11/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

What’s next? We see the vette driving down a suburban street. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001585185
Pretty tree lined street.
They pull up in front of  a house Lee seems to recognise. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001600000
Standing out front, suddenly Lee realises there’s a boy up the tree out front of this house.
: Hey.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001607207
[Seems memories are flooding back for Lee as the boy jumps down.]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001615015
(The boy magically jumps down from the tree and lands in front of him. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001616216
The boy reaches for his bike and cycles away as Lee reacts to the memories flooding back..) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001619819
[Not sure that these memories are happy ones?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001621821
Then again, maybe it’s the drug wearing off!]
(We see Amanda was hanging back by the vette. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001623423

Lee shakes his head and rubs his eyes.)
[drugs? or memories? Heck, maybe it’s both!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001627027
(Lee watches the boy on the bike ride away..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001631231
This somehow seems significant to Lee.
Amanda calls out.)
: Lee?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001632032
[But wait! I have another mystery to solve. Where have Amanda’s earrings gone?! Smile

Okay okay.. not quite so interesting as the mysteries Lee is slowly unfolding!]

(Amanda calling out to Lee breaks whatever he was caught up in.. and he heads over to her immediately reassuring her)
Lee: I’m all right. I’m all right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001638438
[Awh sweet that he immediately thinks of her and to reassure her Smile ]
(Together they head toward the house, Amanda has her arm around Lee. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001641041
Lee and Amanda take a look at that tree before moving toward the house. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001642242
Lee seems fixated on that tree.)
[I guess this is partly about the drug still affecting him?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001643243
But! Love the white picket fence and daisies! Is this Lee’s childhood home? Love the thought that he grew up (briefly) in a suburban home with a white picket fence.. and flowers.. I wonder if this is partly why his early run ins with Amanda seemed to unsettle him so much. Subconsciously he was reminded of this stuff he is now wanting to deal with.
Okay, I think the show didn’t have this in mind at the time, but I think it works and I’ll go with it Winking smile ]
: What is it?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001647047
: It’s that tree. I, I probably spent more time in it than my room.
[Nice they can share a smile here]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649049
(Lee reaches for her arm and pats it)
…But I’m OK, don’t worry.
[this little gesture reminds me of their cover during sour grapes- approaching arm in arm-and he pats her hand.

Only now – it’s not a cover!!! It’s for real! Squeeee!!!
HERE is that scene if you are interested.] 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649849
: All right.
(They walk up the front steps.. and bang on the door.)
[Lets hope there are not thought to be dead but still alive (and leaving trails!) assassins living here!]
Hello? Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001662462
(Amanda looks around the neighbourhood – is the coast clear? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001665265

Yep! Amanda indicates: all clear! 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001666266
Lee unpicks the lock while Amanda acts as lookout!)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001668668[I think she could have climbed that tree and been more thorough Winking smile ]
(Lee opens the door.. and calls out..)
(No answer! In they go.
We see them walking down a hallway..)
: Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001684284
(Lee seems to be remembering..)
Amanda: Which way? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001685685

(Amanda doesn’t rush Lee.. she patiently waits.. We hear Lee’s parent’s voices..)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001689289
: Daddy’s home. Daddy’s home. Hey, come give your tired old dad a big hug….
: ….Hurry up, Lee. You’ll be late for school….4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001695495
(Lee points to a side door and they head in that direction)
: ….We should go up to the…
Jennie: ….Mrs Ward will stay with you. We won’t be gone long, I promise….Happy birthday…Come on, Lee…We’re going to walk to the store with daddy…

(Lee realises he’s made a mistake and changes direction)

Lee: No, it’s, it’s this way.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001704304
Amanda: OK.
[Gosh I am struggling to get clear images here. Sorry this is the best I can do Sad smile ]
(We see a door open, and Lee and Amanda descend the stairs down to the basement. As they descend we continue to hear Lee’s parents saying random things.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001719119

Jennie: Surprise. I made you chocolate chip cookies for dessert…Give mummy a big kiss goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams….
: …What do you think about going over to Parker’s Pet Shop and get that puppy you’ve been talking about…?
Jennie: …Come here…
[I guess not so random – all give the message that Lee’s parents were good people, good parents who loved their son and were pretty normal. Funny how Jennie sounds more English in these memories than she did at the start of the episode Winking smile maybe they used another actress for the voice!]

