7/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Jasands.. apparently the location of creative food and beverages Winking smile  [Rather appropriate after Learjet’s SMK beverages post! Thanks Learjet! Smile ]3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[4]
King Eddie
: I can’t believe it, Crowley. I’ve waited so long to see my son, and then I end up scaring him to death, and getting mugged by some crazy broad. It’s all that bad karma, man, it’s catching up to me.
[Awh. Poor doofus! (Love how you used this word to describe King Eddie back in comments of post 5 Michele!
I feel for him.. that is a mess!]
: Sir, you should be in bed resting. Why not pass on this rehearsal and let me make arrangements for you to talk with the boy.
[Yes, I’ll arrange to pick him up.. and what get an assassin to kill him??!!! Crowley really is a snake]
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[47](Eddie gets his trumpet out of its case..)
King Eddie: Thank you, Crowley, that’s very kind and I dig it, but, no, let me worry about the boy. You – you  worry about getting us some ladies, eh, and some 90 horsepower blenders for the party tonight.
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[65](Eddie starts walking off)
[Oi! As Amanda would say: I will not get you a woman!
Eddie seems to acknowledge error in past life decisions.. but then goes on to order the cocktails and ladies anyway.. Aie.. interesting coping strategy there King Eddie! So far.. I’m not feelin a liking for this King.. other than loving what he did with Francine Winking smile haaaa… err maybe he’ll grow on me yet Winking smile  Nobody deserves this betrayal of Crowley’s though. He is the worst kind of baddie.. pretending to be his loyal servant when all the while, he is disgusted by King Eddie and plotting his destruction..

I do like Eddie’s accent – being ‘Cap d’Afar’ I’m guessing it’s french.. but it’s not a standard french accent. to me it sounds… almost French Canadian? what do you guys think? I like it.
Random thought: I wonder what the Cap d’Afar national anthem sounds like Winking smile gotta be Jazz!  ]

Crowley: But sir, your health!
King Eddie: Crowley, go back to the Embassy and order some party hats or something, eh? Go on…
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[24][Aside from Crowley being a baddie, I think Eddie bosses him around and treats him without respect. This is his country’s ambassador and he is required to drum up party hats and women and ordered about with no please or thankyou. I can actually see where Crowley’s quiet resentment at having to serve this doofus, could have built up into this ugly betrayal. I noticed at the airport earlier Eddie was barking at Crowley to keep driving.. Eddie seems to want to be casual and friends, but he orders Crowley around and has him doing errands for parties? Yep.. the seeds were sown IMHO years ago! but what was the tipping point for Crowley? I can’t identify one yet.. maybe there will be more ahead which tells us.. thoughts anyone so far?]

…All-right guys, something in E-flat. Come on.
(Eddie joins the other musicians on stage.)
Crowley’s concern for Eddie’s health is sickening (pun!). I hope Crowley gets hurt real bad!

Crowley walks out and finds the beige baddie waiting in the wings. Ugh.. Beige Guyovski truly is boring. He needs a bit of style! Crowley: What are you doing here?
Our engineers at the Institute of Metallurgy have finished analysing those core samples from Cap D’Far.
Crowley: Good stuff, huh?
: Yes, Mr Crowley, good stuff. Better than anyone could have imagined, in fact.
Crowley: A little bonus might be in order.
Soriakhof: Don’t start with me. We’re not bartering cuttlebone curios here. We have a deal.
: Things change.
: Mr Crowley, you are a very insignificant part of this operation. If you become a problem, we may suddenly run out of patience and generosity. Understood?
[Oh yawn.. no honour among thieves.. we get it. Move on! ]
Crowley: Hmm.
Soriakhof: The King’s illness will take care of him. The boy, though, is a problem. Particularly if he were to return to Cap D’Far.
Crowley: He won’t!
[whooo things are getting really evil now. He has the evil hand gesture going on! Muahahahaaa!]
Soriakhof: I know. I’m going to personally make sure of that.
awn. they part ways.. whatevs.. Ugh.. these baddies really are quite beige.. can anyone think of a way to ‘Jazz’ things up a bit with these baddies?!

