2/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies -Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Amanda’s.. We find Amanda carrying heavy suitcase into the family room.
Amanda: Ompf! 3.21 TLS.avi_000314748
Dotty: Oh, the gray suitcase! Are you going on a long trip?
[Hey! that was Amanda’s cardigan Dotty is wearing! I guess it didn’t get sold in their yard sale back in The Boy who would be King! It was out ready to be sold off. I wish.. oh well.. better on Dotty than on Amanda! ]
(Amanda motions to Dotty that she can get by her)
3.21 TLS.avi_000319252
Amanda: No Mother! Just for a few days. What do you have in here anyways? Bricks?
Dotty: Just stuff from the attic. Just odds and ends.
3.21 TLS.avi_000325258
(Amanda starts pulling stuff out.) [ lol. pom poms. Love how there is no reference to them, but we notice them. Amanda did say in Sudden Death she had been a cheerleader didn’t she?]
Amanda: Ummm…Hummm…
Dotty: What are you working on this time?
Amanda: Oh, well it’s a government documentary. It’s sort of classified.
[Oh how expertly Amanda can now lie to her family!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000327360
[Jamie’s ears prick up at this!]
Jamie: Classified! You mean like spies and stuff!?!
3.21 TLS.avi_000330363
Amanda: Oh, sweetheart! 3.21 TLS.avi_000330897
Philip: Right worm brain!
3.21 TLS.avi_000333366
[Ugh. Phillip is a worm brain! can’t he do anything else besides call his brother names?!]
Amanda: Philip don’t call your brother worm brain!…..
3.21 TLS.avi_000333900
…Look at this stuff would you…oh, my old year books… Autograph book…
Dotty: That’s what mother’s do…
Amanda: Scrapbooks…
Dotty: …they save all this stuff…
[Not my mother!]3.21 TLS.avi_000338705
Amanda: Oh Mother!…
3.21 TLS.avi_000344411
Huh…Lois Anne!
3.21 TLS.avi_000348314
Dotty: I can remember when you named Lois Anne…3.21 TLS.avi_000354621 …Oh, you used to cuddle her at night and tell her all your secrets and she’d soak up all your tears when you’d cry.
3.21 TLS.avi_000354921
…I can remember how she’d laugh when she flew across the room. 3.21 TLS.avi_000360026[rofl!!! Amanda made her fly across the room?? haaaa!]
Amanda: She was my best friend for a long time.
3.21 TLS.avi_000365432
Dotty: It’s hard to say good-bye to your little girl! 3.21 TLS.avi_000367149
[awh.. what is all this about everyone? it’s lovely, very sweet.. but what’s going on here?
Is this Dotty working through Amanda’s new increased independence? going away on trips for work that she can’t tell Dotty about etc.? Why is this scene here? thoughts everyone?]
(Dotty and Amanda are silent a moment..)

[I think Amanda seems to realise it’s Dotty talking about her Daughter, not about Amanda and Lois-Anne.] 3.21 TLS.avi_000368568

3.21 TLS.avi_000369169
: (quietly) Mother.3.21 TLS.avi_000370970

Dotty wordlessly responds. She shrugs, that’s the way it is Amanda. [I wonder if Dotty wearing Amanda’s old cardigan is a part of this! that trying to hang on to her little girl???]3.21 TLS.avi_000372472
They continue moving around the suitcase’s contents.
Amanda replies:
…When I get back we’re gonna go through all this stuff! And we’re gonna spend some time together okay!
3.21 TLS.avi_000378478[she may be more independent, but there will always be that bond! Sounds like Amanda has been quite busy lately.]
Dotty: I’d like that!
(They give each other a kiss)
3.21 TLS.avi_000381181
Amanda: I love you! All right.
(Amanda takes the suitcase to get on with her packing. She leaves Dotty wistful and looking at Lois-Anne.) 3.21 TLS.avi_000382982

Dotty lets out a big sigh.. and the scene ends there.
I’m really not sure what is the significance of this scene in this episode and what it will mean for other events. I’ll be keeping it in mind as we progress (hopefully!)…

Will Lee be Amanda’s Lois-Anne? Will Amanda be Lee’s?

