9/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Sooo on to the evil countryside!
We see an evil table full of evil baddie things!
Scorpion Dude Steckler gets a surprise visitor.. Donna!
Steckler: I told you not to come up here.
: We might have a problem.
She’s a baddie? ugh.. hey she’s a former military flyer  -maybe it was her we saw flying in the opening scene? But.. whatev.. do we really care? anyone?!! rah rah.. blah blah… the novelty of Lee being Amanda less is starting to wear a little thin! show us some Amanda already!
Steckler: What are you talking about?
Donna: The Agency’s involved. They know you’re in the country. They’ve got a pretty good idea that you poisoned Mary Dexter. They’ve convinced Tina to leave the tournament.
PFK.avi_20150823_142211. 2
: You assured me that she would never drop out.
Donna: I know what I said. Things change. The Agency put two people on her. They’re good – they’ve gotten through to her.  [Oh Rofl.. it’s that old line: They’re good! too bad we have to kill them?! Usually when you hear ‘they’re good’ killing them follows!!!!]
Steckler: I have a contract.
Donna: You might have to cancel it.
Steckler: Our employers assured me that you are professional. Relax.
: Don’t worry about me. I’ll handle my end.
Steckler: Good, because you are going to have to get those agents out of the Lodge and bring them down here.
Donna: Here? Why?
[Is it just me or does Donna really not cut it as a menacing nasty baddie?!]
Steckler: Why? Because I call the shots and I eliminate the problems.
[Aha!!! Oh rofl! I didn’t remember this honest!! See!!! They’re good!!! too bad we have to kill them Smile ]
With a last glare from Donna at Steckler the scene ends here..  I’m not sure telling Donna he runs the show is such a good idea.. I figure if you have to remind someone of this it’s not looking good!
Back to Shenandoah Tennis Ranch..
We find there’s lots of couples dancing in the foyer of the fox run err no Shenandoah Tennis Ranch.. my mistake. Ahh Tina and Tony are dancing in public.. I guess they are not hiding the fact they are maybe dating??
I find it strange that with someone out to kill Tina, Tony wasn’t really involved in the decision making! I mean- he’s not a boyfriend, he’s her husband!! I would have thought he’d be more assertive!  Well.. whatev..

The camera pans over to Lee on the telephone..

Lee: No Amanda, I don’t know what they’re playing… [Does anyone?? Do tell!]
[Love how indulgent Lee looks here.
Then he goes and pretends to be stern with her.. this guy is a goner! Smile  also love that polyester Lee is gone!]
… Listen, do you want to hear the rest of this or not?
Hooray!! 30 minutes into this episode.. we finally have an Amanda moment!