Next up we find Amanda arriving by Taxi to Terry Wall’s house. 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[37]
manda: Hello. Mrs Wall?
Sandra: Yes, can I help you?3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[91]
Amanda: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to stare but you seem so familiar.
Sandra: Uh, a lot of people tell me that.
Amanda: Well I’m very sorry, excuse me. My name is Amanda Keene, I was – I was down the street when your son Terry had the little accident…
: You must be the lady with the purse?
Amanda: Yes, that’s me.
Sandra: Terry hasn’t stopped talking about it.
: I know now, you’re Veronica – uh – Armstrong from the soap opera. The laugh gave you away.
: Hospital romance. [Oh lol you think this is a veiled reference to general hospital? is there an smk connection with it?]
Amanda: Uh huh.
Sandra: Well, you’ve got a good memory. You still watch?
: No, but my mother does. Oh, she’s just going to be crazy when I tell her Nurse Veronica lives in Arlington.
[I’m slightly scared to see this woman wearing the overalls outfit.. Dotty wears this from time to time doesn’t she? so glad I haven’t seen Amanda in this outfit! gah!!]
Sandra: Ah, I must admit it’s fun to be recognised after all these years.
: Yeah. Well, whatever happened to Dr Berkowitz? Wasn’t it Dr Berkowitz, the psychiatrist…
Sandra: Oh, he died right after I left the show.
Amanda: He died.
Sandra: It was either the x-ray machine falling on him or the gout that did him in. [rofl look out for those falling x ray machines!]
They head inside the house together.
Amanda: Oh no, it was the x-ray machine because that was no accident. [oh rofl!! I would have loved to see Lee’s face as he listened to this little exchange! Winking smile ]
(Amanda’s voice continues in the background)
…Even though I asked you what happened to him, I know…

We see out front Terry take off on his bike for more deliveries. I guess he has fixed his busted tyre and has to finish his delivery run. Love how he just zooms straight out into the middle of the road without looking. almost like he knew no one would be there Winking smile Off with the pixies!

Hello Hello!!! what do you all think? any comments you’d like to share? Smile

26 responses to “7/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m guessing Terry’s neighborhood is known for being a quiet street. I lived on a couple like that where you almost never needed to worry. In our case it was because we had one of those court/crescent things at the end (it was an L shape) but also if your home is really in the center of the residential neighborhood, the only times vehicles come through are usuallly when people are going to or from work.


  2. Oh my gosh – I love this dialogue by King Eddie here. He sees Amanda as “some crazy broad” bwahahaha! She was acting crazy! He’s such a beatnik with his “dig it” comment too. He’s all over the place – he’s mixing up his linguistic slang. I must admit that until now I thought his 90 horsepower blenders was another odd type of King Eddie reference to women who liked to party and mix things up – go crazy sort of like KE, but now I realize he’s just talking about blenders – to make some tasty mixed frozen drinks! Duh! I don’t think my 13 year-old brain realized what he was talking about and I’ve never thought about it again whenever I’ve watched the episode until now. Now I feel like the doofus! 😀

    I agree, iwsod, that KE isn’t being particularly nice or graceful (read royal a la politeness and couth), but he’s not feeling well and is probably sleep-deprived. I’m on KE’s side here! Haaaa….of course I can’t separate Crowley’s snakey-ness…

    Hmmm, connection between SMK and GH. Not sure, but I’ve not read other people’s comments yet. GH did not air on CBS if I’m correct. I will admit, I did watch GH when I was younger. I got hooked when my grandmother took me to her relatives for a month one summer and as soon as GH was over I got to watch cartoons. So I got hooked slowly. The Ice Princess must have fascinated me at the time although I don’t think I ever understood it.

    LOL – the overalls! That is too funny. Overalls were popular in the 80s I think. My older sisters used to wear them, and I always wanted a pair! I don’t mind them at all! They are super comfy even if they may not be super flattering. I’d probably still wear them except I think my husband would definitely not approve! I don’t dress according to his taste alone, but I have to draw the line somewhere! I think Amanda would look like a little kid (and way too skinny) in overalls – but I bet they are in her closet 😉

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  3. I hate to admit this, but I had those same overalls. I thought they were the greatest, they were Guess. However, I was in high school at the time.

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  4. I love King Eddies’s accent as well. I wonder if it is authentic or made up? I also quite like that he is such a flawed character, he annoys me but I think he is realistic and I don’t dislike him.
    I find it interesting, Iswod, that you point out that the King’s lack of respect for Crowley (and indeed himself) may have led to the betrayal. I never thought of that but I like it, it is nuanced for a SMK baddie.
    Kiwismh- I love your fashion comments! I was just thinking the same myself – the demin overall is horrible but the really cringworthy aspect (imo) is the neat little belt at the waist. I also loved the comment about Amanda’s ‘addiction to …. parachute skirts’. So true and they are soo awful but she does become completely addicted to them.
    I enjoyed the meeting between Amanda and Terry’s mom although I do think she should have disclosed herself as an agent at that point, with the attempt to kidnap Terry and the involvement of King Eddie, there could be little doubt Terry was the hitman’s target.

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    • I guess Amanda replaced her penchant for headbands for parachute skirts. One often trades one addiction for another. 🙂


    • Yeah King Eddie is slowly growing on me. I don’t really remember the guy!