Anyway, moving on we see an exterior shot of the airport. We see an impressive looking airplane…. and hear Francine’s voice: The flying command post has all the comforts of the home office. 3.21 TLS.avi_000394994
On the plane, we find Amanda talking to Francine, as Lee enters the cabin. He seems on edge. Amanda seems fine! 3.21 TLS.avi_000399666
Amanda: Okay, we have scrambler phones on red-apple sequence… [What a coincidence! So do I!!! 😉 ] …satellite hook ups for audio and video on 12 megahertz… 3.21 TLS.avi_000401668
…computer inputs, chemical and data analysis lab…and intelligence library patch codes. 3.21 TLS.avi_000405472
(Billy joins them also.)
[Well this is all good and fine, but what about the inflight movie system???!!! Do they have enough salted pretzels? I mean.. these things can cause riots!]
…I think I got it, Francine! 3.21 TLS.avi_000407474
(Francine gives a quiet little smile- just what is she thinking?! I think she seems less anti Amanda! 🙂 )
Billy: okay, the crew is sealed and ready to fly and our guests are arriving. Francine, would you?
3.21 TLS.avi_000408274
[Lee is wound up very tight! but looking mighty fine in that suit. me like]
Francine: Yeah, excuse me!
Amanda: Sure.
(Francine leaves)
Lee: Billy, this computer is loaded with priority-one interagency codes…
3.21 TLS.avi_000417484
Now did I miss the memo that changed their status or something? They used to be top secret. [lol reminds me of my current workplace. I miss the flippin memo all the time!]
Billy: Well, they still are, but you’re gonna need to speak to me on the Spacenet satellite.
(They move into another room)
Lee: You’re activating Spacenet?
Billy: The President said full cooperation!
3.21 TLS.avi_000430296
Lee: He didn’t say to give away the store. Billy, those guys are the worst kind… 3.21 TLS.avi_000433299
(Francine enters again.. this time, not alone)
Francine: Ahem, excuse me! Uh, gentlemen, This is Isaac Petrovich; KGB…and Mr. Chang; Chinese Intelligence.
3.21 TLS.avi_000439305
Billy: I’m Melrose. 3.21 TLS.avi_000441508
(Billy steps forward and shakes Chang’s hand)3.21 TLS.avi_000442108
Chang: How are you?
(Billy shakes Petrovich’s hand also)
3.21 TLS.avi_000444310
Billy: I believe you both know Stetson.
Lee stands back. Stoic and guarded. He isn’t stepping forward to shake anyone’s hand.
3.21 TLS.avi_000446713
[I’ll never understand when Lee’s code name is used or not!]
Amanda takes the initiative.
Amanda: And I’m Amanda King. I’m Mr. Stetson’s assistant.3.21 TLS.avi_000449315
[yeah, thanks for the introduction Lee and Billy! Not!!!]3.21 TLS.avi_000449516
They all pay attention to her then Petrovich responds.
3.21 TLS.avi_000451317
: Her name is Nadine
(he then gives Nadine instructions in Russian).
: Hello.
(Amanda steps forward and holds out her hand to Nadine)
3.21 TLS.avi_000454521
Petrovich: She doesn’t speak English.
Amanda: Oh, sorry, heh…
3.21 TLS.avi_000457123
Amanda smiles and holds out her hand to Nadine, English or no, Nadine will understand a smile and a handshake! [I have no recollection about whether Nadine really doesn’t speak English!]3.21 TLS.avi_000457524
Chang’s companion steps forward.
Chang: Jin Sung, Jin Sung is fluent in English, Russian, Farsi, Urdu, and lower Croatian. But who’s counting?
3.21 TLS.avi_000465732
[whooo Chang seems quite proud of her. and it’s one up on Nadine who doesn’t speak English Winking smile Tee hee.. He doesn’t actually say who Jin Sung is though. An assistant? Actually, Petrovich didn’t say what Nadine is either!]
Jin Sung: It is pleasure to meet you all. 3.21 TLS.avi_000466733
Amanda smiles in response and gives Jin Sung a head nod.
3.21 TLS.avi_000467734
We see Lee with a tiny smile. Very tiny.
3.21 TLS.avi_000468335
Nadine and Jin Sung speak in Russian.
Petrovich: What a charming tableau. Three little spies out to save the world…
3.21 TLS.avi_000477143 (There’s plenty of tension here)
…Or is it six little spies? Hummm? 3.21 TLS.avi_000484551
No one answers him.
[what does he even mean? is he comment on how Billy and Francine are still there? because that would be five. Or is this a question about whether each of the three agents has brought along another spy? weird. because we still haven’t been told what Nadine or Jin Sung is. Maybe they are spies! and his comment could be seen as an admission Nadine is a little spy also! ]
3.21 TLS.avi_000486353
Amanda looks concerned,
3.21 TLS.avi_000486553
the men are all posturing..
Chang ignores Petrovich’s question. He hands Billy a file.
3.21 TLS.avi_000489756
Chang: The information my government pledged to deliver…from the crate in the truck.
Lee: You gave them access to all of this for that?
[Way to show unity in front of the others Lee. What a clunker! I wonder if they are allowed to talk to their bosses like this in Russia or China?!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000494761
: The ID number for that crate are what we need to start tracking that smuggling ring… 3.21 TLS.avi_000499566
…Francine, let’s run this through the L-7. 3.21 TLS.avi_000502168
…Follow me, gentlemen please.
Petrovich: Sure.
3.21 TLS.avi_000503370
Lee: Amanda…Do you want? 3.21 TLS.avi_000505572
(All the men and Francine head to the next cabin)
Amanda: Uh, ladies, I’ll show you to your quarters. Hmmm… 3.21 TLS.avi_000508775
(Amanda tries to pick up Nadine’s suitcase for her, but Nadine isn’t having it. Awkward).3.21 TLS.avi_000510377
Oh my, things are pretty tense!
This whole set up with the men being the agents.. and the women all being subordinate is flippin irritating to me… I suspect I’m being a tad over sensitive.. but it bugs me never the less! I’ll try to hang in there and not jump to conclusions!
I can hope these stereotypes are going to be turned around somehow…
Looking forward to hearing from you!! Back with more soon!!

