8/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the Jazz club.. and look who shows up!! 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[89]
LOL.. Billy is looking a little apprehensive.. here goes!
I’m guessing Eddie isn’t really playing.. but I’m no trumpet expert.  [I’m really only expert at blowing my own trumpet 😉 ]
King Eddie
: All right. Hey! Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s my main man, Billy Bluenote!

Good to see you, King.
Eddie gives him a big hug. LOL whether Billy wanted it or not! Winking smile
King Eddie
: Hey! Every time I hit town for the Fest I try looking you up but no Billy Bluenote. It’s like you disappeared into the night BBN.
: Well, I stopped playing a while and did some travelling.
King Eddie: Oh man, we got some rapping to do. But first, BBN, how ‘bout another big hug… [Sweet!]
…Let’s play something nice. You guys know Billy Bluenote don’t ya?3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[63]
[rofl at the vacant look on the double bass player! Classic SMK this!!!]
Billy: Ahhhh, look, King, the only reason I came up here is because I heard you were in town.
King Eddie
: Yes, well, it’s like Thelonius himself sent you down. Oh man, I got some heavy stuff coming down on me, and you’re just the man I need to conference with.
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[79][Awh.. okay maybe Eddie is a bit of a sweetie.. maybe?!]
…But first, let’s two old buds play something nice, huh?
Billy: Just remember, it’s been a long time.
[King Eddie is quick to forgive.. and likes Billy.. so okay, he’s growing on me Winking smile ]
King Eddie: With amigos, it’s always like yesterday. All right, our favourite in G. One, two, a one two three.

Looks to me like Billy is playing for real?.. but again.. I’m no expert.. what do you all think?

Back to the Embassy Apartment of Cap D’afar.. lol they actually put  a sign on the door?! haaaa..
I think it’s funny that it’s a 3 star kinda place.. a suite in an expensive hotel I could see as possible.. Love it!
Lee picks the lock and heads on in. Okay.. why is Lee suddenly wearing different clothes to the scene before? (blue and white shirt remember? greasy gray jacket that matched his vette’s interior?) Amanda hadn’t changed her clothes when she went to meet Mrs Wall??3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[8]_thumb
Lee walks in and wanders around.
Lee:Wonder where they hang the decorating awards?
[naughty Lee! lol.. ]
He sits at the big desk. hey they seem to have books facing outward just like Lee does.. ohhh and see the cuttle bones?! Nice touch!
Lee picks up some sheet music.. looks around.. and opens a drawer. He finds Boudoir magazine..

Lee: Hmm!..
Oi!!!!! We see Lee make a quiet little smile.. he flicks through it and puts it way. haaaa.
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[50]_thumb[Now this is a blackmail image!! shall we send it to Lee and tell him he has to take us to Spencers?!!]
I think if Amanda had been there, he would have gotten to experience that King Clobber!
At least he doesn’t linger Winking smile

Lee gets up to pick open the safe.. and we hear that jazzy smk theme music which we heard back in Remembrance of things past.. Hey man, I dig that music!
He opens the safe. rofl there’s a record in there?!

…Bart Williams Blows His Horn. Class.3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[63]_thumb
Lee closes the safe and continues to search. 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[70]_thumb
Lee makes his way into the kitchen and opens the fridge..
sheesh.. nice view!
Lee takes out a lettuce.. He says to himself: Uh-huh, the world famous lettuce vault…3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[101]_thumb. He turns it over and we see it has a plug.
…No price too high for security.
He pulls out a sheet of paper, unfolds it and reads it:
Iron 83.2%, Manganese 16.8%.

Interesting.. Lee only reads out the iron and Manganese.. it’s like they didn’t know what they’d be calling the other elements.. lol. 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[32]_thumb

and is it just me that these percentages are flippin hilarious? I mean.. they add up to 200%!
Okay.. I checked NB and TA are real elements.. but that’s as far as I’m taking my research. Anyone want to take over? Smile

Lastly.. The Ambassador is Lester Crowley.. so why is this survey made out to T. Crowley?! [‘Traitorous’ Crowley maybe?]

