Lee: the Good, the Bad and the Wet: Part two

Hello from Learjet wave. Welcome to part two of the Lee’s best and worst clothing moments. Grab those helmets, ladies – the worst is over and it’s all swooning from here faint . We’ll be looking at Lee’s smarter outfits (including a few tux shots) and Lee’s best casual moments .
First, the smart outfits – favourite tux moments, and smart suits.
Smart Lee
This moment cannot be avoided: the first tux, the show pony, at the top of the stairs drool1 . A classic moment in television (The First Time).

I’m a big fan of men in long coats, and can’t resist this outfit (I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been a Spy). And the red ties really sets off the dark coat and grey jacket. And, for season one, his hair is looking good. Yum spin .

S1E13_coat_tie_smart_close_Lee S1E13_coat_tie_smart_Lee
I have a particular weakness in for Lee in a three-piece suit (or almost any man in a three-piece suit) and he wore a couple in the latter part of season one. In Spiderweb and Saviour he brings them out – not my favourite shirts or hairstyle, but I’ll forgive these because of the suits (Jestress, he looks like  a presidential candidate? I think maybe the tie is too dark a blue) :
S1E16_three_piece_suit_Lee S1E18_Three_piece_suit_Lee
Another standout tux moment from The Times They Are a Changin’: I think it’s the haircut that makes this moment. And his expression. Considering Amanda is dressed like a Dalmatian (or the Milka cow wink), I surprised he looks so pleasantly intense, and not horrified.

S2E2_formal_tux_Lee  S2E2_formal_Dalmatian_Amanda
Another tux moment from Affair at Bromfield Hall. Lee with the knight’s armour and weapons. Very atmospheric. Plus good hair and the discreet red handkerchief.S2E8_Tux_with_suitofarmour_Lee
And what I like to think of as Lee’s “wedding suit” outfit in the same episode. Does anyone else think the tie and shirt combo screams “wedding”?
And finally, the “real” cover wedding outfit from Ship of Spies. For those who like cream jackets. Not my thing. Note the much debated red rose. (Why? Did he not smell it because it wasn’t crushed? Because he was too nervous about “getting married” to notice the smell?). Also the pearl-style buttons.  And the excessive use of guyliner. Too girly for my taste.
So what’s your favourite smart Lee?


Casual Lee
On to casual Lee. Our first good casual Lee viewing was in A Long Christmas Eve. In spite of his widely known dislike of the festive session, Lee is dressed in a season-appropriate green shirt under his cream jumper and lined casual jacket. This goes nicely with Amanda’s red plaid shirt… S1E10_casual_Lee
…and the Christmassy theme
(Big thanks to KC, who I ‘commissioned’ to add some festive touches to this image. KC, you’re a pal thumbsup)

More plaid in Lost and Found.
S1E12_blackplaid_jeans_Lee The jacket would have been better if he hadn’t folded back the jacket sleeves.




 And his cockatoo style hair is a bit distracting. (FYI, that’s Lee above, and the cockatoo below).
Add Eva to the equation and it’s not an SMK moment I want to dwell on.


Next we have Lee in my favourite polo neckS1E18_good_casual_Lee  (Filming Raul) – black with a dark jacket.



Why didn’t he wear black trousers instead of those brown pleated one. Anyway, a perfect outfit for “the car scene”
blush .S1E18_good_casual_withtrousers_Lee
And now on two of the best Lee outfits – actually they might be the same as they’re from the two European episodes (The Legend of Das Geisterschloss and Our Man in Tegernsee).S2E4_casual_Lee The hair….the blue shirt…the hair…the central European scenery…the hair. Who cares which jacket he’s carrying. He just looks fabulous.



S2E7_casual_with_scenery_Lee That touch of coral cushions is just a masterful contrast to the blue.
And another one, for your viewing pleasure: S2E7_casual_with_scenery2_Lee
A similar look from The Three Faces of Emily. S2E11_casual_Lee Even without the European backdrop, Lee is still looking very fetching in the open neck blue shirt and different jacket. Even with a bit of fake KGB interrogation suite behind him. The hair is just a touch longer but I  won’t quibble.

It’s official: Learjet has thing for Lee in open neck shirt and jacket (no not that type of “thing”). S2E12_open_neck_Lee Here he is again, eating with Amanda and the unusual selection of shipmates on the wedding cruise (Ship of Spies). A bit preppy for my taste (the stripe colours) though.


A personal favourite here from A Little Sex, a Little Scandal. I know I said I’m not wild about Lee in brown but this great jacket is an exception.S2E14_casual_Lee It looks real, not plastic. I love the plaid shirt, especially with the jacket. Do people usually wear jackets like this inside their apartments? I’d only wear a jacket inside if there was no heating. I’d wear a jumper inside though. But I digress. Lee. Looks. Great. Can you believe he did this for (hideously overdressed, overdone) Randy. Especially when he only got a not-defrosted-in-time cake.

 clip_image041Why doesn’t he prefer Amanda with her great mother-of-the-year cake? (I know why: it’s because she has a hair don’t and is wearing a truly ghastly pair of pale pink ear buttons).

