13/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

 Where were we.. Amanda ran to the elevator while Francine tried to hold off Jepard – she gets shot in the thigh and stumbles into the hallway and takes cover in a room opposite.. so Francine is now out of the picture in protecting Amanda.. Uh oh..
Jepard runs out to the hallway and sees Amanda in the elevator.
As the door closes he aims his gun. too late- phew! [The elevator is on Amanda’s side!] He runs to a stairwell. Amanda exits the elevator on the ground floor and runs through the lobby area. Lee sees Jepard as he exits the stairs. They shoot at each other.
Jepard disappears down more stairs and Lee follows him—at first cautiously, then with more speed.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Amanda exits the building,
We see a close up of her running in heels..
Errr.. no wait.. Running in what is usually her heels..but ahem.. at some point she has cut off her heels and turned them into flats! See? No heels! My my.. what a woman!!! she just thinks of everything! Run Amanda! Run!!!! Smile
Amanda passes the Corvette, and gets into a brown car parked behind it. She starts looking for the keys. [Suggestion: Next class for Amanda? How to hot wire a car!]
Karl Eagles appears at the door and holds out the keys to her.
Amanda: Oh, good, Mr Eagles –
(He draws his gun and she stops short, letting go of the keys.)
Booooooo!!! Poor Amanda.. her face falls when she realises Karl is no good. Booooo!!! You Evil Administrator you!!! You….. Pencil Pusher!!!!
My goodness, Karl really has turned to the ‘dark side’ [Hey, the Force has awakened so why not a little Star Wars reference?!] He is well and truly getting his hands dirty now and can no longer kid himself about the evil he is carrying out. Is Amanda a bad person? Is this justice? This goes against Karl’s arguments about not killing Lance earlier… he has turned his back on society’s principles and it seems he has even turned his back on his own that he held earlier in the episode..

Meanwhile, upstairs, Lee creeps along the wall and down the stairs, his gun ready. Jepard takes a shot at Lee, who ducks then returns fire. Why do these hallways look familiar?
Lots of creeping.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good.. and ducking.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good..
There’s a few moments where Lee looks like he’s enjoying the hunt! Get him Lee!!
The shoot-out continues between Jepard and Lee,.. hiding.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good.. and dodging.. and Lee lookin good..
More sneaking.. and hiding.. and shooting and Lee lookin good.. [you didn’t want to see any shots of Jepard did you?! didn’t think so Winking smile ]
Whoooaaaa!!!! Lots of super heroic action Lee to savour.. Jepard disappears..
As Lee faces the other way, searching for Jepard, we see Jepard on the floor above, behind a ledge with greenery and a pot of flowers. As he takes aim, he knocks the flower pot off the ledge. [rofl this is so lame.. words cannot begin to express how lame this is.. Mr super scary Diablo 666 just happens to knock over a flower pot when lining up the kill shot?! whahahaaa.. The flower pot was on Lee’s side!! Smile Nature fights back!]
It falls to the floor behind Lee, alerting him.
Lee somersaults.. looks good..  does some super fancy rolls.. looks good.. and then shoots Jepard twice from the floor.
Jepard is hit- hooray!, collapsing against the ledge.
Lee lies on the carpet for a while,.. Phew.. that was close!
his gun pointing up toward the ledge, and then gets up.3.16-TT.avi_002225825_thumb
But.. where is Amanda?!

This whole Lee gets called back to IFF and Francine is watching Amanda when the assassin strikes is all super contrived..What do you guys think?
Yep.. the baddie couldn’t have sturck while Lee was protecting Amanda – or Lee would have failed to protect Amanda.. and we must finish the sequence with Amanda having been captured.. and Lee still looking super heroic.
I guess they needed to find a reason why Lee would be rushing back there all super dramatic to intervene- and the phone calls thing was the clue.. flimsy at best IMHO.
Oh well.. I’ll just focus on how good Lee looks trying to save Amanda and take down the bad guy.. and.. on Francine taking a bullet for Amanda! whoo  hoo!!

