10/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi everyone.. I cannot wait to hear what you all think of the upcoming moment 🙂 This post is massive.. no way was I splitting the next Lee/Amanda scene up!! This is basically two posts.. so I will publish it and wait a little longer before publishing the next… okay.. ready? ….Brace yourselves!!!

Back to suburbia and Dotty is on the phone with Amanda.
3.16 TT.avi_001714581
Dotty: Well, don’t we get any warning?
[that sweater needs a warning- looks like a shadow is covering bottom half but it isn’t!]
Amanda: I don’t know, mother. I guess termites just swarm when they wanna swarm. [or Cobra’s strike when they want to strike Winking smile ]
Dotty is seen to let out a big sigh..
3.16 TT.avi_001718785
And we cut back to Amanda and Lee – now in soft focus.

LOL I guess that’s smk code for something really romantic is about to happen! [So Dotty don’t complain.. Amanda’s off busy falling in love Smile ]
Lee is seen in the distance facing Amanda… 3.16 TT.avi_001720387
Is it just me or is it a big hoooooo haaaaaa!!!! At that BIG bed that’s there between them… large as anything.. dominating that next room.. Ahem thuddy emoticon

Lee starts back toward where Amanda is sitting as she continues..
…Anyway, listen… The point is, the exterminator is gonna come and put the tent over the house this afternoon so that he can put the poison gas in tomorrow…
3.16 TT.avi_001727193
…So I’ve already spoken to Aunt Edna and she’s expecting you and the boys tonight. You’ll be comfortable.
[Oh come on!!! the least the agency could do is spring for some room service!!!! Dotty loves room service Smile ]
3.16 TT.avi_001728695
hooo haaaa… we’ve got the shoulder holster adding to Lee’s whole protector and ‘someone to watch over me’ sexy vibe!thuddy emoticon [and you thought this scene was just going to be ‘sweet’?! haaaa!]
Dotty: Aunt Edna? Yeah, all right, darling. I love you.
3.16 TT.avi_001735402
: Give the boys a big kiss for me, all right?…
3.16 TT.avi_001736403
…I love you mother…
3.16 TT.avi_001740306
[wow.. Lee’s little smile here at hearing Amanda’s I love you is absolutely very sweet!]
(Amanda listens for a beat)
….Yeah. Buh-bye.
3.16 TT.avi_001744210
Dotty puts the phone back on the hook, 3.16 TT.avi_001744711
LOL.. she then picks it up again and says: Aman-
3.16 TT.avi_001746212
..oo-ugh… realising Amanda’s gone she hangs up again.
3.16 TT.avi_001748715
..ha …Where is she going to stay?3.16 TT.avi_001750216

Don’t worry Dotty.. You’d be very happy at where Amanda is staying Smile and with whom!

We cut back to Lee and Amanda and find Lee is now sitting on the back of the couch, facing Amanda.
3.16 TT.avi_001752719
Lee: Look, it’s gonna be all right.
3.16 TT.avi_001753420
Interesting how he sits on the back of the couch rather than coming and sitting next to her.. I think he is very sensitive to this situation.. their physical attraction and that massive bed behind them Smile Looking forward to hearing what you all think!
Amanda: Is it?
[It’s not often that Amanda doubts it when Lee reassures her.. but here.. it seems to be especially getting to her no?]
Lee: Yeah. [Lee keeps his tone light]
3.16 TT.avi_001754721
: Oh boy, don’t you ever get tired of this?
3.16 TT.avi_001756823
Brace yourselves!!! Romantic close up on Lee!!
3.16 TT.avi_001757123
3.16 TT.avi_001757424
Comes with the territory.
3.16 TT.avi_001759225[He seems to try and make light here and brush it off.. not in an insensitive way like early Lee would have though!]
Amanda: No, that’s what I mean. Don’t you ever get tired of the territory?…
3.16 TT.avi_001760727
We see Lee’s reaction to her statement here..
3.16 TT.avi_001762429
how would you describe it?
3.16 TT.avi_001762929
Maybe.. a bit optimistic??
3.16 TT.avi_001763930
.. he’s listening..and just looks rather adoringly at Amanda.. Hmm maybe he’s thinking: I’m here with you alone.. it’s territory I like?!
Staying on Lee’s reaction Amanda continues:
…I mean, lately I feel like I can’t even make any plans in advance anymore…
3.16 TT.avi_001766132
[Okay, here Lee begins to look a little worried for her.. and the empathy kicks in..]
…I missed Phillip’s play when he was Rumpelstiltskin and  looks like I may even miss Jamie’s first open house at school.
[what a missed opportunity to mention that play she missed in Reach for the sky.. It was Jamie wasn’t it?? anyone? I’m not going to look it up!
I know Amanda missing things has come up in the past, but has she ever expressed to Lee that it’s a choice which she struggles with?? I’m thinking not.. because.. for so long she was on guard about this, focused on convincing Lee she could contribute, and she would not have wanted to highlight the costs – like in Brunettes are In, Lee would have maybe encouraged her to get out of the business for the sake of her family.. but now, Lee knows Amanda is free to make her own choices..
It’s interesting that at this point of their journey Amanda is finally comfortable sharing this struggle with Lee, confident that he will listen and not try and use it to get her out of the business – am I making sense?]

