11/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Skylar.. He’s still speaking about the love!
Randall Skylar: If we could’ve done this when we planned, we’d have thousands here, but a
nyway this is it folks…
…The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hands across the water. Hearts reaching out to hearts…
(Amanda and Nadine join in with a few claps)
…Your dedication, endless work, and boundless e
nergy got us here. Bless you! ….
(Finally, Skylar finishes his speech consisting of clichés! He calls over to the trucks.. )
Gentlemen, start your engines!…
(Melissa R, the transcriber adds: Ha, ha like it’s a NASCAR race! Sorry couldn’t h
elp myself Smile )
[No need to help yourself Melissa R lol. go for it! Again: we really appreciate your hard work on this episode!!! thank you!!]

We see one driver waving the trucks to go..
Looks like Duffy not being Duffy lol.
Whoooooo or maybe the agency is super clever and managed to get around the limitation of only one agent by ensuring some of the trucks were being driven by agents?! That would have been clever! I would have loved to see Francine and Billy each driving a truck! Smile
Brum Brum. Cue the boring close up on Truck bits.. ahem..

Ohhhh if only they had brought back Travis and made him one of the truck drivers! Travis-meme_thumb_thumb
Yes.. that’s better! Smile
I’ll just imagine he is off on his own little side plot! It would be a much more interesting sequence!! Ohhh if only we’d gotten to enjoy some more of that fightin music!!!! haa haaaaaa!
Err sorry.. back to the episode we got!

We hear a woman in the crowd cry: We did it! We did it! Yeah!
Randall Skylar: It’s you. I mean it! All of you. I thank you!

Skylar exits the stage.. gives a fan a kiss.. He’s full on blowing kisses as he walks to his limo Rolling on the floor laughing As a final flourish, before he gets in his limo, Skylar jumps up on to the side and calls out to everyone:…. All right! Wagons, go!
We cut to a wide shot..

We see the caravan is ready to go.. a police escort at the start, in front of Skylar’s limo. Hmm gee shame we couldn’t include them in the plot! [These cops seem to have different bikes too lol not standard issue..] 3.21-TLS.avi_002252719_thumb_thumb

We then see Petrovich shove his way into the start of the caravan. LOL. wouldn’t Skylar have noticed a random car behind his limo? And um isn’t that what the cops are there to stop?! tee hee.. 3.21-TLS.avi_002262328_thumb_thumb
The Caravan starts moving, the crowds continue to cheer..
We see Pam driving truck 52.. 3.21-TLS.avi_002277544_thumb_thumb
Looks like truck 52 is second in the caravan.
LOL. It looks like this Caravan consists of three trucks! 3.21-TLS.avi_002282349_thumb_thumb
Lee’s turn to pull out and follow.. Lee is the Caboose! Smile 3.21-TLS.avi_002292359_thumb_thumb
Love the make up lady giving Lee a very enthusiastic cheer!! tee hee.. heck.. I would be too! Smile She’s probably crying out – ‘take me with you, I’ll do your hair for freeeee!!!!!!’

On the caravan goes.. Lee calls Petrovich.  3.21 TLS.avi_002300700
Petrovich: Yes?
Lee: Petrovich, see anything up ahead? Over.
Petrovich: Nothing, yet. Over.
Lee: All right, just keep me posted. Over.
Petrovich: Yes. Yes, da over. 3.21 TLS.avi_002311111
[LOL Petrovich really doesn’t like Lee running the show!]
We see Pam once again driving truck 52. Hey everyone – did you notice that’s Pam driving?? and the truck is NUMBER 52!!!!!!
3.21 TLS.avi_002319519
We see Rajmund up ahead. In a truck driver outfit, and he’s in front of a truck numbered… 52!!!!! Gee.. is that ‘52’ significant?!
Looks like they are going for the old switch trucks trick!
Rajmund gets in.. whooo gorgeous mountains behind him. A
Hollyweed err Hollywood sign there? nah!!!