Moving on.. back to IFF the next day..
Tired Billy leaves his office and walks toward Lee who is  pouring coffee.
[I think it’s implied they’ve been working on finding Amanda all night]
Billy: I spoke with the hospital. Francine’s out of surgery…
…Jepard’s bullet went straight through her leg. She’ll be on crutches for a while.
[Billy does a massive yawn]
Lee: What about Jepard?
(Billy yawns)
Billy: Not so lucky. He lost a lung;… [Hooray!!] …some arteries… [Hooray!!]...He could go at any time… [Hip Hip Hooray!!]
… They got him over at isolation.
Lee: Come on!! He is the only one that can tell us where they’ve got Amanda, Billy!! [Ohhh yeahhh.. errr Jepard’s still alive? Hip Hip Hooray! Smile he can die tomorrow!]
Billy: Did you search the hotel?
Yeah, every inch of it…
[I’m sure Lee searched it more thoroughly than anyone had ever searched a hotel room ever] …She didn’t go back home…
[whooo Lee has a bit of an all night shadow here on the side view.. whooo.. stubble.. whooooo ..shgahsbahbaba head slap emoticon… errr.. sorry.. Where was I?]
…and no-one saw her come back here. Jepard is our only chance.
[LOL it sounds to me like Lee says Jeopardy is our only chance (when he says ‘Jepard is’). Hey – For 50 points.. Where is Amanda King?]
Billy: He’s gonna be a tough nut to crack. He’s a real pro.
Lee: Oh, yeah? Well, right now, he is thinking about dying…
…That loosens a lot of tongues.
Lee walks off determined.. I guess he’s heading for the isolation ward..and Jeopardy err Jepard!
Billy: Heard that! [I.e. ain’t that the truth]

So.. things are looking mighty bleak.. Will our hero come through for Amanda? Anyone not remember if Amanda makes it? whahahaahahaa Winking smile Can’t wait to hear your thoughts everyone! Thanks for reading!!!

53 responses to “13/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Not sure if this was pointed out before…

    Does the Cumberland have 2 entrances? It doesn’t look like the same hotel from day to night. Remember Lee and Amanda walking arm and arm with Billy beside them? They went up two sections of stairs and walked about 5 feet over concrete to the entrance. For the scenes with the ‘Vette and get away car, Lee and Amanda are seen running over reddish tile – over like a 30-foot flat entrance with doors set back a bit. The ‘Vette is under a huge roof, too. Same hotel??? 🤔 hmmmm….

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    • Omg…I think i’ve watched this episode at least 3 times and i never took notice of this..You definitely have a good point abt the hotel😄👍👍


  2. I really hope Lee’s 5 o’clock shadow is real and not some dodgy make up……

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  3. I think that Lee is a bit more intense here than in OBD. He had checked around for Amanda and hoped she hadn’t gone to look for Dotty on her own, but figured that with Amanda’s luck she would find her. That’s when Amanda got her own special code.

    There’s a bit of a gap here. They know that the vigilantes are from somewhere inside the Agency, but don’t seem to indicate if they’ve discovered it’s Eagles and crew. Lee says “they”, but does he really know who they are yet? The hitman, King Cobra, is out of commission for the moment so Lee may not feel a sense of crazed urgency. Maybe he doesn’t think that these Agency folks would personally get their hands dirty, especially since they’ve been paying someone else to do so.

    I’m thinking that Jepard is a bit off his game. He had to have some time to plan his previous hits, but now he’s been given these quick jobs without prep time. He started out seemingly ruthless, but has made several mistakes since actually dealing with the little triumvirate. Going after Amanda has been his downfall, in more ways than one.

