5/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Next up we find a bunch of boys playing basketball. I think two of them are Jamie and Phillip.. Stem II.avi_000724791
Watching from a bench nearby…
Stem II.avi_000727961
Stem II.avi_000729963
Amanda! Dressed in disguise and hiding behind a newspaper!
We watch the boys play basketball a little more.. definitely Jamie and Phillip there playing too..
Jamie takes a tumble with another boy..
Stem II.avi_000732766
Amanda watches on..
Stem II.avi_000733166
Phillip seems to help him up.. and they give each other five. Good to see Jamie and Phillip here actually playing as a team- together! [I think this is a case of Phillip thinking: He’s my brother! I’m the only one who can knock him over haaaaa 😉 ]
Stem II.avi_000736269
Amanda watches on while the basketball game continues.. Stem II.avi_000738972
She then looks across the way and sees a couple of agents are staking out the boys.
Stem II.avi_000741875
Amanda looks back towards the boys.
The boys continue to play basketball.. then suddenly a couple of other boys run past Amanda with their own basketball. Looks to me they were not part of Jamie and Phillip’s game, but maybe they were..
Amanda quickly grabs the boys’ basketball along with the newspaper. lol. 
Stem II.avi_000749482
Amanda: Hi there.
Boy: Hi.
Amanda: You fellas know Phillip and Jamie King?
Stem II.avi_000751885
…Right over there, playing basketball—see ‘em?
[Great physical comedy here from KJ, she really gets into this – totally I love Lucy IMHO!]
Boy: Yeah.
Stem II.avi_000754487
[What do you think.. do you think blondie is the grandson of Eagles?

I don’t know..]
We see Phillip and Jamie continue to play unaware Amanda is near by..
Amanda: I got a note here. Could you give this to Phillip or to Jamie? But don’t tell ‘em where it came from.
Boy: Yeah.
Amanda: You promise?
Boy: I promise. [LOL why would they promise? lol I think they’d just say hey some strange lady handed it to us!]
Stem II.avi_000761094
Amanda: Here ya go.
Stem II.avi_000762696
(Amanda playfully jabs him in the stomach with the note.. and gives him back the basketball)
Amanda: Take the note. Take the ball. Bye. Stem II.avi_000764698
(Amanda playfully sends them on their way, and goes back to hiding behind the newspaper)Stem II.avi_000766299
The camera follows a woman as she walks past Amanda.. only.. Amanda has already left.
[Hey, she’s good!]
The scene ends here.

We see a night time vista of Washington…
Stem II.avi_000773707
And we find Lee holding Rostov at gunpoint still. LOL looks like they are in the dark, and Lee turns on the lights.
Stem II.avi_000775308
Did he just give Rostov a slide show or something?! [Visual aids! 😉 ]Stem II.avi_000777711
Rostov looks to be smoking..
Rostov: Your story would raise eyebrows in Moscow….The KGB central committee is toasting Sonja Chenko as a hero. (Heroine! And lol at someone who had to kiss Lee for a week being called a hero. So difficult! 😉 )
Stem II.avi_000789022
Lee: You believe that? You believe I gave her full access to Stemwinder and killed Phillip Dart to do it? [Oh my gosh. He looks so good!]Stem II.avi_000790523
Rostov: Heh. She is a beautiful woman.Stem II.avi_000795528
Lee: She’s also Alexi’s granddaughter.Stem II.avi_000797230
Judging by his expression, this seems to be news to Rostov.
Stem II.avi_000799733
He has another drink!
Lee: But Stemwinder was a nice, sweet feather in your cap, too, wasn’t it?Stem II.avi_000804537
Nice enough for you not to ask too many questions, not to worry too much about being set up for a meet at Emilio’s.
Stem II.avi_000810744
Rostov: I had to go. Order came by telex directly from Moscow. Signed by Andreev Krimsky. [You been used budski!]Stem II.avi_000815548
Lee: The chief of KGB Covert Operations… and Alexi’s lieutenant for nearly ten years when they ran the European station.Stem II.avi_000822756
[Wow. Alexi was a massive success for Lee! Ironic, he would have been a massive feather in Lee’s cap Winking smile   I like Lee’s approach here – not his usual approach! lol.. (much more subtle!) Lee gets Rostov ready to agree to help him.. By pointing out to Rostov that Sonja had been up to her own tricks, Alexi used him, and Alexi’s buddy in Russia used him – Rostov isn’t a king, he’s a pawn… Rostov isn’t winning half as much as he thought he was – he thought he was at least a bishop or a rook!
This leaves Rostov with a desire to take back some control here – maybe by working with Lee.. whooo I like it! ]
Stem II.avi_000824858
: What do you want?Stem II.avi_000826760
Lee: I’ve got a plan to flush the old bear…Stem II.avi_000828762
(Lee picks up the newspaper in front of him and tosses it to Rostov) … I’m gonna need some help in trapping him. Stem II.avi_000832065
The scene ends there.. and we’re left none the wiser about what is being asked of Rostov!
The suspense continues!
But I must say…. for a Russian agent, Rostov loves his fresh flowers! I never would have guessed it – rofl!
Thoughts anyone?
The scene ends.
As soon as Lee tosses the newspaper to Rostov, the shot cuts to another newspaper –
Stem II.avi_000833767
The classified Ad Section. We can see an ad highlighted in yellow –  [Love how another classified ad has written in capitals ‘JOB STRESS’ – lol! how appropriate!]
I’m going to pause here though before we continue with this next scene! Stay tuned!! 

