12/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

 So.. Lee accompanies Amanda to her door, across the hall.. thanks to his years of field experience Winking smile
(unlocking her door): Well, I could ask you in for a cup of coffee…  (I’m thinking Lee is not sure what Amanda’s going to say here.. “but” maybe?!)
…. if you..
…. like instant?

FFFT1.avi_20150516_154244. 12
I think it’s Lee’s turn to be surprised!!! And.. Amanda licks her lips!!!! Is Amanda coming on to Lee? Hmm.. I think she is!!
I love that Lee comes back with ‘Uhhhhh’ tee hee.. this is not super smooth scarecrow 😉 this is real vulnerable Lee (err except we all know he is not real lol) okay- the real character Lee! tee hee.. and I love that he is a little nervous and not cocky at all here 🙂
But wait! We hear Francine call out..
Francine: Well, I found my room!
Lee and Amanda’s heads snap around..
Francine (continues): I think the night manager liked me.
(Ugh.. I think Francine has to be top dog.. that might be part of her attitude… all men have to find her irresistible -or was that ‘unforgettable’ and no man would certainly prefer Amanda to Francine – I really don’t think Francine has any interest in Lee romantically, she just doesn’t want Amanda to have him you know? at least.. that’s what I’m going to go with for now.. until you guys can provide a better explanation for me! Smile )
Francine laughs and walks past. Her back to Lee and Amanda.. Lee turns and meets Amanda’s eyes. Silent talk time!
I think Lee looks regretful here.. coffee no longer a good idea?
Frame by frame I think I see Amanda agrees..
And they both want to slap Francine Smile
Francine (continues):
Oh, here it is. Two-oh-four.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_154250.381(Francine moves to unlock her door, which is beside Amanda’s and across the hall from Lee’s.)
Of course it is! Amanda kind of smiles to herself here.. of course it is that room.. of all the rooms in the hotel!

Funny though, Lee isn’t moving. He’s watching Francine go into her room. but he isn’t leaving Amanda yet Smile He doesn’t want to go me thinks. Amanda isn’t going into her room either Smile they just wait for Francine to disappear!
FFFT1.avi_20150516_154251.663Francine glances up at Lee and Amanda while trying to get her door open.. and not understanding what she can see haaaa!
Lee (to Amanda): Well, uhhh…
rofl. Francine is horrified at what she is seeing.. this can’t be right?!!
: What’s, uhhh… happening?
Amanda: Nothing.
Nothing, nothing…
We’re just, uh, closing down for the night, uh…
Amanda (nods): Yeah.
Francine: Oh. Okay, fine…
(LOL I think Francine accepts their nothings very easily.. because she couldn’t really cope had the answer been anything else!) …Well, I’m gonna be up at the crack of dawn, so I’ll knock on both your doors.
Amanda: Oh, good. (nods) [I hear a silent:’Not’ here]
Lee: Yeah.
Francine: ‘Night.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_162823.410(Francine goes into her room.finally) Super friendly Francine is scary!!!
Amanda: Good night!
(clears throat): Well, I guess I’m gonna have to take a rain check…
…on the…
(love how he doesn’t immediately finish this sentence.. he leaves it hanging a moment.. what was it?
coffee? time together?? nookie? Winking smile backgammon????
how about.. taking a rain check on taking things to the next level here?)
(Amanda sighs.)
Amanda: Yeah…
(finishing his sentence): … coffee.
[coffee oh right yeah. there was coffee involved.. ahem.. Not meant to be.. Why do you think they didn’t continue with their plans?]
Again, Lee licks his lips Nyah-Nyah
Amanda : Okay, I’ll… see you in the morning.
Yeah. Good night.
Amanda: Good night.

They smile at each other. Amanda turns and goes into her room. Lee walks down the hall to his own door.
I love how he’s all by himself.. and just looking at her door.. Still thinking of Amanda.. and how they almost got to have some more time together (Lee almost got to teach her about his field experience!). He seems to juggle his keys a moment and hesitate.. maybe he wondered if he should go knock on her door? (I can picture Francine at this moment looking through her peep hole)
Lee enters his room. For a moment.. the camera stays on the empty hallway..
I remember being a little in suspense at what could happen here – I just really didn’t want to see Francine knock on Lee’s door – awk-ward!!
Amanda opens her door, and peaks her head out into the hallway..
She looks down toward Lee’s room. then.. straight ahead..
and she shakes her head.  Like ‘what was I thinking?!’
Then she closes her door.
I’d like to know what she was thinking. Wouldn’t you??!!
– go knock on Lee’s door?
or.. was she checking to make sure that Lee hadn’t knocked on Francine’s door? or Francine hadn’t knocked on Lee’s?
I’ve been leaning toward Amanda wanting to be sure Lee and Francine were in separate rooms – and then chastising herself for thinking such a thing..  you know?
.. Francine just commented about what Lee got up to previously… and maybe this is Amanda working through the changes in Lee and coming to see he really has changed? She isn’t sure.. so she checks.. but she gets confirmation here – Lee isn’t at Francine’s door… looking for backgammon.. you know?

