5/5 Season One, Episode 21: Waiting for Godorsky

Time for another baddies meeting at the park.. only this time all pretence of just sharing a bench and both reading the paper is gone! LOL!! Babak tells Mikhail he had a mission to eliminate the last Valoskai? Man.. that name really is un pronounceable! Valosky Valoska, Valoskia Valoskya Valoskai.. Valwhatever! Everyone says it differently!

Babak is cranky with Mikhail because Antov aimed at the walls… but the blame is shared by everyone.. Mikhail the amateur gets blamed for Antov the pro’s failure? well that is just ridiculous.. if I were Mikhail or Sigrid I’d be really mad!
Babak: You had a mission, to eliminate the last Valoskai. To remove from this earth a single thorn that has plagued our government!
Mikhail: Today! It will be done today! She is to leave the house at two o’clock. She will be intercepted.
Babak: Not intercepted. Killed.
Mikhail: Yes. Killed. I am not a total fool, Comrade.
[I beg to differ]
I know how much importance is attached to the meeting.
Babak: More than you suspect. If she lives, heads will roll.
Muahahahahaahaaa!! Francine sits on a
112nearby bench trying to listen in.. good job following Babak I guess.. So the princess will be killed on the way to her meeting..

Back to the agency, wow! the lady with the red 113handbag (‘Ms Walker’) is now wandering in the opposite direction she usually heads in! Winking smile She must be really lost! 

Amanda arrives in the bullpen- I am sure that is exactly the same outfit she wore in Fearless Dotty! 114You know the white pants that got torn when she was mugged and that she said were new and consequently ruined? Ok.. she could have bought another pair I suppose.. but still..it makes me wonder about the order of these two episodes! Lee: Amanda!
Amanda: Hello.
Francine: Well, look who remembered the password.
Amanda: No, actually, I didn’t. Someone must have spoken to Mrs Marsden. She just sort of looked disgusted and waved me on through.
Well hurrah! No more Amanda can’t remember the password jokes that were funny the first time but as they continued just made her look dumb! Smile Hmm well since Lee is surprised to see her I am guessing it was Billy or Mrs Marsden who made a new rule for Amanda! Notice too, we don’t see Mrs Marsden at all in Fearless Dotty (maybe it was mean’t to be after this ep?), although Amanda comes to the agency twice.. and.. the actress Shirley Anthony is listed on imdb as appearing in that episode – but we don’t see her.. (She’s listed in the end credits too! She must have had a scene which was cut!!! Hmm.. I might add that little tidbit to the comments on the final post of that ep.. )

Anyway! this is waiting for Godot I am looking at not – huh? oh yes.. waiting for Godorsky! Anyone waiting for Godot is a bit of a fool Winking smile since he never shows up in the end! LOL!
Lee tries the ancient technique of sensory overload to catch the bad guys today!(with the added help of the lighting department) More stripes! and dots too! argh!!!

Love how Lee ignores Amanda’s hopeless password remembering and goes straight into the schlurper all excited!! to digress again here…. I really like Amanda’s hair here..
117Mikhail has been identified as the schlurper after Francine spotted him meeting with Babak the spymaster. (whhooooo) Hey Lee wore that double breasted white jacket in service above and beyond.. I.. don’t… like it!! ( but Lee still looks dreamy!)

Amanda asks if they have told the princess about Mikhail and – Whoooo Lee grabs both of 118Amanda’s hands as he tells her she must come and help convince the princess she needs protection…. Ok Lee, I’ll do anything Lee.. weohfeogahgoaughaega…

Amanda is having a tough time keeping Dotty and a newspaper apart.. but.. Lee has no control over that – Freedom of the press! but hey, I love that she thinks he might be able to do something about it Smile Check out Lee’s arm behind Amanda? I mean really! this is no different to what he did undercover at the cumberland! Winking smile

Well, back to the baddies. Sigrid has a bigger gun for attempt number 2.. Uh oh..