Lee quietly looks at Amanda.. He knows how much her relationships mean to her.. and he loves that about her Smile
3.16 TT.avi_001774140
Lee (now more quiet): Yeah, I hear ya…
3.16 TT.avi_001774941
…This job has cost me my share of relationships, that’s for sure.
3.16 TT.avi_001776943
[Okay everyone.. what’s this referring to?? Dorothy maybe?]
3.16 TT.avi_001778945
Amanda: Why do you keep on doing it?
3.16 TT.avi_001780447
[Why do I get the feeling this is a question Amanda has wanted to ask since she first met him? It reminds me of her intense curiosity about Lee’s life and his work in Magic Bus
– and how he rebuffed her questions back then..
How far we’ve come!!!]
Why does Lee keep doing it?
Well his first wordless reaction to this question is a look of.. hmm.. how would you describe it?
3.16 TT.avi_001780747
Oh my.. you all got your swooning salts?!
Whoa!!!!!  They are some serious puppy dog eyes he has going on!!! He looks head over heels in love with Amanda..
3.16 TT.avi_001781047
I think he looks down at her lips here..
3.16 TT.avi_001781348
but then he drags his thoughts away from kissing her.. because it’s not the time nor the place..

Makes me wonder though – in that moment, the reason he does it is because he loves her. [and well the job does from time to time require kissing Amanda.. dates with Amanda..and ahem.. marrying Amanda Winking smile ] I don’t think he does the job for Amanda alone though.. I think he does it so families are safe, boys like Phillip and Jamie are safe.. you know?
3.16 TT.avi_001781648
He shifts his focus to lighten the mood here..
3.16 TT.avi_001782949
It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.
3.16 TT.avi_001784651
: Oh, come on…
Lee chuckles..
3.16 TT.avi_001784951 …I’m trying to be serious.
3.16 TT.avi_001789055
Well, I guess I am too…
3.16 TT.avi_001789556
We cut back to Lee.. he’s upbeat.
He may be joking but his meaning is serious.
3.16 TT.avi_001789756
…It is a job someone has to do…
3.16 TT.avi_001794461
I happen to do it well… 
[me thinks he glances at her lips again.. hooo haaaa…shgapga]
3.16 TT.avi_001797163
…There’s parts of it I don’t like…[the violins kick in – literally!]
3.16 TT.avi_001799566
Lee chooses his words carefully.. and looks back to meet Amanda’s eyes..
3.16 TT.avi_001801468
his cheeky muscle kicking in.. hoo haaaa..
3.16 TT.avi_001801768
…parts I like a lot…
3.16 TT.avi_001802969
He pauses again.. and they share a wordless moment..
3.16 TT.avi_001803670
There’s that eye talk huh!
3.16 TT.avi_001803970
I think here Amanda also glimpses at Lee’s lips…
3.16 TT.avi_001805472
but then looks down and licks her lips3.16 TT.avi_001806172.. It’s there… that physical attraction..and longing.. and they both know it is.. but what stops them huh? what do you think?
Lee continues (camera still on Amanda):
But what about you?
3.16 TT.avi_001807874
Amanda looks up surprised by the question.
I love how Lee asks with such openness and curiosity.. it’s like he too has always wanted to honestly ask this question.. he’s teased her in the past about the excitement and intrigue.. but Amanda’s been a bit of a riddle to him.. and he’s never really asked the question- you know?
All of Robert Bielak’s plot holes of the past are forgiven.. the writing here is fabulous.. as are the performances..

As well as these two know each other – this conversation is a new step for them… these are words that for years have remained unspoken.. and finally here they speak them..
Although…. I think this conversation was started way back in the Swamp in Utopia Now –  Remember Lee lamenting if he hadn’t given her the package at the train station? And Amanda responding that she knew the risks? No guts no glory?
They even talked about each other – and what they thought of each other..
That was maybe the first time they discussed these topics [and again – it was a moment where they were being hunted..] but back then it was dark and they weren’t face to face.. here? they are looking at each other, the light is on! And they are sharing more openly – maybe building on what they started in Utopia Now? What do you think?

Hmm.. and that conversation nearly ended with a kiss.. I wonder if that is in the back of their minds here as these ideas are revisited or explored further?
Am I making sense? Oh I hope so!  err sorry.. getting lost in my thoughts…Lee asked what about Amanda.. right.. focus iwsod!
Lee continues:…I mean, there are other part-time jobs that pay a lot more than this and are a hell of a lot less dangerous, right?
3.16 TT.avi_001813980
[There we go! confirmation Amanda is still currently employed part time at IFF. Ugh.. Hurry up and make her an agent already!!]
We cut to a super close up of Amanda..
Amanda: Oh I don’t know;…
3.16 TT.avi_001814781
…I guess I have some kind of an idea about making the world a safer place for Phillip and Jamie…
3.16 TT.avi_001817784
..It’s really pretty silly, isn’t it?
3.16 TT.avi_001819786
I get the impression Amanda is being very vulnerable here about something very important to her.. Amanda is IMHO quite guarded about her deepest feelings.. and it’s a big step for her to say these words to Lee.. what do you all think? Ohhh I can’t wait to hear from you guys about all this!!
Lee (very quietly almost whispered): No. (so quiet Amanda looks up at him again)
3.16 TT.avi_001820653
(now louder): No, it isn’t…
3.16 TT.avi_001822689
[Suddenly Lee’s gaze is direct- he gets it. He understands Amanda and why she is doing what she is doing- because it’s the same for him I think.. Lee is probably the one and only person who can understand this part of who Amanda is 🙂 ]
3.16 TT.avi_001825191
…And that’s why… we are stuck with this.
3.16 TT.avi_001826893
[Anyone else tempted to believe Lee was going to say ‘and that’s why I do it – because I love you’? or…. ‘and that’s why I love you’? ‘We are stuck with this’ is vague.. but it does convey that they are in it together – so love that Smile ]
3.16 TT.avi_001827093
Amanda: Yeah, I guess so.
3.16 TT.avi_001828895
Amanda is thoughtful.. and smiles.
3.16 TT.avi_001829796
We cut back to the wide shot of them on the couch.. Amanda lets out a big sigh, and Lee’s left hand seems to be resisting reaching out to Amanda again  Smile for now.. the words are enough!
3.16 TT.avi_001830797
They’re both pretty emotional right now..I think one touch could tip them into something they are not yet ready to deal with..(one spark is all it would take!) And again.. that big bed is seen in the distance.. there’s plenty of sexual tension going on (IMHO of course) in this conversation about their work. work!!