Amanda: I thought you said this was going to be a lot of hard work.
Lee: Well, at the moment…
(uh oh.. Francine approaches with curiosity! Lee turns away the moment he sees her.)
…they are having one of those annoying cocktail party things.
(Francine mouths something silently to Lee.. I can’t tell what.. anyone? She’s either busting to know who he is talking to.. or maybe she thinks he’s talking to Billy?? or.. does she guess straight away it’s Amanda? She didn’t hear the ‘Amanda’ part.. so that would be telling. )
(Francine is a bit baffled at what she is hearing come out of Lee’s mouth here)
…You know what I’m talking about – the name tags,…
… the watered down drinks…
(Francine tries to get Lee’ s attention)
(Francine really tries to get Lee’s attention)
.. Frankly I am bushed, dead on my feet.
(What is Francine up to at this point? Is all this her trying to guess who it is?)
Amanda: What’s the matter? Too many tangos?
PFK.avi_20150912_200446.755[I don’t think Amanda really thinks it’s too many tangos.. Me thinks yet again.. Amanda is hinting here.. ‘what’s the matter?’ What is she needing Lee to say?? Whatever it is.. he hasn’t said it  yet! But amazing to see Lee is not enjoying the parties and the nightlife so much these days.. Francine is bound to notice this! ]
: No, too much Tina.
(At this, Francine lets out a big sigh..)
[She  changes tactics- I think she’s guessed now it’s Amanda ugh.. Amanda!]
…At least she’s decided to drop out of the tournament if we can tie her into the Mary Dexter poisoning.
[All things considered, I don’t think Tina has been that unreasonable. I can’t blame her for not wanting to pull out because of a general threat – when there have been many general threats – she can’t put her life on hold just because it makes an agent’s life easier!]
[The above image screams: pay attention to me! Me thinks Francine has daddy issues.. ahem.. too much Freud? yeah.. you might be right.. I’m starting to scare myself Winking smile ]
Francine: I just—
[Francine tugs on the phone cord which ticks Lee off!]
Lee: What are you—
Francine: I just—
Lee (to Amanda):
Hold on a minute…
(To Francine)…What do you want?
Francine: I just want to tell her I’m sorry she’s sick. [Sure she is.. I don’t believe that for a moment. Replacing Amanda on this job is like Christmas for Francine!]
: All right, all right.
Francine holds out her hand expectantly that Lee should give her the phone: Okay.
Lee ignores her hand..
Lee (to Francine):
Just a minute, huh?
Oh boy..
Just look at Francine.. she is not a happy camper (tee hee.. Hey happycamper! Smile )
Lee (To Amanda): …Ah, let’s see,…
…where was I?
(Francine meets his gaze.. like yep you keep getting interrupted by me- so just let me talk to her already)
…Oh anyway Amanda, Francine wants to say “hello”.
(Francine looks gleeful)
[I got my way!!!]
We cut straight to Amanda.. who is completely unimpressed.
As if things weren’t bad enough already she has to have a conversation with Francine?!
Amanda looks like she’s going to say no I don’t want to but she stops herself.. as she hears Lee say to Francine: Make it short, huh?
Being the classy lady that Amanda is – she rises above her dislike of Francine (yes, I think she dislikes Francine.. Frankly why would she like her?! and yeah… I gotta say for me, this attitude fits better before FFFT, the chocolate confessions and that tag!)
Francine takes the phone from Lee.
[Lee must be really tired.. did he really think Francine would play nice?!]
Francine: Amanda?
Amanda: Hello Francine.
[Oh boy.. huge smile!!! Amanda’s really not happy lol!]
: Boy are you going to hate yourself for missing this one…
…This place is to die for…
PFK.avi_20150912_200519.189(we cut to Amanda – she’s not happy..)
…Everybody is here, the food is fabulous…
…and Lee and I have been…
…dancing up a storm.
Lee: Hey!
[At this Lee’s had enough!
Guys.. do you think Francine is telling the truth??
Do you think Amanda thinks it’s true?
I’ll hold off saying what I think for comments- do tell! Smile ]
Francine: I don’t remember when I ever enjoyed anything as much as this.
[lol.. I think she’s talking about how much she enjoys being nasty to Amanda.. lol.. well.. okay.. maybe it’s about being out in the field as Lee’s partner – what she’s always wanted.. but has never had – I don’t think Francine has ever been Lee’s partner in anything other than a temporary sense – both in their professional and personal life!!!
Francine’s not a healthy person IMHO!]
Lee (at the same time as Francine):
What are you doing?!!…
Lee starts to growl: You’re blowing my whole gig [whooo hoooo!!]
…Cut it out!
But Francine quickly keeps on going- again, Francine escalates things:
Francine: You know Lee really knows how to dance well. I couldn’t believe it!
[My goodness.. she didn’t know Lee could dance huh.. and just had to tell Amanda all about it.
okay guys – So who here thinks Francine is obtuse??
Because this is either sheer nastiness or she’s completely obtuse.  I don’t see Francine as being obtuse- I think she knows what she’s doing and she’s making the most of this opportunity!
IMHO it’s a bad choice- but I believe she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s being nasty to Amanda, but she’s also lashing out at Lee here by doing this – IMHO of course!]
…Listen, I’m really sorry you’re sick and—
Amanda is silent..
Poor Amanda..
Do you think Amanda can hear what Lee is saying?
Her anger seems to be kicking in.. but she remains silent.. and removes the receiver from her ear..
Amanda remains silent- that’s interesting..

Given Amanda finally breaks her silence and lets Francine have it in the FFFT freezer, and the FFFT tag has Francine right where Amanda wants her-with the Ecstasy Assortment rofl – I see this silent reaction as fitting before FFFT..
[I can hear it now – I’m assuming Amanda doesn’t go back to her old ways.. Smile  But.. in OBDOBD, Amanda advocates for No Blue Fox deliveries Smile tee hee.. does she do more? I’ve forgotten already.. that was a month ago! Ah. found the Blue Fox moment]
I think Amanda knows exactly what Francine is doing.. trying to drive a wedge between Lee and Amanda.
but.. has Francine been successful??
Lee physically grabs the phone off Francine.   
Lee to Amanda: Ah, (Lee whispers) here comes Donna Clayton…. [Guess Lee has filled Amanda in on all the details.. he assumes she knows who Donna Clayton is]
[Francine looks pensive.. though not really chastened]
…Look if you have any other ideas, call me later.
Lee hangs up not giving Amanda a chance to say anything.. Because he has to hurry off the phone.
Looks like Amanda was going to say something.
She looks disappointed.
I think things are left a bit up in the air for Lee and Amanda here.. Lee doesn’t know how Amanda has taken things.. And we don’t know for sure what Amanda has believed and what she makes of it all.  Well, at least this is the impression I get.
I think it adds a little interest and suspense to wonder how Amanda is coping and how she will respond to things..
At the same time- there is a little hope, Lee ends by asking Amanda to call if she can help.

