10/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Here’s a half post Smile [Iwsod jumped ahead in comments so I may as well publish this next scene!]
We see Lee and Amanda pull up at the big send off..
Lee is driving and on a cell phone? Bad Lee!!
Amanda gets out while Lee continues on the phone. 3.21-TLS.avi_002104037_thumb
Lee: No, Skylar doesn’t know anything about it. I’m sure of it. Pam Jentry is the one we’ve gotta find.
[LOL what is the crowd singing? Barbed Wire Love?!]
Billy: We’ll issue a Delta Red Alert and blanket the entire L.A. metro grid. 3.21-TLS.avi_002107240_thumb
Lee: What are the chances of shutting down the airlift? 3.21-TLS.avi_002119352_thumb
Billy: That would take a call to the White House. We’ve got to have something concrete before I can go to him.
(We see Petrovich approach Lee in the car)
Lee: Dammit, Billy, we are running out of time! That caravan’s due to leave in 15 minutes.
Billy: You find those detonators and I’ll shut down everything west of the Mississippi, but you’ve got to give me something to work with. [rofl. that makes a whole lot of sense. You find me the detonators and I’ll stop the trucks. If they found the detonators, there wouldn’t be a need to stop all the trucks. I guess Billy meant confirm for me that detonators are on a truck and then I can do something. Pretty lame!]
Lee: In other words, we’re on our own. (Seems Billy or Lee hang up)
Petrovich: As we have been this entire mission.
Lee: The last time you did that you almost caught a bullet, pal…
[eh? when was that?huh?? anyone??]

(Lee gets out of the car, we find Nadine is there also)
…Where’s Chang?
Petrovich: He and Colonel Sung went to the airport with the reporters. 3.21-TLS.avi_002142842_thumb
Lee: Well, at least that’s one end that’s secure.
Petrovich: So, what do you suggest we do, since your agency is so reluctant to act? 3.21-TLS.avi_002145145_thumb
Lee goes to respond…
but Amanda interjects:  Now look, everybody’s doing the best they can. This caravan’s gonna move out of here any minute. I suggest we stick to business!
[Go Amanda!!! pull your head in Petrovich!]
Lee: She’s right. Jentry’s gotta make her move somewhere along the caravan route. 3.21-TLS.avi_002159859_thumb
Amanda: Yeah, there’s too much security at the airport. 3.21-TLS.avi_002156856_thumb
[Listen to her! what a pro she is these days! Smile]
Petrovich: Hopefully! 3.21-TLS.avi_002158658_thumb
Lee: We’ve got Chang there, don’t we? Now, you just get in your car. You cover the head of the caravan. I’ll cover the tail. And keep your radio wide open, okay? [i.e. shut up and eat your taco! lol.. I do love that line!]
…Now, Amanda, you and Nadine stay here until the last volunteer’s gone just in case Jentry shows up. 3.21-TLS.avi_002169402_thumb
Amanda: Right!
…Nadine. 3.21-TLS.avi_002173807_thumb

Amanda motions to Nadine to come with her.
Petrovich turns to Nadine and speaks in Russian [Anyone able to translate?]

They all go their separate ways.. Lee and Petrovich to their cars, Amanda and Nadine head over to the crowd.
I liked Lee is giving Amanda a role to play in watching out for Jentry.. rather than telling her to go back to the plane and wait or something. (Stay in the Plane!)

What do you think of this smaller post – do you like it? I could do smaller posts every second day if you want and halve the usual length if the majority of us would like that..
Any thoughts anyone? byee!

35 responses to “10/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This episode had so much potential but falls so very flat for me. I think they could have done some amazing stuff with the backstories of Lee, Petrovich, and Chang and their histories with each other but instead they went with cheesy lameness. Bleh.

