3/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Back to Amanda’s..
: I’m Joe King, Amanda’s ex-husband. Uh, we’ve met before…? [He’s serious Billy, he’s not jo-king!]Stem II.avi_000416182_thumb
[Does Joe have a wedding ring??!!]
: Yes, when you returned from Africa. I’m William Melrose—Amanda’s supervisor.
(Billy holds his hand out to shake Joe’s, and Joe accepts and shakes).
Stem II.avi_000420687_thumb
Joe: Well, what’s going on? I get a frantic call from Amanda’s mother, and your people outside are acting as if… uh… Amanda were public enemy number one.Stem II.avi_000428294_thumb
[Joe is reasonable, but I think he conveys he is no pushover- thoughts?
He’s definitely not jo-king don’t let the name fool ya!]
: This is off the record, Joe. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. Stem II.avi_000429996_thumb
(Billy walks Joe to the other side of the room to keep this conversation from the ears of other agents..)
Billy: There’s a flap.
Stem II.avi_000439806_thumb
Billy: I’ve got 300 agents working overtime trying to find her and Stetson. It looks as if they might be playing footsie with the Russians. [Oh my gosh. there are 300 agents? Funny I had no idea how many there were- hard to judge the scale of IFF..  and… Lee is one of the best? and.. now he’s most wanted? mad!]Stem II.avi_000442008_thumb
Joe: Amanda? That’s impossible.
(Joe looks around realising this is as serious as it looks) [I think..]
Stem II.avi_000444511_thumb
[There is a ray of light though – I notice Billy says ‘it looks like’ rather than ‘Amanda’s been playing footsie with the Russians’- this is a good sign Billy is still a good guy working to help Lee and Amanda! I’ve not been too sure.. I think the story is portrayed to leave it vague and add to the tension and suspense.. then again, maybe it’s just me!]
Billy: I don’t wanna believe it myself, but this agency has issued a D-1 manhunt for Stetson.
[And a G-1 for Amanda, the ‘Grind her’ order! followed up by an S-1 (sweat her!)]
Stem II.avi_000448715_thumb
Joe: What’s a D-1?
Billy: Shoot to kill.
Stem II.avi_000451918_thumb

[Whoa hearing this Joe must be thinking he’s just done a C 1- because he’s just crapped his pants!!
I wonder if Joe is questioning just what Amanda has gotten herself involved in!
Then again, he got himself into a right mess through no fault of his own [Shamboga!], so he should know how these things happen in smk land and it’s the bad forces at work that are to blame no? Thoughts all?]

