15/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It- Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s tag time.. and back to IFF, we find Billy leading Lee and Amanda out of his office. I guess this is the next day? Or why would Amanda be in a different outfit..
Same old story. Brody dug into Goldberg’s life, came up with some mistakes. Held him for ransom. And those lenses were the final payment.
[too true.. too true.. this really is the same old story Winking smile ]
Lee: Heh, real sweet guy.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002660093
[Hey watch Lee’s magic trouser pockets here! Smile ]
Billy: How did you make the connection between Goldberg and Diller Pharmaceuticals?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002661628
[someone call Dr Schardelli Stat! Billy seems to have Amnesia! Honestly – this has rushed re-write written all over it – pun! haaaaa.. I mean Billy saw Lee at his apartment go get Goldberg’s file and make the connection when Francine mentioned Diller Pharmaceuticals! Okay the audience didn’t know at the time which doctor’s file Lee was looking at.. but Billy would have. Aie. this is seriously lame. ]
Lee: Well there was this footnote in Goldberg’s dossier about some research work he’d done for Diller. It kind of stuck with me…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002667734
3.17 TEHI.avi_002672238
[it’s fleeting.. but love the look Lee gives Amanda here Winking smile ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002672372
…You know how I am about reading the small print.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002673540
[Err no not really! Isn’t that Amanda’s strong suit?! I just love it when they change characters’ strengths to keep a plot moving.. And what  a lame line!  Ugh!!!]
Amanda: Oh speaking of small print…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002675442
[Billy looks at Amanda.. hmm – do you think he knows what’s coming? he does seem to have a quiet knowing look here!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002675475(Amanda unfolds a piece of paper)
3.17 TEHI.avi_002675909
…here’s some that I don’t think you’ve read it all yet……. [rofl! because he is soooooo good with it and all Winking smile ahem]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002677811…It’s your prescription from Dr Scardelli.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002679312
3.17 TEHI.avi_002681581
[Amanda looks up secretly at Billy.. Oh yeah! I’m thinking Billy and Amanda already had a discussion about this ‘prescription’ whahaahaha!! I think Amanda’s trying not to laugh!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002681614
: Mmhhmm.
Lee: Bed rest…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002682415
…and total relaxation for five days? [Dr Scardelli is the best matchmaker err doctor ever! I guess that whole accusing her of being corrupt thing was all a big act.. phew!]
Amanda: Five days.
Lee and Amanda say ‘Five Days’ in unison.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002684284
Amanda: Uh huh.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002684751
Lee laughs it off: Look-
3.17 TEHI.avi_002685652
Amanda: –that’s right.
[The expressions on their faces in the image above crack me up!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002686086
Lee: – there’s nothing wrong, I’m fine.
[Yes Lee. you are mighty fine.. but that’s not important right now.]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002687287
Amanda: –Mmmmm!!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002687487
[lol Love how Amanda doesn’t even bother to argue.. Uh huh.. right.. sure.. that’s right! Mmmm!!!
Billy’s look he is giving Lee in this wide shot is hilarious! Lee you are so busted! ]
Lee: I’ve got a thousand things to do around here, I can’t-….
3.17 TEHI.avi_002688655
Billy: I second that prescription Scarecrow…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002692792
…And that’s an order…
[You remember what they are don’t you Lee?!] …Mrs King,…..3.17 TEHI.avi_002693560
…I have an assignment for you.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002694227
[We see Lee let out a big sigh.. resigned at his prescription. Interesting.. he may even be a little blah at Billy giving Amanda an assignment – which he thinks will be without him because he has to rest for five days! ]
Amanda: Yes sir. What is it?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002695795
Billy: Him. [hooo haa!]
[Well at that moment, an annoying extra walks by..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002696996
he’s NOT the worst though.. this guy is:

We can just make out Amanda’s surprise at getting this assignment.. and Lee suddenly looks up]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002697263
Amanda: Oh.
Billy: I am giving you a temporary AOS-16 status so that he will get that rest.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002701434
[whahhhhaaaahahahha!! Good one Billy!!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002701634
[Lee’s looks is priceless!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002702168
Amanda: Yes Sir,…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002702635
…I won’t let you down.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002703169
Lee (to Billy): AOS-16?!!  3.17 TEHI.avi_002704070
Amanda (under her breath): Higher than you…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002704637
[oh boy.. Billy looks to be having way too much fun here haaaa.. ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002705638
Lol.. Love Billy in this moment! Hey.Billy,. you wanted to kill off Lee’s barnstorm network? cut it loose? all forgiven! haaaa..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002705739
… That’s right. [lol Amanda’s still not looking at Lee/Mr grumpy pants haaa]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002706172
Lee: One level higher! [whahahahaaa!!! it’s the one extra level that matters!! Lee sounds 8 yrs old here! haaa!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002706706
Amanda doesn’t address it..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002706940
Instead, she points at him and starts to walk off issuing a command: Step right this way, please.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002707674
[you can juuuust make out Billy grinning widely as Amanda leaves and Billy walks off.. Lee trapped between these two.. whahahahaa!!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002709235
[Don’t worry Lee! It’s a sweet trap you are in.. and.. It’s flipping hilarious.. 3.17 TEHI.avi_002709467
This is possibly my fave part of this episode – Billy here is a crack up!! ]
Finally, Lee follows Amanda and catches up with her as she heads out into the hallway..
Lee: Amanda, I am not sick.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002713847
Amanda: Uh huh. You are sick.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002714814
Lee: I am not sick.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002714981
[Hey looks like Lee almost has his hand around Amanda’s waist.. I can just see it peeking out from the side there..
BTW- I love Amanda’s blue blouse.. the skirt with those drapey pleats looks a bit weird to me.. like it’s too big?]
Amanda: You are sick…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002716116
…I don’t wanna argue about it.
[Hey! that’s usually Lee’s line! 🙂 ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002716649
Soooo close. The hand is almost on his chest.. right where it wants to be Winking smile
3.17 TEHI.avi_002717450
Lee: Alright. 3.17 TEHI.avi_002718151
[Is it just me or does this seem a little too easy? It’s like Lee was protesting because he felt he had to.. he had to at least be seen to protest.. just a little..(maybe we are back to that mothering/caring thing again and his unfamiliarity with it)  but.. deep down- Lee’s fine with Amanda caring for him Smile sick or not sick. Now Amanda is higher ranking, is she Captain King again? Winking smile  And.. Is Lee going to accuse her of mothering him again? orders or no orders?! ]
Amanda: Do you like chicken soup or vegetable soup?
Lee: Homemade or canned?
[Sorry it’s all rather blurry here as they are moving fast- literally – but not figuratively? Winking smile ]
Amanda: Homemade. [this is pretty corny stuff.. Must be chicken and corn soup! 😉  not out of a can?! wow…ugh..  but.. it’s sweet.. sooo I can’t say I mind]
(Amanda hits the button on the elevator)
3.17 TEHI.avi_002723957
Lee: Something just occurred to me.
Amanda: What’s that?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002724691
Of all the people that I work with,..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002726259
…there’s only one who helps me the most…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002728528
[Amanda helps him the most??!!! Squeee!!]
…and she’s not on the Barnstorm list.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002729963
Amanda looks down for just a beat.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002731431
Amanda: That’s a terrible oversight.  [oversight? whahahahahahaaa- great pun!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002733333
Lee: Ah no it’s not…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002734234
[Dimple alert!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002734968
There’s plenty of heat going on in this moment.. hoo haaaa.. 3.17 TEHI.avi_002735402
And suddenly – Lee lifts his hand and offers it to Amanda to shake hers saying:  Welcome aboard.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002736670
Amanda seems surprised at his offer of a handshake..
But she puts out her hand to accept it.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002737504
She thought this was anything but business.. and he puts his hand out for a handshake? sheesh.. She’s gracious though and goes along.
They shake hands.. and Amanda breaks the tension with a laugh.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002738004
Amanda responds: The pleasure’s mine.  3.17 TEHI.avi_002739139
Could their smiles get any bigger?!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002739572
They are too cute here!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002740306
Lee stops smiling.. and looks around furtively..but he’s not letting go of Amanda’s hand..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002741174
Then he turns back to Amanda.. and again – he takes her a little by surprise..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002741541
What’s he up to?!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002741875
[Couldn’t you die?! that shot above is very steamy Lee Stetson me thinks!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002742475
Lee (very quietly): No it’s not.
He raises her hand to his lips
3.17 TEHI.avi_002743443
3.17 TEHI.avi_002744144
Amanda’s transfixed.. she does like a good hand kiss.. lol.. do you think Lee secretly took note of this when they were undercover as a couple in weekend?

she was certainly affected by it.. but he gave no indication he noticed at the time..Winking smile

I’d like to think he did.. but shoved it away because he wasn’t able to think about it at the time.