I guess how you see this depends on where you see Amanda right now.
This could also be  Amanda wrestling with temptation here. If you see Amanda as openly considering Lee at this point- with no more questions..
And then she’s thinking she’s crazy for considering knocking on his door!
It certainly plays up the whole idea of them not being in the same room together and both kinda being disappointed about that from earlier..
Hmm I can see that both interpretations could work.
For some reason the way Amanda does this, makes me think her look was about Lee and Francine. Not about Lee and Amanda.. but why I’m not sure..
I think Amanda is allowed to be looking, questioning and taking note of Lee’s behaviour – and this is one more moment where she sees – hmm more evidence he has said goodbye to  his former playboy ways..

Anyway, the musical doors aren’t over yet though.
Lee opens his door and peaks over at Amanda’s door. (without a glance at Francine’s door – happily!)
Maybe Lee heard Amanda’s door.. and wondered..
(A little ‘carry on’ humour here no? Bit risqué for smk! Lots of hinting about backgammon.. come on lines.. and Carla sleeping her way to the top.. this episode is full of it!)
FFFT1.avi_20150516_165522. 66
I think Lee was still tempted to go down there knock on Amanda’s door and have coffee. Yes.. coffee! ahem. Winking smile
However, we see Lee once again turn to go back to his room. Only.. as he does – Francine opens her door to be nosey.
Lee automatically smiles and tries to casually chuckle.
(She’s watching Scarecrow! It ain’t worth it.. now is not the time!)
Lee: Hi.
Francine: Hi.
Lee: Uhhh…
(points down the hallway at Amanda’s door)
(so funny how Lee can’t even think of anything to say! haaa)

Hmm will Francine make a move on Lee here? Hmm.. No- phew! Noooo hint of that here! Hooray!!!
Francine smiles as she starts to move back into her room. I think she can’t comprehend that Lee could be making moves on Amanda.. but..
…As she heads back into her room she has this disconcerted feeling for a reason she really can’t understand! tee hee..
Lee keeps smiling..
until Francine’s door is closed.
Then hoooooo haaaaaaaaa Lee gives Amanda’s door one last look.
[No more! stop the torture it’s not going to happen tonight.
Go tell your secretary Billy to get onto Bendix and report back  in the morning! Smile]
I like this last look Lee gives Amanda’s door  – to me it’s a – ‘this ain’t over Amanda King! this is just beginning!!!’
kinda look  
thuddy emoticon[3]
Finally.. the hallway antics are over! Phew!!!! Everyone safely in their beds for the night – alone!! 😉

Seems I no longer have any doubts over whether Lee is at this point interested in Amanda..and vice versa.. (Amanda is taking note of Lee’s actions furiously at this point IMHO- and liking what she sees 🙂 )
It’s like the wheels have been set in motion at this point – since the tag of  The Wrong Way Home maybe.. and now it’s not a case of IF but WHEN!!!!!! Smile What’s it like for you?
Sooo come on everyone – what’s going on here for all three characters? do tell!!! I’d love to hear your take on things! byeee for now!!!!

53 responses to “12/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I don’t think Amanda opened her door and peeked out was to check on Lee and Francine. I think she looked out because she was tempted to go back and knock on Lee’s door….

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    • Oh yessss..totally agree. I would actually say that they both wanted something more.. the urge..the temptation..was all there. If only Francine hadn’t walked in on their little “coffee chat”🥰🤣

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  2. First, LOVELY site. I’ve been reading through these recaps for days now 😂 (I want to go back and reread because I may have enjoyed these recaps more than the actual episodes!!)

    Had to comment for this scene because there was a site in the 90s (can’t recall it, but it was one of the popular SMK sites) where the “groupthink” definitely seemed to be that Amanda wouldn’t have ever had sex until she was married. O.O Anyway, that surprised me (and I’m fairly sure I was the only virgin on that site back then, because most were married women!), and I would ALWAYS point to this exact scene because the subtext here seemed so freaking clear, amirite?

    (—not to mention, ugh, Dean, whenever he was on the show. Seriously: were we to believe Amanda/Dean were “platonic”?! Actually, I’d like to think that for real, 😂 but still… sad news is that Amanda PROBABLY hooked up with Dean.)

    And I THINK around this timeframe — maybe even right after this episode even — the showrunners seemed to pump the brakes on any “scandalous” sort of situations (SEX!) that had definitely been a fun undercurrent of the show since ep 1, really. You pointed out Lee’s terrible “TV anchorman hair” — boy, his sexiness factor really hit the skids for me by S3 with that hair. (Just as Amanda was amping it up, too!)

    I’d have to think that THIS scene was probably considered pretty scandalous for the 1980s 8pm timeslot (or was it 9pm?). Anyway, It sure surprised me watching it in the 90s, because ALL I see is Lee and Amanda trying to get up the nerve to knock on each other’s doors, and if they’d knocked after saying their goodnights, …I just don’t think there would have been any more playing “want some coffee?” games. I couldn’t believe they WENT there! (And I LOVED it!)

    And then something happened, I should read ahead and figure out what, but it seemed like the showrunners purposefully pumped those brakes on any “passionate”-like romance in late S3. (That whole “will they/won’t they” playfulness that had been around since S1 just …DIED or something.)

    I wish they would have dropped the whole “Lee grows up” thing like he’d suddenly turned 50 years old.