Lee gets out his notebook and jots down some notes and exits..
Just as Crowley arrives and sees Lee leaving. doh!
Crowley suspects Lee has been snooping!!!

The next thing we see is Marvelous Marvins! whoo hooo!!! some smk continuity!!! heck.. I guess it saved the prop department from creating a new burger joint! 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[41]
We see Amanda and Sandra pull up at Marvin’s in Sandra’s car. Seems Amanda’s conversation has progressed from the soap Hospital Romance!
Sandra: Why would a dead man have Terry’s name in his pocket?3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[83]
[For a lady in overalls, Sandra wears a lot of make up!]
Amanda: Well, that’s what we’re going to try to find out. You sure he’s going to be here?
Sandra: Well, after he finishes his deliveries he usually comes for a milkshake.
[They look around for Terry]
Amanda: OK
Sandra: Who were those men who tried to stop him?
Amanda: Look, you’re never gonna believe this, but it was the King of a little out-of-the-way country called Cap D’Far.
: Oh my God, Edmund Spencer.
Amanda: You know King Edmund?
At this moment, we see Terry ride his bicycle into Marvin’s.
He gets off his bike.. and uh oh.. we cut to a beige van.. that’s gotta be the beige baddie! gah!!! [I can see how Amanda and Sandra found Terry, but how did the baddie?]
There’s beige danger coming Terry run!!
But.. he’s focusing on ordering one of those dangerous Marvin’s burgers.. Oh please don’t let it be the Colossus!
Terry Wall: A double dog, chilli fries…
Mrs Wall
: Look, there he is.
Amanda and Sandra get out of the car.
Terry Wall: … and a choco-blocko shake. Thanks.
[He stops here ‘for a milkshake’ huh.. little did his mother know, Terry stops here for a whole flippin meal! I wonder what Learjet will make of that Winking smile ]

We’ll pause here for the moment.. and I’ll look forward to hearing what you all would like to share about this part of the episode, or the episode so far.. Do tell!!! All views welcome!! Smile 

59 responses to “8/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Awwww…..Marvin’s! I have to say, that and the Choco Blocko shakes made me smile. 🙂 I’m a sucker for good continuity and recognition of history! (Even if they didn’t have to go back very far on this one.)


  2. As a musician, this episode is a favorite of mine and forever cemented my love of Billy! I have a feeling King Eddie is really playing because it would be strange for Mel Stewart and the band to all be playing and not the actor playing King Eddie. And they just hired him for this one episode – surely they could find an actor who could play a decent trumpet. And the whole something in E flat, our favorite in G is very normal for jazz bands, Learjet. Improv is the name of the game more than playing specific songs.


  3. First off – for Learjet and anyone else with music intelligence – is what the King and the band playing in e-flat?

    King Eddie so much reminds me of my brother-in-law in this scene – especially how he tells Billy he’s got some “heavy stuff coming down” and that Billy is “just the man I need to conference with” – even though he hasn’t seen him in years. But Eddie’s line “with amigos it’s always lie yesterday” rings so true to me. These two must have had a great time playing together when Billy was BBN in their last encounter. Billy must have really loosened up then!

    I’ll admit we get a nice view of Lee’s backside, but why oh why did wardrobe put him in those bargain-bin jeans? Or maybe they are expensive, and I just am ignorant. They don’t look expensive to me. In fact, I’m thinking the wardrobe department must have run out of money somewhere in the middle of season 3. Maybe that’s why Amanda always seems to be wearing one of those parachute skirts. And re reuse of Marvelous Marvin’s stuff tells me the prop department lost a chunk of its budget too!