Moving on, we see this building..
Stem II.avi_000453920
Inside, we find Amanda, Lee and a man entering this home..[LOL at the house painting behind the front door!]Stem II.avi_000456890
: Hah. Thank you.
Ted Kurland: It’s not the Ritz.
Amanda: Oh, it’s nice.
Ted: But it’s a roof over your head… ‘til the police get back your car and things.
Stem II.avi_000469703
The man lifts the blinds.. which makes Lee jump a little.. I get the vibe Lee would have preferred they stay down!
Ted: Meanwhile, you’ll find everything you need, uh, sheets, blankets, uh…
(As the man walks into the kitchen, Lee and Amanda are very skittish, looking around and super vigilant.)
[I guess if they’ve just been the victim of a crime this is a good cover to explain it!]
Ted: Paper plates, plastic utensils and glasses, fridge, hot plate, uh… Stem II.avi_000485719
[I think Lee and Amanda would really love it if he just left Winking smile ]
Ted: AM/FM clock radio.
[lol love how he does a spin as he lays out all the features at this Ritz Smile ]
Amanda: Oh, yah. Thank you very much, Mr. Kurland.
Ted: Heh, that’s what the Traveller’s Friends Foundation is all about. [When you can’t count on IFF, you always have the TFF!]
Stem II.avi_000494227
[please just go – ooooozes out of Lee and Amanda!]
Ted: Helping the victims of misfortune and malfeasance, Mrs. Vanderhosen.Stem II.avi_000497430
[Sounds like a wonderful charity!]
Amanda: Hoosen.
Ted: Hoosen?
Stem II.avi_000498932
Amanda: Vanderhoosen.
Stem II.avi_000500033
(Lee gives Amanda a look like she’s a little nuts.)[lol I like that she corrects him! Why not be pedantic about your ‘real’ name?! tee hee]Stem II.avi_000501534
Amanda: Thanks a lot, we really appreciate that.
[Amanda gives Ted lots of big smiles and starts leading him toward the door!]
Amanda: Buh-bye.
Ted: Bye.
(Amanda closes the front door off camera, and Lee heads back to those windows to pull the blinds down again)
Lee: Cute place—you come here often? [Squeee! Lee gives Amanda a pick up line haaaaaaa…. okay so it’s a joke, but it’s still a pick up line haaaa!]
Amanda: At least it’s something.
Lee: Yeah. Well, it looks like a bad place to get surrounded in.
Amanda: Is there such a thing as a good place? Huh?
(Lee re-joins Amanda by the kitchen)
Stem II.avi_000521254
(He puts a small gun on the kitchen bar for Amanda)
Lee: Here. You may need this.
Stem II.avi_000525258
Lee: It’s that kind of a game.
Amanda takes the gun, and I guess she checks its loaded.
Stem II.avi_000527260
[These two are certainly professionally on much more of an equal footing now. Never thought I’d see the day Lee gives Amanda a gun, and he doesn’t even say be careful! No babying going on here! 🙂 ]
(Lee looks pretty worried.)
Stem II.avi_000529662
[But he STILL looks oh so good! This charity must give out emergency hair grooming the moment they see you or something! Now this is a charity I can get behind! 😉 ahem…
I think when you stop physically running, the moment you stop it all hits you. This is probably the first time they’ve had to think since they were set upon that morning]
Amanda (quietly): I hate this. Mother and the boys are probably worried sick.
Stem II.avi_000532866
(Lee doesn’t respond.. he’s thoughtful for a moment watching her.)
Stem II.avi_000535168
Amanda (quietly): I really need to get a message to ‘em.
Stem II.avi_000537771
Slowly, he approaches Amanda.
Stem II.avi_000538171
He kneels down in front of where Amanda is sitting, Stem II.avi_000545779
He takes both her hands in his..
Lee: Hey. I know how you feel.
[While Lee isn’t babying Amanda – I love that they are still being honest with one another. No babying doesn’t equal let’s pretend this isn’t a tough situation. They can still support each other!]Stem II.avi_000548481
(Amanda doesn’t say anything in response.)
Stem II.avi_000549082
[I think she’s thinking it’s not possible to send a message]
Lee: It’ll be a big risk…
(Amanda looks down and shakes her head) [As if she is thinking – yeah I know we can’t send them a message]
Stem II.avi_000550583
… but we’ll think of something. Stem II.avi_000555021
[I was thinking it was not possible too! but.. Lee understands how important it is to her, so it is worth it to find a way to do it. Lee is taking care of Amanda here – and it’s super swoony!!]
Lee: Okay?
(this gives Amanda a smile)
[Okay??!! It’s great!! Getting a message to them may be possible after all? It will give Amanda a lot of comfort!]
Amanda: Yeah.
Stem II.avi_000558625
(Amanda leans forward and kisses Lee,
Stem II.avi_000560427
then Amanda leans her forehead on Lee’s.
Stem II.avi_000563630
She lets out a big breath..)
Stem II.avi_000564931
(Lee looks at Amanda..)
and the scene ends here.
Stem II.avi_000565632
What do you think of this quick kiss and forehead lean? It looks a bit awkward IMHO in these pics but maybe it works better in the live action. I can’t think of a time they’ve done this before can you?

I’m liking that Lee isn’t going with feeling guilty at getting Amanda involved and all that.. though that could still appear I guess. but I’m kind of hoping he’s moved beyond that – this isn’t his fault or Amanda’s…

With Lee down lower and maybe on a knee or on his knees- was anyone thinking he might propose? Just wondering.. Now they are together, it’s the next big question I figure – Will Lee propose??!!! Suspense!! SmileI guess it’s possible Amanda could propose haaaaaa… but somehow I figure she’d want him to. thoughts?

