14/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Lee about to go visit Jepard in isolation.. bring him some flowers, chat with him while he convalesces.. yeah right! haaaaa.. Lee was headed to Jepard to get answers from a dying man..
And now we pick up again with a  blue sedan containing Webster and Falkan pulling up at a warehouse. Webster and Falkan get out and head inside..

We find an apologetic Eagles.. and Amanda – ugh!!
3.16 TT.avi_002295862
: I’m sorry, Mrs King, for all of it.
Amanda: Then why are you doing it?
Eagles: Because it has to be done—at least that’s what I tell myself… [Aie.. this says it all – Eagles in  a way seems to know he is talking himself into this rubbish to justify all the things he’s done that he shouldn’t have]
(Amanda lets out a massive breath here and looks down)
3.16 TT.avi_002302168
[Poor Amanda.. yes you are talking to someone here who could justify anything to himself.]
….We’re only trying to make the world a safer place.
3.16 TT.avi_002304004
[Not a safer place for Amanda! Jerk!! I actually wish Eagles would just shut it. He’s sprouting complete nonsense to justify to the person he is about to kill why she has to die. And it all seems to be to be extremely pathetic and delusional. This is what your life has led you to Eagles? Shame!!! Shame!!!! Me thinks Karl Eagles is the Step Brother of Jay Armin- and they went to baddie school together..
personally I think the world would be a safer place if Eagles died.. Winking smile]
Amanda: Vigilante killings aren’t going to make the world a safer place.
3.16 TT.avi_002307607
[Amanda is a case in point!]
Eagles: We are not outlaws…
3.16 TT.avi_002309409
[Eagles has the nerve to look offended!]
…We believe in law and order…
[Delusional. Which laws are they Eagles?!]
… We’re trying to help an imperfect system; to fill in the unfortunate gaps. 3.16 TT.avi_002313947
[I think it’s hilarious how he tries to explain to Amanda here, like it’s perfectly logical and rational –why doesn’t the innocent woman I’m about to kill get it?! whahahaaa It’s like we’re in some kind of alternate universe here whoooo]
Amanda: Was Lance Dorn an unfortunate gap?..
3.16 TT.avi_002319352
…Is that what I am? An unfortunate gap?
3.16 TT.avi_002321646
[I’d say Eagles is an unfortunate gap!]
Eagles gives Amanda a look.. Like – ugh don’t ask me such stupid questions!
3.16 TT.avi_002321746
Eagles: In the five years of our existence, we have eliminated… a dozen criminals. Cold-blooded killers. Unfortunately, there’s the price to be paid.
3.16 TT.avi_002332632
Amanda responds with a look.
3.16 TT.avi_002334134
[Yes Amanda.. there’s no getting through to this man, he’s turned to the dark side and is now so evil he can’t see what he’s become!
In five years, Lee and Amanda have eliminated many more baddies than Eagles! haaa!!!!
Me thinks in that five years Eagles has created 3 more cold-blooded killers – himself, Falkan and Webster! If this were about justice and the price – why are the triumvirate covering their own butts so much with innocent lives?
They are a scared, pathetic group who try to pass themselves off as heroes while sacrificing innocent lives to cover their butts.. gag.. I think it’s more about the 3’s own egos than justice..]
The other two members of the Triumvirate approach.
Eagles: This way, this way.3.16 TT.avi_002343143
Hurry Lee!!! Amanda doesn’t have much time left!

