12/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the embassy of Cap d’Afar.. aka the Guest Lodge Apts.
King Eddie: Some vitamin A for my saxophone playing spy?…
[Uh oh! that cat’s out of the bag!]
…Oh, you really had me fooled, Billy Bluenote.
[Awh he’s not BBN anymore?!]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_001973473
Lots of emphasis on the vitamin A.. random.. or… something yet to be revealed! for a guy who parties hard I’m surprised to see him pop his vitamins. Like he cares! Winking smile though lol I like how he downs it with some champagne!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_001979479
Billy: It’s nothing personal, Your Majesty. Now, about the tantalum. You really didn’t know that it was discovered in your country.
King Eddie: Well rocks are rocks, man! Hey look, it must have been the engineers I hired from Colorado to look for water who found it.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_001989489
Well then, why didn’t you get the engineering company’s Assay Report?
King Eddie: Everything from the States passes through the Embassy first.
Billy: Then your ambassador was the only one who knew about the tantalum!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002003503
King Edmund
: Well sure, oh but Crowley’s George.
[Anyone able to explain what this means? ]
Billy: We’ll see. I’m having the Agency do a head to toe on him.
King Eddie: I thought I was leaving my son his heritage, and he ends up in this mess. This is not the way to become Father of the Year.
[oh lol I just said something in the last post about that!]

3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002019519
Billy seems to really genuinely feel for Eddie. If Billy likes him, I can’t dislike the guy!

Eddie switches off the Jazz.. I’m guessing that means things are pretty bad! The scene ends here.

Moving on we find Terry pulling up in a taxi..where isn’t clear. 

Next thing we see the beige baddie with Crowley..
Soriakhof: You’re positive that agent saw the Assay Report?
Crowley: I’m not going to assume he didn’t.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002039539
Soriakhof: What is the American expression? Drop back 10 and punt.
[Umm I don’t know this one. can someone help me out?]
They round a corner.. and Crowley spots Terry arriving. Doh!! They’re all at the Guest Lodge Apts!
Soriakhof: We’ve been dealt a better hand.
Crowley: Or we could dig in and take them both out.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002047547
Back inside the ’embassy’.
Billy leaves,
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002065565
Just as Terry fusses with that taxi driver. Lol Terry is there for a while.
Just after Billy has left, Terry walks up to the embassy..
We see Crowley open the beige back sliding door with a grin.. an evil grin! Seems Crowley has an evil beige plan!
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002076576
In the embassy, we see Terry open the door.. No knock. He finds Eddie playing his trumpet at the window.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002085585
He’s playing something sad.. maybe thinking of his son..
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002093593
meanwhile his son sneaks into the room unannounced and watches.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002105605
Terry Wall: I figured you’d be bigger…
Eddie stops playing and turns
… With, um, dark curly hair.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002111611
King Eddie: I used to have dark curly hair when I was your age.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002117617
Terry Wall: Are you really a king?
King Eddie: It’s what it says on my licence. Listen, Terry, this is not the way I wanted this to go down.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002125625
Terry Wall: Of course not, we were going to get together, toss a football around, maybe catch a movie then get some pizza, right? Spend an hour catching up on a lifetime?
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002133633
King Eddie: All right, all right. You take your best shot son. Yes, I’ve earned it.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002143643
[Awh great to see Eddie putting his son’s needs first.. and not getting defensive]
Terry: Forget it.
Terry goes to leave, but Eddie grabs him and stops him.
King Eddie: No, no, no, no. You stay. You stay. Look, don’t go away. Listen to me, we’ve got to start somewhere, huh?
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002149649
: Okay.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002151651
King Eddie
: Okay.
Terry: Start by telling me, how come I never heard about you, never saw you, never knew I had a father who was a King.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002161661
King Eddie
: Yes, well, your mother thought it would be easier for you if you didn’t have to worry about some father who was 8000 miles away. Well, she must have been right – you look like quite a together kid…
[Sweet also to see Eddie not painting Terry’s mum negatively]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002173673
…Oh, this is weird.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002179679
Terry: Yeah, real weird.
[LOL child like Eddie sounds just like Terry.. and.. it seems to break the ice a little!]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002185218
King Eddie: I heard about that man that tried to get you. Now I never would have come here, I never would have come here if I had known anything was going to happen to you.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002191224
: I’m okay, really. I tried to look up Cap D’Far in the encyclopaedia – it’s not there.
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002199699
[lol he stopped by the library before coming to the embassy?]
King Eddie: Yes, ha. I keep forgetting to send back that questionnaire to the encyclopaedia people…
[rofl! like a King fills that out?! haaa]
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002211711
…But it’s no biggie, huh? Do you like music?
Terry: Yeah, sometimes.
King Eddie: Good, good.
(Kiwismh adds: Eddie says something else here, but I can’t make it out – sounds like “mirror”?)
Terry: Are you really dying?
[Ummmm how does Terry know this?! This did not come up at Lee’s apartment! Or have I missed something? anyone? Anyone checked out if the script gives us any clues here?! Me thinks this may be a plot hole. ]
King Eddie: Oh, there are worse things.
At that moment.. in walks Crowley and beige baddie..
3.19 THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING.avi_002233733
Speaking of worse things…
[I wonder which pocket rocket is shorter.. Billy or Beige baddie..]
Crowley: A noble attitude, your Majesty.
The scene ends here.
[Ugh. Crowley is Barf-ly! whahahahaa.. see comments of post 7 if you don’t know what this refers to and are interested Winking smile !]