The elevator doors open just as Lee kisses her hand. A lovely metaphor Winking smile  I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!!!

This is the final frame of this episode..sigh

More gentlemanly, respectful romance – full of real emotion and plenty of heat!! hooo haaaa!!! – which builds nicely on the kiss on the cheek in OBDOBD no? Another small step forward.

So what do you see going on here everyone? 

To me, Lee here is saying – how very much he appreciates her and all she does for him. And.. he makes it clear to her that she’s special to him – it’s not business.. and IMHO she’s not really someone Lee sees as being on his list. I don’t really see Lee as saying Amanda’s now going on the barnstorm list. (heck after the episode’s events I wouldn’t want to be on it!) – It’s a way for Lee to say Amanda helps him the most – wow.. that’s a pretty huge admission no? He’s not put her on the list because she’s special! And that’s what the handshake was all about.. a rouse! I think Lee intended to kiss her hand from the moment he mentioned her not being on the list! Amanda’s instincts were right – this ain’t business! this is Love! Smile

Yeah.. it certainly seems to me that Lee is pretty chuffed with Amanda’s new assignment!! Winking smile I can only imagine the fan fics out there about these 5 days! If you’ve read any you like please share them with us over at Ned’s on the fan fic thread (please keep fan fic discussions off JWWM- thanks!)

I nominate Billy for best Boss ever award Winking smile I can just imagine Billy having regaled Jeanie with stories about Lee and Amanda and how much fun they are to watch as they fight their feelings.. whahahahaaa… He would have relished going home and telling Jeanie of the new assignment and the new security clearance he had given Amanda.. whahahhahaa!!!
As we say goodbye to The eyes have it – a huge shout out again to magnificent Bitsy Beans for transcribing this episode – you should go on the barnstorm list Bitsy Beans!!! Winking smile
[Er except it’s kinda  a dangerous list to be on Winking smile ]
Okay guys- can’t wait to hear from you!!

Happy Easter Long Weekend to you all!!

61 responses to “15/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just wanted to offer a small correction I just caught. The doctor’s names were those on the original scripts, where both were men. According to IMDB, the credited versions show the male doctor as Dr. Scardelli and the female doctor as a Dr. Gastner. Just wanted to let you know.


    • You know, I honestly don’t know how you would pass on this correction to Operation Sandstorm, maybe you could email Petralit to advise.
      They are not all betaread, who knows maybe that will be a future project for smk fans to rally behind once the full transcription of the show is completed.
      Jenbo aka Bitsy Beans did an amazing job regardless. I really am grateful to everyone who contributes transcriptions – thank you!!


      • Oh, I wasn’t suggesting correcting the transcript — I just wanted to let you know. And I don’t blame Bitsy Beans at all — it took me months to finally get it straight. I kept finding ffs that called Dr. Scardelli a man and others that had Scardelli as the woman and just was totally confused! (Shades of the Thoroughbred series, where the same horse goes from gelding to mare to gelding over the course of three books!) The script version has Scardelli as the first doctor who they later cast as a woman, but IMDB says Scardelli is the guy. Not sure why they changed the part around. I assume the second name didn’t clear legally but then why not just keep the name that did clear for the same character and change the second doctor’s name?

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  2. I think Lee was being a smart aleck when he said “You know how I am about reading the small print,” especially from the looks on Amanda and Billy’s faces.


  3. I can’t remember which segment you said this on and and so I could be safe with mentioning any point in the story, I’m posting here.

    In one part you seemed surprised about the worry over Lee’s head injury so early on. Having taken a seminar on concussions, I had some thoughts.

    First off — I actually don’t think NEST is there necessarily because of Lee’s actua condition. We know there are rules about GSWs being reported by doctors to police and it’s probable that at that time (especially in a government/federal agent capital) there would be similar restrictions about reporting what would technically an assault at the airport. The Agency would not want local cops involved. Secondly because this was an attack by enemy agents and Amanda couldn’t see anything (and Lee wasn’t in any condition to talk), there was no way to know if they had simply beaten him up or possibly exposed him to some kind of biological agent/drugged him.