Lee: This isn’t right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001721521
: Well, are you sure this is the right house?
: Of course I’m sure.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001724924 [lol Um there is no of course about it you are still drugged up fair question Winking smile tee hee. I can understand why Lee would be feeling on edge!]
: Well…
(A ball drops and bounces on the floor.)
[Did Amanda knock it?]
(Lee picks it up and looks at it, it’s triggering some kind of memory. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001733733
A memory of a similar ball..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001734134
We see little Lee’s ball falling down these steps.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001735935
Mathew Stetson is at the top of the stairs.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001740540
: Lee, what are you doing down there? I thought I told you it was off-limits? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001744144
(Having retrieved his ball, Little Lee climbs up the stairs towards Matthew. We see Mathew looking lovingly at his son as he closes the door.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001746946 [All signs are – this was a loving family]

4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001754154
: Lee, where are you?…Lee, answer me. Lee…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001756556
[No I was wrong, still a lousy English accent.. but don’t worry it’s just my opinion! But lol I think based on Lee’s expression above he may agree with me Winking smile tee hee.. okay kidding! ]
(Lee recalls a little more…. and suddenly, we realise it’s now Amanda calling to Lee to answer her.)
: Lee? Lee, answer me! Lee!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001759359
(Lee puts the ball down and turns to Amanda.)
: That’s it!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001760560
: What?
It’s here.
: What?
(Lee moves to a different part of the basement and Amanda follows..)
Lee: I’m not looking for a locked door, it’s a trapdoor
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001770370
And it’s right here somewhere. Here.
(Lee pulls out his flip knife and starts cutting the vinyl flooring)
[lol hope they leave some money to replace it for the new owners!]
: Be careful with that thing. [whooo it musnt be a bendy knife!]
: Here.
: Shhh Be quiet.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001790757
(Amanda suddenly seems concerned someone above will hear.)
[Did she hear someone arrive? because a second ago she was literally yelling at Lee to answer her!]
: That’s gotta be it.
: You’re right.
(Lee uncovers a trapdoor and opens it..)
Amanda: Oohhh. Be careful.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001805171
Lee lowers himself into the space..
: Yeah.
: Easy. Easy.
: Yeah.
[There’s a whole other floor down there!]
(He turns on a bare light bulb and looks around him)
: Can I come down?
: Here you are. Come on. Careful.
(Lee helps Amanda down.)
[Interesting.. again, Amanda is asking permission rather than assuming it’s her right to follow him..]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001845412
[I’m shocked Amanda wasn’t magically wearing pants that day.. or her removable heels!]
(We see a dusty desk with a desk lamp, notebooks, a cup and saucer, and an ornament. A cardigan hangs on the back of a chair in front of the desk and cobwebs all around.)
You know, they told me this place was so secret so many times that I guess I didn’t remember it. [and yet, he remembered exactly where the light bulb was to turn it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001853219
: Will you look at this?
(They look at some stuff on the desk there.. not sure what it is..)
Yeah. Look Amanda, let’s get this stuff out of here before someone comes home and we have to do some fancy explaining.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001865165
: Yeah. Mr Melrose’ll appreciate that.
[LOL the blood vessels in his brain will appreciate it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001873773
(Lee picks up a file. He pauses when he noticed the pipe sitting in it’s holder.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001876976
it’s covered in cobwebs.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001878378
Amanda notices, and stays silent, watching.
Lee slowly picks up a pipe, 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001887787
and very carefully puts it carefully in his jacket pocket.
He looks up and sees Amanda noticed.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001891391
Amanda stays silent.) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001892392
[but communicates plenty! She oozes empathy and comfort..]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001893593
(Lee hesitates a second)
[so sad… but it’s wonderful he can have his dad’s pipe! I think Lee seems to celebrate this] (He smiles through his half formed tears at Amanda.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001896196
She smiles right back.)
[though LOL she might be smiling because she’s managed to find her earrings down there too! Smile  kidding!!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001897197
[I’m enjoying this rediscovery and new connection Lee has to his dad. A low key, but incredibly powerful moment. How about you?
Acting is Amazing KJ & BB! lol. Love how I write that as if they’d read it?! haaaa.. as if they’d ever stop by here! And if they did, I’d think I was being pranked!
Wow it even looks like his dad’s work at home casual cardy is still hanging on the back of the chair. Quite eerie! I think when Amanda gets home at the end of this all, she’ll pull up that vinyl in her basement and give it a thorough investigation!]
(Amanda hands Lee some stuff as she prepares to climb the ladder)
[LOL at how she is all ewww at all the cobwebs! Winking smile ]

The scene ends there, and aside from the pipe, I’m not sure what they’ve collected some files, books or something.. I guess the cardy wasn’t worth rescuing, the moths have probably been eating it!