Lastly, just to show that I sometimes allow sandy/beigeS2E23_casual_closer_Lee jackets, we have this open neck (!) shirt with jacket ensemble from Vigilante Mothers,




S2E23_casual_Leeand the “protective Lee” pose as the car explodes. Try to block out the ear buttons – at least the hair is a bit longer here.
Who is the most attractive casual Lee?

Which Lee would you like to go to dinner with? Join in and comment away!

47 responses to “Lee: the Good, the Bad and the Wet: Part two

  1. A couple of days ago there was a new video posted on youtube by lovesmk and it’s all about Lee. The lyrics say something about acting like a bad boy, but being a real man. I was sort of listening, but mostly watching because Lee looked so wonderful and lovely and there were some wonderful tux scenes. It’s a swoon-athon.


    • Oh yes, loved that video! 🙂 Wonder if she was inspired by this lovely Lee post? Great timing anyway. Real man/bad boy just about sums him up too!


  2. On to Casual Lee!
    yeah.. not a fan of the Dorothy Hamill hair.. oh ROFLMBO – that christmasy theme Lee is hilarious!!! great idea Learjet.. and great execution KC!!!
    Lee almost looks like he’s going for a christmasy Julius Caesar! 🙂

    Whahahahaah!!! Cockatooooooooo!!!! Thanks for clarifying which is which Learjet – ROFL!!!! your hilarious!!! 🙂

    Agree!!!! Black Polo neck is Lee’s polo neck moment!! all the rest.. I just kinda blot out!

    Oh my…

    The hair….the blue shirt…the hair…the central European scenery…the hair. Who cares which jacket he’s carrying. He just looks fabulous.

    Agreed! the best European Scenery ever!!! 🙂

    Rofl.. thanks for catering to our viewing pleasure Learjet whahahahaaa..

    I like Lee in Jacket/ blazer and open neck shirt too!!

    Yeah the brown jacket on Lee is a casual one.. he does look good there.. but you’re right.. he looks like he is about to go out!

    Oh my.. I do enjoy that tan coloured Jacket with the white shirt.. a really good look on him!!!

    Yes I can block out the ear buttons very happily in that swoony moment.. and KJ’s hair looks much better and softer.. without the earbuttons I’d probably like it!

    Looks like yet again most of us go with the one look.. Yep.. open neck blue shirt.. (it looks even better when wet)

    Thanks Learjet! Such a fabulous post!


  3. I can’t move on from the 3 piece suit..
    there’s this little moment in ACM Kid too..

    where Amanda busts Lee for going for the father of the year award with Alexi.. [Hey.. isn’t that interesting she is a nominee in ALSALS for mother of the year!] I digress.. but.. this is also the suit moment where Lee says: Yes Amanda.. Danger! Excitement! Innnnnntrigue!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Whooo hooooo! I’ve been looking forward to getting back here!

    Got my helmet!! and my droolbucket!
    Lee the show pony.. ahhh they were the days! Classic is right!

    oh heavens.. that IANNNHIEBAS outfit is divine..good choice Learjet! I’m with you!!!! Visions of Lee in a steam room inhaling eucalypts also add to the swoony vibe 😉
    This must be in lovesmk’s sharp dressed man vid.
    What a fabulous vid that is.. and right on your topic 🙂

    Oh yes.. Lee in a 3 piece suit is spectacular. Presidential candidate? rofl!!
    I think my fave Lee in a 3 piece suit moment is this one here:

    He is sort of wearing his 3 pieces 😉 [It’s just that one of them has been cut into many extra pieces 😉 ]
    haaaa. just kidding!!!
    How about this one?

    I think this suit is his best 3 piece ‘moment’ because he even has gorgeous short hair for this ep to go with it..
    Let’s see if I can find a better pic..

    here.. this will do.. sorry I don’t have time to go and get a better image.. but.. you get the idea!
    Sorry I’m distracted by Lee in a 3 piece suit and that short haircute I meant hair cut.. focus iwsod!!!

    (It’s all Learjet’s fault.. she started it!)

    Oh my.. yep.. Lee’s tux moment in TTAAC is a stand out.. 100% agree.. Can we vote on best tux moment?!

    Oh I’d forgotten about the AABH tux moment.. makes me like that episode more!! yes good hair! rofl.. Good ‘own hair’! 🙂

    Ha haaaa!!! You did share with us the suit at the start of AABH!!! I think I mentioned it in a comment before I had actually found my helmet,
    my droolbucket and read your post! teee hee..
    Wedding??!! whahahaa.. you know – I think you’re right!
    But I love that tie.. not a huge fan of the white hankie though.. but the tie is gorgeous.
    actually.. I really like the suit Lee has on at the end of TCAM.. it’s a light one.. maybe you’ve mentioned it!
    Did a quick scroll.. no you didn’t!!
    So here it is:

    Hey!!! it’s the same tie!!! I had forgotten that.. or heck never realised it.. but – this little moment in the pic above is Lee looking jealous at Amanda and Connie
    – whoo hoo! 😉

    Not a fan of the white wedding suit.. rofl at your raising the rose conundrum! 😉
    [Lee would have failed as The Bachelor- can you imagine the rose ceremony?!]
    Too girly? yes.. even for Lee Stetson.. mind you.. he is so affected by fake marrying Amanda, that even with the guyliner he is very attractive..
    I think it’s super attractive to see a man realising his authentic self, and beginning to awaken to genuine feelings of Love for Another.. swoony!!