Antov: I figure we’re jinxed. Years of training for this gig and we blow it.
Sigrid: Not we, Antov, you.
[Agreed! Antov is such a weasel! ]
Is anything happening out there?
: Same old stuff. Some Agency teams watching the Valoska house, two cars with our men watching them.
Sigrid: It’s hard to tell them apart. Their men look like ours.
Antov: It’s not that hard. Their suits fit.

[Good line!!! that must be how he knew immediately Lee was an agent.. because his suit fit him ohhhhhh sooooooo well! Smile ]

The phone rings and Antov answers: Yeah? . . . You got it, man.
He hangs up. To Sigrid:
The old lady’s leaving the house. Babak takes out their cars, we take her.
Sigrid: I take her.
[Ouchsky!!! cue the scary music!] Well baddies.. there is one thing you haven’t allowed for – Dotty!!!! whahahaha!

122Whoo Lee and Amanda argue about  this plan of convincing the princess to not go to the meeting.. Man Lee.. keep your eyes on the road.. you want to glare at Amanda pull over! Lee explains if she leaves the house the assassins will make their move but it is too late.. the princess is already heading out ( she decided to stop at dunkin donuts on the way for good luck! Actually no.. I just made that part up.. Winking smile ) but.. she is leaving earlier than Lee had anticipated.

Is that Rolls the same car in Car Wars? It could be.. but I can’t be sure.. Her car pulls out of the drive, while two agents with well fitting suits curse her stupidity.. and wonder if they should stop her… but apparently they don’t have the authority and so they follow her and try to keep the baddies at a distance.. Oh no.. another one of those car filled finales with 2 cars of baddies and two of goodies and now the princess’ car too.. and! Dotty’s car is coming- look out everyone!!! Babak’s car targets the agents.. and the assassins target the princess.. Oh that’s too funny.. Babak just drives out onto the road and cuts off the agents. but.. the agents then arrest Babak and his driver.. well Babak has immunity- isn’t it obvious now is the moment they will hit the princess? you would think the two agents would just leave Babak and chase down the princess but no.. they make their little arrest to send Babak home-Babak thinks the assassins now have the freedom to take out the princess.. but.. along comes.. Dotty!

Boy, do I feel bad for Dotty’s driving instructor!!! Dotty is going waaay too fast..
Dotty: I wish you’d make up your mind, Howard. You know, I’m doing much better than I did 123yesterday. Yesterday you told me I was getting too close to those cars on the right. Now I’ve corrected that.
Howard: Yes, but now you’re driving down the middle of the road.
[HAA!!] There’s no lane in the 124middle of the road, Mrs West. There’s a lane on the right and a lane on the left.  I — I think that’s enough for today.
Dotty: Oh, no, no, we just started.  This is a lovely neighbourhood, isn’t it?
Howard: Watch the road.
125Dotty: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Just deep breaths, Howard, remember.  I just want to show you where Princess Valoskie(??!!) lives.
Dotty chats about the princess..
  LOL.. actually it looks like Dotty juuuust missed running straight into the rolls at that intersection! Dotty slams on the breaks!! Poor Howard!! No amount of money is worth this!!!
126Howard: What are you doing, Mrs West?
127Dotty: I think that was the princess.
As Howard turns to look, Dotty puts the car in reverse and zooms straight back into the intersection without looking!!! This is soooo wrong!  

The assassins beep their horn at her to stop her and try to go around her – and another car who had been moving into the intersection gets hit by the assassin’s car.. Dotty screeches to a halt in the middle of the intersection..

Dotty looks back at the accident: Why are they driving like that?! [Hilarious!! this woman should never go near a steering wheel ever again!!! ] Suddenly Howard and Dotty see a car 129coming straight for them in the middle of the intersection! I bet Howard is tempted just to get out of that car and run! Dotty cries: Oh my gosh!
She moves forward again, only this time cutting off a pick up truck and sending him veering into a randomly placed skip by the side of the road! chaos!!!

130Dotty: Oh! I am so sorry! I never even saw you there!

Love how off camera, as we see Antov getting out of his car, we can hear Dotty telling these poor drivers ‘ Oh I was doing so much better yesterday! ‘ – LOL! like they care!!! haaaa…

Lee and Amanda come across the scene and wonder what’s going on here – and we see Dotty telling (poor) Howard: just keep breathing!

