2/2 Just Walk with me– Through Lee’s Season 1 Apartments! By SilverCorvette

Hi Everyone! We continue SilverCorvette’s walk through Lee’s season 1 apartment.. Take it away SilverCorvette! – Iwsod


We only see the kitchen in The ACM Kid and in passing in ROTP


As you enter, on your left there is a table with shelves below and above, then the stove and opposite is a counter with a sink with a window over the sink.



We see the early morning sun shining through the slats of the window shutters, on Lee.

Really, a big print, sailing and skiing posters in the kitchen ? And is that the picture that’s later in the entry ?



The table must be able to be moved to where it is now, it was not there when Amanda looked in the fridge

Who took all the copper pans off the wall ?


Civil war art on the kitchen wall? I think this is in the living room in ROTP


The table and stools are there, between the sink and the fridge, in ROTP as Lee walks past.


And lastly, Lee’s Bedroom which we see in ROTP and IANN..Spy

Darkish blue walls and squared wallpaper – a room that can’t seem make up its mind whether to be dark and cosy or light and airy.



To the right of the door is an alcove, with a plant and a bench seat in ROTP but the plant is gone in IANN..Spy.

The hanging thingy by the door was replaced by two pictures of horses. Plants in the bedroom ? Not in my house !


Nice brass bedstead – not what I would have expected though and Lee had made the bed (because he was supposed to be dead?) White bedspread Lee? I would have thought dark blue !



Bedroom window with the fire escape. The window is opposite the door- does that mean the apartment is a corner one – the bedroom window would be at right angles to the one in the living room (or am I being too pedantic ?)


So what’s the door to Lee’s left, beyond the door to the living room ? Does it lead to the angled corner room you can see in the outside shots ? Or just a closet for the tux ?

Another bedroom ? If there was another bedroom, why did one of them sleep on the lounge (ACM Kid) and Amanda in Lee’s room (IANN..spy) ?

Too pedantic again?

I think the doorway where Sinclair’s sword is sticking out must be the bathroom, and it’s green (below)?



I am glad he got rid of that pointy plaque thing on the wall behind him, when he had the wall painted dark blue. (Imagine, Lee painting a wall, especially in Season 1 – ROFL !)


(IANN…Spy) Books have been replaced by soldiers on the top of the drawers, no plant in that odd thing on the wall over the TV !


So there we are, we have seen Lee’s apartment in 5 episodes.

This seems to be the same one in all 5 episodes. The layout and décor is pretty much the same, except it seems to be in two different buildings.

We also see Lee at home briefly in “Always Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth”(ALAGHIM) but only the area near his desk as he talks on the phone.

This seems to be the layout, although I think the dimensions and scale are a bit off.


The thing that bothers me the most is all those plants. Lee grew up with a bachelor uncle on air force bases – I can’t imagine that either of them were particularly fond of houseplants. With Lee’s current casual approach to housekeeping, I would have thought that watering all those plants would have come way down the to-do list and wouldn’t they have all died when he was away on assignments ? Or are they artificial, and would he dust them ?

But, what do I know ? (I have killed many houseplants over the years and now I don’t bother with any) Maybe Lee really loves his plants and has a bit of a green thumb?

Apartment 2

Savior (Ep 16)

Fred Fielder tells Amanda that Lee is roughing it at the Watergate West. We found out that later Lee was undercover trying to catch Edson Ballon, so he probably did not really live here, but, I thought, why not?



This one is number 555. Two blue chairs and two brown chairs, fancy bar, lots of plants.

Someone was fond of blue and brown – Amanda’s kitchen and even Lee’s first apartment as basically the same colours.



More boats and model ships !


We probably did not need all these pictures of this apartment – but I do like Lee in a 3-piece suit !


Dark gold plush couches with blue throw cushions, blue and brown lamps with white shades.

(Hey, I think this blue lamp was in ROTP !)


Is this an apartment, or a hotel suite ? For a few days to a week, you would assume it was rented fully furnished.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments, especially if there is anything I did not notice.

