8/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Anyway… Lee and Francine drive some more, with Donna still following.. hunting for the pair.. Francine sees their car. Hooray.. enough already!
PFK.avi_20150823_141841. 91_thumb

LOL we find Tina and Tony ( lol at all these T’s) sitting next to the creek making out…
Looks like not the most comfortable place to err meet up..

Next thing.. everyone is together.. PFK.avi_20150823_141901.815
Lee: And you didn’t know they were married, huh?
Donna: It was news to me.
[I thought it was interesting how much hair stroking was going on in that kiss we saw.. lol.. we don’t see much of that when couples get busted but- I think I get it now.. that was about showing that this is a real affectionate relationship- not just a hot hook-up..
My goodness that’s interesting.. These two are married.. and.. they make out.. an interesting couple for Lee to come across at this point in his journey no??!! Smile ]
Tina: Look, we’ve been trying to keep it a secret until we could tell my father about it.
Tony: When you were following me I thought you were a reporter with this gossip sheet that somehow got a hold of our marriage licence. I had just talked them into giving us a little more time with the story.
[Be afraid people.. the gossip papers could find the marriage licence – and.. the agency couldn’t!! Smile ]
Tina: And that’s why he needed to see me alone…
[That and some nookie Winking smile ]
…We wanted to tell Daddy about it before he read it in that awful paper.
[Daddy is in the boonies in Malawi, where I don’t think Tina has to worry! lol! and Billy said ‘they specifically do not want communication’! lol. ]
Francine: Does he object to the marriage?
Tina: See, all Daddy knows about Tony is what he’s read about him in the paper. My Dad’s a really super dad, I mean he’s really protective and he wants what’s best for me, and that’s what Tony is. My Dad never really had a chance to get to know him. He’s gonna love him just as much as I do, I know he will.
PFK.avi_20150904_205759.579[Whoa.. can you imagine this whole scenario had Amanda been involved?? Gah!!! Sounds to me like Tony was a player.. and now he has met Tina he has changed his ways.. ahem.. I wonder if Tina and Tony were meant to mirror a certain couple we know and love??!! Can someone share if the script has any good stuff to share on this? Sorry.. I’ve got no time.. but no obligation if no one gets to it..]
….First time the Agency sent us a woman. You were real good.
PFK.avi_20150904_205823. 57[Meh.. well I guess this is a hooray for women agents finally being sent out into the field.. though why females weren’t following a female before is anyone’s guess – remember when Lee couldn’t guard Penny in the ladies room?!]
Francine: Why, thank you but you know the reason Lee and I are here is to make sure that you’re safe.
: And because of the recent events in Malawi. There’s a good chance that you’re in a lot of danger. Now I think it would be smart if you dropped out of the tournament, just in case.
PFK.avi_20150904_205833.900[LOL Lee is that you trying to talk to Tina? ‘I think you should  … ‘?!]
Tina: Look, I appreciate your concern but I’ve been through this before. I mean Daddy gets worried and he sends out the militia and nothing happens.
: Look, this could be more than nothing this time.
Tina: Are you sure? I mean, you said there’s a chance.
Lee: No, no we’re not sure, not yet.
[Umm Lee you do know that there is an assassin with a tattoo on his right arm – lol.. err.. that could be his left arm Winking smile is there a reason he doesn’t reveal this?? Maybe he doesn’t trust Donna..or.. script changes?!]
Tina: Look, I’ll make you a deal. I keep playing, and if you guys come up with something concrete, just give me the word and I’m history. Deal?
Lee and Francine don’t look too happy about it. but.. I think Tina has a point!