    ROFL!!! I see pretty much everyone has gone for the TUX in the smart outfit category!!! 🙂
    Okay.. I better publish this comment before it gets any more massive…
    I’ll comment separately on Casual Lee….

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  5. Considering Amanda is dressed like a Dalmatian (or the Milka cow :wink:), I surprised he looks so pleasantly intense, and not horrified.

    Maybe Lee really likes his Milka chocolate 😉

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  6. I’m back to reading posts during study periods and that was probably not a good idea since I laughed out loud when I got to the cockatoo. My students are back to questioning my sanity. Heaven forbid I explain why I was so tickled.

    I too am a fan of a man in a long coat. Definitely swoon every time I see Lee in “I Am Not Now…” Also there is some deep sighing along with that swooning. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the man is smoking’!!

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  7. I am stuck (well, more like dead-locked) between the open neck shirts and that black shirt/jacket combo from Filming Raul. There is one other episode with Lee in a black knit top in season 4 (classic episode!) which is also very swoon-worthy. I’m very much loving the Euro blue shirts! Anyway, the deliberation continues. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I voted using objective criteria – my mouth watered the most when looking at the light blue, unbuttoned * SWOON THUD! * European-episode shirted Lee Stetson. – Wait — for me to have confidence in the results, I should go back and repeat the procedure several times. * SWOON THUD! * * SWOON THUD! * * SWOON THUD! * * SWOON THUD! * * SWOON THUD! * Yep. the light blue shirt.

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  9. Thanks for all your research, Learjet! I too would have liked to have voted for Lee in a 3-piece suit, which he totally rocks!, but when competing with the tux, well…. And I’ll jump in the “love the European look” boat as well. He looked mighty fine in (or out of) that light blue shirt in Geisterschloss.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Yes, I think Lee could run for president in any of his three-piece suits, especially the ones where he’s wearing a blue or red tie. There was a suit in The Mole with a blue tie that I thought made him look like a Democratic candidate, but I think he looks especially presidential in the red tie and long black coat in I Am Not Now . . . Long black coats can make a man look especially dignified. Amanda could easily be his campaign manager in her jacket and matching red handkerchief. Maybe they’ll go to his next speaking engagement after their hot dogs. 😉


  11. So much swoon. I was going to put this off and save it for later but who am I kidding? You really need to allow multiple picks on those polls. The three piece suits almost got my vote because they make me think of this: https://www.facebook.com/shithappenshere/photos/a.291297100903237.74746.291294860903461/1062864703746469/?type=3
    but I do love that faux wedding outfit. God bless that European crew.


  12. What a nice bright start to Monday morning. Thanks Learjet, I appreciate your hard work and sacrifice:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Swoon-worthy Lee overload! 😀 Thanks for the helmet warning!

    The smart Lee part is easy, I’ve always loved him in a tux. I hadn’t given that three-piece suit much thought back in the day, but now…hmmm… I’ll admit he is looking pretty darn yummy! He pulls it off like Patrick Jane (Mentalist) could. Some suits look good on Lee, but the tux is my favorite.

    Casual Lee is going to take some thought, so I’ll be back. Thanks again for making my Monday, Learjet! 🙂


  14. European Lee was just perfect. Maybe they used European hair stylists and costume staff while they were over there. Definitely not the same crew they were using in the US because he just looked super-fine.
    Well, it’s bedtime here. I think I will be having some sweet dreams of European Lee. 😉
    Thanks for another great post LearJet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to point out that they both had some really shocking outfits in Europe (well the German ones were definitely better than the British outfits) but the hair….was…perfect.


      • Cute you liked the German/Austrian outfits better than the British 🙂 -me too, btw.
        I like (dry) Lee best in Salzburg in his open necked blue shirt when he has his jacket off, esp. the pic with his jacket thrown over his shoulder… SWOOOON
        HOW can he be THAT cute and handsome?? THUD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes.. god bless the hairdresser who cut Lee’s hair right before times they are a changing! 🙂

        Yeah not a fan of the London outfits.. though that suit at the start of bromfield hall was a lovely look. heck maybe you’ve mentioned it in your post. I haven’t actually looked at it yet!!!

        It’s my reward for getting through a massive week.. 🙂


  15. I’ll grab my helmet.. and I’ll be back as soon as I can! whoo hooooo!!!
    Thanks Learjet!


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