Here comes the caravan under a bridge..3.21 TLS.avi_002329929
3.21 TLS.avi_002342742
There seems to be something weird with the number of trucks.. but I can’t be bothered trying to work it out!
An oncoming truck blocks Lee’s view and makes him stop at a stop sign. rofl I thought the police escort was so that they didn’t have to stop at stop signs and get split up?!
I think that truck flashed its lights at Pam?  – I guess they are in on it? huh? do we care? 😉
I guess the truck behind Petrovich blocks his view. I find this all a little confusing and blah. just get it over with already.
Lee calls Petrovich again.
3.21 TLS.avi_002369169
Lee: I’m back here at a stop sign with one truck. Everything okay up ahead? Over.
Petrovich: Yes, 52 is coming around right now. 3.21 TLS.avi_002371771
The switch takes place. 3.21 TLS.avi_002389789

The final truck and Lee continue on and re-join the caravan. 3.21 TLS.avi_002401001

Back to where the caravan started.. and things are getting quiet. 3.21 TLS.avi_002411811
Amanda: ( to Nadine) I don’t think Pam’s gonna show up here.
(to herself) No English, no Russian…
[Hey! Amanda has some Russian!!]
(to the universe): .Okay, let’s go to the a
irport. They, you know…
(Amanda tries charades Winking smile ) [Looks like she’s trying to do a karate chop!]
3.21 TLS.avi_002420220
(to Nadine) …Yeah the airport.
Nadine catches on and they get in the car to head to the airport.

We see Pam stop Truck 52 and get out.. she takes off her truckie hat with great flair.. lol.. She walks away from the truck toward a waiting car.
3.21 TLS.avi_002439839
Right at that moment, Amanda and Nadine drive past and spot her.

Amanda hits the brakes and stops. She backs up into Pam’s car stopping her from leaving.
3.21 TLS.avi_002451051
Pam gets out and heads toward Amanda with her knife (which eek! I don’t think is bendy!).
3.21 TLS.avi_002456256
Amanda gets out and looks at Pam. Hmm exactly what was the plan here Amanda?! 3.21 TLS.avi_002457857

Nadine jumps into action! Go Nadine!!!
3.21 TLS.avi_002458258
Or is that Mandine?
3.21 TLS.avi_002459459
It’s the flying Russian! [sounds like a cocktail no?]

I think it’s stunt lady Nadine.. but either way I was laughing at the sudden slide across the bonnet/hood and sudden action woman! so over the top and.. totally awesome! Smile 3.21 TLS.avi_002459859

Pam and Nadine go for it.. hand to hand combat! Pam lunges at Nadine with the knife.
3.21 TLS.avi_002463263
(Stunt) Nadine kicks the knife away.
3.21 TLS.avi_002465398
Then pow!! Stunt Nadine throws Pam onto the hood of the car. whahahahaa!!!
3.21 TLS.avi_002468201
Nadine twists Pam’s arm restraining her. Whoo hooo!!!I wonder if Nadine has ever fought Francine Winking smile
3.21 TLS.avi_002469402
Amanda is utterly stunned! Mouth wide open! rofl at her expression!!!! I love it!!! 3.21 TLS.avi_002471604
Then, Amanda turns serious.. relieved at this close call, and maybe very thankful Nadine was with her!!! 3.21 TLS.avi_002473440
I’ve been a little confused about which truck has the detonators. At this point, I’m thinking Pam drove the detonator free one from the start – which had been checked over?? and replaced it with Rajmund’s carrying the detonators.. free to be loaded on to the plane, with everyone assuming it’s been searched.. at least, that’s what I’ve concluded.. anyone seeing it differently?
Anyway.. there was a commercial break here while we all likely got ourselves back together again after hooting over Nadine’s dive Smile [Hooraychov!]

Looking forward to hearing from you all!!!!


46 responses to “11/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Too much focus on Skylar in these last couple of scenes. They could have cut a bunch of his concert stuff and given us more with the backstory of the agents and interaction between them instead.


  2. “[Hey! Amanda has some Russian!!]”