Jepard is lying flat on a hospital bed.. [LOL hurry Lee Jepard may not have much time left either 😉 Rofl.. he’s lost a lung and they have him lying flat? Quick Lee!! I think he reaaaly hasnt’ got much time left haaaaa..]
3.16 TT.avi_002346646
Jepard: Ah, nothin’ in this life is for free. So maybe you can scratch my back and I can scratch yours a little.
[I think Lee should have said: Well I left you with 1 lung- you should be grateful! Smile]
3.16 TT.avi_002354654
Billy and Lee  are standing by his bedside.
whooo Lee’s jaw is clenched.. grrrrr..It’s like he hangs on to that bed rail to stop himself from punching the guy.
Billy: You’re not in much of a position to bargain, Jepard.
[Yes they should sit him up for that Winking smile ]
Jepard: I’ve been in worse.
Lee: You think you can cut a deal with us, you murderous son of a –
3.16 TT.avi_002360160
: Stetson!
3.16 TT.avi_002362162
[Is it really awful that I find this hilarious?! Billy holding back Lee like this? I mean Lee is making it pretty obvious that Jepard has something to bargain with. Oh dear… I’ve never really thought of Lee as the masterful negotiator ahem.. Lee is the last person they should have in there – Billy should have gone in alone. but hey  – we want to see Lee fight for Amanda.. we want to see Lee grappling with his intense emotions.. all.. for Amanda!!! -Swoon!- So it’s very naughty of me to complain about Lee’s tactics here.. I’m so ashamed.. forgive me? Open-mouthed smile]
Jepard: I really do.
3.16 TT.avi_002362662
[Jepard may be a baddie but he’s not dumb! that’s the other 3 baddies! lol You’d have to be dumb not to see how much Lee wants to find Amanda!]
Billy: All right. One for one… [come on Billy! Jepard got to keep one lung, We get to find out where Amanda is! no?!]
…You tell us where they’re holding Mrs King, and I’ll arrange safe transport out of the country.
3.16 TT.avi_002380180
Jepard: Well, I… I may need some folding money. Say, ah… a hundred grand…
3.16 TT.avi_002389689
[If Lee hadn’t had his little spit Jepard may have asked for $10,000 Smile  Jepard truly makes the skin crawl huh.. he’s a cool baddie.. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back again Winking smile
Actually now I think about it.. He asked for $100,000 and the check Amanda got that was suppose to go to him was $100,000 so really he isn’t asking for any more than what was his agreed price 😉 interesting! ]
Lee: Huh.
3.16 TT.avi_002390690
[Lee doesn’t trust himself to speak me thinks.. instead he just looks at Jepard like: You’re scum!!!]
Billy is determined.. he leans in…
3.16 TT.avi_002392692
Billy: Talk!
3.16 TT.avi_002393693
Moments like this I can see why Billy is the Boss (and yes these moments are few Winking smile ) Billy is able to keep calm here.. reign in his disgust to negotiate.. He’s a pragmatist.. Good for Billy!

Jepard being such a disgustingly evil human being just highlights even more the evil the Triumvirate have been getting up to – paying a man like that to take out others… Jepard is a cold blooded killer they were letting roam free! ugh!!!

We cut to a pizza oven.. Pizza time!!! 🙂
3.16 TT.avi_002395195
oh no .. uh oh.. not..  pizza oven..
Falkan : It’s about eighteen hundred degrees.
3.16 TT.avi_002401701
Let’s get on with it.
3.16 TT.avi_002404704
Webster sloooowly reaches into her handbag and removes a small box.
She opens it and removes a vial. So it’s her turn to get her hands dirty is it?!

Outside.. Billy and Lee pull up – screeching tyres.. lol.. guess Quick is now better than quiet on this one Winking smile
3.16 TT.avi_002417717
Any needle phobes might want to look away!
The injection is quick and painless, I assure you.
[Still trying to be nice while you kill her? Lame Eagles! You’re lame!!]
3.16 TT.avi_002420220
We see the obligatory close up on the needle drawing up the contents of the vial.