Maybe she is unimpressed with this, but I think it’s really lovely that he says this..
Maybe when she has calmed down she’ll see this?
Is she disappointed with Lee?
or..  just disappointed she’s not there?

When she puts the phone down she looks cheesed off! Cheesed off at what?
PFK.avi_20150912_200542. 12
What do you all make of Amanda here guys? I’ll share my ideas in comments (if and when I can)  as this post is massive..I couldn’t bring myself to split this conversation up!! this is basically a double post!

I’ll  give us a longer gap till I publish the next post so we can discuss all this goodness!

I think that at this point, what’s going on for Amanda is a little up in the air.. We can have fun speculating though Smile
I’m looking forward to hearing what you all make of this scene.. sooo much going on here!!

Lee’s reaction to Francine is massive- he’s made it very clear how much he values Amanda.. (well clear to us..) but is it clear to Francine?? Or has this sparked questions for her she is now seeking to answer??
IMHO this can fit with her attitude in FFFT!  I really hadn’t thought of any of this before.. I’m making this up as I go along! but.. IMHO Francine was really testing Lee and Amanda in FFFT- and we did discuss how Francine had started to notice scarecrow was changing.. maybe this episode is the catalyst? for that?

You know what else this scene may be a catalyst for? The way Lee snubs working with Francine and admits he prefers to work with Amanda in the beginning of FFFT!!! That’s the first time he admits it! Could this be partly as a result of Francine’s nastiness here?? whoooo.. much to ponder…Can’t wait to hear what you all think! bye for now!

34 responses to “9/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oooh, I love the discussions here! beaming It’s great to read everyone’s different points of view – especially on Francine, of course, since she’s my favourite character and everything that helps me understand her better also helps me to write her better (character accuracy is very important to me in fanfics).

    Your comment about people immediately made me think of a quote from Terry Pratchett (anyone here know his Discworld novels? – sorry, OT): I don’t know the exact quote right now but it went something like: People who don’t need people need people around to show them that they don’t need them. So, yah – Francine. I guess she’s quite like early Lee in many ways. Correct me but wasn’t she written to basically be a female version of Lee? Well, Amanda’s been affecting Lee a great deal up to this point so I guess at some point she’d also start affecting Francine. (And I still like to think just like Amanda and Lee, that Amanda and Francine could become friends eventually and that would be great because I also think they could learn a lot from each other.)

    The FFFT tag always reminds me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. In that episode, they encounter a virus that affects them so they all act like they’re drunk (don’t ask – it was a bad idea for Classic Trek and didn’t get any better in TNG). In that episode, my favourite character ended up in bed with another character – and obviously was really, really embarrassed about it later because in that tag, she told him that “it never happened” (literally). I see Francine kinda doing the same in the FFFT tag – OMG, how embarrassing, I let my guard down and told her too much, I’ll just tell her it never happened – oh wait, let me grab the chocolate first. 😉 And yah, you’re totally right, Amanda’s really got Francine figured out here and even though we can’t see it in the show I’d bet that it’s maybe the first but not the only time that she uses her newfound knowlege to bribe Francine. (Gotta use every advantage you have, right?)

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  2. Random thought came to me today about episode order today re: FFFT. If KJ was called away with little enough notice and all they had time to do was rework the tennis club scripts and adjust the shooting schedule, they may have had to wait for her to come back before they could do the sick Amanda scenes and then edit. If the timeline was short enough between production and television transmission, this episode may very well have been intended to come before FFFT but couldn’t be completed in time.

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    • That’s a good thought, Janet H.! I wonder if there are clues in the shooting order?

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    • I suspect a lot of episode inconsistencies are due to things like being pre-empted by other things like football but also by the need for the network to put on episodes most likely to attract an audience during “Sweeps Week”. For anyone here not in North America, there are three weeks a year when ratings are gathered and depending on how a show does that week helps set what they get to charge for advertising during that time slot. There’s one week in November (where you get big emotional or action-packed episodes), one in February (where you tend to get a lot of Valentine themed stuff) and then May, when the primetime season usually wraps up. So looking at the broadcast dates you can see where episodes that would have had really great scenes to attract viewers to the shows tend to show up in those time frames. I can clearly remember the Utopia Now ep getting tons of pre-advertising showing them on the run manacled and The Clinch.
      There’s been slightly less emphasis on this nowadays now that they are competing with commercial free cable channels like HBO but those weeks are still in place.