I think the ‘this’ Lee is referring to them being stuck in is pretty darn wonderful.. in spite of the dangers of the job and the price they pay, the pay off in what they’ve built together and the things they can accomplish is totally worth it. I think both characters can see that.

I love this about smk.. no words of love are spoken yet.. but they’ve just moved into new ‘territory’ together- and shared parts of themselves they had never shared with each other before.. plus, I think this is for each of them, a part of themselves they have never shared with anyone- in their line of work how could they? and so here I’m left with the sense that a secret knowledge/understanding about each other is now shared between these two which is special, precious and unique. It’s almost as good as saying the I love yous! and they haven’t even touched!

I think a lot of shows would have jumped into the ‘feelings about each other’ talk here when they are in danger.. but not these two.. they share plenty about their feelings for each other – but it’s via a conversation about their work, who they are, what they value, what motivates them and the choices they make – this for me is what makes Lee and Amanda’s story so unique and special – they love each other not because of the sexual tension between them..(though it is there) but for who each of them are..and who they are together.. I get the sense that each is very proud of the other for the work they do- and the things they sacrifice to make the world a better place.. do you?

I also love how Lee and Amanda are now communicating as equals. Lee isn’t talking down to Amanda (though haaa physically he is sitting higher!), and Amanda isn’t looking up (though haaaa she is sitting lower) – the reality of the work and the maturity they both approach it with is front and centre now. Naive Amanda is long gone… and now all we have is brave Amanda Smile These equality needed to be present for these two to move into a romantic relationship!

I think because this moment is sandwiched between some fabulous stuff it can get overlooked.. I will pause here – I think it deserves a whole lot of attention in it’s own right.
This moment is a significant turning point in their relationship!! Lee and Amanda are on the same life journey here.. and the way is open for them to move forward in their shared values together Smile 

Hello hello!! sorry to ramble on..thanks for reading this massive post!!  I’d love to hear your thoughts about all this everyone!!! Anyone care to share???? 


60 responses to “10/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. peacockdancer

    Please forgive me in advance for this very long post. I am feeling sentimental today, and it makes me feel like writing about this wonderful scene. I loved reading everyone else’s comments about it. For me, the best part of all is that one little line – what I believe to be the most marvelous, most perfectly delivered, most enigmatic line in the entire series:

    “And that’s why … we are stuck with this.”

    Bruce Boxleitner’s delivery of this line is amazing. The way he looks at her so seriously, the way he pauses mid-sentence and tilts his head as his gaze intensifies. The way his tone of voice changes ever so slightly, as if willing her to understand everything he is trying to convey to her.

    What does Lee mean when he tells Amanda, “we are stuck with this”? Many things, I think. He is acknowledging what they have just spoken of in their conversation, but he is also alluding to many related, deeper issues about their relationship with each other that remain unsaid, yet loom heavily around them.

    • We are stuck in this dangerous job. Even though the potential consequences are grim, we don’t really feel like we have a choice – we have to do it. It is incredibly important.

    • We are stuck in this desolate hotel because someone out there is trying to kill one of us, again.

    • We are stuck keeping secrets from people we love in order to protect those people. Very fundamental secrets about who we are and what we do.

    • We are stuck in a situation that prevents the making and maintaining of intimate connections with people, because we cannot be fully honest with them.

    • We are stuck knowing that the only people in the entire world with whom we can be fully honest are each other.

    • We are stuck because there is no getting away from each other now. Being with other romantic partners doesn’t work for either of us anymore.

    • And yet, we are stuck because we are afraid, due to all the barriers, to tell each other in words what we feel. We are stuck saying “there are parts I like a lot,” when what we really mean is, “I love you.”

    • We are stuck in this living room for the rest of the evening, when we would really rather be in that bedroom right there behind us.

    • We are stuck with knowing that if we become lovers, we will become more vulnerable, and our secrets will become more and more serious.

    • We are stuck knowing that it will take courage and resilience to move forward in our relationship. Because with the secrecy and danger inherent in our jobs, one of us – or others that we love – might get hurt.

    For me, this one line encapsulates the entirety of the Season 3 relationship arc. Lee and Amanda are falling in love with each other – this has been clear since Utopia Now. They want each other. They are seeing each other outside of work on occasion, but only as friends, even though their love for each other has become obvious at this point. They just won’t get together already. They are moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. What is holding them back? Danger, secrecy, and most of all fear. They are still coming to terms with what loving each other means. There is still this paralysis that they need to work through that is keeping them “stuck” from moving from being friends to lovers. If and when they move forward, they will continue to grapple with the danger and secrecy issues.

    Watching this in 2020, I could not understand how I could possibly have forgotten this amazing line – until I read the comment below about how the Family Channel had the gall to cut it out in the 90s. How lovely to discover something new and important in the show, so many years later. I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it.