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  1. Hi Everyone! I’ve been thinking about the gender stereotypes in this part of the episode etc..
    I know it can’t be easy to read my comments, and others sometimes – and not being able to respond fully without jumping ahead! I hope the frustrations of this are equalled by the pay off at the end of things – as the ep unfolds and we can discuss more openly! 🙂 Thanks sooooo much for being so thoughtful all you guys who know what is ahead but keep it under your hat 🙂 I really appreciate it!!!

    This blog has it’s advantages & disadvantages. It’s benefits & it’s limitations!
    It’s great for exploring and staying in the moment….. but it does also mean that early in an ep thoughts or experiences may be shared in the moment, that later in the ep are then seen in a different light.
    I try not to focus on this too much or I’d be too fearful to walk through an episode! lol.
    I’ll just say to any readers – keep in mind the walk is in the moment, in a context, and often later in an episode, or sometimes later in the show or season – viewpoints can and will change.
    Or if you know what’s ahead – your experience of the moment is coloured by what you know of the story and how it unfolds- and you can’t fully articulate that at the time. Tricky!

    What’s gotten me thinking about all this? I noticed that in this post – I was railing against the stereotypes and irritated by the women in subordinate roles, I felt frustrated! Is this sexist 80’s? or sexist smk? I didn’t know what to think! .. but later in post 7 – new information is revealed, and this is turned on it’s head – at least in part (IMHO).
    So I’m now looking at the part of this ep here in post 2 differently.
    I think maybe the writers wanted us (the audience) to feel that frustration: at the capable women with lots to offer being limited and overlooked, in preference for testosterone dominated males who run the operation. I felt this at this point in the episode, and had I known what was ahead in the episode – I would not have felt this!!!!
    I wonder if at this point the ‘non-agent’ women are experiencing this frustration also?

    There have been numerous times over the walk where earlier views have changed as new information is revealed and I don’t necessarily go back to earlier posts to share this. I figure readers are more interested in smk than in what I think anyway! lol!! byeeee!

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  2. Haha – my mother didn’t save all that stuff either.

    This thing about saying goodbye to your little girl by Dotty here makes no sense to me. Amanda’s married with two kids. Presumably Dotty had to say goodbye a while ago. And didn’t Amanda go to UVA? She was in a sorority, so I’m thinking she most likely lived on campus? Fast forward to now, Dotty’s been living with Amanda and the boys for several years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – at least not that we’ve seen on the show. So I don’t get why she would say this. It just doesn’t seem like Dotty to me. I would have thought she’d have made peace with saying goodbye to her “little girl” a while ago. That bridge has been long crossed. Dottie doesn’t strike me as someone who lives in the past – she seems to have a zest for life and lots of energy to look forward to the future. Then again, maybe I’m just far too practical and unsentimental to understand it. I get missing Amanda due to her work schedule and wanting to spend time with her, but the saying goodbye comment seems a bit too much.