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  3. About the dancing up a storm comment. Francine does turn her back to Lee as she says it. Hard to look at someone when you’re lying. Lee may be figuring out that correcting Francine (whether a lie or just badly exaggerated) after everything else she says about the place, the food, etc., would be pointless.

    I love Amanda’s little grin when Lee tells Francine to keep it short.

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  4. No essays for me. I’m looking back at some of my past posts now and wishing I could delete some of them. Anyway, Lee called Amanda and I’m going with the theory that it was inspired by Tina and Tony (or Tina and ‘Frank’ which eliminates one ‘T’).


    • I think Lee called too. And I think maybe calling from the party may have been to include Amanda in the case a bit.
      And, Sara, don’t wish to delete old posts… every thought spurs on another. Every post adds to the discussion. Some of us can ramble long and loquacious, not sure if that is a gift or a curse 😉 But every comment is worthy of posting because it adds to this wonderfully fun walk. Glad you are joining in! It makes it so much more fun!

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    • Now I’m starting to wonder if Amanda called Lee. They have phones in their rooms. If Lee wanted privacy he could have told her he’d call her back. Amanda could have called the place not knowing Lee’s room number and got the front desk. He happens to take the call out there. Seems like if FFFT is before this one, he’d want more privacy in talking to her, right? Maybe? Aren’t they at that awkward stage in the ‘almost’ relationship by now?

      Back to the earlier phone call… This “overnighter” would have had them both thinking of…umm… “Coffee” again, just like they were in the “I’ll walk you back to your room…field experience” scene in FFFT. But I’m not sure that’s the case here. I might be leaning toward FFFT occurring after this one.


      • I think it is much more fun to think that Amanda called Lee. I actually also get this impression from the scene. I think that if Lee had initiated the call he might have done it from his room and not in the middle of the lobby/dance floor so he’d have to keep up his “gig”. I can see Amanda wondering what’s going on while being home on the couch, thinking she could somehow help Lee even though she is not there. She already knows that the way she thinks about things are different than Lee’s. So I can see her calling to find out what’s going on. I bet there may have been a news report about that girl dropping out because she was sick. Amanda may have seen it on tv and called Lee to see if it was related. I’ll not comment on the impact of this on episode order – that usually gives me a headache, but I’ll officially put myself in the “Amanda called Lee” camp.


      • As someone who only just joined the Walk and racing to read through everything up this point, I LOVE reading the old comments because sometimes there’s insights that people forget they have a few years later but also because you can actually watch the audience’s emotional development along with the characters’ development. So please, no Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind moves!


    • Hi sara – I agree with Morley, every comments adds to the discussion; you never know what your thoughts may spur in someone else. Having said that, if you really want some old comments deleted from the blog, please contact me at bjosmk@yahoo.com. As one of the blog’s moderators, I can delete or edit comments.

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    • Heck I can look back on whole posts and wish I could delete them 🙂 I suspect we all feel like that at times Sara – essays or no essays your thoughts are always welcome! 🙂

      I agree with Janet – it’s fun to look back on previous comments or ideas and see how far our views progress and move on as the story unfolds.. I view it as part of the journey along with the characters – I don’ t have to try and get things ‘right’ and half the time there is no ‘right’ 🙂 this helps me feel free to just have fun!!


  5. Hi all!!! Really enjoying hearing from you all – lots of awesome discussions.. and who would have thought it would be during this episode??!!! 🙂

    I’m super busy right now.. but I’ll try and get back here to join in discussion as soon as I can.. Just know I’m reading and enjoying 🙂 bye!!

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  6. 😎 Fashion arrest in progress.
    Tina, you must go back to your room right now and change out of that heinous nightmare-nana floral dress into something – anything – else.
    Notice how everyone else in the room is wearing muted colours – Tina sticks out like a sore thumb!
    Lee avoids getting booked for that boring brown suit only because it is a step up from the polyester suit.

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  7. My first impression was that Amanda called Lee because he says at the end “if you have any more ideas, call me later.” But maybe that was just to throw Francine off the scent, and I think he also wants Amanda to “call him later”. 😉
    So I’m thinking that Lee called Amanda. But why call from the event? Why not make the call from his room? Maybe he wants to be up-front and reassure Amanda – Yes, this is a great place and there’s partying and lots of fun to be had but… (Kiwismh is reading between the lines here)… I’m not really enjoying it without you and I really want you to understand that. That’s why I’m taking time out to call you because you are important to me. I think also Lee misses having Amanda’s knack or instinct for having important insights, and on a professional level he hopes that discussing the case with her might help.
    Unfortunately for Lee, Francine does come along and ruin his “gig”. I think that word has a double meaning in this context for Lee. He uses a word that is generic enough for Francine to think he is just trying to make Amanda feel better about missing the event, but deep inside I think the word “gig” is code for more intimate to him.
    Yes, Francine is deliberately being a cow. Moooooooo!
    She heard Lee say he wasn’t enjoying the food, the drinks, etc, so she is deliberately painting a different picture just to get at Amanda. Boo, hisssss! Bad Francine, bad!! 👿
    Love everyone’s comments here.