    (I REALLY wish I could rewatch these; the only copies I have are such bad video quality, and one of my favorite S1 episodes cuts off before the end tag!)


    • Hi!!! good thing is SMK is on DVD, you can get it off amazon! thats where I got mine! and the quality on the DVDs is pretty good, considering it’s an almost 30 yr old show!

      Generally speaking about this scene, I dont think Amanda was balking at the the IDEA of sex( I mean it was the 80s after all … LOL), if she was resisting anything, it was his delivery … IDK if he meant it this way, but it sounded awfully like an old line he would have used in his “player” days, maybe that is what she rejected?

      Judging about her offer for him to come in for coffee, I dont think she is adverse to the option of premarital sex.

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      • Interesting topic Trebuchette!

        I see it the same way Norma does ( well put Norma!). I felt it was the delivery that was the issue.

        At the same time, I have to agree with Cindy too – I didn’t interpret it as coffee = sex. I was thinking coffee = more time together because I love to be with you! At this point, that seems to be very special and significant.. just being together.. maybe it’s little 9 year old me watching this scene.. tee hee.. but.. that’s how I’m seeing it.

        No right or wrong answer though so interesting to hear different ideas! 🙂


    • I was able to get all the seasons on DVD after dropping subtle hints to the husband unit. Well, maybe the text messages and pictures telling him which video store had copies, which shelf they were on, or ‘ Guess what, I had them hold a copy behind the front desk for you’ were a tiny bit unsubtle, but he got the hint and over a period of several years I was able to get a complete set.
      Dean always caused a conundrum for me since Amanda’s divorce was very fresh (less than a year according the first episode) and yet they were close enough to go on a fishing trip together and he had some of his clothes at her place and yet no matter how long Amanda and Joe’s marriage was for all intents and purposes over, I can’t imagine her sleeping with someone else until her marriage was officially over or allowing the boys to get to know someone she was kind of ‘meh’ about. There is a sweet story over at fanfiction called “Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful” told from Dean’s a-dork-able point of view which has a plausible and interesting take on the nature of Amanda’s and Dean’s relationship.
      Hmmmm, I’ll have to consider if Amanda’s invitation for ‘instant’ coffee (BWA HA HA HA HA!), meant going all the way. I never assumed it did, I think saner heads would prevail especially with Lee’s BONE HEADED decision to have them play brother and sister. Now that would have been awkward if they were caught.

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      • I figured there had to be some remastered DVDs or something to get these screenshots! Yay! (Then I hoped they were on Amazon Prime to download in HD, but …not yet!) Maybe they have the other shows KJ was in, too. I’ve never seen those.

        DEANnnnnn…. ugh! I just remembered Dean (no offense to the actor, of course, but the character surely wasn’t written to be appealing); I had no idea that Joe/Amanda had only been divorced a year, though! WOAH! Well, I agree then — I definitely can’t imagine Amanda having Dean sleep over with the kids being so young, much less after only one year being divorced!


        • Welcome Trebuchette! So glad you found the blog and have jumped in and joined the fun!

          Dean who?!

          Lol you know guys, to be honest.. whether Amanda would have been sleeping with Dean is not something I want to ponder. at all. haaa!
          Not that I think others shouldn’t though 🙂


        • Welcome Trebuchette! 🙂

          Dotty seemed to be encouraging her to marry Dean. So in Dotty’s mind, Amanda and Dean were serious and possibly … (nope, not going to say it). I know that doesn’t prove that they were, but Dotty may know something we don’t. Poor Amanda. It’s a good think Lee showed up when he did. 😉

          I like what Cindy and Norma mentioned about any of Amanda’s uncertainties toward ‘coffee.’ I also think having Francine next door might be a mood killer.


      • I think saner heads would prevail especially with Lee’s BONE HEADED decision to have them play brother and sister. Now that would have been awkward if they were caught.

        Cindy you did it again. I choked on my tea at the picture you painted here whahahahahaaaaa!!!

        Your hubby is a very insightful guy! 😉

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      • Your choice of words always tickle me pink😂BONEHEADED DECISION..🤣🤣🤣


        • Well..the invitation to coffee was downright flirting and inviting Lee to some REAL COFFEE🤣🤣 i mean..come on. She ran off when he was very obviously coming on to her for something more than just a nookie😂Then,she turns round and invites him in?? No matter how crossed the signals were(one minute no,next minute yes)Lee definitely wanted THAT COFFEE..In that situation,that flirty heated moment…they would have gone all the way…if FRANCINE hadn’t interupted😂😂
          Even then,they still had that HOPE..that FIRE.opening the door to see if the other was there😂😂…if either of them had been at the door when the other opened it….probably backgammon😍
          Not that i am being horrible to Amanda..but clearly she had slept with Dean..No? Dean’s clothes were in her hse..they went fishing..he was close to the boys..dotty adored him..
          Here she has a man she loves and desires verrry much..and you think she wouldn’t have given in to her emotions??? If not for francine..they would have… .

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  3. Okay … a few questions here, why do you think Amanda kind of rebuffed Lee here? Do you all think it was his approach? because to me it seemed like he was kind of falling back on his old “tried and true” tricks, the tricks of a “player” and Amanda is subtly telling him that she is not “that” kind of girl? or is she telling him that she wants something more than just a “fling”.

