20/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

We find Billy and a bunch of agents behind the grocery store searching..
Billy: What about the other two?
Agent: No sign of them, Sir, but we’re covering the area.
Stem I.avi_002506272
[What ‘other two’? Is this referring to Sonja and Alexi? because no one saw Alexi or knew he was even there- help?]
(Billy walks over to a limo parked nearby. Dr Smyth winds his window down).
Stem I.avi_002518485
Dr. Smyth: Shall I order a D-1 manhunt?Stem I.avi_002521588
Billy: That would be excessive force.Stem I.avi_002522188
Dr. Smyth: That’s why I’m considering it. It would give me excessive satisfaction.
[I always wonder why Dr Smyth asked Billy about the D1.. – he seems like the type of boss who’ll do what he wants and doesn’t need to check. Hmm now I think about it – maybe this is Dr Smyth testing Billy.. that might work..
Dr Smyth is such an excellent bad guy. Yep I totally view him as a bad guy!]
Billy: We don’t wanna risk killing Scarecrow before we find out how long he’s been working with them. [Phew, go Billy! or.. is he no longer viewing Lee as innocent??]
Stem I.avi_002531097
Dr. Smyth: We don’t want him writing us postcards from Moscow, either.Stem I.avi_002533600
Billy: I trusted him as a friend… gave him a lot of rope…Stem I.avi_002537804
Dr. Smyth: Hmmm…?? Stem I.avi_002540206
Billy: Okay. Make it a D-1.  But… give it to me. He’s mine.Stem I.avi_002546713
[Yep, pretty sure Dr Smyth didn’t need Billy’s okay.. but Billy seems to have passed the test. I guess the audience is left to wonder – if Billy has turned or if this is a pretence..]
Dr. Smyth: I’ll leave the death-probable order with you… Stem I.avi_002548214
[Oh my! this is really serious! No wonder Billy wants to be the one in charge of this!]
….and ask the President to sign some blank pardons… Stem I.avi_002551718
[Great! Thanks for that – those pardons will be very handy- One for Lee! One for Amanda Winking smile ]
…No more namby-pamby. Pick up the King woman. Grind her, Billy—she’s in it with him. Trust me. Scarecrow and Mrs. King have been sticking it to us from the start.
Stem I.avi_002562328
(Dr Smyth raises his window. Conversation over.)Stem I.avi_002563430
[What the heck are you on about???!!! Yes all those times they stopped a nuclear bomb going off or nerve gas from hitting Dr Smyth or whatever- the whole time they were sticking it to the agency?!]

(The limo drives off leaving Billy looking all intense.)
Stem I.avi_002570737
[Man things are intense!! And all because they didn’t cancel those stupid war games! I gotta say the overall logic doesn’t thrill me.. but.. I like the chance to see a really serious situation where the characters are really pushed to the limit – it’s when their true colours will show..
IFF’s certainly has! Who needs Russians when IFF is so nasty and quick to kill it’s own?!!!

So, Dr Smyth has ordered a death probable order for Lee and a ‘grind her’ order for Amanda!!  Ouchie. I guess that’s a G-1 order! Winking smile

Billy is in charge of catching Lee.. hopefully with the intention of protecting Lee and doing what he can but at this time I can’t be sure…What do you think?]

Back at Amanda’s… whooooo we zoom in on the top left corner.. that’s a first! Smile
Amanda: Oh!
[well look what Amanda found!]
(We see Lee asleep on Amanda’s bed.
Startled he sits up..)
[Can you imagine if it had been Dotty?!]
(Amanda closes the door.)
(Amanda goes straight to the window to pull down the blinds.)
Lee: No. Keep the shades up.  Down is too suspicious.
(Amanda joins Lee on the bed.)
[Oh how I’ve been hoping to type that 😉 Whoooo nice hand on the thigh 😉 ]
(Amanda reaches up to check the cuts on Lee’s face..)
Amanda: How did you get in here?
Lee: Through the front door.
[He must have snuck in before Amanda arrived with her entourage]
Amanda: You’re hurt.

