6/15- Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Lee and Amanda helping Terry collect his newspapers off the ground. 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[26]
Lee: Are you sure you’ve never seen this guy before?
Terry: Nope, he sure was weird though.
: You’re gonna be all right?
Terry: Yeah, but my front wheel isn’t. Blew a tyre. You really swing a mean purse, lady.
[we can see Lee chuckle at this in the background Winking smile shaking his head. Has Lee ever been on the receiving end of her purse whack?]
Amanda: Well, I’m a mother, that’s just instinct.
[Beware Mothers with trigger happy purses.. ]

Terry: Well, anyway, take care.
Amanda: All right, you be careful.
: See ya.
(Lee heads over to the car)
Lee: Yeah, take care.
Amanda: Bye, bye.
(Terry leaves and Amanda joins Lee with her mean purse Winking smile )
Lee: You know who the guy was that you clobbered?
(Lee dials up a phone number..)
Ahhh a car phone.. hilarious!
Amanda plonks the King clobber on the top of the corvette..maybe she put a dent in the vette?! Winking smile
No, who?
: It was Edmund Spencer.
: Who’s that.
: The King of Cap D’Far.
: What!
(into phone) Yeah, Scarecrow to Melrose. Yah, mm hmhh, I’ll wait.
That guy was a king?
[Hard to believe isn’t it!]
Lee: Yes.
: Where is Cap D’Far?
[Isn’t it fabulous to see Lee and Amanda outside in close up with some natural lighting?! they both look gorgeous..]
Lee: Cap D’Far is a practically non-existent country. He comes here every couple of years to play at the DC Jazz Festival and to charm the US out of a little foreign aid.
Now wait just a minute – what was he doing following that kid?  [I’m assuming they asked that kid his name and actually confirmed it was Terry! we just didn’t see it!]
: He’s no ordinary kid. He’s the kid who’s name was in the pocket of a dead hitman. [stay with us Amanda!]
…Yeah, Billy, Scarecrow…
We cut back to Billy’s office. Rofl!!!!! We cut to Francine.. covered in confetti.. her hat netting there seems to be all torn.. she’s dishevelled, deflated, and disappointed Winking smile whahahahaaaa!!!!
I love how smk goes for the humour with it’s edits!
[We could argue she has been ‘King hit’ too! Winking smile but that one is only a double pun. Meh. we try for triples?! Winking smile  nah..a pun is a pun and is fun!]3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[27]
…Look, something very strange is going on and it has to do with your friend, King Eddie.
: Well, he’s supposed to be rehearsing for the Jazz Festival at the Civic Centre Club.
Lee nods: I-
continues:  Why don’t you get down there – and have Amanda speak to the boy’s mother.
: Billy, King Eddie is a friend of the State Department….
.,.Now if he is in any way tied to the John Doe they pulled out of the city dump, it is trouble anyway you toss it…
…Now there is one person I know of who could get close to him.
Billy: No, no, don’t even suggest it.
[haaaa come on Billy. Take one for the team!]
Lee: Billy, when you were assigned to him, he never knew your connection with the Agency. You could use the same cover.
Billy grimaces.. eek!! must I?! Ohhh!!!!

Ahhh. All right, I guess I can dust the old axe off.
Lee: Good, I knew you’d do it.
They hang up.
Francine: Billy, listen, if there’s a connection between the dead man and the King, then this is a whole new ball game we’re looking at.
[Thank you, Ms Stating the obvious]
: Well, I’ll handle it. Why don’t you just go home and clean yourself up.

Francine: Yeah, I’ll do that. And I’ll have you know that I’m putting in for hazard pay on this one.3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[4]
[LOL that suddenly in the close up Francine has new confetti added her hat. If Francine gets hazard pay for that.. then Amanda should get it for having to deal with T Wall!]
Billy: Well, Francine, I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about the King’s lifestyle.
[For me – I think this is generous… Billy.. did try to warn her and she cut him off!]
Francine: Style? Oh no, no. This has nothing to do with style. The next time you send me out to meet royalty, I’ll know what to wear. I’ll wear a Hawaiian shirt and a bota bag.
[Hey don’t knock the Hawaiian shirt. They rock. Especially ones that morph when sprayed with beer Winking smile Was that KC who did that meme? anyone? If I can find it I’ll link to it.  A gem! ]
Francine leaves.. and Billy wipes the confetti off of his desk and says to himself: Think you got problems? Just be glad you don’t play saxophone. [If she had played saxophone she may have been in with a chance for her royal aspirations  Winking smile ] 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[84]
Uh oh.. Billy’s got the Blues Winking smile 

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16 responses to “6/15- Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Is it me or does Terry Wall #3 look a bit like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future?