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  2. I LOVE this scene so much. First of all: Guilty pleasure — I love protection detail stories. I have since watching the last for eps of West Wing S3 and reading some of Dee Henderson’s books. To have this makes my day.

    But I also just love the side we see of both of them, but especially Lee here when he opens up about why he does the job. (Also on the ep the following season). It’s so easy given his past to assume he got into this for some kind of desire for adventure or adrenaline rush. To hear this side of him and realize these deeper feelings just makes his character even more special than I’d already thought. I’m so glad they went there and didn’t make it superficial or something.

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  4. LeeLovesAmanda

    Sweet, gentle, tender scene. One of the best.

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  6. Okay, I havent looked through all the comments, so forgive me if this has been touched on already, but I was actually watching this ep last night and something occurred to me, that I didnt understand what Lee meant when he said “and that’s why we’re stuck with this.” What do you all think he meant by that? to me, it doesnt really fit with the conversation … like … it’s not really a phrase I would personally use to comfort or reassure someone. I am sure Lee didnt mean it that way, but it comes off as … oh I dont know how to put it … I guess … generic would be the best I could come up with.

    what do you all think?


    • I can’t remember what I wrote about it when I walked through this ep Norma, but at the moment, I’d say “And that’s why we are stuck with this” is referring to how Lee and Amanda have each decided they want to make a difference in the world – and to do their work, they have to accept that the danger comes with the territory if they want to make a difference in this work. They have to take the good with the bad.
      So.. they are stuck with it.. how’s that? Did that make sense? 🙂


      • Yes this scene is the reason why this is one of my favorite episodes! It is such an important scene in their relationship, sorry for the stupid question, LOL … I was just curious what everyone else thought in depth about it (remember, I am just rediscovering this show that I watched as a kid with my mom, and seeing it in a totally different light as a mature adult).


        • Hey Norma, I didn’t see a stupid question! 🙂 It is a great question! I share your curiosity and love to hear what others think too 🙂

          I love that you are sharing your rediscovering fun with us all! Keep the comments/questions coming please 🙂

          I agree, it is different to experience it as an adult – has anyone else noticed this too?


    • Just watched (the small scratchy version, until dvds get in, so I may have missed some nuances), but I had always thought “stuck with this” was more a subtle reference to the work not just being “regular” dangerous, but the risk of moles/double agents always being a danger. Especially since the secret rogue group had just killed red jeep hacker, and now was after Amanda, but on paper they’re all “the good guys”.

      Maybe I read more into red jeep guy’s death than was intended, except they had already had a few “dangerous to family” episodes before this, so I think that’s another way to look at it. (But can I just 100% agree with iwsod about the stupidity of putting Amanda in a “safe house” that was accessible by the same, unknown fellow agents who had perfect right to walk in! —By this point it was obvious that the senior admin guy with the grandkid was a “baddie”, but THEY didn’t know that. Seriously, Melrose: wouldn’t Amanda have been safer at a random Motel 6 and “off the grid” entirely?!)

      That aside, I very much enjoyed this scene, as well. 💖


  7. OMG I am surprised that my poor DVD hasnt broken yet, because I have watched this episode so many times for this reason right here, for this scene, the one coming up, and the elevator scene. THIS episode right here is the reason we still love, watch, and talk about this show almost 30 years after it ended. I think if KJ hadnt come down with cancer (bless her 😦 ) I think the show would have run 5 or more seasons, or might have even been as successful as Happy Days.

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  8. Melissa Robertson

    After all these years and the many times I’ve seen this scene, it still gives me butterflies in my stomach for where their relationship is headed. So much love for each other in their looks!!


  9. “Parts of it I like….” Directly looking at Amanda. How the hell she didn’t melt into a puddle is beyond me. He says “like” I substituted it with “love” in my head 😉 But he wasn’t ready to say it and she wasn’t ready to hear it. Such a lovely intimate moment between them both.

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    • I think I have watched this scene a 1000 times and never fails to completely make me melt. Definitely The swoon thud moment of the series for me! I think because TPTB have spent so much time developing the characters, the payoff is tremendous. sigh

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      • Oh lord, this is the one reason I NEVER get tired of this ep, for THIS scene right here; “There’s part of it I dont like …” [looks pointedly at Amanda, dead straight in her eyes … and that look … oh lord!] “and parts I like a lot.” I think in Lee’s mind he WAS subbing ‘like’ for ‘love’ because IME, when guys say ‘like’ in this kind of a situation / convo, it’s usually a euphemism for ‘love’. That and the way he is looking at her (kudos to the actors for portraying the character’s feelings so well!!!!!) [swoon!!!!] lead me to believe he really meant ‘love’, he was just I guess too shy … or not ready to say it, perhaps?

        Lee, for all his escapades with women, I believe is really a shy guy at heart, and I have a funny feeling that this is his first time feeling this way about someone since Dorothy … and we all know how that ended, so maybe he is afraid to ‘put it out there’ again. IME men, as tough as they are (or as tough as they act 😉 ) physically, are actually quite vulnerable emotionally, their feelings are surprisingly easily hurt, and they dont take it as well as us women do 😉


  10. Haha – I think you’re right, iwsod. If Dotty only knew Amanda was supposed to be spending the night cooped up with a super hot, super spy, she’d hang up lickety split and tell Amanda to go freshen up her makeup or something! This phone call between the two of them is just another reminder of why I love Dotty. She’s a hoot!

    Who doesn’t love this scene between these two – huh? Lee is finally being serious and really sharing with Amanda from is heart. He’s not holding back at all. I think he held back in the woods in UN. But here, they’re past that – or at least he is past that. Amanda really seems scared and rattled. She is having one of those moments of regret or feeling overwhelmed by it all or something like that. She is letting a little weakness show and Lee really responds perfectly to her.