Back to Billy and Lee in the car. Through the windscreen, we see the warehouse and the two cars parked outside.
Lee: Jepard wasn’t lying, Billy. That’s the escape car.
Billy: Amanda must be inside.  [Awh!!! Billy’s first thought is Amanda?! From Lee we get it.. but I think it’s rather touching to see Billy care about saving Amanda more than catching the baddies here! Usually of late, Billy has been holding catching baddies and saving Amanda as equally important no?  good for you Billy!]
Lee: Yeah.
Lee holds up his gun to cock it heroically.. Lee is going to eat these wimps for breakfast!!!!
Whoooo it’s time for the action sequence.. Brace yourselves!
3.16 TT.avi_002426226
They get out.. and sneak into the warehouse.
Inside.. Billy issues the orders..
Billy: You take the other end.
Lee: All right. Good luck.
They head in different directions to each other.

And for the moment.. we’ll pause here!!!
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66 responses to “14/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think that Lee’s outburst was driven by his feelings for Amanda, and the thought of what they might be doing to her, and thus causing him to forget his “spy senses” for a brief moment there, the other reason I think this is the reason is how Billy reacts to his outburst, he is like … I guess shocked would be the correct way to describe it.

    LOL Lee in love is so cute, it’s so adorable to see Mr. bad ass superspy, always in control of his emotions errr … NOT be in control of them, he just can’t help it, his feelings for Amanda, especially after “over the Limit” and “utopia now” just bleed through, they are a part of almost every decision he makes, and every thought he thinks … and it’s awesome!

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  2. I am no doctor….but realistically what would Jeperds chances of surviving with just one lung? Was Billy going to throw in a free transplant too? I am surprised he didn’t ask for more money…..$100K isn’t really going to get you very far…..especially if you are going to have a life of expensive medical bills. I reckon Billy agreed to pay because the likelihood was Jepherd would be dead anyway…..

    Urgh Eagles…..pay the price….would you be trotting out such rubbish if it was your grandson’s life on the line? I think not……

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  3. So we left Lee about to go visit Jepard in isolation.. bring him some flowers, chat with him while he convalesces.. yeah right! haaaaa..

    ROFL, just imagine LEE as a Bedside Bluebell…. LOL!!!


  4. Billy has got to notice Lee’s reactions to a missing Amanda, but he says nothing about it. In SBTB he asked Lee if he would react the same way if another agent were missing and if there was something going on between him and Amanda. I think Billy knows that he no longer needs to ask.

    I find it so ironic that the “making the world a safer place” issue comes up here as it did with Lee and Amanda. It’s also interesting that Amanda is there for both. Amanda questioned what she was doing and whether or not it was worth all that she had been missing. I think that Lee helped in his answers and quelled many of her doubts, but I think she could actually also find some reassurances here as well.

    She is seeing that there are those who are misguided in what they think is the best way to make the world a safer place. She and Lee have done so without having to resort to murder and vigilantism. And she is seeing that what they do is very much needed to prevent people like Eagles and his crew from going too far. Of course, it might not be sinking in much as she is knocking on death’s door.

    I’ve gone back and forth about this deal with Jepard. I have thought that they just made the deal because they didn’t expect him to live. I also thought that the deal wasn’t really legal due to Jepard’s criminal status and protocol at the Agency. And then sometimes I’ve thought that they just made it to get the info and then reneged on it when they got what they wanted. I’m still on the fence about it.

    I agree that Eagles is delusional. He’s still trying to rationalize what he’s doing and failing miserably. The true baddie(s) of this episode isn’t Jepard but this little group.

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    • And then sometimes I’ve thought that they just made it to get the info and then reneged on it when they got what they wanted. I’m still on the fence about it.
      Valerie, I’m with you on the fence about the deal with Jepard. I always hoped Billy crossed this fingers when he set the deal and afterwards he’ll tell Jepard “Sorry man, I lied…” 🙂


  5. Lee is going to eat these wimps for breakfast!!!!

    Ahhhh… THAT’S the reason why Lee doesn’t eats brekfast at home – now I got that. 😉

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  6. Ugh, Eagles is delusional. All of them are. They’re not outlaws, but cold-blooded killers. It’s as if Eagles wants Amanda to feel good about being killed. If we kill you, then we can keep on killing other baddies! C’mon, Mrs. King, take one for the team! You can do it! You should be proud of yourself! I’m proud of myself. (I think Eagles really is proud of himself and his little team.)

