3/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15


Welcome back to the second Vehicle Patrol report! Woo-hoo! This is the final installment for this VP Report; enjoy…

Some amusing vehicle moments/trivia

Sudden Death

Amanda learns automobile surveillance on the job, while following the baddies who’ve kidnapped Bela, thanks to the Agency audio tape she has handy (“Automobile Surveillance. Refresher Tape.”)…

Audio Tape: “Four: Anticipate traffic congestion and obstructions before you encounter them. This, of course, includes traffic signals. Don’t call attention to yourself by running a red light.”

Amanda (runs a red light): “Oops.” clip_image003


The Long Christmas Eve

In TLCE, Agent Lucas and Billy are discussing Scarecrow’s “unorthodox” methods, and Lucas mentions that the “… naval attaché is still a little hot under the collar about his Jaguar, not to mention his daughter.” clip_image006 ROFL. Bad Lee! clip_image007


Remembrance Of Things Past

In ROTP, Billy notices that Lee is driving a nondescript sedan and, while smirking, asks Lee “Your car in the shop again?” Lee responds “Oh, come on, Billy… It’s a classic.clip_image010 Billy simply says “Oh” and walks away. ROFL! The SMK Porsche 356 was surely a “classic”… a classic “bathtub with wheels… that constantly diedclip_image011 (quote from BB at the 30th reunion, referred to in the inaugural Vehicle Patrol report).


Also in this episode, when dressed undercover in Dean’s overshirt/jacket at the King Edward Hotel, Lee makes the comment: “I hate plaid. I look like the front seat of a DeSoto.”clip_image014


Note: DeSoto was a make of car produced by Chrysler from 1928 to 1961. I actually think he looks like the front seat of a Chrysler Highlander, but whatevs:


Image source: http://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2010/02/interiors-mousey-to-rainbow-to-mousey-again/

Lost and Found

Lee makes a brilliant play in LAF when he chooses to stuff Eva into the boot of the 1959 Edsel Ranger after she outs herself as KGB (and attempts to shoot him with the gun that Amanda emptied—go Amanda!). “I hope you’re not claustrophobic.”


I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

In IANNNHIEBAS, we can see where the baddies got one of their cars from. (Or where/how it was previously used on film; whatever…) The brown Ford LTD II coupe that Amanda escapes in—and then crashes—shows the remnants of lettering indicating prior ownership by the County of Riverside (east of Orange County; southeast of Los Angeles). clip_image007[1]

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_ExCountyRiverside3 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_ExCountyRiverside3_clip

And, in the same episode, does anyone not chuckle when Polo says to Amanda (in the cockpit of the plane, while taxiing before take-off): “Now fasten your seatbelt, or fix me a snack.”


Dead Ringer

In the tag for DR—after Amanda attempts to take Magda to the airport, but crashes the station wagon into the “swamp”—Dotty talks to Amanda:

Dotty: “Have I said a word? Have I said a word about the condition of the station wagon after a simple trip to the airport?

Amanda: “No, Mother, you haven’t said a word.”

Dotty: “And I won’t… although, if I was inclined to ask questions, I might ask how a simple trip to the airport could result in at least $800 worth of bodywork.”clip_image029

Amanda: “Mother, I thank you very much for not asking…” clip_image014[1]


The Mole

In TM, Amanda wants to get the attention of the sheriffs in order to save Lee from baddie Agent (Mole) Benson, but they’re engrossed in changing the tyre for the helpless (?) blonde Corvette driver… so Amanda returns and whips the station wagon into a 180° in front of them. “Let’s go, let’s go!clip_image032  Wah hah hah!  Go, Amanda!


Also in this episode we see Lee’s first contact with Blue Leader: “Scarecrow, this is Blue Leader”. spy Lee fiddles with his radio, checks the side mirror, and looks around the interior of the car, before finally responding to the voice…

S1E15_LeeContactedByBlueLeader_i5 S1E15_LeeContactedByBlueLeader_i6


Of course, the Blue Leader scene with Amanda after they’ve captured The Mole has its funny moments, too…

Amanda (to Lee): “Where do you talk to when you talk to him?

Lee: “Uhh… I usually aim for the… (pointing to the middle of the steering wheel)… steering wheel.”

(I think that pic is begging for a meme…  Anyone want to play with it over at Ned’s?)


Now, what you’ve probably all been waiting for:

Oopsie! Blooper reel!