Well I best pause here for a moment.. and we can relish the romance of a sweet little moment while on the run! Smile 

Any thoughts you’d like to share?? Please do! Smile 

53 responses to “3/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

  1. I think it says a lot for Joe’s character that he immediately responds with disbelief at the possibility of Amanda’s involvement with the Russians- which is exactly how she responded in WWH at the thought of Joe being a murderer. IMO, it shows their genuine high view of the other person. And if I were Jamie or Philip. I would be so grateful to have divorced parents who still thought that highly of each other. (Not that they know anything about either of these situations! Haha)

    Also, I LOOOOOVE the Vanderhoosen line. Cracks me up every time!!! Oh, KJ! You know how to deliver a line!! (Cause she can hear me.) 😉😂

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  2. Well, I’m experiencing and L-1, because your post is laugh out loud funny, iwsod. Actually, I don’t think there’s been a post that I don’t usually chuckle at. Thank you for always adding humor in!

    I don’t ever recall thinking Lee was going to propose while he was on his knees…I guess I was just thinking that I was disappointed all we got was that measly little kiss and forehead touch. I think Amanda may need a bit more comforting than that.

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  3. I dont have anything to add, everything was well said. However, I’m still chuckling over this paragraph explaining the D’s G’s and S’s…. it just made me laugh…..it was brilliant.
    Billy: I don’t wanna believe it myself, but this agency has issued a D-1 manhunt for Stetson.
    [And a G-1 for Amanda, the ‘Grind her’ order! followed up by an S-1 (sweat her!)]

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  4. Forgot to bring up the D-1 comment. Billy said it meant shoot to kill, but none of the agents going after Lee and Amanda attempted to shoot at either of them. I’m taking that as a sign that they are hesitant about believing that Lee and Amanda are traitors or either they didn’t have a clean shot. Kind of scary to think that they would actually consider doing so.

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    • I was under the impression that, when Billy told Dr. Smyth to “give the D-1 to me he’s mine,” that it meant only Billy was authorized to actually pull the trigger on Lee. There was no D-1 on Amanda. None of the field agents had orders to fire thus far. Also, Lee and Amanda have not fired on their colleagues. Guns drawn does add to the drama!

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      • I was thinking that Billy was placed in charge of the manhunt. He’s no longer a field agent so he wouldn’t necessarily be out there searching for Lee. He mentioned to Dr. Smyth that a D-1 was excessive force. He also mentioned that he didn’t want Lee killed before the Agency could find out exactly what Lee may have given to the Russians. So I was thinking that any of those agents would have the ability to shoot to kill. However, Dr. Smyth did say that he left the death probable order up to Billy and would have some pardons ready just in case. Billy may have changed the parameters of the D-1 to keep Lee from being shot.

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        • Billy may have changed the parameters of the D-1 to keep Lee from being shot.

          Maybe! Here’s hoping! From the looks of things Billy has replaced the D-1 with a Y-1 : A ‘Yell at Scarecrow’ order! 😉

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    • I have no idea why they didn’t take their best shot when the pair were running out in the open toward the alleyway. That was probably hesitancy. In the alleyway, they were in a cross-fire situation (shooters on opposite sides of target where if you miss you may hit your co-workers and you’re trained not to shoot under those circumstances.) shrugs I’m going to go with that’s what was written in the script.

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  5. Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well and lovin Stemwinders!!! 🙂

    RL for me has been crazy busy but my big deadline is close at hand and I should be around more regularly within the week.

    I’ve been really enjoying hearing your thoughts and ideas everyone!

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  6. Whoa! You guys, I had completely forgotten that Dotty has met Billy!

    I guess we did miss the start of their conversation so it’s possible that was acknowledged..

    It has never occurred to me to be unhappy with Joe being told and Dotty not being told. Though I would have guessed this sort of thing would bug the daylights out of me – any whiff of double standard and I’m against that!

