13/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Looks like once the baddies arrive to interrupt this father/son moment.. we went to a commercial break.
Back from a commercial break.. and we find Billy on the car phone in his car – When Terry arrived we saw this car parked here in front of the Embassy..
LOL at the marks on the road for where the car needed to be parked!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002245745
Billy: This is Melrose here, Priority 1, please…
[We see Lee pull up in the vette]
…Abort, abort – the subject has just arrived. Thank you, over and out.
They both get out of their cars and meet.
Lee: Terry?
Billy: Never showed up… [Someone get Billy some glasses.. he couldn’t have been looking very hard. Did Lee call Billy on the car phone to tell him to look for Terry?] …Where’s Amanda?
Lee: Behind me with Sandra. [Lee and Amanda have been split up a lot in this ep!]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002265765
Billy: Well, I’ve got some interesting info from the King’s doctor.
Billy hands Lee a piece of paper.. and lol random.-Amanda and Sandra drive by fast and blow their horn. Hoons!! 😉  
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002271771
Lee: The King is suffering from an overload of vitamin A? Is that all?
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002275775
[LOL Lee looks confused. I’m confused! When did Billy get this information from the doctor? He just saw Eddie taking a vitamin A tablet.. weird. Did he visit the doctor and come back to the embassy? (while he looked for Terry?!) that’s weird too, because if that’s the case, why did he choose to call Lee from his car only once he had left the doctors and driven back to the embassy?! Me confused..
I think I should cut down on my vitamin A intake Winking smile ]
Billy: Well, apparently too much vitamin A causes a condition that mimics the early signs of a brain tumour.
[So he’s not dying? well I dig that! Hey – has anyone looked this up about Vitamin A thing? Is this true?! ]
Lee: Well, you better be careful how you break the news to him, huh?
Billy: Yeah.
Lee: Might do him in.

3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002285785
They share a chuckle.. great news he’s not dying but err there are still baddies out there.. focus men!

We see Sandra drive around the corner with Amanda, they have  a side view of the Guest Lodge apts..
..and see Eddie and Terry being led toward the beige van of doom.
Sandra: Amanda, look! They’ve got Terry!
Sandra stops the car [LOL at all the crew members reflected by the car for more than a few seconds here.]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002295795
Amanda’s door is blocked by garbage bins..[Okay trash cans!] so she’s delayed as Sandra runs ahead after Terry and towards the baddies
Soriakhof: Stop.
Sandra: Let him go!
Sandra hitches a ride. Aie.. Just what was she thinking??!! I guess she wasn’t.. and who am I to know what a mother watching her son get nabbed should do?! Smile 

Anyway.. LOL… three’s company!
Three hostages: Terry, Eddie and… Sandy! – Very Cosy Yesy?!
Soriakhof: Get in. 3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002307807
The van zooms back onto the road and takes off. Amanda zooms off too – LOL at all the OTT screeching tyres!
Whoaaa this guy is bad – he just zoomed and screeched right through that stop sign! [Is there a Hollywood sign on that mountainside? I wish..]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002327827
Amanda screeches (yes more screeching) to a halt and calls out to Billy and Lee to get in.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002339839
Amanda: Come on! Come on!
Lee: What is it?
[lol didn’t Lee notice the screeching fast van in front of Amanda?! tee hee.. Lee needs to cut down on his Vitamin A!]
Oh hey! this time Amanda scoots over and lets Lee drive. Hmm..
Amanda: Follow the van!
Billy: Go!

Next thing we see an airport.. a big one!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002349849
We see the beige van drive into a rather quiet corner of this oh so big airport..
Terry, Eddie and Sandy are led out of the vany at gunpointy.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002367867
: How long before we’re airborne.
Crowley: 15 minutes. We’ll be cruising at 12,000 feet.
Soriakhof: High enough. You won’t feel a thing when you hit.
[Ummm is he saying the plan is to push them out of the plane?]
King Eddie: Look, look. You can have me and all the rocks you want on Cap D’Far, just leave them alone.3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002375875
Crowley: Don’t try to be heroic Eddie, it’s so uncharacteristic…
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002379879
[Ah Crowley.. he loathes Eddie! Eddie is finding hidden depths now his family are in danger. I guess he thinks he is about to die still at this point.. so he has even more reason to be heroic- like he needed anymore reason anyway I guess!]
Eddie lunges for the baddies.. but really doesn’t get very far. Nice try Eddie.. Beige baddie punches him in the stomach, and Sandy and Terry help him up.
…All right, get him inside…Inside!
They head into the terminal.