Lee: Yeah…
(Lee stops her fussing..)
…A window got in my way. Don’t worry about it.
Amanda: Oh, no.
[I think Lee whispers ‘I’m fine’ but I can’t be sure.. He’s very gentle with her..]
Lee: Amanda, I came to say goodbye.Stem-I.avi_002592726_thumb
Amanda: What do you mean, goodbye?Stem-I.avi_002594627_thumb
Lee: Exactly that…
…I can’t even go to Billy for help…
[Okay! I’ll go with Lee on this.
Billy is doing what he can. but he’s limited in what he can do!
Love how Francine doesn’t rate a mention Winking smile ]
…Alexi’s turned the Agency against me. Ironically, that’s how I got him.Stem-I.avi_002603436_thumb
[Whooooo now that’s Russian poetry!! I like that Lee doesn’t seem to be angry – he’s worked through that.. he’s fully aware of the spy game and what’s happening here.. IFF can’t be trusted, Billy can’t do anything, and it’s nothing he hasn’t already done to someone else himself. And now, he’s looking out for Amanda I guess by coming to say goodbye…I think it’s impressive! Lee is already focused on what he needs to do to fix this and get through it.]
Amanda: Now, wait a minute; I’m all tangled up in this thing, too.
Lee: Don’t you see? Stem-I.avi_002607340_thumb
…As long as I’m out there on the loose, I can try and do something that’ll clear us… Stem-I.avi_002610143_thumb[Awh don’t you love that us! He’s always got one eye on keeping Amanda safe!]
…I’ve gotta find Alexi before he goes under himself.
(Amanda’s thoughtful…)Stem-I.avi_002613747_thumb
[She certainly has lots to think about!]
[IMHO when she looks up to meet Lee’s eyes, she’s telling him in eye speak: I understand why you have to go into hiding..
thoughts everyone?]
(Lee gets up off the bed.. and Amanda stands up too)
Lee: Now—I may be gone a while.Stem-I.avi_002618752_thumb
[I love that they have their signature moves – Lee holds Amanda by both arms.. Amanda holds Lee’s lapels Smile  I love that we now get their signature moves as a perfect combo!]
Amanda: How long?
Lee pauses a moment before answering..
Lee: As long as it takes.Stem-I.avi_002622455_thumb
: Oh. Stem-I.avi_002623757_thumb
We cut to out the front of Amanda’s.. Uh oh…
a few cars come to a screeching stop..
Back in Amanda’s room..
Lee: Amanda…
[You guys don’t mind if I include lots of pics of this moment do you??!!!]
…I meant what I said on the phone…
…I just want you to know that…
…before I go…
(Lee pauses a moment)
[We’re all on the edge of our seats!]
…I love you. Stem-I.avi_002640674_thumb
[Lee sounds so happy when he says this! Like it’s a joy to love Amanda Smile
Amanda is equally thrilled to hear it Smile
How about you??!!!!]
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: I have for a very, very long time…
…I just…
(Lee shrugs, and Amanda strokes his chest, like she’s wordlessly encouraging him on)
…I was just never ready to…
(Lee nods..)
…You know.Stem-I.avi_002650884_thumb
[Phew! Now there is an interesting bit of dialogue for us to ponder! A ‘noodle?!’]
Amanda: I know.Stem-I.avi_002651584_thumb
[She knew? Did she know for a very long time? Or did she just realise recently that he had loved her for a very long time? I want to know!!! In love]
Uh oh.. off in the distance we hear:
Dotty: I’m coming! Amanda—I think those federal agents are here!Stem-I.avi_002653787_thumb
[Ah man! another interruption and no kiss?! And phew! good thing Amanda warned Dotty!]
Uh oh.. it’s time to go Sad smile Lee makes moves to go..
Lee: Now, they’re gonna be up here in a minute…
Amanda: Now—wait a minute…
…You can’t just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me that you love me and walk out of my life again.
[How brilliant and super romantic to refer to the ‘first time’ they met Smile ]
Lee seems to immediately realise his error Smile
Lee takes a moment to reply.
Lee: No.Stem-I.avi_002668201_thumb
Lee’s eyes lock onto her lips..
[Oh- could it be we are about to get another kiss? or are those pesky federal agents going to interrupt?!]
They move in for a kiss..
[Oh dear.. how will I chose what pics to include?!!! Poor me..Stem-I.avi_002673206_thumb
Did anyone not melt the first time they saw this? Stem-I.avi_002674307_thumb
Oh and hoorah! we did get the kiss after all!]

