14/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Where were we? That’s right.. Amanda and Lee are now alone at the bar with a bottle of wodka. [Hey all spy planes should have a bar that stocks Wodka!]

Lots of big, satisfied sighs!
Lee fiddles with the shot glasses. [yes grrr Lee is blurry! You’ve been drinking too much Wodka!]
Lee leans forward, joining Amanda in watching the others interact.
[When I first saw an image of this moment I thought Lee was wearing a flippin lab coat! the only thing worse that that jacket is the first jacket that was all white! ugh]
Lee: Yeah!
What are they watching?
We cut to Nadine sitting on a sofa, followed by Petrovich. She puts down her vodka shot, and turns to him, he’s absorbed in his little note book. Possibly writing a note to himself: ‘remember to not like decadent Americans’ or something Winking smile Or maybe it’s ‘pick up a copy of Barbed Wire Love’!
Nadine silently, indulgently watches Petrovich for a moment.
Nadine (gently): Would you stop it for a while?
[lol that she speaks English to him! I guess she had to or we wouldn’t follow.. and okay I guess the writers figure we aren’t suppose to notice errr or care! 😉 I showed them!! 😉  ]
She reaches over to take the notebook out of Petrovich’s hands surprising him. 3.21-TLS.avi_002749683_thumb_thumb
He looks around – like: should we?3.21-TLS.avi_002750283_thumb_thumb Then he seems to decide – yeah okay! Let’s cuddle Smile [cuddleov!]
Petrovich: (Speaks in Russian- what does he say?? anyone?) We don’t really need to know I guess.. it’s clear that Nadine liked it Smile Whoo hooo Petrovich is quite the charmer Winking smile he has a great voice! [when he isn’t being annoying!]
He puts his arm around Nadine and pulls her close.
We cut straight to Chang and Col. Sung on another couch.. or should these be called love seats?!
We find Chang laughing..
[Oh my.. Chang has dimples!!! He is serious competition to Lee!! Lets have a spin off series: “Dimples and Colonel Sung!” whahahahahahaa!!! ] Col Sung joins Chang in laughter.
They are looking mighty cosy too! (man that Chang is attractive!). He reaches out to touch Sung’s arm, and she reciprocates. 3.21-TLS.avi_002758625_thumb_thumb
Okay, so why are Petrovich and Chang looking all suited up but Lee is stuck in that weird jacket? ugh.. Oh well..
Lee’s weird jacket distracts me from Amanda’s shirt. ugh!

We cut back to Lee and Amanda watching this little show unfold. 3.21-TLS.avi_002758692_thumb_thumb
[It feels a little like new years eve- the clock has struck midnight and you are watching everyone kiss whoever..  IMHO there’s a pressure to go there and join in! lol…
It’s got to be a bit awkward if Lee and Amanda haven’t had the talk yet! And this is where episode order gets interesting! I’ll write this up like it is where it is.. because, well, it is!  Smile]

Lee’s eyes (and thoughts?!) slowly turn toward Amanda while she continues to watch on. 3.21-TLS.avi_002759826_thumb_thumb
Lee turns to Amanda and looks..
The music kicks in with a “ding”! Nothing subtle here!
Soooo  what do you think Lee is thinking here everyone?
He looks at Amanda for a moment.. his eyes taking her in with great detail from the ‘looks’ of things. 😉3.21-TLS.avi_002763496_thumb_thumb
Amanda notices and her eyes slowly turn toward Lee.
She turns to look at him..
Lee doesn’t look away – he keeps looking at her (is this a little throw back to his looking at Amanda in the triumvirate? Only this time: Lee doesn’t pretend he wasn’t looking.. when she catches him- he seems happy now to reveal this!!! 🙂 ).
Amanda seems.. surprised. shocked?
Amanda: What?
Lee: Nothing. (he keeps on lookin)3.21-TLS.avi_002768501_thumb_thumb
Amanda: No, really what? 3.21-TLS.avi_002769703_thumb_thumb
[Amanda seems to add some nervous laughs here in her tone. Come on Lee your making her feel a little awkward! (IMHO of course…) I guess Amanda would be thrilled Lee is looking at her like that.. but just what is going on?!]
Lee: Nothing. [Lee starts in with nervous chuckles.]
[I kinda wish she had told him to take a picture, it will last longer!]
Amanda: What? [Amanda gets insistent]
Lee pauses a moment.. he continues to openly look at Amanda (okay not with a Sallee stare or anything! phew!)3.21-TLS.avi_002772906_thumb_thumb
Lee: You’ve got a cute nose. 3.21-TLS.avi_002774507_thumb_thumb
Amanda is silent a moment taking in this little disclosure. (Iwsod is thinking: What the heck??!!) huh emoticonhuh emoticon[17]huh emoticonhuh emoticon3.21-TLS.avi_002775308_thumb_thumb
Amanda: What? Ha! Ha!
(Amanda lets out a big confused laugh… and Lee joins her)
The episode ends there. Yep. Right. There.

