15/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

This post is the final of this ep. I feel done with it and want to move on eek! So this post is a long one.. and I’ll give us a few days to finish talking about this episode over all before publishing the next post. 

Does anyone have a post they’d like to publish before we start walking through the next episode? If so – you are very welcome and send me an email and just let me know. Learjet has two posts we’ll be swooning/ drooling and walking through before we start the next episode – but we can fit in a few more guest posts if anyone is interested in sharing also- just let me know! 🙂 

Okay.. Where were we here.. We ended last post in Billy’s office having cracked the Pyramid code- the agency is the pyramid!!!

We then cut back to explosives being put into the pyramid wall..
I notice there is no blue wire!! Oh smk.. I miss those gags!!! TPE.avi_20151005_194218.329
…and Durran looking focused and.. bad. Really bad. I sense he has a personal grudge against the agency.. but you know what? I think smk is right to not bother explaining his full story.. good call on that one. I don’t think we really need to know! [get it.. ‘need to know’ 😉 ]

Back to the Pyramid errr agency in chaos!
Yes we suddenly find there are loads of women working at the agency and they are all being evacuated..
Hey, I hear R2-D2 in the background! Winking smile tee hee.. okay it’s probably a metal detector but it would have been more interesting..
Loudspeaker: All personnel, this is not a drill. Evacuate to the street immediately.

Lee: Where is Durran going to hit us? How’s he going to get in here?
[what do you think of this camera angle?]
Rupert: No way in unless you’re invited. Just like a pyramid. Bedrock walls, sealed ventilation, low-energy lighting, lasers in the elevator shaft. We got it all.

TPE.avi_20151005_194236. 97
: Durran knows a way in.

: I don’t see how. It’s my secret. I was the last one out the day we buttoned her up….

…We needed some way to take out the heavy gear. [? really?]The only weak spot — a little bolt hole…
  …Just like the Pharaoh’s engineers did. Ahh!  that’s me! Pharaoh’s engineer for the whole damn place — the only one who knows.

Lee: Not any more, my friend.
(Lee gives Rupert a pat on the arm)
[Good to see Lee standing close to Rupert and we actually see Lee treating Rupert like he is the friend we’ve been told he is]
Francine enters the office holding up a kit.
Francine: Atropine. It’s the only antidote for chemical attack.
Lee: For G-S?
Francine: Uh, no, not specifically. For Soviet T-Series nerve toxins, but it’s similar. It might work, it might not.
[I guess this gas is so toxic a gas mask is not enough? but if that’s the case, then why do the baddies only get gas masks? We saw this at the start of the episode. Here!
and no it’s not Darth Vader. I checked.
why don’t the agency have gas masks?!]
Amanda: Rupert, please — this is very, very important. Please, try to remember where the weak spot is.
[Amanda! Just ask TP! Winking smile ]
Rupert: I can’t remem — oh, yeah. Yeah, I know. Level F, section 17. Lets you out right into the Wisconsin Avenue public garage. Cute, huh?

TPE.avi_20151005_194427. 78[what- no gift shop?!  A gift shop would have been cuter.. Or the IFF classics library.. oh wait, I guess that’s what the Q bureau’s cover is?! sorry I’m so distracted. focus iwsod! ]
Lee (with drama inducing intensity): All right, everybody — get out to the street!
(Lee starts heading out the office door with his possible antidote.)
Francine: That’s not for G-S!
Lee: It’s all we’ve got. Go on, move it!
TPE.avi_20151005_194433.941How interesting that it’s Francine who tries to make Lee stop – not Amanda. I think we can have a field day with this one.
One thing I can see- Amanda has reconciled the danger of the job Lee does well and truly (remember in Bromfield Hall? “It’s what I do Amanda.”)
Maybe this is a bit wet blanket of me when Lee is being so heroic and all, but I thought Francine and Lee trained to do this sort of thing together – remember Murder Between Friends and the drill for an attack on the agency?
and.. Lee!! you can’t go fight Durran without your black jumpsuit!!! and your selfie stick!!
Seems Lee has to have his heroic moment alone – with no Francine or even Amanda to share the glory…

Amanda, and Billy get Rupert moving out of the office while Francine stands there stunned (lol more training for you missy!)
: Attention, all personnel

Lee approaches a guard out in the hallway.