    Or maybe she was telling him that he had to do better than that? or maybe she was a little offended at being “grouped” (whether he did it intentionally or not) with all the other women he’s dated?


  4. Talk about pouring on cold water. That frisson of excitement, Amanda inviting Lee in for…erm…..coffed, Lee standing with his hands clasped behind his back….a confidence stance but also one that is very open as….how shall we delicately put this…..vulnerable parts of the body are unprotected 😉 Not quite thrusting his hips in her direction it’s more subtle than that but it’s giving off the vibe that he’s open
    And then Francine turns up, love that she blunders past not noticing what’s really going on. That awkwardness when she asks what’s going on…..now there is a woman who needs to study the art of body language LOL
    Love Lee’s little grimace as Francines arrival that makes his dimple appear. And that unspoken exchange between him and Amanda at being interrupted. Curse you Francine!!

    I don’t see Amanda opening her door to check on Lee and Francine. I think she knows Lee wouldn’t go down that route….more like she’s reminding herself what nearly happened, a bit of annoyance at being interrupted and maybe a bit of a shake that she’s even contemplating it.

    However I can appreciate these little misfires more now…it will make the eventual arrival that much sweeter 🙂


  5. Oh how I love this scene and all the comments about it here. I do think that the reason that they both looked out the door into the hallway is the inner wish that the evening wasn’t over and they could reconsider the cup of coffee. I don’t think Amanda worries that he’ll go off with Francine. I think they were both annoyed that she had showed up and was right next door. Kind of like when your roommate shows up just at the same time that you are saying goodnight to your date at the door and so obviously you can’t go inside and chat now because she’s there… Kind of kills the moment. Awkward and disappointing all at the same time. It’s so cute here that they both are at the point where they want the relationship to move forward but are trepidatious about how to move past the friend status. Been there & done that in my own life numerous times, that’s for sure! PS…this is my very first comment! So glad to be part of this group… you’re all so fantastic!! 🙂

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    • A huge warm welcome HeartSMK! So glad there is another person to play with here.

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    • Awesome first comment… keep them coming. Like I said, the more the merrier!
      Yeah, Francine killed the moment and both Lee and Amanda felt it. That is a good thing 😉

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    • I know the idea of Amanda for second thinking about Francine here has been universally debunked me thinks!
      I was willing to give Amanda a tiny second of doubt.. irrational doubt.. but hey love is scary sometimes..
      but lol I’ve kinda let that little theory go now 🙂

      They were annoyed at her showing up? That’s interesting! I bet Francine is not use to getting that reaction.. ‘awkward and disappointing’ good call.. and yet.. I can’t help but think it was probably for the best.. these two need to ease into this new phase in their relationship.. so I’m now happy with the timing.
      LOL.. whether I’ll be saying that in four episodes or so I don’ t know haaaaa (don’t tell me what episode is 4 episodes away! I honestly don’t know!) I just know what the next one is 🙂

      Congrats on your first comment – hooray!

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      • oooh… definitely do think it was for the best, too! That crummy motel is the worst place for them to move the relationship even a tiny step forward. Had to be a better place than that! 🙂 But at least the moment happened…it showed that they both definitely did were “thinking” that they didn’t really want the night to end quite yet.

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        • Hey heartsmk ( I love your avatar by the way!)
          whoooo good point! No crummy hotel for these two lol!

          Mind you.. if anyone feels Lee and Amanda should hurry up already – do feel free to share your thoughts with us!! Different ideas are great 🙂

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    • Congrats, heartsmk, on your first comment. I like what you said about Francine killing the moment. And the word I’m seeming to focus in on is “moment”. That seems to be what we are getting with Lee and Amanda, moments. There are moments that are happening between the two of them that are bringing them ever closer and closer. I’m in the camp of “being patient with love”. As much as I may have screamed at the TV already at the beginning of this season for what I may have thought were missed moments. I’m glad we got what we did. It’s so much more satisfying. These moments that they are sharing seem to reveal so much and it allows them to truly know what they want. They are enjoying their journey…their walk. No need to rush and they haven’t. I’ll take the moments any day over the quickies and the one nighters that end up going nowhere. I’m enjoying what we get in those moments.

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    • I think she looked down the hall because she WANTED “coffee” to happen, and then she thought better of it “Francine will see” “It might blow our cover” “Just not the right time” are probably some things that ran through her mind as she shook her head.

      I dont think Amanda is jealous of Francine, we saw Jealous Amanda in OTL, remember? “NOT THIS TIME, BUSTER!” lmfao best line ever! And the exchange before it! LOL!!! She was quite frosty (for amanda that is) towards Lee throughout that episode.