    I think Amanda may not have mentioned her struggles with missing her kids everyday life things because I think Amanda would not have expected Lee to understand or respond in any kind of empathic way. She would have expected a joke, or worse, ridicule. But here you can see how far they’ve come. I think her opening up to Lee about this shows that she trusts him to be kind and understanding and supportive and not put her down or minimize what she thinks is important. Lee could have brushed her off telling her that he never had any family come watch his school plays and he got over it and turned out alright, so suck it up buttercup! But no, he responds perfectly to her in a way that shows he really cares about her and the things that are important to her.

    I think the relationships that Lee has lost due to the job refer to any and all that could have happened. I don’t think he’s thinking of a particular one. I think Dorothy is not on his mind very much at all any more. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    I think Lee telling Amanda that her idea of making the world a safer place for her sons is a huge moment for these two. I don’t think Amanda’s mind is processing it right now and what it means, but I think she heard it loud and clear and it is now firmly implanted on her brain. This Lee is a grown and changed man from S1 Lee. He is treating her as an equal – they share the same mission – they are on the same mission. And he is finally telling her seriously that he is happy about it. She can now believe it. I think this helps her to open up and trust him even more.

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  11. This episode is all about the body language. From the familiar way Lee perches himself on the back of that sofa, the soft voice and the tender way he was speaking to her and the “eye talk”. He never has to say “I Love You”, because his eyes said it for him. Swoon, drool. On to the next episode.

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    • So true GruvyGranny – I challenge everyone to watch all the Lee and Amanda scenes in this episode with no volume – like it’s a silent movie 🙂 I think the story would shine through in perfect clarity! 🙂

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  12. One way in which this scene shows a lot of progression from UN, is that they aren’t in immediate fear of their lives here. They’re not stuck in a swamp, being hunted; those are circumstances that would be very likely to induce people to open up. In UN, they really aren’t sure if they’ll live through the night, or at least much longer than that. Here, while Amanda is in danger, it’s no more than has been gone through many times before, and they have no reason to think they aren’t safe in this high-security facility. Yet, they’re still having this conversation. She’s not afraid for her life; she’s stressing over family ties in a way that Lee used to be unable to participate in; as a matter of fact, he resisted participating. They’ve come a long way. These are words they want to share with each other, and that’s why they’re doing it. The situation only contributes so far as giving them a little bit of down time, alone. Amanda isn’t working, and while technically Lee is on the job, his job is Amanda. That leaves them free to just be together; no going over plans, no paperwork, no interruptions.

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    • LeeLovesAmanda

      Wow, happy camper – I really liked what you wrote here about their intimate conversations being different in UN vs this scene. You are absolutely right about them being in imminent danger in UN, and trying to say what needed to be said, in case tomorrow never came. Conversely, their conversation in the room was heartfelt, tender, and honest – but not said out of fear.


  13. Hello everyone! I had to track my damn brain down so I could think about my feelings on this scene. First thing I agree with pretty much everything about Amanda’s and Lee’s developing relationship, seeing both of them move from an relationship where they didn’t know where they stood with each other to this absolutely beautiful relationship where they have these amazing conversations about how they feel and why they do their jobs (but jeez when will Amanda be a full time agent?) despite the cost to their personal lives is so satisfying in a way many TV show romances aren’t now days. I truly believe even if they didn’t become a couple I would be very happy with all the relationship as it is now.

    Though some kisses wouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact the more the merrier!!!

    Till next time

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  14. Hi Everyone! Lovin hearing from you – you all have the most lovely things to say about our fave couple 🙂

    It’s a public holiday here in Australia today.. so I might not get back here today.. but I just wanted to say hello and lovin hearing from you all!!! byee!


  15. Okay I’m back. Really like everyone’s thoughts on this.

    I don’t think I fully appreciated this moment the first time I saw it. I’ll admit I probably missed some of Amanda’s reaction. Maybe because she is holding back just a little. I even missed the glance downward, when she licks her lips which is a lot more telling than I thought. I probably paid too much attention to Lee’s openness to really see how Amanda was affected.

    I like how Morley described things for Amanda. The gradual trust, wading in just a bit at a time. Lee is so willing to be patient. So he’s lost opportunities for relationships in the past, but maybe he sees there was one worth waiting for. 🙂 I think she’s happy with where things are in this moment. The physical attraction is out there, but it’s not time to dive into that. They’ll get there. Back when this episode aired, I was very impatient. Now it’s perfect and I’m enjoying every bit. Jane Austin has been mentioned before and here it is. It’s really enough that they are both picking up on these cues. deep sigh, huge silly grin.

    Okay, back to work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I agree Sara, ahem.. I watched the Triumvirate for the first time as an adult and I was still totally overlooking Amanda’s response here – Until the walk I had been too focused on Lee – but now I thoroughly enjoy Amanda’s journey too 🙂

      Jane Austen? fabulous – yes in her stories a person’s character was of great worth – and those of good character and full of virtue who were mostly rewarded.. SMK IMHO values good character similarly.. and the growth/maturity of Lee’s character is being rewarded by Amanda falling in love with him. He always had good character when it came to his professional life – but his personal life has changed to now also be of virtuous/ morally upstanding/ not full of casual flings or married women.. ahem..
      Amanda’s good character attracts Lee – and all us folks who wish the world was fair and that men found good women attractive for their inner qualities can sit back and enjoy the fantasy for a little while.. Ahem!

