13/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Picking up right where we left things..
Lee is following Rajmund and his trusty (great plan!) stolen fuel truck –  Lee attempts to come alongside but Rajmund rams him.
Oh no! Yawn. Will Lee be blown up pursuing this dim witted baddie?! [Truly, I have no idea how this ends..but yawn.. I think maybe I can guess.. big boom boom?! But the big boom boom misses Lee?! Yawn.. and yawn.. I can kind of understand why I don’t remember it!!! ]

Eventually, Lee cuts off the truck, forcing it to turn into a quarry.. you read that right. A quarry! There’s a random quarry near LA airport!

Oh my… a really big wide open space where bombs in smk tend to go off??!!! could this fuel truck be about to blow?!!! Usually in smk, a quarry or a really big cliff is a sure sign a vehicle is about to go over and make a big boom boom and bye bye!

Lee follows.. LOL is that quarry where they filmed the opening of this episode?

Oh oopsie.. baddie was so busy looking at Lee in his side view mirror he didn’t see the massive hole in the ground in front of him. (Hey it’s a common mistake that one).
Plenty of over the top screams and cries of regret as- ta daaaaaa.. that fuel truck heads right over the side of the quarry cliff- Oh my gosh!!!! that slow-mo is flippin hilarious!!!! It is the cliff that keeps going and going.. and going.. and.. well you get the picture! 

[And as much as I make fun of these ridiculous action sequences – I do love that the violence is a bit farcical! And smk doesn’t take it’s action sequences – most of the time- too seriously! Give me this rather than a serious action finale any day Winking smile ]3.21-TLS.avi_002671971_thumb_thumb
The fuel truck hits the bottom… no explosion?
hang on.. hang on…
Ahh– there it is!!!! Big explosive boom boom!!!
Baddie Rajmund in his trusty fuel truck meets a massive fiery and slow end!!!!
Whahaahhahaa.. Geee.. I didn’t see that (yawn) coming Winking smile  Did you?!
Lee stands and looks down at the big boom boom.
and.. up it goes.. bigger and bigger.
SMK does not do small explosions Winking smile
The scene ends here.
Oh boy, not one of the most riveting of finishes.. but I love how it had to be Lee who nabbed the baddie – Chang and Petrovich didn’t get a look in! Oh well.. at least Nadine nabbed herself a baddie too!!! Smile [Well there’s one for gender equality!! Smile ]

It’s tag time!!!
Back on the plane and it’s nothing but blue skies!
It’s time for shots of Russian Wodka (Vodka)…
[Anyone else picturing a gag where Petrovich cries to everyone – ‘Shots everyone?’ And they all hit the ground for cover?! ]
Everyone grabs their shot glass.
Petrovich: (Speaks in Russian)
–some kind of toast? anyone?
Nadine: To you. (Nadine looks at Amanda as she says this, but.. maybe it’s directed at everyone?)
Chang and Jin Sung: (Toasts in Mandarin/Cantonese) 3.21-TLS.avi_002711878_thumb_thumb_t
Lee: Long life!
Amanda: Good health! 3.21-TLS.avi_002713680_thumb_thumb_t
Everyone knocks back their drink. rofl.
Love the look on Amanda’s face!
Chang: Well, this has been a most interesting experience. 3.21-TLS.avi_002721054_thumb_thumb_t(Chang turns to Col. Sung and says something to her in their language along the lines of ‘shall we head over there’? and they walk off together.. Hmm looking a bit cosy! ) 
Petrovich: Yes, we should not repeat it!
[yeah I mean you can’t admit that you wouldn’t mind if you did!]
Nadine: Because we may have to work together again. 3.21-TLS.avi_002731264_thumb_thumb_t
[Interesting that Nadine acknowledges a positive here while Petrovich tries to backpedal on all this friendliness and teamwork!  How do you guys see this?
Chuckles all around.. yes this being friendly with each other is all a little awkward.. Let’s just go back to normal and let’s not push this too far Winking smile ]
Nadine starts to leave, Petrovich motions to Lee and Amanda goodbye saying: Do svidaniya. [lol the one thing I know in Russian! Well that and Da!] 

Nadine and Petrovich wander off leaving Amanda and Lee at the bar alone with a bottle of wodka.