  6. What do I think? I think it is great that Lee is so at a loss for what to do. She messed up his field experience line and walked away and then she invited him in for coffee. And I get the feeling that he doesn’t know if he is coming or going with her, all he knows is that he really wants to move their relationship forward and let her know how he feels about her. I don’t think Lee would do that with words at this point, but I think after TWWH he doesn’t want to leave his feelings for her and his hopes for a future with her up in the air. He just doesn’t know how to progress in a situation like this one so he is at a loss for words and he is trying desperately to read where Amanda is.
    And I agree with your comment, Iwsod, that Amanda too is trying to gauge how much Lee has changed and also her own reaction to him. She is noticing every detail of his behavior. And she has got to be aware of his desire to be closer to her. It must be totally thrilling to her and at the same time kind of scary. Should I go for it?, could I really have something with him? Would he really want that with me? And it is looking like the answers maybe a yes? and after all these years of clamping those things back down this has got to be crazy. I wonder if she slept at all that night?

    And Francine… We see so much through the eyes of the third person. Talk about Food for Thought. They all are thinking quite a few interesting thoughts in this one. I am sure Francine is rubbing her eyes and wondering if she really saw what she thought she saw.

    I don’t think Amanda was looking to see if Lee went into Francine’s room. I think she knows that wouldn’t happen, she knows him well and even if she had her doubts about Lee at times I think deep inside she knows him and knows that he wouldn’t do that now, she has experienced too much of the real Lee Stetson. I think each cracked door and the head that appeared through it highlights what each one is thinking. Amanda is wondering if she should go knock on Lee’s door with the instant and pursue that coffee. I really think coffee is coffee here, maybe some talk and maybe, just maybe a kiss. But there still is so much unclear between them I can’t imagine them moving too fast, once again I think they have to much respect fr each other and their friendship and I think that is one of the things that is creating all this funny tension between them.
    I think Lee is wondering the same thing as Amanda as he sticks his head out of his door. I think he also heard her door open and close and he is reacting to that, was that Amanda? Is she still thinking about coffee with me? How the heck do I get through this demarcation line of our friendship so I can get to know her better and let her know how I feel about her?
    And Francine interrupts him. I don’t think she knows what to do with the Lee she sees there. He is confused and vulnerable because of his feelings for Amanda and I think that messes with the Scarecrow persona she knows. Kind of messes with her view of herself even, she has always identified with Lee, the suave, hardened professional spy. She is like that too, nothing gets through that exterior. Except across the hall is her male counterpart and he is looking besotted and confused because of some silly suburban housewife who is only his sometimes civilian partner. What the heck!? I must have entered some parallel universe.

    Oh man, another novel. Sorry. 😉

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    • I agree, Morley – all Lee knows is that he wants Amanda to know that he is interested in some romance with her and wants to take things to a new level in their relationship. He doesn’t know what to say, so reverts to “old words” and instantly messes up. Amanda lets him know in a kind and gentle way that that approach is not the way to win her heart. He’s got to learn and I think Amanda is willing to be patient with him because they’re talking about love – real love. She is very tempted and wants to explore a romantic relationship with him, I think, but does have reservations because she isn’t sure what it is he really is after. There’s a lot of unanswered questions and too much is at stake professionally and personally for them and Amanda’s family for her to rush in or give in to temptation. I think you’re right in that she had to be thrilled at Lee’s attempt tonight. I think she got the message that he is interested. I think that is why she reconsiders the coffee sharing and opens her door. I bet she didn’t get much sleep that night because she was too busy pondering the answers to those questions you asked in your comment. I bet Lee didn’t get much sleep either.

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    • Loved this Morley! you’re on a roll!


  7. Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well! I am a bit frustrated.. so many interesting comments.. such an interesting time in the story and I have a major deadline looming in real life.
    I’m just going to have to come back to this last few posts once I’m done to fully savour all your interesting ideas!

    I think from my quick readings of comments – no one thinks Amanda is asking a question about whether Lee has changed? by wondering if Lee and Francine were in their own rooms. [I’m in my own boat here huh]
    I liked Amanda looking out to see if both Lee and Francine were in their own rooms because it felt to me like a moment (I can’t think of another) where I saw Amanda asking that question. Can I? has he really changed?
    – and getting a confirmation that she’s on the right track here with Lee.. He has changed.. and more and more Amanda is seeing this, and thus falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

    The comment of Francine’s about Scarecrow’s old ways, and Lee’s unintended reminder with his line about field experience was IMHO food for thought for Amanda!

    But.. I also agree that Amanda was probably equally wondering if she could see Lee some more and fighting temptation there.. I don’t think the two ideas are mutually exclusive.. love is complicated..
    IMHO there are two parallel stories which are equally necessary for Amanda to progress at this point:
    1) the lowering of her restraints – which were created by Lee’s former ways as a player (let’s say an experienced backgammon player 😉 ) and are now being lowered by all the indications that Lee is growing and changing.. (a few in this ep I think.. I won’t go into what they are I figure you guys know).
    2) the increasing of her feelings and desire for Lee – which she has been fighting, denying, submlimating or whatever from the start but now her green light is starting to activate haaaa.. it’s a possible go!! lol.. and her passions are growing. Robot Amanda is not quite but nearly on all systems are go.. whahahahahaaha!!
    Am I making sense? Quite possibly not.. In fact, highly likely 🙂

    Welcome back from smk camp Valerie 😉
    Welcome back from your time away Morley..
    Hey Amy congrats on catching up to us!!! hooray!!

