda
Amanda: Uh, noooooo. Amanda Keene. Brother and sister.

Marvin: Amanda. Brother and sister?
[Marvin seems too happy they are just brother and sister.. Is he making a play for Amanda?! He doesn’t repeat Lee’s name 😉 Hmm.. maybe not..]

FFFT1.avi_20150419_163919.281(Lee smiles and tries to look over at Francine at the bar)
[I guess since they are not Mr and Mrs Lee is allowed to do that! lol..]
Marvin: Well, I like that family spirit… (Lee looks up at Marvin)
… Come! Let me, uhh… let me treat you to a nightcap.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163924.784(Marvin starts walking toward the bar.)
Amanda: Oh, thank you very much!
Lee: Well… thank you.

LOL this Marvin dude comes across as friendly and harmless, but he also doesn’t take no for an answer here.. Hmm.. is he coming on to Amanda??!!! Hmmmm maybe not..
He just walks off assuming they’ll drink with him! LOL! Why? what’s he up to? he could be working with Carla and Barry and be sussing them out.. The guy certainly isn’t marvellously modest. Winking smile 

Was anyone else wondering about whether Marvin was a good guy or a bad guy at this point? I mean that burger that has his name is evil looking enough!
I’m going to stop here – why not! and I’ll be back with more soon.. Anyone liking Francine’s outfit?? Come on Kiwismh.. Hit? or Miss??!!!! Smile byeee!! 

17 responses to “8/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Marvin. Not a man to hide his light under a bushel eh? He seems really sweet albeit in a slightly big headed pushy way. Generous hearted to buy a nightcap for people he doesn’t know.
    Francine looks a bit too much like a working girl here!!!! Trying too hard with the red dress, cleavage and Mr T like jewellery. keep it classy Francine!


  2. I always thought Cecil Bendix was just drunk when he was talking to Francine at the bar and that had loosened up his lips. Yeah, it does seem a bit convenient.

    And I’ve always had a soft spot for Marvelous Marvin. He just seems like a happy, cheerful kind of guy!


  3. Francine’s outfit isn’t totally heinous, but then by comparison I am thinking of some of her more serious fashion felonies. The fabric looks kind of like some sort of polyester velvet – quite heavy looking. The bling (necklace and earrings) are heavy looking too. I guess the cleavage was what she was trying to maximise to entice Mr Chemist into blabbing about his aggro with the company, and Marvin in particular. I’m not going to book her on this once since it is clearly a “costume” for honey trap purposes, not necessarily something she would choose to wear herself.
    Move along, nothing to see here. 😎


  4. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve been thinking about the brother/sister cover. I think it was more for the audience. We know that there is sexual tension between the two, so this cover can relay to us that their relation has not gotten intimate. This is just IMHO!


  5. Once again Lee and Amanda are in coordinating colors. They almost look plain against the garishness of that red and yellow Marvin’s combo.


    • I also find it interesting that Francine is dressed in red, given all the Marvin’s red. She clearly meant to be a ‘siren’ but it doesn’t work because she matches Marvin etc.
      At least she isn’t wearing matching red ear buttons like Carla!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I want to know what exactly is in that secret sauce that they have a head chemist – EWWWWW!. I just thought of something — I don’t know what is worse – if Marvelous Marvin’s uses a North American definition of chemist (someone who does chemical research or runs experiments) or the Australian definition (someone who dispenses pharmaceuticals.). Either way, pretty sketchy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, yeah! Why do they have a head chemist and not a head chef? (Jestress glances around suspiciously.)

      Liked by 4 people

    • There are such things as flavor chemists or flavorists. Some food companies do work with people who have degrees in chemistry in order to help make their food more flavorful or create new food ideas. I had a class in college called Physics of Things We Use and it had more practical applications including household and food chemistry. Cooking is basically chemistry. One year I had a student do an awesome Science project on how the taste of a chocolate chip cookie is affected by the absence of one ingredient. They did research on each ingredient and its purpose in the cookie. They then baked several batches of cookies each with only one ingredient missing. Each was compared to a control group that had been baked first. That was the tastiest Science project I’ve ever graded.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Actually my year 5 daughter is doing class in food chemistry where they learn about how ingredients baking powder and yeast work. And I’ve go a friend with degree in nutrition science who does the work you describe, Valerie.

        Unfortunately, I suspect that Marvin’s Secret Sauce relies more on synthetic chemicals than adding some extra natural ingredients.


        • Oh, I’ve heard of experiments like that. The one I’ve heard about is with chocolate chip cookies, kind of like what Valeriejw was talking about, where they make some with baking soda, some with baking powder, and some with both to show how it changes the cookies. There was one big experiment I read about where they tried a lot of other changes, too.

          But, yeah, I think Marvin’s is probably adding some un-natural colors and flavors, too.


  7. I have seen necklaces like Francine’s in stores recently. Too big for my tastes.
    So did Lee know that Francine would be there? Hmmm? And I don’t like the fact that the brother/sister cover leaves room for Lee to make contact with the honey pot in red. Was that part of the plan?
    I don’t know if Marvin is making a pass at Amanda or if he just recognizes that she is a friendly, personable person. I guess we will have to just wait and see. So much up in the air so far.
    And how come this is the only episode so far where Lee and Amanda are not getting away with their sneaking and lying. The baddies can see right through them and even catch them in the act. Why is that happening?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. When Marvin says Mother he is referring to the title of mother itself as in Mother’s Day and Mom and all that they represent. Old Glory refers to the U.S. flag and patriotism. It’s like baseball and hot dogs and apple pie, etc, as old American standards.


    • I usually hear the saying as “As American as mom, apple pie, and baseball.” I’m not sure exactly who first said it, although it seems to be based on something that U.S. soldiers said during WWII, that their reasons for fighting were “for mom and apple pie”:


      Adding in “baseball” to the saying would be pretty natural because that’s considered a national sport, although I’m not sure when exactly that happened or who did it. Wikipedia (as reliable as that is) seems to indicate that it could be from a patriotic/anti-Soviet song from 1950, which also mentions Old Glory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_pie).

      They also referenced the saying in a Remington Steele episode once, when someone commented on Steele not being American. Steele said something like, “No, but I am fond of mom, apple pie, and baseball, if that helps.” (Or maybe he pronounced it “mum”, I’m not sure.) The “mom” part kind of confused me before, but when I tried looking it up, someone suggested that the important part is that it’s “mom” and not “mum.” “Mom” is a more American way of saying it.

      I think part of the humor here is that ‘Marvelous’ Marvin is kind of mangling the saying. Old Glory is definitely an American symbol, but it’s not usually part of the saying, unless Marvin’s thinking of the song mentioned on Wikipedia.

      Liked by 1 person

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