Lee’s Apartments Season 2 Part 3 by SilverCorvette

Welcome back to the third and final part of Lee’s apartments. SilverCorvette is back….!
Burn Out – Episode 21

Establishing Shot – the same building as always

With some changes (a plant instead a vase of stick things)
this looks the same as DOA – lots of oriental art.
Umm, Lee’s security must be pretty minimal, Bracken just
used his lockpicks and walked right in ? clip_image006
Those plants beside the bar (I think we call them Drucena
here in Australia) are looking a bit poorly. Hasn’t Amanda
been around to water them since DOA ?
That gold antelope ? is still on the narrow table, but that
plate/dish thing was not over there under the picture before.

And this is all we see.

So this pretty much looks like the DOA apartment.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through Lee’s apartments
in Season 2. I will be back with Season 3.


Thanks to SilverCorvette for updating Lee’s Season 2 apartments. Any differences between this apartment and the DOA apartment?
Bye from the JWWM team wave



13 responses to “Lee’s Apartments Season 2 Part 3 by SilverCorvette

  1. I think Lee should have some kind of little scarecrow ornament or picture of some kind! so should Amanda!


  2. Hey Silver Corvette!
    So fab you could complete the picture here with season 2 apartments!!

    Plus, an opportunity to enjoy a bit more scruffy Lee!!! 

    Drucena are they. Cool. I didn’t know their name- I love to learn something new!

    Oh my.. Lee is lookin so good.. he should burn out more often..

    Yeah good catch with the gold antelope Silver Corvette, I couldn’t make out what it was. I kept thinking it was an Emmy 😉

    Loved this walk through Lee’s season 2 apartment Silver Corvette and can’t wait to see what happens in season 3!

    JWWM team? I love that!!!  [was that you that wrote that Learjet?]


  3. Sad to say that Lee’s Dracena look better than mine! Maybe I’m not ignoring mine enough.

    Thanks for putting this together, Silvercorvette! And I’ll second BJo’s praise about sifting through the details with the lovely, yet distracting, Lee Stetson in frame. 😉 Nicely done!

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  4. Thanks again, SilverCorvette, for the walk through Lee’s apartments in season 2. I’m so impressed with your ability to focus in on the layout and all the knick knacks, especially when Lee is in the screen shots! The changes from S1 to S2 are very noticeable, but you’ve managed to point out all the subtle differences between just the S2 apartments. It’s amazing what we can now do with digital technology. It makes me wonder if the current tv show set/prop people feel like they have to be extremely careful with shows today. Great job! Thanks for sharing your eye for detail.

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  5. Thanks for the thoughts on the gold “antelope” thing, I don’t know what it is exactly. I think that antelopes don’t have such long antlers/horns but I did not know what else to call it. I only know that I don’t really like it – I liked the white unicorn and the bronco statues (from S1) better.


  6. Thank goodness Lee never progressed passed goldfish (and they didn’t make it beyond S1!) If that’s what his houseplant looks like, I would feel sorry for any dog or cat in his charge.

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  7. Thanks for including Burn Out!

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  8. I don’t know how you notice all these things, Silvercorvette, I really don’t. I can only register my respect;-)
    I used to think that Bracken got into the apartment so easily as he was ex agency (and they have their ‘ways’) but you are right, Lee’s security is non existent. I still feel annoyed that Bracken could do it so easily.

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    • Hi Michele,
      Lots of watching each episode, rewinds and screen shots lets you notice all sorts of things that you would not have remembered when you only saw the show once a week. Even in Season 1, I was astonished at how little security (just a doorman who several baddies got past) Lee had at home.


  9. That gold antelope ?

    That ‘antelope’ seems to be a capra to me, but I’m not sure at all. It’s quite small…
    Did we already see it in DOA? I’ve to go back and have another look.

    Thank’s for leading us through Lee’s apartment(s), SilverCorvette. I enjoyed that little walk within the big walk. 🙂


    • I gather a capra is a goat?


      • Yeah, it’s an European wild goat.
        I should have looked it up before I commented. What I really ment was it could either be an Alpine Ibex or a Siberian Ibex. In German we call them ‘Steinbock’ but don’t confuse it with the african antilope whitch is also called ‘Steenbok’ (in English).
        Knowing about Lee being in Germany/Bawaria for at least a whole summer I think it could be another souvenir from his travelling around the world and it really could be an Alpine Ibex.

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