12/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

Hi Everyone! Sorry the last week or two has just flown by!
Where are we? Something about operation rainbow family… what was that again? I need a refresher!
 Billy said something like-  ‘Rainbow Family’ is the code for a squadron at Andrews temporarily assigned to the Looking Glass missions. They gave the stress tests to the pilots who flew the SAC’s headquarters plane- called Looking Glass.
If the US is the target of a first strike, command switches upstairs.
Lee said something like- There’s a Looking Glass plane in the sky twenty-four hours a day…As a security precaution, there are three lookalike planes flying decoy, and there are nine crews on an irregular rotation.
Aie.. what was the name of that water reservoir that was the cleanest water in the world again?! lol.. Anyway, back to Lee’s later that night.. Amanda’s car is parked out front. Where it belongs 🙂 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002262228
Lee is on the phone: Okay, I’ll talk to you later…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002263830
(Lee hangs up and walks around to join Amanda): That was Billy. The pilot scheduled for the next shift was just escorted to the base. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002272839
[lol I thought this shot was funny.. like ta da! I see Chinese take out on the coffee table.. Amanda is picking at her food with her chopsticks. Nice continuity! ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002276643
Amanda: Yeah, and with nine pilots on rotating shifts, it could be days before anything happens. [I thought it was nine crew, not nine pilots! Hmmmm I guess ‘crew’ here is singular not plural..talk about convoluted.. Crew = pilot.
Aie. me confused…I feel like I’m watching through the looking glass!]

Back to the ep. We cut back to Lee considering Amanda…
[Oh my gosh. The look he gives her here? I melt!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002278978
No. I take it back. I die!!!! Lets all just stare at the above image for a week silence – meet you back here in a week?! ]
Lee: Hey what’s the matter? Are you okay? You haven’t eaten very much.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002280580
Amanda: I just keep thinking about Zhmed. Once Tolst gets finished with him, what’s going to happen to him? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002287187
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002287654
: Once he’s finished with him, he won’t have any use for him anymore. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002291458
[Maybe it’s just me.. but I love that Lee does not sugar coat this for Amanda. He can see she is stressed and worried, but he doesn’t hide the reality from her, he respects her and trusts that she can cope with it. Really – no babying after stemwinders Winking smile ]
Amanda: Think he’ll send him back to Russia?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002293660
Lee: Honestly speaking? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002295462
Amanda: Yeah. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002296663
Lee: I doubt if he’ll get out of DC… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002298465
[Whoa.. it is really evident that Lee is not sugar coating this! I like this.. He is straight up, but he is also sensitive and empathetic in how he says it. He’s not happy this is the reality of the current situation. but it is what it is.]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002299866
…At one time, I had a contact at the Russian Embassy. If he were there today, I might have been able to get word to Zhmed to make a run for it…
[Curious dialogue this.. I guess they are setting up the need to find a different way to get a message to him. I wonder if that contact at the Russian Embassy was Rostov Winking smile or worse, Sonja! ahem.]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002307273 …Whatever they have planned for him, well, they can’t do it on Embassy property… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002311678
…And before they remove him from the Embassy, well, they’ll convince him the KGB is everywhere and he’ll be afraid to run.
(Amanda picks up the newspaper in front of her as Lee finishes his sentence..)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002318885
Amanda: If we could figure out a way to get a message to him, would the Agency help? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002321688
Lee: Yeah, sure. Might be a little tricky.
Amanda passes to Lee a newspaper
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002325291– showing him an ad for “Maverick”.4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002325492
LOL love the text- Sometimes a fellow has to go for it! That’s Maverick.
Lee gives Amanda a side glance..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002328395
He looks so good with this lighting.. and that tan.. the way he looks at Amanda here.. I die.. Again. Hmm… Let’s just stare at the above image for another week.. no two. Meet you back here in two weeks. drool trance
We need to build up some resistance to all this swoony goodness if we are to make it through the utterly swoon filled upcoming eps!!! To help us.. here’s another:
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002328795
How are we doing?
Are we all okay?!
Amanda.. she’s made of tough stuff..
Amanda grins..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002330196
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002330797
: Aww, come ooooonnnn.