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  8. I think we can all agree this is not Francine’s finest hour. In fact, Francine behaves like a petulant child here. She reminds me of Minijet no 1 lording something over Minijet no 2 (not a proud mother moment!) Having said that 1) Lee has had more than his fair share of petulant child moments in the past and 2) I can understand why Francine may behave like this. I love Khell’s idea about drawing back from Amanda; almost alientating her to ‘protect’ herself. Reminds me of the elastic band analogy of relationships – she’s allowed herself to get closer to Amanda in FFFT (and let down some boundaries); now shes streeetching away from intimacy with Amanda again. Plus she’s jealous that Lee would rather be with Amanda on the case than her.

    I’d like to think that Lee phoned Amanda….Amanda is probably just thinking how grotty she is feeling, and wishing for some fresh orange juice rather than a tray of (lovingly prepared) junk food!

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  9. Hey, iwsod! I’m usually pretty lenient towards Francine, but I’m still glad that I picked a name that’s something that she isn’t!

    Francine is really over the top here. All that grabbing for the phone? Really? And her little jabs are usually much shorter and sweeter than this. Makes me wonder if she maybe hasn’t had a little too much to drink here. She’s holding a drink, isn’t she? I’m kind of thinking of this episode as after FFFT, so I think that Francine going out of her way to imply to Amanda that she and Lee were dancing the night away is kind of her knee-jerk reaction to seeing Lee, the knight in shining armor, come through AGAIN for Amanda. Even after Francine said he wouldn’t. I don’t think she’s being obtuse, even though I am willing to go with her being drunk. She’s doing it on purpose. I am not willing, however, to think that she and Lee have been dancing together all night. Maybe once, to start with, and then they split up and mingle with the crowd. Even though Tina and Donna know they’re working together, I don’t think they would want to look to the world at large like they know each other well. When she says they’ve been “dancing up a storm”, she could be concealing the fact that they’ve each been dancing up a storm with other people. And she already knew that Lee danced well. You can’t get me to buy it that she doesn’t. She just sticks it in here to add credence to the idea that they’ve been dancing with each other.

    I think Amanda is upset by the way Lee is trying to hide things. I think she’d rather he be honest than try to “protect” her or her feelings by concealing the truth. However, it’s nice that Lee knows she’s likely to be disappointed, and cares enough to try protecting her. I also love that Lee has obviously discussed the whole case with her. Probably a long phone call or two when he was in his room at night.

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    • Nah, sorry, as much as I like Francine – I’m not giving her the benefit of being drunk and maybe slightly out of control. She knows exactly what she’s doing here.

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    • It also occurred to me that Francine’s comment about Lee really knowing how to dance well is one of those comments that hints that she knows something about Lee that Amanda may not. I think Amanda does know, but it is that kind of a barb.
      Sometimes people can’t help it, that kind of stuff just pours out of them. Its the way the keep themselves feeling good about themselves. Sometimes they don’t even know why they do it. I could see it being a way that Francine herself was brought up.

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  10. This is one of those episodes where I want to hate Francine, I really do, but thanks to the complexities of a world where we are simultaneously living in 1986 and 2015, I just can’t hate Francine anymore because I can’t unsee how happy BB and MS are in this photo: https://www.facebook.com/BoxleitnerBruce/photos/pb.285306628271399.-2207520000.1443585385./642506562551402/?type=3&theater

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  11. If Lee is the one who did the calling, I find it interesting that he would choose to call at this particular moment, in this particular place. There is certainly no privacy and Amanda can obviously hear a party going on. He’s working a bit hard to convince her that he’s not having a good time socially, but she can tell he is overselling it. I agree that Amanda is waiting to hear something from Lee, but this oversell about him not having a good time is not it.

    This is one of those moments when I don’t like Francine. I can understand some of her issues and her motivations behind what she does, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior. It just seems she’s being downright mean. She’s lashing out and it’s not attractive at all. Maybe this is where Amanda was really thinking, “What a witch!”

