5/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

So.. where were we.. two Terry Walls down.. and one to go..
Lee and Amanda have just located Terry Wall 3’s home..
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000748848
While parked on the street, they see the little red corvette drive up.. The LRC pulls up out the front of Terry Wall’s…
Crowley: There’s the house, Your Majesty.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000760260
King Eddie
(sighs) Ah, I don’t know. I don’t like the vibrations.
[Yeah Man.
Looks like King Eddie has stolen Colleen’s eye shields from Flight to Freedom!]
Lee and Amanda watch on.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000762662
Then, a young guy (Damien?!) is seen leaving the house with his spike errr I mean bike.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000765965
Oh my.. Lee looks really dreamy in this light!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000766866
[Can you see him sitting there in his vette? He is wearing his ‘camouflage blend right in with the seating’ jacket.. every spy should have one.. .but looking this gorgeous I think we’ll spot him!]
Amanda: Okay that’s probably him. What do you want to do?
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000768068
[Is this Terry Wall? I was thinking it was a girl. lol I really don’t remember the details of this episode at all!]
Lee: I don’t know, I’m thinking. The direct approach didn’t work. 3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000770170
[the direct approach being asking the two previous Terry Walls.. sooo this time they don’t approach.. oh whatev]
Crowley and Eddie watch the boy ride off on his bike.
King Eddie: Let’s wait and talk to the boy first.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000774974
Lee: All right, follow him while I think of a new angle.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000784284[eh?! I don’t really get this – the two other Terry Walls were idiots.. doesn’t mean this boy will be too.. but oh my.. those eyes are rather dreamy.. just focus on the eyes.. forget the plot..]
Amanda: Right.
(Amanda puts the car in gear and drives off to follow the boy on his bike)
We see the little red corvette do a u turn, inconspicuous flags flapping away in the wind.. and they too follow the bike..
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000797197
What’s with the writing on the road?! This is where the vette was parked..
We see the boy (Damien?) stop his bike in front of a letter box for James Flowers.. and the silver vette stops a few meters away. LOL I mean blind freddy could notice the vette following that close on a quiet suburban street!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000802602
Lee looks at Amanda.. 3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000805305
Amanda looks at Lee.. 3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000806206
Sharing a silent look.. I guess Lee can’t believe he’s following a teen on a bicycle.. [lol.. Quite the greasy chip he has on his shoulder!]
This is a very special boy Lee and Amanda are following… Why? He’s able to warp the time space continuum!!! Keep a close eye on him you two!!
We just saw this magical boy stop twice at the mail box for James Flowers and twice put a newspaper in his letter box. whahahaahahhhaaa..   [This was noted by Kiwismh I her transcription- well spotted! ] Hope James Flowers doesn’t get charged for that paper twice 😉
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000814314
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000816316
: Okay, look, we can’t just follow him all day.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000818318
(sigh) Yeah, he’s just a kid. Look, let’s talk to his mother first, so why don’t you let me drive.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000824524
: Okay.
Lee gets out to walk around to the drivers seat. At that moment, the little red corvette pulls up in front of the boy riding his bike.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000832632
Unfazed by the car that literally just sped in front of him and cut him off (LOL) bike boy rides around and keeps going. 3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000837737
But Amanda has noticed something is off here..
The red car again drives in front of bike boy. Again, bike boy rides around him. haaaa..
[Ahhh so this random ‘Amanda will drive’ moment is all a set up for this moment. lol]
…I don’t like that much.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000843743
[lol why is Lee taking so long to get in the car?! Amanda can scoot over]
Lee: What?3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000847814
[What?? hello.. Lee you need your eyes checked – I’ll do it Winking smile]
Amanda: That car.
King Eddie: Hey, wait a minute! I want to talk to you.
That can’t be Eddie!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000850517[Oh hooray.. some continuity. Lee recognises Eddie. And Miracle! Lee can see again!! 🙂 ]
Amanda: Whoa!
Before Lee knows what’s happening Amanda zooms off to intervene.. she doesn’t know who Eddie is!
The red car slows down next to bike boy..
King Eddie: Terry, hold up son!..
(Terry, bike boy, falls off his bike taken by surprise by the little red corvette)
…I’m sorry about that, I just want to talk to you. Are you all right? Are you hurt or anything?
[Eddie jumps out of the car toward Terry.. lol this Eddie seems to do everything with intensity.. he rushes toward confused Terry freaking him out!]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000858024
Terry: What’s going on?
BAM!!!! Amanda thumps him with her purse!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000864364
[Actually, Mrs King King hits King Eddie with her King sized handbag…1
… phew!]
: Get away from him. What’s the matter with you?..
(Bam! Bam!!! she doesn’t let up!!!  Hmm that can’t be good for the brain tumour!]
Eddie jumps into the car and they drive off..
[lol.. scared off by Amanda and her handbag. Hilarious!!]
We see Lee running toward them down the road.
…Are you outta your mind?!
Eddie or Crowley cry: Quick! get out of here!!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000873940
The red car takes off at speed.. Squealing tyres..  almost hitting Lee… plenty of drama.. just how I imagine King Eddy lives.. I’m already exhausted by him Winking smile 

Lee is a bit stunned yet again.. He stands in the middle of the road.. Huh?! What just happened??!! This domestic investigation is so confusing for our man of international intrigue!3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_000876376
It’s commercial break time!
SMKy lipstick
As always, when you get a chance – do say hi and share any thoughts you’d like. Always fab to hear from you guys! byeee!