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  16. There’s so much going on in this scene it’s making my head spin too. Really liking everyone’s thoughts on this. Might need a little more time with the smelling salts before I can come back with some thoughts. 😉


  17. One of the things we discuss with our kids is how to develop and make those big life choices. We have this little saying, “master, mission mate.” It means you have to know who you are working for (as a Christian family to us that is God, so in order to really get off to a good start in life you kind of need to have your orientation settled. That is so addressed in SMK, but Lee and Amanda are definitely on the “good guys side” and they both know that with out a shadow of a doubt). Next is mission. You have to know, or have a pretty good sense of what you are about and going for. Only after those two things are pretty well developed can you make a good choice about a mate. And here in this scene I see Lee and Amanda really nailing down the mission part. They share a life mission. I n their line of work knowing that has got to be hugely important.
    But I wonder if Lee wasn’t just a bit nervous about that at the beginning of this conversation? When Amanda asks if he ever got sick of the territory I cant help wondering if Lee didn’t have a brief uh oh moment. What is she was sick of the territory? Instead they end up having this amazing, intimate sharing moment. And even though there is this well defined physical space between them, the openness of their gaze with each other and the facial expressions is so intense that bed just fades into the back ground. They are getting to know each other better with this conversation more than they ever would have if they had just thrown themselves into each other’s arms and I think they are both keenly aware of that.
    After the way Amanda reached for Lee’s hand in the elevator and the way it made him feel I don’t think Lee would try to move forward physically too fast. First he would never take advantage of a situation where Amanda was scared or where they were alone simply because he was protecting her due to an Agency situation. I think Lee would only want something to happen physically between them in a mutual time and place. And I wonder if that desire of his isn’t going to create some problems, because, really, when do Lee and Amanda ever have time like that? But that is for another post.

    And, Oh yes, I think Lee’s comment “Some parts I like a lot” was direct communication to Amanda and I think she got it. Funny though how it is still not a flat out confession of how he feels about her, and it is still wrapped in work talk.

    And, yes, I love his smile as Amanda is telling her mother that she loves her and to give her love to the boys. He does love that about her, he really does. He has moved beyond the fact that Amanda is a mother and lives with her mother. He loves what Amanda loves and he loves the way she loves them. I think he is in deep.

    Amanda… I think she is steadily wading into the deeper water. Maybe she is in up to her knees? And I see Lee just standing there in the deep waters calling her out to him. I don’t think she is fighting him, she is just slowly making her way out there too. This conversation just got her over the immediate chill of stepping into the water and I think she is willing to go further. Eyes locked on Lee steadily walking toward his out stretched hand…?

    Liked by 5 people

    • Wow – I really love what you wrote here. Very poetic description of them finding their way to each other.


    • Ohhh Morley, you put my thoughts (I had in German) sooo well into words (in English) – wooowww! I just didn’t know how to put all my thoughts about this scene into coherent sentences, but you did it. I just love it. ♥ Thank you Morley.

      There is just one more thought I have about Lee having this job cost him his share of relationships. I think he is not only reflecting to Dorothy but also to his first partner we got to know about in TFT and maybe even to his parents who also died because they did this job. He may not know about the real/true circumstances of their deaths by now but I think he might know or better sense something in his subconcious. I think he can’t get the whole picture about his parents ( and their deaths) yet because there are still some pieces missing and he doesn’t know why.

      Nooo, I didn’t jump ahead – I just tried to refer to Lee’s thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Isn’t it lovely when someone can help us put into words something we’ve been trying to pull together?!

        I agree with you L&A the costing relationships part is about much more than Dorothy – and I think you make a good point the secrecy of his work life would have been just another reason for Lee to avoid an honest, real relationship.. and maybe that is one reason why Lee tried to be the playbooooy and just play the dating game..

        I don’t think at this point we know anything about Lee’s parents, except they died when he was a young age, and one of them was the colonel’s sibling? I’ll leave this idea for the moment yes best not to go there just yet..


        • Isn’t it lovely when someone can help us put into words something we’ve been trying to pull together?!

          Ohhh yes, it is, Iwsod! 🙂

          I tell you, I struggled, I struggled really hard – and I lost badly… 😦

          But thanks to Morley my thoughts were pronounced anyway! happy me 😀


    • Sounds great Morley.. I’ve always enjoyed how SMK was as much about these two characters becoming their best selves before they become a couple – and that they each bring out the best in each other. I love their individual journeys as well as their journey as a couple.

      But I wonder if Lee wasn’t just a bit nervous about that at the beginning of this conversation? When Amanda asks if he ever got sick of the territory I cant help wondering if Lee didn’t have a brief uh oh moment.

      I didn’t think so – and you are right it would be natural for him to, but he doesn’t – he not focusing on himself, he is past that and thinking of her 🙂 I saw this same reaction from Lee in The Wrong Way Home – right when I thought it would be only natural to have a moment of fear for himself he didn’t seem to – he just seemed to be focused on Amanda and if she was okay.
      Maybe this is a sign of maturity in Lee.. in his feelings for Amanda and his selflessness.
      Maybe it is also a result of the years of encouragement Amanda has given Lee – he is confident that she will never let him down 🙂

      OH and yes agree! Lee knows he needs to take the physical slowly.. mutual time and place? – agreed!