So, this is a whole post of no Lee and no Amanda??! gah!!!! I miss them!!

I must say, by now I am liking Eddie much more. I especially like how he seems to be genuinely putting his son and his mother first.. He seems to be approaching this meeting with his son with unexpected sensitivity. The guy is not a total doofus after all Winking smile 

Phew.. Will anyone have anything to comment about given Lee and Amanda aren’t in this episode? we shall see! ha haaa! You guys are so hard to predict! and I love that Smile tee heee….

I remember during the northern summer was very quiet last year on JWWM.. That’s likely the case this year too! I hope you are all enjoying your summer break if you are in the north– and don’t worry, the walk will continue at a slow pace… Come on back when you can squeeze us in – you are always very welcome!! If you’re in the south – hope you are keeping warm! Smile

32 responses to “12/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Nothing much to add other than I agree that I think Eddie does a great job with Terry here. I like his honesty and how he doesn’t speak negatively of Sandra. It shows that he can be more mature than what we’ve seen.


  2. LOL – vitamins were big in the late 70s/early 80s were they not? I remember my parents going through that phase. They made me and my sibs take them daily. We each had a color and every day we had to take one from each bottle with our color dot on it. To this day I am distrustful of vitamins. My point is that in their eyes, vitamins would make up a lack of whatever you were missing from your diet. Sort of like a poor eater’s insurance. I wonder if Eddie takes them as a way to make up for his partying – help cure the hangover sort of thing?

    Rocks are rocks, man! Lol – I’ll admit to quoting this line once in a conversation except that no one else I was with had any idea it was a quote from a tv show or anywhere else. I had my own little private laugh in my head about it.

    Billy seems quite uninterested in the person who is arriving at the Embassy – or near it anyway. There are people out to kill a person with a connection to the embassy – so why isn’t he more observant? This is almost as bad as Lee not noticing the red car when he and Amanda were watching Terry on his bike.

    Ooooh, I reeeaally like King Eddie in this scene when he meets Terry for the first time. Hats off to the writers IMHO. And to the actors – esp. Eddie.

    I’m sure someone has already commented on this, but just in case…I think Eddie says “mira”, which basically means watch or look, as in watch me play my trumpet. I think Eddie has a bit of a Spanish-sounding accent.

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  3. I do like this scene. I think this set of guest characters have been given the chance for a lot of depth in this episode. And I like getting to know them. In fact I think they get more developed than Lee and Amanda in this one. And we learn a lot about Billy too. I kind of like learning more about these characters and seeing their inner lives become real. And that makes me look at Lee and Amanda differently. Its more of that draw towards everyone being a real person and needing some form of “normal”? I don’t know if that is making any sense. Maybe it will make more sense as we walk?

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  4. I find myself liking the King much more in this scene. Maybe he’s been feeling directionless all his life, and finally meeting his son (and facing his serious health issues) has given him focus? He seems like a different person to the fun-loving, flighty character we were introduced to in the early scenes.

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  5. Melissa Robertson

    I’m with you iwsod this scene makes me feel for the King. I assume that when Eddie was at the hospital they were told he was dying and Billy called Lee with the info who in turn told Sandra, but wait a minute Terry had run off…so never mind I guess it is a plot hole 🙂

    Boo no Lee and Amanda, maybe next scene will be extra swoony to make up for it!


