21/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

Agents are at the front door..
but.. back to Lee and Amanda…
Stem I.avi_002683817
Lee: Look—I’ll get word to you.Stem I.avi_002686319
Amanda: I’m going with you.
[Amanda’s decision is made!!]
Lee: No.
Amanda: Yes.
Stem I.avi_002688121
Lee: No.
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: No!!!
Stem I.avi_002689122
Amanda: Yes!!!Stem I.avi_002689522
Lee: Forget it!..
Stem I.avi_002690623
…I’m going to a place that is so deep…
Stem I.avi_002691825
…that you may lose your name, your way—everything!.. Stem I.avi_002693626
…Now, Alexi thought he had me today…Stem I.avi_002696329
Amanda: I know.Stem I.avi_002699532
Lee: He won’t miss twice.
Amanda: I know.
Stem I.avi_002700333
Lee: Hell, I don’t even know what he looks like any more; I can’t baby you out there.
Stem I.avi_002704137
[Awh what an expression! LOL!]
Amanda: You won’t have to baby me. Look! I’m gonna watch your tail, just like I always do…
Stem I.avi_002708041 …We work best together as a team,..
[Love it!!]Stem I.avi_002708842
…and besides that, we don’t know what Alexi’s gonna do next—Stem I.avi_002711945
…it might be dangerous for my family for me to stay here,..
Stem I.avi_002712145
…and I can’t do anything…
Stem I.avi_002715048
…to help them from an Agency holding cell.
[A holding cell where she will be grinded!!!
Go Amanda! Here is Amanda’s turn to show her true colours- She’s brave, strong and wonderful! Smile ]
Stem I.avi_002719152
Amanda stops delivering her argument.. not sure how it will be received..
Stem I.avi_002720453
And Lee smiles in response. She’s right!
Amanda: And I love you, too.
Stem I.avi_002722756
Hearing this, Lee’s smile gets bigger!
Stem I.avi_002723556
KJ plays this beautifully, Amanda gets a little shy.. sweet!Stem I.avi_002724557
Lee’s made a decision too.
Stem I.avi_002725358
Lee: I guess it’s your tail, too.Stem I.avi_002727160
[Yep! She’s an agent now too.. ]Stem I.avi_002728261
Stem I.avi_002730063
Lee moves in for one more kiss.
Stem I.avi_002730163
One last quick peck for the road!
[A little reminder of their quick peck at the start of all this Russian mess?! Time to go! ]
Stem I.avi_002731464
Lee gives Amanda one last look.
He starts heading for the window, but Amanda doesn’t join him automatically, instead he reaches out to her for her to come with him and she then moves.
Stem I.avi_002733466
[I wonder if she had not been sure that he agreed she could join him?]Stem I.avi_002733566
They head for the window.. and Amanda runs into the back of Lee.
[lol great start!]
Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry.
Lee opens the window..
And we see a view from outside.. the agents are still out the front, [Dotty has been talking to them all this time? go Dotty!]
Stem I.avi_002740073
Lee can be seen up at a side window climbing out. Stem I.avi_002742676
Lee climbs onto the trellis.
Whooo they’ve brought in a female agent to talk with Dotty from the looks of it! [they’ve brought in the big guns 😉 and whoooo there’s not just Francine who is a female agent! we don’t see them very often in the field!]
Stem I.avi_002753586
Lee helps Amanda onto the trellis also.
Uh oh.
Lee: This thing isn’t gonna hold us.
Amanda: That’s what I keep telling the boys…
Stem I.avi_002754421
[And yet you climbed on there! Smile]
We see a wide shot of Lee and Amanda on the trellis toppling over..
Double uh oh.
Stem I.avi_002760527
The shot freezes here as we hear an agent call out:
Agent voice: It’s them! Scarecrow and Mrs. King!

Part 1 ends here.
Stem I.avi_002765814
Nooooo it can’t just leave us there for a week! How did you all survive waiting a whole week to find out what happens?!!

Phew! what a ride huh!

What would Dotty make of the agents yelling out about ‘Scarecrow’ being with Mrs King?! And lol what would she make of Amanda climbing down a trellis to escape with some guy?! Just how can things go back to the way they were now Dotty has seen and heard all this?!!!

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts everyone!