Next thing, along comes Lee, Amanda and Billy in the sedan.. They pause.. check things out..
Billy: You’d better go round the back.
Lee: Yeah.
They drive around the back. LOL for once on smk they drive around the back Winking smile 

Inside the terminal, the baddies shove the three into a back room.
Sandra: Oh Eddie, are you all right?
King Eddie: Oh, boy, I – I just put a down-payment on the ranch, Sandra. Being alive in any condition is groovy. Besides, I always wanted to do something for my son…3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002419919
[Awh!! speaking of hidden minerals in rocks.. I think Eddie is a bit of a diamond in the rough!]
…Now, let’s figure out how we can get out of this mess, heh?

Outside we see Lee and Billy getting out of the car. Amanda scoots over to the driver’s seat.
Lee: Now, Amanda, you stay here in case we need you to go get some help.
Amanda: Right.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002433933
[Ah!!!! A stay in the car moment! we haven’t had one of those in a while! But.. will Amanda stay this time?]

Back inside we find Sandy and Terry banging on the door..
Sandra: Help! Help! Something’s happened to the King.
Terry Wall: Please help us!
Sandra: He’s stopped breathing! Call a doctor please. Please! The man is dying.
[Ohhhh so the plan is to pretend Eddie is about to die? Um the baddies want to kill them all. Why would that motivate the baddies to act? they can throw him out of the plane already dead no?]
Terry: Help! Help!

Beige baddie approaches and begins to unlock the door.. Sucker!
Sandra and Terry rush over to Eddie while beige baddie unlocks the door..

We cut to Lee and Billy sneaking in the back way.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002457957
rofl at the sneaky music! I don’ t think I’ve heard that one before.. it’s been.. jazzed up! I dig it man!! Groovy!

We see the beige baddie enter the back room gun drawn. He motions for Terry and Sandy to move back, while he bends down to check Eddy..
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002471971
lol he’s a dumb beige baddie! Terry wacks him with a piece of wood.. but lol I could have sworn beige baddie reacts before Terry actually hits him!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002473473
See above? grimacing before the wood hits. LOL..
Hmm maybe Eddie gives him an elbow in the stomach.. but I can’t see him connect.
Maybe beige baddie put his back out?! Ouchie.. even the way this guy gets taken out is beige!!

Who else is longing for a bit of Lee and Amanda interaction???!!!!

I’m going to pause here.. Any thoughts or comments you’d like to share? Thanks for reading! byee!


61 responses to “13/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. LOL to the baddie’s anticipation. I’ve seen at least twice when BB does the same thing before being knocked over the head. Once is on the SMK ep Reach For The Sky and he also does it on a Bring Em Back Alive ep near the end of the series run. But I’d rather he react too early than time it just right because the hit actually made contact! (That would be taking method acting WAY too far!)


  2. Talk about contrived. For some reason I really dislike the part where Amanda can’t get out of the car because of the trash cans. That was a bit much. Also, how is Amanda supposed to know if she needs to get back up? Is there a phone in the car? What is the signal for trouble, shots ringing out? And if she has to drive, won’t that delay the backup even further? Was there a time factor given? It’s nit picky, but I always hate the “stay in the car, Amanda” routine. That’s one plot device they could have gotten rid of.

    Also, like how the royal family is working together.

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    • Talk about contrived. For some reason I really dislike the part where Amanda can’t get out of the car because of the trash cans.

      In other words.. Valerie thinks that is a load of rubbish??!! 🙂 whahahahahaa.. couldn’t resist.

      yeah the back up thing was weird.. It is a running gag, which now borders on the ridiculous. but I do love the running gags at the same time, so I give it a pass! 🙂 but yes Valerie I think you are right! 🙂

      Because it didn’t make sense, I wondered if it was just a ploy of Lee’s to try and get Amanda to stay in the car. for once!

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    • LOL Truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes.

      We have a street in our city across from my favorite ice cream shop and you have to be careful not to park too close to the curb if you want to get out of the passenger’s side door. The curb is so high the corner of your door can get stuck in the grass. It’s so stupid. I’ve gotten caught more than once.