On to IFF, and the scene opens with Billy talking and a close up on scorpion dude.. PFK.avi_20150823_142023.798
Billy: The poison has been identified as Dexatrimene. The computer spit out three names who’ve used this stuff before – one’s dead, one’s in jail, and one, N L Steckler, a professional saboteur, entered the country forty-eight hours ago.
[Professional Saboteur? Oh dear.. seems he’s been demoted! Lee’s alert alert alert said that Steckler was an Assassin!]
Lee: All right, I’ve got the complete Alert.
[Apparently you don’t Lee! That Alert alert alert said there were ‘no photos – repeat no photos’ of N.L Steckler – lol!!! I guess that’s code for – we don’t have a photo but we do have a sketch??!!! whahahaahahaaa..
Only.. Lee didn’t see this sketch that we could tell! ]
Billy, I say we yank her right now. PFK.avi_20150823_142040.913
The shot widens and we see Lee is not alone  – Tina and Donna are listening in! Ugh.. would Lee be talking this way about a grown man in front of him? Me thinks not.
Billy: Lee, we’ve been through this before… [Broken record!]…
You cannot force her. Just try to get her to see it our way and watch your step.
Lee: Yeah, I will. I’ll talk to you later.
All right, it’s been confirmed that Mary Dexter was poisoned….PFK.avi_20150823_142100.731
[Ohh  I see so she was poisoned with Dexatrimene, I wasn’t following!]
[Does Donna remind anyone else of Stephanie in Hart to Hart?? the hair colour, that style..]
… She’s gonna make it but she’ll be laid up for a while. There’s also another thing, there’s contract killer in the country who makes this particular poison his trademark…. [So he hasn’t been demoted to Professional Saboteur?! Winking smile  Aha! So Lee finally now chooses to share this information? The order of this information revealing all seems a bit strange.. but.. whatev. ]
…Now this could have been meant for you. That’s why we wanted you to drop out of the tournament.
Tina: Okay, but you’re not going to salt me away in a mine somewhere.
Lee: No, we just want you to be safe, that’s all.
Tina: Okay, then assign someone to me here. That way if things clear up I can still play tomorrow. What do you say?
Lee: Yeah. PFK.avi_20150823_142122.360
[It’s not exactly what Lee wanted.. but Tina is compromising here.. and Lee does too Smile good work Lee! I like to imagine that in moments like this- Lee was thinking: man I miss Amanda!! This would be so much easier if she was here to help!! I can do it without her..but.. I don’t want to!]

Donna doesn’t seem happy about this compromise.. HmmPFK.avi_20150823_142132.267
Hey, now Lee’s cover has been blown… can we get rid of the polyester jacket??!!! and that tie/ shirt combo??!!! please!!!!
Okay guys.. I shall finish up here for the moment.. yet again I’ve covered a large chunk of this ep in one post.. anyone mind??
I doubt it!!!! but hey.. if you do want me to slow down a little do let me know and I can delay the next post a bit longer if you prefer.
Bye for now all!!! Do share your thoughts please!! Always love to hear from you! byeeeeee!

19 responses to “8/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Tina is acting like a responsible, reasonable adult here — actually, through most of the episode. She knows her own mind and what she wants to do, but she’s not taking unreasonable risks. This doesn’t chime with the idea we’re given of her to start the episode: a spoiled child who gets rid of agents in somewhat prankish ways that ruin their careers. But Tina, as she is played, is quite likeable — a good sport, concerned about her father even as she disregards his wishes and marries the man she loves, and ready with a compliment for a job well done.

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    • hooray! I have a little window of opportunity here to respond to a few comments! 🙂

      Agree Happycamper! I really don’t mind Tina.. and it begins to look like the agents who were sent to Tina were total goofy males – understandable then that Tina would despise them trying to order her around!
      then, to cover their goofy ineptness and the fact that she was smarter than they were – these agents told elaborate tales of being made to join a caravan or something lol.. haaaa!
      ‘Go Tina!’ I say 🙂

      Actually if a lot of male agents out in the field are that inept, I can understand Francine’s frustration at not being out in the field more..

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  2. I’d also like to add another 80s preppy fashion thing that I think has gone away – for the most part – the flipped up collar. As far as 80s fashion atrocities go, it’s probably the best of the lot, but I’m still glad it’s gone.

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  3. Yeah, I’ve never gotten this meeting place for these two. I guess one of them is a nature lover.

    LOL – never thought about Lee meeting up with a couple who are secretly married! But maybe the fact that the Agency didn’t find their marriage license is something Lee files away for future reference. 😉

    So don’t mind if you speed through these parts where there is no Amanda or Francine, and Lee is in his polyester get-up.

    And Donna does remind me of Mrs. Hart! I think Donna needs a new color though – too much burnt orange…sorry Aggies fans!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The pacing is great — whatever works for you is 100% awesome by me.
    Hmmmmm, a reformed playboy that falls for someone wholesome? I hope that gives Lee some pause for thought though I am assuming Lee realizes the whole secret wedding thing is a really dumb idea. 😉

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  5. The whole situation with Tony and Tina does seem like a bit of foreshadowing. I mentioned earlier that Amanda seemed to be teetering on the edge a bit. I think that Lee is a bit too. Not in what he feels for Amanda, but in what to do about it and how far to go. This time apart is definitely giving them both some time to think.