    • As far as Lee’s condition itself–obviously they didn’t have the head injury knowledge we have now, but even of they didn’t understand everything exactly, doctors had to know there were head injury patients who SEEMED fine only to later have complications and/or die. (The Natasha Richardson case hadn’t happened but there was a similar death of actor William Holden in 1981)

      In this case — normally when Lee (or Amanda, or one of the Harts on Hart To Hart or Remington on Remington Steele or any other 1980s detective…) got knocked out it was a blow to the head that knocked them out immediately, followed by regaining consciousness within a few minutes and appearing in good shape other than a headache to those around them. (Obviously those still needed medical attention but this would be what Billy/Amanda etc. would be seeing).

      Lee was temporarily incapacitated after the original blow but did not appear ro lose consciousness and recovered well enough to be on his feet and get he and Amanda away from the scene. It’s only a few minutes later that he blacks out and when he does somewhat come around in the car seems very out of it and appears to be going in and out of consciousness in the car, while being rushed into the ER, and in the ER itself. That definitely implies a more severe head injury — which is later backed up by the doctor’s comment and the fact that Lee does not fully come around for something like 12 hours.

      Just seeing that alone from Amanda’s POV would have had me worried.

      Just my take on it anyway.


  4. I dont think he meant putting her on the list AS one of the “family” I think Lee sees himself as the “paternal guardian” of the “family” (especially after seeing the hell he went through to protect them), and that line of “welcome aboard” might mean he wants her to take on the “maternal” guardian role as far as the list is concerned, perhaps as well as generally as his “right hand”, both at the Agency and personally. I think “Welcome aboard” is Lee’s way of saying “welcome into my life” so to speak, though since they are technically still at the office, perhaps he felt the need to put it in “code”. Though Amanda’s expression as she responds tells me she understands the “real” meaning.

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  5. This tag… oh, this tag! I love this one! That sweet kiss on the hand makes me melt every time! Insert the dimples and the way he looks at her… Swoooon! ❤ ❤

    iwsod, I love how you put it this way: “gentlemanly, respectful romance” – That is what I LOVE about the whole series… the whole Lee and Amanda relationship. Gentlemanly, respectful, romance. It’s such a perfect way to describe the way Lee is moving his relationship with Amanda, forward. It’s so rare to see a relationship like this on tv at all… and these days, forget it! I’m so grateful for DVD boxsets and this blog for us to be able to chat about it.

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  6. I was thinking about that hand kissing at the elevator and Melissa’s comment of how it reminded her of the one in Burn Out. Here Lee glances around first which I’m guessing is to see if anyone is watching. He didn’t do that in Burn Out. I’m wondering if this another sign of that change in their relationship and what they aren’t wanting some others to see. Billy has probably seen more of their intimate type touches than anyone else and I’m thinking they’re okay with that because of his somewhat behind the scenes support. But even in The First Time and The Wizard Lee takes Amanda’s hand right in front of Francine in order to escort her out of Billy’s office. Neither Lee nor Amanda have a problem with it because they are only partners or friends up until now. When I have time I’m going to back and listen to Lee and Amanda’s tone towards Francine when she makes some of those comments about them being so cozy, etc. and see if that changes as they become closer.

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    • Well put! It sort of reminds me of a Dave Barry article – if a two people at work are not romantically involved, there can be a lot of teasing and flirting and innuendo and very little is meant by it. As soon as they do cross that line, this public behaviour stops because they don’t want to draw attention to the relationship.


  7. Learjet and cindy, i agree with you about thar stupid barnstorm list but i just try and ignore Lee’s actual words ( we’ve been working together 3 years saving each other on a regular, practicality weekly, basis so i think you should be added to a list of informants who no one (other than myself ) gives a toss about and no renumeration either)and just enjoy the subtext ( which admittedly is not my strong point) but which screams (to me): I’m going to woo you Amanda’ . Thats my take on the speech and hand kiss anyway and he has kind of leading up to it for a while. I wouldnt think there would be a whole lot of development during the 5 days as a) Lee is meant to be sick and b) Amanda outranks him – which a lot of men would find a little off putting in a romantic campaign. But i do think both would have enjoyed their forced non work related company very much. Plus it would give them more knowledge of each other and more familiarity with each other but we will have to wait until the next episode to see where this leads to

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  8. Did anybody else think that lee was giving Amanda’s legs a good look before he brought up all the people who help him and how important Amanda is?
    I think Billy and Amanda talked about her assignment before hand. I don’t think Lee liked her higher status at first… but quickly capitulated. And, ys, I do think his mind quickly switched gears here, which is why I see him checking her out. And then he quickly moved into somehow letting her know how important she is to him. Amanda is still in work mode. How else would she hand;e such an assignment with Lee at the stage that their personal relationship is at? I think he keeps surprising her. She must realize where they are at and yet still surprised when he makes comments like this.