    I guess I just viewed it as – Dotty is not part of the inner circle of those in the know. Dotty’s adventure with Zernoff was very limited in terms of her contact with the agency. She didn’t even meet Lee, and she got debriefed by Billy.
    For Joe, he met Lee and was well and truly involved.. and he’s a lawyer so I figured he can access that inner circle better than a normal citizen like Dotty. Dotty falls into the category of – people that the good guys want to protect, and that the ‘knowledge of good and evil’ in Washington DC is best kept away from – blissfully unaware suburbia a theme we’ve seen many times in smk. I don’t think it’s a sexist thing – I think it applies to most normal people going about their business. These normal people are who agents make sacrifices for, so they don’t need to know about it or be concerned.. [whether we agree with this line of thought is a whole other discussion! but I’ve seen hints of this idea]
    It could also be that Billy is trying to maintain Amanda’s cover for her with Dotty – or maybe acknowledging her true work would put her career at an end? I don’t know..
    Joe – he could be Amanda’s legal counsel here I think.. so he knows how to not disclose information..
    Or lol maybe Billy tells Joe because he wants Joe to be his own legal counsel?! haaaaa..

    Anyway, I figure this way they got to remind the audience well and truly that Lee and Amanda are in D1, S1, G1 heap of trouble as Billy informs Joe.
    I’ve never understood why Billy shared that level of detail about the exact order etc.. but I put it down to the writers needing to tell the audience after a week in between parts.

    So, this is how I viewed it!

    There is a part of me that wonders how Dotty would have coped with the knowledge. I think she’d rise to the occasion for her daughter, but I also think not being able to tell anybody would be torture for her. She’s probably happiest not knowing for sure.. but quietly suspecting and accepting.. just my thoughts.

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    • I think it was probably helpful for Billy to have someone there to act as a middleman who could grasp the situation but knew Dotty well enough to calm her down. He might even have suggested to Dotty that she call Joe and then he might have felt safe telling Joe that it was a D-1 manhunt because Joe had been the prey in a similar scenario.

      I think you’re on the right track with it not being a double standard – after all Dotty is already wound up with a mix of terror and outrage, what good could it do to say Amanda is on the run with a shoot-to-kill suspect?

      I liked that Joe showed up as soon as Dotty called him – it reinforces the idea of the domesticity of Amanda’s family life, makes it clear that he is still around and involved, and doesn’t leave the viewer going “Whatever happened to Joe?” 😀

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    • I don’t have a problem with Dotty having called Joe. At this point it’s obvious that Amanda has gone missing with a Mr. Stetson, so Dotty would have Joe involved, especially for support with possible legal issues and to be there for the boys. I’m still trying to decide if I’m a Joe fan or not.

      Dotty has also heard of Mr. Melrose in two other episodes. In Burn Out she took a message for Amanda from Mr. Melrose who was actually Brackin, And then in Murder Between Friends, Dotty is telling Amanda that she needs to ask for a raise since she’s been working for IFF for a while. Amanda mentions that she has a meeting with Mr. Melrose that morning so she was going to ask. Amanda did clue her mother in on the fact that IFF worked for the government before she left with Lee.

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      • Oh my gosh!!! Valerie!!!! Well done with all the Mr Melroses! 🙂
        The closer we look the more Dotty knows!
        I could see how the man who debriefed her about the Russian expat run in could work for the government, and Amanda works for a company that works with the government.. it’s one step removed.
        But if said man, the debriefing Mr Melrose, is known by Dotty to be Amanda’s supervisor or boss or whatever – that no longer separates Amanda from all the spy stuff and Russian intrigue Dotty experienced! I think it puts her close enough for questions to be raised.. Add this up with Amanda’s fire under pressure in that situation and… doesn’t this put Amanda very close to the federal agents? too close?

        Maybe in the middle of all this she won’t play out the implications mentally.. but later.. when she has time to think.. she is going to put the pieces together. I think they are all there! Amanda even once told her she is a spy! [In playing possum, and Dotty didn’t believe her]. And – when Dotty said you aren’t mixed up with those federal agents or whatever, Amanda didn’t say yes, she didn’t say no – she avoided it and gave her a kiss or something – Dotty will play that moment back in her mind too. Because she now knows –
        yes, Amanda is mixed up with those federal agents..