    Love the looks Lee is giving Francine. She’s just alienating herself from him more and more. I could see this episode happening before FFFT. Lee having had his fill of Francine on this case, decides to go with Amanda as his partner right away. Amanda, not wanting to miss out again, quickly agrees to participate. Amanda lets out her frustrations with Francine in the freezer.

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  12. So what happened to that like button for the post? I’m glad we can like comments, but I wish we could still like posts – or rate them. I think you are doing a fabulous job with the posts in this episode, iwsod! Even though it is Amanda lite, I’m thoroughly enjoying your write-ups!

    No, I have no idea what they are playing, nor do I really care. It is just noise…it does not entice me to get up and dance at all!

    I think Francine figures out pretty quickly that he is talking to Amanda. It doesn’t take too long for her to start to signal Lee that she wants to talk to her. I got the impression that she and Lee were dancing and probably enjoying themselves as friends running up an expense account. Lee probably was not enjoying himself as much as he would have in the past. I do think he is missing Amanda. I also think he is still trying to downplay the niceness of the Foxrun/STRanch because he thinks she would have enjoyed it. I think they enjoyed their time at the Foxrun the last time around with their covers, and Lee knows Amanda was probably excited to be able to do something like that again. As far as Amanda’s reaction to Francine and the freezer bit in FFFT, I don’t see why this couldn’t come after. I think they had a moment in the freezer, but I think Amanda is under no impression that it was anything lasting or that their relationship had changed. Francine came to her in the tag to say it never happened. And Amanda gave it to her as a gesture of kindness rather than friendship IMHO – after all, she did realize it might make Francine a bit, um, heavier.

    I think Francine is exaggerating, but I do think it is based on truth. Lee doesn’t even try to deny it. I think Amanda knows Francine is exaggerating, perhaps is thinking she is doing it just to wind her up, and she doesn’t want to hear it. I think Amanda is just not happy about the fact that she is missing out on this assignment and is sick on the couch. She probably is “cheesed off” because she now knows for sure that Lee isn’t being truthful with her and wishes Lee would just tell her the truth instead of making up a story to make her think she’s not missing anything. I think Amanda could handle the truth because I think she knows there is nothing between Lee and Francine. It’s worse that he’s trying to cover it up from her perspective, even though I do think it is sweet even though he shouldn’t. She probably wants him to just say, “Yeah I’m having a little fun, who wouldn’t? I’m at a posh country club on an expense account rubbing elbows with tennis stars and eating great food. But you know what, I really miss working with you and wish you were here. I know you’d have loved it so I’m sorry you’re home sick and couldn’t come.”

    So who called who? Lee called Amanda? Amanda called Lee? I don’t think we know. But I love that Lee now values Amanda’s opinion enough to tell her to call him if she has any ideas. I think he also would just love an excuse to talk to her on the phone some more.

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    • I’m not going to get to respond to comments half as much as I would like – sorry guys.. but hopefully these same ideas will come up throughout the rest of this ep.

      If I remember correctly, I stopped including the rating thingy BJo, because no one was using it – lol.. people were commenting instead 🙂
      Should I start including it again?

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  13. “You’re blowing my whole gig”!!! Hahahahaha. A gig? And he says this to Francine? I am inclined to think that Lee took this party as an opportunity to call Amanda. Of course he sticks to shop talk and I think part of hat is because he has learned to depend on Amanda’s perspective as well and he misses that. But I also think he just plain misses her (and maybe even more so after interrupting Tina and Tony). I think it is interesting that they are still in a place in their relationship where Lee hides behind the professional context and that he calls his tack a “gig” and he actually says that to Francine. I am thinking that Lee is still thinking about building a relationship with Amanda in terms of “gigs” and plans and schemes. He still isn’t completely comfortable wth the idea of two people building organically with what is naturally growing between them, getting to know each other because they just can’t help it. Oh, I am all for planning romantic dates etc, but he still sounds like the player part of him is running the operation. At least off the cuff when Francine intrudes. But, I love it because he basically just confessed to Francine that he is working on something with Amanda and that pretext of a business call to keep Amanda feeling like she was still in the loop was just that – pretext.

    And that is when Francine escalates things. I think initially she was just being the gloater, she got the job and Amanda didn’t. Poor Amanda, home sick. Yes, I think Francine is just one of those women. But I think she goes even further, not because she is personally jealous that Lee is interested in someone other than her, but I think she is really incredulous and confused that there really is something going on between those two. It may just be a viable partnership, or a close, warm friendship, or (even more unbelievable) a romance, but like I mentioned earlier I hink that rocks her foundation and her own sense of well being. Lee might have been a reference point for Francine, a landmark in her world of isolation and judgement that made her feel safe and well adjusted. But Lee appears to be moving and that throws her off. And when Francine is thrown she throws out barbs. Add to that (because I think this comes after FFFT) She lost some face there in that freezer. like Khell said. She has got to take Amanda down a few notches.I don’t think she can help it.