Sorry guys! Yep we’re going to pause here.. I don’t want to split up the remainder of this tag.. while we pause, help yourself to a shot of vodka! Smile
Do Svidaniya!

What do you all think?

37 responses to “13/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Lee and Chang — the dueling dimples. Oh yeah!
    What caught my attention was Colonel Sung’s behavior after the toast. I don’t think she took a sip and, when I watched on the DVD, it appeared she found the smell of the vodka offensive. She may not drink liquor at all OR she just might be pregnant! Just something about the body language of these two.


  2. I appreciate the fact that we didn’t have to deal with a fight scene. The driving was a bit boring, but at least they didn’t add on to it and drag it out longer than it needed to be.

    It’s funny how the women seem to sip their vodka whereas the men seem to slam it. Gung ho versus finesse. Interesting.

    Now, I’m sure I read a fanfic about a future meeting with Petrovich and Lee, because I remember Nadine being in it as well. Going to find it and post info over at Ned’s.

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  3. So funny that we are all so bored by the “big action” sequences, but we find the tiny, subtle facial expressions so earth shattering.
    I kind of like the gathering around the bar there. I like it because Amanda is there among them, and Lee likes it that she is there. There is some nice fulfillment to the journey we have all walked with Amanda and Lee on.

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  4. Hi guys.. I just noticed Agatha Christie wrote a Poirot novel titled ‘Five Little Pigs’ – anyone know it? I don’t know this one but I wondered if there was any connection..

    Also if the rhyme is:
    “This little pig went to market;
    This little pig stayed at home;
    This little pig had roast beef;
    And this little pig had none;
    This little pig said, “Wee, wee, wee!
    I can’t find my way home.”

    I’m guessing Rajmund is the little pig that said: Wee weee weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! right over the cliff..
    and he doesn’t find his way home 😉

    Or is there a deeper connection to the three little pigs fairytale?
    what are their houses made out of? which pig is which? and… who is the big bad wolf?!
    It’s been a while since I’ve come across an smk title that’s been interesting to explore!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL I’m guessing right now no one is interested in discussing the title huh. fair enough! 🙂 ha haaa! if that ever changes you can always come back to this 🙂 bye!


    • I kind of like the three little pigs idea, and their houses and what they are made of. Maybe the houses have something to do with their perspective relationships… or governments?


  5. LOL is it bad that I literally have blinkers on when it comes to this show? I love ALL the episodes, now some I love more than others, of course, but I can never bring myself to say anything bad about any of them haha!

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    • I don’t say anything bad about the episodes either (unless it is Class Act, or Artful Dodger, or any one where Lee is acting like a jerk). 🙂

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      • Oh yeah, and also that damned duck episode.

        Liked by 1 person

        • But other than that, I don’t say anything bad. Ha!

          Liked by 2 people

          • Ha Ha Cindy – what about Lost and Found?
            (Actually I don’t mind L and F, or the duck episode. I would probably even rate ACA and AD over this, even though they dumb down Amanda far too much, I find them annoying but not boring. I don’t really like Brunettes but mainly because its a bit sick for me)
            Norma, I wish I could be more like you (and Cindy) ie not criticising -I do really love the show, there is miles and miles to love about it. Even in my less favourite episodes the is still Lee, decency, humour and usually some romance. I would rate even a weaker episode over much of what is shown today

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh yeah, and Lost and Found. Tee hee!


            • Ha Ha Cindy – what about Lost and Found?

              Yeah I remember struggling through writing the walk for lost and found – and Cindy being along for the walk really got me through that ep!! I could have quit the blog way back then it was quite torturous!
              But.. overall I think Lost and Found was a valuable, if not enjoyable, episode.
              And I don’t mind the odd intense or uncomfortable episode – if we get a big pay off at the end (Bye bye Peva without the P!!) and it’s well written and executed.
              I love Brunettes are in – such a milestone episode, but yes rather ick and intense!
              When the walk is over would you guys like to talk about fave and least fave eps overall? I’d love to!