    As far as those percentages go, I’m guessing they’re not percentgas in terms of what made up the sampe, but rather they indicate purity. So the part of the sample (e.g. rock) that is tantalum is 78.1% pure tantalum and 21.9% something else like carbon. Did anyone else notice that they spelled Boulder, CO wrong? More evidence that the props dept. took a budget hit. And is it just me or in that pic of the whole report does it look like the thumbs don’t belong to the same person? The right thumb looks like Lee’s (or what I think of as Lee’s) and the left thumb looks much more slender – almost like a woman’s. It doesn’t make sense that they would be from two different people, but it looks that way.

    Okay, so why does the baddie have a beige van instead of a blue one??? He must be a second-rate baddie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nothing I’ve ever heard of (in E flat). I assume they’re improvising and he (for some reason) chose E flat (maybe it’s easy playing three flats on the trumpet? I don’t know) I’ve pondered endlessly the E flat comment. It reminds me of SMK medical details…(although at least the key of E flat actually exists!)

      I agree that Lee’s jeans look cheap. Maybe they used their whole “Lee” budget on hair products for him that tday?

      Liked by 1 person

      • In full disclosure here, I have no idea what “something in E flat” even means – nor do I have an interest in learning. Other than knowing that E is the name of a note and that flat means a half note below. I was just wondering if you could tell by listening if it was actually “in E flat”.

        LOL – about the hair products. That is probably true! His hair is looking really good in this episode!


        • You can’t tell what key a piece of music is in, unless you have perfect pitch (ie can name a note just by listening to it)


    • Yeah, I mentioned the Boulder misspelling in a comment below. The bad part about it was that it’s so big and bold.


  4. Remove magazine from Lee’s hands.
    Roll up magazine.
    Apply magazine to Lee’s head.

    I thought something about this scene looked familiar, and then I realized that Remington Steele encountered that same magazine (in fact, that same issue, I checked) when he and Laura were searching the office of a private detective who had been murdered in Let’s Steele a Plot.

    Liked by 2 people

    • rofl!
      I was really surprised no one had mentioned this part of this post yet! I was guessing it would be a hot topic! 🙂 But.. I love that you never can tell 🙂

      that’s so funny.. RS used the same prop magazine.. racy enough the adults get it.. obscure enough that children think huh?!

      Remove magazine from Lee’s hands.
      Roll up magazine.
      Apply magazine to Lee’s head.

      Jestress, after you’ve done this, I’ll let Lee take me to Spencers! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, Lee didnt do anything wrong LOL, he was just acting like what he is … a man! 😉 It doesnt mean he loves Amanda any less. I mean, here I am swooning over a fictional character 30 years after this show ended …. but it doesnt mean I dont still love my husband (who ironically also has dimples!)


        • I am loving hearing your thoughts on previous posts Norma – It’s so wonderful to read of your enthusiasm and enjoyment. it’s contagious!!!

          Gosh. did I say he was doing anything wrong? I can’t remember. I might have had a dig for fun sake, but I’m pretty sure I was happy that he didn’t look twice at it 😉

          Welcome Norma! so glad you are sharing your thoughts with us bye!


    • Much as I might find it distasteful, I think Lee’s reaction comes under the heading of “boys will be boys”.
      I like the fact that he didn’t linger on the magazine. Much as he may have been instinctively attracted to what was on display in the magazine, maybe his smile was as much about appreciating the superficiality of that attraction compared to his feelings about someone else that is attracting him.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Plus Lee is looking really hot in this scene (kiwismh indulging in her own bit of superficiality) and I can forgive him anything when he’s looking fine. 😉


    • About the magazine, agree 100%☺


    • Remove magazine from Lee’s hands.
      Roll up magazine.
      Apply magazine to Lee’s head.

      Ohhh poor Lee… 😉

      I always thought it was his duty to check the magazine, ’cause it could have been a cover for something else – like what Dotty did with her ‘Rebecca’s-Phantasies-Catalogue’ when Amanda shouldn’t know about it.