    Did anyone else wonder why they left Nadine with Amanda? They are the only combination of the six that supposedly can’t communicate with each other at all since presumably Lee and Chang speak at least a little Russian. Great plan. Ugh. 😬🤣


  2. I’m happy with any post size. I just need to get to them more often.

    What surprises me most is that Petrovich could surprise or sneak up on Lee like that. I need to check the episode again to see exactly how it transpired, but Lee was caught a little off guard here. Petrovich continues to show why Lee has his reservations about him. It would have been nice to learn a little more of their past history with each other.

    I think I read a fanfic once where Lee and Petrovich met up again after this incident, maybe, but not sure. It was a long while ago. Need to see if I can find it again.

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  3. I like the reference to a previous relationship between Lee and Petrovich. There has got to be a fan fic about that somewhere. Does any one know of one?

    And Lee just gave Amanda an assignment that would mean she is in a different place than he would be at a time that could include some action. That seems huge to me.


    • I like the reference to a previous relationship between Lee and Petrovich.

      me too. I think there could have been some fun, interesting moments building on that history.. – though at the risk of sounding perpetually negative about this ep – to me this you nearly caught a bullet pal line felt clunky and awkward.

      And Lee just gave Amanda an assignment that would mean she is in a different place than he would be at a time that could include some action. That seems huge to me.

      I always love to see Lee give Amanda an assignment 🙂 I saw this differently to you Morley. I don’t think Lee would have given Amanda this assignment if he really thought Pam would come back there.
      Or if she did, Amanda would call Lee.. that’s it. I don’t think it included some action in Lee’s thinking..

      I wonder if I’d see this as being more significant if the ep order was changed up.. hmmm..


  4. Melissa Robertson

    What ever size post you want iwsod…I’ll take whatever you give me 🙂


  5. Okay … fugly jacket or not, Lee is HOT … esp when he’s taking care of business (i.e. fixing to bust some bad guy butt) LOL

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  6. I have no preference on post size either, iwsod.

    I wonder if Lee is talking about another time these two had to work together? There is obviously some sort of history with Lee and each of them because he knows collectively they are a “pack of jackals”. I don’t think that comment was just hyperbole; I get the sense Lee knows them better than just from a dossier.

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  7. admittedly this is one of my least favorite episodes. However, reading your walk and everyone’s comments has made me like it just a little bit more.

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    • That’s what is so great about the blog. You get to see differing points of view! So many times people notice things or think about the characters or plot in ways I would never even conceive! It makes the episodes that much more enjoyable…or maybe just enjoyable considering the episode we’re currently walking through 😀

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    • I agree that this isn’t the most exciting of episodes, but I agree with you and BJo, the blog makes it better.

      What’s interesting is that the script has more depth to it. Not a lot, but it gives a hint more about the background relationship with the men and a little bit more development in the relationship with the women. Also, I think there is more flirting between Lee and Amanda in the script. Which I think is appropriate as it leads into ATWAS.

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      • Flirting between Amanda and Lee? Why on earth would they leave that out!? I think with that, we wouldn’t be debating where this episode should go. I’m still on the fence a little as it is.

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    • Welcome Heather! Agreeing with you and BJo about what makes this blog great. So many things I never noticed the first time I watched the series I’ve discovered here.


    • This is my experience of this ep too Heather 🙂


    • Welcome, Heather! I’ve found the walk has highlighted some positive aspects of the episode which I hadn’t noticed – but also highlighted less ideal bits (like Skylar) which I’d previously managed to ignore. At least people’s comments make those aspects bearable (and even funny).

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  8. I agree with Cindy, whatever works for you, Iwsod! 🙂

    Lee: In other words, we’re on our own. (Seems Billy or Lee hang up)
    Petrovich: As we have been this entire mission.
    Lee: The last time you did that you almost caught a bullet, pal…
    [eh? when was that?huh?? anyone??]

    I wondered if that was an aside between Lee and Petrovich about the last time they worked together. Maybe Petrovich was nearly shot? Or maybe he’s reminding Petrovich of the plan and not to get any ideas about striking out on his own (with Chang)?


  9. What ever works better for you IWSOD!
    I must admit, I am not used to Francine dressed so subtly.


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