  3. RachelinPlaid

    I have had a glass of wine and some chocolate so I think I am ready to make my first comment on an episode. I hope this is okay. I like how King Eddie and sort of his new family (Terry and Sandra) pull together to come up with an idea how to get out of their situation with out the help of Lee and Amanda at the moment. I was thinking it would relate to Lee and Amanda in how would they have pulled together to get out of a situation if the boys and Dotty were with them for some reasons at this point in their relationship. Just some thoughts from a newbie at this.

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    • Interesting thought. As I think I’ve commented before, there are lots of “couples” (eg Agnes and nasty Nicky, Bart and Colleen) that we are exposed to in S3 and I think these couple provide interesting comparisons to L&A through their relationshiop journey in S3. Here we’ve got a new “family” for the first time (I think? I don’t count Penny in SG as we never meet her and her dad together). I think L&A would pull together for Amanda’s family at this stage. Lee’s shown his ability to help out Dotty when she (inadvertantly) gets involved in espionage (OBDOBD) at least partly because she’s Amanda’s mother. I think he might find the boys even more scary than Dotty but I think he’d overcome it.

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    • Welcome Rachelinplaid! (I’ll share some of my chocolate, if you share some of yours). Very insightful first post, I am glad you are jumping in. I am sure my first post was of the more shallow variation and had to do with Lee’s dimples. Or butt. Or both.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Ahhh I love it. Kidnapping is group/family bonding – smk style! 🙂

      I love deep smk comments! and I love superficial smk comments! Any and all comments are welcome – no pressure. this is all about FUN!
      Whatever the flavour of your comment.. if it’s about smk it’s gonna be good 😉 tee hee..

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  4. Melissa Robertson

    It’s a good thing Billy changed his coat, it would have made him and Lee standout 🙂

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  5. Publisher’s summary from the Audible web-site:
    “The Man Who Would Be King” is the story of two British vagabonds who set off to establish a small kingdom among primitive tribesmen in Afghanistan. Only one of the men returns, and his condition is so bad that the newspaperman-narrator barely recognizes him.”
    Not sure if I see much connection with the SMK plot now that we’re almost finished the episode….

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    • The connection that I see in this is the simple recognition that the men are not gods, or even kings, but just simple ordinary men, normal men. I guess that is what I see being revealed in this episode. Eddie is just a man, a mortal man, that really only wants to make a re connection with his son and possibly his wife. And in that I see a reflection on lee and Amanda, they are just people wanting to make an human connection. I see it in Lee’s enjoyment of Amanda’s reaction to Sandra’s love story, I see it in his offering to cosign a loan, even in his reaction to the vice cop. Maybe we shall see it in a few other places?

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  6. Terry, Eddie and Sandy are led out of the vany at gunpointy.

    Hahaha! You are thrilled with this part of the ep, eh iwsod?

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  7. Lee: Now, Amanda, you stay here in case we need you to go get some help.
    Amanda: Right.

    Quite a nice way to tell Amanda to stay in the car.
    When Amanda told Sandra to do so, she also showed Amanda how it’s done…. 😉

    But.. will Amanda stay this time?

    BWAHA HA HA, Iwsod, REALLY? Did she ever stay put in all those years? 😀

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  8. Well, apparently too much vitamin A causes a condition that mimics the early signs of a brain tumour.
    Perhaps the tumour got a ‘King Hit’ when King Eddie got clobbered by the King(-sized) handbag…. 😉


    • That’s quite true – an overdose of Vitamin A can cause a condition that mimics a brain tumour. Symptoms include:
      abdominal pain
      increased pressure on the brain

      I like a bit of truth even in ficitional programs like these. I loved the fact that Phylloxera is real – ‘Sour Grapes’ as is the Kolinsky Weasel – ‘Tail Of The Dancing Weasel’. I like things like that.


      • I loved the fact that Phylloxera is real – ‘Sour Grapes’ as is the Kolinsky Weasel – ‘Tail Of The Dancing Weasel’. I like things like that.