Have I missed any episodes where we see Lee at home?

27 responses to “2/2 Just Walk with me– Through Lee’s Season 1 Apartments! By SilverCorvette

  1. Silk plants maybe? We had a ton of them when I was a kid. They look great and are NO work!


  2. Yay! A floor plan. But why is the entry on the same side as the exterior window? Odd.

    I dont like plants because I kill them. I cannot imagine Lee having plants unless he has some pretty neighbor whose name ends in “i” come in regularly to water them.

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  3. Another great post, SilverCorvette! I enjoyed seeing Lee’s kitchen and bedroom this time. I think what really happened to Lee’s copper pots is that Amanda too them, figuring Lee would never notice they were missing! I wonder if they show up in her kitchen sometime??? Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    In all seriousness, I find writing posts like these a bit overwhelming, so I salute you and your fabulous work here. It takes a determined fan to study these scenes and come up with a floor plan for Lee’s magical, changing apartment. It looks good to me! I did notice there is no bay window in your floor plan, and that got me thinking…every top spy needs an escape route, right? So I’m thinking the bay window on the front of the building could just be for show, and inside it is an escape chute or something for Lee and any other spies that live in the building… 😀 Too bad we never get to see him use it!


  4. I’m very interested in Lee’s kitchen – I note there’s a wok on the hob – makes sense with Lee’s Japanese cooking skills which he displayed in ROTP when he cooked Amanda dinner at her place. And there is a coffee machine. Other than this, he does seem to have a very well-equipped kitchen for a man who has nothing more than mouldy cheese in his fridge 😀 I spot the work of a professional decorator.

    And Lee does seem to be something of a collector of pictures…and it’s not a coherent collection.

    Thanks for your posts, SilverCorvette. I love getting an insight into other aspects of our favourite characters’ lives :).


    • Great catch with the wok Learjet! I’m guessing that little gem will go in a future food preparation post?!
      Maybe the apartment came with an equipped kitchen ready to go?


    • I’m very interested in Lee’s kitchen

      Bwahahaha! This cracks me up, Learjet! What is it about Lee’s kitchen that has you so interested? As opposed to any other room of his flat?


  5. Thank you SilverCorvette for the fun posts! First thing I thought of when I saw Lee’s blue walls, is that it is almost the same color as my living room walls. I wonder if that’s where I originally got the idea?! You can never go wrong with Lee 😉

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  6. is that the picture that’s later in the entry ?

    Yes! I think you are right! That picture in the kitchen is seen behind Lee’s front door in the previous post!  Great catch SilverCorvette!

    I must say.. Lee is looking very good here in his kitchen! 

    Who took all the copper pans off the wall ?

    Rofl! Haaa they’re gone!!! Did Amanda already start organising the place while Lee got himself dressed?! What were pots doing hanging off his sailing poster anyway? Random!! Haaaa.. again – great catch SilverCorvette!

    Behind Lee with his red gift box. Isn’t that the artwork that was in his kitchen? And behind his front door? It moved again! Whoooo..

    I salute your strong constitution SilverCorvette.. such focus and concentration while the topic is….. Lee’s bedroom! 😉

    (or am I being too pedantic ?)

    Nah! Not possible  Yeah I can see what you are saying. It totally doesn’t fit the exterior shot and seems to be a corner apartment on the right. Lol

    So what’s the door to Lee’s left, beyond the door to the living room ? Does it lead to the angled corner room you can see in the outside shots ? Or just a closet for the tux ?

    You read my mind! My first thought: the secret corner room is where he stores his snappy wardrobe and hair products 😉 then again, it could be a trap door to fool baddies?!

    Again, while I think of it – love the floor plan, it summarises things brilliantly!

    Haaaa great thinking including his Lee gone bad evil high rise apartment 😉

    Oh yeah good catch with the ship model!

    We probably did not need all these pictures of this apartment – but I do like Lee in a 3-piece suit !

    Oh yeah!!! I’m guessing you are not alone there SilverCorvette!!! Me too!!