Okay- I shall pause at the end of this scene here.. Reeeally can’t wait to hear from ya and chat with you all about this ep so far!

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  1. LeeLovesAmanda

    Oh this scene breaks my heart. Little Lee’s happy life was shattered in an instant, and I think, to cope, he hardened a part of himself so he couldn’t be hurt again. He was raised by a callous uncle, and I think he probably didn’t get a lot of nurturing.

    Now he has Amanda, who is loving and gentle and nurturing. It seems like she is the first relationship he’s had with any depth. He’s beginning to let his guard down and be vulnerable with her – and she is sensitive and careful with him.

    And, oh… the pipe! I’m so glad he took the pipe! His sheepish look that he gives Amanda is heartbreaking, yet so perfect. That whole sequence from when he spots the pipe to when he tucks it in his pocket and looks at her is so moving!


  2. Loved this, iwsod: “Love the thought that he grew up (briefly) in a suburban home with a white picket fence.. and flowers.. I wonder if this is partly why his early run ins with Amanda seemed to unsettle him so much.” Beautifully put!

    Count me in as another Chuck fan! That is such a great story about BB telling Yvonne he had done a similar show and her being clueless! ROFL! I totally missed that Amanda’s house was in Chuck! When we finish this walk, it will definitely be time for me to watch Chuck again!


  3. To BJo, I like Lee’s vulnerability. After he lost his very loving parents, he was raised by an uncle who, even though he loved him, wasn’t capable of displaying the same kind of love. Thus, Lee grew up not being connected to anyone and therefore developed a “cool” exterior as a defense mechanism. At this point in their relationship, he felt comfortable enough with Amanda to allow her to see that vulnerability and know she would not think less of him because of it.


  4. Oh. I love the white picket fence and the flowers too! Makes me think of that scene in A Lovely Little Affair when Lee walks up to her house with the pizza. He walks through that fence as if he really wants that role, you know? I bet he was channeling some child hood memories at that moment. And how lovely that Amanda is with him now as he walks through that fence again this time?

    And, yes, next to the two bedroom scenes, this one is one of my favorites in this episode. The way Amanda asks permission to come down, the way she follows him emotionally as he discovers and slips the pipe into his pocket. Its so tender and intimate. And really, as Lee is walking through all this shadowy remembrances that are so foundational of who he is, I can sense a joy in him that Amanda is at his side. And I think she is completely cognizant of how significant this all is to both of them. I have always considered these deep internal places as a person’s holy of holies and that we must treat one another concerning such things with great reverence and caution, as if we are holding something very precious. I get that feeling between the two of them here. Lee shows no signs of worrying about holding anything that he is feeling back from Amanda. Its all right there for her to see and even feel. And she is being so careful, not out of fear, but because of her great love for Lee and all that makes him Lee.

    A very precious scene.

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  5. The scenes in this post always make me a little uncomfortable when I watch them. I guess I just have to chalk it up to side effects of the drug and Amanda’s superpowers to melt Lee’s heart and get him to show emotion. But it just doesn’t feel right to me that Lee gets as sentimental as he does outside when looking at the tree and in the basement with the pipe. Part of why I feel awkward is because, to me, Amanda and Lee seem awkward when he takes the pipe and they make eye contact after he puts it in his suit jacket pocket. I guess I would just expect Lee to handle this situation a bit more logically or to be more awed or fascinated that he would find his dad’s pipe on the desk after all this time (Lee: Amanda, look! It’s my father’s pipe. I can’t believe it’s just been sitting here for 40 years. Amanda: You should take it as a keepsake. That’s really wonderful, Lee. Lee: Yeah, this is amazing.) rather than whatever emotion he is experiencing. Maybe I see sadness here that I wouldn’t expect Lee to see? Maybe this is where Amanda’s superpowers come in – he is comfortable acting like a little boy here because of the drug and that he’s hearing his parents’ voices, and he’s in his childhood home? Or maybe I’m just governed too much by thoughts and logic myself rather than emotion and am just uncomfortable witnessing these exchanges because I want my superhunky superspy Scarecrow to always keep his cool?