What did you all think when you heard Lee’s little declaration that Amanda has a cute nose?

This tag leaves me wondering – huh? that’s it???!!!! Okay, I confess I had remembered this little tag. I never ever saw it without knowing what happened.. I was spoiled from the get go – do you guys remember what you thought the first time you saw this tag?? do tell!! I’m wondering if viewers were wondering if he was about to make a much bigger declaration..

Okay, so what do you all think of this tag? Satisfying? Unsatisfying? Confusing? Do you think it fits with other tags we’ve seen in the last few eps?

I’m guessing I’m suppose to think: oh how cute these two are! What a lovely little romantic, childlike moment of just enjoying each other.. Just look at all the three spies with their own female significant other with them on the job – they are together, and Lee and Amanda are well.. sort of together- about to get together? foreshadowing maybe?

Are all the clocks behind them a little clue?
Which is it?!
The timing is everything!

If you love this tag, feel free to share all you love about it! – enjoy! and I’m happy for you! Smile teee hee..

I find this tag too twee to really enjoy it… too quaint.. The whole set up of finding out they are all also love matches just irritates the daylights out of me! Like this episode over all, I find it too contrived! Maybe it’s one contrivance too many and I’m too saturated with them to just enjoy!

I suspect I may find this tag (and maybe this episode!) more enjoyable if it were before TBWCBK and DMLNT- and  more of a first step toward verbalising romantic feelings, maybe straight after the triumvirate or the eyes have it…or between the two… but right after DMLNT and the kiss?..  and all that open heat between the two of them? This seems like a step backward to me.  Like: that’s it? really Lee??!! tee hee..

But hey YMMV and I suspect I am being a bit picky! How can I not be happy with a cute little declaration from Lee about his thoughts on Amanda’s nose?! yeah.. I am very pleased to hear Lee likes Amanda’s nose. LOL. but.. well.. meh!! Forgive my less than glowing take on this tag. Maybe I’m not alone.. who knows.. I’m prepared to be the only one who finds it too saccharine! But do feel free to share your thoughts everyone!!! I’m sure had I seen this in the 80’s I would have been squeeing and thankful Lee had said something, anything romantic! lol..

Sooooo what about the episode overall everyone? Thoughts?
I liked that Col. Sung turned out to be Chang’s superior! and that Nadine (the Flying Russian) got to fight Pam Jentry and kick her butt… Pam turned out to be a despicable baddie of the worst kind – a win for gender equality haaaa.
Oh and I liked how Amanda busted Petrovich’s plan with the bomb Smile
I guess maybe the overall story here could be about appreciating those you work with who you know you can trust – and that special trust that’s between work and maybe romantic partners? That could be where the conversation with Dotty about Lois-Anne fit into things- thoughts?

This ep was pretty thin on plot for me, My main highlight and reason for watching this episode was the conversation where Lee tells Amanda he is glad she is there with him (post 4). That was the ep’s peak! The ep feels mostly like filler! and we don’t want to know what filler is, we just know we don’t want to eat it. tee hee..