        They are real? If we already discussed that, I had completely forgotten that. cool! I always say Anchoret that smk is very edumacational.
        (for non English speakers, ‘edumacational’ is iwsod being ironic about smk being educational and then spelling it incorrectly 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Definitely those two are real. That’s how I got hooked on it in the first place ‘Sour Grapes’ was the first episode I ever saw at a friend’s house and I asked my husband [who had worked for a wine merchant’s] about Phylloxera, thinking it was just a made up word. Imagine my surprise when he handed me about 10 books on the subject!

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  9. I want that phone, Iwsod! I’m not a baddie (except when I get put on hold too long by my internet service provider…lol) Even if it didn’t work, I could use it as an art object. My household decor is so minimal anyway… Mostly books and plants.

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  10. And I love the way you so easily use King Eddie’s lingo, Iwsod. Even though there is no Lee and Amanda in this post, I enjoyed it simply because of the King Eddie speak.
    And this little family of three are growing nicely together. That is nice to see.

    Now… what about Lee and Amanda???

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  11. Agree with you Iwsod that Billy could have, should have, just phoned Lee with the results. Even in the mid-1980’s that would have been the smart, efficient thing to do. In 2016 it just seems ludicrous the amount of extra running around these people do just to communicate basic info to each other.
    I guess it’s a plot device to get Billy on the scene and keep him involved. Maybe that’s what bugs me about this epsidoe – it’s littered with “set ups”, which makes for a really jerky plot. o_O The mental gymnastics required to fit this plot into a believable format are making kiwismh dizzy… or maybe I’ve overdosed on Vitamin A! 😯

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    • I agree it’s to keep Billy on the scene. The best part of the scene is Iwsod’s baddie phone public service announcement…. (which is brilliant, Iwsod!)

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    • I agree that the episode is a bit clunky and contrived. (Although I do like it). I find that I noticed the contrivances even when watching the first time when I didn’t know the plot. On this walk, they are more obvious, I have to admit, as Iwsod, unravels them, I find it pretty funny.

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  12. Bwa ha ha ha ha – Yes, I think middle aged beige baddie put his back out. What a humiliating way to be taken down.

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  13. Yep, Vitamin A overdose is a thing (any fat-soluble vitamin is not good to take too much of). The symptoms are more along the line of vision problems, nausea and liver damage. I had to look up the other side effects which include dizziness, dry skin and irritability and death.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFLMBO at your second list of side effects, Cindy. 😀 “Death” would seem a rather severe side effect compared to dizziness, dry skin and irritability.
      Liver damage doesn’t sound like a picnic – I’m guessing that’s the symptom that most often precedes the big dirt nap.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Obviously the medical care in Cap D’Far is a bit below par (snigger) – surely they can tell the difference between a vitamin A oversupply and brain tumour. Some neurological tests??? This is one of SMK’s unbelievable medical storylines….

      Liked by 2 people

      • Do they even have a hospital? But interesting that too much vit A is a thing. (Must avoid it!)


      • If there’s a doctor in Cap D’Far, he’s probably in Bermuda shorts, flip flops and plays the trombone.

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      • I bet the neurologist is also the full time bartender.

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      • Thank goodness I finally remembered to respond to this comment – learjet I had a good snigger right along with you when I read this!!
        I agree it’s ludicrous and unexplained!

        It’s not addressed in the ep, the assumption is (I think) that only once he was in America he could get proper medical care. LOL..
        It sounded from what Eddie said to Billy he ‘knew’ he had a brain tumour and was dying.. and thus why he came to meet Terry. but how did he know this?
        But it also seems Eddie knew of Lockwood neurological hospital – if he knew of them, was he about to visit them? or had he visited them previously?

        How can all this fit together?
        Anyone like to have a go?
        I’ll have a go.. Imagine that we find out later Crowley bribed the cap d’afar doctor or Lockwood doctor to lie to the king (as if- that would be a pretty massive bribe) to confirm the brain tumour diagnosis.. we already saw one corrupt doctor a few episodes ago 😉 Crowley probably found another with gambling debts 😉 oh and a baddie phone 😉

        I guess when Eddie went back to Lockwood with Billy, he happened to be seen by another doctor.. or .. the original lockwood doctor decided to tell the truth once he/she realised the agency was on to them. Does that work?


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    • I was wondering why Eddie is taking so much vitamin A in the first place. When he offers some to Billy, he acts like he’s offering him some kind of snack food. Was there any kind of fad diet in the 80s where people took a lot of vitamin A?


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