    And Amanda. Man, being stuck on a couch really becomes a place of struggle. SHe can’t be in the middle of anything and it becomes a testing ground. What is really happening? Sometimes when our ability to make anything happen is removed we get to see what is really there. She doesn’t see it yet though. But I think she was glad that Lee called and talked about the case with her. It’s only been that one day right, this is the evening of the morning she told him she was sick? And he called her? I think they had been on the phone for a while and I don’t think she believes Francine. I think she is annoyed that Francine is trying that garbage, but I don’t think she believes her. But Lee is still sticking to shop talk, calling his partner. That is wonderful in its own right, but I get the feeling it isn’t all of the wonderful that Amanda is just acknowledging that she would hope for.

    And I have written another novel.

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  14. I can see both sides of this because you’ve both brought some really insightful comments into what makes Francine tick. I feel like the general cattiness of Francine will always be part of her character. Even in the earliest episodes she is sniping at Lee and even Billy occasionally. I think that despite a deeply buried marshmallow (and chocolate) interior, her default is to be that person at the party making sarcastic jibes about everyone. Dr Pfaff could probably give us great insight into why, but I certainly know people like that. Well, okay, actually I’m usually that person at the party. 🙂 Why does she pull that particular stunt on the phone? Maybe she’s just actually really having fun on this admittedly powder-puff mission and she’s never had anything approaching a girlfriend that she could share that with and she wants to blow off steam? She doesn’t see Amanda as an agent she has to compete with and she can’t possibly have a girlfriend outside the Agency she could share this with, so maybe she’s just genuinely pleased to have someone to tell and isn’t self-aware enough to know that she’s twisting the knife. The flip side is whether or not everything she’s describing about what Lee has been up to is true. I suspect it could be because he’d have to keep up the cover and his reaction (“You’re blowing my gig!”) could imply that he had been out and out lying to Amanda to keep her from feeling bad that she was missing out on what would have been a pretty fun mission

    There you go Khell, you’re not the only one who writes essay-length responses.

    And so happy to see my girl-crush KJ back in the Walk!

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  15. First of all, I think you’re spot on with Francine and the Daddy issues – can’t say any more her but there’s a later episode that might shed some light on this.

    Second – I still can see this episode going after FFFT. The way I see it, Francine maybe feels like she let Amanda get too close. She gave her insight into the real Francine Desmond – not the person who’s that highly-trained agent. I always had the impression Francine doesn’t care much what you think about her – provided it goes along with what she WANTS you to think about her and fits with the image she wants to project to other people of herself. (Like – you think she’s mean and nasty? Good, that fits okay with the “tough professional” image.) She showed Amanda too much of the real Francine – or at least she thinks so – and now she’s trying to “fix” that “mistake”. She doesn’t want to let Amanda get too close (because “people leave”, right?) so she takes care that won’t happen. People leaving you isn’t as bad when you’re the one who’s making them leave. We already saw this kind of behaviour in OBDOBD, right? Francine trying to exclude Amanda and push her away/aside.

    Of course Francine’s also rubbing it in that it’s HER working with Lee – not Amanda. She’s here, she’s doing the job she trained for and she’s doing it together with the Agency’s best agent. Everything is as it should be – at least as far as she’s concerned. She doesn’t want Amanda added to that equation. And I’ll also add some jealousy because – well, of course Francine would have realized by now that Lee and Amanda are growing closer. I can see this sorta childish “He was MY friend first – go away!” kind of reaction. Of course, just because Lee is friends with Amanda – or even very close to Amanda – that doesn’t mean he can’t still be friends with Francine. She just doesn’t see that – yet.

    I also interpret Amanda’s reaction to Francine on the phone as more like “Oh, here we go again. And I thought we’d finally started to get along …” – half annoyed and half resigned and maybe a dash of “Why am I not surprised?” A kind of “Rrrrright – back to square one” reaction.

    Uh, as always – sorry for the essay-length comment. 😉

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    • Love what you wrote hear and totally agree.


    • I especially agree with what you wrote about Francine needing to push Amanda away after their “moment” in the freezer. Rather than get hurt by Amanda potentially leaving in the future, it is just safer for Francine to keep her at arm’s length and pretend like she doesn’t care.


    • Ahh Knell thanks for biting your tongue when my ‘more true than I knew’ comment came up about Francine’s daddy 🙂 Much appreciated! I’ll look forward to discussing that with you when it shows up in the walk 🙂

      As always, I’ve enjoyed reading your point of view and it stimulated my thinking!