I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys who love this ep! share away!!! Oh and of course, if you don’t love it feel free to share that too!!!

Thanks to Melissa R for transcribing this episode!!!

Thanks everyone for reading along and sharing your comments as we go – it is a real joy to walk through the eps with you guys  Smile 

71 responses to “14/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Count me in with those who:
    1) find this tag beyond cheesy in every way. I can’t stand that both the Russians and the Chinese end up being couples – gag. And the “cute nose” comment? Double gag. Why couldn’t he have kept it classy and simple with a nice, “you are so beautiful” or really just about anything but the cute nose thing?
    2) wondered why they were wearing straightjackets. The first time I remember seeing this was actually in a fan video where the video quality wasn’t that great. I was racking my brain for weeks what episode this could be from where they had a conversation like this about her cute nose in straightjackets! I couldn’t remember anything like it! When I finally found it in this episode, I cracked up at how unmemorable the episode had been and that somehow, thinking they were in straightjackets had actually made the conversation a little better.
    3) put this episode earlier in the season.
    4) are so ready to move on to ATWAS 😁

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  2. A late answer: Patrovich says to Nadine that he speaks Russian 🙂

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  3. Great recap! I liked the girl antagonist (and even the stabby stabby!), and totally agree the Chinese spy was complete eye candy! And I think the episode had a decent premise (the superpowers trying to divert WW3, the President being involved, and the spies not trusting each other) —but the tag made it cringeworthy.

    But it has nothing to do with Lemanda, or Lee’s “nose” comment, but just canon and continuity. We spent an hour seeing these hard-core professional spy guys who didn’t trust each other all episode suddenly overcome their “bad blood” and let their hair down in front of each other. While I loved the Nadine/Amanda reveal (Amanda stopped the bad girl, Nadine spoke English, they saved the day), THAT should have been the extent of the group’s “comfort level”.

    So that tag made it all seem like set-up for the Lemanda romance part, and it bombed the whole episode. I kept thinking, what if it had been Amanda and Billy partnered up, or Lee and Francine? THAT’S cringey to me: the other spy-couples didn’t just let their guard down; they were rude!

    So, unpopular opinion here, but given that (contrived) awkwardness, I think Lemanda handled it well because they didn’t leave the bar and join the [now-outed] spy-couples on the plane’s love seats. I usually hate the “one step forward, two steps back” pacing, but I think this would have played better (more tension) if Lemanda HAD awkwardly separated, because those other couples were clearly “together”, and aren’t there future episodes where they “hide” being a couple for safety?

    I did like the staring bit, but not in front of the other enemy spies. They should have revealed the others were couples much more subtly, like as they were leaving the plane or something, and kept the awkward stare in after everyone else had deplaned, cut to black. But as it stands, I think the whole episode was just fodder to get to a “build-up” tag, and ruined an otherwise decent premise. (This episode makes me cringe!!!)

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    • I am really enjoying what you have written.


    • Hi Trebuchette,

      before I read this comment of yours it was like Three little spies gave me an itch. I knew it gave me an itch. and I had an inkling why.. but felt I hadn’t fully explored or understood it.
      LOL I find understanding it, helps me to move on lol. It’s a form of narrative therapy or something! 🙂

      Your comments get a great big hoorah from me! I loved your insights and I basically agree with every great point you made so eloquently. the tag felt so out of character for all the characters – and it felt like fan service, meh. With three little spies, I’ll just try to forget about the tag and enjoy the rest of the ep! 🙂

      As for being a safe couple in the future or something – if it’s in the ‘future’ I’d say hold that thought and we’ll come back to it – this blog doesn’t jump ahead of where the walk is up to. And I’m trying to remain unspoiled about what’s ahead (it’s been years since I’ve seen season 4) Hope you will still be around if we get to what you are referring to and that you can then share your thoughts. Love your insights Trebuchette! 🙂

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  4. Hah. Another pic of LEE/BB looming like Michael J. Fox! (2nd pic above.) Or is it just me that sees it….???…. Whatevs. Hi all!