    Great to see BJo back with another Binge.. the BJoBinge is becoming a tradition! 🙂 yes I agree.. it’s too early for backgammon.. but there is the possibility no? 😉 tee hee..Very true – Amanda is not interested in that magazine at all. it could have been upside down and it would not have mattered haa!

    Kiwismh, thanks for sharing the script with us!
    KC– thanks for transcribing this ep – again, we salute you 🙂

    ‘Francine at her awful best’ – Cindy I love that!

    Hiya Learjet – hope you are well!!

    Hiya Raffie! I agree with you about Lee’s flubbing his line there.. remind Amanda about his old ways? not a good idea! doh.. but credit where credit is due- Lee learns fast from his mistakes 🙂

    Loved your lecture length post Knell – knowing you love Francine I was curious to hear your take on this episode!!

    and Jule, thanks for the kind words about the pics so glad you liked them 🙂

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    • Hi iwsod! Hope you’re making progress toward your deadline! Speaking from binge experience ;), the nice thing about the blog is that the comments are always here…just ready and waiting!

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think you may right about us not seeing another moment in the show where we could say that Amanda’s behavior is asking if Lee has changed his habits – at least in regard to bedroom behavior. And I think it is possible that she could have been checking to see if Lee and Francine were in their own rooms, but I’m having a hard time thinking it was very likely. It would have been nice to have seen it, just like it would have been nice to see Lee in his boxers (a la Cindy). I do think Amanda’s strong reaction to Leslie did show us that she might be wondering if Lee was trying to or starting to change; he was dating a “normal” person. But that was just part of it, I suspect that even though Leslie was “normal” she probably figured they were spending nights together, and therefore, the change wasn’t enough of a change for Amanda to consider a romantic relationship with him.

      We definitely get to see more of Lee’s changes than we do Amanda’s while they are on their journey. His changes are both internal and external – we can see the result of the internal via changes in his external behavior. I think Amanda can see that too. Amanda’s changes really are more internal. Her actions toward Lee really haven’t changed much – I think they’re more subtle. I think from early on in S3, Amanda has been questioning the differences she’s noticing in Lee. I think the bigger changes we see in Amanda’s behavior are in the professional category. As an aside, I also think her professional growth fuels Lee’s desire for her. By this point in FFT, I think Amanda has added up all that she’s noticed with Lee and has probably figured out that he is changing on the inside or at least is trying to change on the inside. She knows him well and based on his recent behavior while on the job, I don’t see Amanda seriously questioning if he and Francine are in their own rooms. I really think that if she thought that were a real possibility then she’d not be receptive to his kisses, and we know she is based on UN and SG. I also think it is possible she would have let him give her a good night peck on the cheek or lips (but no more than a peck) tonight had he not reverted back to his “old words”.

      I also have a hard time thinking that Lee would even consider backgammon with Francine at this point in their careers and given their working relationship at the Agency and with Billy. I think Amanda would agree with me? How awkward would that be at the office? If it were a newer, prettier agent or someone they didn’t work closely with, I could see Amanda giving some thought to it, but it’s harder for me think it because this is Francine.

      I like how you state the two parallels – lowering of Amanda’s restraints and the increasing of her feelings. The restraints are starting to give way and her feelings are definitely increasing. In TWWH, I think she put a stake in the ground for Lee’s sake and let him know – she’s not interested in going back, only forward. She let him know she was willing to open the door to her heart and let him in in that tag IMO. Here she is letting him know that there is only one right way to get her to open that door though – and mentioning his past, even if it is in a joking manner, is not the right way. I think it takes her a while to fully let down her restraints, we are nowhere near that point IMO.

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      • Hi Everyone!

        Hey BJo, I loved these comments of yours.. Your comments about Amanda’s being open to kissing Lee in UN and SG have swayed me – okay.. I’ll go with she’s shaking her head at her thinking for a moment of knocking on Lee’s door at a time like this! 🙂

        Oh and the idea that Lee finds Amanda’s professional development (and resulting personal development) just makes her more attractive? that totally resonates with me too!! I love that idea 🙂

        I’ve loved reading everyone’s thoughts! you know, before this walk – I thought rah rah come on Lee quit wasting time and make a move!!! but now? I am seeing more and more that it made sense for them to not rush.. and I love the show even more for this fact! 🙂

        Alas.. I also have more time to focus on Marvin (meh.. definitely not going to win father of the year that one!).. but I’m so glad that you guys aren’t fazed by me blogging in my grumpy pants here (LOL) – great to hear some positives.. or.. when they are missing – laughs at the lameness of it all!

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  8. Ohhhh… You ran away so fast! I was only gone for four days. But I will catch up, it just make take some time. We traveled to Gettysburg, PA through Amish country so that we could attend my sister’s wedding in Silver Spring, MD (that’s the baseball team the Bombers lost to). And we drove through Rockville and I tried to look for a horse property that Lee would want to but, but all we saw there was highway.
    So, you see, I though about SMK and JWWM, I just couldn’t get online. But I am back now and as soon as we unpack and get through Tech Week of our spring show (or maybe sooner) I can comment on these two wonderful posts.

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  9. I finally caught up! I am so happy to join the walk officially!