Lee: Let me have your weapon.
[I thought I heard Lee say: Give me your weapon please] what do you all hear? I’ve gone with what happy camper heard though Smile]
Lee cocks the machine gun.. and looks suitably determined..
Do you think it might have been useful to bring a couple of these trained guards with you Lee? nah!!!
Confused voices: Right this way — five minutes — go —

Lee rushes down the hallway ready to fight.
I’m going to pretend he hasn’t just cocked his machine gun and that he isn’t running down the hallway with what could be his finger on the trigger.. (and yes, all the images here are bluuuurrrryyyyy..)

We see Amanda leading Rupert by the arm down the hallway (where’d Billy and Francine gone?)
The chaos continues.. is it just me or is it pretty funny to see the highly trained agency in such chaos? I thought they’d be better organised!
Why are some people going in one direction? and then others are going in the opposite? lol.. I guess this is all designed to up the drama.. but for me it doesn’t quite work. Err nice try though!

Ah! there’s Billy and Francine, they join the throng..

Back to the baddies..
and the wall is loaded up with explosives ready to blow.
I love how we see this then cut to Durran smoking a cigarette.. umm danger danger?!
[Explosions and lung cancer?!]
Durran is very intense and focused. Gee I don’t think even Lee is going to be able to stop him! Right? Nah… who am I kidding?!
The explosives are all rigged up to the detonator.. all is set.
Hang on a minute.
Have another cigarette and give Lee a chance to get down to level F will ya!
Durran holds the detonator..
We cut back to more agency employees running for their lives (why am I reminded of flying high/airplane here?!)
Everyone is leaving.. but Lee? He’s arriving.. alone..
This shot with the massive agency emblem is another big visual huh like the American flag. I don’t mind it..(do you?) because the action is soooo over the top the set may as well be also. It fits!
Cue the action sequence and a whole lot of Lee looking heroic.
KJ is not afraid to package up Lee Stetson heroics!
Let’s see how few words I can use for this action finale?
Lee action sequence_TPEWall blows, Lee goes flying..
Lee shoots.
Release the G-S Gas!!!!
Lee injects his atropine (what a man!
swoon emoticon).
Lee wins. the end.
Seriously though.. why does Durran turn and try to escape? Because his gas mask was shattered by the explosion? why was it shattered by the explosion? After all his planning, he goes and makes a dumb mistake like this? stooopid..
I think he was so in awe of Lee Stetson he just turned and ran..
For a baddie that was set up to be such a worthy adversary for Lee.. this is quite disappointing!
[I think the problem was in the opening sequence when they were practicing, Durran was up on a high viewpoint, and not practicing his role.. tut tut Durran!]

There are a couple of visuals here in this sequence I really like.. kudos KJ I love that you gave it a go!!!
Loved this shot:
And.. this shot:
and… this shot:
When it fits within the tone of SMK  I love these visuals. I think they can fit within SMK.. but the music and a few of the additions or changes didn’t fit for me.. I’ve already mentioned these so won’t harp on though.
But the visuals and creative shots remind me of Reach for the sky – that had some awesome visual moments and shot composition which were fabulous and still fit within an smk feel for me.. Thoughts?

As much as I’m not a fan of this ep and the high tech weird theme, this action sequence and a few of the individual visuals have been a treat for me. Kudos KJ! 

Okay okay.. finishing up the action sequence, the baddies see Durran is full of G-S Gas (and maybe plain GAS) – so they turn and run..
Mercenaries: All right, hurry up! Go! Durran’s down! Leave him! Go! Leave him!
They all jump in their vans and take off. Well.. Durran you did tell them they were not getting paid to get killed Smile
Lee enters the garage through the blown hole and finds Durran down and out. He checks his pulse.

