4/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So.. we left Lee telling gloating Francine to keep an eye on things while he does a ‘sweep’.

We see Lee head for one of the hotel phones..
Operator: Operator, may I help you?
Lee: Uh, yeah, this is Henderson – er, at the front desk. Can I have central accounting please?
Operator: One moment.
Lee: Thank you.
Tisher: Accounts, Mr Tisher speaking, may I help you? PFK.avi_20150823_140149.378
Lee: Yeah, Tisher – Bernie Gold here, I got a $700 room service charge on my account – somebody screwed up! I want you to straighten it out.
[Phew.. you know so far in this episode – Lee has had 5 different names! Lee, Mr Simpson, Lee Stanton,  Henderson and now Bernie Gold! My goodness! What does it mean??
Oh and there’s also this second reference to gold so far.. does that mean anything?]
Tisher: Oh, oh, normally a problem with your bill should be taken to the manager.
Lee: Yeah, well I got your jerk of a manager right here with me. Get on down here.
Tisher: Oh, I see – all-right if you insist—
Lee: I insist.
Tisher: I’ll be right there.
Tisher hangs up to head downstairs to sort things out and Lee hangs up the phone.
Love the pleased little sideways glance. It’s like he’s thinking: see Francine- I still got it! Smile 

We cut to Tisher leaving his office.. the office is now empty.. and in comes Lee err Bernie.. err Henderson err Polyester Lee!
Lee (happily to himself):
Thank you, Mr Tisher. Okay, let’s see about a print-out shall we?
(Lee starts typing on the computer.)
[whoa.. well done BB- he types with his right hand so we can see what he’s doing.. and he’s left handed]
The print out starts.. and uh oh.. Tisher walks in and surprises Lee [Missing your lookout Lee? If this comes before that little scene in FFFT, it kinda makes sense Lee would ask Amanda to lookout! 🙂 ]
Tisher: Oh, ah, can I help you?
Lee: No, no. No problem, no problem. We’re just running a check. It’s one of the perks in the maintenance contract that we sold you.
Tisher: Um, this computer was, um, installed by my brother and he does all the maintenance on it,…
PFK.avi_20150823_140305. 58
…so I suggest you tell me what you’re up to or I’m afraid I’m going to have to call Security.
[His Brother??!!! Of all the luck! lol!! Come on Lee! show us why you’re a top agent! Smile]
Lee: Ah well, listen, listen – ah – pal, can we talk, huh?..
… I mean, man to man? Now listen, I am up to my keister in alligators with this gal that I’m staying with…
[Love Tisher’s reaction!! Like: whooo this is going to be fun! tell me all the details!!!
Like the poor guy is seeking a bit of excitement in life. lol – he should try reading ‘full moon over Moscow’!]
…and, uh, well you know we had just got to rockin’ and rollin…
[I’m sorry I just blanked.. Lee said something about rockin and rollin?!]
[At hearing about the rockin and rollin Tisher’s gaping like mad –Tisher is a crack up!!!]
….ha haa haa haaaaa… 

…and well she started to get worried that her boyfriend was gonna find out that we were staying here at the Lodge…
…Now, all that I was doing was trying to take our names of the registry, you know what I’m saying?  ha haaaa..  [Lee’s jacket is so white, I feel I need sunglasses to watch him! ugh!! ]
PFK.avi_20150823_140332. 85
: Ohhhhhhh…
…Why did you need the print out?
Lee: Proof! Believe it or not, she wants to see it before she lets me into the room… [She’s a strong woman 😉 ]
Tisher gives Lee a look..
 Lee: …How much?
Tisher: 50 dollars. [this seems like not much to me! lol!]
Lee: 50 bucks! 50 bucks?…
PFK.avi_20150823_140350. 98
(Lee walks over to take the printout)
… Pal, in Monte Carlo I can get the list and the complimentary bottle of champagne for 30! [rofl.. Lee is so over the top here with his indignation!]
Tisher: 50 bucks.
Lee: 50 bucks. You sell a lot of these do ya?
PFK.avi_20150823_140409. 20
: Oh, some days are better than others.
[LOL it looks to me like Tisher thinks he’s being super naughty for taking $50- when.. that really doesn’t seem like much to me! haaaa!!! but Lee plays along like his arm is totally being twisted because Tisher drives a hard bargain haaa!]
Lee: Like today.
Tisher: Yeah. The last guy only gave me 40 bucks.
PFK.avi_20150823_140418. 29
Lee hesitates at the door.. gives Tisher a smile and leaves with his print out.. for $50 I think it’s a bargain.. But Lee lets Tisher believe he’s played Lee err Bernie!..

We move on to the Tennis.. oh yeah.. they are at a tennis tournament! We see two women playing singles. Ah one of the players is Tina.
What was that I just heard on the loudspeaker??
Something about an exhibition match between Jackson and Finch?? The ‘Jackson’ is clear but not sure of the other name – surely this is a shout to KJ?! Can anyone hear it?
Whooo a buffet!!
and whooo music by the Guy Hamilton band!! random! Smile [There was a Guy Hamilton who directed 4 James Bond films.. is this a tribute?]
We see Francine arrive courtside and take a seat.. Uh oh.. there’s a guy collecting garbage in front of her.
Hey isn’t that Rostov from Saved by the bells???!!!
Yep! looked it up on IMDB.. sheesh.. you’d think Lee will spot him Winking smile Nun Habit or not! So Rostov is now working for communists in Malawi? He gets around! lol.. err I think he is a different character maybe.. we’ll see!
Looks like he puts a thermos into his sack, and I think he puts another down instead..but whooo check out the tatt!
that scorpion we saw earlier didn’t look at hairy though! LOL..
Is that a clue? or just an incompatible stunt scorpion? lol.. who knows.. anyway.. Scorpion guy is messing with the thermos right in front of  a body guard? Either she’s in on it or she’s lame!