    If she only called out, “The wart hog needs more caviar,” in Russian! Would love to see the expression on Nadine’s lovely face hearing THAT!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Travis would have totally made this episode. He and Amanda could have had a reunion. That would have certainly elevated this episode a bit. Nice to have Nadine finally in on the action. She stepped up when needed. Not much else to add.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The whole truck and truck swop scene is IMHO excruciatingly dull. Definitely the stuff of the forward button… (Thank you for the Travis reference, Iwsod – it was a welcome moment of humour amongst the tedious trucks 🙂 ).
    I really love Nadine her – she’s Daisy but without the baddiness (other than that she’s a representation of the US’s mortal enemy 😉 ) I love that Nadine and Jin get to be heroines along with Amanda in this episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Yep, but I’m Canadian and we are notorious for throwing in extra letters. Maybe my neighbours to the south do it differently. 🙂


    • No, Cindy, I looked it up at a translator while I wrote my 2nd ‘herring’ comment.

      The German word ‘Hering’ becomes ‘herring’ in English….
      So, there is nothing wrong with your Canadian spelling, Cindy. 🙂


  6. I have stopped trying to overanalyze SMK too much, because then I wouldnt be enjoying it hahaha. That was kind of a cool ‘bait and switch’ move the baddies did with the trucks, though. Smooth idea for a SMK baddie, who usually arent too bright 😉

    I love this scene! Pam gets out and pulls the knife and Amanda’s face has this expression, almost like the whole intercepting Pam thing had been on impulse and she didnt think about what she would do it it actually had worked LOL (I know I am not explaining it well, I hope you all get what i am trying to say haha). This is why I love KJ, BB and this show, they often dont have to say anything, their expressions convey enough, not something you see much in modern TV shows / characters.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I know the feeling Norma! I just can’t think anymore Ahhh whatever.. just have fun with it!!

      There may be a number of us saying this episode is not a fave – but I’m 99.9% sure we all still love the show anyway 🙂

      Yes!!! loved your point about much of the charm being in the delivery. I thought Amanda didn’t think it through either – and then bam! out flies Nadine! rofl!!! 😉

      Hey Jestress, would Nadine go in one of your improvised weapons posts?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think this would qualify as “luck” perhaps? In the past Lee’s thought of Amanda as lucky more than skilled – and for good reason – she had had her fair share of good luck. She also used her intuition, which is a major strength, but she did get lucky. I think TPTB are still wanting to show that Amanda still is lucky or at least has good karma because she is such a good person, mom, daughter, housewife, employee, etc.

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  7. Melissa Robertson

    I wonder what Pam did with the driver she killed. Is he in the floorboard next to her? It seems that she couldn’t just dump him next to the truck. So while her dialogue is a big yawn, her actions rank her up there on the baddie list.


    • I wonder what Pam did with the driver she killed. Is he in the floorboard next to her?

      I’m afraid she did exactly that. Urrrgh…. shudder… 😦


    • Yep! poor truck driver is still laying in the cab of the truck Pam just dumped. She couldn’t toss him out the door because that would have set off alarm bells back at the start that could give the game away.. yuck!


      • Pam is just reptilian. Maybe the best female baddie of the series?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well Daisy and Inga certainly had their charm. Rita was super skeevy and we don’t mention she who must not be named (starts with E, rhymes with peva), but I think for all in big picture ruthlessness, and willing to see to the small details personally, Pam is pretty dang special.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yeah, plus Pam seems to be the boss. Neither Daisy nor Inga were in charge. And Rita picked two idiots for her henchmen. Pam seems to not be willing to let anyone else handle the details. If you want something done right, do it yourself seems to be Pam’s motto. She seems to be a better class of evil perhaps? Maybe that is why Lee needed two (err 4) other agent helpers to catch her?