It seems that SMK really outdid itself with the vehicle “bloopers” in these episodes…

Sudden Death

In SD, Amanda’s jewelry (and fingernails) magically change when she puts the audio tape into the car stereo… smiley-signs081 her usual signet ring suddenly turns into a knotted rope ring:

S1E9_Amanda_AudioTape_crop S1E9_Amanda_AudioTape_RingBlooper

But, to their credit, at least SMK used a Ford stereo for the second unit hand shot… blue-grin


Lost And Found

The car that Amanda and Angelo hide in to avoid the KGB goons during LAF is awesome… it’s at least three different cars—possibly four. We first see A & A climb into a green Ford LTD sedan:

S1E12_AmandaAngelo_Blooper_i01 S1E12_AmandaAngelo_Blooper_i02

Note, especially, the door handles, the emblem on the rear pillar, the trim falling off the bottom of the front door, the rusty front brake rotor, and the rust patches on the front fender. (The escaping trim can be seen better in the next pic.) The car gets picked up by the magnet, and suddenly the pillar emblem is gone (someone snagged a souvenir???):


Then, in the close-up “Hello!” (help—we’re trapped) shots, we see the second incarnation of the car:


Note, particularly, the different door handles and the giant dent in the rear door panel. rolleyes (I can’t see enough of the car to determine whether this an earlier-year Ford LTD or whether it’s a completely different make and/or model—but it’s clearly not the previous car.) Moving on, we see the first car being swung around on the magnet chains—loose trim and rust clearly visible, but sans rear pillar emblem—then, we see the third car:


Uhhh… it’s another Ford LTD, very similar to the first car, but: the rust on the front fender is gone, there are many visible weld-marks, the front brake rotor is shiny, there’s a big crease on the rear door, and the trim is suddenly in place (but this car is also missing the rear pillar emblem clip_image049).

We get to see car number one again in the crusher, and more close-up “Hello!” shots of car number two, then the last we see of Amanda and Angelo in the car… they’re either in a fourth version, or—as well as smashing the car—someone threw mud on it (after they washed off the brown stain from the missing emblem clip_image050):


Wheeee… clip_image014[2]Did you keep all that straight? smiley-confused009

I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

In IANNNHIEBAS—while Amanda is taking flying lessons from Polo clip_image049[1]we see some mismatched plane footage… The plane the action is centred around (a 1962 Boeing 720-047B) has thin orange-ish stripes above a brown stripe on the body and the top of the tail, but the stock footage tailshot—after Polo faints—shows a plane at the end of the runway with a red logo/stripes on the middle of the tail and red stripes on the body. Also, the number of sets of wheels changes—three sets on the orange/brown-striped action plane, but five sets on the red-striped stock footage plane:

S1E13_Plane S1E13_Plane_Blooper2

Not only that, but we see conflicting numbers/sizes of wheels… the action plane has two sets of four wheels each to the rear and a set of two wheels at the front, but we see a close-up with four sets of four at the rear, and another close-up with a set of two front wheels and a set of two (much larger) wheels to the rear clip_image058:

S1E13_Plane_Blooper23 S1E13_Plane_Blooper1

(Note: The 1962 Boeing 720-047B registered N93146 used in this episode was initially purchased and flown by Western Airlines—merged with Delta Airlines in 1987—for about 17 years, according to info on the web.  At the time of the SMK episode it was used as a corporate jet—a photo of it in the colour scheme shown here, taken at Nice Cote d’Azur [France] in June 1982, can be found at JetPhotos.net.  [More photos of the plane are available around the web, for example, in the Western Airlines paint scheme from San Diego Lindbergh Field—LOL—and some photos under the other—temporarily used—registration for this plane [N92GS], which was also assigned to at least one other plane. This plane—N93146—was scrapped in the mid- to late-1990s…)

S1E13_Plane_i5 <– Amanda sneaks onto Polo’s plane.

The more impressive vehicle blooper in this episode, though, comes from the baddies’ brown Ford LTD II coupe license plate. It starts out—waiting on the street by Milo’s Daffy Dogs—as Washington DC 8B3-259. After Lee jumps onto the bonnet (hood) and it goes down the alleyway and aims for a pile of boxes, the plate is magically Washington DC 8Z3-526 (this is the fifth occurrence of this plate—hinted at previously in Magical moving license plates—different episodes wink)… but after plowing through those boxes, and some others, it’s back to 8B3-259. Then, after Lee is thrown off the car, the plate disappears from the rear—but magically reappears just in time for Lee to note the number so that Francine can later report “I ran the plate. The car was stolen from Delaware and P about 3 o’clock this morning.” (Sorry—too distant for me to figure out which plate…) Finally, when Amanda escapes in the car, the plates are back to 8Z3-526. clip_image007[2] Note that all of the following pics are cropped for ease of viewing…

On the street – 8B3-259:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i0crop S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i0_175x117

Yipes—boxes! 8Z3-526:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i1_175x117 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i1crop

Hold on, Lee! 8B3-259:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_crop S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_175x117

Oh no! Where’d the plate go?


