11/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

So Zhmed is wired to blow… and Iwsod went on a break over Easter and left everyone hanging? Oh Iwsod is so mean!! I bet you are all on edge and wondering if Zhmed will make it! Right?
crickets chirp
Ah right. No one really cares! haaaaaa.. Moving on..
It’s back to IFF for Lee… whooo Ms Walker! we’ve not seen her patrolling the perimeter in ages! Smile 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002118985
Lee and Amanda walk into the conference room..
Whoo it’s crowded in there.. Beaman makes an appearance. Oh goody.
Lee: Tolst is reading our every move like he has a map…
[whooo who is the Mole?!] 
…What the hell made me think I could get him that easy?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002125492
[No idea Lee! Winking smile ]
(Billy is on the phone.. )
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002129496
Billy: Of course I know how big the Pentagon is (rofl!), but it shouldn’t take all day to find the office which coordinated the operation “Rainbow Family”!
(Francine is on the phone too)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002132298
Francine: Yes! Medical test results. Now run it past the DIA!
(We see Beaman is thoughtfully, silently watching on.. not such a small job now is it Beaman!)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002136503
Lee: Surveillance confirms that Tolst and Zhmed returned to the Embassy in a Soviet embassy limo…
[Whooo bet that was the Henchman & Limo Service

– their drivers speak Russian!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002140306
…We could not touch him without setting off a major flap.  What do we have here?

4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002140907
walks over to the board: I ran the data on the tests past Dr. Pfaff… [Whoo skipped Dr.half-quid huh.. haaaa I prefer Dr Pfaff any day!]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002146713
…Now he confirms that they are stress tests.
Lee: Stress tests? For what? [Stress Lee. Stress.
…. Sorry I couldn’t resist – call me cab!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002150517
Amanda notes on one of the pages: Air Traffic Control. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002151718
Lee (to Billy): What does Air Force Intelligence have on Operation Rainbow Family?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002156923
(Billy picks up the phone. good little secretary he is, he gets right on this to answer Lee’s question Winking smile ]
Billy: Put me through to Colonel Jim Jadin with Air Force Intelligence.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002159726
Beaman: I don’t know. Stress tests are pretty routine. We all get them every six months. Six teams here: red, blue, etc. Could be codes for the individual flight crews, perhaps. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002167334
[I think this is the first time Beaman has actually been constructive, and not playing the obstructionist!]
(Lee and Francine turn from Beaman, to watch Billy on the phone.. )
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002171938
Billy: Yes, yes, thank you. We’ve just walked into a hornet’s nest. [of course! But are congressman’s wives involved?!]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002180146
Lee: What?
Billy: ‘Rainbow Family’ is the code for a squadron at Andrews temporarily assigned to the Looking Glass missions. They gave the tests to the pilots who flew the headquarters plane.
Amanda: What’s Looking Glass?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002186553
Billy: Looking Glass is SAC’s Headquarters plane. If the United States is the target of a first strike, command switches upstairs.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002193159
Lee: There’s a Looking Glass plane in the sky twenty-four hours a day…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002196563 …As a security precaution, there are three lookalike planes flying decoy. Nine crews on an irregular rotation.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002203770
(The penny seems to drop as Lee articulates this)
[Oh finally! It took ages to find out what the heck is going on this week. lol]
Billy: Now we’re all beginning to think along the same lines… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002205171
…Each crew is assigned according to these biorhythms and stress tests. Now that means Tolst has enough to compute a pattern.
[yes but he had info on six teams. not nine? no?]
Lee: Exactly.
Francine: But with nine crews on a constant rotation, the odds are a thousand to one against him ever figuring it out.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002218585
: Zhmed’s a computer. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002222789
Everyone wordlessly lets this answer sink in..4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002224991 [Oh yeah. That little nobody!
If only we hadn’t cut him loose earlier Winking smile ahem…
But then, we wouldn’t have an episode would we Smile ]

Next thing, Amanda, Francine and Lee are conversing as they leave the conference room. Billy seems to already be in the bullpen. Magically having exited the conference room before them.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002231798
Amanda: Even if Tolst uses Zhmed to figure out the pilot rotation schedule, what could he do with it?
Francine: I don’t know. There’s no point in killing a pilot, and even if he wanted to get on the base, it’s almost impossible. The security there is tighter than the White House.
(The gang exit the bullpen.)
[Whoooo this is unusual, a shot with all four of them walking together like this!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002242409
Lee: You can bet Tolst has found something somewhere to cripple Looking Glass. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002243610
Billy: And we’re not going to find out what it is, till we get some rest. In the meantime, I’ve arranged for the Agency to escort all the assigned pilots to the base. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002249616
Lee: Tolst’s confidence is beyond belief. It’s like he is rubbing our noses in his plan. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002253820
[Oh Lee, don’t take it all so personally! What a ridiculous line of dialogue! Lee what are you ten?! I feel the need to protect Lee’s dignity here! Not sure what the little smile from Amanda is: Oh yeah! this baddie has no shame! He’s awful and hurts our feelings Winking smile He’s.. umm a baddie..
tee hee.. okay, I exaggerate Winking smile ]
Francine: And as long as Tolst remains on the Embassy grounds, there’s nothing we can do.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002255021
Cue concerned shared look between Lee and Amanda..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002260427
and the scene ends there..

So, looking glass.. It finally clicked for me why we had the moment in the previous post with Tolst looking into the mirror:

Yep, looking into the ‘looking glass’.
Whoooooo and.. there is another fairytale reference. What’s up with that?! But kind of cool for us to get an Alice in Wonderland reference since we seem to spend so much time down the rabbit hole with SMK! 
Thoughts anyone? Do tell!!!! 

16 responses to “11/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

  1. I can’t help but think that kiwismh would actually approve of both Francine and Amanda’s outfits in this scene. Season four really is different!! 🤣


  2. Maybe Billy scooted out of the conference room to make escort arrangements for the pilots.

    I do like it when they all confer with one another to discuss the situation and come up with ideas and a plan. It shows how well they work together. I also like that Amanda is such a part of everything. There’s no more need-to-know-basis stuff or concerns about her security level. Seaman seems to have accepted that even though she may be taking the rookie training courses, she’s far and away above that designation.

    And I especially like the stroll down the hallway with all their badges on display. Go Amanda!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beaman’s hair reminds me of Amanda’s on a bad (extreme 80s) day….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Iwsod, I love that you feel the need to protect Lee’s dignity and then manage to capture his most “pouty 2 year-old” expression in the screen grab! LOL!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. There’s a very tan man in a grey suit with a pastel pink tie. Is he the Keeper of the Chalk? Or a KGB infiltrator? In the spirit of Butch Cassidy: Who is that guy?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SilverCorvette

    Stress tests test Stress but Lee’s right, what kind of stress – physical, emotional ?
    It seems as if the Russians are Hatching a very complex and risky Plan, depending entirely on Zhmed’s memory and calculations! None of their recent plots match the simplicity of just kidnapping Scarecrow from his apartment and shipping him(her) off to Moscow !

    Liked by 2 people

  7. ” Stress tests? For what? Stress Lee. Stress.”
    Bwa ha ha ha ha! That would have been a great Beaman line.
    And I am glad the walk is back. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Oh Billy, Billy, Billy … Surely by now you know that when Lee and Amanda do that wordless look thing, they’re going to end up Hatching a Plan?

    Liked by 1 person

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