        If Dotty puts it all together.. is she going to consciously choose to accept it, pretend like she doesn’t know? Or confront Amanda about it? I figure Dotty would know not to confront Amanda and that Amanda couldn’t confirm it anyway.. what do you think?
        Or… is Dotty going to unconsciously deny it because it’s just too much to comprehend?
        Or.. maybe she’ll have flashes of switching between the two!
        Sorry if you know what is ahead I guess you can’t say – I’m just thinking aloud about what everything means for the character ahead. I honestly have no idea what Dotty does with all this new information!
        though I’m sure for now, she’s just focused on Amanda coming home. Hugs for Dotty!!!

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        • Hmmm, not sure Billy would have been introduced as Amanda’s supervisor in OBDOBD; as far as Dotty knew, Amanda showed up under her own steam to rescue her at the Marshmallow Man factory (lol!) and if all the agents played their cards right, Amanda could have just been another innocent civilian in all that, taken off to undergo her own interview in another room.

          Ditto in this scenario – she knows Billy is a federal agent from the previous run-in but not necessarily that any of these agents know Amanda – as long as they didn’t bring Fred Fielder with them since he probably would have blurted out everything in the face of Dotty’s interrogation techniques.

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          • Hmmm, not sure Billy would have been introduced as Amanda’s supervisor in OBDOBD;

            I wasn’t thinking Billy was introduced as Amanda’s supervisor to Dotty then either. We don’t know.
            But putting together that she had heard of a Mr Melrose, met this man at debriefing from the government about Russian spy stuff, and then he shows up at Amanda’s asking questions about Amanda and her work – combined? : Dotty has some pieces of the puzzle that can start to fit together. Especially if he used his own name. If he went by another name, showed cover ID to her.. then she may not know this is Mr Melrose.
            She could think Billy is government, Amanda’s work does do work for the government.. that’s what i was thinking…

            Yes I agree she wouldn’t have reason to think these agents would know Amanda. If Francine had showed up Dotty could have recognised her..

            as long as they didn’t bring Fred Fielder with them since he probably would have blurted out everything in the face of Dotty’s interrogation techniques.

            Yeah! I like it! Dotty can make grown men weep! 😉

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        • Well, IFF makes films for the government so it is not a big leap that agents might be involved in some way (providing information, etc.) So Dotty could reason it out that it’s just a corollary thing that Amanda is, in fact, mixed up with those federal agents without taking the leap that she actually is an agent. I bet Dotty is now very determined to meet this Mr. Stetson. But it does defy all reason that she would have failed to remember Mr. Melrose when the woman has a mind like a steel trap (even if she does ramble a bit.) 🙂

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    • Be still my racing heart, iwsod, you posted one of my favorite screenshots of Lee and Amanda. Amanda’s hair is perfect and her bright smile is just for Lee, whose jacket is color-matched with his hair, plus that sexy dimple … it’s all marvelous … simply marvelous! Both Lee and Amanda look great in profile (not everyone does) … thanks for that delightful walk down memory lane.

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      • Haaa thanks Nancy! I was going to choose the previous one in that post.. then spotted Lee and Amanda in the next and thought- an excuse to include this lovely moment? Can’t pass it up! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it too!!
        It seems like so much has happened since OBDOBD – but it wasn’t even that many episodes ago!

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    • And we don’t know what Joe does for a living now that he is back in D.C. do we? He used to work for the EAO, but he may now work for the government or have some level of clearance that Dotty does not have. I’m guessing after the incident involving Joe before, Amanda’s personnel file is now more up to date. I’m sure Billy had Francine or someone already do a check on him for potential ties to Amanda.

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  7. Won’t delve too deeply about which parts Billy decided to keep off the record and on the record with Joe. He doesn’t go off the record when he says he’s Amanda’s supervisor to Joe. We don’t know if he said the same to Dotty or not.