The vans scream through the garage and comes up against an agency defensive line. Hoorah.
Agents: Let’s get ’em up! Move out of the vehicles! Up, up, up! Place your weapon on the ground!

Use to taking orders, these baddies do what they’re told.
I expected to see Billy and Francine there – where did they go?
One last final shot on Lee now it’s all over.. phew! How’s the atropine going there Lee?!
I think they should have given Lee a bit of an injury.. lol..
Notice the shadow on the wall? Another very cool shot – which I didn’t appreciate until I took the stills. I watch the video then look at the stills when writing]
Kudos KJ!!

Ouchie.. a bit of a leg ache Lee?
TPE.avi_20151005_194856. 1
Okay.. that will do for an injury! I guess that’s where he injected himself. Haaa poor Lee has a stick injury! haaaa
TPE.avi_20151005_194900. 1
So superhuman Lee is actually just a super-human after all..
Note to Agency- order some gas masks.. and replacement atropine!
It’s tag time! The sun is shining on the Pyramid!
Lee, Amanda and Rupert exit the coat elevator.
Rupert: Don’t remember seeing that in the original plans. Would have vetoed it if I had…
[LOL looks like Lee’s ID badge gets sort of stuck on Rupert]
 [you didn’t have a need to know Rupert!]
…Never liked gadgets. Everything in this place was the best money could buy. From Ray Packer’s lights, right down to Izzy Eisenstein’s fancy carpet!

Lee: Nothing much changed, huh?
TPE.avi_20151005_194941.781(they all start walking from the elevator to the bullpen)
Rupert: No, of course not. Buildings are like people. The good ones last.
[Given we just saw Good guy Lee possibly dying young to save the agency from the baddies this doesn’t quite fit for me! but I appreciate Rupert has his moment here to enjoy the good work he did engineering it!]
Amanda: I’d say they do, sir; they certainly do.
(Amanda signals Lee as they arrive at the door)
(and yes as usual it’s not a crisp image.. this ep has tested my patience!)
Everyone: Surprise!…TPE.avi_20151005_195005.837
…Happy Birthday, Rupert!
Francine wheels out a cake. Rofl!!  Seeing Francine smiling and joining in freaks me out Winking smile tee hee.. Oh I know why she’s smiling. It’s CHOCOLATE cake!! she loves chocolate Winking smile
Good to see Glynnis and Lois got an invite too!
Rupert: Great guns! You were behind this, niece?

TPE.avi_20151005_195015.525[Niece? ah yes.. the agency is one big warm fuzzy place that is family and lasts.. excuse me while I gag people.. this is all too much for me!]
Amanda: Well, a little bit.
Rupert: Ah-ha-ha, if I were a couple of years younger, we’d go dancing! Stay out late, too. [oh please. Rupert stop there.. I’ve just been whacked up the side of my face with a cliché. Antidote! I need an antidote!  dimples iwsod.. focus on the dimples..]
The whole bullpen hears this and laughs. [I notice Glynnis and Lois don’t really laugh though. I’m with them!]
I just find this exceedingly awkward and irritating! Just focus on the Lee dimples Iwsod.. they’ll fix things!
Amanda: Oh, that’s sweet.
Rupert: That’s just plain good sense. Right, Lee?
Lee: Right, Rupert.
TPE.avi_20151005_195036.695[I guess this is them trying to insert a little romance between Lee and Amanda.. Meh..I would have liked this ep better if we left it back in the garage.. sorry I’m wearing my grumpy pants now! I wont go on – what do you all think of this? Do tell!!!]
Rupert: Hey, gimme a hand, you two. I don’t have as much hot air as I used to have.
(Again we get the requisite laugh from the bullpen.)
[ Aie.. it’s only one candle!!! rofl!!! ]
Let’s make a wish we can all agree on, hm?
[I think Lee and Amanda’s eyes meet for a moment..]
Amanda: Okaaaaaaay.  go!
They all take a massive breath to blow the one candle on Rupert’s cake out. Rofl. and the ep ends there.. good thing too because the next thing that happened was Chocolate Cake went exploding all over Francine from the blast of air.. and she went into a chocolate eating frenzy while the agency alarms sounded and the newly acquired gas masks were distributed. Lee and Amanda looked on in shock that their wish had come true so quickly Winking smile
Okay. I’m full of plenty of hot air myself! Smile 