    Edmund Spencer. Is that Princess Di’s father’s name? It sounds like a soap name.

    And I don’t know about you, but I’m finding Lee to be quite attractive in these screen shots. His hair looks really good – maybe it’s the movement. Ah, I see, iwsod that you’re chalking it up to them being in the great outdoors. That is probably it!

    Oh my gosh, Francine is hysterical looking here! Love the face!! Hahaha.

    It’s hysterical too that Billy tells Francine to go home and clean herself up – hahaha – he doesn’t want her around the office looking like that either!

    So was Billy’s line about dusting the ax off supposed to be dusting the “sax” off?


    • I thought he misspoke or something as well, but I looked it up. Any musical instrument can be referred to as an ax, but mostly it’s guitars and saxophones. Who knew? But I guess Mel Stewart would since he actually plays the sax.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Seeing Terry #3 he also reminded me of the young Michael J. Fox, BJo.

      Princess Di’s father’s name was ‘Edward John Spencer’.
      Edmund – Edward → still close, I think.


  2. Maybe Amanda’s mother comment was a way to put Terry at ease in dealing with another stranger. Amanda has always identified herself as a mother first. Family has always been of utmost importance to her so I think for the most part that’s always going to be a go-to answer or response for her.

    I, too, think Lee and Amanda look wonderful in this scene. It didn’t take much for Lee to convince Billy to get back in the field. What’s that saying about protesting too much?

    Sometimes it’s easy to kind of malign Francine and her character in general, but you have to give MS credit for what she’s done with that character. It’s kind of a love/hate situation there. Every time Francine seems to get a little too high on her horse, she gets knocked off in some way. She’s always within reach of something she wants, but then it gets taken away. I love that MS allows for some physical comedy in her character. It humanizes Francine more.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Melissa Robertson

    Francine finally getting her due…I love it! MS does a wonderfully job here!


  4. Is it a real “mom” comment from Amanda though or is she just using that to explain to Terry why she interfered as opposed to saying “Good thing we were here stalking you too”?

    Liked by 3 people

  5. I agree with Learjet (and Sara) about the Mom comment – its a bit irritating. Otherwise our dynamic duo are are looking good, in top form and Lee has made the startlingly leap that the case Billy and Franchine were working on might just be connected to something Amanda is working on.
    Love the way he talks Billy into getting back into the game (i get the impression that Billy doesnt mind too much).
    I think Franchine could have dusted herself off a bit but her appearance was funny. (Have to hand it to MS, she plays her character with great gusto )


  6. Agree with you Iwsod that both L&A are looking good here in the outdoors. Glad it’s only Amanda wearing the eyeliner these days. 😉

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  7. Amanda’s comment about instinct relating to her being a mother, about the purse-hitting incident really irritates me. I salute her purse hitting. But what has that got to do with being a mother?? Do mothers go around hitting people who appear to be following other people’s kids? I’d hope that anyone, parent or not, would protect a child who was being followed by a questionable character in a red Corvette (or any vehicle).

    Love Francine here. Somehow MS manages to play this in a humorous but in character kind of way. I feel sorry for her in a loving way, while laughing loudly at the same time.

    Am looking forward to Billy getting out his “old axe” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear you. I’m not a mom, but I’m sure I’d react the same way. I think her answer was more of an ‘on-the-spot’ response to a kid she didn’t know. She didn’t have to say anything, but maybe she thought she’d put the boy at ease in knowing he could trust her beyond this incident. And maybe she had Phillip and Jamie on her mind for other reasons and that’s what came out.?

      Liked by 1 person

      • A slightly different perspective – before having kids, I have rushed in to intervene (lost child, etc) thinking – “oh that poor child – I need to help”, after having kids – I still rush in but my first thought was “what if that was one of my kids in trouble?”. Same action, different first thought. Maybe that means I was more altruistic before becoming a mother, LOL!

        Liked by 3 people

        • I like these ideas about Amanda’s mom comment. The thing I notice here in this scene is Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s mom moment. He seems to be comfortable and impressed by her “momliness”. Like it doesn’t really surprise him completely or horrify him anymore. Just one more facinating part of Amanda that he is getting to know..

          Liked by 2 people

  8. I sure hope it’s magic appearing confetti on Francine’s hat and not asbestos chunks raining down from the ceiling. Aieeee!


    • Francine looks a little like Debbie Harry (Blondie) with that mussed hair. 😀
      Hope it’s not asbestos! Still, it’s usually only dangerous if you breath it in or chew on it.


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