    So whatever happened to the other guy at the table in the beginning? Why isn’t he here? Did he draw the line at killing Dorn and now Amanda? I hope that was the case, but if it was, I wish it would have come up.

    I’m struggling with this hospital scene. I’m wondering why Billy is willing to pay to get Amanda back. In SBTB he wasn’t going to trade an agent for her, but here he’s willing to give Jepard a boatload of money and let him go free! I guess hired guns (even as high as 7 on this list) are not as bad as Russian spies? Why is Billy doing this? Is it because of Lee’s reaction? Does Billy feel personally responsible too because it’s so clearly an inside job and he feels as if he’s flubbed up too? Or does he think that this will lead him to the real killers so they can be caught and they can save Amanda too? Maybe Amanda is now worth more to Billy and the Agency now than she was in SBTB. So why the hell is she still part time with a flippin’ guest pass??? At least Billy is smart enough this time around to act on his own authority instead of going to the higher ups who may have said, sorry, no deal – Mrs. King will have to die. Maybe that’s the difference. In SBTB he knew that he couldn’t trade Amanda for the Russian spy, so he got the higher-ups to make the decision and he still looked good in Lee’s eyes. Here, he knows the right thing to do is to get Amanda back, so he just goes and does it without getting anyone’s permission. I wonder if he took some guff over this decision – assuming Amanda lives, they get the bad guys, and Jepard goes free 🙂 . Like Melissa, I’m on pins and needles waiting to find out!

    Pizza oven? ROFL!!! That is hysterical. Today only at the Triumvirate Pizza Palace you can get the Housewife Special! It’s topped with lots of fluffy pink cotton candy! Don’t be fooled – one slice of this pie will fortify your guts and give you strength like you’ve never had before. It just happens to be sweet and pretty to look at too!

    The injection is quick and painless? Guess he’s never been injected with anything before. He must mean relative to the pizza oven….

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    • I actually had a thought that Billy was intending to double-cross Jepard. He arranges safe passage out of the country… then tips off Interpol/CIA/whoever about where Jepard is heading, and they pounce the moment he lands. Jepard isn’t exactly in a position for any crazy acrobatics to avoid them right now. But then Jepard decides to jerk him and Lee around, and Billy’s all, “Screw this, I’m done. TALK. NOW.”

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      • Is it bad that I just assumed Billy would figure out a way to have him locked up in the end? There was really never a question in my head when I first saw this in the 80s that Jepard would get his just desserts coz Billy would see to it. I’m a “good guys gotta win” kind of girl even now 🙂

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        • I thought the same thing and I am waffling whether I still do. I am not sure if this is going to make sense, but I’ll try anyway. Was this supposed to mirror the opening, showing that Billy had to do unsavory things (make a deal with Jeppard) for the greater good? Or if he went back on his deal and arranged for his capture after getting the information (which seemed like a no brainer for me at the time), was he starting on the same slippery slope as the Triumvirate, breaking agreements to make sure justice is served? Maybe Jeppard will die from his injuries making Billy’s deal a moot point. I guess I have to ponder this some more and see if I can glean any clues from the upcoming scenes. I do not think Jeppard is showing any remorse here, I think he figures he has nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain if he survives. If he doesn’t, well it’s not like he owed any loyalty to triumvirate anyway.

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          • cindy re the mirroring of the opening – IMHO spot on! And I’ve talked about this in post 16.. once this whole situation has fully played out. so for the moment, sorry I’ll need to hold this thought 🙂

            I do think Billy making the deal is not just about saving Amanda. At this point, the agency still has no idea who at the agency is taking Justice into their own hands.
            They need Jepard to talk to find out.. AND to save Amanda 🙂

            Which is probably one reason why I was touched that when they pulled up at the warehouse Billy’s first thought was for Amanda 🙂

            I think Jepard was in a great place to negotiate. He has been given top medical care.. they should have tried to squeeze the info out of him int he ambulance 😉 but was it Kiwismh who made the great point that in reality Jepard would be in a coma at this point anyway so it’s all pretty ridiculous!