    I think Amanda was leaving lees room to call mother and go to bed- lee lets her know he does not want the night to end. She does not want their first kiss in a motel doorway. She uses the walk accross the hall to gather courage to invite him into her room. Francine spoils it and she goes in and closes the door and realizes how disappointed she is. When she opens the door she, I don’t think she was ever planning on knocking on his door that would be too much noise and alert Francine. But I think she looks to see if he is still in the hallway thinking “should we?” If he was still standing in front of her door I think she would have grabbed his arm and pulled him in.

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  10. I think Amanda means it when she says that she is inviting him in for coffee. I think she would give him a good night kiss, but no backgammon. I don’t think she is that kind of gal. And I agree with you, iwsod, I don’t think Francine is interested in Lee romantically. She just can’t let Amanda beat her at anything!

    Love the look of regret on Lee’s face here after Francine walks by. He knows that there will not be any coffee with Amanda tonight. It is time for bed!

    I think that Amanda was thinking about going to knock on Lee’s door. Why shouldn’t they still be able to have a cup of coffee together with Francine in the next room? Why should Francine get in the way of that? I think her shaking her head to herself is her rational self winning over her emotional self that really doesn’t want the night to end. But she doesn’t want to give Francine any ammunition.

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  11. I’m in the camp with Lee and Amanda both checking to see if the evening really was over and also being totally frustrated with Francine. I think they both wanted the evening to continue, but realized that it probably wasn’t got to happen so they had to let it go.

    One of the reasons I like this little scene so much is that it reminds me of those screwball romantic comedies of the 30s and 40s. I’m a huge fan of those and I keep thinking that something like this happened in one or more of those movies. I think it also shows that Lee and Amanda are both on the same page now as to moving forward from their friendship into the next phase of their relationship.

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  12. I think the “field experience” comment (from the last post) is code for “romance”, and an allusion to Lee’s past “romantics” (with the emphasis on “antics” 😉 ) with other women. Here’s the script version :
    LEE Hold on. I’ll walk you to your room.
    AMANDA Across the hall?
    LEE In this business, you can’t be too careful.
    AMANDA Good thinking.
    LEE Field experience.
    AMANDA How much experience?
    LEE Well, not that much…
    Amanda smiles, opens the door, steps into the corridor.

    Is this Lee admitting that he isn’t quite as experienced as his reputation implies (he’s had his fair share of women but maybe not as many as people think), and is this Amanda showing that she is pleased with this admission on Lee’s part?

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    • Unusually, I actually prefer this to the filmed version. I love that Lee is showing these hints of vulnerability and desire to be ‘a better man’ romantically as well in other ways ❤

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      • I didn’t show it in the script above, but the script has emphasis on the word “that” in Lee’s last line. Like he really wanted her to realise he wasn’t a rampant playboy even in his glory days.

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      • I like this dialog, too. The other way was funny with Amanda’s little comeback, but this one explains a little more about Lee.

        Maybe part of the reason they decided to go with the other is because they wanted to leave Lee and Amanda’s intentions a little ambiguous. These last couple of scenes seem to hinge around Lee’s intentions and whether or not Amanda would welcome them (whatever they happen to be). I think Amanda has been kind of hanging back a bit because she seems to sense that Lee has something in mind but she’s not quite sure what. Meanwhile, I think Lee is taking this slowly because he’s being a gentleman and trying to figure out if Amanda is open to getting closer in their relationship. Amanda seems like she’s giving Lee the opportunity to say whatever he’s going to say, but before he actually says anything, Francine shows up and spoils the moment. They know they have to end the evening before they do anything to give her the wrong idea (or the right one too well?).

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    • I was thinking again about Lee’s comment of “not that much” in the way of experience. Yes, he does have a reputation and it may be blown out of proportion, but he also had 4 black books of which he seemed to be ashamed when Amanda found out. And that one episode brought out quite a bit of his experiences. I agree that many of those in the black books may have just been contacts, but realistically that can’t be said of all those women. Maybe his reputation is not deserved and maybe he allowed it because it fed into what he believed about the spy business and all it entailed. And maybe he wanted others to believe it as well. However, now he wants to move away from that reputation and is working to distance himself from it.

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  13. Oh squeeeeee! Love this scene! I always felt Amanda peeking out her door was never related to Lee and Francine but more of a need to check again that the evening with Lee was really over. More of an impulsive move. Love your photos Iwsod- so dreamy!

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    • I thought so, too, that Amanda was just thinking of Lee when she looked out into the hall. I think she was sorry that things with Lee ended so abruptly and maybe that she was thinking about whether she’d like to go and say something else to Lee, but that she decided that would be too awkward and it would be better to just leave things as they are.

      This is a fun scene! I do kind of wish we had a transcript of exactly what was going through all of their heads. 😉

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      • Yes, I agree Jestress – that’s how I’ve always felt when I watch this scene. I think both Lee and Amanda are feeling frustrated at Francine’s interruption and both have the inclination not to end the evening at this point. However, end it must.

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    • Add me to the “NEVER thought Amanda was wondering about Lee and Francine” camp. I think she has the impulse to knock on Lee’s door and then checks herself with a “did that just happen? What was I thinking was going to happen? What was I hoping was going to happen?”