Amanda: Mmm…Mmmm. [rofl at how this ‘dialogue’ has been transcribed KC! 
Hoo haaa. we get some serious head wigglin going on here! Where that kiss from ATWAS was tentative – this certainly is not! I think you guys are way better at describing this stuff than I – and I look forward to hearing from ya! I’ll just say that this kiss is sweet, but it’s also loaded with intensity- and maybe a little frustration at the circumstances under which they are sharing this special moment?
Considering agents are at the door.. this is quite the long kiss huh!
Dotty for the love of all things good – stall those pesky agents for a while! 😉 ] 
(They end with an embrace.
We cut to the front of Amanda’s house.
Dotty in her hair rollers being questioned..)
Agent: Are you sure you haven’t seen them?

‘Them’? good thing Amanda told Dotty about Mr Steadman/Stetson!

Hold that thought! Yep.. we are going to pause here!!!! As this post is massive already – Heaps to discuss here… at least I fit the kiss into this post 🙂

42 responses to “20/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊💗💗💗💗💗


  2. LeeLovesAmanda

    I think when Lee is hesitating about why he didn’t tell her “I love you” sooner is just adorable! This was BIG! And I think Amanda’s response isn’t about knowing he’s loved her for a while or whatever. I think her “I know” was her understanding of how hard it was for him to say it.
    I could watch this exchange over and over – and I LOVE her reference to when they first met. I like how their initial meeting is mentioned in several episodes.


  3. Iwsod: Did anyone not melt the first time they saw this?

    I still melt EVERY time I see this. Good googly moogly. 😍😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Every time I see this, I wonder why she didn’t say “ I love you too” right away. A part of me knows she is letting him finish what he was saying and all, but I wanted her to say it right away.


  5. (Again, sorry, I am all over the place in seasons and episodes with my thoughts and comments right now – one episode or thought from one are leading to me to think of another, while I’m folding laundry, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, whatever… I promise I DID read through the walk in order first before I started all this commenting!)

    I guess I was thinking about the 35th anniversary of TFT coming up next week, and how they first met, and thinking about this moment of their “I love you”s, and I had recently watched Unfinished Business. And as you all have said, UB should have been first in Season 4. I think because of what Amanda read in Lee’s mom’s journal of how his parents met, perhaps she has been mulling over and reminiscing that initial moment between her and Lee a bit. I think so because the words just flow off her tongue so quickly, like she didn’t even have to spend time mulling over what to say – it’s like an automatic response because she knows their time here may be limited – and this is really one of the few references in the entire series to their first meeting. Had she not just been pleasantly reminded of it in UB, it is still a special comment, but coming after UB, it is more poignant…”You can’t just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me that you love me and walk out of my life again.”

    I love this show. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Swoooooooooon!!!!!
      I love how I never know where your comments will pop up in the show’s story!
      I think pondering Lee and Amanda while doing housework is an excellent strategy for wellbeing! haaaa…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I have been WAITING for us to do this EP since I found this page because of this moment!!!! So pray tell everyone, I am curious what you all think he means by “I love you, I have for a very, very long time.” How long do you think he was talking about? When do you guys think he started to fall in love with Amanda, and when do you think he started to admit it to himself?

    I think he started to fall in love with her around the time of ‘Burn out’, but I dont think he started to notice it himself until ‘Over the Limit’, but I dont think he really ADMITTED it to himself until ‘Wrong way home’

    Liked by 4 people

  7. Ugh, iwsod, what you see as their signature move drives me a little nutso here! And I always took Amanda’s “I know” to mean that she knows it’s hard for Lee to express his feelings rather than she knew that he loved her. Thank goodness when she kisses him this time she fully embraces him, geez! That being said, I was cheering them on because he told he loved her again and we got the kissing. Melt, swoon, thud, all of that….


  8. Yes, this is by far the best scene of all the seasons. It showed the vulnerability of both of them in a moment in time when their life and relationship was hanging by a thread. And if all that had transpired in the last couple of days was any indication of what they had to look forward to, it was going to change in a big way and it wasn’t looking like it was going to be good for either of them.
    Lee wasn’t sure where he would end up and he wanted Amanda to know how he felt about her, it was important for him and for her to hear it.
    I also think when Lee couldn’t finish his sentence about having loved Amanda for a very long time but ” I was just never ready to….you know”…….He had a hard time giving in to that reality of love and fought it and was never ready to make that committment until his and her lives hung in the balance. If he was going out, he wanted to do it his way telling the woman he loved what was in his heart. swoon…swoon

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  9. Maybe I’ve watched too many modern shows, but wouldn’t they want Lee brought in alive, just to see what he knows? I assume that D-1 leaves no room for interrogation. Seems like they’d want to grind him just the same. Who wouldn’t want to grind Lee? (lol…sorry).