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    • I think Jepard being out of commission, as you say it, valeriejw is a great explanation of why Lee maybe isn’t so crazed here. But then it doesn’t explain why he is ready to rip him to shreds in the next scene. Maybe somewhere on the way to the hospital Lee figures out that whoever has Amanda must know she can now ID them and they may want to kill her. He is a bit slow on the uptake if that is the case though. Ah well, guess this is just one of those plot hole thingys.


  4. Melissa Robertson

    I’m biting my nails trying to recall if Lee finds Amanda…Haha 🙂

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  5. thanks for letting me know you’re enjoying the screen caps guys! 🙂

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  6. I think Lee and Billy’s reaction to not finding Amanda and not knowing her whereabouts was “weak”. Seems like there was no urgency in their demeanor and that really bothered me. I would think that Lee would be pacing like a caged Lion until he got word of her whereabouts….I was looking for way more emotion. Meh!

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    • Completely agree, gruvygranny! I would expect Lee to be a bit out of his mind at this point.


    • Interesting observation here gruvygranny.. you are right! It is very measured all things considered!!!

      See post 14.. and how Lee acts there – what do you think?

      how can we explain the worried but not frantic reaction of Lee?
      Hmm.. maybe he is not as concerned as he may have been had King Cobra still be on the loose – maybe because their baddies’ star assassin is out of action, he thinks the baddies will be scratching their heads and wondering what to do with her? and Amanda being Amanda.. she can run rings around their confusion and escape?

      Maybe Lee had read the script and knew Amanda was going to be alright! oh wait.. no something isn’t right here.. not sure what.. but something!

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  7. iwsod wrote:
    [LOL it sounds to me like Lee says Jeopardy is our only chance (when he says ‘Jepard is’). Hey – For 50 points.. Where is Amanda King?]
    Hollywoodi response:
    :::Cracking Up::: 🙂 🙂
    Ok – so sidebar… I am unable to format my responses (like use bold or italics). Also, I’ve been trying to create a WordPress account so I can add an avatar to my comments, but I am never able to log in. I’m using the e-mail that I use to post comments here. I’ve tried resetting my password but never get an e-mailed link to do so. Can anyone shed some light on how to get this going? I need an avatar 🙂 I’m also guessing with the account, I will be able to add italics and bolding, etc.? Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Hollywoodi –

      Have you checked this post out?


      And you don’t need an account to make things bold or italic. To make a word italic place an asterisk immediately before and after. To make a word bold, put two asterisks before and after. Like this but use * instead of the %

      I think there is a post on the blog that says all this, but I’ve searched and searched and couldn’t find it.

      Maybe iwsod can find it easier? Or maybe there is something already at Ned’s that might help?

      For future tech queries, it’s probably best to post them at the post I gave you the link to above – that way when people search tech queries, it comes up and is not buried in an episode post. That or you can email one of the moderators. Our email addresses are to the right.

      Hope this helps!


      • Hiya Everyone! wow!!! loads of comments to read this morning! it feels like Christmas 🙂
        I’ll enjoy them over my morning coffee..

        Just briefly – the blog info/tech category will reveal these types of blog tech posts..

        the blog post about how to format comments is HERE and titled Update on blog features – the formatting is called ‘Markdown’ and BJo is spot on with her guide to doing italics in comments or bold..

        I use quotes loads and find that a really useful tool that means I can respond to parts of comments faster. If you follow the link you’ll find these are called block quotes.

        This blog post also shows all the smilies available..

        If you have a go and it doesn’t work – just reply to your comment saying what you want and I’ll fix it for you. I understand it can be frustrating to have a go with formatting comments and then not be able to edit them and correct mistakes – very annoying!
        So I’ll fix the formatting if you give it a go and don’t like it, then I’ll delete your comment where you ask me to fix it. Hope that makes sense!
        I hope this helps Hollywoodi!

        Thanks BJo – great idea to put future tech questions in the thread you’ve identified. That post is also able to be found anytime using the blog Info/ Tech Category.