  6. The word that King Eddie says that sounds like “mirror” is actually “Mira!” (pronounced MEE-ra) — the Spanish word for “Look!” My Spanish teachers used to say this to me and the other students a lot when they were demonstrating something. Eddie wants his son to watch him play. It surprised me a little here because I’ve never been sure where Cap D’Far is supposed to be (did they ever really say?), but it seems like it’s a Spanish-speaking country.

    On a linguistic note, “Mira!” is in the present tense. There’s a special tense for commands/telling people to do something which is pretty universally hated by Spanish students (at least the English speaking ones because all the ending of the verbs change in ways they don’t in English — “Mire!” — “(You) watch!”), but in common speech, a lot of people skip using it anyway because it can sound a little harsh, as if you’re giving orders instead of just saying, “Hey, look at this!” in a friendly way, a softer command. There’s a more informal way of saying it that Eddie could use for his son, but the form he’s using is the more formal one used for strangers or people who have a professional relationship (like my teachers had with me), not a personal one. I guess he doesn’t feel like he’s close enough to his son to use the informal conjugation for close friends, family members, and small children in general (because no one speaks to very small children in a formal, business-like way). Of course, it’s polite not to use the familiar form until invited to do so (children being the exception), so he’s also partly acknowledging that Terry’s not a little kid and deserves respect. The form of the verb makes a huge difference, depending on who you’re talking to and what your relationship is, and it can be awkward, embarrassing, or even insulting to get it wrong. Whether Terry knows it or not, King Eddie made a good choice.

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    • Oh, and Crowley’s lack of accent (compared to the king’s) and the fact that he doesn’t speak Spanish don’t bother me because I figure that he’s spent years in the United States and he’s accustomed to speaking American English in an American accent (that, and the actor might not know any Spanish, and there’s no particular reason for him to use it).

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      • No, Crowley’s lack of accent doesn’t bother me either. Further to my previous comments about embassies having tiny apartments or residential homes when they are small countries or just need a consulate, the diplomatic rep is often just a naturalized or dual citizen who takes on the job as a sort of quasi-volunteer post. Crowley may actually be the apartment building manager or something as well in his “real” life and has just stumbled onto riches beyond imagining by being the go-between on the tantalum correspondence.

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        • This all makes good sense Janet. I just love how all this ordinariness contrasts with Francine’s original view of what an embassy and a king should look like! 🙂

          just stumbled onto riches beyond imagining by being the go-between on the tantalum correspondence.

          good call. I cans see Crowley thinking – how dare that disgusting oaf ‘King’ Eddie have this much good fortune! A crown and now Tantalum??!!!
          He doesn’t deserve it. He’s taken me for granted and I’m smart enough that I can take this and get away with it. Muahahahaha!

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        • I can picture the conversion now between Eddie and Crowley. Wow man! You’re like the apartment manager and part time pool boy? So groovy! What’s your sign? Libra? Here’s a trippy thought – you wanna be an ambassador to my country, man? All you gotta do is make sure there are enough of those little drinky umbrellas when I come stateside,”

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      • Both “Crowley” and “Edmund Spencer” are about as Anglo-Saxon as names come, only confusing the language situation further.


        • Good point! Is Cap D’Far an island country? I kind of had that impression, but I’m not sure exactly where I got it. If it’s in the Caribbean, there could be blending of cultures.


          • I think I always just sort of figured that Cap D’Far was an island country in a tropical climate – probably in the Caribbean or further south closer to Brazil. I think I also figured that there was a prominent British presence on the island – maybe was a British territory but not ruled by the Q or K of E? Is that possible? So Eddie is a bit of a rebel king – he speaks with a Spanish vibe instead of a more British-sounding accent. haha – I’m sure this is full of holes…that’s ok. I think I’m just pulling bits together to make up something to sound plausible.


            • Yup, I also always imagined Cap D’Far as an island. Preferably somewhere in the tropics ( Caribbeans?).
              If it’s not an island it’s at least a very small country at the very far end of a long, long peninsula. Somewhat situated like Singapore – just not that powerful and with much less people living there.
              But I always prefered Cap D’Far being an isolated island. 🙂


          • Billy says in the beginning that Cap D’Far is about the size of Rhode Island with a population of less than 1000 and its primary export is fish bones. Sandra also states that she met Eddie in Monte Carlo and when she got to Cap D’Far it was 500 miles of sand lizards and gull guano. So we’ve got a small place, small population, sand lizards, gulls, and fish. I would say that’s an island or at leas a coastal country.


            • This is so interesting! I hadn’t really stopped to think where do I think Cap D’far is?!