    Okay – is it just me or does this plane not really look like you’d expect a secret US gov’t plane to look? The markings/paint job, I mean. I wasn’t expecting red, white, and blue or an eagle or anything, but certainly not three yellowish/orangish stars with two stripes down the side.

    I think Lee’s behavior here is the prime example of why Billy assigned Amanda to go with him. He is acting very uptight and Billy knows Amanda will be able to help him “unwind” – lol. She will be able to remain objective, keep her eyes on the ball, and act mature – at least this is what I think Billy must have been thinking.

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    • Literally, I completely agree, BJo. Dotty should be used to separating from her daughter by now. But figuratively, I can’t help but wonder if Dotty is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Amanda is about to go on a trip, so in that context Dotty is saying good-bye. But I think she is really trying to communicate to Amanda that things are changing and she supports what Amanda is doing, but it is not without struggle for her. I’m sure that she had envisioned a sweetly domestic scenario where she and Amanda co-piloted their household into the future. Now she has seen that Amanda has taken a different road by incorporating having a career. Even Joe had said to Amanda, “You’ve changed, you’re not the same person [or was it woman?] you used to be.” Dotty sees it too. She may also be remembering the silver sports car and wondering if more change is on the horizon. It will not be the same has it had been between them. It will not be what she most likely had envisioned. She’s telling Amanda that she is okay with all this but that it still hurts. And Amanda recognizes that Dotty is trying to bravely say she is hurting without making it a burden on Amanda. I am a practical person and not great at sentiment, but as a mother of a 30-something daughter that I am lucky enough to see several times a week, it is a poignant moment for me to think of things changing where I might not get to enjoy as much of her company as I do today. (Queue the “Puff, the Magic Dragon Music”!)

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      • I understand what you’re saying here, and it does ring true to me in some sense. And actually, the more I think about what you wrote, the more interesting it is to consider. I guess I’m still thinking of early Dotty when she was all keen to have Amanda married off to Dean. I got the sense that she thought Amanda needed a man in her life. I wonder what would have happened to Dotty had Amanda married Dean? Would she have moved to a place of her own? She’s certainly independent enough. I do wonder if Dotty had given up on Amanda pursuing a relationship with a man in order to be a career woman. Perhaps in Dotty’s previous-generation mindset it is one or the other? Maybe that could be why Dotty would envision her future with Amanda, Phillip, and Jamie sans a man?

        I don wonder what Amanda said to her mother about the silver sports car parked in front of the house. And surely Dotty or one of the boys noticed two pieces of cake in the sink or the two coffee cups. In OBDOBD, Dotty thinks there is someone at work that Amanda is keen on. Amanda’s constant denials of work affairs or relationships must be wearing a little thin on Dotty perhaps.

        After the walk, a future Dotty post(s) is a must!

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        • For sure! It would be fun to explore Dotty, past, present, and future!

          As for what would have happened to Dotty had Amanda married Dean, well… Dean seemed like a Mama’s Boy and Dotty stated that she could comfortably share her deepest (or was it darkest) secrets with him…. my bet is that she’d have stayed right there …. at least until Amanda could no longer stand the somewhat creepy dynamic and kicked her (or Dean?) out! Ew. Feeling glad that Dean faded out of the picture.

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    • I think Dottie is realizing that she doesn’t need to be taking care of Amanda any more, that Amanda has found a way into the future that doesn’t really have anything to do with Dottie. Even concerning Dean, Dottie was involved. She was having tea with Dean’s mother and long talks with Dean. She knows something is up with Amanda and she knows that Amanda isn’t letting her in on any of it. That feels to me like a whole new level of letting go for Dottie.