  5. I’m still on the fence about this episode. It’s definitely not one of my favorites and there are some mental gymnastics necessary to find some good stuff, but I always appreciate being able to walk through episodes together and maybe finding something deeper.

    I think that underneath the surface of this episode there is something about change and transitions. In the beginning we see Dotty bemoaning the fact that Amanda seems to have changed and it has led to a change in their relationship. While Dotty seems sad she also seems to be understanding and accepting of the change.

    We also see change in the fact of common enemies having to work together to solve a case. Possibly hints of future change and detente.

    Lee and Amanda have spent pretty much most of the episode away from the Agency and in the presence of others who have a similar working relationship as Lee and Amanda, as well as a personal one. It’s slowly revealed, but it’s there. It is shown that Sung/Chang and Nadine/Petrovich are able to have both and be happy. Maybe it’s a lesson for Lee and Amanda, as well as a nudge forward. It would be interesting to know if either of those relationships were known to their superiors.

    I think when I first saw this “cute nose” comment I thought it was cute, but I was a bit younger then. Now, I’m not so happy with it. I do like how Lee looks at Amanda and I could possibly go with the fact that he may have gotten a bit tongue-tied and confused. But I think based on what has been leading up to this point, it just might be an episode order question. Maybe seeing the other couples gave him some encouragement and he backed off at the last minute.

    I did read a fanfic once that Amanda got upset about that comment. Either Lee also used it to refer to a puppy or there was something about a puppy. It’s been a while since I read any fanfics.

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  6. Hi everyone! Loving hearing from you all!!
    Bit busy so will get back here to reply as soon as I can.

    FYI – Before we start all the world’s a stage (Squeee), I’ll publish a little blog post about the season 3 episode order (at the moment there is only a blog post about the order of the first five episodes of season 3)- We have lots to chat about on this topic! and are likely to continue to want to share thoughts about it while we walk through the final season 3 episode. I’ll try and get back here tonight after work to publish this post.

    Hope you are all well! bye for now!

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  7. Passing thought on Nadine speaking English here: maybe it’s a habit they’ve fallen into when they’re alone together to give themselves some privacy or make it harder to be overheard? Lee and Amanda love language is very much light touches and understanding looks, but perhaps the Big Brother aspect of the Soviet Union means these two literally have a love language?

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  8. So I think I thought this was cute and adorable when I was a teen, but now this tag falls flat for me. I was reading the script and this episode ends with the women seating on the couch exchanging contact information and promising to visit if they are in each other’s areas. The men are at the bar drinking. The women hint at their relationships and Nadine and Jin end up on the sofas with their men.

    Lee joins Amanda on the sofa and she comments on how tired he looks. He tells her that he couldn’t have done this job without her. She replies that they work well together, after which they share a long look. Lee breaks the silence ” I agree, maybe there’s more we can do in the future.” Amanda glances over her shoulder at the others. “Like what?” she replies, Lee leans over and whispered something in her ear. The episode ends on this scene.

    Personally, I like the part that they filmed with everyone at the bar, but I prefer the script exchange between Lee and Amanda better. It’s much more flirty and yet leaves much to my imagination (which of course slides a little into the gutter here). If this episode is meant to be after DMLNT then I think the script ending is a better fit then the filmed ending.

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    • I also went over to Petra’s and all I can do is totally agreeing with you, Iluvsmk.
      The cute-nose-line is sweet, but quite ‘meeh’ compared to the much more flirty scene in the script.
      Lee whispering something in Amanda’s ear… Yup – gutter, I’m on my way! 😉

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    • Totally agree! And that is how I will remember the tag from now on.

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    • I am so glad you explored this and shared it with us Ilovesmk!

      If this episode is meant to be after DMLNT then I think the script ending is a better fit then the filmed ending.

      Spot on! I like the script version much better.. what the heck happened that they changed it? hmm.. me thinks it’s because they decided to change the ep order, so did a re-write to slow things down a bit 😉


      • Do you think so? Perhaps this was just the best take. Sad to think but that does happen.