    Joe seems less mild-mannered here than how he seemed in WWH. I know that he was probably out of sorts from being on the run and so forth, but he seems more forceful now. According to Amanda, Joe doesn’t knock people around. He looks like he could do so now.

    Lee mentioned that they didn’t have a home in the last scene. He has always been concerned about keeping his family safe and even kept the identity of some of them from the Agency. Just like Amanda trying to keep her family safe, I think Lee wanted to his “family” safe. He realized he wouldn’t be able to contact any more of his family without the Agency possibly getting to them or finding him and Amanda.

    I just love how this partnership and connection has just become such a natural organic thing for Lee and Amanda. Amanda understands the need for the gun and doesn’t question Lee giving her one. Lee understands Amanda’s need to contact her family and supports it. Neither of them has had a moment’s peace since that night at Sonja’s and here there is finally a moment to reflect on the reality of the situation. It’s great that they can comfort each other here.

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  8. Well its nice that everyone in Amanda’s life is getting to meet each other. It also highlights how out on their own Lee and Amanda are right now. I am glad that Joe had his own run in with international espionage and the likes. At least he can understand this a bit, or not feel like its all entirely crazy.

    I have always found Lee a bit tight in this scene, at least the first part of it. I guess he is really worried. Its like he is snapping at Amanda and it almost seems to me as if there is a bit of season 1 Lee coming out – it feels like Amanda can’t do anything right here. But then, I guess I can just chalk it up to his concern about their situation because it seems to melt away quickly.

    So many jarring things happen here. He hands Amanda a gun and she doesn’t even blink at it. And then he embraces her concern for her family as if he has embraced them as his own too. “I know how you feel”? When has Lee wanted to get a message to his kids? These sort of exchanges are what make me think that both of them deliberated long and hard and counted the cost of getting involved like this in the last bit of season 3. They made sure they were ready to jump and then the both did, completely. This one is just the test of that completely cognizant decision – and they are passing the test.

    Oh, and Lee’s response to her correction of the cover name reminded me of the Smith with an e ( I think that was it) In Remembrance episode in season 1.

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    • “I have always found Lee a bit tight in this scene, at least the first part of it. I guess he is really worried. Its like he is snapping at Amanda and it almost seems to me as if there is a bit of season 1 Lee coming out – it feels like Amanda can’t do anything right here.”

      Lee is probably kicking himself for not having an additional backup plan and temporarily frustrated that a place to hole up in is courtesy of Amanda’s connections.

      “When has Lee wanted to get a message to his kids?”

      Whoa, hold on just a minute, morley! Lee has kids??? Since when?

      PS: If they aren’t they Nubians … Dwarf Nigerians … or … Cashmere, he’s in sooooo much trouble!

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      • LOL… Well… I hope he doesn’t have kids. But he says he knows how she feels and I think he really does and I am reading that as if he has made her kids his own in his heart. Maybe that started with Wrong Way Home?

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        • rofl! yeah that was going to be an episode in season 5 maybe – Lee’s daughter he never knew he had comes into the picture as an IFF recruit!

          Sorry to tease Morley, it was just too good to pass up 🙂

          I’m so thrilled you can stop by here again!


    • Perhaps Lee’s line should have been “I know you feel that way” rather than “I know how you feel.” It makes more sense and I think that’s more appropriate.

      Lee’s response when Amanda corrected her cover name was funny. However, I felt like Amanda was really playing her cover well. She rarely misses important details and tends to follow up on them so correcting someone makes sense. My maiden name was constantly mispronounced and I automatically corrected people when they did so.

      I agree totally with you about snappy Lee. I remember being a little disappointed in his behavior until he redeemed himself with gentleness a short time later.

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    • Hi Morley – What about Lee’s “family”? The barnstorm people? Might he not consider them kids? He’s definitely the head of that family. We know he would feel responsible for them and their safety if their work for him put them at risk. Perhaps that is what he meant?