I loved the way we heard ‘Scarecrow and Mrs King’ twice in the last five minutes of this episode.. and we got to hear a reference to their first meeting.. And.. We see this at the start of the episode (as usual):
Stem I.avi_000048815
Seems like the episode is going for some poetry of it’s own Smile

What do you think of Amanda deciding to go with Lee on the run?

I confess, I’ve done a complete 180 on this! At first, I felt it was out of character for Amanda to leave – leaving behind her children? No way!!! However, I now feel very differently and am on board with her leaving with Lee!
Maybe this is because, for me, the seriousness of the situation for Amanda has become more stark with this walk/viewing. Amanda is in serious danger herself, and Billy can’t look after her and keep her out of danger. All the sweating Amanda, grinding Amanda, and interrogating Amanda till she is psychotic references have helped changed my mind!

If you see this differently, maybe the way I originally did – that’s cool! Do share your thoughts 🙂

Also, I now view Amanda as not leaving only out of her love for Lee, it’s about protecting her family too. And being free – and not in a holding cell, means she has a chance of getting out of this. Things are very bleak at IFF right now! Not a good place to be!! Smile [I kinda feel like it will never be a good time to be there ever again right now!!]

And so now I’ve changed my mind, I’m free to enjoy Amanda and Lee on the run – and all the romance of it all I guess haaaaaa!!! That is.. if they can escape the frenemy agents after falling from that trellis! 😉 

It seems to me that everyone is against them (Agency, Russians, breakdancing badboys..)
or pretty powerless (Billy).  I love that Dotty does what she can and talks at the agents to stall them 😉 it’s like she’s using her talking superpowers 😉
Anyway, all Lee and Amanda can rely on is each other.. but not in an ‘oh well we have to rely on each other’ way – in more of a ‘hooray! I’m so lucky and that I can rely on you’ way!!!! Smile No wonder this is the point where they both finally tell each other they love each other!!! 🙂

Again  – A huge shout out to KC for sharing her hard work with us all and transcribing the dialogue of this episode. We salute you!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to hear from ya!
nyone else held different views of things that have changed over the years?

30 responses to “21/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

  1. I’m super late to the party here (didn’t re-discover SMK/discover the Walk until recently, so I’m afraid I’ve missed out on most of the fun). But I wanted to share nonetheless that I re-watched this super sweet and swoony scene last night (dang, that kiss was so romantic and they are both so precious)…and once again I laughed out loud at the look Lee gives Amanda when she runs into him as they make their way to the window. He’s so “Seriously, babe? We just said ‘I love you’ for the first time and we’re about to run for our lives, and you pick now to throw in a little Season One shtick?” It’s almost jarringly out of the moment, but so hilarious…

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  2. Not much to add to everyone’s thoughts. But oh my word, as so super intense as this episode is, it gets a cackle out of me EVERY TIME she runs into him and they bump the window! I love that moment of humor in this crazy tutti frutti episode!

    This phrase of Amanda’s just so stuck out to me like never before while reading this post: We work best together as a team… I know she’s always felt that way, but I think it comes out of her mouth immediately here because these last 12+ hours they have been on their own have intensified that sentiment for her. Being without Lee facing the agency’s handling of her does NOT sound like her best option right now. Being on the run as a fugitive with Lee at least means they can fight back together, and more effectively than each one alone. And I think Lee genuinely realizes it, too. They have both been a little off balance without the other (not that they can’t or shouldn’t ever work alone, but in this intense situation, they thrive together). I think it’s another element to their relationship they both feel even more strongly about in that moment than before this, IMHO, of course. And I agree that she isn’t choosing Lee over her family – going with Lee is also choosing to help her family by hopefully wrapping up this mess faster!

    Oh, the whole end of the episode from the “I love you” on the phone until they are on the lattice…some of my favorite few minutes of TV history. ❤ I think I appreciate it now sooooooo much more than before. It is huge for each of them, this moment. And though we may all have wanted to see it unfold differently, rarely does life unfold the way we want it to. This moment is uniquely Lee & Amanda, and BB & KJ rock together.