132Amanda recognises Dotty is involved in this accident and ducks! ROFL!  I love the look on 133Lee’s face when Amanda ducks.. I think he thinks she has finally lost it!! image

Amanda whispers ( LOL! because Dotty could hear her from all the way over there??!!! teee hee) that it’s her mother. Lee looks up to see and recognises the shooter getting out of one of the cars –LOL! He recognises the shooter by this:
Oh yes! Lee could recognise that back anywhere!! whahahaahaa!! Smile Lee rushes after Antov who takes off (why? I guess because a guy in a suit that fits was running at him?) cue the action music.. yawn… oh wait.. this action finale is pretty fast! Lee chases Antov, catches him, gives him one punch and Antov sinks to the ground – easy! Smile 

Sigrid rushes past Lee’s car to make her getaway first trying to run down the drivers side but one of the agents from before has arrived and cuts her off. She tries to go down the passenger side instead,  only to get taken out by Amanda’s car 135door- bam! Sweeeet!  I have to say, Sigrid’s stunt double is wearing an ugly wig having suddenly gone platinum blonde!!!

Lee comes back to the car and tells Sigrid as she struggles at being taken away by the other agent ‘ come on, let’s be a lady now!’ – Lee loves that one.. we hear that one a few times.. I say if a woman is a baddie she can do whatever the heck she likes Winking smile IMO that joke or statement would not be used 136today! The moment where he says ‘ phewwwww! ‘ and opens his jacket like that is begging to be included in a fan vid.. I bet it is in a few! Smile 

Lee calls out to Amanda who seems to refuse at 137first to stick her head up- he yells her name loud enough eventually that she relents and whispers ‘ yes?!!’ still whispering! I love how Lee asks Amanda if she is ok! Did he see Amanda take Sigrid out?
Lee tells Amanda Dotty’s busy.. its ok kind of thing to sit up ..

Amanda: She’s learning to drive..
Lee: No she isn’t!
We see Howard reassuring Dotty: you were doing much better.. it was that thing at the end with the cars! ( LOL! I think it is dawning on Dotty that this isn’t for her!)
looks over: no, she isn’t!
and pops her head down again.. image Lee rolls his eyes and 139takes a deep breath.. ahh Lee come on! before Amanda came into your 140life you weren’t able to have these funny little quips and exchanges.. it was just one bad guy after another. He seems to walk away resigned that Amanda has to do strange things to hide from her mother! Smile

141Tag time!! Back to the Princess’ mansion.. oh well look at that! We see this establishing shot of the mansion: Earlier in the episode, when it was time for the Princess’ lunch – all the same cars were there in exactly the same places! It looks like the princess is such a bossy boots, she’s assigned permanent parking spaces to each of her friends!! LOL!! Smile
(From earlier in the episode: )
145SMK loves to open scenes ( especially of parties) with a close up of food or drinks- have you noticed that??!!

We see Billy, Francine, Lee and Amanda are at the reception and Francine is sounding very 144professional (not): I love it, we get to do all the stakeouts and you get to do all the parties ( she says as she is at a party- ??? looks like she does parties to me!! Winking smile ) Lee shushes her( Open-mouthed smile) for saying that too loudly..Lee: Shush. the princess doesn’t know that saving her was my job. ( she still hasn’t worked that one out?????!!!!) I’d like to keep it that way. ( he wants a medal!! Smile )

Waiting a minute! Amanda is in another lovely white shiny top.. oh wait.. I think this is the one she wears at the beginning of artful dodger – that means the one she wore earlier is new – nooooo the shiny white tops are multiplying!!!!!! Oh and black trousers??? Check!!! ugh!!!
I like the blue tie on Lee!!!!