              Norma, I wish I could be more like you (and Cindy) ie not criticising -I do really love the show, there is miles and miles to love about it. Even in my less favourite episodes the is still Lee, decency, humour and usually some romance. I would rate even a weaker episode over much of what is shown today.

              this is interesting! it’s a dilemma the blog has revealed to me as we progress.. pay close attention? or not?
              some episodes don’t benefit from a walk through 😉 they shall be left nameless – but many also hugely benefit from closer attention.
              [I can think of a few I now love which before I thought were meh!]
              but how do we know which it will be until the walk through is done? We can’t.. so I take the good with the not so good.
              There is always some reason why watching an ep is worth it- Michele you’ve done a fabulous job identifying those parts! 🙂

              I sometimes even love the parts that are not all polished – the imperfections make the show more loveable to me!

              I feel the same way as you Michele, and I figure if anyone finds the walk through an ep excruciating, they can always skip the ep if they chose to (me I can’t! I’m committed to seeing all 88 through 🙂 ) – it’s all good! 🙂

              [edited to fix my block quotes that had gone awry!]

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            • Oh yes, totally! Of course there are some episodes that make me cringe, mostly because of Lee’s attitude (his nasty he was during the first part of the show makes my heart actually hurt 😦 how he could be mean to someone as awesome as Amanda is beyond me LOL. I guess it also hurt me because Amanda reminds me of my mom … so when I see someone being mean to her, I see them being mean to my mom lol).

              Of course ‘Brunettes’ … and that creepy scene with Francine and Rollo … I always skip through that, mostly because the creep factor makes my skin crawl haha. But that scene with Lee and Amanda at her house … IDK it just … makes my heart and soul hurt so bad that I almost can’t stand it even though I’ve seen it so many times LOL.

              Oh, and ‘Burn Out’ sure the ending of the episode was sort of ‘meh’ (like the action part), but the rest of it was awesome!!! Such a pivotal episode!!!

              I could list MANY more but you get my drift 😉 haha.

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      • rofl – Cindy you are hilarious!


    • LOL is it bad that I literally have blinkers on when it comes to this show?

      Not at all! blinkers or no blinkers – we can enjoy the show however we chose to there is no good or bad 🙂 It’s all good!

      I love ALL the episodes, now some I love more than others, of course, but I can never bring myself to say anything bad about any of them haha!

      fair enough! 🙂 I appreciate that you are respectful of us fans who can bring ourselves to say bad things about the show 🙂

      Norma if you are wearing blinkers when watching this ep – I’d love to hear more of what you think of this ep and the good parts you’ve enjoyed if you’d like to share?

      Sorry I know the ep isn’t quite over yet.. nearly there!


  6. ‘He didnt see the massive hole in front of him (hey its a common mistake that one)’- classic! Loved it and also the ‘random quarry beside LA airport’-this is a really funny post -thank you.
    What chance had the baddies between the top spies of 3 nations and the dangerous LA terrain

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Michele! Such lovely compliments!
      Makes spending time with these action sequences worthwhile 😉 we may as well laugh at them and have fun with them 🙂


  7. VERY funny post, iwsod!!

    But this is one of the reasons I do not like this episode – the violence and car chase/explosion here is too farcical. Even Rajmand’s acting is a bit farcical. Or maybe just bad? And I’m guessing this quarry is the same quarry they used for You Only Die Twice (Teldar/Lee in black jumpsuit episode).

    And what is on Nadine’s shirt? Flowers? Lips? I can’t tell in the screencaps. And why is it that Amanda looks like the only one who has humongous shoulder pads on? The other two women might have them, but they seem to be much bigger on Amanda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks BJo!

      I prefer farcical to serious boredom myself. I think smk action sequences have mostly been a bit farcical haven’t they? Maybe this one was too much so for you?

      I think what makes this one less enjoyable is that it’s dull!

      rofl at Nadine’s shirt. I hadn’t noticed!! lips? rofl! I don’t know what they are but given she’s Russian I’d go with the flowers!

      Yes! the teldar quarry – there was another farcical action sequence.. we had the oh so slow but very dangerous bulldozer heading toward Amanda haaaaa..


  8. Lee stands and looks down at the big boom boom…and.. up it goes.. bigger and bigger.

    De ja vue, Lee?

    Reminds me when Lee’s Porsche went flying down a cliff and also ended with a big boom boom….

    Liked by 1 person

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