              You know how you mentally, subconsciously gather little clues and it forms your view of something without you realising it? That’s how I came up with my view of Cap D’afar. there are a few little clues I’ve used.. [which could mean nothing 😉 ]
              I agree with Valerie’s ideas! I was thinking costal. because of the cuttle bones.. but also because of the ‘Cap’ Which is French for Cape (as in a cape next to the water not what batman wears).
              So the ‘Cap’ suggested to me that it was costal and French speaking country, maybe a former French colony. I’ve travelled the south of france and stopped by many Cap d’ [Cap D’Ferret, Cap D’Antibes etc.] …but.. the sand and dirt etc. Sandra described didn’t remind me of the south of france haaa.. well nowhere next to the water.
              maybe it is a small cape in Africa somewhere? I hadn’t nailed it down to a location..

              Then, the other thing that suggested French was the embassy motif

              the fleur de lis screams French history or a French connection to me.. but.. I’m not expert!

              I wondered if Cap D’Far was a play on Cape Fear?! After all Crowley is evil!

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              • The name “Cap D’Far” always suggested a ‘cape far away’ to me and I think that’s what made me think of an island.

                But you are right, Iwsod, a cap/cape usually is costal and not found as a name of an island. The only exception I found was the country of Cape Verde an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located 570 kilometres (350 mi) off the coast of West Africa.

                Cap D’Far as a former French colony according to the spelling and the fleur de lis in the embassy motif? Yeah, I think that could be. At least I like that thought a lot. 😀
                Would it fit with King Eddies accent?


                • cape far away? I like it! I think it’s kinda cute how smk does this 🙂 you know, just makes up countries!

                  cape verde cool! great find!!

                  Maybe cap d’far is a bit like Gibraltar a tiny little tip of land which is a cap in Morocco – they speak French.

                  King Eddie’s accent? My thought, which I think I shared earlier, was that his accent reminded me of a French Canadian accent. So if it was a former French colony it was a very very old French colony like Quebec is [before the French King adjusted the French language to the modern version we hear today – yes I took that french history class once.. but am no expert!] How does that sound?
                  lol the geography of Cap D’Far seems to have trigger a bit of interest for a few of us, I know it has for me! Random.. and I love it! We can never predict what we are going to find interesting!

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    • ‘Mira’ is originally from Latin and means as much as miraculous.


  7. I really like the scene between Terry and Eddie. I think it is quite moving. I remember that the first time I saw it, I was surprised that Eddie was so mature and fatherly in his first encounter with Terry. I hadn’t expected it from him.
    I think looking up your father’s country is what any teen would do when they discover their unknown dad is a king. Now they would just google on their smart phone. Terry’s remark about the encyclopedia always bothered me but I suppose it is possible that he borrowed one from Lee’s apartment, read it in the taxi and left it there??
    In relation to Lee and Amanda not being in this scene (and being quite low key in the episode), I think that it could have been strategic. They were getting very close and all their issues were being resolved and it was obvious that they would either have to get them together or it would look stupid. Usually at this stage, shows bring in old flames to delay the main leads from getting together – I suppose they kind of raised this possibility with Joe but it wasn’t really an issue.. At least we don’t have Dorothy reappearing saying she had not really died and had a claim on Lee. And this kind of thing does seem to happen in a lot of shows. I don’t mind the delay now as I have the dvds and I don’t have to wait anxiously to see what happens and wonder will they or won’t they. I don’t remember watching this episode when I was young (I missed a lot of them) but I can remember some watching some of the others and honestly, all I was interested was to see whether the relationship advanced or not. I can remember the being quite on edge about it. So that is my take on their none appearance.
    I just have to add that I really like Billy here, even if he has changed back into his work suit. His friendship and compassion are very obvious despite the fact that he is official and formal.

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    • I kind of figured that Terry had to stop somewhere on the way to see King Eddie and do some research. After all, nobody told him where the embassy was. He might have stopped by a library to do a little research and check a directory or something.

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    • At least we don’t have Dorothy reappearing saying she had not really died and had a claim on Lee.

      Oh my gosh! Can you imagine the tumult that would have caused???

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  8. “Well sure, oh but Crowley’s george.”
    I think “george” is spelled with a small “g” in this case. I seem to vaguely remember it’s a slang term used to describe someone who’s dependable or trustworthy or genuine. I haven’t looked it up but maybe someone else can do some research?
    “Drop back 10 and punt” I think is an American football term to drop kick the ball (like in rugby). I guess it refers to buying time, or saving or making the best of a situation?

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