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          • I think he figures he has nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain if he survives. If he doesn’t, well it’s not like he owed any loyalty to triumvirate anyway.

            Jepard’s motivator is money pure and simple.. and protecting his identify.. so he can go on making more money 😉
            Now Lee and Billy will know what he looks like.. and.. I bet they took a photo! but for now.. I’ll hold off going further with this thought! bye!

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  7. Thank you all for the lovely welcome! 🙂

    I loved Amanda trying to reason with Karl, and her all but gaping at how delusional he is. Because that’s what he, Falcon, and Webster are – delusional. They see themselves as unsung heroes, dealing with the criminals that fall through the cracks of the legal system or use the legal system to their advantage to escape justice. Karl was so proud of how many criminals they’d eliminated in the five years of their operating, when, as you pointed out, Amanda and Lee have put away so many more by adhering to the rule of law (or offing them in self-defense).

    Personally, I rather found Webster to be a little… stuck up, I suppose is the word? She comes in with Falcon, and yet barely deigns to give Amanda so much as a glance. She and her two fellow idiots are trying to save their skins by killing Amanda, and yet Webster acts as though Amanda isn’t even worth a single look, as though her life is literally worthless. It rankles. So much.

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  8. I love the clenched jaw muscle and the gritted teeth, now I’m getting the kind of reaction that makes more sense for a man in love and his woman is missing and perhaps in the clutches of some ruthless baddies….
    .whew, gruvygranny needed to take a breath. 🙂

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  9. Billy: You’re not in much of a position to bargain, Jepard. [Yes they should sit him up for that]
    Jepard: I’ve been in worse.

    LOL !! He has been in worse? Really – what would that be? He already lost some more vital organs, or what else???And apparently he recovered very well (from that worse one) – he still is Nº 7 at the Agency’s ‘most-wanted-killers-list’.
    And even now he looks amazingly healthy for someone struggling with death… some of you guys already mentioned it. 🙂

    He must be SUPER-BADDIE 😉

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  10. Actually now I think about it.. He asked for $100,000 and the check Amanda got that was suppose to go to him was $100,000 so really he isn’t asking for any more than what was his agreed price 😉 interesting! ]

    Huhh? looking confused and scratching my head

    May I remind you that Jepard got ‘his’ cheque right from Amanda? (Post 3)
    So why shouldn’t he have it? Do you think he gave it to Falkan or Eagles – I doubt that.

    So that would be his 2nd 100 grand that is a total of 200 grand for me. Not??


    • Well, Jepard has been put to a great deal of extra trouble and inconvenience. I think I’d want an extra $100k if I were him. 😀


    • Hmmm, I just assumed since it was made out to Amanda and not endorsed, he couldn’t have cashed it. And he has been fairly busy of late to drop into the local credit union.

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    • Remind away L&A! 🙂 haaaaa.. I think there was a step in my thinking I forgot to mention..
      lol.. My thinking was that the cheque he collected off Amanda was to get back evidence, not collect his $ that’s why Falkan was with him and worried about whether Jepard got the cheque. I wasn’t thinking once he had it that he had his $$ because the chq was made out to Amanda – we had that super silly close up to tell us that so I remember it haaaaa..
      I assumed that cheque got destroyed.

      whoo I’ve gotta run! bye guys!

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      • So Jepard collected that cheque off Amanda just to destroy it? And therefore (btw.) he risked to be recognized by Amanda??? Why not sending Falkan or anyone from the Agency? still being confused

        Wouldn’t it have been easier and less dangerous to tell Amanda to give it back – either to Billy or even that clerk guy she stood in line before Lee took her to Lance?