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  3. While I do like this bedroom scene, it also makes me scratch my head for a few reasons.
    • Knowing just how deep the doo doo is that these two are in, I find it hard to believe that Amanda is going to go on the run and leave her boys behind. I guess I tend to see it as you originally did, iwsod, although I can see the logic of the other argument. This situation is extremely dangerous and I just find it hard to believe that she would decide on the spot to do that. I guess she just has such faith in Lee that they will be able to work this out and prove themselves innocent that Amanda is deciding it is worth the risk – that Lee is worth the risk. I think this comes too much out of the blue for me. We haven’t seen much of her family lately, but I don’t think that means they are any less important. She is lucky to have Dotty to rely on. No wonder Dotty is out looking for dresses that will make a man look at her with sheer animal lust.
    • Her hands on his lapels ….
    • They have Amanda run into the back of Lee – smacks of S1 amateruism and not the agent she has grown to be that does not need to be babied 


    • Amanda’s been grilled and is persona non grata at the Agency. There’s no way for her to help Lee clear them using Agency resources. She’s being used by Billy as bait to find Lee and says herself that she can’t protect her family from an Agency cell. Amanda has spoken with Lee (twice by telephone) and with T.P. as she gathers input to make a decision. If she’s on-the-run with Lee, Billy HAS to provide protection for her family, which keeps them safe from Makarov while she and Lee take action to clear themselves. Lee’s “family” has already been neutralized leaving Amanda as his only hope of help and she knows that, too. This was Amanda’s best — and only — decision that gives them a way forward to beat Makarov and prove they are not traitors.

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      • I think I see this as Amanda making the choice for Lee over her kids and I find it a little surprising. Yes Amanda has been in some very bad situations, but this situation is worse than all the others in my eyes. I know she has faith in Lee and believes things will work out fine, which is why she does choose Lee, but her choice does feel a bit un-Amanda like to me at this point.

        She doesn’t know how long this will take and the longer they are out there, the less likely Billy would keep protecting her family. The more traitorous she looks (which is worsened in the eyes of the Agency by the fact that she has chosen to go with Lee), then the more her family will be grilled and treated harshly rather than be protected. She can’t do anything for Lee or her family from an Agency holding cell, but she also can’t make her situation worse. I think the worse things get for Amanda, the worse they get for her family. I think running off with Lee makes it immediately a lot worse for her family, which is why I scratch my head a little.


        • There are many times when I think that Amanda has been harder to figure out than Lee. So much of her is so closely kept within herself. Is it possible that Amanda’s decision to go with Lee is somehow related to her choice not to go with Joe? Joe wanted her to go and she chose not to which led her her being in a situation that she didn’t want and had not planned for. She wanted a home and her family in one place. Even though her life has changed so much post-Joe here she is once again faced with a situation where the man she loves is going off without her. Lee didn’t ask her to go with him, but he’s leaving nonetheless. Maybe deep down Amanda is afraid of what will happen were she to let Lee go without her. Maybe she feels that if she goes, that this time things will work out differently for her. Just a thought about what might be motivating Amanda deep down and why she may feel that it’s okay to leave her boys and mother.

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  4. Amanda has always been such a touchstone and an anchor for Lee so it’s understandable that he has to see her before he decides to go underground. What I love is how he listens to her as she explains why she needs to go with him. I like that she brings up how well they work as a team. And I think that deep down Lee knew that Amanda wasn’t about to let him leave without her.

    Amanda has previously seen how the Agency can be when it’s dealing with other cases, but now that she and Lee are the case she has seen first hand what they are capable of. What they have put her through and how they have reacted to trying to find Lee is first and foremost in her mind. She can only imagine what they would do to her family should she stick around. I’m not sure if I ever doubted her decision to go with Lee. She has already put her family on alert, at least somewhat. She makes sure to warn them enough without giving them information that will drag them into this quagmire of a situation.

    I love the slight Amanda ramble before she tells him that she loves him too. This continues to be a swoony moment. I also like that after all this angst there is still some lightheartedness as Amanda runs into the back of Lee as they are going to the window.

    One of the things I do remember when watching this the first time was the fact that I wasn’t paying attention to the time and didn’t realize it would be a two-parter. I was irritated that I had to wait another week to see how this was going turn out.

    So, the boys have been climbing on the trellis? Somehow I could see Philip trying it, but Jamie? It does sound like something boys would do though.