    This is what I waited for and LOVED when I first saw it. Lee’s face-to-face admission to Amanda that he loves her and then the kiss. I think it makes the phone admission even better, because it further shows he’s been thinking about saying this and wanted the right opportunity, then was just afraid he wouldn’t get it. You could see how much he means it here.

    The kiss was perfect. lol Iwsod’s comment about Dotty stalling the agents. Yes, another kiss interruption would have been bad!

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  10. Some random thoughts and observations … On Amanda’s nightstand is a slimline telephone. For 35 years, that identical telephone (same color, too!) has sat on my nightstand. It always works, even when the power is out. What I’ve been missing, every day of these many decades, is Lee Stetson sleeping on my bed, waiting for me to come home. Sigh.

    Did anyone figure out the title of the 2 books on her nightstand?

    Strange that Amanda’s closet doors are open while the rest of her bedroom is very tidy. Did Lee plan to hide in there if Dotty, Phillip or Jamie came upstairs?

    Lee’s dreamy hazel colored eyes pop against Amanda’s green & cream color scheme. Aw shucks, silly me, I should have re-painted my bedroom for him!

    Lee strolled right in through Amanda’s front door because he orchestrated sending all of The Agency’s resources on a wild goose chase following Amanda all over town. Scarecrow’s the ace at diversionary tactics … none better!

    Lee told Amanda he’d be gone “for as long as it takes” and that’s when she knew she wanted to go with him. Amanda is one smart cookie. They trust each other and she knew he needed her help more than her family needed her right now. After that long-awaited love-affirming kiss, come what may, she would stand by her man.

    When Lee said he loved Amanda for a very, very long time, but he wasn’t ready to … ? My thought is that Lee was hesitant to tell her because it would — or could — change the dynamics of their relationship for the better (as he hoped) or, what was not acceptable to him, the worse. He has no real experience in exactly how it would impact them and others, such as Amanda’s family and their careers at The Agency. His greatest fear was doing anything that harmed their fantastic personal friendship and work partnership. These thoughts must have plagued him off and on for a while. I believe what made him realize just HOW (very x 2!) long he pushed aside his growing love for Amanda was this awful Stemwinder brouhaha, which thankfully became the catalyst for Lee. Good grief! Doesn’t he know that Amanda means, “worthy of love”? One day, hopefully, they’ll look back on Stemwinder as a silver lining … a more complete relationship.

    I love how Dotty stands outside with the front door closed behind her as Federal Agents, who probably assumed she’d be a pushover, arrive en masse.

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  11. When I first saw this 8 years ago, I just burst into tears. I was 8 months pregnant at the time so it may have been my hormones, but I also think this is the sweetest, loveliest moment ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I think this is arguably the most romantic moment in the entire series. Definitely at least in the top 3 most romantic moments. It’s Lee’s honesty, vulnerability and complete opening up of himself to Amanda. How could she hold herself upright after that???

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  12. Oh boy, Dr. Smyth really looks like the mother of all baddies. 😨 He makes me goose bumps.
    And to the rest I can only say: Ahhhhh I melt 😍
    Sorry to be more I’m just not in a position to speak…swooon…
    Great work IWSOD 👍

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  13. Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well!!!
    Just want to let you know I’m loving reading all your thoughts that are coming through, even though I’m not able yet to respond as I’d like.
    What a special point in the show’s story this is!!!!

    I’m going to be offline for almost a week, so I’ve scheduled the next blog post (21/21) to be published this Wednesday and then post 1 of stem II on Sunday.

    If you need anything for the next week – I’d suggest you email the two moderators (BJo and Learjet). Or if it’s not urgent, I can assist you when I get back.

    Just wanted you all to know that I’ve written the blog posts, all is okay and the walk will continue on straight into Stemwinder II without a break. I’d like to keep the story’s momentum going..
    So relax and enjoy as the walk continues 🙂
    Do please discuss away with each other and I guess for now my blog posts will be my contribution to the chatter! 🙂

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  14. Great scene, wonderful acting, really moving and believable. The 80’s were so good.


  15. I’m going to start with the Billy section first. I think once the Agency was told about Alexi being released TP also told them about Sonja being his granddaughter. I’m not even sure why Dr. Smyth even asked Billy about the D-1 Manhunt. He knew that he was going to do it anyway. He is excessively annoying.