    I can’t help but wonder what happens during those five days. I like to think that Lee has been thinking a bit about family and so having Amanda in his home and maybe cooking for him, or just her regular presence has got to do something to his thoughts about their relationship. I am not sure if that would paralyze him or motivate him to actually do something, but it has to affect him somehow in a very profound way. I wonder what it will do to Amanda ?

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    • I wonder what it will do to Amanda ?

      I can’t wait to find out!!!!! 🙂

      Loved hearing your thoughts Morley!

      I’ll have to go see if I can see Lee checking out her legs! Anyone else see this?

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    • OK, trying to stay on this side of Ned’s territory, given Amanda’s sensibilities and the chaste handkiss and (I think) Lee’s desire to be respectful to Amanda’s sensibilities (e.g. the FFFThought room assignments), I’ve always pictured a very platonic 5 days of picnics and movies and walks in botanical gardens holding hands, maybe even revisiting some familiar sites in beautiful DC. I get a lot of comfort from these imaginings.

      (OK folks, I know I have treaded into risky territory here, just sticking my toe into the water with vague tag extensions based on assessment of character development, not a fanfic discussion! 🙂 Hoping I showed sufficient restraint and that I don’t stir up a Neds-nest here! And noooo peanut butter references so as not to invite the frustration of our much-loved and much-appreciated Guardian Of Our Blog’s Restraint (GOOBR) team 😉 )

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      • Maybe we could open a thread at Ned’s to lay out detailed ideas about those five days?


      • ROFLMBO, Raffie! Another classic acronym you’ve added to your inventory!


        • Agree with Ruth, Raffie GOOBR is hilarious!
          And thanks for thinking of us 🙂
          A classic acronym haaaa deserves a meme I think! I’ve got just the character in mind 😉 but.. no time for that this morning. so will need to be my reward for getting a day’s work done!

          We are free to speculate on JWWM.. but it can be tricky to do so without knowledge of future events informing those speculations- unless like me you’ve forgotten them. lol.
          It’s much easier to speculate when a show is airing for the first time.. sheesh! I use to speculate about Burn Notice during it’s first run like crazy!

          Back on topic though, I personally don’t see Amanda’s character at this point letting things get physical without there being a formalising of things.. I seriously can’t remember these last season 3 eps… maybe she does lol no idea. heck I’ve got to get busy writing the next ep so I can find out haaaa!!!

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        • Haha, thanks Ruth! I’m not sure the significance of the acronym translates outside of the US, but it still gave me a giggle.

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      • GOOBR!!! Oh, Raffie, if I had a WordPress account I’d be wearing out the “like” button!

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    • Did anybody else think that lee was giving Amanda’s legs a good look before he brought up all the people who help him and how important Amanda is?

      I had a look! It was tough.. but I made the sacrifice 😉

      Sorry not seeing it! But.. when they arrive at the elevator and Lee is behind Amanda as she presses the button.. he might be checking her out there? maybe?


  9. You know I was thinking about a little subtext to this whole episode about family and what it means to Lee and Amanda. Lee has learned so much from Amanda and has told her so, but he has also learned and is learning about family from her.

    Lee saw early on just how much family means to Amanda. When any issues have come up about their safety and protection he has made sure to handle it, sometimes even before Amanda asks about it. He has seen the nurturing she gives to her boys and the care and concern for her mother. I think it’s very interesting that they chose this episode to show a picture of his parents and have that discussion about when he lost them. Throughout this he has referred to Barnstorm as his family, but it seemed more than just contacts and informants. He has a personal connection to them because of the risks they take. This is all another aspect to the connection that Lee and Amanda have. They are friends and partners, with a exponentially growing personal relationship. Lee may have been hesitant in the past about what a family is and whether or not he might see that in his future, but I think that picture is becoming clearer now.

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    • Yes Lee is very comfortable with the protector role… I think if he is roaming into family territory, it makes sense this is the role he would take on when trying it out… (Awh!)
      But.. when Amanda is comforting Lee? this is very new territory for him.. so he’s unsure how to do this.. or..maybe I should say – he is learning how to do this..
      Anyway- glad you’ve come back to this overall theme here Valerie..