36 responses to “5/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. As a Big Corvette Fan i have to clear some things, the Red Car is NOT a Corvette. It is a TVR Tasmin 280I.
    Loved the Series back in the 80’s as a KId


    • Welcome SASA, someone’s first comments need to go through moderation- this is why you couldn’t see your first comment & then you tried to comment again.
      You should see your comments from now on.
      I clearly know nothing about cars!
      It’s fun to rediscover SMK isn’t it! Glad you can join us 🙂


  2. I forgot, i loved the Series back in the 80s as a KId


  3. LOL – those shades on King Eddie are still cracking me up. Nowadays, those are NOT in style! And his line about not liking the vibrations! ROFL!!! That makes me smile and laugh inside every time I see this scene! Only King Eddie!!! Crowley’s look at him when he says that line is priceless! If I were Crowley, I’d be giving him that same exact look. What the heck are you talking about? As a fan, I find it totally hilarious!

    So that little red care – is it a Triumph 7? It looks like it. Have we already had this conversation in the first post? I’m too tired to go back and look. But Lee must really be burning some serious brain cells if he doesn’t notice it and the little flags it’s sportin’.

    And just why does having to talk to the boy’s mother mean Lee has to drive? Huh? Guess this is just a lame excuse for Lee to be out of the car for the next bit?

    Amanda really decks King Eddie with her purse! Is that part of Agent training? I think not – I think this is nod to her status/experience as housewife as well! There always seems to be a nod to that part of her in every episode despite the fact that she is being trained and growing professionally.

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  4. Speaking as someone who works with children who daily ignore me I can see how this young man might not pay attention to these cars, even when they are right there. Back during this era there was not the heightened fear that there is today. Even so, kids still regularly wander off either alone or with a stranger today. Many times it’s because a child is not paying attention or distracted by something. While some of this scene may be a bit over the top I do understand parts of it. They probably could have done a better job of filming it.

    Also, I get Amanda’s reaction. I’m not a mother, but I know how I have reacted and would react should one of my students end up in a potentially dangerous situation.

    RL is crazy as we are about to finish this school year in two days. However, instead of being at the school picnic today I am at home sick. Besides, there were SMK signs all over the place that I needed to comment soon. I caught the movie Stripes in progress recently and it was on the part about the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle, of course I thought of Magic Bus and the Vigilant. Then one of my friends who is a retired teacher showed up in her Little Red Corvette at a Memorial Day gathering. She only takes it out in the summer and hasn’t done so in a while I forgot she had it. It looks like Lee’s but only in red. If I can figure out how to do so I’ll post a pic over at Ned’s. And finally the other day in Religion class we started on a new lesson about David being anointed king. The lesson was titled “The Boy Who Would Be King”. Maybe the author was an SMK fan. But I took it as a sign to get back here.

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    • Never good to ignore the signs. 🙂 Hope you are feeling better.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Valerie, wonderful to hear from you!!!! wow.. there’s a whole lot of smk in your life!! Calling out to you!!! I can’t believe the title and the timing!! spooky!

      rest, stay home.. get well… the remedy? an smk binge maybe?!

      Hope you are on the mend!

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    • And finally the other day in Religion class we started on a new lesson about David being anointed king. The lesson was titled “The Boy Who Would Be King”. Maybe the author was an SMK fan. But I took it as a sign to get back here.

      Yay, the plan worked! Glad you stopped by. 😉 Best wishes on your end-of-year school activities. Hope you’re feeling better!

      I have another thought on that boy’s response, but I’ll mention that in a later post when we get there.

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  5. Melissa Robertson

    Go, Amanda!! LOL that she beats up a king 🙂 Does she even know about King Eddie? She probably hasn’t seen his picture since Lee and Amanda are just investigating the dead body right?


    • Hi Melissa R, I think you are right. So far all Amanda knows is what the dead guy’s nostrils look like 😉

      I think it’s hilarious that she doesn’t notice the two flags flapping away screaming that this is some kind of diplomatic car. lol. Will State Department be visiting Amanda to outline protocol?! 🙂
      protocol item number 52. ‘No King hits of the King, with your King sized handbag Mrs King.’
      Yes.. I’m sure that’s on the list! 🙂

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  6. I really liked Amanda returning to her feisty housewife petsona to protect the boy . And I think she did the righr thing- they loked pretty suspicious to me. So i can forgive the very contrived exit of Lee from the car. Strange how they knew immediately that the boy was T Wall (or is he?). Presumably several people live in the house.
    Leee is loking good here. King Eddie is a doofus and I still hate creepy Crowley.


    • lol I loved the return of feisty Amanda too.. when you put it like that I love it.

      When it’s framed as a protective mum jumping in that I connect less with.