        • Hi Iluvsmk, yeah I imagine so 🙂 the realities of putting together an hourly show as a business would IMHO at times impact the storytelling..
          I see creating shows as a creative process that is continually evolving until the finished product is on our screens, so there’s no reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t be reworking things right up until they film it.
          Then, lol, they could even adjust editing and music to alter the tone or meaning slightly post production.
          For me I don’t think it’s sad – I don’t mind what we got as a whole 🙂 and heck, it’s lovely to be able to fall back on the old excuse:
          Gah! this scene doesn’t work – because outside forces meant it had to be changed 😉 haaaaa!
          Much better than the show chosing to create rubbish 😉 tee hee..
          Ahh it’s probably one of those little stories we tell ourselves to improve our experience of the show – because we love it!
          [Am I making sense? I hope so! 🙂 ]

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  9. I wish I had more time to respond and read everyone’s comments. But I have to wave my episode order flag. And I also add some more dialogue between them here. Its how I make this tag go from meh to yes! I do however love the open look of admiration from Lee here. And I also like the way it alludes again to Triumvirate. I can see the parallel between that one lovely moment on the couch earlier in this episode when Lee says a friendly face makes all the difference, doesn’t he also say something about it being a job to do? Sounds like a continuation of their Cumberland discussion. And at that time he was stealing furtive glances. Now he is open about admiring her…. except I think he gets a bit tongue tied here. LOL… go suave Lee Stetson 😉

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    • lol Morley waving her episode order flag rofl.. I have a picture in my mind now Morley! 🙂

      I’ll look forward to exploring this with you when you can – have just published a blog post dedicated to exploring and discussing the order of all episodes in season 3 – so the conversation can get under way in the one place.. but yes we are still waiting for the end of ATWAS!

      Sounds like a continuation of their Cumberland discussion. And at that time he was stealing furtive glances.

      I thought the same thing!

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    • I’m with you on the allusion to Triumvirate- especially that now, instead of acting guilty when caught,he just keeps on staring without embarrassment. It shows how much more open he’s become to her. I was disappointed with the ‘cute nose’ comment, but I think changing the episode order makes it slightly less offensive. I like the script whispering part much better! (thanks Iluvsmk!)

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      • This is what I tell myself about the cute nose comment to make me feel like it is a bit swoony… Lee is admiring Amanda and he is telling her that he is doing so. He isn’t saying you have great instincts, or you did a great job infiltrating Food for Flight (which she would probably like to hear as well). But he is looking at her, her face, her beauty – openly and in public (in front of others). And he is trying to let her in on it. Of course this works better before TBWCBK. Maybe Lee gets tongue tied because he knows he might get lost if he mentions how much he loves her eyes or mouth etc… so he defaults to something a little less powerful. A cute nose. But I bet he winces a bit when he hears the words come out of his mouth. But I still think this little exchange pierces through a relationship threshold that these two have been standing at for a long time. (Of course that only works if this is before those two lovely tags that we just walked through in Dead men and The Boy Who Could be King)

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      • The pleasure is mine. 😄


  10. One part of of me thinks the Chang/Jin and Petrovich/Nadine romantic moments are sweet, and another (larger) part of me feels nauseated. What does everyone think about this?

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  11. I really dislike Lee’s jacket! First time I watched this on DVD I had to double check it…looked like a straight jacket with his arms crossed like that! I prefer the suit from earlier..mm hmm!

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  12. The first time I saw this episode, I remember being so disappointed that this was all we got after the DMLNT tag. I did love the fact that Lee openly stared at Amanda and didn’t even try to hide it when she knew that he was staring, but the cute nose line was not what I wanted him to say! I don’t know what I wanted him to say, but he could have at least used the beautiful word instead of cute, dagnabbit! And although I think KJ is a good actress, her reaction here to what Lee says makes me wonder if this line was ad libbed here – e.g. this is BB telling KJ she has a cute nose – and TPTB decided to keep it.