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  3. Oh, oh, oh you all are killing me with the unhappy observations of the male dominance and female subordination. My tongue is firmly wedged between my teeth. But xiolaperry, you make an excellent point and one that I feel we really should step back and ponder. This was the 80’s, and while this episode may be playing up the macho male and subordinate female for effect, it is not a far-fetched scenario for the early 80’s. I don’t remember watching this episode back then, but I likely would have thought nothing of the disparity. But 30+ years later, I definitely notice, as do others here. Hurray, things have indeed changed over time! Women are now treated with much greater equality, so much so that seeing it otherwise jolts us and leaves us annoyed.

    And I feel obligated to add that the disparity we see reflected here between men and women in the 80’s was NOT totally an issue of unequal and unfair treatment, as many would have us believe. That’s the “easy” answer for those with a cause, but it is myopic. Rather, women were just entering the professional job market in force and had yet to establish a strong presence. Their number and experience level was far less than men, thus so was their presence in positions of power and leadership. While I know there are still men who are bigots out there, I give credit to the overwhelming majority of men I have worked with who have treated me as an equal, not because media and activists had to tell them to do so, but rather because they are kind and sensible and professional individuals who treat all people with respect and recognize that one’s gender does not dictate the quality of one’s work. OK, I’m on my soapbox, but I get so frustrated hearing about glass ceilings and sexism, but never hearing the other side of the story.

    I note here that not only are we seeing a macho male/subordinate female stereotype reflected here; we are also seeing national stereotypes reflected. The Chinese woman is wearing a jacket in the style of Chinese peasants (although I believe Chairman Mao and other Chinese leaders have worn a similar style). The Russian female is wearing a drab brown suit, communist style. Amanda is dressed as a perky and preppy American. We are being teased and taunted with stereotypes here. Where could this be headed?

    And for the record, I agree that petulant Lee is looking good! I suspect this is the reason that I so readily overlook his unprofessionalism here. Yes, I am shallow. It does also seem that there is a history here where Lee came out on the losing end of something involving Chang and Petrovich, lending to his mistrust and machismo.

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    • Hi raffie, Oh I know! It must be tricky to read my thoughts as an episode continues and not be able to respond yet. sorry!

      Yes just keep in mind my blog posts are my thoughts as the ep unfolds – I can happily change my mind or view things differently as the ep continues. And yes, I openly acknowledge that my take on the 3 male spies and 3 female assistants is a reaction based on me here now in 2016… definitely not me in the 1980s. I’d wholeheartedly agree Raffie that this scenario would not be far fetched in the early 80s and if I had seen this in the 80s the set up would not have irritated me and I may not have even noticed..

      At the same time, I think the late 80s were a time in our gender history where changes were starting to take place [did they start with the mary tyler moore show?! haaa a BB reference] – where this all fits with the ep I don’t know as I’m not sure what is ahead and if this dynamic continues or if it turns out to be overturned or what – I’m kinda hoping it will be 🙂 And I hope I remember or someone mentions this when we get to the end so we can explore it!

      Whether the inequality was a result of unequal or unfair treatment is a different debate – I’m inclined to believe in the old standby – it’s multifactorial! So I wouldn’t say I disagree with your thoughts here Raffie.. I was pretty much agreeing with all your thoughts you shared 🙂 [not that we can’t disagree- we can 🙂 ]

      I think we can see indications of men treating women in an enlightened, equal manner in smk. A number of times, I’ve remarked that I appreciate how Lee encourages and challenges Amanda in her work – and I see Lee as being pretty fair once he gets over the whole suburban mum issue thing he has – the presence of Emily in the smk verse is very reassuring to me.. she is the ultimate career spy – senior, experienced and a mature woman.. 🙂 And Lee respected her immensely.
      this is a fascinating topic to get into.. the gender politics of smk! maybe when we are done with our walk we could explore the show as a whole? If you would like to write a blog post or two about it – I’d love to read it! it would be awesome to take a look at!! I think there are some signs in smk that the old female gender stereotypes are alive and well.. but there are also some signs they are in flux.. and the role of women is changing – Francine is central to this.. and for me Amanda’s story is all about this.. her role in life is much more than just mother – and I love that! Being a mother is important, but it is not her sole identify or role in life.. she is an individual too.. this kind of take on a main character is IMHO pretty enlightened and exciting to see 🙂

      That all said.. (stop rambling iwsod), as an 8 year old watching smk, I would have loved to be Lee’s assistant anything, would not have noticed all the spies were men. (of course they are! ) and I would have been happy to be rescued every single week by Lee… all the gender politics went right over my little head! 🙂

      When I wrote this blog post, I kind of figured I was viewing the set up here with a modern viewpoint and not that of the 1980s – thus why I mentioned I was likely over reacting. However, I write blog posts giving my honest reaction to things as the journey unfolds here and now.. and then, as we discuss these things get explored more! I think it is really valuable to look back and appreciate that watching in the 80s the reaction may not have been as intense!