    I love your funny commentary on these scenes, iwsod, especially the part about Amanda’s earrings! You had me lol’ing. It’s hard to ignore the plot holes, but we’ve made it this far into the series, so I guess a few more won’t matter. I just want to know what happens when the homeowners realize at some point that there was an intruder who cut a hole in their basement vinyl floor, they discover the secret room, call the cops, the cops dust for prints, and they come up empty? Are Lee’s prints in the system? I could see his being classified and so the cops don’t get a hit. But what about Amanda’s? Surely hers would come up? Or maybe her prints are not on file? I think they are in Germany (tee hee). I just don’t see how this little adventure doesn’t come back to Billy at some point. I guess it will happen so far into the future that Billy won’t be so steamed about it.

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    • Are Lee’s prints in the system? I could see his being classified and so the cops don’t get a hit.

      Yeah, Lee’s finger prints (and everything else about him as dental impressions) should be highly classified. So, those poor cops investigating that housebreaking will come up totally empty…

      But what about Amanda’s? Surely hers would come up? Or maybe her prints are not on file? I think they are in Germany (tee hee).

      I surely hope her’s are as classified as Lee’s… Otherwise it could become awkward for her… I don’t think, the lokal cops would ask for her finger prints in Germany… though the outcome of it could be hilarious… 😉

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      • Oh My Heck! Hers would be in the system from Byron Jordan’s murder! (At least I don’t think the police destroy the prints/mugshot if it turned out you were innocent)

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        • Oh My Gosh, you’re right, Cindy. I never thought of that one… Oh oh…
          Hopefully that owner(s) of Lee’s childhood home doesn’t/don’t come down to the basement too often so the damage to the vinyl wouldn’t be discovered that fast…


          • I have my moments of obsessing over little smk details.. lol.. but this one goes right by me. I love how we pick up on different things!

            For me – I just figure Lee and Amanda wouldn’t get in trouble: They have their ways 😉 haaaa

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            • Silly tiny details…. LOL. Those things never even occurred to me. Its a good thing L&A live in TV land or they never would have made it this far. I laugh that those things don’t occur to me. Crazy!

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  6. hi all! Just wanted to say hiya!
    I’m enjoying all the comments and different thoughts being shared! So great to see so many of us diving in and chatting together about smk 🙂

    I’ll be back to comment when I can.. bye!


  7. HAPPY 4th OF JULY
    to all our American walkers.
    241 years old – congratulations (handing over a birthday cake)

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  8. In this episode, it was Amanda who drove Lee in his Corvette to his childhood home because that drug was still in his system. It got me to wondering … when did Amanda learn to drive stick shift and who taught her? Does anyone recall it happening on screen?

    IIRC, Season 3’s One Bear Dances was the first time we see Amanda drive stick shift. That’s when Lee hands her the keys to his Corvette to tail Dotty & Zernov. It was quite clear, watching S1’s Filming Raul and S2’s Car Wars, that Amanda didn’t drive stick shift then.

    So, was it Lee who taught her at some point? After the hilarious episode with “Demolition Dotty” taking driving lessons, I wish we had front row seats watching Lee teach Amanda. Oh my gosh! Now I’m feeling … belatedly cheated!


    • Amanda didn’t learn to drive stick shift at all. The ‘vette is an automatic. You can see it in ‘Triumvirate’ – when Lee starts to back out of his parking space in front of that hotel/safe house. When Lee puts the ‘vette into reverse it’s stop lights light up for just a very short moment. That’s customary for an automatic car.


      • I wish we had front row seats watching Lee teach Amanda. Oh my gosh! Now I’m feeling … belatedly cheated!

        SO SORRY to disappoint you in your feeling… belatedly cheated, Nancy.
        Although it could have been a lot of fun watching Lee teaching Amanda – even hillarious… 😉
        But I guess he didn’t want to torture his precious silver darling…
        Very thoughtful of Lee to buy the ‘vette as an automatic back in S1/S2 wasn’t it? Given his experience in her stick shift driving skills back in ‘Filming Raul’ it was quite a wise decision.


      • Thank you L&A! So glad to get this cleared up with your detailed knowledge about cars — obviously not my strong suit. The Porsche went over the cliff in S2’s Charity Begins at Home. Car Wars is much later in S2, but I think Amanda just said she doesn’t drive stick when Lee was getting her an Agency loaner. That’s when she wound up with that British touring monstrosity, which drove Lee’s patience right over the edge!

        I agree with you that Lee was wise to to replace his beloved Porsche with a dual purpose car: fun “babe magnet” high performance man car yet Amanda is able to drive it in a pinch. Thank you for clearing that up!