      I appreciate him just having a short look over without any lingering and putting it back without hesitation.
      He really knows whom he wants by now. 😉

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      • Yeah, in the Remington Steele episode, Steele found an important letter hidden in the magazine. I was half-expecting that here, the first time I saw it. I don’t blame him for looking at it . . . but, you know, some temptations are just too much to resist . . . so I think I might be forgiven for just one bop on the head. 😉


    • I guess what I wonder most about this little scene with the magazine is why we see it at this point in the Lee and Amanda story arch. We could see this kind of behavior at any time from Lee, but we see it now, in the same episode that Lee offers to cosign a loan with Amanda. Why?


      • Maybe some things just never change?


        • Well, I think it is different. IMHO it IS a change. S1/S2 Lee would have had a much closer/more intensive look at the magazine – perhaps he also would have tried to get to contact some (one or twoo or even three?) of those girls?
          NOW he doesn´t care about those girls at all – checking the magazine is part of his business. Nothing more to it. I never said he didn´t like it. As he already told Amanda in The Triumvirate there´s parts of it I don´t like... parts I like (a lot). So I thing that is part of the liking business but not necessarily liking it a lot.


      • Hmmm, could it be just because King Eddie is in the episode? He strikes as a ladies’ man and the type who would have magazines like this lying around to enjoy. But I’m guessing you’ll say that may be, but there is something deeper – hahaha! Am I right? Maybe Lee is just feeling a little “lonely” since Leslie and he couldn’t help but take a quick peek?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Of course! There must be a deeper meaning 😉 I really do get the idea that this episode is about the shine of the glamorous coming off of life and the glow of “normal” starting to affect Lee. And I think he isn’t as… um… moved by that little peak as he used to be. He has glimpsed substance in his relationship with Amanda and I think he knows it. I will be interested if we see the same realization happen to King Eddie except that we have 45 minutes to watch it happen to him and so far we have been watching Lee for 2 + years. Of course I know that Lee is a guy, I get that maybe he just couldn’t resist the peak, I just like to think there is a bit more to it. 🙂


  5. I was curious about who King Eddie meant when he said “Thelonious.” I think he meant this jazz musician:


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    • Yes, there is only one Thelonious when talking about jazz. I’m sure that’s why they used his name. Either him or Miles Davis would have been the obvious choices.

      Liked by 1 person

    • thanks for this Jestress, I was too crazy busy to even question who is Thelonious. and I’m so glad someone took this up and ran with it 🙂

      I think you are on to a winner here! And such a fabulous name! I see one of his record labels was ‘Blue Note’ – ahem! BNN must have been signed up with them.. 😉


  6. I love Billy in this bit (actually I am a fan of him throughout). I love that he is a Jazz player, it makes him very cool (and Mel Steward also).
    I think King Eddie is one of those charming unreflective people who live in the moment and express their every mood so I equally like him and find him annoying depending on the moment. He is pretty sweet here.
    I see I was misjudging Amanda in my last comment, she obviously has explained all to Terry’s mom.
    | am really enjoying this episode in the walk. I like the harmony between Lee and Amanda


    • I think King Eddie is one of those charming unreflective people who live in the moment and express their every mood so I equally like him and find him annoying depending on the moment. He is pretty sweet here.

      Michele I love this! sums up where i’m at too! He’s very child like King Eddie! I’m not sure I’d want a child like King.. but.. there you have it! I wonder if that’s one reason why Crowley despises him.

      I see I was misjudging Amanda in my last comment, she obviously has explained all to Terry’s mom.

      The ep totally left that up in the air, so it’s only natural you wondered about that- I did too! 🙂

      | am really enjoying this episode in the walk. I like the harmony between Lee and Amanda

      Me too!!! Though right now I am wishing we got to see Lee and Amanda together some more. They’ve had quite a few scenes split up this ep so far. I wonder if that is deliberate – to ease off on that UST!!
      Is something going to happen when they are in the same space again???!!!!
      Can’t wait to find out 🙂
      But it is always in the back of my mind now (because I don’t remember the detail) – what’s going to happen between them?!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Lee and Amanda not being together much here supports the idea that they are both working on this case, not Amanda helping Lee on his case. Its nice after Wrong Number to see this shared weight partnering ( a dance term;) )

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Despite his reservations on playing, I like this side of Billy. I wish we got to hear more saxophone from him. Like others have said, I like King Eddie too. I’m not sure I formed an opinion of him when I first saw the episode.