    Thanks again for sharing your smk fun with us all SilverCorvette – I look forward to discovering Lee’s season 2 apartment in more detail.. oh seeing a floor plan of that one maybe?!

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    • SilverCorvette

      There’s so many things I noticed as I trawled through the episodes looking for the best shots of the rooms, I bet I didn’t mention them all ! It was great fun and I am getting on with Season 2 – it is certainly very different to this. I will certainly add a floor plan for future seasons.

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    • Definitely Amanda starting re-organizing while he was dressing. Probably to take her mind off the fact he was in the bedroom, only a short distance away, next to his big, inviting bed, slowly taking off his robe,letting it slide past his shoulders and down his arms and broad back and having it drop to the floor and puddling at his feet as he stretched……. Whoah! Sorry, my mind started to wander.. What was I saying? Something about pots? Great post Silvercorvette!

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  7. Thank you Silver Corvette for another great post. Particularly impressive is the map that you have drawn.
    About the plants: remember in There goes the Neighbour, Lee explains how you do a kitchen? (You get someone French and go skiing for a week or words to that effect). I think that he did something similar at one stage with his apartment and the decorator was fond of plants. I think that they were big in the 80’s. I didn’t notice them much until your post but you are right, there are way too many plants! Of course that could have been the inspiration for Amanda choosing to be a Plant/Pet sitter in season 1.

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    • About the plants: remember in There goes the Neighbour, Lee explains how you do a kitchen? (You get someone French and go skiing for a week or words to that effect). I think that he did something similar at one stage with his apartment and the decorator was fond of plants.

      Good catch! I forgot about that scene in TGTN, but that makes sense. Amanda, on the other hand, probably has a story or memory behind most of the things in her home.

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    • ROFL love your plant musings Michele! tee hee.. plant loving decoratior! haaaa.

      This comment of Lee’s about getting a decorator always seemed a bit strange to me in the scheme of things. Like he was exaggerating a bit.. because Lee’s season 1 apartment seemed to me very personalised. Like the contents were a mishmash of his life. Not something a paid decorator would come in and do while he was skiing.
      But! His Season 2 apartment looks like a flippin hotel it’s so sterile.. I think a decorator could have come in and decorated it while Lee was skiing 🙂

      I agree Michele, that map is brilliant! Very talented SilverCorvette!!
      I’ve gotta run and will try and get back soon to respond to your post SilverCorvette – bye!

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      • SilverCorvette

        Thanks for your kind words again, I was in two minds about including the floor plan but its hard sometimes to imagine a place without a guide. I too had forgotten about the French decorator, but I don’t think he could have been speaking about personally having used one. Nothing in this apartment says “decorator” to me, rather it seems to reflect Lee’s past and interests and things he collected in his travels. Maybe he moved a “decorator” apartment in season 2, it is certainly different in style and decor, but more about that later

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        • I could see it as Lee hiring a decorator when he first moved into that appartment, and at that time it looked as sterile as Season 2. Then, if he’s been in this appartment for a while, he’s added and subtracted, and generally made it more personalized. That would help explain all the inconsistencies.

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          • Valiant effort Happycamper! Hope you are well and having a wonderful summer! 🙂


          • That makes sense to me. Lee could have collected a lot of souvenirs in his travels, which is why he has so many random things in his season 1 apartment. It also occurred to me that some of them might have been presents. Didn’t one of his neighbors tell Amanda that women bring him “many, many things”?

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            • SilverCorvette

              Yes, that’s right. The neighbour Lydia Lowell told Amanda in ITCK that his lady friends bring him “many, many things” – perhaps including the white unicorn ? and the mysterious fish ? How did she know, did they come while Lee was not there and leave the things with the doorman or with Lydia ?


            • good catch Jestress!

              I can go with Happycamper’s idea that a decorator was initially used.. and then Lee added to it over the years..

              But.. the thought that Lee would surround himself with stuff ladies gave him, who he really didn’t care about, bugs me!
              I like to think Lee didn’t keep any of it, and regifted it..lol maybe he passed it on to the Glynnis and Lois to go into a fundraising raffle at Birchwood!