    • Can someone help my poor brain. I’m pretty sure he Lee mentioned that it was automatic. He gave Amanda a meaningful look when he said it. I don’t remember which episode, I might be imagining this.


      • Could it bee in the tag of the episode when he got his new precious toy? When he invited Amanda for a ride in the ‘Vette?
        Let me think… Was it already in ‘Charity Begins at Home’ where he also lost his Porsche?
        I’m sorry, I can’t quite remember, I’m just suggesting a possibility. And right now I’ve got no time to look for the ep – perhaps later in the evening…


        • You know, I thought it was there too, but I took a very quick look and it wasn’t there. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about collective memory and time travellers messing with the time line. It’s the best excuse when you can’t find things that you remember happening. 😜


          • LOL
            Yeah, I know what you mean. 🙂


          • It’s the Mandela effect! (google it if you don’t know what that is) 🙂

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          • I’ve read other smk fans experience this over the years – and they’ve concluded that the memory was a fan fic.. and not the actual show.
            I can see how we would incorporate fan fic into our experience of the show. This is one reason why I don’t read fan fic right now (other than having no time). I want to do the walk without fan fic filling in the blanks.

            I for one had no idea the corvette was an auto.. or if I did – I had completely forgotten! 🙂


            • “I for one had no idea the corvette was an auto.. or if I did – I had completely forgotten! 🙂”

              IWSOD, I’m in the same boat; not able to recall any mention that the Corvette is an automatic and just assumed it was a manual like the Porsche. Guess we all know what happens when we … assume! Then again, it might be the age old progression … from “some-timers” … to “all-timers” … LOL !!

              I keep notes on my iPad for each episode and not all are complete, since I just bought Seasons 1-4 about 6 months ago with Christmas money. I track Lee & Amanda’s hair style/length, jewelry, who they’re dating, Lee’s covert visits to Amanda’s house, when she couldn’t drive stick shift, when she drove Lee’s car, change in security grade/office space/new apartment/relationship, etc — anything that helps order properly and make sense out of the timeline of episodes. In fact, episode timeline is how I discovered your website and was thrilled to see that you were way ahead on tackling this.

              The way Lee asks Amanda in One Bear Dances, .. which is earlier in S3 (disc 4) than The Boy Who Could Be King (disc 5), if she’s ok driving, is what led me to believe she had recently learned to drive manual. Oh well, it seems that logic is often at odds with S&MK and maybe that is part of it’s appeal!

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              • So cool! Please let us know if you ever decide to publish your research.

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              • Whooo hooo! Gooo Nancy!!! 🙂
                Yeah I agree with Cindy- please share your research with us!! 🙂

                Gosh I did mean to go back to season 3 episode order.. I have a few notes and ideas about season 3 but haven’t put them into a fully formed order or anything close to it. No time!! I think ep order is a holiday activity for me 😦

                there is this post
                If you would like to share your thoughts feel free to.. it’s there for people to explore ideas and share their orders if they like. I’ll be reading with interest, and when I can get to it I’ll weigh in also 🙂

                [post link fixed!]


    • Amanda drove the ‘vette back in season 3 during The Boy Who Could Be King. It was when she and Lee were on Terry’s block and King Eddie showed up. So she’s driven it before now.

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  9. The comments so far have been very deep and insightful and I agree with them all. Its a moving scene .
    However, (just to be different) I will mention the parallel with that more modern version of SMK namely Chuck which struck me when I watched this the first time (I didn’t see this episode until I got the dvds). For those that have watched it, you might recall how at the end of season 3, Chuck goes back to his old childhood home, which also appears unaltered since he left and finds a room under the cellar where his father had done ‘spy’ stuff. (For those who haven’t seen it, the roles are reversed in Chuck, he is the ‘normal’ person and the sky is female.) There are loads of parallels in the show including some appearances of BB. Anyway I hope this is not too off topic.

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    • Forgive me for being a long time lurker poking her head in here… but I just had to comment on the Chuck parallel. Did you notice they used Amanda’s house in an episode of Chuck? The address is even still painted on the curb and visible in the episode: 4247.

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      • Welcome Joy!
        Great idea to delurk! 🙂
        Hopefully now you have you’ll share your thoughts on the walk as we continue 🙂 Really glad you joined us!