Back to Francine, and she’s now moved to watch from in front of Donna..
Right where the baddie was!
I think that girl just served the slowest serve ever!! you know when I actually watch these women play tennis – I think I could play better than they can!!!

Tina and Mary (her opponent) head over to their drinks thermos’ – oh looky.. they are identical.. and identical to the one Scorpion guy swapped over..
Tina goes to use the one closest to her but Mary protests..
Mary Dexter: If you don’t mind, that’s my ice water.
PFK.avi_20150823_140540.912[seems tennis players in general have a bad attitude? reow!]
Tina: Sorry, it was an honest mistake.
Mary Dexter: I doubt it.
Tina: Why would I drink your water anyway? I told you it wasn’t good to drink ice water while you’re playing.
Mary Dexter:
I like things cold, okay?
Tina: Figures.
[good line!]
Here Tina doesn’t seem to have a bad attitude.. and it appears she has given advice to help her opponent.. I guess she has a particular dislike of agents..
They head back to the game..
Sounds like there’s ice in Mary’s thermos.. sooo scorpion guy put down one of these thermos’?.. and was his the one with ice in it or no? I’ll ponder if this has any meaning as we progress.. 

Last thing before I go… anyone remember where we’ve seen Tisher before in SMK??
This expression may jog your memory!!! ??







Need a clue? Hmm.. Dotty thinks he needs to practice deep breaths and calm down!
🙂  Yep.. Tisher seems to have been a driving instructor named Howard in his previous career!! (Waiting for Godorsky) [maybe his name is Howard Tisher.. and after his experience of trying to teach Dotty to drive- he decided he couldn’t cope with the stress – so instead chose to go into accounting!! whahahaah!!]

okay guys.. going to need to pause here for the moment! bye for now!!!

25 responses to “4/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I can’t believe I never noticed that this baddie was also Rostov!! How did I miss that? Rostov is one of my favorites – love how he played the sympathetic Russian “we’re both just doing our jobs.”


  2. I agree with those who’ve said Lee might just be a little off his game without Amanda. Mentally he made the adjustment, but physically and emotionally he may be a bit out of sorts.

    I agree that the wardrobe thus far in this episode has been a bit blah. It’s a bit washed out, maybe there’s a subtle reason for it.


  3. he should try reading ‘full moon over Moscow’!]


    Lee really does sound like a sleaze ball who would wear a polyester suit here.

    Hahaha – Lee gets bested by the women and the men in this ep! Boy, he is really off his game! We are really seeing how not working with Amanda is affecting him!

    More monochromatic outfits – Tina and Francine….


  4. Just wondering: Isn’t Lee always fighting with his computer in the Q-Bureau? Leaving that kind of work to Amanda ?
    Now he suddenly knows where to find the registration list and how to print it as if he does it for a living… scratching my head 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So to me, it seems like Francine could have been there anyway. I’m reading this part as Tisher, (part-time accountant/part-time driving instructor 😉 ) and Lee are in the office, Francine’s keeping an eye on Tina on the tennis court. And as Iwsod says, Amanda would have been the look out for Lee. We probably just missed out on a lot of cute Lee/Amanda scenes at this club, with Francine doing her thing (and maybe feeling like a third wheel).


    • I updated your name for you Sara.. it’s all good..

      Rofl maybe former driving instructor 🙂

      LOL I was thinking of FFFT where Amanda played lookout – and that Lee being busted here may have resulted in Lee asking Amanda to be lookout in FFFT – this is messing around with the idea that FFFT is before this ep.. which is probably confusing huh!

      I think we got Lee, Amanda and Francine on the case in FFFT… mostly Lee and Amanda doing cute scenes.. and Francine off doing her thing 🙂


      • Thanks, Iwsod! 🙂

        Well, we don’t know… Maybe Tisher needs extra cash on the side and still moonlights as a driving instructor? We know he’s not a good negotiator, as Jestress pointed out.

        I wasn’t thinking of FFFT when I mentioned Amanda being look out, I just assumed all three would be there anyway. There isn’t enough Lee and Amanda doing cute scenes while Francine does her own thing. Not sure that Amanda would be watching tennis while Lee breaks into an accountant’s office for a print-out, although it sounds like that’s more exciting than this tennis game from the way you described it.


  6. I think Lee must have done some acting in high school or something before he decided on his military/intelligence career. I could see him having fleeting dreams of being an actor and then squelching them because he decided to follow the family tradition. But being an agent lets him do some acting. He sure seems to enjoy all his cover characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Somehow this whole “playing their cover” issue came up once before. We know Lee really got into a couple of roles during “The Three Faces of Emily”. Maybe part of agency training is how to work a cover or scenario. Didn’t Lee coach Amanda when she was Victoria Grenwich?

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I rather enjoy Lee playing the sleaze here – I get the feeling that BB is having a lot of fun 🙂

    As a useless tennis player (I hate running after the ball and I never quite know what direction the ball will go after hitting a backhand), I was curious if Tina was correct about her ice water advice. It appears that the best agree with her! Yes Novak Djokovic agrees that cold water slows digestion and diverts blood from the muscles. Stop being so touchy, Mary, and listen to Tina!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Tisher really didn’t make out as well in this deal as he thought. He got $50 from Lee and $40 from that other guy, but Amanda offered $100 to the sleazy guy who ran the “joint” in Remembrance of Things Past. Lee is better at haggling than Amanda is, but Tisher wasn’t aiming very high, either.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Good for Howard, I hope accounting is much less anxiety provoking than being a driving instructor. (Great catch IWSOD!).


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