Billy updates us on where everyone is at.. the Princess is safe, Godorsky is ‘here’ and lots of news coverage means the princess is really really safe! Plus, they’ve traded Sigrid, Antov and Mikhail for some agents of their own with a guarantee of safety for the princess- so she is really really really really safe Winking smile 

Francine: oh err what happened to demolition Dotty? Why is francine imageasking about Dotty? don’t tell me she is making conversation with Amanda here!!! Ohhhh right.. she is paying out on Dotty’s driving.. there had to be another explanation!Winking smile I actually like Francine’s nickname for Dotty- it fits.. Dotty is a force to be reckoned with- even without a car Smile 148Amanda responds: Oh she’s at the hospital visiting Howard…. her instructor.. it’s nothing serious.. just a slight case of… nerves! (love how Lee rolls his eyes at that one – like: I’ll say!! )

149Francine and Billy leave Lee and Amanda to it.. and Amanda comments: Sooo… Sigfried and Anton were agents huh? they just looked so normal!    -HUH???!!!
LOL! what is it with this episode and names!! I think everyone must have been looking forward to a break at the end of season 1!! Were Sigfried and Roy around in 1983? LOL!! I don’t know about Sigfried and Anton, but Sigrid and Antov were trained to blend in and look normal Winking smile 

Lee explains to Amanda the eastern block agents were the best in 150.the world (aiming at the walls???!!!). Amanda, ever the encourager says : No they’re the second best! you caught them!!!
151Lee: Well thank you! 152

Amanda: you’re welcome
Amanda, I love that you encourage Lee, but.. um.. you caught one of them too!!!!!!! UGH!! ( ie they’re third best Amanda!!, Lee is second ;).. heheheee) ohhh and there goes Lee with his big smile again.. he can’t help himself.
Wait!!!! stopsky!!!!
: you know err….
you didn’t do too bad yourself
(for a split second after he says this Amanda looks shocked and then covers it well! )

Amanda: ha, thank you.image image
: that wasn’t a bad move you made with the car door either…
[Oh hurray! Lee did see it! Smile]
It cuts to the wide shot and we see Lee has hold of both of Amanda’s hands!!!! whooo hoooo!!!
158Amanda looks down at their hands. Lee is actually stroking Amanda’s 159wrists with his thumbs!!! I don’t know that he realises what he is doing!!
Lee continues: Although Sigrid did though make quite a dent- Lee is interrupted suddenly by the princess making her entrance on the arm of a man..
The princess laments that young people don’t enjoy ceremony but that it is important to ‘look forward’  she leads ‘Leonid’ to where they need to go and Lee takes Amanda’s hand and follows.. Ohhhhh swoon!! [Amanda seems much more comfortable with Lee now too huh.. ]
They look like they are undercover as a married couple here! and call me crazy but Lee’s hair suddenly looks really long in the back! Look it’s way over his collar (in the pic where Lee and Amanda turn to look at the princess’ arrival)!

Ceremony time.. Leonid Godorsky gets the ceremony started… Ohhh the princess gets another name! tee hee.. ‘the Royal house of Valeski’! tee heeee.. too funny!! 

162How adoring is the princess? I think she is in Lurve!!!! Smile 

The princess awards Lee and Amanda their medals.. awh..
165I like this ending.. Lee watches Amanda as she looks at her medal – and asks her ‘ what are you thinking about’ – sounds like Lee finds Amanda very interesting these days doesn’t it!! Smile 

Amanda says she will share her medal with her mother –See the warmth Lee looks at Amanda with when she says this? like he is thinking: she is a good person with a good heart! Awh!!  166 Then when Amanda explains she doesn’t think Dotty will ever get her licence, Lee’s expression changes to- and thank goodness for that!!! ( Agreed!!) The episode ends with Lee and Amanda sharing a laugh at this.. awh!

Hey does Dotty find out about the assassination attempt?? (or how does Amanda explain the medal? and share it??)

Oh dear.. the whole idea of actors returning to smk in multiple roles is sometimes rather unfortunate – Worst idea of all: Amanda’s ex husband ends up being a guy we saw earlier in the show as a murderer!! LOL!! but in this episode: I  think Lee should get out of there quickly.. doesn’t he recognise his old Nemesis Alexi Makarov??[from stemwinder 1 and 2]!!!!! why he is posing as Nobel prize winner Godorsky and fooling everyone!!! Run Lee Run!!!!