      • Welcome Joy. Also a fan of Chuck. I think we may have a thread about it at Neds? I remember seeing “Amanda”s house in S5 🙂

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        • Joy (polomare)

          Hi guys, I’m not totally new, I was hanging around a few years ago. I went by polomare, which I forgot to go by above. 🙂 There was an SMK message board that we all used to post on, but not Ned’s… there was another one. I was trying to think of it the other day. Do you guys know the one I am talking about? I can’t remember what it was called or what the www was. Is it still around?


          • Hey polomare! Yeah I remember you! 🙂
            I think you are thinking of the old yuku forum. If you look in the right sidebar listed in the blogroll you’ll find ‘Scarecrow and Mrs King Yuku Forum”- click on this link and it will take you straight there.

            Sadly I don’t get there often but I’m really glad that you stopped by here and said hi! 🙂


            • Ah! Yuku, yes that was it! I knew it had a funny name. 🙂 Thanks, IWSOD. I do read almost all of these walk with me posts, I just usually read them on my cell, which is an older phone (I know, I’m technologically depraved, lol) but anyway, it doesn’t handle typing in text boxes well, and I’m usually too lazy to open my laptop, hence my rare replies here. But know that I always enjoy reading them even if I can’t contribute. They are a pleasant distraction- a welcome change of pace from all of the ugliness out there in the world.

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              • Welcome Polomare (great name). glad to see all the fellow chuck fans. Yes, I did notice the house in season 5! I would love to mention more but I am sensing that this is a topic to be discussed else where. I must check out the Neds thread

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                • Hi Michele 🙂 Please post the Ned’s link discussing Chuck if you find it. I looked around briefly and alas, could not find it. I’m contemplating a full side by side rewatch of Chuck and SMK and would love to check out what others think.

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                  • I couldn’t find it either


                  • Sounds like fun polomare!
                    You could publish it at Nedlindger’s if you like.. Or you could even create a blog for that purpose – would be fun! And maybe when I have time I could actually watch Chuck! gah!!

                    bye all!

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                    • Thanks Monmimi1! I wonder if it is too late to necro that 3 year old thread at Ned’s…
                      And iwsod, if you like SMK… you can not dislike Chuck!!! They are two sides of the same coin. 🙂

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      • Welcome to the Walk…glad you joined in.


      • Welll, this similarity was pointed out by BB to Yvonne Strahovski ( Sarah Walker) when he played Captain Awesome’s dad. In this interview he told the story of how he told her that he did a similar show to Chuck, but he played the spy and his partner was a house wife. She had NO IDEA what he was talking about. He said it made him feel old. Lol 😂

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  10. (Lee pulls out his flip knife and starts cutting the vinyl flooring)

    Can just anyone explain, why Lee has
    a) to cut the vinyl (OK, the new owner changed the old one – I get that much)
    b) why is this hidden room still the same as it has been 30 years ago?

    If I were the new owner, I would have cleared out the room before closing it permanently.

    If the new vinyl flooring was laid by any kind of agency about 30 years ago, they also should have cleared out the room before closing the room and hiding it permanently from future owners. Those things might be pieces of evidence or paper trails yielding some important information which could finally solve a case – or even more than one…

    And if the new vinyl was laid by Blackthorne himself (or one of his goons) he also should have cleared out the room – just to be save…

    No matter who laid the new vinyl flooring about 30 years ago – the hidden room should be empty – well except cobwebs, spiders and any sort of bugs…

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    • I think that you have a very logical mind (like Amanda!). Actually so do I and I thought the exact same as you when first viewing.

      Liked by 2 people

    • There are several possibilities why Matt & Jennie’s trap door to a secret room in the basement was not discovered. First and foremost, they either dug & built it themselves or found a root cellar and redesigned it to be a hiding place with access that was well camouflaged. I will note that priest holes were quite common in older homes throughout England, as were bomb shelters during WWII, so Jennie would have been well aware of them. Matt was well aware of skillful camouflage used during the war. That no one, until Lee, disturbed their secret room, tells us they were successful!

      The generally poor lighting in basements helped and what else they did to make the trap door blend in with the basement floor, we don’t see since vinyl flooring was installed sometime after their deaths. I did a bit of research on vinyl flooring and discovered it did not become popular until after WWII ended. So that increases the likelihood that the next owner had sheet vinyl installed and the workers just didn’t discover the well-concealed trap door. Future occupants were then not likely to ever discover it.