Soooo what’s the wish they can all agree on??

I’m not going to linger here.. I’ll share a few thoughts in comments.. but lastly..
just a few little observations based on the end credits.

Here’s the first thing we see:
How lovely that KJ was able to direct this and dedicate it to her dad – I can see that the themes about the inter-generations, the elderly etc. would have maybe been close to KJ’s heart with her father’s recent passing.
It makes KJ’s daughterly interactions with Rupert at the end here touching. Though the whole take you dancing thing? I can do without!!!!! Winking smile 

Seems natural to spell Durran with one r.
I saw these final credits when I started writing this ep and had taken all the images (I tend to check the end credits before I start because I want to know who is in the ep etc.) Anyway, so this is where I learned it’s Durran.. and not duran duran.. Though dragon would definitely have been more fun!

Last thought – how interesting that the episode KJ directs has Nooooo Dotty, no Phillip and no Jamie!!!! We could read some things into that!!!
Okay all can’t wait to hear your thoughts- do tell!!!!!!

40 responses to “15/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m back!! I have missed this blog so much. I haven’t even been able to keep up with reading the posts. But the moving is all done and I’ve just finished reading all the posts and just wanted to throw my two cents in here at the end.

    I was never a big fan of this episode and would tend to fast forward through it or just skip it when I was going through the DVDs. There are a couple of little gems in here with Lee and Amanda, but the story line just didn’t do it for me. Whatever script, plot, or story line issues there are I’m attributing to a lack of time to fix any issues due to KJ’s absence from PFK. I’m sure that her absence was long enough that there just wasn’t time to fix all the issues in both scripts. And I’m sure that while she may have been physically present to direct PE, she was not necessarily emotionally present. I give her and the actors credit for getting through what they could.

    That being said, there seems to be a total lack of awareness on the part of anyone at the Agency that the set up is designed like a pyramid. In over twenty years no one ever figured out the layout or noticed that the number of rooms or space increased as you went down a level. Could they have possibly tried to contact Harry Thornton for some information, when they couldn’t get it from anyone else?

    With all the training the agents receive, shouldn’t they have learned something about the structure they work in? Some of this information they were getting should have set off a red flag at some time.

    I wonder just what TP’s connection is to the Agency. He doesn’t seem to have an office there and only Lee seems to use him for information. Maybe he’s like Amanda originally was, a civilian set of eyes and ears.

    Also, the scene where they are standing in front of the flag sort of throws me off. I’m not sure why it was done. Although I do remember they changed the opening at one point and the Scarecrow and Mrs. King became red, white, and blue.

    Okay, I feel much better now that I have been able to throw in a few comments. I hope those celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful day and lots of good food and I look forward to being more present. I’ll post more on my move over at Ned’s.

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    • Oh My Heck – It never dawned on me that someone working there should have made the pyramid connection with the layout of the agency. I guess that means I am not the most spatially aware person because I could see myself working there for 10 years and not realizing it until after the attack. head smack

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      • Soooo this is the agency huh..

        I’m with you Cindy! Great point Valerie.. how could they not notice? Hmmm.. maybe it’s because of the picture at the end of the hallway which makes it look like the agency goes on and on for miles – but we never see anyone actually walking down here! [think beyond the coat elevator end of the agency hallway- I don’t have time to drum up an image sorry!]