18 responses to “5/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

  1. Job stress! That is HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂

    I love KJ in this scene. Somehow she looks beautiful in that getup to me! And it makes me sad for her to have to sit so far from the boys and not be able to just run up and hug them. Though I kinda find it weird that they’re cheery enough to play basketball, but then again, they are teenage(ish) boys and don’t know the extent of what’s going on. I love how stealthily she gets out of there. She seems so much more aware of her surroundings and on her game now that she and Lee are reunited, in comparison to the previous day when half the agency followed her to the ice cream parlor and she never noticed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I also meant to add that in light of the whole Stemwinder premise (see my comment in post 1 of this episode) and the comment Lee made about Alexi crafting a frame around him like a Swiss clockmaker building a masterpiece…I said then that there was an air about things that felt like the momentum was shifting and that Lee and Amanda were about to turn the tide on Alexi and become the master clockmakers. I think Alexi was sensing it, too, somehow, during that last scene with Sonja on the bench, given his wording about hunters/predators. But he misses out so much on the why and how – he assumes Lee is all alone, or maybe he understands he and Amanda are now together. He just underestimates how powerful loving someone can be and the work they can do together, with each other, because of each other. He alienates by using people instead of embracing them. And as a result comes his demise.

      So here we have Lee with Rostov, beginning to craft the inner workings of their master frame around Alexi. Love watching this unfold!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting point that she seems much more on her game now.


  2. I was rewatching this and just noticed the pillow and blankets for the first time too! Can’t believe I missed that. It makes sense for Amanda’s character (even though I wish she and the writers were a bit more adventurous— LOL). I am always too distracted with Lee to take in the details— 😉.


  3. I like this actor better as a Russian spy than an Italian mobster.

    He may like fresh flowers, but at least they are RED! All that’s missing are gold pots or candlestick holders. Yes, I’m channeling Tatiana Federovna Romarcheva Falcon Ving! Or whatever her name was…. 😀


  4. What I really like about Amanda here is that she knew where Phillip and Jamie were probably going to be. Even though she’s on the run and in full spy mode, she’s still got her mom radar working.

    Love Rostov’s reaction when he realizes he’s being played. The thought that Sonja’s beauty was enough to make Lee become a traitor seems so laughable now.


  5. “[What do you think.. do you think blondie is the grandson of Eagles?”

    The resemblance is strong, but it must be his older brother here, iwsod, because “The Triumvirate” episode aired in February 1986 and the “Stemwinder Part 2” episode aired in September 1986. That’s a lot of height gained and weight trimmed in roughly 7 months.


    • I think it’s his brother. After all, didn’t PG’s RL brother turn up in S2? So maybe SMK favours using siblings…or friends of GM and RG.


  6. “[Great physical comedy here from KJ, she really gets into this – totally I love Lucy IMHO!]”

    KJ’s shtick made me think of Carol Burnett, but Lucille Ball is a great analogy. I’m just pleased as Punch that Lee found a way for Amanda to get a message to her sons.


  7. “Lee: I’ve got a plan to flush the old bear…… I’m gonna need some help in trapping him.”

    Lee Stetson was doing some major “old bear” reconnaissance on a sunny day in D.C. to get that “reverse raccoon eyes” look. That or, before filming this scene, BB was wearing sunglasses and his stetson while horseback riding. When a gust of wind sent his stetson sailing, he must have been a distance from home to be out in the sun long enough to get “RRE.” I was amused and pretty sure his makeup technician was NOT, but it’s a common “ailment” in sunny Southern California!


  8. Beautiful screen caps of Rostov – it makes me appreciate the actor even more!
    I know it’s just me, but Amanda’s disguise always reminds me of Paddington Bear. It is a good thing the kids didn’t start screaming “Stranger Danger” when Amanda grabbed their ball.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. The light switch thing seems weird but I’m going with… the establishing night shot was an editing error since the previous shot of Rostov’s apartment was daytime so Lee made Rostov draw all the curtains and sit down before turning on the lights since we also just saw Amanda sitting in a a park in broad daylight?

    Russians are so melodramatic! Rostov could do nothing at all, let Alexi play out his game and get all the kudos for helping Sonja but for some reason, he must instead immediately work with Lee to get revenge for what? Being made to dress up as a chauffeur?

    Speaking of dressing up, I love Amanda’s get-up for her sneaky maneuver and that she even has the body language down by manspreading like a real guy and not her usual ladylike self. And the terrible frumpy hat and clown size jacket are hilarious but oh my gosh, their awfulness somehow manages to accentuate how really beautiful KJ is.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Well spotted clagjanet – very weird I never noticed just was confused.. at least Lee and Rostov hadn’t lit the candles then I’d really be worried.. we know what that’s smk code for 😉
      [a blackout?!]


    • I think Amanda’s disguise highlights how truly hideous some 80s hairstyles and outfits were. She actually look more beautiful dressed up like a man than she does in socalled feminine clothes. (And KJ looks more like herself than she normally does – we can really see her stunning eyes).

      The red flowers are more compelling than Rostov. Look very Christmassy….

      Liked by 1 person

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