      Yeah we are overdosing on stereotypes!!! the Russian playing chess just make me laugh!! yeah good question Raffie – where are we headed??!!! Will this all turn out the way we expect?!

      hey, you are welcome to be shallow anytime 🙂 teee hee..

      I agree the audience is hit over the head with how Chang and Petrovich in Lee’s history must have bested him or betrayed him or something..

      The show is trying hard to set up the tension of the plot.. working with people you can’t trust.. Hmm.. interesting!

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      • Hi Iwsod — no worries about any opinions expressed. I think it’s really important to look at things from a modern perspective. Then we can reflect on how that perspective is different from the 80’s. It helps us see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going; what society was like then and why; what it is like now and why. As you know, I love to do point and counterpoint, even when I basically agree with the position being stated! 🙂

        And I hope it was clear that my tongue was wedged in my teeth not because I wanted to disagree, but rather because there is so much I can’t wait to get to and explore!


        • Yep! That’s how I read it 🙂

          I love your counterpoints! 🙂 It adds another additional dimension!

          whooo hooo! I love that you are wanting to explore! Hopefully the frustration of waiting will be worth it all when we get to the bits you’d like to discuss 🙂


    • Like your comment, raffie5. These stereotypes do not bother me either as they are a product of the times during which the show was made. I don’t recall being bothered by them at all when first watching the show, although I know that as a teenager I thought I was smarter than most of the boys (ok, maybe all :D) that I knew. It’s just the way it was back then. At this point in watching the series for the first time, I was just waiting impatiently for Lee and Amanda to have another opportunity for a kiss. I probably wasn’t paying much attention to anything else!


  4. Not the best Lee Moment.
    I like the swivel chair’s on the plane 🙂
    …. when we are ready for take off please check the brake’s on your chair’s

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    • I like the swivel chair’s on the plane
      …. when we are ready for take off please check the brake’s on your chair’s

      Whahahaha!!! now I have a picture in my mind Claudia! Lee sitting on that chair as they take off.
      ‘Hey Amanda show me that file on- Wahhhhh!!!!!!!! Smash!’ 🙂

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    • Dotty is no dummy- she’s picked up on the change in Amanda (and maybe the ‘beautiful silver sports car’). I’m glad they addressed it, since it would be odd for her not to notice the change in her daughter.
      And yes, the macho guys with their subordinate women is out of date, but considering the time period it was the only way they could each bring someone along. Since it was only one agent per country, another man would instantly be suspicious but women would believably be secretaries or assistants.

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  5. This is not my favourite episode ever. Having said that I do like the little exchange between Amanda and Dottie at the beginning of this segment. I always find it funny that Dottie remembers Lois Ann’s ‘laugh’ as ‘she flew around the room’. It is also sweet that she was so invested in her daughter’s favourite toys.
    I also feel the scene is sad in a bittersweet kind of way. Amanda is definitely moving on. That is apparent to both of them. I think that Dottie is pleased but it makes her a bit lonely as well. Amanda seems very happy, very serene and very confident and she knows that she is on the cusp of something even more exciting. She is perhaps less endearing that she used to be when her whole world was her family but at the same time, it is hard not to be excited for her as well.
    The 3 spies with their three female assistants annoys me a little. The men being so macho and the women so sensible is too clichéd in my opinion. However, the plot idea is quite interesting. (and, I hate to admit it but I’m rooting for Lee here, I’m not thinking that he should as nice as pie to his former opponents – I am pretty shallow!)
    Francine looks a total clown in that outfit. What enemy of hers thought to combine so many elements that don’t go together? THe other women all look fine so it is not the 80’s fashion that is responsible – the wardrobe people must have hated her character.


    • I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Dotty and Amanda Michele. So true that it is bittersweet.. and loved your thoughts on Dotty being lonely. Maybe we’ll see Dotty going out on a few more dates in future? and she’ll get back into the swing of things! [when was the last time? oh wait.. yeah she had her little weekend away in Over the Limit but that seemed quite random.. we haven’t seen much about Dotty’s life lately have we? or is it just me?