        Or.. maybe it’s because no one person ever visited all levels? – you know.. Need to know and all that? 😉

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  2. And finally, this quote from tumblr: “Archaeologists working in Egypt have found mummified remains covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. They believe it to be Pharaoh Rocher.”

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    • Janet this is genius! 🙂 I made the mistake of reading this comment while at work haaaa.. everyone wondered what I was laughing at so I shared your joke – they all loved it 🙂

      My kind of Pharaoh!!! (his son was named Pharoah num num?)

      okay.. got my helmet.. bracing myself for some wet Lee!!!! by Learjet 🙂

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  3. As one of the few fans of this episodes, I conclude that watching this episode slowly actually makes it worse. It needs to be seen “at speed” to work. For me the interesting bits are:
    1) the different music. Yes I disagree with Iwsod and others and quite enjoy the music. It’s more Miami Vice than SMK but gives the episode a different feel. And the music isn’t out of place for the time of the episode
    2) It’s a different type of episode. And sometimes different is fun. It’s more a “spy” episode (albeit with a clunky plot) than usual
    3) The lighting and shot angles. The occasionally slow-mo sections. This is probably my favourite SMK action scene ever. I love how she slows done the shots of Lee-in-action. I usually get bored and wander off to find something to eat/brush my hair/sweep the floor at that point in an SMK episode but I love this scene and find it quite gripping.

    Anyone got any idea of what the tag should have been?? Amanda has Rupert over to her place for a birthday tea with Dotty and the boys, and hands Lee a piece of cake through the back door? Lee and Amanda take Rupert out for a birthday dinner, pop Rupert in a cab back to Birchwood and L & A spend rest of the evening dancing cheek-to-cheek?? Anyone???

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    • Oh, or how about after dinner, Rupert, Glynis, and Lois take Dotty and the boys out to a classic movie showing at the Oldie’s theater — oh, I know, The Mummy with Boris Karloff! Amanda of course will join them, but on the way out the door, a flash in the back window distracts her and suddenly she thinks of a reason she can’t go. The family starts to pile into the car, Amanda invites Lee in and just as they are about to dance something a little more romantic than “Walk like an Egyptian” (that was 1985 so I think I’m okay with that reference), they hear Philip say loudly from the driveway, “I don’t know why we had to turn around for Jamie to get his stupid Mummy Masher, he’s such a wimp!” (my son used to watch Jurassic Park with a ‘weapon’ by his side), at which point Lee and Amanda share a regretful-but-it-figures look, Lee says “good thing your house has an escape hatch”, and out the back door he disappears.

      (I can imagine this thread being sent over to Ned’s before too long 🙂 but I’m enjoying it here as we place bright spots in among this tag scene!)

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    • Hey learjet, just wanted to say thanks for sharing what you love about this episode! rofl at the Miami vice music 😉 glad you enjoyed the change up!

      I quite enjoyed the lighting and shot angles too – just not when I was struggling to get a clear image for the blog! lol!

      a bit of Lee and Amanda cheek to cheek?! love it!!! 🙂 If only we could have seen that in fast food for thought! but then.. lol I guess their cover was brother and sister.. um.. ew!

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  4. One of the worst tags ever. Yeah, really makes me want to put my hands over my ears and go “la la la la la” so I can’t hear it. Just ick. I miss Dotty and the boys in this. But Lee looks particularly good in some scenes.


  5. Iwsod, a while back in our walk through this episode I had mentioned that there was a scene ahead that I felt was very squirmy, much worse than the one we were walking through at the time. You asked me to let you know when we got there. Well, we’ve finally made it — this birthday scene that has you gagging affects me the same way. I think you referred to it as awkward and it is. Goofy phony smiles; stale, stilted, cliche script; and it just happens to be his birthday right at this time?? Francine’s clapping and smiling is especially nauseating, but the scene as a whole is pretty unbearable for me. I’m glad you didn’t dwell on it — move along folks, nothing here to see. Based on the lack of comments about it, I don’t think too many positive experiences were stirred up by it. You know what it reminds me of? A kiddy show ending! Shows for little kids end with birthday parties and over the top acting. That’s it — they are totally treating Rupert (and the viewers) like a little kid. OK, sorry, I don’t usually vent but this scene just, well, makes me all squirmy!