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    • Love your thoughts, Valerie, especially on Amanda being Lee’s touchstone. This is indeed a high point in this series. I’d argue that this is my favourite tag (although not quite tag as it’s a 2-parter) in all four seasons. I think it’s partly the overwhelming swooniness (they just both seem to totally commit to how they feel about each other) but also the wonderful touches of humour.

      I love the trellis bit so much. It’s just so unexpected in the midst of romance, betrayal, spies and questionable friendships.

      I can see Jamie being unsure of the trellis. But in defence of girls everywhere, I have to say that both Minijets1 and 2 are girls and they probably would have been up and down the trellis the day we moved in to the house on Maplewood Drive.

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  5. I know Dotty is a championship talker, but all that time she stalls the agents on the porch…I don’t know. It doesn’t appear that Amanda gave her any indication that the agents who would be coming are frenemies or should be stalled and kept out of the house. Dotty just seems to do that of her own accord. My suspicions that Dotty knows what’s really going on—at more than just a superficial level—keep getting stronger. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking.

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    • I’m not sure that Dotty knows. I tend to think that she just loves people – people she knows and complete strangers – and she is the original rambler. But I’d like to think that you’re right 2Goldens… 🙂

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  6. I too always thought that was out of character for her to want to go with Lee and leave her boys behind to wonder where she was and what had happened to her. She was always so protective of them, especially since Joe was an absent father most of the time. But she knew that they were in a lot of trouble and I’m guessing she didn’t want to put her boys through all of what would happen if she stayed and the feds took her in.
    I truly think that she was prepared and committed to having Lee’s back through all of this ordeal and she knew deep inside that she was the only one they could trust to help Lee clear their names. They were without the ability to call on the usual contacts they normally used for help….this was a true test of their love for one another, they were in this alone

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  7. So just to circle back and finally finish an unexpressed thought from months ago, this scene is why I’ve always thought “Unfinished Business” needed to come first in airing order.

    Lee’s admission that he’s loved her for a very, very long time but just wasn’t ready to say it really speaks to how much those unanswered questions from his childhood were still plaguing him. There was something about finding out what his parents were like – that they loved each other, that they loved him, that they were honourable people – that finally gave him enough heart’s ease to truly let someone else in. Perhaps somewhere he’d internalized that loving people was a weakness and I know there will be those who say that his uncle indoctrinated him early but I think a small boy just coped as best he could, probably trying to be brave and stoic like his TV cowboy heroes and was rewarded for that by a man who was uncomfortable with displays of emotion and in over his head with sudden parenthood.

    But we saw that emotion in Lee – and so did Amanda – right from the first episode when he talked about his partner and then we saw him shut down and try and cover for that slip for more episodes than I can count and we watched Amanda gently tease him out of his shell, two steps forward and one step back for years (even almost giving it up entirely in Brunettes Are In) until he was ready. We should all be so lucky to have someone like that in our life.

    The “I love yous” from both of them are so powerful. I still think he was probably working his way up to something more romantic and had his hand forced but that doesn’t make it any less sincere. Why the first time on the phone? Because he hadn’t yet tried to play that last card with Sonja and wasn’t sure he’d make it out of that alive, but having done so, his immediate next step was to find a way to say goodbye to Amanda in person and confirm what he’d said, even at the risk of getting caught there.

    I love that their big commitment comes in her bedroom, not because of any sexual overtones but because it is so much her turf, and is the most personal private intimate place in her life; it’s such a great throwback to A Lovely Little Affair and that moment of realization for both of them.

    Just one big squeeeeee from me on this one.

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  8. Not much to add. I agree about Amanda leaving home and that seeming unusual for her, but she’s thinking like a spy now. I like Lee’s reaction when he realizes she’s right.

    Aren’t you glad that this wasn’t planned as the Season 3 cliffhanger? Shows used to end a season on something like this. So a week wasn’t too bad.

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  9. Love, love, love the title shout out from the agents. It always makes me smile. And I had the same experience as you – I first thought it really out of character for Amanda to leave her family to be on the run with Lee, but I have come to your way of thinking – her life is in danger and she realizes her family is danger as long as she is connected to them and the only chance for everyone’s safety is for her to disappear. But man oh man, she is going to have to do some massive explaining to Dotty once this is all over.

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