      Ahhh thanks Michele, I feel better – it’s not just me annoyed by the 3 spies and their female companions grrrr.. yes we’ll see how this unfolds, it may turn out to be brilliant after all! 🙂

      I agree Lee doesn’t have to be nice as pie to his enemies. But nice does not equal professional. Lee can be professional without being nice. IMHO.

      rofl. Bozo Francine.. hasn’t she been through enough lately??!!!! yep. I think your on to something, someone in the wardrobe department had a grudge 😉 tee hee..


  6. I love your comment about the poms poms which reminded me I think (please correct me if I am wrong) in To Catch a Mongoose there is a line where Amanda’s high school friend (whose name I am now can’t remember) says to Lee while he is holding Amanda at gun point that she was a cheerleader.


  7. Good catch on that sweater vest, Iwsod. I can imagine Dotty snatching it off the pile of things they planned to sell. It looks good on her. Your comment, about Lee being Amanda’s “Lois Anne” made me chuckle as I thought of her throwing Lee across the room (lol…not a bad thought given this next scene).

    I’d like to give Lee the benefit of the doubt, but he’s definitely being unprofessional. I wish we knew what happened. Billy seems to understand whatever feelings Lee has, even if he can’t change the situation. We see tiny cues that he’s better with Amanda in the room. If I could write the scene, I’d have Amanda walk in a few minutes later and you’d see his shoulders drop and the tension leave. Maybe he’d still act cold toward the two in question, but not quite as cranky.

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    • The sweater vest… episode order. Amanda decided she didn’t like it anymore so Dottie is having a go with it. She will decide she doesn’t like it either and it will be sold at the tag sale in Dead Men… Ah, that little bit of mental gymnastics felt great. 😉

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  8. I like Dotty’s comments and Jamie’s picking up on “spies”. As usual, I’ll pretend that Phillip didn’t say anything :D. Maybe Dotty, Jamie and Phillip are Amanda’s “Three Little Spies”?? 🙂 Dotty is trying to decode Amanda’s life here…and maybe sense’s that Amanda is slipping away from her more than ever?

    On a superficial note, really like Amanda’s top with jeans here (esp if the shoulder pads could be entirely removed!) And poor Francine in her ?flight attendent’s outfit. She may be able to get away with tomato red but that anaemic shade of grey is rather unfortunately with her colouring.

    Lower Croatian 😀 :D? Was this a useful language to know during the Cold War era :D. Nadine looks more confident than Petrovich (from her body language) despite not speaking English (or lower Croatian!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, Amanda better watch out for that Jamie. He’s very observant. In The First Time when Lee was dressed as a pirate, Jamie asked “Who is this man you’re talking to?”. Wonder how close attention he paid in Wrong Way Home.

      Liked by 1 person

    • rofl Learjet! Loved your Phillip/Jamie comments!!! 🙂 I love your nark aimed at Phillip 😉 tee hee..

      Lower Croatian :D? Was this a useful language to know during the Cold War era.

      rofl!!! True!

      Nadine looks more confident than Petrovich (from her body language) despite not speaking English (or lower Croatian!)

      whaaahhaaaaa haaaa! good one!


    • Now there’s a fanfic for you to write, Learjet – Three Little Spies – about Dotty, Jamie, and Phillip figuring out what Amanda’s been up to….

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  9. Dotty and Amanda’s conversation, along with Lee and the other little spies are what’s giving me some ideas about what this episode is trying to say or leading into. Again, I have to wait though.

    Mothers do hang onto some stuff that you wouldn’t expect. I was amazed at some of the stuff I found when I went through my mother’s things after she passed away. I got to see me through her eyes. Stuff that I thought was minor, was major to her. And the seemingly small things they remember is also amazing.

    I think that Dotty is starting to accept this new Amanda. She is not pushing to find out more. She’s not questioning and not trying to make Amanda feel guilty on purpose. We have seen how close they can be and Amanda has been very dependent on Dotty for the past few years. The boys are getting older and Amanda has her own thing going. She may also be missing the fact that Amanda used to share so much with her and now she doesn’t. Dotty is missing their bond and their time together.