    Lee said that he trusts Billy so I’m going to trust in Lee’s opinion. Although he trusts Billy, Lee knows that having Billy on his side is not going to be enough. That’s too bad.

    Now on to the swoony stuff. Oh my goodness, Iwsod, I love the screen caps and how this post is done. I’m feeling just as swoony as I do when I watch this. This is one of those parts that gets the rewind treatment several times. Such intensity and a bit of angst. Loved that the only place Lee could trust to go was to Amanda’s.

    I like that Lee makes sure to reiterate his declaration of love over the phone and that he truly meant it. I think that once he finished his unfinished business that last firewall truly fell. He knew what he felt, but wasn’t ready to declare it. Even though he knows that he may be running for his life he has that joy in what he feels for Amanda.

    And Amanda’s response is so awesome. That moment of their first meeting had such an impact on both of them. This scene is so wonderful on so many levels. It has everything you could want, a confession of love, a deep intense kiss, intensity, angst, deep connections, and a whole lot of swoony goodness.. Little moments that add up to a huge moment. And I melt every time I see it.

    Finally all caught up!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Said all I could say but bettter😀


    • “I’m going to start with the Billy section first. I think once the Agency was told about Alexi being released TP also told them about Sonja being his granddaughter.”

      The last half of that sentence is actually jumping ahead a bit into Stemwinder 2. T.P. has yet to tell anyone anything about Sonja (subtle hint: food truck).

      “Loved that the only place Lee could trust to go was to Amanda’s.”

      So true. He had to see her and verify his declaration face-to-face … just in case. You know, because Amanda may have swooned (like the rest of us!!) and be in dire need of resuscitation. Lee knows exactly how — just like an EMT does it — mouth to mouth !!

      “This scene is so wonderful on so many levels. It has everything you could want, a confession of love, a deep intense kiss, intensity, angst, deep connections, and a whole lot of swoony goodness.. Little moments that add up to a huge moment. And I melt every time I see it.” WELL SAID!

      “Finally all caught up!!” CONGRATULATIONS !!


      • Oops…didn’t mean to jump. Must have missed something when I was writing. This is what happens when I fall behind. Sorry about that.


  16. Oh my, when Amanda says, “You can’t just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me that you love me and walk out of my life again“ it’s so swoon worthy! I do remember being obsessed, totally obsessed, with this whole scene back when it aired. Thank goodness VCRs had become common by the 80s.
    Runs back down the rabbit hole with chocolate in hand to obsess – y’all coming?

    Liked by 3 people

  17. Melissa Robertson

    I love how they refer back to when they first met in each season…season 2 Burnettes Are In, the fight in the living room looking through laundry…season 3 Utopia Now, the night scene in the swamp…and this one for season 4.

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  18. Such a swoony, swoony section.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. “Billy is in charge of catching Lee.. hopefully with the intention of protecting Lee and doing what he can but at this time I can’t be sure…What do you think?]

    You speculated that Billy is taking charge to protect Lee and I agree. My gut instinct is that Billy accedes to Dr. Smyth’s excessive orders because Dr. Smyth will entrust those orders to someone else if Billy refuses. This is Billy’s only option to control Lee and Amanda’s perilous situation.

    Dr. Smyth did do one thing right: he tried to postpone Stemwinder, but the others involved claimed he didn’t have sufficient proof. So he’s not all bad … just 99.9% bad … the mirror image of Ivory soap! LOL

    Liked by 3 people

    • lol….Ivory soap. Can we wash his mouth out with soap for even suggesting a D-1 on Lee?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that’s precisely what he deserves for what he wants to do to Lee; then, remember to scrape that bar of soap against the back of Dr. Smyth’s front teeth. That makes it super tough to wash away — payback for going after Amanda, too! Then we can do that mission accomplished hand slap jive like Lee & Amanda did when they knocked out the security guard on that concealed floor in the high rise in Reach for the Sky.

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    • I agree, I think Billy is playing for time and praying he is right

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  20. “…You can’t just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me that you love me and walk out of my life again.”

    Oh YES! Right here, Amanda gives Lee and their relationship a lovely set of romantic “bookends.” … What a dramatic contrast to Dean’s pathetic and utterly UN-romantic bookends gift to her way back when. Notice how our Lee acknowledges her “gift” … with that simple “no” then S.W.A.T.

    WoW! It’s like time stands still … as it should when lovers share their true self with one other. In the midst of danger, I’m doing a happy dance 💃🏻

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