    It’s interesting that Donna has twice not contributed to these conversations about Tina and her safety. She tried to engage Lee and then came to them for help about Tony, but then she now pulls back and says nothing to sway Tina one way or the other. Seems a bit shady to me.

    Whew! Finally all caught up and also breathing a bit easier on my end. Got many things done this past week. Now time to head over to Ned’s and catch up over there.

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  6. Forgot to say, Iwsod… I’m happy with the speed of the blog too. I know you’re busy, so whatever pace works best for you. I’m always happy to see updates. 🙂


  7. The little ‘making out’ scene just highlights something I love about SMK. Yes, they flirted with being racy (“He’s been taking her against her will for the past 3 nights”) but in the end all this meant was a nice, affectionate snog with some hair stroking by the river. And they’re even married!! I just love the innocence of it.

    Agree that this would have been a great scene with L & A. And one where it felt like it was written for them, not L & F. Francine has been ‘real good’? Sounds like it’s written about the much more emphathetic Amanda.

    To pick up on some points made by Valerie in an earlier post (about lobs and points) and the title of the episode. Firstly 😀 Iswod about Frank, I mean Tony, being a ‘player’. Secondly, Lee (and Amanda) have been exposed to a lot of couple in this season so far. And they’re getting more serious and ‘for keeps’. We’ve seen some non-for keeps couples (eg poor Agnes in JEG, Marvin and his love disasters in FFFT) but we’ve also seen Elizabeth and hubbie in OTT and the journalists in FTF (engaged to be married) and now Tina and Tony, the two Ts. It’s getting increasingly confronting for Lee (and Amanda!)

    Finally, I’m happy with the speed of blogging this episode, Iwsod 🙂

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    • Agree LearJet. Lee is having to provide the relationship progression moments by himself in these scenes. I like that Amanda isn’t there on this one, but it would have been a really interesting scene if she had been in on this one. 😉


    • Wow, great points, Learjet! I agree with your comment about SMK’s innocence. I don’t know why but I never got too caught up in the “taking her against her will” comment, but nonetheless I did like how it ended up being totally innocent. I also like how Tina does not diss her father. It’s a bit Brady Bunch in its sweetness, but I prefer it to the uncensored sarcasm that I noticed crept into programming for all ages sometime in the 90’s.

      And one thing I definitely appreciate more about this episode since this walk is its relationship display. I hadn’t thought about how much SMK had explored this through its guest characters in S3 but you are absolutely right, Learjet. Thinking back, I can’t remember S1 or S2 coming anywhere close in that department. Definitely intentional!


  8. “I like to imagine that in moments like this- Lee was thinking: man I miss Amanda!! This would be so much easier if she was here to help!! I can do it without her..but.. I don’t want to!]

    I love that! Oh and I wonder how his little discovery about the happy couple affects his thoughts??? I bet right now the man is missing his regular partner something fierce!

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  9. Donna never looks happy. :/ I think that brown tie thing is tied to tight around her throat. (And maybe that 1970’s Farrah Fawcett things she’s got going on with her hair is bothering her too.)
    This is a particularly fashion-challenging episode. You know there’s been a collective brain explosion in the wardrobe department when the best dressed person is Billy!
    Is keeping an eye on a teenage tennis player really what the Agency should be spending it’s budget on? Aren’t there professional bodyguards that Tina and/or her rich father could pay for? Oh, I guess bodyguards wouldn’t have the skinny on the assassin/professional saboteur/contract killer with the fashion forward 2015 hairstyle and the left-right arm tattoo.
    The saving grace during these scenes is that we get to see Lee learning more about long-term relationships and how much he misses and needs Amanda.

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  10. I do love the parallels to Lee and Amanda in that scene as Tina is talking about her and Tony. I’d be surprised if Lee wasn’t thinking about Amanda, or about how they would keep the relationship a secret. I’m glad Lee sort of came around about letting Tina play in the tournament and I think it’s because of Amanda’s influence on him. She would have fought Lee on it, had she been there.

    Iwsod, your ‘Alert…alert…alert’ comments cracked me up. 🙂 Professional assassin demoted…promoted. No job security anyway.

    Yes, Donna definitely looks like Stephanie Hart. Loved that show too. 😀

    My other very random thought was of Tina’s outfit. She must be in love. I would have changed to jeans before sitting on the ground in those light colored pants. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d hate to go back with a dirt stain on my pants. I guess she’s got a change of clothes somewhere? I’m sure she’d got money too, but I just did laundry and that makes me a little antsy.

    On the other hand… If Lee and Amanda were both there, that Polyester-Lee outfit could use a nice romp in the woods. 😉

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