        Noooo, I forgot: That way we wouldn’t have a plot – or better a sequence of plotholes and neither this amazing Lee-Amanda scenes in the old Cumberland norrrr… oouuppss… can’t say more 😉

        I should be more modest… and patient… tsktsktsk – shaking my head in wonder

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        • haaaaa… welcome to the rabbit hole L&A! Sometimes the deeper you dig the more confusing it gets 😉

          So Jepard collected that cheque off Amanda just to destroy it? And therefore (btw.) he risked to be recognized by Amanda??? Why not sending Falkan or anyone from the Agency? still being confused.

          My attempted explanation? When Jepard shows up to collect the cheque, I figure Falkan doesn’t want to show his face to Amanda.. and he is not a hands on guy at least.. at that point in the episode.. It’s only once the cheque has been picked up that Jepard takes delight in making Falkan act – you know.. like helping push the jeep over the cliff etc..

          Wouldn’t it have been easier and less dangerous to tell Amanda to give it back – either to Billy or even that clerk guy she stood in line before Lee took her to Lance?

          Yep! Got it in one! 🙂 tee heee.. I think a few of us have shared these thoughts and lamented at how it would have been so much simpler to not kill Lance and make up some silly IFF back story – you know.. clerical error.. closed account.. a bug in the system. no biggie.. moving on! 🙂

          Noooo, I forgot: That way we wouldn’t have a plot – or better a sequence of plotholes and neither this amazing Lee-Amanda scenes in the old Cumberland norrrr… oouuppss… can’t say more 😉
          Exactly.. simple fix = no plot haaaaaa…

          you can refer to what’s ahead once the walk has reached that point if you wish.. and at this point we’ve covered the Lee-Amanda scenes in the old Cumberland 🙂 or heck.. maybe you are referring to something ahead I don’t know about. lol if that’s the case don’t tell me 🙂


          • To your las pargrah: I know that and that’s why I stopped midsentence.
            I may refer later on – it’s comming soon, Iwsod, veeeerrrry soon.
            So yeah, maybeeee – who knows… 😉


          • Falkan works at the Agency and can’t be connected to this check fiasco. And they can’t let anyone else at the Agency in on their dastardly deeds. Or anyone else outside the Agency. So Jepard it has to be.

            And I wonder with all the scuttlebutt with account 666 being accessed, if Eagles and co. felt like they couldn’t pay any funds out of it anymore, so Jepard hasn’t gotten paid yet. And since he’s such a smart baddie, he’s not going to get too greedy. He figures he’ll live to kill another day.


          • Rabbit hole?? Yeaahh, I guess I’m deep deep into it. Am I?
            Fortunately I’ve got some chocolate in my backpack and some ‘Studentenfutter’ (nuts and raisins). I found some candles and even matches down here. Anyone care to join me? 😀


    • I still find it rather amusing that a hired hitman would be paid by cheque!!! How many days til it clears LOL

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  11. Okay here’s an idea.. why was Lee so understated in his concern for Amanda back at IFF in the previous post?

    Because if he had been as frantic on the outside as he felt on the inside Billy never would have let him into the hospital room… lol.. maybe?

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    • Maybe they were playing good cop/bad cop?


      • whahahaahaaaa!!! good one happycamper 🙂

        more like good cop/ very bad gasp almost swearing cop

        [edited the random appearance of smelling salts to the emoticon I had intended to use haaaa]


    • Maybe. Which brings up the whole topic of workplace romance. I’m guessing there’s a ‘not allowed’ policy at the Agency, so Lee can’t let his feelings show. Although she is his partner and Billy knows he’s already lost one. Maybe he is just being optimistic at that point – in the office – because he doesn’t want everyone to see how scared he is that Amanda’s nine lives have all been used up? This is no business for a pessimist. Lots to think about.

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    • Definitely a head-scratcher. The only thing I can come up with is that he’s relieved Jepard (i.e., “#7 with a bullet”) is out of the way and maybe he’s trusting Amanda a little more. He somehow manages to hold it in a little longer until the Jepard scene.