      • Thank you BJo!! I will check out the thread and post any additional questions I may have there!
        Practicing italics
        Practicing bolding


        • Hollywoodi – Neds is also a good place for queries (and general chatter). Glad to see you’ve finally finally posted there (I noticed when you joined a while back 😀 )

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          • Yes, I finally got in the game! 😀 Looking forward to joining in more over there, but it’s been pretty quiet lately! Once I get my post count up I will be able to participate in the chatter in other parts of the forum, as well 🙂


        • You’re welcome! Looks like you’ve got italic and bold down pat. Love your avatar!!


    • Hi Hollywoodi – yes an avatar would be fantastic 🙂

      Sounds like you’ve tried a few things.. grrr – don’t give up!

      I found this article.. maybe this is something you can try.. https://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/
      If that doesn’t work – it might be time to ask wordpress.com support for some assistance?
      let us know how you go in the ! [In the tech queries thread would be ideal]

      I’m off to enjoy my coffee and read everyone’s comments 🙂 I’ll try and get back today to respond to everyone more substantially.. lovin walking through this ep with you all!!!


  8. I would just like to say that KJ does scared to death in the elevator really well. I don’t think I’ve seen Amanda ever look that scared before. Maybe because she knows Lee isn’t there?

    Okay, minus all the misses with the guns and the dumb flower pot falling, this is actually a really good action scene. Maybe it’s because we get to see so much of super spy Lee up close with a gun. He looks good with a gun.

    For having been looking for Amanda all night and not finding her, Lee doesn’t seem that anxious. I would think that he’d be going a bit mad by now? Even though Jepard is in the hospital, somebody obviously has her.

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  9. Amanda passes the Corvette, and gets into a brown car parked behind it. She starts looking for the keys. [Suggestion: Next class for Amanda? How to hot wire a car!]

    To be honest, I never understood why Amanda passes the ‘Vette here.
    I know she was told to get the backup car started. But passing the ‘Vette means Lee a) hasn’t left yet or b) he is already back. In both cases it would mean even more danger for me and that using the backup car might not be the best idea. AND Amanda knows Lee always leaves his key in the ‘Vette’s ignition – so she wouldn’t have to search for it just sit down in the driver’s seat and start the car.
    Usually Amanda ‘thinking on her feet’ is better than this…

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    • Yep, I guess I should keep track how many times we hear the chime of “Buddy, you left the keys in the ignition again” It would have been a better bet to take the ‘vette with keys included, or try to find Lee.

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      • Yeah! I think that’s what I might have done. Besides, how does she know that her assassin hasn’t done something dangerous to the official escape car? After all, he seems to be in on their plans for Amanda, and why wouldn’t he add a little sabotage into the plans for some extra insurance? Jestress is a paranoid little thing. >.>

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    • I assumed Amanda didn’t go for the Corvette on this occasion as it tells her that Lee is back and probably looking for or shooting it out with the bad guy (well, she must’ve heard the gunshots) and he may need to use his car in a hurry. If it’s not there where he left it, this could be problematic for him. There is another car available – makes sense to use the other one and leave the ‘vette just in case Lee needs it.

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  10. [whooo Lee has a bit of an all night shadow here on the side view….]
    Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh – I like that a loooooootttt…. thuddd

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  11. Not only has Amanda changed her shoes into action footwear, I think she has changed her legs too. I’m pretty sure those aren’t KJ’s running legs.They seems a bit chunky and shorter than her long limbs.

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    • Lee would know, he was studying them carefully. 😉

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    • Hmmmm??
      So we not only have a hand-double for Lee (or BB) but also a leg-double for Amanda (or KJ) ?? :O
      It’s a lot of cheating they do in SMK… I just never understood the WHY.
      BB and KJ have so nice hands/legs – there is NO NEED to use any double at all.


  12. Superb screen capping here Iwsod (as per usual). Yes, the plot contrivance is more than usually obvious despite all the distractions. I am also surprised that Amanda leaves- I can’t help but think of Magic Bus where Lee says ‘they tell us to say that (leave) but thank goodness you never listen to me. Having said that I can understand the greater impulse to face danger at the side of Lee.