      Nooooo this boy is not T Wall – he’s a shoe salesman creep! 🙂 tee hee..

      How did they know this was Terry Wall? When know Amanda spoke with the neighbours to check if that was where Terry Wall lived, and that’s why they were waiting there. So maybe when doing that, she casually asked how she’d recognise him kind of thing.. and they could have given a very general description.. young man with dark hair.. you may see him around on his bike doing the newspaper run. that sort of thing. There.. how’s that? Does that work?

      Leee is loking good here. King Eddie is a doofus and I still hate creepy Crowley.

      I love this Michele! You’ve shared your thoughts (thank you!) and summed things up brilliantly 🙂
      See readers? No need for long comments if you don’t want to. whatever you are willing to share is most welcome!

      Agree Michele, Lee is looking good!
      Agree- I think King Eddie is a doofus too ( and such a brilliant word to describe him!)
      Agree- I hate creepy Crowley too! He may be a contender for a season 3 baddie teacup award.. hmm.. I guess we’ll have to see what other bad things he gets up to in this ep and how he winds up. lol I truly don’t remember!


  7. I’m struck by the similarity in L & A’s outfits, which was mentioned by someone in the previous post. And Lee is looking rather good. I hope they used one of those stills for a promotion shot – it would certainly have encouraged me to tune in!

    Terry is rather unaware of his surroundings. Two (high power, sports) cars following him and he doesn’t seem aware of either of them? And he’s not listening to music/texting his friends/phoning his mother to check it 😮


    • Ayye, that was me, learjet, who mentioned the similarity in L & A’s outfits.
      What I’m wondering about is that Lee hasn’t changed yet. According to his remark when Beaman asked about the destroyed device

      Efraim: What’d you get in this thing?
      Lee: (sighs) I don’t know – champagne, turpentin…

      Lee shouldn’t smell too nice… (You stink [Ricky-Joe]) if you know what I mean… 😉

      Well, I’m not complaining, ’cause he really looks rather good in it. 🙂

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      • Lee shouldn’t smell too nice… (You stink [Ricky-Joe]) if you know what I mean… 😉
        Well, I’m not complaining, ’cause he really looks rather good in it. 🙂

        haaaaa love it! You stink! haaaa..
        Yes I agree L&A, he is lookin rather good once that offending lipstick is removed!

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      • Don’t forget the oil on his jacket! You can still see the stain when he’s sitting in the care. Oil has an unpleasant odor too.


  8. This is such a mom scene – she doesn’t stop for a single second to consider that she is accompanied by law enforcement before she’s right in there with handbags at dawn. She’s obviously completely forgotten that they too are trying to make a connection between Terry Wall and a dead hitman – all she sees is some weird guy monstering a boy and whump! Mother Bears are not to be messed with.

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  9. Agree with other that this scene seems forced and set up. Perhaps Damien… er Terry… is hard of hearing and didn’t hear the throaty rumble of the ‘vette behind him. Red cars are easier to see than silver ones too. Oh well, just concentrating on Lee looking dreamy makes it all better. 🙂


  10. Never heard of ‘King-Hit” before. I learned something new today. 🙂
    Wow Terry/Damien is pretty oblivious to not one but TWO sports cars following him. I guess he never heard of ‘stranger danger’. It would have made more sense if he was wearing headphones.
    This whole sequence is kind of clunky for me but I did enjoy Amanda beating up the King.

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  11. Loving the commentary with this episode.

    I have always thought it odd that Amanda reacted so strongly about the red car following the boy when she and Lee had just been doing the same thing. I get it that she doesn’t know King Eddie’s intent and she is so protective, but she should have figured out that their own approach would have been freaking the kid out as well, although he seems oblivious of all of it until Eddie vaults himself out of the car towards him.

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  12. LOL…does King Hit translate for non Australians?


    • lol hey I learned about tchotkes or however you spell it.. I think it’s good aussie slang for an smk fan to learn 🙂

      LOL sorry I just tried to edit and add to this comment and messed with Jane’s haaaa.. I’m tired!

      Looks like brits know it also..


      by the way. totally awesome to see you stop by Jane! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good to see a bit of Aussie slang making it into the Walk. I have to say (since I understood it straight away) – it was a brilliant multiple-way pun from Iwsod 😀 😀 😀
        Having said that, it’s got very tragic connotations here in Australia as well, and something which I personally feel very strongly about trying to prevent.

        Are the JWWM Kiwis familiar with the term?


        • Yes, we use it in NZ. As in Aussie it has been known to have tragic consequences.


          • Oh yes I agree Learjet and Kiwismh!! Was so glad to see the ‘King Hit’ title was replaced with ‘Coward’s punch’ when young drunk guys decided to randomly punch other unsuspecting young guys with no warning whatsoever and kill them. Yes kill them. Cowards!!
            It would still be used in boxing – but that’s at least a fair fight.

            I think in the US King Hit may translate as a ‘Sucker Punch’ – how is that, does that work?


        • Awh thanks Learjet! Glad you enjoyed the triple pun!
          [goes with that triple concussion from the last ep?!]


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