Waiting for Godorsky was a lot more fun than I remembered!! Smile This was a nice way to end season 1…  getting medals and smiling at each other.. I wonder if they saw it as a potential ending of the show as well? or if they knew when it was filmed there was a season 2? hmm..

So sad Season One is over!! Well.. sort of.. I will do Charity begins at home next before moving on to Season two, it was filmed to be the finale of season One… but was put off till a few episodes into season two. I suspect (meaning I have a theory but no real proof!) this episode was not originally the final episode of the season.. but when it was decided it would be, they added in the award ceremony as a nice ending.. ( IMO it is great, but it doesn’t have to be there..)

Feedback? thoughts? ideas? Questions??? Comment away!! but must run now.. image

10 responses to “5/5 Season One, Episode 21: Waiting for Godorsky

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  3. Ha ha hah! The driving school has an eight-digit phone number: (202) 555-70000 (one too many zeros on the end!).

    Between the goodies and the baddies, there are so many different pronunciations of the Princess’ surname, that they could be talking about half a dozen different people instead of just her… Valoska, Valoskaya, Velosky, …

    Awwwwhhh… I love the look that Lee gives Amanda when he tells her that she didn’t do so bad herself… you know the one–where he dips his head and looks up at her through his eyebrows… I think, but maybe I’m mis-remembering, that’s one of the looks that Lee reserves exclusively for Amanda–no?


  4. Redgold I have to say the head down eyes up is something Princess Di did a lot of and very well. Maybe it was an 80’s thing LOL
    Love Lees face when Amanda ducks down in his car. Is there even room to do that in the Porsche?!
    Dotty has a serious attention deficiency. Look at her chopping veg and not concentrating in previous episode (name now escapes me). She is NOT a woman you want behind the wheel of a car!
    Woo hoo all the hand holding at the end. Love how Amanda looks up and down a couple of times as he’s doing it. She’s as just as surprised as we are 😉
    Redgold agree about the medal ceremony being reminiscent of Star Wars as well as Han Solo 😉


  5. The pick up in the car chase is another Agency vehicle. You can see the agent motion to the pick up after Babik stops the first Agency sedan.


  6. I actually like the summer suit–it’s Lee’s “great Gatsby” look. I think that those colored or patterned shirts with the white collars and the metal clasp under the tie were popular in the 80s. Lee wears the clasps a lot in S2, I notice–makes him look razor-sharp, IMO, as if he’s too perfect to approach.

    That look of his that you caught above, with his chin down and his eyes up, is devastating, and he knows it. I don’t know how Amanda can soldier on with the conversation after being the recipient of that look. (BTW, he uses the same expression in “Remembrance…” while she’s making him a sandwich.)

    And the pat on the hand when she takes his arm–remember, you’re not playing a cover, Lee. This is Amanda you’re patting and praising and gazing at and being curious about. After seeing this episode, I had to wait an entire six weeks until S2 was released. Those of you who saw the original airing and had to wait many month have my sympathy.

    (The awarding of the medals always reminds me of “Star Wars”–I can’t help it. Han Solo is one of the few men who could give Lee a run for his money, IMO.)


  7. OK, I made some notes. I hope this makes sense…

    Ms Walker is going home?

    On the Rolls Royce: I thought the same thing when I saw the Princess’ car. It looks like the same car from Car Wars to me. (I haven’t checked though.)

    I love the picture of Howard’s face when Dotty decides to turn around. Wonderful acting on Howard’s part.

    Your comment on the fast action scene was funny. I think the whole crew is thinking, “Let’s get this thing over with so we can go on vacation!”

    On Amanda taking Sigrid out with the car door: I remember Amanda doing this on more than one occasion. I was watching a clip from the TV show “Chuck” and he did the same thing. I remember thinking at the time, “Wow, he did an ‘Amanda King’ there!”

    Lee and Amanda are very comfortable with each other in this episode. It is a nice way to end season 1.

    That’s all I got. 🙂


  8. well, it is said that everyone has a double………
    I never did understand how Amanda could share her medal with Dotty without giving away what really happened. Maybe she’ll claim it was giving because she convinced the Princess that 35 (hundred) was too low for the table.


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