    I’m not bothered by the episode order of this episode and what happens in the tag. I wanted more from the tag, sure, but just because I was disappointed didn’t make me think the episode order was necessarily switched. I think Lee’s lengthy open stare at Amanda has a quality to it that we’ve never seen before. I can see how what happened in the DMLNT tag opening up a new comfort level for these two. Yeah Lee stares a bit at Amanda in front of Billy in TBWCBK tag, but in this one, I see him communicating a strong desire that I did not see in that one. I can see this type of stare from Lee coming after the DMLNT tag. After the DMLNT tag, there is no question about Lee’s desire for Amanda and hers for him, and this open stare here confirms that for me. Maybe continues is a better word. He’s now completely comfortable openly staring at her and doesn’t care if she or the others on the plane know that he’s staring at her with what seems to me to be an obvious desire. I can see this episode also coming between WN and TBWCBK, but I think I like it here also.

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    • BJo – top marks for still being able to see the glass half full with this episode. 🙂

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    • Being of a similar, um, temperament to BJo, it also never occurred to me to think about swop the episode order. It does seem a bit anti-climactic coming after the DMLNT tag…but almost anything would! We almost never get two swoony episodes back-to-back in SMK though. The Triumvirate and TEHI are the obvious exception in S3 (I won’t get to S4 yet…). So maybe “they” are stringing us along.

      Agree with Kiwismh – BJo, I salute your anti-Eeyore view of the episode

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    • whoooo BJo I do believe you have strayed into some ep order chatter! gasp 🙂 always love to hear your thoughts!

      I’m yet to fully start thinking about the ep order, but the ‘strong desire’ you’ve mentioned is (I think) a major factor here..

      Yeah Lee stares a bit at Amanda in front of Billy in TBWCBK tag, but in this one, I see him communicating a strong desire that I did not see in that one.

      whoooo I’d agree with this!! 🙂 but.. what meaning do we give this? is it an indication they are not ‘there’ yet? or that they’ve already moved into that territory? I think it could be either..
      Not sure which I’ll go with yet.. I’ve got to go read what I said now, it’s all a bit vague! eek!

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  13. I’m with Cindy. I’ve discussed this with other fic writers and the consensus among us is that this slots in after Wrong Number and before Boy/King. So we get the increasing levels of open affection from cute nose,to hand holding, to quick kiss with intent and then the episode that shall not yet be named. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep, Janet, I’ll agree with you and Cindy. To me, this episode shows enough development of the professional relationship between them, just not enough of the romantic development for it to happen after DMLNT. So we have;

      Triumvirate, Wrong Number, 3 Little Spies, TBWWBK, DMLNT. Where is The Eyes Have It again? Should that go between 3 Little Spies and TBWWBK?

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    • whoooo groovy clagjanet, I hope you’ll share more of your thoughts in the episode 3 order dedicated blog post I’ve just created.. would be interested to hear all the different theories that came up during the fan fic writers discussions! 🙂


  14. Melissa Robertson

    I never really cared for this ep. and transcribing it didn’t boost my rating. Just like today, back when I first saw this tag in the 80s I felt let down after all the ground they had covered. I was like what the heck was the comment about the nose and I can understand not wanting to have a small peck in front of everyone, if they’re even paying attention! But it feels like it’s two steps forward and one step backwards with these two, but YMMV.

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  15. And one thing to say about Amanda’s shirt is that it is well made. It is hard to match up the grid lines like that.

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    • Yes, I did some sewing in my younger years and getting the lines to match on an article of clothing was super tricky.
      This is pretty much what it’s come to with this episode for me – noticing the matched lines on Amanda’s blouse. :-/
      Iwsod, you asked what our reactions were originally (back in 1980-whatever)and now. For me exactly the same now as then – Bollocks! 😦
      Others may feel differently, but for me there was really nothing about this episode that gelled. Even the “cute nose” thing is lame, even if it comes earlier in the episode order.
      Grumpy kiwismh is going outside now to mow her lawns…

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  16. Ooh! The Dimples on Chang! Wowsa!
    I liked the episode, but agree it should come before TBWCBK. The cute nose comment falls flat after that short sizzling kiss last episode.

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