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    • Morley, you said all the things I was thinking! Lee got a little too sarcastic at the beginning of this scene for me. I thought he was almost unkind when he sort of mocks the “cute place.” But he quickly righted the ship and redeemed himself by being so gentle and kind so I have forgiven him by the end of the scene. Amanda is such a better person than me – I wish I would overlook things people say when they are not at their best and just let them roll off of me and move on the way she does! #lifegoals

      And I loved the Vanderhoosen bit. I saw it as a lovely throwback to the Smith…with a y…and an e from season 1. Oh, how far they’ve come!

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    • “’I know how you feel’? When has Lee wanted to get a message to his kids?”

      Ok, this was my instinctive first thought, too. “Oh really, Lee??? How could you POSSIBLY know how she feels??”
      But then after I thought about it a bit, I think he was meaning it less in terms of the exact relationships (her kids, her mother), and more in terms of just that these are people she loves and cares about. And in that way, he can TOTALLY relate, because he just did the exact same thing in Part 1. The person Lee loves and cares about is Amanda, and he felt that same sort of need to communicate with her. He needed to set her mind at ease and let her know he was ok. And then he even took it a step farther and made sure to tell her goodbye IN PERSON before he left. Amanda didn’t get that opportunity, although I think Amanda’s relationship with her family is stable enough that she didn’t need to worry about that aspect. Lee & Amanda’s relationship isn’t so established.
      Anyway, it was definitely risky, but he found a way to do it. So in that way, I think he DOES basically understand how she feels. I think that’s what he was referring to.

      I was ok with his comment after that 😊


  9. Also find the ‘Joe King’ (jo-king) comments funny, Iwsod. 🙂 That might be a school ring or something that Joe has on. Something from his law school? He got used to having to wear his wedding ring and now his hand feels bare without it. It’s also possible he remarried and we don’t know anything about it yet.

    I don’t mind seeing Joe here. I don’t think there are many people Dotty can go to right now. I don’t see him as a threat to Lee and Amanda, but just as “family.” Maybe when I initially watched it, I didn’t like it. Now it’s not a big deal to me.

    I also enjoyed this touching scene with Lee and Amanda. Really like the forehead touch. I’ve got a couple of screen caps of that somewhere. Just seems very intimate-like.

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    • Agreed with your assessment about Joe’s ring. I thought Dotty phoned her ex-son-in-law, knowing he’s a lawyer. Plus, he’s an excellent backup to help take the strain off Dotty. This way, one adult can tend to Phillip & Jamie while the other keeps an eye on the agents inside her home.

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    • LOL yeah Jo-King tickles my funny bone too .. so right for a character I don’t want to like because of what he did to Amanda, but everything in the show screams to me I’m supposed to still like him!

      I wish I knew who it was that first pointed out this hilarious pun – it wasn’t me. I never noticed it. Then, once it was pointed out I could never unsee it (nor would I want to). Whoever it was – I salute you!!!!

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  10. Lee’s mystified “What ARE you up to?” look, put a spotlight on Amanda’s pronunciation correction of their cover name. It took me back to the “Fearless Dotty” episode when Amanda hosed the bad guy’s van. Lee later gave her a compliment on her … (in my words) timely feat of “van der hosen.”

    “Ted: Helping the victims of misfortune and malfeasance, Mrs. Vanderhosen.
    Amanda: Vanderhoosen”

    So I’m the silly one thinking Amanda wants to keep that cherished memory separate from these new memories. Lee’s oblivious to that and maybe he thinks she’s losing it, but he still gives her a gun!

    Being real serious now. When Amanda, not looking him in the eyes, tells Lee she hates this; he is quiet and sad. Is he coming to grips with the thought that she wants out? He’s then so relieved to see her look him in the eyes and say what she wants is to send a message. My impression of Lee kneeling in front of her is that he is incredibly humbled. She’s staying with him! He is so thankful, his dimples even flare! Lee will move heaven and earth to deliver her message and keep hope alive for all of them. Amanda shows her trust in him with a tender kiss. This scene just takes my breath away!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I like your theory😀 I just thought she was playing her cover very well. And convincingly.


    • lol… Vanderhosen. You crack me up! Didn’t even enter my mind. I’m sure we could come up with a bunch of silly names relating to Amanda moments.