      Oh thanks..just some random thoughts about Crowley.. and the danger of mistreating your underlings 😉

      do think she should have disclosed herself as an agent at that point
      Ahhh I think this one is addressed in the next post.. which i’m about to publish. let me know what you think! 🙂


  5. Maybe Crowley went to Eddie about the core samples and didn’t get anywhere so he decided he could get money from another source. I wonder if his loyalty has always been questionable or he decided at some point he had a dead end job.

    I actually like King Eddie. I didn’t think too much about him wanting ladies at a party. He seemed to have a pretty good crew at the hotel and I just saw it as wanting to liven the party up. Francine just looked worn out tired as opposed to spending her time fending off advances from the King. Based on the comments from Eddie, Crowley, and the Beige Baddie it seems as if this illness is terminal and Eddie is just going to party til the end.

    Speaking of the Beige Baddie, if Crowley is so insignificant, why is he even bothering with him? I’m wondering like Crowley, why he showed up. He knows about whatever these core samples are and their worth and says he won’t barter and already has a plan for the kid. He doesn’t even want Crowley to do anything about Eddie and let the illness take its course. He’s going to take care of the kid, so what is Crowley’s role in this anyway?

    I’m wondering about the creative food and beverages. I’m wondering just how creative that might be. I agree with Learjet that SMK may have been ahead of its time. There are some restaurants and jazz clubs around here that have live music on certain nights. The band usually shows up during the day, before the place opens, to get the sound together and rehearse.

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  6. “Creative food and beverages” sounds very contemporary, almost daring for SMK! I wonder what they serve? Pesto? Sundried tomatoes? 😀
    It does seem a strange venue of a band practice.

    Speaking of bands, “something in E flat” ? Seriously? Out of centuries of music, let’s play something, anything in E flat (major or minor). {Learjet reluctantly hops down from her soapbox}

    Crowley looks very familiar so I looked him up. William Schallert (who died this year) seems to have starred in everything from St Elsewhere to North and South to 2 Broke Girls! He was even in a few episodes of Santa Barbara (which I managed to avoid being addicted too; sadly most of my friends and acquaintances at the time were not so lucky)


  7. Maybe Eddie senses something about Crowley that bothers him. Perhaps that is why he is a bit short with him. Crowley’s just a bit too straight-laced and sensible to be a friend or companion for a guy like King Eddie.
    I think Days of our Lives was partly set in a hospital too. I regret to remember that way back in the very early 90’s i came down with a bout of ‘flu that left me couch-bound for about a week. I discovered day-time TV and got hooked on Days of our Lives for about 3 years until I decided that life was just too short to waste on it. I used to tape it every day and watch it later in the evening. Hmmm, I was just congratulating myself on moving on from such tripe when I remembered I now follow a blog about a long extinct, barefly remembered (by most people) 1980’s TV show. Well, SMK is top quality TV compared with DOOL. At least in the course of an episode something actually happens! 😉
    Crowley’s probably the best dressed in this set – everyone else gets to spend a night in the Fashion Police cells. The demin overalls, Amanda’s addiction to parachutet skirts, plaid blouses and flopsy cardigans, Eddie’s ill-fitting aqua shirt and beige jacket, and a beige Russian baddie represent a cornocopia of the worst of 80’s fashion. Even the kid dresses like a square – I put that down to his mother still buying his clothes, so he gets let off. 😎

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    • err… that should ge “barely” remembered…
      Barefly? Hey, I made a new word! Now, I’ve just got to think up a meaning for it…

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    • Ah Kiwismh you got me with this comment.. I was laughing away!

      Hmmm, I was just congratulating myself on moving on from such tripe when I remembered I now follow a blog about a long extinct, barefly remembered (by most people) 1980’s TV show. Well, SMK is top quality TV compared with DOOL. At least in the course of an episode something actually happens!😉

      Whhhaaaahahahahahaaa!!! that’s so funny!!! tee heee.. yes we are a cut above the DOOL fans.. ahem.. okay maybe not. okay whatev we’re all cool here 🙂 err or not cool! tee heee..

      Phew the fashion police are busy!

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    • When I was in college, my roommates and I happened to not have classes when Days was on so we got hooked on it for a year. We used to compete to see who could predict the most lines. Fun stuff 😉

      And I just saw a pair of denim overalls in a clothing store the other day. It seems they and jumpsuits are coming back into style for ladies. Ugh.

      I like King Eddie because he seems like a real person with flaws and all. I don’t get the creepy vibe from him. Looks like he is trying to deal with some heavy stuff but he is a party king and this is how he is going to do it.

      And I am wondering why we have an ex soap opera star as a main character? Kind of fits into the “lure of the normal” motif I am sensing here. She used to be a star, now she is “just a mom”?


  8. Terry’s mom may not have been on General Hospital but she was on Dark Shadows with Kate Jackson, so that’s two old buddies in one episode. Pity we couldn’t get Sam Melville jammed in here somehow too.


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