    I especially approve of your diversionary tactic of focusing on the dimples!! For a moment it worked.

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    • I’m with you on this. Sometimes the episode tags are so painfully bad it’s like they palmed them off on the summer intern in the writers’ room. Ugh.

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    • If we had our way and had Amanda’s kids involved, they could have ended the episode with Rupert admiring Philip’s model pyramid and seeing Philip’s new appreciation for history (or at least certain parts of it). 😉

      I guess it’s kind of nice to see Rupert in his right mind seeing the Agency again and noting little changes since he was last there. The birthday party might have seemed better if they’d mentioned earlier that his birthday was coming so it’s not like “Oh, by the way, it just happens to be Rupert’s birthday.” — maybe have Lois and Glynis wanting to talk to Lee about arranging a surprise for Rupert or something. Hey, that could be part of the reason for Lee mysteriously wanting to visit Birchwood when he hadn’t mentioned it to Amanda before! He might still keep in touch with some of the retirees who helped train him, and they wanted to enlist his help in planning some special surprise for Rupert, bribing him with treats to help them. 😉

      When my grandmother turned 90, the retirement home where she lived hosted her birthday party, and someone did a little centerpiece on the buffet table with a couple of old-fashioned hats and some flowers. My brother asked our grandmother about the hats, wondering if they were hers, and she said, “No, someone else arranged that. I think they just put them there because I’m an old lady.” Lois and Glynis would probably think of something much more exciting. 😀

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      • You’re on a roll with your alternative plots, Jestress! It might even have provided a good setting for Rupert, Lois, and Glynis to be having dinner at the King house. As everyone admires Philip’s pyramid, Lee could appear in the kitchen window and…. I’ll leave the rest for someone else to figure out, I’m out of ideas tonight!

        Your grandmother sounds like a character. We do seem to unintentionally patronize the elderly with dated stereotypes, don’t we?! Good for her for telling it like it was.

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      • Sorry Jestress, didn’t read part of your comment before posting my comment, but you provide a good alternative tag…. 🙂

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      • Jestress you’re on a roll you need to start writing this tag for us! [and yes- please continue fan fic discussions over at Nedlindgers lol]


    • I said in an earlier post that I found the treatment of Rupert to be patronising. This scene really shows that up. Raffie, you have it perfectly – the kind of wound up excitement we create for children’s birthday parties. Both BB and KJ overact in this scene. Not good 😦

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    • Raffie I’m sooooo glad you remembered to come back and share this thought – I soooo agree!!! you’ve expressed my own view perfectly!

      condescending?! indeed.. the scene could have been written for a frisky 8 year old who told Amanda if he were older he’d take her dancing. says it all really.. ugh!!!

      glad focusing on the dimples helped.. if only for a moment 😉


  6. Iwsod, you could be right about Lee saying “Can I have your weapon please?”. I couldn’t really pick it up in all that noise, so I checked what the script said and it seemed to fit the lip movement . . . but it wouldn’t be the first time audio and visual were unsynchronized, would it?

    Speaking of the script, it has a little interesting light to shed on this ending. Firstly, it does show the “booster” that Durran administered to Rupert as a gas instead of an injection, which explains Pfaff’s description of it. The script has a reason why no one went with Lee — there was only 1 dose of atropine — and why they didn’t use gas masks: some random person says that the masks won’t work against G-S because it’s a contact agent. I guess that means skin contact, and I guess the idea got lost between the script and the filming because the invaders have skin showing (in the script they are described as wearing full chemical warfare suits). The agency should still have pulled out the gas masks, though, because skin contact works WAY slower than inhalation. But I guess if you’re going to invent a nerve gas for your show, it can have any properties you want, no? Interestingly, atropine is the real-life antidote for nerve agents and comes in injection kits, so they probably look just like the one in the episode.