  13. Nature fights back… rofl!

    Amanda knows a good spy always tucks a pair of flats somewhere at all times, just in case. 🙂

    Oh yes, the shadow… 😀 Glad I’m not the only one drooling here. Thank you for all the glorious Lee captures, Iwsod! Okay, I’ll be back with more thoughts after I get done gazing at Lee. 🙂

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    • I thought that they were special spy shoes, she just twisted off the heels in the elevator (or lift as I would call it) and stuck them in her purse (or handbag as I would call it).

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    • First time replying…

      I think that Jepard facilitated the switch between Lee and Francine because he knew just how good the Scarecrow was. Francine is a good agent, but she isn’t the one who is considered one of the top agents in the world. Jepard likely believed that it would be much easier to get to Amanda with Francine guarding her than with Lee. Jepard wants to take Amanda out so that his identity will remain secret, and he likely believes that it would be easier to do that if he has to fight it out with Francine than with Lee. He wants minimal risk to his own skin. In the end, he just underestimated Francine and her ability to buy Amanda enough time to make her getaway, and how quickly Lee would hightail it back to the hotel.

      Also, I think Karl’s presence might explain why Francine wasn’t able to get a response on the phone when she called for the guard in the last part of the recap. Karl’s on the inside, and might very well have had the clearance to get the guards to stand down and leave the area. Karl seems to want as few casualties as possible, so it would make sense that he’d get the guards out of the way so they aren’t injured and/or killed by Jepard in his quest to off Amanda. So he gets them out, and waits, having also grabbed the keys to the getaway car just in case (I imagine he knew more of just how good Amanda was at surviving bad guys trying to kill her). Then when Amanda appears, he knows that he isn’t going to be able to keep his hands clean in all this, and takes her captive himself.

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      • Welcome, Kim! And way to jump in! As a first-time commenter, your comment went to moderation. Future comments should post straightaway. I hope you make more!


      • And also a ♥ WELCOME from me, Kim.

        I like your comment. 🙂


      • Welcome Kim, and I like your logic. Your reasoning makes perfect sense.


      • Welcome, Kim! Glad you could join us. 🙂

        Good points about Karl. He’d want to stay close to keep the Triumvirate’s cover and Jepard didn’t care what it took to get Amanda. Jepard was crazy if he thought he could keep Lee away.


        • Jepard was crazy if he thought he could keep Lee away.

          Yup, Sara, and he doesn’t know how crazy Lee is about Amanda (in general but especially when he has to protect her). 🙂

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      • Welcome, Kim! Yes, for someone who is conflicted, Karl seems to very deeply involved in all Jepard’s plans. I almost feel sorry for Karl. But then (as I’ve said in response to a previous post), at least Jepard is “honest” and committed to being a full-on baddie, while Karl still sees himself as a “hero”.


      • I can get onboard with this! good idea Kim!
        Eagles told them to go.. yes I’ll go with that!
        LOL.. even if he is just an admin dude (lol maybe he went and told them no overtime tonight! so go home haaa)

        I think this was pretty obscure, and they really needed to indicate Eagles had dealt with them. but.. instead they had the surprise of Francine not getting through to security, and then the surprise of Amanda running into to eagles all of a sudden.. they went for surprise rather than completeness.. I guess I can’t begrudge them that 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Welcome Kim 🙂


      • Welcome Kim. Sorry I am so late to the party, but I wanted to welcome you anyway!


  14. Oh My GOSH! Lee with an all night shadow (and you have no idea how many times I tried to type shadow – shawdo; swahdo, sahdow, schwado, shawdow, ah fer heck’s sake Focus Cindy, Focus. SHADOW)

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  15. Can’t resist. I think the Jeopardy reference might be, for $50, “Somewhere between the Cumberland and certain death.” And you got the question right, Iwsod. (Sorry, it’s late here.)


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