      And for the record, I really wanted to cheerfully throttle Francine here. (Wasn’t she just AWESOME in her spoiler role here? The acting oblivious to what is going on — maybe in denial – but then helpfully telling them she was going to knock on BOTH their doors early in the morning) She is certainly at her awful best. 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

      • I always thought Francine’s offer to knock on both their doors was her code for “So you both better in your own rooms tomorrow morning!” 😉 I think both Lee and Amanda are realising they are going to have to be very discreet if they try to advance their relationship. Francine doesn’t miss a thing!
        I remember wanting to throw something at the TV (by “the TV”, I mean “Francine”) when I first saw this episode way back when. 😡 “Go away, Francine!”

        Liked by 2 people

        • I’m with you, kiwismh – I think that’s what Francine is thinking. But I don’t think that was what Lee and Amanda had in mind (landing up spending the night together). I think the relationship between them has been simmering slowly for a long time, and they’re not going to rush that far that quickly.

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          • Yes, I don’t think Lee and Amanda had any intention of spending the whole night together. However, I think this little scene says more about Francine’s idea of a “normal” affair, i.e. much the way Lee used to conduct his affairs.


      • It’s scenes like this that make SMK fans really really dislike Francine!!


        • Nope, it doesn’t in my case – but then I’m a Francine fan … 😉

          I guess Francine wouldn’t be so opposed to Lee and Amanda getting involved if Amanda were just another of those Randis and Mandis and Sandis Lee used to date. But she knows Amanda’s different. If Lee gets involved with her, he’s in for the long haul. We do know Francine and Lee got down to backgammon before the series started – can’t say any more about that here but there’s gonna be more on that in a season 4 episode. Since they’re not together at the start of the show anymore, though, we can safely assume here that no matter how long they were together they broke up at some point.

          So my guess is that, for one, Francine would hate to see Amanda succeed where she herself failed: in getting Lee and keeping him. Another part of her probably doesn’t want Lee to make a mistake he’ll regret. She very likely either hasn’t noticed, yet, how he’s changed since he first met Amanda or she’s simply ignoring it because she doesn’t want to see it. Amanda – that’s normal life in the suburbs, with kids and a house and a mortgage and barbeque with the neighbors on Saturday, that kind of stuff. Not exactly Scarecrow’s world and though we, the viewers, can imagine Lee as he is now would fit into that and might actually enjoy it (as long as he gets to keep his Agency job to balance the normal with the exciting), Francine can’t because old Lee from season 1 (the way she still sees him) certainly would NOT fit into that. So she doesn’t want him to get caught in a situation that’ll make him unhappy.

          And I’d say there’s also that – though if it’s true she’d never admit it to anyone, not even herself – she might be afraid to lose Lee as a friend. Imagine Lee in a steady relationship, maybe even married. Things certainly would change. Lee’s very likely her closest friend – but Francine’s feeling that she’s starting to not be HIS closest friend anymore. She’s slowly being replaced by Amanda. You’ll see later in this episode why that might be a major issue for Francine.

          Uh – sorry for the lecture-length post. XD

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          • Hi Khell – I’m actually a Francine fan too, but I would think for people who are not Francine fans this scene ranks up pretty high as one of their least favorites. I like her better when she is being outright snarky and making zingers to Amanda. This teasing and one-upping is beneath Francine, I think.

            I’m not sure I fully agree with your thoughts on Francine’s motivations here. I think your assessment of Lee being her friend and not wanting him unhappy by wading into “normal life” waters with Amanda makes more sense to me than Francine not wanting Amanda to get Lee where she couldn’t. I think Francine’s irritation with Amanda is more professionally based. I think that Francine may think there is no way Amanda could really get Lee anyway, that he is just interested in some backgammon with her. I also wonder if Lee and Francine were a couple or if they just played backgammon while on occasional overnight assignments. In my mind I think it may be the latter. I don’t see either Lee or Francine really being interested in each other in a long-term committed relationship.

            I also wonder if Francine is thinking Amanda is a fool if she gets involved with Lee romantically and just thinks even less of her because of it. I agree with what you say about Francine not knowing how Lee is changing or not wanting to see it because it is Amanda. On some level, Francine and Amanda are both women and I do think Francine does think Amanda has some strength in there somewhere (LOTParty). I wonder how their relationship would be different today if she had had to work with Amanda on more cases than just LOTP.

            Sorry for the ramble…just typing as I’m forming my thoughts. Hope they make some sense!


          • I absolutely LOVE what you wrote here and agree (I do have to admit I do like Francine). As I mentionned before — I could have cheerfully throttled her, but even the first time I saw this, I had to admit she did it with flair. I think her timing was impeccable — there was enough flirting between Lee and Amanda that they finally HAVE to admit there is something between them but her arrival saved them from awkward “now what?”. I don’t think they are quite ready for the repercussions of going into kissy-face mode.


    • Wow, I completely agree with this whole thread here. This scene must have been a blast to script and equally fun to play! I had always thought Amanda was just hoping that Lee might still be standing in her hall, but the headshake does make it seem like she was denying some crazy idea like knocking on his door. I never pictured Francine as a “up at the crack of dawn” person, so I definitely think that was a veiled warning on her part. Such a fun and well-done scene!


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