      We don’t know if Matt & Jennie owned or rented that house. In any event, their sudden and tragic deaths with few relatives around, meant the clean out of their belongings was quick. The relatives or realtor selling the house wouldn’t know about the secret room and neither would the landlord if it was a rental. Not many people spend time in an unfinished basement. They’re mostly used for storage.

      As to Blackthorne breaking into the house after their deaths; well, that would be tricky. He risks suspicion falling on him if caught. There’s a lot of commotion in cleaning out a house and having it on the market; plus, the neighbors would naturally be watching. Matt & Jennie did meet Blackthorne away from their home, perhaps signaling that the papers they showed him had duplicates at their office. Remember, it’s Matt and Jennie who were employed in military intelligence, not Blackthorne. Bottom line, I am not surprised that their well-camouflaged secret room remained intact for Lee to discover.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Remember, it’s Matt and Jennie who were employed in military intelligence,…

        That’s exactly why the agency they worked for should have searched the Stetson’s home after their sudden and unexpected death with an extra fine comb. Those agents should have been able to find the trapdoor no matter if they knew about it or not – unless they didn’t do their job as thoroughly as they should have…

        Well, luckily for us and this episode neither military intelligence nor anyone else did. Instead Lee and Amanda were able to find it and they could even collect the paperwork his parents left behind – and Matt’s pipe. 😉 –

        Liked by 1 person

        • So true! We do get an episode that fills out Lee’s life and deepens his relationship with Amanda.


          • Oh yes, we do. 🙂
            I love it, because we had to wait for a very long time to get some more insight into Lee´s life.
            His opening up to Amanda and the deepening of their relationship is an other bonus.


        • Well, luckily for us and this episode neither military intelligence nor anyone else did.

          It was meant to be!!!! 🙂

          I didn’t question why the war room remained undiscovered.. I accepted that one pretty easily 😉
          At this stage – I know Lee’s dad worked in military intelligence at some stage.. but whether or not he was still working for them when he was blackmailing Blackthorne I don’t know.
          I know the CIA file said Lee’s mother was MI-6 – but was that Blackthorne’s report that said that? and can it be believed?
          I’m not assuming that’s true..
          she may have been.. or she may not have been. I’m kind of hoping I’ll get a definite answer by the end of this ep but I suspect I may not!

          As for the bunker – I figured it was a private initiative of Lee’s dad’s. A private place for him to do it his work.. If he was a good guy and working on behalf of some kind of intelligence agency they may not have know about it. If he was a freelancing blackmailer he wouldn’t have told anyone about it either..
          There would have been rules about where you can store top secret materials, and we don’t know if there were top secret materials in the bunker.. Hmm we learn more about this in the next post.. I’ll check out everyone’s comments there!

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  11. This scene right here tells me that we’ve been seeing Little Boy Lee this whole time and not Lee Stetson, “one of the top agents” (per Amanda in ACM Kid) or even Scarecrow. When he picks up the pipe so gently, it breaks your heart and you really see that little boy, who just wants a little part of his parents.. It’s Little Boy Lee who had to get that drug, go see Blackthorne, and refused to apologize. It’s that Lee who’s been informing his decision-making. The more he delves into this, the more he regresses into that child that needs some closure. He can’t move forward until he deals with his past.

    We find out that Lee had this loving, caring home life as a child. He was happy and content. But that was all destroyed and he shut down. He shut off his emotions and eventually shut down his memories of this part of his life.

    Going through this case is probably not only giving him some closure, but maybe a sense of relief that his parents are exactly who he thought them to be. And it also has to be a relief that Amanda is right here with him on this journey. She is supporting, understanding, gently guiding and accepting all of this.

    Liked by 6 people

    • And once again, I LOVE IT, Valerie.
      Your comment put some tears into my eyes… sniff

      Liked by 2 people

    • Beautiful, Valerie. And maybe one of the reasons he is so attracted to
      Amanda is that she reminds him of the nurturing loving family that he came from – because family and caring are so important to her too.

      Liked by 4 people

    • I enjoy reading your comments Valerie! it’s like you are sharing your exploration of the unfolding story with us all! 🙂

      When he picks up the pipe so gently, it breaks your heart and you really see that little boy, who just wants a little part of his parents..

      Spot on IMHO! 🙂

      It’s Little Boy Lee who had to get that drug, go see Blackthorne, and refused to apologize. It’s that Lee who’s been informing his decision-making. The more he delves into this, the more he regresses into that child that needs some closure.