4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002331598
Lee grins too Smile 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002332198
[grrrrr! too sexy how he says this!!
Yes Lee – go for it!!! Smile be a maverick!!!]
Where would Lee and Amanda Panda be without the newspaper?! Smile The scene ends here..

I shall too.. while I try and recover from all this swoony goodness.
thuddy emoticonthuddy emoticon[8]thuddy emoticon[11]thuddy emoticon[5]
it’s been too long since we’ve seen a swoon thuddy.. sorry I’ve been so neglectful of swoon thuddies!!!
Any thoughts you’d like to share?!



18 responses to “12/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

  1. Amandarambler

    Lee: At one time, I had a contact at the Russian Embassy. If he were there today, I might have been able to get word to Zhmed to make a run for it…
    This may be “bad timing” for my comment (ahem😉), but it will be interesting to come back to this little noodle at a later episode….

    Also, Amanda hasn’t eaten much because her stomach is all full of swoony butterflies at that look you keep giving her, Lee. ❤


  2. Swoon, thud indeed!! There has just been such a mighty shift in Lee’s attitude and behavior towards Amanda it just hits you so much when he reacts to her this way. She truly has become “his Amanda” in so many ways. At the beginning of the episode he was bemoaning how much time they weren’t spending with one another, but they’ve obviously spent so much time together that he can read her so very well. That’s even more swooning and thudding. Lee has also transitioned from feeling as if he has to protect Amanda from things to being open and honest with her about the seriousness of a situation.

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  3. Hello all JWWM’ers. Just returned from a roadtrip in the Outback (literally!) Glad to see I haven’t missed too much. Fortunately, I didn’t have access to this post as it might have led to some dangerous driving 😀 – Lee is certainly looking very good here and behaving like a sensitive and devoted other half.

    Is the newspaper article the chosen method of communication in S4? Shades of the Stemwinders….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Not quite a week staring at those screenshots, but close.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Can I also just say what fun it is that now Amanda doesn’t even need to ramble anymore? She just points to the ad and grins and he gets it? I will always love the rambles, but the wordless communication that it is all just eyebrows and mischief? Love it!

    Liked by 4 people

  6. While I struggled to get past the swoon thudding pics, here I am pats herself on the back

    Oh boy, the way he looks at her is pure love, isn’t it? It actually laser beams out of his eyes there. How did Amanda manage not falling out of that chair????

    And I agree, love that he is pretty straight with her about what’s gonna happen to Zhmed. Shows how much he respects her in a professional way now too. Lee has come such a long way… sniff

    Liked by 3 people

  7. When glued to the screen luxuriating over Lee’s handsome self and his sweet, sexy facial expressions, who in their right mind is capable of worrying over nine crews versus nine pilots? Not me and, frankly, I just don’t understand how Amanda manages to focus on trying to figure out messages and whatnot … while we’re flat on our face in a swoon! You’re right, iwsod, Amanda is made of tougher stuff than us.

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  8. Gosh, I loved transcribing this episode. 🤣

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  9. Hooray – a JWWM post!!!!!!
    I really appreciate your attempts to build up our swoon resistance. I think it is a lost cause (SWOON THUD!), but I think you should continue with the desensitization program, because (SWOON- THUD!) even if it doesn’t help, it sure is fun trying. 😉
    I must admit when I first saw the Maverick ad and Lee saying it will be tricky, I immediately thought they were going to hack into the embassy or network television feed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out……

    Liked by 4 people

    • Me too! I totally thought they were going to sneak something into a TV commercial!

      As for the pilot/crew thing, maybe there were 9 pilots (well, head pilots, anyway) and each one had their own crew they always flew with. Thus 9 crews for 9 pilots. ? I think it could work. I’m afraid I still don’t have any plausible explanation to make that whole photo thing make sense within the context of the show, though 😄


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