    • Great comment, Morley. I agree that Lee wouldn’t take advantage of Amanda in this scary, tense situation. But I also think that he has changed his ways. Yes, he is a hot-blooded male whose anatomy may not have changed, but I really think that he loves Amanda and wants to do this right – and only when he thinks she is truly open to his advances. I think he is looking for that in her in a way he’s never looked for it in a woman before. I’m not sure that he even knows what it would look like with Amanda just yet. Perhaps he will just have to take a leap of faith, but that is a conversation for a future post. I think he knows that now is not the time or place and I get the sense that he does not really know where she really is or that she really understands the depths of his change. So for now he is keeping himself in check.

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  18. I actually can remember watching this scene back in the day (I’m not sure what day as I don’t live in America and it could have been shown later than in the states). Anyway, I was watching with my sister and, after it, both of us felt (for the first time) that Lee and Amanda could actually finally become a couple. Back in the 80’s programmes always seem to love ‘teasing’ the viewers so things like the near kiss in Utopia Now or the wedding kiss in ship of Spies never really meant that they would lead on to anything. In fact there were no real couples back in that era if I remember correctly – a lot of ‘teasing’ and will they/ won’t they but not real couples. In Scarecrow, I blush to admit it, but I mostly saw the season 2 and 3 episodes and while I really liked Amanda and liked especially that she was decent and good, I always thought she was years older than Lee (blame the hairdon’t) and that he was a lot cooler than her and unlikely to have a real relationship with her. But that scene on the couch had me and my sister changing our minds. For the first time, it did in fact seem likely that it was going to happen. In retrospect, I wonder what was it about that scene, over and above the other hints of closeness that we have been getting all season that brought about this relevation and I wonder is it because its not flirty, its a real conversation between two people who want to know everything about each other (as you do when you are in love). I am quite amazed that my swallow self realised that. (I should confess, that like Cindy, I guessed that Amanda, while having a strong civic sense of duty, really did the work because of Lee and to an extent I think that is true initially). I should add that the acting is really first class in this scene. My only other comment: I don’t think that Dotty’s jumper is too bad and she really has the patience of a saint. She is the most tolerant mother that I have ever known

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  19. Thoughts in no particular order: Love that where in the old days of Magic Bus, Amanda backed right off from pressing him on the personal questions, now she just keeps at it like a terrier. Not because she wants to know some deep dark secret of Lee’s, but because she trusts him to understand that she is struggling with the question and that he will no longer see it as an opportunity to convince her to quit. Of course, she’s right – outside of trying to keep it light because she’s obviously worried, he now answers those questions honestly and openly because that trust works both ways now.

    I also love the double reflection that when he turns it around and asks her virtually the same question, she does the exact same thing of trying to make light of it to protect herself from feeling foolish if he does think it’s a silly reason. The way her face lights up when he stays serious and affirms her reason is so touching.

    For once, in a series full of plot holes and emotional missteps caused by airing date discrepancies, it is great to see two episodes (UN and TT) by one writer that do such a fantastic job of connecting the dots. They can have this conversation because of the swamp conversation and where in UN they were physically bound to each other, here we see how they are emotionally bound to each other.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I especially like this … “I also love the double reflection that when he turns it around and asks her virtually the same question, she does the exact same thing of trying to make light of it to protect herself from feeling foolish if he does think it’s a silly reason. The way her face lights up when he stays serious and affirms her reason is so touching.”


    • Hi Janet – just wanted to add I loved your comment and thought this was so beautifully put!!!!!

      For once, in a series full of plot holes and emotional missteps caused by airing date discrepancies, it is great to see two episodes (UN and TT) by one writer that do such a fantastic job of connecting the dots. They can have this conversation because of the swamp conversation and where in UN they were physically bound to each other, here we see how they are emotionally bound to each other.

      Wow wow wow!!! Loved this!! 🙂

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  20. Okay, I won’t be able to sleep until I get rid of some of this stuff floating around. First of all, Amanda missed Jamie’s play in Reach For The Sky, but it was Rip Van Winkle. So she has either missed two plays or there’s a continuity issue. Secondly, I love how they can talk to one another with such depth now.

    These are serious questions and issues that they are dealing with. This type of work affects all aspects of your life. For Lee, who’s been single for so long he mentions that this way of life has cost him his share of relationships. I think not only of Dorothy, but his previous partner that he also lost tragically. Look how long he held Amanda at arms length. He fought against having her as a partner and as a friend. And even fought against what he was starting to feel for her, that’s the only way I can explain Leslie.

    For Amanda, it has affected her relationship with her mother and her boys. She has hated lying for so long, but now it almost seems second nature. She is missing more and more of her boys activities. We don’t see that she’s coaching anything anymore or leading any scout trips.

    I think that both Lee and Amanda see what they are doing as it being for the greater good and for Amanda a way to make sure her boys have a better world to live in. I think that they are both seeing how much they want the same things, that they are good at what they do and they are good at doing it together. Lee once again says, “we”. They are in this together. And while there may be sacrifices along the way they will be there for each other.

    I’m sure there’s more, but I keep getting befuddled when I scroll back up to re-read something and I see Lee’s lovely looks. So off to bed, maybe more tomorrow.