              The content is so random and eclectic that it doesn’t to me feel like a decorate created what we now see..
              I like to think these random things are there because Lee is comfortable with them, and they remind him of fond memories.
              The way he cares about his tibetan ram’s horn led me to imagine it had meaning to him. err not that I really gave any of this any extended thought!

              If we wanted to.. we could come up with a little list of who gave Lee some of these items no?
              I think Emily gave Lee the white horse/unicorn as a joke, because he likes to play the knight in shining armour, you know, who likes to ride in on his white horse?!

              Where all this leaves me once Lee moves to his season 2 apartment I don’t know. lol..


              • It occurs to me that some of those gifts might have been edible things, so Lee probably wouldn’t have kept them all anyway. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. 😉


  8. I’m with you on the plants, SilverCorvette. These definitely look fake to me although, I’ve seen men take a liking to trees. The one beside the bench is a tree. I’m not good at naming them. I actually happen to like plants. I’ve got a few in my apartment which I’ve managed to keep alive for a few years (so far). But it’s impractical for Lee for the reasons you state. After these two posts, I’m thinking Lee decorated the way he thinks he should. He doesn’t like plain walls, he doesn’t like empty space. But he really doesn’t have a feel for what he wants. No time to be choosy.

    That looks like a queen-sized bed to me. A king would be huge. I could see two people fitting on that bed. I have a full-sized and mine’s not that big. The brass bed frame? Well, it’s hard to walk into a bedding store and not see brass everywhere. I’m sure he’s got funds for something less ‘brass.’

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    • SilverCorvette

      I think a lot of the shrubby plants are Ficus (figs). At least they look like the ones we have here (I am in Australia, with IWSOD). If they are fake, at least they don’t show the dust like broadleaf plants would.


  9. Another thorough post SilverCorvette.
    Yes, the room off the bedroom is definitely the bathroom – we call it an en suite in NZ but not sure if this word is used in the US for a bathroom off a bedroom.
    Speaking of the bedroom….(imagine wicked kiwismh grin here)…that bed seems kind’ve on the small side for someone who – ahem – often entertains in that room. Of course, perhaps the ladies aren’t actually encouraged or welcome to stay the whole night at Lee’s apartment. *Wham bam thank you, Ma’am… now if you could just be on your way so I can get some shut-eye…”
    I imagine Lee (secret agent man with many and varied enemies) may not feel completely safe falling asleep next to someone he doesn’t know and trust through-and-through.
    I’m glad he changed his bed in his latest apartment. The style of it and the gold colour is kind’ve cheap and tacky looking. Very 80’s though I guess.

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    • Yep an ensuite in Australia too 🙂

      I don’t know why but I had the idea that Lee didn’t bring his lady friends back to this apartment.. he went to their place.
      I probably got the idea from when harry met sally. I remember something about how he avoided women coming back to this place because then he couldn’t just leave.. ahem!
      [I think it’s right before the famous “I’ll have what she’s having” moment].

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      • Thank you so much SilverCorvette for another wonderful post on Lee’s apartment and again your close attention to the details. The floor plan of his apartment is incredible and makes perfect sense to me.

        Ditto for the US – We have ensuites too!

        IWSOD – I had the same idea you did and agree that Lee did not bring his lady friends back to his apartment which is why I thought the first season apartment really reflected his character and who was at that point. In my IMHO, Amanda was the exception because he saw her as friend at this point and not romantically yet so he didn’t bother cleaning it as we see her attempt to do that for him. (I also love When Harry Met Sally!)

        I have been wondering about the choice of the bronco statue (first post) and skiing and sailing posters (I am slow to process all these details) and thinking if BB had any input on the set decorations as I think I have read the actors did have some input and seem to recall that he was a cowboy in real life. If this thought has already been stated somewhere, sorry. I am just having a wonderful time enjoying thinking about this show again and being apart of this. Thank you!


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