            Liked by 1 person

            • Interesting discussion Cindy & BJo!
              I thought the same thing as BJo – Pam was a one woman business, not an underling. which IMHO gives her even more baddie cred. Daisy just did what Canaan ordered and seemed to be a loyal employee 😉 and while Inga was a blood thirsy baddie who seemed to enjoy violence and detest flute playing, she was under Von Lint’s orders and did sort of follow them 😉 ‘Let me kill them.’ – she said, rather than. Heck, this is my show I’ll kill them if I want to 😉

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          • I won’t mention starts with E, rhymes with peva….

            Liked by 1 person

          • Comparing Rita, Daisy and Inga.. I sense some Platinum tea cup awards coming up at the end of the walk through all four seasons? 🙂
            It would be fun to explore who is the worst baddie of them all!!

            Liked by 1 person

        • Repitillian is an awesome word! 🙂

          I think the golden tea cup awards are going to be tough for season 3 Cindy! I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m guessing we’ll hit the end of ATWAS about mid to late March. Do you think you’ll be ready to publish it before we head into season 4?
          That’s a shout out to anyone else who is writing anything related to season 3 overall and would like it to be published. You are very welcome! and just aim to get it done by mid March and let me know 🙂

          Back to Pam’s baddie credentials..
          When I stop and think about it, Pam is a truly evil baddie – because she used efforts to feed the starving and less fortunate, and exploited it for her own illegal gains. All while crying that the starving mattered..and accusing Skylar of not caring about the starving enough – makes you sick!
          [Skylar was right – Pam is on a huge power trip! ]
          I love how he called her Ms Machiavelli – genius nickname!

          When I thought further about Pam, I thought if Pakistan gets those detonators, will this further disrupt the politics of areas around Afghanistan that we’ve heard about earlier in the ep? Where the starving people are?
          I think it’s likely Pam is not only exploiting efforts to feed the starving, but while doing this she is simultaneously contributing to the worsening of their geopolitical struggles, and the people’s hunger.
          All for the sake of money.
          And she sardonically says ‘peace on earth’ to Rajmund like she knows she’s actually working toward the opposite, and peace for her bank account.
          Pam actually makes me want to puke! And if this were a man, I’d also be saying the same thing.
          Sallee, as evil as he was, wasn’t passing himself off as a saviour of the starving while contributing to future starvation!

          BTW I love that Nadine kicks her butt good 😉
          Nadine give Pam lots of dishipline!!!

          Liked by 2 people

  8. Woo hoo!! Thanks for the Travis shout out and pic! Yeah – what we needed to liven this episode up was some Travis and fightin’ music!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. If we could’ve done this when we planned, we’d have thousands here,

    Hmmm, obsessed with crowd size much, Skylar?


    • whooo but clagjanet it’s not about Skylar, it’s about the people in the crowd.. and the starving people!!!

      err yeah. got to explain the lame turn out 😉 tee hee..


      • Is it just me or is the crowd that does show up rather older and fairly “normal” looking? Other than the person in the silver sneakers (or what ever they were) and maybe a couple of others, the crowd doesn’t look like people who would love a rock and roller who puts out a song called “Barbed Wire Love”.


        • LOL yeah not just you, I figured the disappointing turn out was
          1) a limitation in production costs 😉
          2) explained by the event being moved forward a couple of days 🙂
          So it wasn’t really the die hard true Barbed Wire Love fans as they probably missed the memo on the move forward..


  10. I’ve been a little confused about which truck has the detonators. At this point, I’m thinking Pam drove the detonator free one from the start – which had been checked over?? and replaced it with Rajmund’s carrying the detonators.. free to be loaded on to the plane, with everyone assuming it’s been searched.. at least, that’s what I’ve concluded.. anyone seeing it differently?

    Bingo – that’s exactly what I came up with, too.


    • 🙂 ahh thanks! phew!


    • Agree – that is why the truck with the detonators had to have a customs seal that was the real thing or looked like the real thing – whichever it was). That way when the trucks get to the airlift, the military people who will be presumably unloading the trucks and loading the food onto the airlifts doesn’t have to worry about the contents of the truck. They’ve theoretically already been inspected and approved.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. sounds like a cocktail no?

    rofl. it is!!! I just found a recipe!


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