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    • It occurred to me that Lee may have met women along the way with whom he wanted to share a longer term exclusive relationship. Maybe not a marriage-type committed relationship but I’m thinking it would be women who were intelligent, articulate, worldly, healthy sense of humour, etc – all those things that would engage his brain as well as his… 😉 well, this is PG but you get the picutre.
      I am thinking of a few of those women who he and Amanda met in S1 and 2 who seemed to know Lee, and who seemed in their own right reasonably refined and intelligent. Such women would sooner or later discern that Lee wasn’t being entirely honest with them – of necessity of course to keep his job confidential – but not knowing about his real job the woman would assume there was some less noble reason for his evasiveness, long absences, etc. That would spell the end of the relationship. In the long-term no smart woman is going to put much energy into sustaining a relationship if she suspects she is being used, lied to, cheated on, etc. Plenty of other fish in the sea…
      (although you;d be hard pressed to find another one with such gorgeous dimples 😀 )

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      • I am wondering if Lee is also referring to how he had chosen to handle life and relationships in general, how he compartmentalized, how he made himself a loner because of the job. And I wonder if right her in this conversation he is communicating to Amanda hat he doesn’t want that anymore. He is willing to open himself up if she is. And this newly confirmed sense of shared mission that they both have makes that confession of Lee’s even more poignant.

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      • This was interesting Kiwismh.. Lee would have known women who could have been good romantic partners -as you describe…but instead, for years he chose to be with women who were playing the game, living fast, and expecting little commitment. [This is why Amanda was soooo not a possibility for Lee to start with. ]

        As I just to L&A, I can see that the restriction his job places on Lee’s ability to be honest with romantic partners could be one of the reasons why he went with the free and easy plaaayboy lifestyle. I can see that works!

        But.. I suspect this was an excuse Lee use to tell himself – because he was afraid to want to be in a real and honest relationship and risk his heart again – the character has attachment/abandonment issues.. and I think it’s no accident he would wind up in a job which cost him relationships – bit of a self fulfilling prophecy if that makes sense..it further distanced him from real relationships.. but for me – underneath it all was his fear.

        Amanda being who she is gives Lee the courage to confront this, and work through the fear to take the risk – and win the prize 🙂 Amanda’s heart and a real relationship with Amanda!
        I think Lee’s selflessness (as I was just talking about in response to Morley) is an indication that Lee has let go of that fear – the fear is no longer controlling his choices – what is best for Amanda is and what sort of person Lee wants to be in all parts of his whole life is also..
        At least.. that’s what I’m thinking now 🙂 Hope that’s making some kind of sense.
        Okay! I’m rambling.. sorry!!

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  21. Just wanted to agree with everyone on how wonderful this scene is. So much swirling through my head right now about what to say, but going to let it ruminate tonight. Need to go vote on a tux first. Maybe before I go off to sleep I will have something coherent to say.


  22. I will try to form a coherent thought here, but my heck is it hard! When I first saw this scene – my girlfriends and I were swooning and shrieking but I thought Amanda was lying when she was doing this to make the world a safer place for Jamie and Philip. Me, being a shallow teenager at the time figured the answer should be “Because I get to be with you. Duh!” But, being older, and wiser – I realize it is more complicated than that (yeah! older and wiser me!) and she has found her niche and she is becoming really, really good at what she does as well. Now I will get back to my swooning.

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  23. I can’t think of anything intelligent to say here fanning herself vigorously, oh dear is it hot in here? This is one of the best scenes ever on tv! It’s deep it’s meaningful, it’s hot! Lee and Amanda are both listening with their heads and hearts and speaking with their eyes. Oh frack! I’m just going to go swoon over in the corner of the rabbit hole for a while!

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  24. Hi!

    I posted a comment about this scene last year at Ned’s. My DVD has this entire scene but my video tape from the family channel cut the scene after “parts I like very much.” and went straight to the wide shot.
    Imagine my surprise whe I found there was more!!!
    Great recap!

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  25. It’s getting late so just a brief comment about when we first see Lee and Amanda… and that red bed.
    If there is any deliberate message in this set up – Lee in the bedroom, the bed, and Amanda outside the bedroom with a couch between her and the bedroom door – I think it is that Lee is now fully aware of and ready to embrace his feelings for Amanda (and to embrace Amanda for that matter 😉 ). But… much as Amanda might feel the desire to embrace her and act on her feelings for Lee, she is still hesitating from stepping past that final barrier. In this case I see the couch as the physical manifestation of this “final barrier”.

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  26. To start rather unexpectedly, I love this little scene between Dotty and Amanda. It acts as a nice little humorous filling in the romantic temsion sandwich. Dotty is still swallowing excuses like that 😀 ? There are swarming termites and she doesn’t know about it???? And I love her replacing the receiver then picking it up to talk to Amanda again – yet again.

    OK, to the main event: cute as this is, vulnerable as Amanda shows herself to be, this scene (again, definitely in the Learjet Top 10 scenes in SMK list) is about Lee for me. I’ve spoken about the 3 Stetsons: Scarecrow, Outer Lee and Inner Lee. We’ve had glimpses of Inner Lee (eg the coffee revelation scene in Burnout) but here we see a whole scene of Inner Lee. Vulnerable, honest, sensitive. Who cares what he looks like; he is just a wonderful man inside. {Learjet departs to try to regain her composure and overcome the dizziness}

    Liked by 4 people

    • Learjet I thought this was a beautiful commentary on Lee in this scene – thanks for sharing!!

      I’m seeing it’s a big scene for both Lee and Amanda – but then we all at different times connect with different things.. You really connected with Lee in this scene – and thanks for sharing that! 🙂

      Who cares what he looks like; he is just a wonderful man inside.

      Okay- now that is SWOONY!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree too, Learjet! This scene is about Lee – sharing and caring and opening up to Amanda while she just observes, listens, and takes it all in. I think she needs to regain her composure and overcome the dizziness too and that is why she breaks their look at the end of the scene to look at the stripey couch. It’s much less dizzying than Lee. Although if it reminds her of Lee in that stripey tie, well she might just stay dizzy and uncomposed for a while. She probably wishes she had a fan at that moment. haha

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