      Lee was adamant he was never going to be a Bombers father.. but.. in this episode: he seems to have become a Barnstorm father 😉

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      • I think part of what we are learning here about Lee, part of what Amanda is learning and maybe even part of what Lee is learning about himself is that family and these deeper sort of connections are something that Lee takes very seriously. Maybe he has shied away from them in the past because he has taken them so seriously, maybe his cavalier attitude in the past was a protection from how much he values these connections. He calls those he has sworn to protect family, he would die for them if need be; he would die for Amanda and he knows she would do the same for him. And then he opens up about his own family, they have died, did they die to protect him? And then Amanda had to be willing to let him die on the operating table. I am beginning to think that Lee Stetson values love and family as much as Amanda King does…

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        • Could we be seeing what I think is called “transferrence” going on? Lee has shied away from deep relationships in his personal life, but because he does have an underlying need for family, he has a heightened sense of loyalty?

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        • Totally agree with you and Raffie on this. Maybe Lee values family so much because he lost his own so early on. Either consciously or subconsciously he works very hard to protect and keep Amanda’s family safe. He sometimes goes out of his way to make sure things work out for them. He threatened Pretzel the Clown to show up for Jamie’s birthday. He made sure that Philip got that Captain Galaxy for his. In DOA he spoke of Amanda as the “mother of two young boys” in trying to get done whatever he could to save Amanda’s life and keep those boys from having to deal with a trauma similar to his own.

          In many of the scenarios and undercover situations he and Amanda have been in they tend to be a married couple. For someone supposedly so averse to that whole situation it seems to be his go-to scenario, and seemingly with someone he begrudgingly let into his life. Was it even necessary for him to play the husband role to get Amanda out of the Honeycutt Typewriter interview? And why throw triplets in there? I sometimes wonder about that ring he gives Amanda for these scenarios. In TGN he smiled at it as he drove off into the night thinking of his fake marriage to Amanda. And twice he played off as if he was Mr. King. Maybe he choose scenarios because of that hidden desire. When it could have become more real he changed to a brother/sister one.

          Lee tended to seem against the whole marriage, family, suburban lifestyle. He made little sarcastic comments here and there. But maybe that was just a smokescreen for what he really wants, but assumes he won’t ever have. It’s that whole sour grapes concept. Or maybe because of who he had become, people would assume that he wouldn’t want that, so he continued to allow that thinking. Francine has long assumed that she and Scarecrow are on the same page in regards to a lot of things. She had never been given a reason to think differently and she still only saw Scarecrow.

          But Amanda has opened up possibilities in Lee’s life. She’s helped him to see that he can have all those wonderful things in his life. She’s helped him to trust in himself and other people. She’s helped him to grow from that petulant child into a more mature man. I think that he has moments where he still backs off from it, but there’s a pull there that he can no longer deny.

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          • So many great points in this post, Valerie! I love what you have to say here. Clearly right from the get-go Lee has been subconsciously entertaining family thoughts. Years ago I did a vid to the song “Wave on Wave” which is about the sense of destiny behind Amanda’s arrival in Lee’s life, a favorite thought of mine which ties in very nicely to the ideas here that Lee was a person ready to be gently guided into the world of love & family, and Amanda was the one destined to supply that guidance.

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  10. Melissa Robertson

    Lee kissing Amanda’s hand here reminds of the tag in Burn Out. I think it’s his special way of saying that he is really touched by how much she cares.

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  11. He never actually says her name is or should be on Barnstorm, in fact he says it is not an oversight that it isn’t. The ‘Welcome aboard’ could refer to their own personal team.

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    • I’d wondered about that myself. I didn’t really think that Amanda fit with the rest of the Barnstorm list because they’re civilian informers. Amanda’s not an informer, and when it comes right down to it, she’s not really an ordinary civilian anymore, either. I like you’re take better; she’s not on the list because she’s in a partnership with him as head of the team.

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      • Hi Jestress!!! Really great to see you stop by! It’s been a while 🙂

        All good points! It totally doesn’t make sense for Lee to mean what he’s saying literally – I agree!

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  12. I am going out on a limb here…..I don’t see Amanda going on the Barnstorm as just some crappy old list of informants. That might be what they do but Lee looks at them as FAMILY. These are people he would give his life for. And he’s making a face to face admission to Amanda that she tops all of that and that she is the the most important. That seems pretty big thing to me. And finally she says the pleasure’s all hers and he replies no it’s not…..the pleasure is all his. Woo hoo!!!! A furtive but tender and meaningful kiss…..oh be still my beating heart!