      If anyone reading groans at the mention of episode order – sorry.. but.. I’m going there haaaaa.. I see episode order discussion as just another way to explore what’s happening in the episodes and the overall story – I don’t really aim to convince people of anything or to come up with one authoritative order – I’ve got no authority 😉 haaaaa..

      Enjoyed reading your thoughts on episode order Knell, I agree -I can see PFK as coming after FFFT too – based on what we’ve seen so far I think either order is possible to make work. But.. what I’m toying with is – do I prefer how the story unfolds if PFK is first?

      Also, I don’t base my ideas on Francine and her behaviour – but on the combination of how Lee, Amanda and Francine are interacting. So… there’s lots for us to see differently here 🙂 or should I say – explore here 🙂

      Knell if I’m understanding correctly, it seems you prefer to have this escalating nark from Francine be a reaction to her disclosure in FFFT- that’s cool..
      I am liking the idea that this episode is the catalyst that makes Francine’s disclosure in FFFT possible. (and that’s cool too haa)

      In the tag of FFFT Francine was already distancing herself from Amanda and from her disclosures to Amanda in the freezer – Francine’s long standing pattern of prickly relations is not going to disappear with one little girl talk moment- and I’d be really disappointed if it did!! I’d be complaining the writing was too simplistic! lol..
      But.. I also think Amanda didn’t expect Francine to suddenly be friends either. the whole point of the FFFT tag (IMHO) was Amanda pushing Francine’s (chocolate) buttons – Amanda knew Francine would back track and try to pretend it never happened – that’s what the chocolates were for.. haaaa.. and Amanda played Francine brilliantly in that tag -it was Amanda’s moment of triumph 🙂 – to me the end of that episode had Amanda playing Francine like a violin. she has her number now – and is equipped now to deal with her and assert herself some more. (this is not the same as being confrontational though- I think Amanda knows that would not work with Francine).

      Plus, while I think Amanda wants to get along with everyone- I actually don’t think Amanda wants or needs Francine’s friendship. I think Amanda’s done really well up to now without it.. and if Amanda was hoping for it at this point I’d say the woman had issues 🙂 It’s Lee’s friendship that is deeply important to Amanda.

      Amanda doesn’t trust Francine, nor have the expectation that she should be able – this is all IMHO of course!

      So, any argument that this episode is Francine pulling away from what happened in FFFT is very interesting – but to me it is redundant (sorry!) – I think everyone agrees Francine was pulling away at the end of FFFT… so this doesn’t work as a plus or minus to me in going with an order here – however if you love this idea and prefer to see the story unfold this way then it is totally not redundant to you and you should go with it 🙂 Am I making sense?

      Does Francine care what people think? whooo now there’s a whole other interesting idea! Through this growing anger of Francine’s I’m thinking she cares very much – too much- about Amanda’s place in the agency world… and in Lee’s world.. and in Francine’s world.

      Sometimes it’s the people who are determined to show the world they don’t care- who deep down are the people who care the most. This to me is all about Francine’s defences.. and how she’s gotten through life.. Amanda raises emotions Francine is not happy about or comfortable with (remind you of anyone??) and I think Amanda knows this..

      Oopsie long ramble.. finish up iwsod so you can get back to your work!

      Lastly, all your comments about Francine’s possessiveness of Lee sounds good to me! works for me! 🙂

      Yes I can see your interpretation of Amanda on the phone as working.. if PFK is after FFFT.
      It can also be Amanda just reacting to Francine being Francine though – I was toying with the idea of how Amanda seems better equipped to deal with Francine after the FFFT tag, and how she deals with her so well in OBDOBD – I’m seeing OBDOBD as after both FFFT and PFK..

      And in OBDOBD once again Francine attempts to side with Lee and exclude Amanda but neither Lee nor Amanda is having it… so it’s interesting to put all this together and see what we can make of it all 🙂

      I like Morley’s idea (Hiya Morley!) that Amanda is stuck on the couch while all this is happening – it really is a test of her strength, her faith in herself as a partner to Lee, and her trust in Lee..If Amanda had any little niggling insecurities they are going to come out here in this situation no? 🙂
      All the while – she’s looking for Lee to tell her something.. I now know what it is.. but we don’t know it yet so I’ll say no more on that for now.
      lol! yes I gave you an essay length response to your essay Knell! haaaaaa.. It’s been really interesting to think these things through and consider your point of view – some things we see the differently.. and some things we see the same I think – fun! I love how your love of Francine encourages me to see beyond Lee and Amanda and also consider more Francine’s journey 🙂

      Byee for now everyone!!!.. my smk time is used up and I’ve gotta get back to my grown up work here 😉 byeeee!

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