    Funny about Terry’s appetite. I remember wondering how my brother consumed so much. Also, if Terry has a paper route, he’s probably biking that much all the time. Well, assuming he delivers to more than just James Flowers’s house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Like others have said, I like King Eddie too. I’m not sure I formed an opinion of him when I first saw the episode.

      Yeah starting out I don’t think we are given much to like about King Eddie.. what we know about him is that he bosses his ambassador around, and wore out Billy so much he doesn’t want to play the BBN cover.. and his partying made a mess out of Francine. ha.

      I could think this is because he has found out he is dying, but then when Billy went undercover first time that wasn’t the case.. so I’m left with a view of eddy as a self absorbed party animal.
      Then.. he hugged BBN and was very genuine and sweet.. sooooo he’s growing on me a little more now! lol.. I’m sure we have lots to learn about King Eddie..
      I’m wondering how it came to be that Eddie’s son wouldn’t know him. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s gone on there – I literally do not remember what happened.. and I’m kinda glad! I’m discovering these characters like it’s the first time 🙂

      Sorry.. I ramble on..

      Well, assuming he delivers to more than just James Flowers’s house.

      Whaaaahahahahaaa!!! 🙂 good one Sara!

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    • Agreed, for a teen boy, stopping off to get a shake often includes some meat and fries. My four do it all the time

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  8. Melissa Robertson

    Mel Stewart could actually play the saxophone. It’s cool when the can use an actors or actress real talent. Like Martha Smith can actually speak fluently in a few languages.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I also enjoy seeing Mel Stewart using his other skills. I always get a kick out of seeing actors singing, playing an instrument or dancing in a normally music-free TV show. I also like Billy’s plum velvet jacket and dark blue shirt, It really suits BBN!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Whoooo this is cool!

      As Valerie mentioned, it’s great they incorporate the actors RL talents.

      So Mel Stewart played saxophone..

      Martha Smith spoke a number of languages..

      Kate Jackson??? – played tennis a lot? and (boooo) had to skip the tennis themed episode?? Did the original script have her playing at all?

      oh and what about Bruce Boxleitner? what RL talents of his did they incorporate?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sadly, I think we have to wait before we get to see some of BB’s true RL talents. Unless we count his ability to make women swoon. And that ability was used by Estee Lauder of course.

        Liked by 1 person

        • ROFL I forgot all about that swoony talent. LOL.. I guess for me it’s a Lee Stetson talent.. and not a BB talent. [Don’t worry I know I am in the minority here and BB has his fans.. swoon away ladies! 🙂 I know I’m weird! ]

          I’ll look forward to seeing more of BB’s true talents that are ahead 🙂

          Oh wait.. he rides horses doesn’t he? He’s ridden horses in SMK so far, hasn’t he?

          Liked by 1 person

  9. I would like to know who was in charge of making the assay sheet and can’t spell Boulder, Colorado correctly. I understand making up fake names of companies and so forth, but if you’re going to use and actual place please spell it correctly. And I thought I was done with correcting papers for a while.

    I think that Mel Stewart actually played the saxophone and was into jazz. So he most likely is playing. I like that SMK was able to incorporate that talent into the show in some way. I love how Eddie calls him BBN.

    We get to see more of casual Lee and may I say he’s looking mighty fine here.

    Lots of beige and bland from this week’s baddie.

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  10. He stops here ‘for a milkshake’ huh.. little did his mother know, Terry stops here for a whole flippin meal!

    It’s dinner hour here and my 18 year-old son just ate an entire bowl of Alfredo pasta, chugged down a large glass of milk and went directly to the microwave to heat up some frozen pizza thingies. So, based on personal experience, his mother probably doesn’t know he stops there because he goes home and eats his whole dinner anyway!

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