    I didn’t really like the action sequence as it was filmed. I remember reading the script first and thinking it was going to be a really great sequence, but the slo-mo just didn’t work for me. And the script has extra urgency by Lee actually being affected by the G-S before he can get the shot in, and so when he kneels by the dead or dying Durran, he’s still experiencing some of the same physical effects for at “that was too close” kind of feeling.

    Another thing that differed was the tag — it had Rupert’s birthday party at Birchwood, included Dotty (who also was in a scene earlier in the script) and — included some of the retiree men drooling all over Dotty in a way that seemed pretty racy for SMK. As lame as the tag that we have turned out, I think we’re glad we got it instead of the scripted one.

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    • That is interesting. I had thought Lee taking on all the invaders on his own was really unbelievable but what you say explains it a bit. I still don’t see why these super agents didn’t have full body suits and masks- very strange. Like you, I wasn’t crazy on the action sequence but I think that having set up the whole mystery of the pyramids etc, they had too little time to do a good conclusion. (They could have taken a bit from Rupert’s party of course!)


    • My first reaction was “What do you mean they only have one dose of atropine!?!” But considering how our first aid kit is always out of bandaids because no one glares at family bothers to restock it or let me know when they use the last bandaid, I can totally get how the agency would be down to one dose.


    • Dotty was in an earlier scene? Which one? Does she know somebody at Birchwood?


      • She was in the scene where Amanda gets the call from Rupert and goes dashing out of the house. It seems as though Amanda had told her that her work was taking her amongst these retirees, whom Dotty assumes are charity cases. So I don’t think that Dotty knew anyone there independent of Amanda.


  7. I had a random thought about that riddle (i.e., young, adult and old). I like Raffie’s and Jestress’s thoughts about including Philip and Jamie in the storyline as the ‘young.’ Since they’re not in this episode, the riddle sort of seems accidental. The only other way it ‘might’ fit is if you apply the riddle to the agency. New agent = young (Amanda), seasoned agent = Adult (Lee), retired agent = old (Rupert). I don’t see Amanda as young or inexperienced, and we know we’re seeing more professional development from her. I think that’s proven in the story too, when she goes to Lee with what she finds out about the pills. So that doesn’t work for me. I guess the riddle could have been left out.


  8. Lee looks old in that shot where he is rubbing his leg.
    Yes, the wish… what was that wish? I am going to have fun with that one when I get to finally writing for this episode. I am almost there, but RL is a freight train right now.

    I think Lee heading in one direction to save the whole Agency, alone and Amanda leading Rupert to safety in the other direction without either of them sharing any eye speak at all is a fitting ending to what I see as the theme of this episode, at least where Amanda and Lee are concerned. It is that balance between the highly trained professional that is expected to lay his life down for the rest, especially the one who is trained in weapons and combat , and the more personal side. Amanda does know like Iwsod alluded to (its what I do, Amanda) and now Lee also knows that this is what Amanda does, she takes on the personal and it looks like they have worked trusting that in a professional way onto their personal relationship.

    I do like the way this episode seems to try to frame that dichotomy that is bridged between these two. I think because KJ directed this, she must see it and it must be important to her, at least that is how I am choosing to read this episode.

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    • I’ve been wondering about that wish, too. I guessed that it was something to do with the welfare of the Agency because it’s what ties them all together, but there are still a lot of possibilities, and they didn’t discuss their wish beforehand.


  9. ROFLMBO – Loved your ending Iwsod – cake all over Francine’s heinous outfit! 😀 Now that would have made the whole wretched episode worth it.
    Love how super-over-the-top-action-Lee ends up without a hair out of place. He must’ve used a lot of product this morning. 😉

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  10. Very shallow observation, but Lee should wear that striped shirt more often. DROOL!

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