      I agree with the other comments that Amanda does handle herself well here. I can’t help but love those flashes of her heart necklace in this scene like we saw in the 60s store. I can’t recall if we’ve been told where that necklace came from (or if it’s in a later episode that I’m thinking of), but this episode has been about her and Lee. Lee’s not the only reason she’s stronger in these situations, but I think she’s keeping him close. She knows he’d be holding her hand if he could. 😉

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  12. Yeah, I had the same thought as you – 100K seems fair since Jeppard didn’t get his original check.
    Jeppard’s colour is amazing for someone missing a lung and a bunch of arteries. I guess that is why he is the expert.
    I also found the hospital scene kind of hilarious as well. 🙂


  13. Other than Karl’s pathetic attempts at justifying his actions, I just love how Amanda responds here. She is not only able to think on her feets, she’s able to articulate her objections and not show any fear. She’s really come a long way from the ditzy (if lovable) Amanda of old.

    Jepard just does not look like he’s dying here. He looks way too healthy…and I also find Lee very funny here. I think BB carried things a little too far here 😀

    Webster’s ear-buttons are very sparkly in the firelight 😀

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    • I also find Lee very funny here. I think BB carried things a little too far here 😀

      Yep!!! which is even more interesting what considering what gruvy granny commented on in the last post – how at the coffee machine after looking for Amanda Lee was almost too calm.
      Seems here he just blows his top! In the worst possible moment 😉

      LOL I did think Jepard sounded not well – his sounding very chesty (actor is maybe a smoker?!)

      Hear hear! Amanda keeps her head! 🙂 – I’m rather impressed at her ability to hear such disgusting justifications and stop herself from

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    • Yeah, not my favourite scene with Lee suddenly losing the plot with Jepard. If he mangles a guy who’s already half dead (although I agree with others, Jepard looks awfully healthy all things considered), then Jepard will most certainly die or be comatose, then Lee will never be able to find out where Amanda is. And the fact that he’s trying to act the tough guy while wearing that lame jacket and boring check shirt, just makes me want Jepard to win this argument. Not Lee’s finest moment.
      Still he saves some face by (almost) uttering a rare (for SMK) real-life expletive – Yay! some reality at last. 😉
      And Jepard has the best lines – half dead and he’s still sussing out how he can end up a free man and holding folding. This guy has real bad guy cred!
      I always wonder where are the people who are supposed to be looking after the 1800 degree pizza oven, or does this thing just burn all day and night with no one about?
      It would be no bad thing of Amanda’s ugly cardigan and drab skirt ended up getting barbecued. (Hmmm, it occurs to me that could make for an interesting rescue scene with Lee… 😉 …. if he gets there in time to rescue her of course 😯 ) Anyway, I digress. That outfit is so unflattering to her lovely figure, even the Fashion Police feel sorry for her! 😎
      To her credit Amanda is very calm for someone who’s about to be toast, er, I mean charcoal. But I get the feeling she is trying to think her way out of this, and looking for an opening or way of escape.


      • Lol at how SMK does those “almost” expletives! They use a phrase where the listener can’t help but fill in. They did the same thing in SAAB.


      • “It would be no bad thing of Amanda’s ugly cardigan and drab skirt ended up getting barbecued. (Hmmm, it occurs to me that could make for an interesting rescue scene with Lee…” lol! Too funny Kiwismh! I find this scene so ridiculous that I usually just ignore what’s being said. I am wonderful at tuning out stupid stuff after having sat through so many awful staff meetings at work 🙂


        • Oh I agree! I meant to get back here and tell kiwismh – your comment was hilarious lol!!

          I especially enjoy your comments you write late at night haaaaaaa

          Hey Jule – I’m concerned.. the triumvirate reminds you of your awful staff meetings at work ? Umm there wasn’t three staff members by any chance were there? 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Amanda is being very brave here or courageous. I don’t know the difference between the two. Is there one? Agree on BB taking it too far here and not far enough in the office with Billy.


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