    I think in the Bull Pen Lee is in his usual tough guy demeanour but realises it’s a lost cause once Billy sides with Amanda. He still has that competitive streak in response to Amanda being a higher level…..too cute. I think once he realises what Amanda’s assignment he keeps up appearances but gives in a little too easily. Well he wouldn’t want to look like he was too keen now would he? 😉
    Bills face in that screen shot is hilarious….he pulls some fantastic facial expressions.

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    • I really like this, jenbo, and I don’t think you’re out on much of a limb here. Amanda does work with Lee the most, but she it is only part-time and she still only has the guest pass. I can see how that makes her more similar to the other people on the list. She’s not officially an Agent, even though she’s had her background checked and works very closely with one. But the kicker is what you say about Lee including her in the family in the sense that he’d do anything to protect her even giving his life.

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    • Great thoughts here bitsybeans! So love this scene all the way around, it just has so many great elements!


  13. I don’t think it takes Lee long to realise that he could turn this being “sick” set-back into an opportunity with his favourite lady. 😉 Agree with you Iwsod, his protestations as they leave the bullpen and go into the corridor are merely window dressing – his mind is running a mile a minute I bet as to how he can progress things a little more with Amanda during this enforced downtime, when they will finally have some time to be together without work/Francine intruding.

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  14. Probably not but why say it?

    I think Lee leads Amanda down the garden path here intentionally
    – He switches topic on her mid conversation – it starts off being about the list and business, but it ends being beyond any list and very personal. So I see saying Amanda should be on the list as irony 🙂
    lol it works for me!

    I think I just need to concentrate on the rest of his face and his voice, and ignore the words

    Yep- that will work too 🙂 haaaa!

    Okay.. I am totally procrastinating with what I’m suppose to be doing at this moment in time.. lol bye!

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  15. Bwahahaha! Yes, Lee is sooo not about about the small print. You are right – that is Amanda’s job! Maybe he’s finally learned the value in it from Amanda. Head slap.

    ROFL about the most annoying extras!!! You gotta love DVDs and the Internet!!!

    Totally love Billy here – I think he loves giving Amanda the higher level status, and I also think he knows that something is brewing between these two and that Lee will go along with Amanda’s “promotion” especially if it is outside of the office.

    I do think Billy thinks Amanda is good for Lee both professionally and personally. Here is having a bit of fun with the two of them. I actually find this quite interesting because it shows Billy willing to potentially walk a very fine line with these two. As the boss, he’s got to frown in general on this sort of thing, but I think his love (?) of Lee and desire for him to be happy and fulfilled is what allows him to give this type of order. But he’s got to know that a truly serious relationship between these two could be a very big potential vulnerability in the future. I wonder if Billy sees Lee’s days as the top agent numbered and so he’s trying to create fertile ground for Lee to develop in other ways?

    I think Lee protests because he’s Mr. Tough Guy and wants to get back to work. I don’t think he is thinking beyond professional considerations at first. After they leave the bullpen though, I think he decides to give in – Amanda is taking the lead here emboldened by her temporary higher status and he is letting her run with it.

    Oh boy, that hand kiss – Amanda looks a little surprised. Maybe it’s the location? She can’t be surprised by the gesture after their time together on Lee’s bed with all that, ahem, touching. And yeah, the elevator door might be a metaphor, but I never even noticed the damn door until I read this post, so I’ll just let others talk about it!!! I’m too busy looking at Lee and Amanda!

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    • “She can’t be surprised by the gesture after their time together on Lee’s bed with all that, ahem, touching.” Oh true, but the way he looks around and then coyly and so meaningfully looks at her and says that the pleasure is all his. IDK but that would make my knees melt. I don’t think he has been that straight out forward with her before. And add that to the “No, stay a minute on his bedroom.” Phew!

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  16. When I first saw the scene by the elevator I was ticked “What do you mean Amanda is now on the Barnstorm list with stupid Lana (yes, Lana is not stupid, but the thought Amanda is in the same class as his casual informants!?!) Amanda should be a list ALL BY HERSELF YOU NUMBSKULL!” And then, the smouldering look, the dimples, the kiss on the hand — holy swoon and drool alert! All is forgiven. (She still shouldn’t be on the dumb list).

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