    Lee’s behavior is like he used to be, hard and unyielding. He has a set opinion and he’s sticking to it. I agree with kiwismh that he’s being unprofessional. I also think he’s being a bit childish. He knows what the President wants and he needs to just do his job.

    Francine’s outfit is rather schoolmarmish. I know because I’ve seen many a teacher in that outfit. So glad I wasn’t one of them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Enjoyed hearing your thoughts on Dotty and Amanda! and I’ll look forward to hearing where it all leads eventually!

      yeah, I can understand why Lee is so anti working with these guys, but president order is president order. So suck it up and get on with it. Arguing with his boss in front of the two enemy spies is never going to be a professional look.. why would you show how against it you are to them? When they could use that opinion against you? I am guessing professional spies (who live to a ripe old age) keep their cards close to their chests. Lee here does not. Oh dear.. but I think all this is exaggerated in aid of convincing the audience Lee would be lost without Amanda on this job.. he really needs her!!! honest!!!!

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  10. Not liking Lee here – with his experience he should be more controlled and professional in this situation. Even the way he’s standing – he’s all puffed out chest and broomstick up… well, I’ll leave that thought there since this is a PG blog. 😉
    The other two male agents to their credit seem to exhibit much more professionalism than Lee, and goes without saying that the ladies (including Amanda) are all class and dignity.
    Lee’s performance here might give some clues to where in the episode order this episode should be… Morley?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, not a fan of Lee’s behaviour here, it looks like those other two know how to push his buttons – Kind of a huge achille’s heel, non?
      And I am the only one who thinks Mr. Chang is also easy on the eyes?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yup 😉
      Lee tends to regress when he gets stressed, doesn’t he? I see him struggling here. I wonder if having Amanda in this scenario especially at this tender stage in their growing romance may also be throwing him for a loop. Looks like he has some sort of realization to make before he can get his act together. Something he hasn’t worked out yet. Another reason why this is an odd scenario after Dead Men…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am curious to those of you who really don’t like this episode (I don’t think I saw it the first time it was aired). Would it be better for you if it was shown earlier in the season (like before TBWWBK)?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi Cindy, I am very curious about this too! Love that you asked this great question!

          However.. I don’t feel I can fully explore this until this episode is over sorry!
          I’m not even sure that I ‘really don’t like this episode’ yet anyway to be honest. I’m open to liking it! 🙂
          I think I can at least say that my view of the episode (at this point) is that it is not a favourite and is a bit meh. But then, not all episodes can be utterly fabulous I figure.. no?
          I’m guessing others may feel the same way, or at this point they may know for certain they don’t like it – but they can’t yet fully articulate their reasons till the episode has played out – I do hope anyone who wishes to share their reasoning will do so when they are free to without jumping ahead.

          Lastly – putting this ep before TBWWBK? Cindy another excellent question! 🙂
          Presently, I’m toying with this idea – I’m open to any order and haven’t come to any firm conclusions yet. I think I can’t look at the big picture till we’ve finished walking through the season 3 final ep. So for now, it’s in my mind, but I’m not ready to discuss- yet!

          Others may feel at this point they can share their own thoughts on this (even without jumping ahead) – go for it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! I know not everyone is viewing this walk as I am – i.e. not really clear on what’s ahead! and I can see if you know full well what is ahead, it is only natural you would have already formed some conclusions for yourself on the ep order – feel free to share if you like when you like, just hold off on anything not yet covered in season 3 pls. Thanks!


  11. I love Lee’s face as he watches Amanda and Francine talk about all the systems in the console. I think he has no idea what all those buttons do, and he is flummoxed that Amanda has picked it up so quickly from Francine! I think he is very impressed with Amanda, here. I’m guessing Francine is not all that surprised based on our conversations in post 1 of this episode.

    Liked by 2 people

    • In DMLNT Amanda wanted Lee to look up Sallee’s license plate number and he mentioned that she was more skilled that him with the computer. She then countered with the fact that she had figured out the new system yet.


      • I do love that Lee is in a huff about Petrovich and Chang having access to top security stuff – but he is perfectly fine with Amanda having as much access as she needs 😉 so it seems is Billy and Francine – no talk of security clearances here..
        Now if they could just get rid of that darn guest pass!!!! [At least on the plane she isn’t forced to wear one!]

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