      Interesting! Why are you compartmentalizing little Lee from big Lee Valerie? I see both parts to be part of the whole Lee myself.. all of us have a little version of ourselves that developed and grew with us.. and we all have an ‘inner child’ in a way.. so I while I find this fascinating and enjoyed hearing your thoughts – I don’t feel any need to distinguish between Little Lee and Big Lee…

      He can’t move forward until he deals with his past.

      What does everyone else think – is this how you see it?
      I think he can move forward regardless – but he will not be as healthy, well balanced or whole as he would be if he deals with it.. But, I also think in some ways Lee has been very successful in his life to this point, Amanda thought so too in A relative situation too – that any uncle would be proud to have Lee as a nephew.. An interesting thought to ponder! I love how you make me think Valerie! 🙂

      Going through this case is probably not only giving him some closure, but maybe a sense of relief that his parents are exactly who he thought them to be.

      I hope so! 🙂 I figure whatever happens with his parents, because of the progress he has made in his relationship with Amanda, he I will be better off 🙂

      And it also has to be a relief that Amanda is right here with him on this journey. She is supporting, understanding, gently guiding and accepting all of this.

      Lovely!! Early parental relationships are so important.. but I also like to think that adults can find healing from their pasts through new relationships in adulthood 🙂 I’d like to think that even if Lee’s parents were double agents – he’d be okay and forgive and move on..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wasn’t trying to compartmentalize, at least I didn’t think I was. I know that we’ve had discussions in the past as to where Lee was at certain points and how he has changed over time. But he has had moments where he has not been or reacted in the most mature way. I know that he was having difficulty in handling things in Wizard, especially his thoughts regarding Paul Barnes.


        • No worries Valerie – yes I see what you mean – we have had discussions about Lee being at different stages of development lol teenage Lee etc.. when you mentioned little Lee in the context of this episode it (for me) has a different slant..because Lee is consciously working through a traumatic experience from his childhood – which for me is different to discussing a general overall developing of a character toward maturity.

          I had forgotten about the whole discussion about the Lee story arc of little boy to teenager to grown man we’ve had about his character in general.. thanks for the reminder!

          Liked by 1 person

          • “I had forgotten about the whole discussion about the Lee story arc of little boy to teenager to grown man we’ve had about his character in general.. thanks for the reminder!”

            Since I’m relatively new to these discussions, when you have a moment would you please search your memory and tell me where I can read the “Lee story arc”? Thank you!


            • uh oh! It is pretty much spread out though the whole walk Nancy. Sorry!
              If my memory serves me right, I’d say it was Raffie who started this idea – that Lee starts of the show as a toddler having temper tantrums (about having a valet park his porsche 😉 ), and then progresses into teenage Lee.. and then on to adult Lee.. by the time he reaches mid to late season 3 I guess.. It was a lose idea that helped make sense of Lee’s journey in general – rather than an idea about a specific episode – thus it’s all over the place. lol..

              Maybe if Raffie stops by she can give a her own overview of the idea..

              It would be awesome if someone put together a post on this! Anyone interested? Sadly iwsod just got no time 😦 but if the mood and the motivation strikes some one – seize this and go for it! I’ll publish it 🙂

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  12. The similarities between Lee’s early childhood home and Amanda’s home are what I notice first. Both are on established residential streets with a white picket fence, plenty of flowers and a mature tree for young boys to hang out.

    Also, the voices of Lee’s parents echoing in his ear depict a warm, loving home like an echo of Amanda’s, with the … give me a hug … hurry you’ll be late for school … made some chocolate chip cookies … give me a kiss. I think of the many hours Lee has been seen near Amanda’s kitchen window, listening to her interact with Phillip & Jamie in much the same way. Are those long lost; yet vaguely familiar and comforting echoes of his early childhood, what keep drawing him to her home?

    It adds rich layers to the sense we get of Lee finding the home he’s longed for in Amanda.

    Liked by 9 people

    • You said it better than I could. 🙂


    • So true – and also so sad…


    • I think Lee would have been impacted by those memories but not consciously.. ‘vaguely familiar’ is a good way of putting it Nancy!

      I think this ties in well with that push – pull I saw Lee experiencing toward Amanda, her family, her home and the suburbs – there are happy very early memories there of a happy family for Lee – but there are also very painful memories tied to that – so he both longed for it and ran a mile from it IMHO of course..
      Whether this was the intention of the writers, or BB and his portrayal – it’s what I see.. and that’s enough for me 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I totally agree. I love that it puts his whole attraction to her from the beginning into sharper focus.

      Liked by 1 person

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