Whew! There it is – illegible:


Yay! Amanda escapes (before crashing) – 8Z3-526:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i6_175x117 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i6crop

Bwah hah hah hah! clip_image083 (And don’t forget that Iwsod pointed out the appearing/disappearing blob on the windscreen [possible rear view mirror mount] in her coverage of this episode.)

Dead Ringer

I’m not sure that stock footage alone really counts as a blooper, but when the vehicles are obviously out of date, I figure it deserves an honourable clip_image058[1] mention…

In DR, the cars outside the embassy are decidedly vintage (they look like early-/mid-1960s Cadillacs—possibly Series 70/75, judging by the three full-size side windows). Similarly, in that same episode, the cars outside the baddies’ office building are old—I’d guess 1960s/1970s (pic cropped for clarity).

S1E14_OldCarsAtEmbassy S1E14_BaddiesOfficeBuilding_OLDcars_crop

The Mole

Don’t you hate it when your vehicle teleports you places—the scenery around you changing drastically in the blink of an eye? Yeah, that happened to Amanda in TM; she was driving along the elevated road to the park, then she’s out on the plains in horse country, then she’s back to another wooded back road, then back to the elevated road to the park…

S1E15_Amanda_Vicinity S1E15_Amanda_VicinityBlooper_i3


Oy. clip_image050[1] Oh, whatever—we love the show, regardless! love

There’s also a moment in this episode, when Blue Leader’s limo is turning away after talking to Lee for the first time, where I believe we can see a pair of motorcycle cops holding back traffic for the filming on the street (pic cropped for clarity):


What do you think (and is it a blooper)?


Well, that’s it for the second Vehicle Patrol report; thanks for hanging with me—I hope it was a fun journey. Vehicle Patrol, signing out.

Y – M – C – A …


14 responses to “3/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15

  1. KC, am loving the trivia and the bloopers. I am sure the writers, producers, or whomever had no clue as to how deeply fans would delve into all the inner workings of this show. I’m sure they figured no one would have such a great eye for detail. Awesome work here. Thanks for your time, effort, and great job with these posts. Looking forward to more.


    • Oh, yeah, I’m sure they had no idea how deeply the fans would care/delve… though I get the feeling that at times the props department was having fun (e.g., the monkey statue in Lee’s apartment, and the random ties strewn about his messy apartment). Who knows whether or not they were also having fun with the license plates, etc. (I hope they did have some fun!).

      Eye for detail, or just spending too much time? 😀

      I’m trying to put together a second Tie Patrol (series of) post(s), but need to be strong and get some transcriptions finished first!


  2. Yay, KC. You have an incredible eye for detail. These are all great posts, and your bathtub on wheels is cool. The car/wrecker blooper is too funny. I especially enjoyed the car-talk section. Great catch!

    I look forward to more.


    • Thanks, Debilyn. 🙂

      Bloopers are wonderful things… I think my favourite from this series of eps was the out-of-control license plate on the County of Riverside baddie car. 😀


  3. Hey KC! Loved all the car references you’ve uncovered – so many!!! And.. I’ve always wondered what the front seat of a DeSoto looks like – now I know I guess!!! LOL yeah! he really does look like the front seat of a Chrysler Highlander!! haaaaa!

    Yep! stuffing Eva into the boot was very satisfying!!

    ROFL! East of Orange County?! I wonder what tv show that car was in!! tee hee.. Great Catch KC! Amazing!!!!

    Oh yeah! I do love that line of Polo’s – he thinks Amanda is a complimentary flight attendant included with his plane purchase perhaps?! 😉

    I love how Dotty manages to say a word while pointing out that she hasn’t said a word.. and she manages to ask a question while pointing out that she hasn’t asked a question!!!!! 😆

    Tee hee! Love your police emoticons!! 🙂

    Didn’t you already do a meme of that one KC?!

    Hooray!!! Bloopers!! Love Bloopers!!
    Haaa yep those close ups are pretty much always wrong huh!!

    The Pillar emblem fell off haaa.. maybe the glue came unstuck!
    Rofl indeed Amanda is crying for help from a different car! Maybe post production they realised they needed to add in that shot – but the car had already been destroyed lol.. so they had to find another car! Great find KC!!

    Maybe the third car is the same car.. just shot from the other side?? and they reversed the film? We can’t see Amanda and Angelo in the seat so they could have gotten away with it -maybe?

    Someone threw mud on it? ohh added indignity! tee hee.. like being crushed isn’t enough! haaaa..

    You mean I can’t buy the plane that was loaded with nerve gas??!!! drat!!

    Maybe the baddie car had magically rotating number plates to keep the agency on their toes!!?? It would make it harder to trace the car – LOL! Again- great catch KC!!
    ‘Whew there it is-illegible’ – very funny! 😆
    Oh I’d forgotten about the blob on the window! Thanks KC

    Stock footage of cars? go for it!!! I think they are bloopers!! If you can identify any of the cars, then we could get an idea of what era the stock footage is from – which is always something I’ve wondered about!