    • Fearless Dotty – Whooo I love call backs to early episodes! I don’t think of them often enough these days.. too darn busy! 😦

      I know that I didn’t go into as much detail for season 1 – booo.. and I intend to rectify that once we’ve finished walking through season 4.

      There’s this site: http://www.maestravida.com/weinwalk/scripts.html
      Claudia has transcribed all the season 1 episodes and a few season 2 if you are interested in a place to quickly check season 1 dialogue..
      Claudia: I salute you!!

      Nancy wrote “Being real serious now. When Amanda, not looking him in the eyes, tells Lee she hates this; he is quiet and sad. Is he coming to grips with the thought that she wants out? He’s then so relieved to see her look him in the eyes and say what she wants is to send a message. My impression of Lee kneeling in front of her is that he is incredibly humbled. She’s staying with him! He is so thankful, his dimples even flare! Lee will move heaven and earth to deliver her message and keep hope alive for all of them. Amanda shows her trust in him with a tender kiss. This scene just takes my breath away!” [quote function seems to be playing up!]

      Nancy, I love this!!! So swoony!!!

      [edited to fix quote. weird]

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  11. Nice that Joe remembers Billy but Dotty does not. Oh well (I really do subscribe to the theory that Dotty has figured out exactly what is going on with her daughter and just waiting for Amanda to fess up.)

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    • I find it interesting how frank Billy is here with Joe. I suppose they know all there is to know about Joe after the events in that E-place and Not-Shamba-with-the-zebra-luggage, but you’d imagine Dotty has been thoroughly vetted as well. Are they not telling her what’s going on because she’s come across as a bit hysterical and (potentially) indiscreet? I know Joe’s a lawyer and all, but surely Dotty has more right to know than Joe’s ex??

      Love all the “Jo-king”s, Iwsod 😀

      Sweet scene with Lee and Amanda. Lee does look like he’s in a “(I’m about to propose”, um, pose….


      • It used to annoy me that Billy told all to Joe and not Dotty. I thought it was patronising because she was female and a house wife. Actually it still annoys me. Added to this I do not like Joe (I know most of you are Joe fans but I think he is creepy and much more believable as a killer in murder between friends)
        I also think they all totally underestimate Dotty who ran successfull interference when the agents first came to the house and has withstood Billy’s interrogation with a lot of feisty resistance. Plus she was a total heroine in the episode where she had the Russian boyfriend. I think she would be a lot more useful in a tight spot than Joe King.

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        • Interesting thoughts. I think because Billy knows that Amanda is keeping her spy life/home life separate and is hoping for a good outcome, he is holding off telling Dotty everything until there is no chance of things going back to normal. Maybe he figures that is Amanda’s decision to make. And maybe (I am stretching here) he decided to tell Joe because he knew with Joe’s connections he could figure it out anyway and could blow Amanda cover or inadvertently put himself or his family in harm’s way. Better for Joe to know and keep him on Billy’s side.

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          • I think you’re right on, including what you called a stretch.


          • Yeah, I’m not getting here that Dotty doesn’t remember Billy, only that she never knew he’s Amanda’s boss, whereas Joe does know that because of the nature of his run-in with the Agency. Billy isn’t actually telling Joe anything more than he’s telling Dotty, it’s just that he can just be a little more upfront about how much trouble she’s in.

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        • Yeah, I didn’t think that Billy told Joe and not Dotty because of who they were (even because Joe is a lawyer), but because Joe already knows about Amanda’s line of work and Dotty doesn’t. Billy maybe wants to give him just enough information so that he doesn’t ask awkward questions in front of Dotty; also, I get the idea that Billy has enough sympathy for Amanda that he is willing, maybe even eager, to share information about her with someone else he can perceive as sympathetic; he hasn’t been able to with Dotty because of what she doesn’t know. Billy doesn’t really have anybody at the Agency, since Francine has jumped ship, who shares that sympathy. And while I agree that the show is playing coy about what Billy’s thoughts are about Lee and Amanda’s guilt, he’s definitely demonstrated sympathy. He’s shown that at least he feels they should be given an “innocent until proven guilty” approach, which others are not willing to give.

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