    Where are the motorcycle cops?!! I want to find them!!

    It’s over?? no more?? booooo! That was fun KC! I love what you find!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!!! byeeee


    • Yes, I thought the Chrysler Highlander was a good similarity…

      Yes, Riverside County is east of Orange County (and north of San Diego County) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riverside_County,_California Actually, I have a hunch that the props department acquired the car from the County of Riverside, but whatevs. 😉 (It’s amazing what you can find when you go frame-by-frame after something catches your eye…)

      I think I’m also amused by Polo ‘cos he reminds me of Chevy Chase–the chin dimple, among other things.

      You liked the police emoticon? 🙂 It’s from freesmileys.org (Wahhh… nobody seems to like the bathtub on wheels emotie I made. 😦 Okay, I’m done sulking.)

      The pillar emblem? There’s actually holes in the pillar from where it was attached… I think that either someone snaffled it as a souvenir, or someone (a junkyard?) wanted it to sell–badges like that are worth money.

      Third car = reversed first car? Hmmm… why didn’t I think of that? You could be right, ‘cos it looks like the trim is falling off the far side of the potentially reversed shot like it is in the first car shot… Good call! I’ll have to look more closely…

      Well, the first stock footage shot probably contains early- to mid-1960s Cadillacs –> I’d guess mid-to-late 1960s for the date of the footage, maybe?

      “Where are the motorcycle cops?!!” Uhhh… confused Look where the two arrows are pointing…!!!…

      THANK YOU for the comments and THANK YOU for allowing Vehicle Patrol to be a part of JWWM!


      • Whoa!! I went back to check out the bathtub on wheels emoticon – you made that?? too cool!!

        I was too distracted by the pic of Lee right under it and didn’t notice the wheels – I thought it was just a bathtub teee heee..

        Well done!

        maybe the pillar emblem was needed on another car – we know how the warner bros prop dept likes to reuse!:)

        Ah you’re welcome!!! Thanks for sharing your many talents and love of smk with us all!!!!

        rofl! okay the motorcycle mystery has been solved! you must think I’m nuts haaaa.. I was reading your blog post in a magnified format (bit easier on my tired eyes) – and that side of the pic had gotten cut off.. lol!!! (funny the other pics seemed fine- oh well!)
        But now I see the wopping big arrows! haaaa!!! good find!!

        btw- yes it is amazing what you can find when you go frame by frame – I regularly find myself teetering on the edge of the rabbit hole – and have to resist!!! Or I’d never get through an episode! lol!! I’ve actually mentioned something about this in an upcoming Sour Grapes post – you’ll see! 🙂


        • Yes, I made the bathtub-on-wheels emotie… Funnily enough, I couldn’t find one already made. 😉 😛 😆 🙄 I can understand you being distracted by Lee, though. 😀

          I’m still liking the idea of someone snagging a souvenir… Maybe it was George Chakiris (Angelo)? 😀 Or one of the interns… we like to make fun of the interns…

          No–I don’t think you’re nuts–maybe just blind or color-blind or…???… (Just kidding. I guess that pic was a bit wider than the rest…)

          The rabbit hole–in its many forms–is a wonderful place. But definitely a time-trap! (Would it be a reverse wormhole?)


          • KC, I just love your post! There’s so many things that you remind me of that I just love and have completely forgotten. You reminded me how hysterical the first season was. Love the Polo character lol! The bloopers just make it even better 🙂
            And really I adore your emoticons. I’ve been having trouble putting animated emoticons in my blog so I gave it up. I’ll have to give it another go 🙂


            • Awww… thanks, Jule. 🙂

              Yeah–bloopers make (almost?) anything better!!!!! 😀

              If you PM me at Ned’s, I can point you to the emotie sources I use…


  4. Your knack for detail is the stuff of legends KC. I can’t believe you even went to the trouble of tracking down the details of the plane used in IANNNHIEBAS. Awesome work on this post!


    • Thanks, kiwismh. 🙂
      The reason I found the plane details was I was actually curious to see if it was a real registration or not… LOL. Unexpected side-benefits of curiosity? (And it tickled me that some of the photos were from Sandy Eggo’s Lindbergh Field.)
      Some of the findings were a rabbit-hole, e.g., the jumping plate in that same episode–IANNNHIEBAS. A fun rabbit-hole for me, to be sure, but probably not everyone’s cup of tea… shrug


  5. Hiya KC and Everyone! Just wanted to say sorry for the delay in publishing this final installment – I went away for the weekend and didn’t have internet access (when I thought I would)
    Man.. I got the shakes!! 😉

    I’ll be back later to reply to this post 🙂


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